Title: When the Pawn Series: I Know
Author: Nialani
Written: Nov 1999
Feedback: Most wanted
Classification: MSR
Spoilers: If you didn't see the season premiere shame on you!
Archive: Anywhere just keep my name on it
Disclaimer: I made this! CC: NO! I made this! Okay Chris you win! Don't sue! Lyrics by Fiona Apple "I know" On her New Album: "When The Pawn"

While you try to find the lines to speak your mind
And pry it open, hoping for an encore
And if it gets too late, for me to wait
For you to find you love me, and tell me so
It's ok, don't need to say it.


It began with a look.

We had just returned home from a particularly hard case in the Midwest. It was late when our plane landed. It was even later when Mulder dropped me home. He shut off the car and got out. He went to my side and opened the door for me. As I got out of the car I realized he was helping take my bags upstairs and I smiled. He was always such a gentleman. We rode the elevator up to my apartment in silence. I knew he had to be as tired as I was. He was the one doing most of the running around on this case. While I completed autopsy after autopsy. Even on the last day Mulder was up at the crack of dawn. Not that I believe that he got any sleep during the nights. He rarely slept during a cases. I'd here him pacing back and forth in his room and it'll usually lull me to sleep, but not lately. Not since his illness.

I believed I was aware of him before. I thought, Yes, he's handsome and smart, ...nice butt. I know I love him. I've known for a long time, but ever since I almost lost him that feeling has grown almost too strong for me to contain. Sometimes, when we are alone like right now I just want to kiss him. That's all it would take, you know, that's it. But I'm a coward when it comes to loving him.

He was so close. Just two feet away. I could smell his aftershave. I could smell the coffee and sunflower seeds he ate on the plane, on his breath. I could smell him--his manliness. All I want to do is corner him in this elevator press the emergency stop and make love to him. And for some reason tonight, I couldn't find a single reason why I shouldn't.

We stepped out of the elevator and walked down the hall. We stopped in front of my apartment and I fetched my keys out of my coat pocket. I opened the door and turned on the lights. He placed my luggage on the floor and closed the door behind him. He turned to me.

Wordlessly, I looked at him.

"God, the way she looked at me," I thought as she took off her trench coat and walked towards me. And it wasn't her usual walk, mind you. Noooo, there was definitely a seductive sway in those hips. A sway that I would have probably brushed off as fatigue if she wasn't looking at me like I was prey. Not that I minded. God, do I want to be Scully prey.

I've manage to avoid her this whole case. I guess that's probably why it got solved so fast. I totally submerge myself in the case. I only talked to her when I found a lead or when she found new evidence or when she just cornered me and I couldn't bolt. I wanted her. I've wanted her for years, but now it was getting out of hand. Now while we were on a case, I was contemplating going in her hotel room and doing un-partnerly things to her. Ever since I almost died she's been the only thing I've been thinking of.

She grabbed my tie which hung loosely around my neck and took it off. She played with it in her hands. Then looked down at it. I'm so aware of her--all of her. She was only a foot away and I could smell the lavender shampoo in her hair and the strawberry scented lotion she wore on her hands. I could smell the ginger ale she drank on the plane and the sweet pastry she ate in the car. I could smell her, underneath all the layers of clothes I could smell her.

I decided to breach the gap between us and wrap my arms around her shoulders and she rest her head against my chest. My heart is racing. I'm about three seconds away from hyperventilating. She broke away from me and for a brief moment I thought what did was devastatingly wrong. Until she looked up at me.

*I love you* she said with those beautiful eyes and I smiled, relieved.

"I know, Scully," I whisper kissing the top of her head. She hugged me tight. We weren't running away this time and hopefully nothing will stop this from happening. I run my fingers under her collar and she laughs. "No bees." She giggles into my chest.

"Scully, I-I..." I begin and she stops me, placing her hands on my face. Her thumbs on my lips like the time she did the day she told me Diana was dead.

"I know Mulder," she said running her fingers over my bottom lip. "I've always known."

She kissed me.

I kissed him.

I felt like a thirsty man just out of the desert. Finally drinking from a cold fountain after a thousand mirages. My tongue explored his mouth lips teeth. He groaned and the sound sent shivers through me. He grabbed my hands and entwined his long fingers with my own. He broke away from me and I whimpered at the lost. I searched his eyes for why he had stopped us. I saw love and apprehension in those hazel eyes.

"Scully--" he began, "I want you...this...us. I want it more than anything but-," I silenced him with my mouth, briefly.

"I've waited for this for seven years, Mulder," I said squeezing his hands gently. "I want you. And I will fight whoever there is who would stand in our way. Rather it's the bureau or a flukeman" I pulled my hands from his and removed his coat, his holster, and unbuttoned his shirt.

Apprehension still lied in his eyes. I didn't know what else to say.

"I don't want to lose you," he whispered. "I couldn't take it if I lost you."


"I don't want to lose you," I managed to get out, "I couldn't take it if I lost you." That was the truth I'd probably die if she was taken from me.

It was so hard for me to express myself. I wanted to tell her that I'd fight for her -- for us. How I'm willing to take on the world. And that there was no going back on this, after tonight I could never--ever -- let her go. She smiled at me again. And I realize I must look like a dufus, standing in front of her staring off into space. She pulled my shirt over my shoulders and arms. Reaching down she unbuttoned the cuffs before yanking it to the floor.

"I know, Mulder. I know that we can't take this back. It'll mean too much to the both of us to forget this never happened. I know things will change, both personally and professionally between us, but it's time. I-" her voice broke, "I can't go through almost losing you, again. without telling you and showing you how much you mean to me. I'm not running from this. I'm not ignoring this. Damn it, Mulder...Fox ... this is going to happen."

I was speechless. She knew. Yet she wasn't going to run like Diana did. She was staying with me. Fear left me and was replaced by love and lust. I lost it. I grabbed her face and kissed her with all the repressed passion I had for her for the last 7 years.

She shuddered.

My knees buckled.

We slid bonelessly to the floor. His hands ran through my hair and down back. Up my thigh. He helped me remove my jacket and holster. He unbuttoned my shirt. He kissed my neck and clavicle. And I lost it. I laughed. Then he laughed.

"You're doing wonders for my ego here." He chuckled.

"No, it's not you," I gasped.

He smirked," What? Did you just realize we have the sex lives of Vulcans." I cracked up again and he smiled. " I love hearing you laugh."

"I love you." I placed my hand on his cheek and her sucked my palm. I was shocked that that simple action sent bolt of pleasure to my groin. My shirt finally came off and he stared at my chest. I felt a little apprehensive. My boobs were never ever big. I was flat chested all through high school. Halter tops fell to my waist when I put them on.

He reached behind me and expertly unhooked my bra. He gently took it off with his fingers through the straps. My nipples hardened at their own accord. God, what this man does to me, I think, and he's not even started. "God, how do you do that?" I think out loud.

"It's not me. It's us. Our bodies are rejoicing." He says and I'm glad ego boy didn't come out and say something lame like "I just have that kinda of touch" or something. I was about to say something seductively witty when he abruptly stood up and then picked me up off the floor.

He carried me to the bedroom and laid me down on the bed. We began to make out like we were seventeen. Groping and fondling each other, I kicked off my shoes and he did the same.

Just as I was going to return to nibbling on that spot on her neck right under her ear, that spot the makes her squirm and moan, she slid off of the bed and stood up. I rose up until I was sitting in the middle of the bed. She gestured for me to sit at the end of the bed. I followed her directions. She unzipped her skirt and it pooled on the floor at her feet. She turned around and picked it up giving me the full view of her black lace thong. I groaned and fell back on the bed.

"A thong, Scully? All this time we've been working together, and you've been wearing that under your skirts?"

She laughed and straddled me. "Wanna help me remove it?" she whispered in my ear.

"Wanna help me remove it?" I whispered in his ear. I ground myself against his groin. He was so hard and big. Boy, was he big. I didn't have to see it. I could feel it. He stilled my hips and flipped me on my back.

His fingers pulled at the sides of my panties and I lifted my hips to help him pull them down. When they reached my knees he stopped and placed a kiss on the very top of my cunt. I hissed, he smiled like a predator. He lifted my legs and finished removing my panties. He placed his hand on the back of my thighs and spread me open.

"You're beautiful, everywhere," he whispered. I felt tears form in my eyes but I pushed them away. He slipped a finger inside me and kissed my abdomen. My inner muscles clenched around his finger briefly in expectation. He groaned. He had to made of steel. I remember feeling his hardness against my belly when I hugged him in the living room. I decided to take pity on him. Well until he licked me right in between my folds.

She growled, my Scully actually growled and her back arched. I licked her again and again, until her hands twisted in the bed clothes and a her hips moved in rhythm with my tongue. I pumped my finger into her and sucked on her clit. That was all it took. She was a screamer. I knew that waay before tonight. I remember hearing her in her hotel room one night.

She shivered and thrusted and thrusted in my mouth. "Shit!" she yelled and whimpered clutching my head to her center. My finger was being squeeze by her inner muscles and my dick was becoming insanely jealous.

I thrusted my finger inside her letting her ride out the last of her orgasm and then I stood up. My pants felt like a vice. I unbuckled my belt and unzipped my pants. I took them off along with my black boxers.

I stared. No actually I gawked. I thought he was big. Well, that was a big understatement. He was huge. Long and thick. I had to touch it. So I stood on shaky legs and walked to him. I knelt in front of him and he squeezed my shoulders as I grabbed him in my hand, stroking him. He swayed and I could have swore that I heard him whimpered. I placed my mouth just on the tip of him. My tongue swirled around it and he flinched.

"Stop," he asked. I ignored him I was enjoying this power I had. The power to make him squirm and cry out like, he made me do only minutes earlier.

