Challenges 2010

Challenge fics are due by 8 a.m. EST October 31st, 2010 Please submit your fic as soon as possible

#1. Supernatural Beings Crossover Challenge

Write a crossover fic between The X-Files and a TV show/movie/book that contains a werewolf, vampire, witch/wizard, demon, ghost, fae, or other supernatural being as a main character, and have an X-Files case (official or otherwise) on any October 31st be the reason that the X-Files character(s) and that non-human character from the other source interact.

* Please name the other half of the crossover in your headers or as an end note if you'd like to keep it a surprise.

#2. Arouse or Amuse Challenge


You will write a story meant to be funny or sexy. Either way, please include the following things in your story:

- boxers (any definition )
- chocolate
- a knock at the door
- the words "trick" or "treat" in a line of dialogue (one or the other, that is)

Challenge fics:
Cheap Trick by Romantique

send completed fics to

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