Title: While Daring Greatly
Authors: mimic117 & Dan Walker
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Rating: G (apologies to all mimic's enablers - no smut this time)
Category: S, A
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Keywords: Character Death a long time in the past, Post-col, first person POV, all dialogue

Summary: In a future we cannot see, the legacy of two people is kept alive through the simplest means.

mimic's Disclaimer: How many times do I have to tell you?

They're not mine. You just never listen to me. And Carter - if you steal this idea for a new series, I'll kick your butt from here to next week. D's disclaimer: Carter gave 'em to us, he oughta be glad we like 'em enough to do all this mean stuff to 'em.

We sure as heck enjoy it.

mimic's Notes: What can I say? I was supposed to be getting something else out of my system, but then I started to read "Deliverance From Evil" and the whole thing popped into my head in one piece. Then I mentioned it to Dan and roped him in, too. So blame it on Char and Tess. And could you ask them to help me pop it back out, please? Thank you. D's Notes: What can I say? I couldn't let her jump into these waters unprepared, could I? My mother is just not the sort of person I'd have expected to come up with an idea this cool, but she did... So I stole half her glory! Mwahahahaha!

mimic's Thanks: To my ultra-stud beta, who just about wet himself when he read the beginnings of the rough draft. I'm not sure it's that good, but maybe you'd better go first, just in case. D's Thanks: To my dearest loving mother, without whom I'd have never thought to explore the series in this way.

She also does my laundry.

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"It's not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, and comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worse, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat."

from a speech delivered at the Sorbonne in Paris by Theodore Roosevelt, April 23, 1910

Cleve Land City

Year: Now Time

Season: Second Of Rain

Time: Beforedark

Gather around, younglings, gather around. It is nice to see so many open faces, eager to learn. I am Metax Fox, and I will be your guide for this Keeping Session. Before we start, I would like to put my list of names with your faces. Just raise your hand as I call your name, so I know who you are. Milo...

good. Morbo... thank you. Sera... Samanth... Mart... Melve...

Sindac... Scara... Scora... twins, eh? Multa... is Multa here?

Oh, there you are. Millca... Selik... Sharfic... Margen... and lastly, Molbar. Thank you. It looks like everyone is present.

This is just the first of many Sessions we will have together over the coming weeks. Does anyone know what Keeping Sessions are about? Yes, Milo.

"My mother says we're going to learn about the Times long ago."

Very good. That is correct. But why do we need to learn these things? Sera?

"Because we don't have books to keep the words in, like during the Before times, and we never want the Terrible Things to happen again."

Exactly. To keep the Terrible Things from happening again it is important that you learn our Keeping. And since we no longer print words on paper to tell the story, we speak them to all younglings when they are old enough to understand. Does anyone have a question before we begin? Go ahead, Morbo.

"Why do you have two names and I only have one? I thought only Healers had two names."

"Because he's a Keeper, dummy. Just like my mother's a Dana, he's a Fox."

That is right, Milo, but it is not polite to call others names. We won't be able to continue until you apologize to Morbo.

"I'm sorry..."

Thank you, Milo. Since your mother is a Healer, you already know that the title of Dana is bestowed upon the completion of their training. Just as those who enforce the law are called Skinner. I received my title of Fox after many years of study to become a Keeper.

"So your name was just Metax when you were a youngling?"

Yes, Morbo. I was Metax until I finished many, many years of study. My family was very proud on my Renaming Day. I had to learn about the Before times, the Date times, Ancient times, and even Before Ancient times. But it was worth the work so that I could have the honor of passing on our Keeping to you.

You need to understand what happened in those times so you can understand our way of life in Now Time. Today, we will start our Session with the Date times, but more specifically, the last years of Date Time. This particular Time was an important turning point in our Keeping.

"Why is it called Date time, Metax Fox?"

Good question, Margen. Does anyone know the answer?

"Because in that Time, all the days and seasons and years were known by numbers. Right?"