"Scully, don't," he growled. I began to bob my head and down his cock and he grabbed my face and pushed it away.

"And why not sir?" I said with a smile, stroking him harder with my hand.

"Cause... I'm-- I'm," he took a minute to composed himself. That didn't work. He was sweaty and flushed and completely sexy. I was getting incredibly aroused again which surprised me. I'm not the multiorgasmic type of girl. Usually one good one like before is more than adequate. He sat on the bed and I moved with him between his legs. "I don't wanna come in your mouth," he said in a rush.

"Why not?" I pout.

"Because I wanna come inside you," he panted.

"Later," I said. Going down on him again. There were no more objections.

I don't mean to sound like a pig, but if I knew that she had such a talented mouth and that she enjoyed giving head, which is obvious. I would've have never brushed off the hallway incident as a fluke.

God she was good.

I grabbed the edge of the bed to prevent myself from doing something stupid like grabbing her head and fucking her mouth. She's deep throating me and I'm holding on despite the pleasure that was becoming pain. And I'm watching her. I never watch, but I couldn't take my eyes off this red headed goddess.
Her head is going up and down and her hand is following the path her mouth is taking.

"Jesus." I groan I felt my balls tighten and my heart begin to race. My breath catches and I try to warn her that I'm was coming.

She knew and smiled around my cock. "Come baby," she whispered and then she continued to suck--hard.

I hissed and my hips jerked reflectively. I came in her mouth. Once...twice...a third time. And she swallowed, and swallowed, and swallowed.

I fell back on the bed and my eyes rolled in the back of my head. She kept on until I reached up and grabbed her. I pulled her on top of me. When I was fully recovered I sighed and she rubbed my abdomen.

"Never in my thirty-eight years, Scully, have I had an orgasm like that. Never ever ever," I mumbled running my hands up and down her back.

She wore a self satisfied smile on her face. I grinned.

"You're going asleep, before act two..." she sighed, but in happiness not disappointment.

"S'rry," I yawned and she kissed my chin.

"It's okay."

"Make," Yawn," up to you t'morrow" My eyes drifted close.

"I'll hold you to that." she laughed and pulled the covers over me.

He slept and I knew it wouldn't be fitful tonight. We found peace tonight.



Title: II. On The Bounds
Author: Nialani
Written: Nov 1999
Feedback: Most wanted, most adored.
Classification: MSR, angst
Rating: R Spoilers: If you didn't see the season premiere shame on you! Archive: Anywhere just keep my name on it Disclaimer: Me: I made this! CC: NO! I made this! Okay Chris you win! Don't sue! Lyrics by Fiona Apple "On the Bounds" On her New Album: "When The Pawn"

Notes: This is story two of my When the Pawn series, the first story was "I Know". No luridness in this one but the next one there will be...I swear!

All my life is on me now, hail the pages turning
And the future's on the bound, hell don't know my fury
You're all I need, you're all I need, you're all I need You're all I need, you're all I need, you're all I need You're all I need-and maybe some faith would
Do me good

Scully's apartment

I awoke to the smell of bacon and eggs coming from my kitchen and a distinct male humming. Then it all crashed back to me. Mulder. Me. Blow Job. Work today. And not to mention everything that was said. He loved me. I loved him. All was good and well with the world. Well, this small part of the world.

"Well, if that's so Dana," my inner voice chimed in cheerfully, "why do you feel like you just made the biggest mistake of your life?"

I groaned and buried my head a pillow.

"Why aren't I happy?" I mumbled my face still buried. I heard a small gasp. I bolted up and there was a fully clothed Mulder standing at the foot of my bed, sweetly, with a plate of food in his hands. The smile the lighted his features seconds ago had vanished. So did the plate which fell to the floor.

"Mulder that's not what I meant." What did you mean Dana? I don't know! I argued with myself.

He just shook his head and walked out slamming the door behind him.

Damn it!

Mulder's car.

"I knew this was going to happen," I thought as I drove to work.

I had gotten up early this morning and I took a shower. I threw on my slacks and my shirt on from last night and went down to my car. I still had one good suit packed away in my suitcase. I came upstairs and put on my clean suit, then went to the grocery store. I was going to make her breakfast in bed. There's nothing better in the world to surprise your new lover with the morning after you first make love, than breakfast in bed. Well, other than more sex. But you see the more sex would probably have came tonight, but she screwed that up.

Why isn't she happy? Yeah, wouldn't I like to know! Why isn't she happy? I probably should have stayed to ask why, but I was too pissed for that. After all those declarations from last night and she still ain't happy!

I just had to get out of there. So to work I go. Hopefully, Skinner will take me in his office and shove a hot poker through my eye. It'll actually make me feel twenty percent better. Nah, that's too much to ask. Well, I guess I have to suffer through with this broken heart.

My car screeched into the parking lot and I took the elevator to my floor. I basically stomped down the hall, went in my office and slammed the door shut. I'm being an asshole yes, but still... I'm pissed.

I was alone and I missed Scully. My work partner, not the one I had oral sex with last night. She can stay right where she is for all I care. Seven years of all kinds of bullshit, we finally come together, and she still isn't happy. What does she want?

"Well, asshole" my inner voice hummed," if you would've have stayed to ask her what's wrong like a man, instead of dropping her food and leaving like some hurt little adolescent boy."

"Shut up," I mutter to myself.

"I hope that isn't directed towards me," a deep familiar smoky voice said.

"No, kiss my ass is directed towards you," I said standing up, opening the door, and fanning cigarette smoke out of the office with a folder. God, of all the people today... "What do you want?"

"I came to apologize my dear boy," he said taking another drag of his cigarette.

"Oh! Okay," I laughed humorlessly," apology not accepted. Get out!"

"Is that anyway to talk to your--" he began, but he picked the wrong damn day.

I pulled my gun, "If you say that you're my father again... I'll shoot you. If you don't get the hell out of my office before I count to five...I'll shoot you. One..."

"I guess I'll come back--"


"Later when your not so--"


"--high strung."

"You're going to be waiting for a very long time....Four."

He left.

I put away my gun. Damn him, why couldn't he be FleshEatingVirusman or Ebolavirusman, you know something that wouldn't take so long to be fatal.

Damn her. Why can't I make her happy?

Damn me most of all.

I don't know what I'm doing, don't know should I
Change my mind, I can't decide, there's too many Variations to consider

Hoover building
Agents Scully and Mulder's office

I didn't rush to work. Oh, I took my sweet time. I drove directly at the speed limit, I didn't try to race any lights. Nope, there was no rush at all. I knew he would be there all hurt and pouting and I was responsible for it this time. We had to talk, but work was not the place to do it. I knew that was a definite no no from the smell of cigarette smoke that assaulted me when I came into the office.

"You're late," he stated with no accusation. He was acting like nothing between us happened last night which was both a relief and a disappointment.

"Sorry, traffic," I mumbled. "Hey, you, maybe, want to get some lunch later?" I asked sounding a little too desperate. I mean we really need to talk.

"We have a meeting with Skinner, but I think I could *squeeze* in you , I mean, squeeze you in," he said, with his usual innuendoes. I gave him my Scully smirk. This was way too weird. I was expecting that silent treatment at best. An unreadable Mulder, is a dangerous, Mulder.

That's how work was, business as usual. We went and saw Skinner, was yelled at, came back to the office, went over a new case, and then at around 12:30 we decided to go out for lunch.

Lunch, well that was completely different. That was the chore. That's where all the pretenses fell. Yup, the shit hit the fan during the entree.

"Why aren't you happy?" he asked when we were finally seated in a booth and had ordered our appetizers and drinks. We were at this nice grill house located only a few blocks away from our building. This was a placed that totally lack romanticism. A place you would bring your co worker for lunch.

I didn't answer him right away, but I looked into his eyes. He was angry and hurt. His eyes said more than his actions. To any casual observer he looked normal. Only I knew the pain that was inside.

"I had a lotta time to think about what I said this morning. And I realized that I am, in fact, happy, but I'm also terrified," I said honestly and carefully knowing that someone could be listening. "You know how I feel about you. It's a feeling I've kept hidden from you for years, Mulder. For a long time now all I have wanted was you and truth. Now I got you and well, I believe the truth isn't that far away. Now everything is here in front of me. I want you as everything Mulder, but I'm afraid. I'm afraid."

"But Scully last night you said--"

"I said I would fight Mulder. I didn't say I wouldn't be scared shitless while fighting." I sighed in relief when he took my hand under the table.

No thing I do don't do no thing but bring me
More to do,
It's true, I do imbue my blue unto myself,
I make it bitter

It amazed me how easily my anger dissipated. As soon as she said she was afraid All I wanted to do is hold her, tell her things were okay and were going to be all right. I settled for her hand under the table because we were in public and to close to the Federal building any one of our superiors or enemies could see us.

"Scully, I'm scared too," I said, honestly. I just wanted to kiss her. I kept looking at her lips. Then that inner voice said: "See she still wants to be with you, ya jerk. If you would have stayed there, ya would've found..."

"Scully you know how I feel about you. And I'm afraid that I won't be able to protect you. And I'm afraid that they will manage split us up somehow. I'm just as scared shitless as you are and I'm sorry I ran out this morning. When you said you weren't happy I thought you meant about what occurred last night," I said squeezing her hand. She squeezed back.

"What happened last night was wonderful. I would never regret that." She blushed. "I was just frightened about immensity of our actions. The repercussions, but I wouldn't change it for the world." I sat back in the booth, relieved. Our food came.

When the waitress left, Scully looked at me, "You can't run from me every time we have a misunderstanding," she said and I nodded. I felt low, really low. I reacted all wrong this morning. I should've had more faith in her--in us. I knew it was going to take time for us to adjust to all of this. This morning was a step in the wrong direction.

