Reyes and (usually) Doggett expecting a new bundle of joy.

After by Asta Luna
...and Baby makes Six! (sequel to A Wedding Story) by Skinner's Vieja
Beyond The Truth: III. Elegy For Origin by Neoxphile
Bodyclock by Reyesmygirl
Can't He Help Me Unpack? by Pattie
Cerril: El salvaje y peligroso gato by Sita
Daddy's Girl by Starrlyte
Desperate Measures by RPcrazy and Desertrats
Destination: Truth by Kyouryoku Senshi and Billie Reid
Do Or Don't by Gothic Spook
The Dragon's Tail (sequel to Cerril and Holiday Party) by Sita
Gone by Carlysxfiles
Hard Times by Billie R
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas by Kelly
Holiday Party or "Isn't we supposed to be having a fiesta?!" (sequel to Cerril) by Sita
I Only Wanted by Caite
Labor Day by Billie R
The Life They Now Lead by Lilxgirl
The Lullaby series by Donnilee
The Mess series by Shang
Mourning Has Broken by Kathmak
Protection by SunReyes
Regrets by RPcrazy
Regrets II: Reunion by RPcrazy
Regrets III: Rebirth by RPcrazy
The Resurrection Series by Neoxphile
Return to Me by LadyRaider
Second Chance by Kyouryoku Senshi
Semper Fi by AL
Surprises by Angela W
Ten Steps to Wellness by Dana Katherine Scully
To Save the World by LadyRaider
The Truth is Not Enough Part 2: Children by dana-maru1
The Truth Revealed by Billie R
An Unexpected Delivery by Colleen
newUndercover Operation Angela W
Until Death Do Us Part by RPcrazy
A Valentine in Three Acts by Kathmak
X-Files Goes Big Brother! by Gothic Spook
We Who Remain Carry On by Neoxphile (Mulder's baby)
What Matters by phyca
When Love Gets Lonely by Pinkholyone and Louise
Wish For You by Lisa12

at Gossamer:
Agent Myers - The Chronicles of John and Monica: Egg Drop Soup
Agent Myers - The Chronicles of John and Monica: Champagne and Lasagna (sad)

There's a Nursery Files challenge on this topic too, so if you'd like to write a fic about Doggett-Reyes offspring, go here for challenge details.

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