These alternate reality fics are written as if seasons 8 & 9 didn't happen.

An Acceptable Level Of Happiness by Jenna Tooms
Ashes Bitter on Her Tongue by Neoxphile
Beyond Alternatives by Donna
Christmas Spirit by Neoxphile
Coming Back To You by Marlen
Cunegund's Restoration, or, The Best of All Possible Worlds, Really by Livia
Don't Close Your Eyes Tonight by Keleka
Don't Close Your Eyes Tonight II by Keleka
Eyes of A Child by Lovesfox
Find The Future by xphilernj and Fibbie prologue, chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3, chapter 4
First Born by diamondlife17
The Flick of a Switch by Aislinn Carter
The Fringe series by Michelle Kiefer
Glass Landscape by Annie Sewell-Jennings
The Hard Edges of Things by Neoxphile
Hearts and Bones by Michelle Kiefer
Here With Me by Aeryn Delenn
Interstice by Christy
The Island of X by Tammy D. Aiken-Phillips
Journey by Susan
The Lullaby series by Donnilee
Not with a Bang by Witch Baby
One For the Road by Starbuck_Jayne
Quis Custodiet by Lee Burwasser
Requited Reverie by Kailee W
The Return by Grey Woman
The Return by Philemom
Sara Mulder stories by Laura Means
Special Delivery (or Bottom of the 9th, One Out) by B.F. Simon
Survivors by lil gusty
This Fragile Universe by Neoxphile *wip* (AU post-Je Souhaite)
Under Construction by MaybeAmanda
Vulpecula by Jeri
Womb For Revenge by Neoxphile
Way of the Cradle by Spooky's Girl

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