"Forgive me?" I asked, sincerely completely from my heart.

Baby, lay your head on my lap one more time
Tell me you belong to me
Baby say that it's all gonna be alright

"You're forgiven," I whisper. Then the smell of a familiar brand of cigarettes hit me again.

"Isn't this nice?" A voice said, I turned and yes that black lunged bastard was standing right beside me. I scooted further into the booth. Away from him.

"Didn't I make it clear that I had nothing to say to you! That I didn't want anything further to do with you. You nearly killed me you son of a bitch!" Mulder said between gritted teeth.

"That's no way to talk about your grandmother." He smiled finishing one cigarette and lighting another. "And besides I had to do what was necessary. It was killing you anyway." Mulder looked like he was going to attack.

"Say whatever riddle you have for us this time and leaves us the fuck alone!" I practically yelled. Mulder looked shocked and Cancerman, well, he look pissed.

"Stay out of this little girl or you'll end up like before." He warned, referring to my cancer. Mulder rose and took my hand. He signaled to the waitress and she came over.

"He's paying for this," Mulder said referring to Cancerman. "I'm warning you. Stay away from me and more importantly stay away from Scully." We walked away, but I could have sworn I saw him smile before we left.

I believe that it isn't


   Title: When the Pawn Series: Limp, part four (1,2,\4)
Author: Nialani Written: December 1999 Feedback: The series life depends on it! LOL!
Classification: MSR
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: If you didn't see the season premiere shame on you! Archive: Anywhere just keep my name on it Disclaimer: Don't sue! Lyrics by Fiona Apple "Limp" are on her New Album: "When The Pawn"
Notes: This is a sequel to "I Know", "On the Bounds", and "To Your Love" If you didn't read those you would be sorta lost or you can just skip the other stuff and scroll down to the smut LOL!

You wanna make me sick;
You wanna lick my wounds,
Don't you, baby?
You want the badge of honor when you save my hide
But you're the one in the way
Of the day of doom, baby
If you need my shame to reclaim your pride

Mulder's Apartment



I groaned. Didn't these people know that it was Saturday? I worked an eighty hour week last week. Scully and I worked on this case about missing children that were believe to be abducted. It was hard for both of us. I hadn't had any nightmares about Sam's abduction since Scully and I got together, but with that case...It was all too familiar.

Then the kids started turning up dead and there was Scully doing their autopsies. With what happened to Emily, she was a wreck and tried to hide it from me with her "I'm fine's." She held together like a statue when we came home, even through Skinner's rigorous questioning about the case. After work I drove her home. I asked if I could come in and for the first time in the last three months we've been together she turned me down flat. So I went home.

Then around 10:00PM, she just un expectantly showed up at my apartment tears in her eyes. She folded herself up in my arms and cried. She told me that she thought the pain of Emily's death would lessen. That after so much time that has past that she could get through doing the autopsies. That she could handle it. I just hugged her and told her that it takes a long while for the pain to go away. That I was there for her and always be there for her. That she shouldn't have to carry all that pain by herself, because I'll always be there to listen to her like she listens to me. Then I kissed her.

Needless to say we're now in my bedroom, and yes I do have a bedroom now, I invested in a bedroom set after Scully refused to have sex on the floor. She was sprawled naked on top of me, drooling on my chest, her red hair in my face. I was in Scully heaven and someone was calling me out of it. Damn.

I reached over to the night stand and picked up the phone, thinking if this one of the guys they are going to die, "Hello?"

"Fox, sweetie? This is, Mom. Did I wake you?" No, Mom I was waiting for your call for the last eight hours.

"Oh no. you know me. I never sleep." Which was true, until I fell in love, now I slept like a log, mostly out of exhaustion. "So What's wrong Mom?" I said not too politely. I thought our relationship was strained before. Ever since she handed me over to *that* man when I was sick I stopped talking to her completely. I mean I know he more than likely manipulated her into it, but still she was an accomplice to my almost murder. I don't feel like being the one to forgive right now.

"I just wanted to apologize. I didn't think your father--" I cut her off.

"37 years, Mom, William Mulder was believed to be my father, not...him. So Please if you want this conversation to continue don't refer to *that* person as my father," I said pretty bluntly and a little too loudly because Scully eyes opened and she looked at me.

"But...Fox, He is and he wants to have a relationship with you, He wants to be there for you," she said. God, she was clueless.

"Have a nice day, Mom." I sighed, hanging up not before hearing her call me stubborn.

"Your Mom?" She murmured.

"Yes, she wants me to have a relationship with Cancerman," I said rolling my eyes.

"Oh, So she's delusional." She stroked my stomach.

I laughed, she always knew how to make me smile from day one, "Basically...Ugh!" I exclaimed suddenly having an epiphany.

"What's the matter?" she stretched and ran her fingers through my hair.

"I just realized Agent Spender was my half brother." She laughed.

"Eew," she grimaced, then laughed, "Thank God you're nothing like him."

"Thank God," I murmured, falling back to sleep.

''What time do we head out?" I yawned. We were taking a vacation. Skinner thought it would be best thing to do to get our heads straight after the last case. So, we didn't argue. A week together. It would be great and our first stop would be Margaret Scully's house.

Yes, today was the day we were going to tell Dana's Mom that we were a couple. After three months of stalling and excuses. And everything would be fine if her brother Bill wasn't in town visiting with his wife and child. For a week! You know, Mr. rain on my fucking parade. So it was more than likely that I was going to get my ass kicked sometime between today and this upcoming week.

"At one. We'll get there by the time Mom's ready to put on her casserole." She smiled, she had such a great relationship with her mother. I envied that.
She felt me tense up considerably. "It's going to be fine, Fox."

"Sure." I am not convinced. She straddled me and kissed my lips, her tongue slipping into my mouth, I moaned. She grabbed my cock and began to stroke it, like it needed her help, I've been hard since she stroked my stomach minutes before. I grabbed her hips and she slowly impaled herself on me with a loud,very sexy growl.

"Does this fall under the category of pity sex?"

"No, this is thank you sex." She smiled. "Thank you, Fox. Thank you for being there for me last night." She stroked my cheek with her finger tips and then she began to move. I groaned in ecstasy.

I let her set the tempo. Watching her impale herself on me again and again was one of the most erotic thing I've ever seen. I looked at her. Her eyes were glazed over, her mouth was slack. Her hair was in her face falling over her left eye. She was gorgeous and immensely sexy. I was times like this when I thanked whoever's above for my photographic memory.

"Insatiable." I chuckled out, because it was the truth. Who knew under those tailored suits and chunk heels lied a complete nymphomaniac. I remember a night not to long ago, I asked her was she always this insatiable when it came to sex. She just laughed and said no.

Then she whispered," You bring out the slut in me," in my ear. I found that hilarious. She brought out the seventeen year old kid in me.

"You should..." She panted, on top of me, "You should talk."

I sat up and grabbed the back of her neck. I kissed her and whispered on her lips, "You bring out the slut in me." Our tongues clashed and mated. We giggled like children. And I flipped her on her back.

"Oh God," she groaned as I thrusted deeply into her. Her fingernails ran whelps down my back and she arched up. "There," she gasped, "Oooh right there, love."

I smiled. Unlike some men I know, I got a kick out of Scully's direction calling. Not that it's always need or anything. I buried my face in her neck. "You feel wonderful." I grunted. God, she was so wet and hot and tight around me.

"Faster...faster, Ooh God. Fox," she whimpered suddenly and her back arched violently against me. She began to shudder. Her muscles clamped down on my cock and that was it for me. That was it for me. I came inside her holding her tight against me. I came in a series of gushes inside her. She bit down on my shoulder as the last wave overtook her.

"So good." She crooned in my ear, when it was over. I gently kissed her lips.

"I love you," I whispered on her lips, a rolled off of her.

"I love you, too," she said, curling up beside me.

"You hungry?" I asked when my stomach made a loud grumbling noise. She kissed my chest.

"In a way." Her hands ran down my abdomen.

"Insatiable." I hummed and she laughed.

Meanwhile, in a car located not too far from Mulder apartment. Cancerman stood listening to his son sharing an intimate moment with his co worker. He remembered what one of his colleagues said to one of his other colleagues about his son two years ago:

"Take away the one thing he loves the most. The one thing in which he cannot live without."

"Your time is almost at close M'dear" he whispered, lighting another cigarette as he drove away.

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Subject: xfc: When the Pawn Series: Limp (2\4)
Source: xfc

From: Mynace@aol.com

Title: When the Pawn Series: Limp, part four (2\4)
Author: Nialani Feedback: The series life depends on it! LOL!
Classification: MSR
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: If you didn't see the season premiere shame on you! Archive: Anywhere just keep my name on it Disclaimer: Don't sue! Lyrics by Fiona Apple "Limp" are on her New Album: "When The Pawn"
Notes: This is a sequel to "I Know", "On the Bounds", and "To Your Love" If you didn't read those you would be sorta lost.


And when I think of it my fingers turn to fist
I never did anything to you man
But no matter what I try
You'll beat me with you bitter lies
So call me crazy, hold me down
Make me cry; get off now, baby-It won't be long till you'll be
Lying limp in your own hand


In front of Margaret Scully's home.

"Get out of the car, Mulder," I said on the verge on laughing my ass off. Mulder's so cute when he's in panic mode. He opens the car door and gets out. I unbuckled my seat belt and waited for him to open the door for me. I thought he was chivalrous before we got together, he was even worse now. I bet he'd would carry me everywhere, if I chose it to be. I had been an independent woman for so long I forgot how all this extra attention felt. In other words, I was thoroughly enjoying all this attention. He opened the door and gave me hand out.

