Challenges 2011

#1. Braaaiiiiins Challenge

Are you the sort of person who is eagerly awaiting the next installments of The Walking Dead, The Forest of Hands and Teeth, Resident Evil, [time of day] of The Dead, or World War Z? We have a task for you...

Challenge Requirements:

* Zombies are rampaging in at least your character's immediate area. Why? What happened? How is the character coping? How extensive is the problem: local? state? country? worldwide?

* Chose one of the following people as your focal character, and chose carefully since you may only use the one you pick:
William (presumably older than infancy)

* This fic will be one person's account of events, though they can of course discuss things at length with other characters. So... Write your story in either first person (the character tells the story through the use of "I" and "me/my") or close third person (use "s/he" but the character is in every scene and the only thoughts/feelings readers are told directly are this character's; all other characters' thoughts/feelings are conveyed via the focal character's interpretations of them. A well-known example of close third person is all but the ministry of magic scenes in the Harry Potter series.)

* You may write this story as a crossover if you wish.

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#2. Scared Stiff Challenge

The fact that fear and sexual arousal are similar is a common claim. Write a story that co-mingles the two.

Challenge Requirements:

* Send two characters into a scary situation (either on an official case or their own time) and make sure over the course of the story that:
a. your characters encounter something of a supernatural (i.e. one of the many creatures types featured here) nature that really frightens them.
b. ...and then they had sex. R or NC-17, please.

as always, you may write a crossover if you wish.

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challenge fics:
Die Bug Die by Andrea

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