Christmas Challenge 2018

Scary Christmas Challenge II: All Through the House

As the song said, Christmas is partially about scary ghost stories. Dickens agreed, and so did the X-Files writers. Let's add a fic to that sub-genre, shall we?

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it is as follows:

Select one or more X-Files character and set your story on the night of December 24 (any year) in their home. It is late at night and the character(s)'s family - if they have one - has gone to bed.

At some point before dawn, something - a scared child or pet, a noise etc. - wakes the X-Files character up. Something is clearly not right. Your intrepid X-Files character gets out of bed to investigate, and is terrified to discover...

Well, what do they discover lurking in or outside their home? Make it as scary as possible, but don't forget it's Christmas too.


There are no word counts, so set your own length goal. Any pairings (or none at all) are allowable. NC-17 scenes are okay, as long as the fic on a whole is not PWP

In addition to writing a story that follows canon, you are also welcome to write a pre-XF story, a fic set in the future, and/or or one that's AU instead. Will little Fox and Samantha wake Bill and Teena? Will you choose to write a story that exists in a universe where William was never given away? Or write a story with a grown up William/Jackson and his own kids? Will you decide Frohike would make a great dad to battle a night-time horror? Or would you rather tackle the here and now, and weave season 10/11 details into your story? Whatever you and your muse want ::g::

Fics are due on 12/24/2018. Feel free to cross post as A03, your blog/tumbler, and/or FFnet, but don't forget to send your work to us too!

Challenge fics:

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