"Dana, Do I have to go in?" he asked as we walked up the stone walk way of my mother house. He walked behind my as if he was preparing himself to run to the car.

"Yes," I said, admiring the red and yellow tulips she planted in the front of the house. "These are nice."

He nodded, somberly. " You know, I was close to death already. Many times, in fact..," he mumbled and I kissed him chastely on the lips. I loved this man and damn it I was telling my family today!

"You're an FBI Special Agent. Jesus, Mulder, this can't be worst than the flukemen," I said ringing the door bell. He just gave me one of his famous panic faces and I laughed. " Just relax. He's not going to kick your ass, Fox. I'm not going to let him." That got a smile out of him. I took his hand and squeezed it his enlaced his fingers with my own, just as Mom opened the door.

"Hey!" she said with a huge smile, "Welcome to--" that's when she saw our hands. "Are you two?" she said confused. Then she gathered herself, "Come in, come in." She gave us both big hugs.

"Let me take your coats," she said, as Fox shrugged off his and then he helped me with mine. He handed them to my mother who winked at him, he blushed.

"You're blushing," I whispered in his ear and he smiled.

"You Scully women bring that out in me."

"Mmmmhmm," I said and stroked his ear, he kissed my hand. "Thank you for being brave."

"When it comes to you Dana. It'll take more than Billy boy to scare me away." He laughed.

"How about a brain eating demon?" I asked, and out of nowhere he kissed me.

"Well it's about time!" Mom exclaimed happily behind us, "I was just about to give up on you two."

"Hey, and all it took was a near death experience ... again!" I joked and both Fox and mother rolled their eyes. I turned to Fox, his eyes went wide. He just spotted Bill in the living room watching football. "Why don't you go in the living room while I help Mom cook?" I am evil. I know. All I want is for them to be civil to one another, because one day I'm going to marry this man, whether Bill likes it or not.

Fox walked reluctantly into the living room and sat down on the couch, Bill was sitting directly across from him in the recliner. Bill glared at Fox. Fox glared back.

"Do you think that's wise dear?" Mom said behind me as she looked into the living room.

"Fox can handle it, I think." She smiled at my usage of his first name. "Where's Tara?" I asked I haven't seen her in a good while and I she was a big help when it came to controlling Bill's temper. I washed my hands in the sink and Mom handed me a few carrots to cut up.

"Oh, she took the baby to the playground with Sara's new baby." Sara I forgot about Sara. Sara Parkers was mom's next door neighbor. She was thirty-six year old, supermom of four -- now five kids. She made it look so easy, she made me want to go get pregnant, when I could that is. Well, that was old sad news that didn't need to be remembered. I felt myself get teary and I turn away a little from Mom. She wrapped her arms around my shoulders and kissed the top of my head.

"You and Fox can always adopt sweetie," she said and I nodded, softly.

"I know, Mom," I whispered. It's not the same though. I was gypped in the worst way. How could anybody understand? Yes, there are dozens of babies out there I could adopt. A dozen of babies out there that I could match Fox's or my hair and eyes to, but it'll never truly completely be our baby. I'll never feel it kick inside me. Never be able to give birth.

Mom wisely changed the subject, "So...what are you two going to do now?" she asked and I gulped. How do I answer that? Well, Mom we haven't talked about the future yet, because for the last three months we've been have the best mind blowing sex either of us has ever had. No, Mom's liberal, but that would give her a heart attack.

"Well, we've been dating exclusively for the last three months..," I began, "And it's been really good. I love him, he loves me..."

"I know, dear, I've known way before you have. I've just been waiting for you two lunkhead to realize it," she said in her best motherly voice. "You know that's not what I'm talking about. What are your plans for the future? I mean you're not getting any younger." Lord, she was going for the jugular.
"Mom, we're just enjoying each other right now," I said, damning my choice of words.

"Oh." It was a disapproving "oh."

You know I rally thought she loved me until she abandoned me in this room with her obnoxiously stolid brother. He wasn't watching the game. He was watching me and if his eyes were ray beams, I would be obliterated now.

"So," I say cautiously. I nervously tap my hands on my jeans, "whose playing?" I ask, trying to strike up some conversation. Something to make him stop staring at me like I was dead meat. He didn't say anything. He just rudely stared. So we sat in silence the whole time, until Dana decided to take mercy on me.

She sashayed herself through the kitchen doors holding a small little platter of deviled eggs and pigs in a blanket. She neatly set them down on the living room table and then she took off her little Keds and curled up by my side on the couch.

"Hey," she said kissing my cheek acting completely oblivious of Bill. Bill was digging his fingers in the soft black leather of the recliner. "You hungry?" she said rubbing my stomach.

"A little," I said, I figured out what she was doing. I didn't go to Oxford and Quantico for nothing. She was doing everything she would do if we were home alone. Trying to let Bill realize without a big blow out that I'm not going anywhere. He wasn't getting it. All he was doing was getting angrier and angrier. And that ass whooping I told you I more than likely will be receiving, was looking more and more imminent.

"Can I speak to you for a second, please?" Bill said to me through gritted teeth.

"No, you may not. You had your seconds twenty-five minutes ago, Bill. Now it's my turn," Dana said, running her nimble fingertips through my spiky hair and I couldn't help but put my arm around her. This was my love, my life and one day she will be Mrs. Mulder-Scully or Scully-Mulder, whichever as long as we're together forever. God, I'm whipped, but I like it.

"Well, then can I speak to you?" he commanded.

"No Bill," she yelled. "Cause I really don't feel like hearing anything you have to say so just shut...up!" That's when all hell broke loose.

Bill bounded out of the recliner, "Is this what you want out of your life? Strapped to the FBI cause of this little son of a bitch. You could do so much more Dana. You could do so much better," he said. And I agreed she could do better. I was amazed when she told me she loved me. Crazy ass, Mulder. But she does, completely, with all her heart. So much that I can feel it.

"Are you done?" she said coldly. He nodded. "Sit down, Bill and let me tell you something that you may have forgotten. I am thirty-six years old. You have absolutely no right to tell me what I should do with my life or who I should see. My father is dead and gone now, heaven rest his soul. And even if he was alive, he wouldn't have no right to tell me what to do because it's still *my* life and I'll do whatever the hell I choose with it. And I'm sorry, but don't give a damn how you feel." Bill sat down hard in his chair.
He was shocked. It was obvious that Dana never really said anything like that to him before.

And just when I think the shows over, she looks at me. "I love Fox Mulder. And I'm not tied down to the X-Files by him. I'm tied down to it because his fight, is my own now. Someone has to find out the truth. There are some people out there that don't like to sit on their asses while people screw them over. I'm one of them and so is Mulder." The room got good and quite then Maggie came into the room.

"Dinner will be done in twenty minutes. Dana, Fox, you want to go down the road to the park and get Tara?" she asked, and I knew she was giving us time alone and Bill time to cool off. She disappeared into the kitchen again.

Dana put her Keds on and jumped off the couch. "Sure Mom!" Dana called out."Come on Fox." She sweetly said to me. I got off the couch and followed after her without giving Bill a second glance.

Maybe my ass whooping wasn't so imminent, after all.

Across the Street

Cancerman watched Dana and Fox walk hand in hand down the street.

"Game over Agent Scully," he whispered.

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Date: Thu, 9 Dec 1999 09:30:13 EST
Subject: xfc: When the Pawn Series: Limp (3\4)
Source: xfc

From: Mynace@aol.com

Title: When the Pawn Series: Limp, part four (3\4)
Author: Nialani Feedback: The series life depends on it! LOL!
Classification: MSR
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: If you didn't see the season premiere shame on you! Archive: Anywhere just keep my name on it Disclaimer: Don't sue! Lyrics by Fiona Apple "Limp" are on her New Album:"When The Pawn"
Notes: This is a sequel to "I Know", "On the Bounds", and "To Your Love" If you didn't read those you would be sorta lost.

You feed the beast I have within me
You wave the red flag, baby you make it run run run
Standing on the sidelines, waving and grinning
You fondle my trigger, then you blame my gun

Yes! I thought and it must've shown clear on my face because Fox laughed.

"Do you have any idea how long I've been waiting to do that?" I sighed and he wrapped his arm around my shoulders. "Honestly, I think I've been waiting to do that since fetal stage." He laughed again.

"He's just trying to protect you." I couldn't believe it fox was defending Bill.

"Oh my God, did I just see a pig fly?" I turned quickly around and eyed him suspiciously, then I touched his forehead to see if he was coming down with something. He laughed and I smiled wrapping my arm around his waist.

"Dana," he said, out of no where, "As a big brother, I know I'd probably be a hard ass to Sam's boyfriends. Especially, if this certain boyfriend has been the one that practically landed her in all the shit she's been through."

"Don't make me shoot you." I sighed exasperated. He was sweet, but he blamed the world's problems and my own problems on himself.

"Look, you know it's true Dana. Without me you would've been a successful doctor, or something. Maybe you would have been head of the pathology department at some major hospital or university. You wouldn't have gotten abducted, you wouldn't have gotten cancer, you would be able to have--" I had to cut him off. I stopped and turned to him I touched his chest and then his face.

"Without you, I would have never known what love felt like." That was the honest truth. He looked taken aback. He was speechless and there were tears in his eyes that he tried to blink away. "I love you, Fox. And know that this love that we are sharing now, it washes away all the ugly things that we have went through. And it didn't kill us, Fox. It didn't kill this love. Do you know what it did?"

"It-," he was completely choked up, "It-it made it stronger."

"It made it stronger. Nothing, nothing is going to kill this love." I vowed.

