Title: Three
Author: Devin
Rating: PG
Category: SR
Keywords: MSM, Will, Post-Series, S POV
Spoilers: William
Disclaimer: *sighs* Yes CC, I know they're yours. Oh, Finding Nemo belongs to Disney and Pixar and the Ghostbusters belong to Columbia Pictures. I think that covers it lol.

Summary: Happy birthday William!

Author's Note: This little ficlet is a response to MSR Preservation Society's 'William's third birthday' challenge and was beta read by Cathey so that it looks like something resembling English.

My little baby boy is three years old today.

I can't believe it. I thought my mother had been lying when she said that once you have children it's like someone hits the fast- forward button on your life.

He looks so small as I watch him sleep curled up in a little ball in his twin bed. I can't help myself, and so I go over and lay down next to him. He turns into me and sighs as I rub his back tenderly, the way I usually do when he's having trouble falling asleep.

I feel myself beginning to drift off until Mulder gently brushes my cheek.



"You sleeping in here?" His voice sounds highly amused and I have to control the impulse to stick my tongue out at him.

"Course not," I mumble but settle further into the bed.

He laughs and takes my arm to pull me up into a sitting position. I think I let out a groan in protest but I'm too exhausted to really tell. My eyes fall on the Finding Nemo digital clock on William's nightstand and this time I know I groaned.

It's 2:30 in the morning.

"You were only supposed to check on him."

I ignore his gentle reproach. "Are they all wrapped now?"

We are going a little overboard on the presents this year. Mulder, when he was in full analysis mode, had said that we're trying to make up for the year of his life that we missed.

It had taken surprisingly little time for us to get our lives back on track. No one would tell us who but it was pretty clear that someone had made a deal with the devil to ensure that we could. My bet is on Skinner but I've only expressed this theory to Mulder and myself.

We were both offered reinstatement into the FBI but graciously turned it down. We consult for them on occasion but most of our energies are focused on our own private investigation company. On the surface it looks like your run of the mill my- spouse-is-cheating-on- me-get-me-photographic-proof P.I. company. Of course that is just on the surface. In reality it's more along the lines of an alien version of the Ghostbusters.

There's no way we're just going to let colonization happen.

As if setting up a new life wasn't hard enough we both decided that for it to truly to be a life we were going to have to be a family again.

We needed William back.

This was also easier then expected.

William's adoptive parents were going through a divorce and decided that two custody battles at the same time was too much for all involved.

So, after waiting a month for our paperwork to be processed, William was once again ours.



"You zoned out on me. You must be tired."

"Oh I don't know. I don't think I'm *that* tired."

Mulder looks shocked at my sudden mood change but he quickly catches on and pulls me tightly against him. "What did you have in mind?"

"Well... we have 5 hours until Will wakes up and 10 hours until we have to be at mom's..."

I'm so surprised when he lifts me up into his arms that I'm almost unable to squash the squeal that would risk waking up Will and bring a crashing halt to the night's, err morning's, activities.

"I think we can be done by then."

"You know, I've always thought three years is the perfect amount of time between kids," I joke as he carries me down the hallway to our bedroom.

He sets me down on my feet just before we get to our bed and kisses me thoroughly. Damn it, he shouldn't still be able to turn my insides to goo after all this time.

"Oh really? Well we'll just have to see what we can do about that."

The End

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