Camping Trips

Camping Trips

Acquitted by aka "Jake"
Somehow, I always pictured the circumstances would be a little more romantic, but you know what they say about beggars.

Alligator Moon by Jordan and committee
A big monster in swamp attacks FBI agents.

Animus Ligneus by XSketch
Hot on the heels of their last case, Mulder and Scully are sent back to Florida and the woods to investigate when bodies start turning up encased in the bark of trees.

Beast by Shaun R.
Mulder and Scully head to the mountains when a gruesome attack spurs Mulder's interest that the murderer could be the legendary bigfoot.

Beyond The Truth series: III. Elegy for Origin by Neoxphile
Awaiting the birth of her first child, Reyes becomes obsessed with knowing where she came from, and goes to great lengths to solve this mystery. At the same time, a strange case demands everyone else's attention.

Bigfoot by Chism

Bluff Creek by NancyLynn
After being suspended for two weeks Mulder convinces Scully to travel to Bluff Creek, CA with him on a camping trip to find Bigfoot. Once there they find that someone is using the legend for their own sick agenda.

Burkittsville by eponine119
There's something in the woods...

Camping by Amperage and Livengoo
Fox Mulder and Dana Scully have survived abductions, serial killers, mutants and aliens but the Partner Cooperation Program Wilderness Encounter may finally do them in. After poison ivy and catfish, who wouldn't long for a nice, safe killer mutant?

Chindee by hozra
Mulder combines a 'vacation' with investigating reported sightings of ghosts and people disappearing without a trace and ends up finding more than he bargained for. When the trip turns deadly and Mulder fails to appear for work, Scully and Skinner must find him before time runs out.

Confessions II by Sabrina Hunt
Mulder. Scully. Camping. Need I say more ?!?

Conversations in the Snow by Jeanyus
While on vacation, Scully wrecks her car and is snowed in at a cabin with only a teenage boy for company. With time on her hands, she considers her family, friends, and where her life is going.

The Creepy-Scary Things Project by Goudess
In October of 2000, two bored X-Files agents kinda-sorta disappeared in the woods near the woods near Vancouver, Canada. This is their footage.

Danger, Without and Within by shannono
Scully's thoughts as she guards an injured Mulder in the Florida woods.

Desperately Seeking Sasquatch by Andra Marie Mueller
Mulder and Doggett go in search of Bigfoot.

Formerly Blair by Cornflake Girl
Mulder and Scully go looking for the three college students who disappeared in 1994.

Here We Are by Lauren
Mulder and Scully get stranded in a cabin in the woods.

Hungry by SkepticalScully
Something is terrorizing the people of a small town. Scully and Mulder are called in to investigate strange occurances, and soon find out that the source lies witin in a cave in the woods.

In the Middle of Nowhere by Ghostshipper
Continues what should've happened in the woods that night in "Detour"...

Into the Woods by XScout
Drawn into the forest to investigate the disappearance of five hikers in what may be a case of alien abduction, Mulder and Scully are caught in the middle of a life and death fight to find the abductees and get out of the woods - alive.

Madjahando by aka "Jake"
"The Adventure of a Lifetime" awaits Mulder and Scully when they travel to investigate a series of bizarre killings at MarMar North Country Camp, a remote hunting camp in northern Maine's timberland wilderness.

[External Link] The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street by teethonteeth
There are lights in the clouds, there are ghosts all around.

Mulder's Creek: 09. Three Strange Days by Neoxphile
A ski trip goes off course, and strange events make everyone wonder if they're alone in building they pick to shelter them from a blizzard.

Questions Answered by Leigh N
They're stuck in a forest after solving a case. Questions get personal, and feelings are confronted.

Raising Arizona I & II by Liz
"So, where you two headed?"

Rosetti's Goblins by Jess
Mulder and Scully (who else?) investigate the mysterious deaths of people in the Olympic National Forest and a lot of orange goop.

The Skeptic of Bracken Lake by sneakers
A night of ghost stories at camp gets decidedly weirder.

Soul Eater by Xenith
Excerpt from Scully's journal, found abandoned in the woods: I am leaving this book inside my backpack and will mark it with a fabric flag in the hope that someone will find it. I have never been so afraid. I am going after Mulder and will save him if I can. If I can. To whoever finds this, there is a terrible entity in these woods which I cannot fully describe, but its touch is madness and it eats souls. Be careful of it. If you do not find us, may God protect you in this terrible place.

Spiders by Anna Greenway
A bunch of agents stuck in a mountain cabin with a whole lot of creepy spiders. And the spiders aren't normal.

Stranded for Christmas by Macspooky
Mulder and Scully aren't getting along when they get stranded in an abandoned cabin over the holidays.

Summer Camp by Janelle
Danista goes to summer camp for the first time and discovers the secret hidden by the camp lifeguard, Spooky.

Transference by Mystic
...because the X-Files haven't done an episode on Bigfoot yet...

Wild Men of the Woods by drrfan
Doggett and Reyes go bigfoot hunting in the Oregon mountains.

Wing and Prayer by Revely
News of the miracles would have spread through the camp by morning.

The Wolfman Cometh by Polly
Another nice trip to the forest

Wonders of Nature by MeGgiE42
Another trip to the woods is leads to a very unexpected adventure...

The Woods by DBKate
A dark night through the forest.

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