That is correct, Samanth. The time I am going to tell you about today was known as 2005 in Date Time. In a place called Washton Dee Cee, two people were trying to stop a terrible plague that threatened humankind. Their names were Fox Mulder and Dana Scully.


Ah. I see you recognize the names. Good.

"Were they First Fox and First Dana?"

Yes, Millca, that is who they were. But to avoid confusion, we will call them Mulder and Scully, for that is what they always called each other. The story I am telling today is about the most important Time in the history of our world - when the deaths of a man and a woman began the Great Rebellion that ultimately saved our people.

Dana Scully was a doctor - what we now call a Healer. But she was not just a Healer, she was also a law Enforcer who looked inside people once they died to see what had caused their death. She was a strong, brave, intelligent person with hair like a Last Of Harvest bonfire.

Fox Mulder was a tall, lean person with eyes the color of river rocks. He was a law Enforcer, too. Just as Scully looked inside the dead, Mulder looked within those who broke the laws. He studied their minds in order to think the way they did so they could be brought to justice. But most importantly, he was the first Keeper. The Keeper of the Truth. Did you have a question, Morbo?

"How could he be the first one? Didn't they have other Keepers who taught the younglings about the Before times?"

No, they did not. Because they had all of their stories written in books, and on things called computer disks that they could read whenever they wanted to know something, they did not need Keepers to pass on the words. But after the Rebellion, all of those things were gone, never to be replaced. So now those like myself are given the privilege of teaching others about the old times.

"If they were both law Enforcers, why weren't they called Fox Skinner and Dana Skinner, like *our* Enforcers?"

Good question, Sharfic. The answer is that Walt Skinner was also a real person. He was also a law Enforcer - the overseer of Mulder and Scully, as well as their friend. In that period of our Keeping, everyone had different titles than they do now.

By the Date Time when my story takes place, there were Alien beings among us, and they planned to colonize our planet.

Mulder knew of the plague, but no one believed him. The Aliens wished to have our world for their own, so they spread a sickness among the people, quietly turning them into Aliens.

When the Enforcers of that Time had no choice but to accept what Mulder said as the Truth, it was too late. The heads of all the world powers had been replaced by Alien clones, and people everywhere lived in fear of the sickness. It was a time of great horror and terrible loss. But in the midst of this terror, a small group of brave people banded together to fight back against enslavement.

"Did Mulder and Scully try to stop the Aliens?"

Yes, they did, Mart. For over a year, a small group of humans did all they could to stop the invaders. They came to be known as the Alien Resistance. The colonizers tried everything in their power to discover who was leading the fight against them, but to no avail. No matter how many Resistance members were captured, not one revealed the names of their leaders. All of them died rather than betray the human race's only hope. Until the day the Traitor exposed their secret.

During the second Year of Resistance, word went out that the names of the AR leaders were known. A member of the Collaborators had infiltrated the Resistance on the orders of the Man of Smoke, who was thought dead but was not - leader of the evil men working with the Aliens to destroy our people.

To this day, no one knows who the Traitor was - their name is never spoken and has been lost through time, so they might never be known by any other term than Traitor.

Many days later, the Aliens made an announcement over the world-wide communication system known as Tee Vee. One of the head Collaborators was going to deliver a message the following day from a place called The Mall in Washton Dee Cee. At that time, the Alien Resistance leaders would be exposed and punished for their crime. It was revealed that they were being held in custody and questioned about the others who worked against colonization. No more was said and the announcement ended.

"What was Tee Vee like?"

It was a mysterious thing, Multa, capable of sending peoples' words and images many thousands of miles away in a second.

The images would appear inside a special box that people could watch while they were informed on the happenings of their day. We no longer know exactly how it worked, but we do know that it was a very fast form of communicating with the entire world at one time. To receive the same news now, we would need to wait almost a whole Season for a messenger to arrive from the other side of the planet. But it also could spread the words of evil men quickly, and so we are better off without it.