"Nothing," he whispered. I kissed him lightly on the lips and he deepened it. It was a kiss full of lust and promise for tonight.

We continued to walk down the road, hand in hand, in silence for a while. Then he stopped, abruptly.

"What?" I said, searching his eyes.

"That blue car," he said turning me so I could see it behind us." Has been following us for the last few minutes," he said his voice low and close to my ear.

I was about to disregard him as being a paranoid, but when we stopped, the blue car stopped. That when I saw it. It was coming of the window. Smoke. My eyes went wide and before I could say any warning the car window rolled down.

There was a pain in the side of my neck and then everything went black.

She collapsed in my arms, but not before touching her neck in pain. I checked her neck. I pulled a small dart out of her neck and tasted it's tip. Thankfully it wasn't poison, it was tranquilizer. I gently laid her on the ground and prepared to fight our attacker. I didn't even get the chance to turn around fully before the butt of a gun came in contact with my temple.

Sound stopped and everything went black.




I don't know where I am. I don't know how many hours have passed. All I know is, it's dark and damp and cold. I'm lying on what feels like cement. My head is throbbing. Blood is running down my left eye. Oh and my arms are tied down. A bright light turned on above me. I am blinded by it. I squint my eyes, and turn my head away from it.

"I tried to talk to you, like an adult. But like the petulant child you are, you choose not to listen. Now, I must resort to threats." It was Cancerman talking in my ear.

"Where's Dana?" I groaned out and winced, it hurt to talk. I had to find her. She was all alone, in the hands of one of this bastard's goons. Please don't let it be Krycek., I pray.

"She's" He took a drag from his cigarette, "In a safe place."

"What do you want from me?" I cried out. I was absolutely and utterly sick of all of this bull shit.

"Well, son, do you remember the last time you were in this room?" he said waiting for me to respond. Of course I remember. This is where Dana rescued me from you. This is where you invaded my mind, tried to make me believe in a non existent reality. Tried to give me what I want, but you forgot what I needed. You forgot who meant the most, who I'd trade it all for.

"Yes," I whispered.

"I tried to obtain something from you. From your brain," he said, pacing back and forth.

"The vaccine to the alien virus."


"Let me guess," I laughed, humorlessly, "Didn't work?"

"I don't know if it works, my son, the regular standard test are inconclusive. And I don't want to test the efficiency of it on myself," he said coming into my face, his breath wreaking of stale Morleys.

"You're going to inject me with the virus, aren't you, you son-of-a-bitch." I couldn't believe him. Daddy dearest.

"Yes I am," he said his voice was cold.

"So, if this is about me, why did you kidnap Dana?" I asked. She was once again an innocent caught up in my world of fucking insanity.

"I have something that I want her to have."

"What?" He walked over to me holding out the syringe which was filled with black slime. My eyes went wide with horror, he couldn't possibly be serious.
He cruelly smiled at me. I panicked, "Let Dana go and I'll let you do-"

"You don't have a choice. Besides, you're in no position to negotiate."

"Please," I begged, "leave her alone."

"She's a distraction, Fox, a thorn in your side. She's no good for you. Exactly, how long do you think she will stay around while you continue your quest? I know what you two have been up to for the last three months. Why bother with the wench, you can't even have a family with her," he said, sounding like a concerned parent.

"You don't understand us and you never will. How could you? You don't know anything about love. And what do you care about me having a family, anyway? You'll never know any child I'll have. I'll make sure of it. Like you made sure I'd never know my sister." I swore. He walked to me and wiped my shoulder with alcohol. He stuck me with the syringe.

"Enjoy the ride son. I do hope you survive." Was the last thing I heard him say before lacerating pain began in my chest. Then I screamed. I couldn't die this way.

I woke up to screams. Not just any screams, there were Fox's and they were coming from the next room. I stood up and felt my way through the dark room with my hands. I felt a door and it opened before I could look for a door knob.
"Hello, M'dear. I'm glad you're awake. We need to talk." Cancerman said, turning on the lights, and leading me to sit in a chair.

"What are you doing to him?" I cried before he could speak. Why couldn't he just leave us alone?

"Testing his immunity." I was confused for a moment then it dawned on me. The reason why Fox was taken before was because of his immunity to the alien virus, the immunity Cancerman tried to steal. He was testing Fox's immunity?
How would he test...

"You didn't?" I whispered in shock, he injected his own son with the deadly virus. "You truly are a bastard."

"Hopefully he'll survive," he said lighting one of his horrible cigarettes. 'I came to talk to you," he said again.

"I have nothing I wish to speak to you about," I said, bluntly.

"I came to give you a choice. Leave my son alone, leave the X-Files for good..." he began, but I was having none of it.

"No deal, asshole," I vehemently said.

"Oh well, then I guess you have to die." I jumped out of my chair and he grabbed my hands. I was foggy from the tranquilizer, and my reflexes were way off. I kicked him in the leg with less strength than I thought. He reached in his pocket and before I could entertain the thought that maybe it was another cigarette he took out a syringe filled with the black oil virus. I screamed.

Next thing I know Cancerman is sailing head first across the room. He landed against the wall with a loud bang and an audible crack. It was Fox. He looked the same, but something about him was noticeably different. His eyes... His eyes were black.

And when I think of it my fingers turn to fist
I never did anything to you man
But no matter what I try
You'll beat me with you bitter lies
So call me crazy, hold me down
Make me cry; get off now, baby-It won't be long till you'll be
Lying limp in your own hand

I see everything in black and white.

What's happened to me? I'm a monster. I can't even talk. I stare at Dana. And she stares back. She is frightened, I know she is. I don't blame her. I'm frightened myself, of myself. I didn't know my own strength this way. I only meant to throw Cancerman so hard. I probably cracked his spine. Not like I feel sorry for the bastard.

I looked at my hands, My nails had grown three or four times their usual length. Dana came towards me. I wanted to tell her to stop, to stay where she was. That they made me a freak and that I didn't know what I was capable of. That I was fighting a voice in my head which screamed out to me:

Kill... Kill her...Now.

I was not in control. She should run away, but of course she is stubborn and strong and beautiful. She came even closer. Then she touched my chest. I knew, then, I had to get away, because she wasn't letting me go. I crashed out of that little medical storage room and back into the operating room out into the hall where I hid. Still fighting the voices inside my head:

Kill her...Don't run....Just Kill.

She found me and I ran again. I heard her gasping behind me. So, I ran faster, thinking maybe she'd give up. Not my girl.

Suddenly, my whole body felt as if it was on fire. I fell to my knees and watched the little black worm like entities run underneath my skin. I felt her take me into her arms as my body began to fly out of my control.

God, he looked the same.

All except for those eyes. Then his hands came up. His fingernails had grown long and they looked like they could cut through glass. I was scared. He didn't move a muscle. He just stood there intently looking at me, as if he could see my soul. Trying to plead with his eyes to stay away. I could almost hear him say the warnings.

I came towards him. Love gave me the strength to stay put. To not run away from him. I didn't know what to or say. I didn't want him to hurt me. I didn't even know if he was still my Fox, anymore. I stopped until I was only an arms length away. I reached out and touched him. He flinched and ran away from me. I chased after him. My love spurring me on.

I followed him out of the small room I was in, through the operating room, to the hallway where he was hiding in the shadows. He saw me and took off again.

He was fast. I struggled to keep up with his gracefully agile movements. Just when I was completely winded he stopped. He fell to his knees, his flesh began to move and he groaned an unnatural sounding noise and collapsed. He began to seize. I knelt to him and placed my hands under his chin. He pushed my hand away and threw up besides us. It was black, it was the virus. When he was done he drifted off into unconsciousness.

I waited a few minutes and woke him up, "Fox?" I whispered in his ear a little too apprehensively.

"Don't worry," he coughed out," I'm me." And before I could stop myself, I sighed.

"We have to get out of here," I said and he nodded. I rose and helped him up. We ran outside, stole Cancerman's car, and rode out into the night.

One week later.

After doing major damage control with Maggie and Bill, Dana and I returned to work as if nothing happened, our work relationship was fine, but otherwise ... well that was completely in a state of turmoil. I started having nightmares again. Nightmares about me becoming that thing again and killing her, about us having kids and they becoming things and killing her. They just got worse and worse each night. And she stood by my side each night and comforted me like a mother to a frightened child.

Then last night, we had sex, but it wasn't the same. It was cold, disconnected, and for the first time in our relationship I actually left her afterwards. I left her with no words or explanations and the look she gave me, it was one of pity and shame and regret.

I just didn't understand her. I almost got her killed. Shit, I almost killed her myself and she still comes back for more. Maybe, she's a glutton for punishment. I just can't keep putting her through this, anymore. If she doesn't want to leave me, then, I just have to make the intelligent decision, for her safety.

It was Saturday morning. I called her up for an early lunch and she accepted.

I knew exactly what he was going to do at lunch today. And I promised myself that I wouldn't object and I wouldn't make a scene for the stake of his fragile state.

I came in the quaint quiet little restaurant, and found him already seated in a corner booth. I felt my self I wouldn't get teary, but here I was breaking my promise. He stood to great me. He kissed me on the cheek and helped me out of my coat. We sat down and ordered lunch. We ate in total silence. Then after he ordered for the check to come, he began the break up speech I've been trying to prepare myself to hear for the last week. I looked down at my hands.

"I love you Dana, so much. And I can't go on knowing that one day my love for you could get you killed. And," he stopped and reached over the table and wiped a tear from my cheek that had escaped my eyes, "I rather have you safe knowing your alone or with--with someone else that could make you happy, instead of knowing that your life is in constant danger with me."

I let him make the decision. I let him call the shots on this one, for now. Until the pain of this last incident is so strong in his mind and then I'll get him back.

