Slash and Families

stories featuring same-sex romance.

Note: slash in this instance is only between adult/adult or teen/teen pairings.


A Bargain With The Devil by Tarlan

Buck by BethLynn

Compromised by AmazonX

Father's Day by Ursula

Father's Day II by Ursula

Folie by Ursula

Getting a Life by Josan

Happy Endings by Rose Campion

Hermaphrodite by Jo B
archived here

In Death, there is Life by Josan

Innocents by Peach

Kitten by Amazon X

Kitten II by Amazon X

Life From the Ashes by Jo B
archived here

Life's Little Quirks... by Nikita

Little Foxes by Laurel

Little Foxes: Five Year Itch by Laurel

The Long and Winding Road by Kassandra

Making The Future Series by Claire Dobbin

No Greater Gift by KinkyGrrl Diane

Places That Scare You by Rose Campion

Something in the Air by Claire Dobbin

Sympathy for the Devil by Bernice

Sympathy Pains by Bernice

Too Blunt An Instrument by Rose Campion

Trust, Love, and Happiness, Too by Nikita

Vows by Ursula

We'll Be Okay by MFLuder wip

What We Need Now is Trust by Nikita

The White Picket Fences Series by Batela

World's Child by Xanthe

X-Patrol by Jo B
archived here


Breath of Life by Tiffany (f/f slash)

Carpe Diem by Winnie Kruger

In Sickness and In Need of a Little Help by MyGirlReyes

Just A Little Monday Night Football by MyGirlReyes
More stories in this series, not very heavy on baby-inclusion, found here


Absit Invidia by Frogdoggie

I Never Should Have Answered the Door by Merri-Todd Webster
more here.

As you've probably guessed by now, my interest in slash is primarily in Mpreg stories, which doesn't surprise you if you realize I've written two het mpregs myself. However, if you know of any good slash+family fics that you'd like to see here, let me know. This is about what we all want to read, after all.

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