Challenge Requirements:
Select one of the titles below and use it to write a fic that fits one of the categories of this archive.

Any word count, any genre as long as the fic is about Halloween or one of the creatures on this site.

Alex Yet Abides
Already Dead
Bundle of Terror
Cemetery Born
Dead State
Demons to Donuts
Dying To Live
Each Uisge
The Eyeshine of Nocturnal Beasts
Fox Mulder's Guide to Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse
The Groom and the Gargoyle
Harvest Moon
In Death's Cold Hands
Jersey Bedeviled
Kandy Korn
Love in the Time of Lycanthropes
Night Without End
The Seance
She's Hell in Heels
A Sticky Situation
The Taste of Bitter Apple
Toil and Trouble
Torn Down Through the Cracks in the Dark
Trouble Brewing
Vampire Heart
Watching Shadows Move
We Are All Ghosts in This Town
The Zombie Always Moans Twice

send completed fics to

Challenge Requirements:
Write a fic with a ghost who invites itself to a Halloween party (or one of those legendary FBI balls). What happens at the party is entirely up to you...

send completed fics to

Since your archivist posted this later than desired, you have until December 15th to submit your fic for either or both challenges. Don't forget to let us know what which one was your inspiration!

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