In these stories Mulder is gone and Scully has had to move on with her life (often with Skinner or Doggett). In some he didn't return from his abduction and in others he was really dead in This Is Not Happening. Sometimes he reappears, sometimes he doesn't.

About Daddy by Heather Riggall
Adopted Son by Halrloprillalar and Kel
After Mulder: I. Making Circles by Kimberly
After Mulder: II. Moving Mountains by Kimberly
After Mulder: III. Mending Hearts by Kimberly
After William by Philiater
And I Drove Away by Becka F.

alt="new fic" src="Life%20After%20Mulder_files/xfnesie.png">Between Lies by N. Y. Smith

alt="new fic" src="Life%20After%20Mulder_files/xfnesie.png">Choosing to Confess by Scullystar
Christmas and Ice Cream by Sam_I_Am
Cleaning My Room by Rhiannon R
The Crouching Thing by Sarah Ellen Parsons

Deconstruction by Entil'zha
Don't Close Your Eyes Tonight by Keleka
Don't Close Your Eyes Tonight II by Keleka
Draw Down the Moon by Jenna Tooms

East Side of Eden by conspiracy
Edge of Field by lisby

Falling to the Future by DScully141
Folded Like A Saint by kim1013

Gabriel's Feather by FatCat
Guardian by Amy Vincent

Happy Girl by MainerIA
Heart Turned Inward by Keleka
Heartsong: I Don't Want to Miss a Thing by Julie L. Jekel
Heartsong: The Best of Friends by Julie L. Jekel
How Scully Got Her Groove Back by FatCat

In My Last Moments by Ara
In One Day by LJP
The Island of X by Tammy D. Aiken-Phillips

Liberation by JayJay
Love is the Thread of Life by L. M. Shard
Love on the Run by L. M. Shard

One of the Good Guys by Jenna Tooms

Picking Up The Pieces by L. M. Shard
The Promise by Jessica Zyvarek Taylor
The Reoccurring Nightmare by Lady Disdain
The Reoccurring Nightmare II - Full Circle by Lady Disdain
The Reoccurring Nightmare III - Cheating Fate by Lady Disdain
The Return by Grey Woman

Shattered Dreams by Amy Forrester
Shooting Star by Jenna Tooms
Something Rational by agent myers
Something Rational 2. Won't Fear Love by agent myers
Something Rational 3. Taking You Home by agent myers
Something Rational 4. End The Struggle by agent myers
Song of Innocence by Christy
Souvenirs of a Day Gone By by Paige Caldwell
Suck This, Mr. Johnson by LostinOblivion

They're Here by L. M. Shard
They're Here 2 by L. M. Shard
They're Here 3 by L. M. Shard
Trovato by Aurora Vere
Twilight by Avalon

While You've Been Gone... by shawntaw

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