Mulder as a single dad. In some fics Scully has died, and in others she's just not with him for one reason or another. In some she's alive and end in MSR, others don't.

All the Little Pieces She Left by Sarah Kiley
All These Changes by JEn
Angels Instead by conspiracy
Believe by L. Phillips
Broken Mosaic by Neoxphile
Butterfly Kiss by Diana Rubenstein
A Different Path by PamelaST
Emily Returns I-IV by Jessica Hildbold
Every Single Day by Angela CJ W.
The Four Corners Cycle by Spookey247
A Gauntlet and a Gift by Leslie Sholly
Gift Of Hope by Kristyn Collins
Goodbye My Lover by xXx Allison Janney Fan xXx
Guidance by K. Kilar
In the Clearing by Rae Lynn
Iolokus by MustangSally and Rivka T
Irreplaceable by Rachel West
It's Not My Time by Teliko. x3
The Last and Final Chance by Starbuckmsr
Living Again by M.H. Greathouse
Living Ever After Awsomeo Fox
Me, Sam by Hardra61
Me, Sam II by Hardra61
Next by AllieSMG
No Room For Tears by Hardra61
Our Princess by Debbie Cullen
alt="new fic" src="Single%20Dad%20Mulder_files/xfnesie.png">Pink Ribbon by The X-Filer
Promises by Phenyx
Respects by Falconer
Requiescat by mackillian
Running Leasons by MaybeAmanda and Spookey247
Someone to Watch Over Me by Starbuck
Through Perversity by Joann Humby
The Time For Miracles by Carol Gritton
The Way Things Should Be by Jen Marie
We Who Remain Carry On by Neoxphile (wip)
What Could I Have Done? by Starrlyte

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