"Fox," I whispered not trusting my voice, "you know, I love you. I love you forever. And I'll be here," I took his hand. "when you change your mind." I got up and walked over to his side of the table. I tilted his chin up and kissed him gently. I put on my coat and grabbed my purse and tearfully walked away.

I watched her as she walked out of my personal life. Now I had to figure out just exactly how I was going to manage just working with her.


   Title: When the Pawn Series: To Your Love Author: Nialani Written: Nov 1999 Feedback: Most wanted
Classification: MSR
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: If you didn't see the season premiere shame on you! Archive: Anywhere just keep my name on it Disclaimer: I made this! CC: NO! I made this! Okay Chris you win! Don't sue! Lyrics by Fiona Apple "To Your Love" On her New Album: "When The Pawn"
Notes: This is a sequel to "I Know" and "On the Bounds." If you didn't read those you would be sorta lost or you can just skip the other stuff and scroll down to the smut LOL!

I would've warned you, but really, what's the point?
Caution could but rarely ever helps
Don't be down when my demeanor tends to disappoint
It's hard enough even trying to be civil to myself
Please forgive me for my distance The pain is evident in my existence
Please forgive me for my distance
The shame is manifest in my resistance
To your love, to your love, to your love

Hoover Building

The rest of the day was uneventful. Scully and I couldn't stop smiling at each other even though our lunch was rudely interrupted. Maybe it was because of our night time plans. Round two. We did round one the night before and well ... well I was done after that. Physically and emotionally, done.

I really couldn't believe Scully, well Dana, went down on me. Of all my fantasies about her that I've conjured up about her, I always thought she'd blush or at least shy away from putting her mouth "down there," but not Dana she was down right aggressive with me last night. She even let me come in her mouth which totally blew my fucking mind. No wonder I past out right after. This morning I felt bad because I knew Scully wanted more.

Maybe that's why I freaked when she said she wasn't happy. I don't know. All I know is the only thing I can concentrate on is Dana. And her scented body wash is starting to drive me fucking crazy.

God must he chew on his bottom lip like that. Thirty minutes left before we can go home--my home -- and finish what we started last night. I tap lightly on the keys of my keyboard actually trying to pretend I'm getting work done, I'm not. All I'm thinking about is Mulder's tongue last night. Licking me sucking on my--Stop Dana. Get a hold of yourself. Jesus where's your will power.

Twenty-nine minutes. Look at him. His tie hanging loosely around his neck his shirt molding to his chest. His pants bulging. Okay I'm not the only one with no will power.

"So," I wonder. "who will crack first. Or will we both hold out for the next twenty-five minutes." He shifts in his seat. Well, maybe he needs some persuasion.

I unbutton my suit jacket and then I unbutton the top button of my white blouse. Then I unbutton the second button. I can feel his eyes roaming my body. I hike my skirt up just enough so he can see my thigh, just to where my panty hose darkened near the top.

I heard him swallow hard, "What exactly do you think you're doing?" he said his voice taking on a much higher pitch than usual.

"Seeing just how much will power you have." I stated slipping off my shoe letting it just dangled on my toes. His eye went wide. I wonder if he has a foot fetish.

"No just an oral fixation, but I'll suck your toes if you want." He laughed, reading my mind. He turned back to his laptop.

"Toes? I have some place else for that mouth," I mumble, he laughed again

"Your behavior Agent Scully isn't professional." Okay, I know he was joking, but still, that annoyed me.

"We've been professional for the last seven fucking years! I think I'm plum out of professionalism," I said, exasperated. He laughed. An Instant Message popped on my screen and I smiled.

TheBliever: I love a very horny Scully.
DR.Skeptical: LOL You love me horny or not.
TheBliever: That's besides the point. Are you always this aggressive?
DR. Skeptical: Ha! Wouldn't you like to know!
TheBliever: I will in do time.
DR. Skeptical: You could find out now.
TheBliever: I could.

He was being a pain in the ass. We could have left early and been home making passionate sweaty sex by now. But he thought leaving early together would be too suspicious. I really didn't give a damn.

"Scully. Ten minutes left, Scully, that's all," he said, sounding like a kid who's wanting a piece of candy that he couldn't have.

"Okay fine! I'll be good, but you're mine when the ten minutes are up," I huffed and pulled my skirt down and placed my foot back in my shoe.

Thank God! I was about five seconds from clearing the desk of all the papers, ripping off her clothes, and having hot sex with her right there on the desk. Ow, okay, now my erection is becoming painful. Thank you very much Scully. I shifted in my chair again and she laughed:

"Eight minutes, Mulder," she hummed.

"In two minutes I'll be dead." I groaned.

"Hey, staying until work was officially over was your idea. So suffer with it," she said, coldly. So I turned my chair towards her and stuck my tongue out at her. She laughed again. God it was such beautiful sound.

"You know why it has to be like this right?" I ask. I couldn't risk the powers that be splitting us up not now. Not when we are finally and completely together.

"I understand, Mulder," she sighed. And the truth was in her soft voice. "Three more minutes," she hummed.

I closed out my computer and she did the same. Standing up very slowly, I put on my jacket and my coat. I helped Scully with her coat and lead her out the door just as the clock turned five.

Going home

We raced to Georgetown. Breaking speed limits. Racing lights. I've haven't felt so alive in years. Mulder followed close behind me in his car. He's as anxious--or even more anxious-- as I am. We finally made it home. I parked in front of my building and he parked behind me.

I got out of my car and he got out of his. Two steps towards each other and we embraced. Suddenly, like a dream we kissed, and his hands were everywhere, and his tongue was probing my mouth. I couldn't get enough of him. And if I didn't know my nosy next door neighbor was more than likely looking out of the window... I wouldn't have moved an inch, but we were outside and sure enough Mrs. Bailey was looking at us. I broke away and grabbed the keys out of my pocket. We entered the building and caught the elevator up.

We kissed and fondled each other throughout the elevator ride. I placed my hands down his pants and he groaned in my ear. I never thought I'd here such a beautiful sound. Mulder groan because of me. It just sent vibrations of love and lust throughout my body. The elevator door opened at our floor and we practically ran giggling to my apartment door.

I fumbled the whole opening process. I dropped my keys twice and finally after I took a deep breath and composed myself a little bit. I gave the keys a twist, the door a push and nothing, the door jammed sometimes. Finally, God took mercy on us and after one good push from the both of us the door opened. We practically fell into my apartment. Once I gained some balance I walked to a lamp and turn on the lights. I turned to him and he stood so tall, so sexy in front of me.

"Is this real?" I asked. He walked to me and touched my cheek.

"I don't know, Scully--Dana, I'm having trouble believing," he said.

"Let me show you," I said, rising to my tippee toes and kissing him.

I loved the way kissed. She gave and took on an equal measure. And she made these little whimpering sounds in the back of her throat went straight to my groin. She went to take of my coat and I stopped her. This time I was determined to be in charge. I was going to drive her to the point of madness -- with pleasure -- even if it killed me, which more than likely, it would.

I took off my own coat and jacket. Then an idea came to my head. Something I watched in one of those videos I didn't buy. I didn't know just how kinky Scully was, but I was going to find out tonight.

"On your knees, Scully," I said, in an autocratic tone of voice I knew she would hate.

"Wha -- What?" she said looking thoroughly confused and slightly annoyed.

"I said on your knees," I whispered in her ear and pushed her down a little with my hands so she lowered to her knees gently. I took off my tie and placed it around her eyes. Her hands covered mine briefly.

"Mmuulder," she groaned as I began kissing and nibbling on her ear.

"Shh, don't speak. Don't say a word, unless I tell you too. If you do I might just have to punish you and you might not like that too much," I said menacingly taking off my belt then brandishing it in front of her face. She stifled a groan. I cupped her breast in my hands. She shivered. And to my surprised she didn't tell me stop. I took her coat off and then her suit jacket. "Tell me you want me."

She hesitated and I pinched her nipples "Mmm, I want you," she answered leaning back on me, running her hands up and down my shoulders. I unzipped her skirt and unbuttoned her blouse. I slowly eased the shirt off of her.

"Turn over." I commanded and she obeyed turning over, on to her back. I pulled off her skirt along with her panties. I leaned over her and I whispered in her ear. "Touch yourself, Dana," she stiffened. Uh oh. Too much, too soon.

I'm such an idiot.

Jesus, he wants me to masturbate in front of him. Now that was personal.

So what are you going to do, Dana?
Oh God look at his face. That's panic face. I hate being indecisive. I'm completely fucking up the moment here.

So are you going to do it?

... Oh, what the hell?

I stroked his cheek and spread my legs opened. I was so wet I was leaving wet spots on my hardwood floor. I tossed my hair back and touched my breast. I squeezed my nipples through the fabric of my bra, the one item I still had on. I saw relief wash over him and he began undressing.

"Spread your legs," he took a deep breath like he was having trouble speaking, "wider." He commanded and I followed his directions. I touched the inside of my thighs gently. I dipped one finger inside myself then another. I purred and groaned. He's was half way undressed now. Only wearing his pants and his boxer. Both were quickly discarded. His arousal was very, very evident. I thrusted my fingers in and out of myself and with my free hand I stroked my clit. My hips began to rotate. I was close, very close. My eyes closed.

"Keep them open," he panted. I opened my eyes and he was knelt in between my legs stroking himself. I felt my orgasm coming on strong and I moaned. He grabbed the hand I was using to thrust inside with and sucked my fingers. It was so erotic one part of him was sucking at me the other part was probing inside. He released my fingers from his mouth, then lifted my hips. He gently and slowly penetrated me. I let out little whimpers as each glorious inch pushed inside. I was gonna come and he was only half way inside. I needed more, I had to have more. So I told him so.