"Did everyone in the whole world see the leaders' faces?"

Yes, Scora. The next day, the only thing to watch on Tee Vee was the disclosure of the AR leaders. The Mall was crowded with the people who lived and worked nearby. The law Enforcers of the Eff Bee Eye were there in great numbers including the overseer and friend of Mulder and Scully, Walt Skinner. Those who did not live in Washton Dee Cee sat in front of their boxes at home to see this momentous event. No word had been released as to the identity of the Resistance leaders. Suddenly, a pathway lined with uniformed guards opened through the crowd, and a murmur was heard from those closest to the path. A wash of words flowed over the assembled people. Two names repeated over and over, until it became a chant - Mulder! Scully!

They ascended the steps onto the platform set up for the occasion, and a gasp of horror arose from the crowd. Dried blood and bruises were visible on both their faces. Mulder limped, carrying his body stiffly, as though to avoid causing himself further pain. Scully cradled an arm across her chest.

Yet hand in hand, heads held proudly, faces calm and resolute, they strode across the stage, unshackled but just as surely imprisoned by the ring of armed guards around the platform perimeter. When they reached the center of the stage, they turned toward the muttering crowd and stood side by side.

"Why did they hold hands? Were Mulder and Scully Bonded, Metax Fox?"

No, Selik, they were never Bonded as mates. But they might as well have been, for they cherished each other with a love beyond love. They would each lie, kill, or die for the other.

Neither of them trusted any other person so much as they did one another. Yet in the end, they loved the world more, and were willing to sacrifice themselves so that others might continue the fight and prevail for all humankind.

'Peoples of the world,' a voice boomed. It was one of the Collaborators, speaking from a place of hiding nearby. He addressed everyone who watched, using a speaking stick that sent his words to the entire planet. 'Here before you are the leaders of the lawless rabble who have worked in shameful secrecy to overthrow the rightful inhabitants of this planet.

These two people and their renegade followers are responsible for the slaughter of hundreds of your fellow citizens through their vile acts of rebellion. They have sent countless misguided conspirators to their deaths in order to hide their own identities. And now when we ask them to turn over these innocents whom they have led astray - so we may re-educate them - they have refused to give us their names.

Before we pronounce punishment upon them, we will give them one last chance to redeem those they have corrupted.

What are their names?'

A speaking stick was thrust into Mulder's hands by one of the guards. Mulder and Scully looked at each other for a moment.

They seemed to speak to each other with only their eyes, holding gazes until he nodded and turned toward the crowd with her hand still clasped in his. When he spoke, his voice was rasping, painful to hear. But even without the speaking stick, he would have been heard clearly, so silent was the crowd.

'When a people are faced with extinction through no fault of their own, which is the greater crime - to sit back and do nothing, hoping you will be overlooked and survive, or to lead others to death while trying to do something, anything at all, to save everyone you can? Our only crime is that we cared about the future of humanity. Every person who joined us in our fight knew the risks as well as the reward. They came to us willingly, eager to do what they could to ensure our survival.

Some of them died as a result. We grieve their loss just as much as we mourn the death of every person who has been killed by the sickness. And so we still refuse to give up even one name to the enemies of the human race. Our one regret is that we won't be here to see the liberation of our planet. But this conflict WILL end - in the destruction of the forces which seek to enslave, and even to destroy, humanity. We say this to the people of the Earth - do not go quietly into the night.

YOU are the hope for the future.'

Mulder threw the speaking stick onto the stage and turned to Scully as a cheer smote the air around them. Wrapping their arms around each other, they remained silent and unmoving.

In the midst of the crowd's tumult, Scully stood tucked under Mulder's chin, her arms around his waist. They were oblivious to everything but each other. As the din continued to wash over them, Mulder looked into her eyes. They smiled at each other, ignoring the noise around them. Perhaps they were as unaware of the raised rifles as the heedless crowd. The crack of many weapons discharging at once was almost lost in the clamor. But the jerking of their bodies from the impact of dozens of bullets was not missed by anyone.

As their lifeless bodies fell to the stage, a mighty roar of rage was howled to the sky. Perhaps it was in that moment the Man of Smoke and his Collaborators realized their mistake.

No one, least of all the Man of Smoke, could know how big an impact the deaths of two people would have on the future. All the stunned crowd knew was that evil had been committed before their eyes, and it enraged them. With the deaths of both Mulder and Scully, their martyrdom became a rallying cry for the enslaved of our world.

Shouting people surged toward the platform and were cut down by the guards, but more and more replaced them, until the evil minions of the Man of Smoke were forced to flee for their miserable lives. Some of the crowd rushed onto the stage, while others stood guard around their fallen leaders, shielding them from the outraged riffraff. When the mob dispersed, the bodies of Mulder and Scully were gone - stolen away to an unknown location, there to rest together for all of time. No one knows where they were buried. All those involved were sworn to secrecy, taking the location with them into death. Our Keeping has it that they were buried as they died - in each other's arms, entwined for eternity.

In the months to come, it became clear that Mulder and Scully had not died in vain. Branches of the Resistance sprang up all over the world. Every time one branch was crushed by the Aliens, a new one grew in its place, until the Aliens could no longer keep up with them. Pockets of rebel fighters appeared overnight, and everywhere was heard the rallying cry of Mulder's last words - 'YOU are the hope for the future.'

No need to hide your tears, younglings. It is, after all, a sad story. The death of two people who loved each other and the future so much should be mourned. But it is also a happy story. By their loving sacrifice, Mulder and Scully ensured a future of freedom for all of us. They will never die now.

"But they can't still be alive, Metax Fox! You said they died in each other's arms."

"Yeah, nobody lives that long. They'd have to be hundreds of years old by now."

You are both right. They did die together, and they are not still alive. But only in the physical sense. Now that you know their story, they live in you. As long as even one person speaks their name and tells their tale, Mulder and Scully will continue to live. Perhaps one of you will become a Keeper, too, and help them to live in future younglings.

I hear the Meal chime sounding. Time for you to go home, younglings. I'll see you next Beforedark when we'll discuss how the Loneguns destroyed all technology, giving humankind a chance to fight back. In future Sessions, we will talk about the search for a way to kill the Aliens, and how Walt Skinner led the Great Rebellion.

"Will you tell us more about Mulder and Scully? About the things they did before they died?"

If you like, Milo. There are many, many amazing tales I can share. I promise you will hear them all.

The End

mimic's Extra Notes, as if the first set wasn't enough: If you stayed with us all the way through, I thank you. Those of you familiar with my other work are shaking your heads about now and whining, "Where's the smut? This wasn't even funny." I know. I'm sorry. And I promise to go back to my usual fare as fast as my little fingers can type. But this one just knocked me back a mile straight out of the blue, so I figured whatthehell. I actually had the title, quote, and a very vague idea a long time ago. I just never expected it to turn into this.

D's extra notes: Extra notes? What are you trying to pull, mom, give me a break! Well, seriously, I think I did soil my Speedo when I saw her original idea. Just a little. So I told her, "You need me to help you with this. I can't keep my grubby hands off a story this good!" So she was able to get me to do something after all. There, mom, you happy? By the by... This isn't my first X-Fic, just the first one that's actually getting submitted somewhere. I've got an old dusty solo story somewhere that I'll get around to finishing someday... Stop looking at me like that, mom.

mimic's special thanks to Dan, who is much deeper into the fantasy type of story this one became. His ability to tighten me up and keep me honest is greatly appreciated. That's not anywhere near as naughty as you're thinking it is, so stop it. I hope you enjoyed reading as much as we did writing. Let us know either way. We promise not to cry if you flame us.

Although we may burn and peel - we don't tan easily.

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