"More, more." I chanted. He thrusted all the way in and I came. Floating, falling and shattering. I cried out and grabbed his shoulders. I needed to feel his wait on me. He thrusted very slowly and very gently until I came back to earth.

He lowered on top of me and dropped his face in to the hallow of my neck, "You're so tight." I heard him mutter."Wrap your legs around me," he said.

"Yes,.Yes," I moaned as I wrapped my legs around him and he slid deeper and deeper inside me with each maddeningly slow thrust. He caressed my thighs and ass. I couldn't take it anymore. He was being too gentle. I leaned up and wrapped my arms around his neck. "Harder. Faster," I moaned, "Faster, please."

"Day, I don't ... wanna ... hurt you," he panted.

"Damn it Mulder! Fuck me." I yelled. That did it. He began to pound into to me fast. I felt myself beginning to come again. So I just kissed him and held on. Meeting his thrust.

"Fuck me? Did she say Fuck me?" I thought to myself. It had to be true. I wouldn't be pounding into her like she's some common whore if she didn't. I rarely heard Scully curse before. And never in the heat of passion. I lost it.

I try to slow down, get my head together and she pants, "Don't stop!" in my ear. Well, well Dana like's it rough. Who'd thunk it?

She tossed her hair from her face again. She was flushed and sweaty and beautiful and mine. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head and she stopped moving. She grabbed my face and kissed me.

"Ah...aaah! God! Ah Yes! Mmm... Fox!" she screamed and groaned. Her muscles clamped down on my cock, again, in waves. I grunted in pleasure. She moaned her way back to me. She opened her eyes and I smiled

"Wow," she whispered. "Your turn." And with leg muscles of steel she managed to flip me on my back.

"Definitely a wow for that!" I laughed. she gave me her best Scully smirk. And with her face all a glow from sex and her hair covering one her eyes it was more than comical. I laughed, hard, until she moved slowly. Then I groaned.

Back, Forth. I moaned.

Back, Forth. Moaning again.

Up and down and swirling the hips. Again and Again. I grunted and bit my lip.

I was thoroughly enchanted by her, but little spooky was impatient. I grabbed her hips and set a faster pace. She moaned. My balls tightened.

"God, Scul--Dana. I'm--- I'm there." I pant and grunt. She continues to ride me with a loving smile on her face. I came inside her with a loud groan. It seemed endless. I was dying and being reborn again. Everything goes out of focus for a moment then black then I'm shuddering back to her. Barely aware that she's clamping down on me. Calling out my name again--coming--for a third time.

She collapsed against my chest causing me to grunt. "Never," she mumbled into my chest.

"What?" I asked, lazily, stroking her back and ass.

"Never three," she said sleepily. "Only one. If that." She chuckled.

"Is this real? Do you believe, Scully?" I asked.

"I believe." She sighed.

"Me too." I kissed her forehead. Then I realized she was sleep and that we were on her living room floor. I lied her next to me and got up on shaky legs. I picked her up and carried her to her bedroom. I pulled back the covers on her bed and laid her in them. I started to go back in her living room to clean up when her hand stopped me.

"Later. I need your heat," she said, half awake. I climbed into the bed and she wrapped herself around me using my body like some gigantic pillow.

I sighed, this was heaven.

Safe, Scully thought, I safe now.

They both slept peacefully.


Title: When the Pawn Series, part 5: Love Ridden
Author: Nialani
Written: December 1999
Feedback: As my god daughter, Rianne would say: Puh, Puh, Puh, lease! I'll be your friend!
Classification: MSR, Scully/MulderAngst
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: If you didn't see the season premiere or any of the episodes so far I have to say poor poor you!
Archive: Anywhere just keep my name on it, and tell me where you put it!
Disclaimer: Chris they're yours, Don't sue! Lyrics by Fiona Apple "Love Ridden" On her New Album: "When The Pawn"

Note: This is a WIP it'll more than likely be finished next week friday or sooner (who knows!).

Love ridden, I've looked at you
With the focus I gave to my birthday candles
I've wish on the lidded blue flames
Under your brow
And baby I wished for you

Monday morning
Federal Building

It was the first day back to work since we--since I--broke up with Dana...Scully. Since Saturday I've haven't slept, eaten, or exercised. She walked into the office as usual, but she looked like hell. There was black circles around her eyes and bags, but she still was gorgeous.

"Morning," I said very quietly. She smiled at me a little.

"Morning," she said, just as quietly.

"I have a X-file. A little girl, in Denver, Colorado, she's believed to be telekinetic," I began and as I talked on, Scully, just stared at me attentively, like the old days. There were no hidden smiles, no innuendoes, nothing. Not even an invalidation of my facts. I couldn't see my Dana, anymore. The Dana I let walk away, walk out of my life and Scully. Well, she was off her game. "So we're going to Denver to investigate these murders that seem to be caused by this girl."

"You," she hesitated, "this little girl. Whatever. What time do we leave?"

"Our flight is at five," I said, "If you want to, um go home early today and pack. I'll meet you at the airport." This was extremely hard. Now, I know why the FBI frown against partners getting together. I could almost feel our solve rate drop because of our break up.

"Fine I'll leave at two," she said turning on her computer. " Oh, um, your blue suit...well it's still at my apartment." She stammered, not even looking at me.

"Oh I- I was looking for that. Can you bring with you, when you?--" I felt like a teenager.
"Sure," she whispered, sadly.

Time passed. Our usual rapport was shot to hell. She left to go get something of the Tofu variation and asked if I wanted something, I couldn't tell her that I was so love sick over our break up that I couldn't possibly eat. So, I just lied to her and told her I had a big breakfast. So gave me one of her famous looks and disappeared down the hall.

My heels clicked as I walked down the cement floors of the hallway into the elevator. He actually thought I brought that bold face lie of his. He didn't eat. He probably hasn't eaten any since our lunch Saturday. But fine is he doesn't want to eat that's his problem not mine. He's a grown man, boy is he a grown man and he can take care himself. I stalked off the elevator pushing the on comers out my way.

Who the fuck am I kidding? I thought while I ordered a large order of fries for him. I grabbed a yogurt paid for our food and made my way back to our basement office. I thought about this morning.

When I left my house I thought I looked like Hell, then I came into our office this morning and saw Mulder. He looked like hell and then some. He probably was visiting his local bar this weekend, drowning his sorrows in liquor. While I lied in my bed drowning my sorrows in Cherry Garcia and chocolate fudge and strawberry cheesecake. Crying my eyes out, promising myself that our break up wouldn't change our professional relationship. I now know that that was easier said than done.

I wanted him. That was all I could think about this morning. He went on and on about some little telekinetic girl in Colorado and all I did was focus on his mouth, and where it had been just only a week ago, and how I'd give the world to have it there now. He wasn't any help either. He kept string at me. Eyeing me with those beautiful eyes of his.

So I sat at my computer typing up reports. Ignoring him. Working myself into a fury. I mean, How dare he just decide that he wasn't good enough for me? That he was dangerous? I'm a smart intelligent woman. I know what's dangerous, and I know what's good for me. I want my man back! And when we're nicely sequestered, in some bumfuck town in Colorado. I'm going to get him back. And if it takes a bullet to the other shoulder...so be it.

She walked into the office holding a nice size order of fries. She placed them on my desk and gave me a look that said, "Eat them or die where you sit." I smiled. At least, I knew she still cared about me and that she didn't want me drawn and quartered. I thanked her and she gave me the cold shoulder. Then again, maybe she does want me drawn and quartered and this is my last meal. I decided to IM her.

TheBliever: Why won't you talk to me?
Dr.Skepticle: I'm working right now, Mulder.
TheBliever: Are you angry with me?
Dr.Skepticle: Nope just terribly disappointed.

Ouch, score one for Scully.

TheBliever: I just want us to be like we were before.
Dr.Skepticle: Unfortunately it doesn't work that way Mulder. I'm not lying to myself anymore. Not for your benefit or my own. I know how I feel. And nothing is going to change that.
TheBliever: What do you mean?
Dr.Skepticle: Nevermind. This really isn't the right time to talk about this.
TheBliever: Fine
Dr.Skepticle: Thank you.
TheBliever: Yeah, whatever.

Well, that went well. I miss her. Not just as my partner. I missed Dana. I missed the way she smelled, the way she tasted, I missed the way we'd watch the Knicks play and how she used to rub my stomach every time they missed a free throw or flubbed up a lay up. I missed her fingers through my hair, and most off all I missed the way she told me she loved me, she always told me. Not just after we made love. She'd say it while we are having a conversation about that night's dinner.

Saturday I knew I had made a huge mistake. Out of fear I let the one positive thing in my life go. She probably hates me now. No wonder she doesn't want to talk to me. I'm an asshole.

Before I knew it, it was two. She nicely got up and turned her computer off. She grabbed her coat and left, without glancing my way, without saying see you later.
God the plain ride is going to be interesting. Maybe I can talk to her there. Then again maybe not.

I cried all the way home. My eyes were so blurred with tears I almost got into an accident. I didn't want to come so cold to Fox. It was just that things couldn't go back to the way they were. I was so lonely then. He has no clue how much or for how long, I wanted what we had the last three months, that love. That happiness. That's something that can't be turned off and on at will.

I walked into my apartment and the first thing I pulled out of my closet was his blue suit. I pulled out my garment bag and neatly packed in there right along with my burgundy pants suit he like so much. I finished packing my clothes and I take a shower. A nice long hot shower.

I remembered the last time we were in this shower together. He made love to me with his mouth and his fingers and finally his cock. I remember coming over and over again and watching him. Every time I came he smiled, and it wasn't one those self-gratifying smiles either. It was one of love and disbelief and pride. He made me feel beautiful, every time he looked at me.

I touched my breast remembering how he licked and sucked on my nipples. My hand traveled down my body and my fingers entered my heat remembering how his long fingers penetrated me pumping slowly feeling me inside and out. I remembered how his tongue snaked across my abdomen down to my clit, gently circling it over and over again until ... until I came shattering, gasping, falling, shuddering, riding out my orgasm, screaming his name over and over again.

Until it's over and I open my eyes. I am alone and the water is growing cold.

Nobody sees when you are lying in your bed,
And I wanna crawl inside,
But I cry instead
I want your warmth, but it will only make Me colder when it's over

On the Plane

Remember, before, when I said the airplane ride was going to be interesting? Well, it wasn't. It was absolutely and completely boring. I have never sat in a flight so boring in my life. At least, not when I was with Scully. But she didn't want to talk to me, now. She didn't even look at me either. I tried to strike up many conversations with her. She just looked at me with no response and then returned to reading the case file.

So, I decided to just sit here and shut up. She handed me back the case file and I read it again for the thirtieth time not trying to look at her or focus on her nearness. Yes, yes, Lillian Martins, eight years old, her biological parents were killed in a car accident when she was three. She went through five sets of foster parents each of them died, except for her last foster mother.

The first pair, a James and Minnie Bronson died when a driver-less car mysteriously veered off the main street of the neighborhood and crashed in to the living room where they were watching TV on the couch, the car crushed them. The second pair, Chris and Natalie Simmons where going up to their apartment on an elevator. The wire snapped dropping them eleven floors. The third pair, Harris and Sandy Jackson, well they're car exploded, the police reports faulty wiring. The fourth pair, Andrew and Kelly Kanacades were decapitated by a large blade that fell off a truck while they were driving upstate New York. Now the fifth pair, the people she's with now, Garth and Jennifer Collins, a tree fell in on their roof killing Garth, and seriously hurting Jennifer.

I looked over to Scully who was sleeping. I brushed her from her eyes just wanting to kiss her and wrap my arm around her, but she'd probably slap me. Oh well back to the case file.

So far, Lilly, as she is liked to call is living in a group home. I wondered if we should go undercover. Scully and I as foster parents. So, after Scully left, I brought it to Skinner's attention and he thought it was good idea. Only problem, I've been scared shitless of telling Scully. Well, um, there's no time like the present.

He woke me up. I thought I made it perfectly clear that I didn't want to be bothered. I gave him a serious look and he had the decency to look apologetic.

"Um, Scully, sorry I woke you, it's just that um, well," I didn't have the time nor the strength for this so I turned around and shut my eyes and just as I was drifting back off to sleep he said:

"We're going into this case as Lillian Martins' new foster parents." I don't know how it happened but my hand just took a life of its own I swung around and slapped him, causing the other passengers to stare. I was shocked, he was even more shocked and he looked hurt, really hurt and before I could even stop my mouth I told him off.

"You God damn fucking selfish prick. How dare you not only break my heart, but then you pour salt on the wound by making us disguise ourselves as a happy married couple Do you have any decency? Any consideration?" I said, and he looked close to tears. He looked away from me and I turned back towards the window.

"I-I'm sorry," he whispered, but I was to busy in my own misery to be bothered.

What did I just do? I just ruined all my chances of getting him back with that stupid, stupid temper tantrum.

I was still in shock when the plane landed. She slapped me. She really slapped me. I always joked about her slapping me if I got out of line, but I never thought she'd actually do it. Then after she slapped me she called me a "selfish prick." That I was expecting, but definitely not the slap.

She had been crying, when we got off the plane she tried to hide her face from me, but I saw her. Her eyes were red and so was her nose and her face was flushed. I really didn't want to make her cry. I just didn't know how to tell her, I just couldn't tell her. I knew how she'd react. I just wasn't expecting the slap. That was new. I should have just told her while we were in Washington. God I'm such a coward sometimes.

We got a rental car. And then I drove her to our "Happy Home" in the deep burbs just outside of Denver. We entered our new "home" and she finally smiled and laughed. I marveled at the sound, I so missed it.

"Are we the Petrie's again?" she said.

I smiled," Nope, you wanted pick the names this time. So, who are we dear?"

"Well," she sighed stretching out the couch, I admired her body. "Daddy always wanted my first name to be Katherine so I guess I'll go with that for a first name and you always to me looked like a David for some reason and as a last name.... I don't know, um why don't you help me with that--" She patted the couch next her I sat down and she smiled. Lo and behold, I'm a mushball and completely confused.

"How about Carter?" I said, it always sounded like a decent last name to me.

"Katherine and David Carter. That's nice," she said, then she took my hands.

"I'm so sorry, Fox, I didn't mean to slap you." She apologized and I smiled.

"Yes, you did and I deserved it. You're forgiven." I kissed her cheek.

"And for what I said. I-I well, I meant every word." I laughed. When were together we were always honest. And we weren't always so lovey dovey. We've have our knock down, drag down fights. Usually the make up consisted of lots and lots of time spent in the bedroom. No chance for that...or is there.

He was going to kiss me. My body did a somersault. I got to his lips first. Our tongues met and rubbed and fought and probed into each others mouth. His hands were all over my back and ass and thighs. Jesus, I missed it...him. Then it dawned on me. We would have sex and then tomorrow he'd be back to that, I'm to dangerous for you to be around kick and I would be back to being miserable.

"Wait," I whispered and he stopped. I was straddling his lap I could feel how much he wanted my and God knows I wanted him, but I wasn't going to just sleep with him then forget that it ever happened. We had to set things straight between us.

"What?' he asked gently his eyes heavy lidded with passion.

"I love you," I began, "I want to be together and not just physically Fox. I want our relationship back."

"Dana, I don't know. I'm scared. I'm scared that you're going to get hurt because of me. I can't deal with that," he stated what I already knew.

"I know, but you have to trust me, love. I'm a big girl I can protect myself--"

"Even from me?" he looked down into his lap at his hands which were around my waist. I took his face in my hands and made him look me in the eyes.

"You have to trust yourself as well. I trust you completely, Fox. I love you completely. Don't you think if I thought you were dangerous that I'm smart enough to leave you?"

"I don't know Dana. I just don't know." I pulled away from him and stood up. I stretched and walked away. I got to the stairs and turned to him:

"When you figure it all out, G-man. I'll be upstairs." I walked up stairs and went into the bedroom. I just hope it doesn't take a long time for him to get it.


I wanted her so badly it hurt and then she walked away, leaving me by myself with my ever thinking brain.

I didn't think she was stupid. I just think love can be deceiving. Love plays mind games oon people. I've learned that twice in my life with Diana and Phoebe. God, I wish one of them would have told me that they were bad for me.

But, I did her a great injustice. I didn't give her a chance or a choice. I just ended the relationship because I was scared. I was selfish, I gave no thought to her feelings, at all. She's everything to me. I wanted her back. I rose from my seat on the couch and ran up stairs.

I knocked on the bedroom door and she sweetly told me to come in. She stood in some cute little flannel Victoria Secret's blue pajamas with little white clouds. Her hair was tied up in a ponytail and her face was red from washing.

"Um. I'm sorry, Dana. I was scared, and I thought by telling you the relationship was over that you'd be safe, from me. I was wrong. Only you should make that choice. You are a grown woman, capable of making your own decisions and I'm honored that you stayed with me through all the shit we've been through for the last seven years. And that you still want me after all the stuff I've put you through emotionally, it amazes me... everyday. In other words," I got down on my knees, "forgive me for being an asshole?"

She got on her knees and hugged me. "You're forgiven. Don't let it happen again."

I picked her up and squeezed her, she giggled.

"Now, angel, let me peel you out of those clouds," I whispered in her ear and she shuddered.

So I can't tonight, baby
No not baby anymore-if I need you
I'll just use your simple name
Only kisses on the cheek for now on
And in a little while, we'll only have to wave

After our night of bliss. We submerged ourselves into the case. We took Lillian Martins from the cold sterile group home she was in and brought her home with us. She was beautiful. The pictures of her in the file didn't do her justice. She had long curly brown hair and these bright green eyes. She looked like a porcelain doll.

I instantly fell in love with her. I didn't realize how much I missed my Emily until I was holding Lillian in my arms. I played with her, constantly. Coloring books and dolls. I told her stories. A week had passed, very quickly and Fox, voiced his concern, he thought I was getting too close to her. And I was, I admit. He believes this child is a murderer. But as I watch her sleep, I just don't see it.

"Kate?" Fox said, using my undercover name.

"Yes, I'm here." I answered, softly. I was standing in the doorway of Lillian's room. He came behind me and kissed my neck.

"I want you to come to bed," he murmured in my hair.

"I don't see it. It can't be her. Look at her." I pointed towards her and he took my hand and led me back to our room. He made me sit on the bed and he got on his knees in front of me.

"I know this case is hard for you. I know you miss Emily, but you can't let that interfere," he whispered.

"You don't know how hard this is for me, Fox. I, honestly, thought I could deal with not being able to have children. Then this case comes along with this beautiful little girl and I realized something. I want a baby and not just any baby... *our* baby, Fox. I want us to have a beautiful little girl or boy with your eyes--"

He smiled and ran his fingers through my hair, "And your hair." I kissed his forehead.

"That's not ever going to happen." My voice broke of into a sob.

"Well, we can keep trying," he said, hugging me.

"We've been trying, consecutively, for the last three months."

"Well, we'll just have to try harder now don't we," he whispered in my ear and I nodded. He stroked my hair and back.

"Can we ?--"

"You don't have to ask, Dana," he said, picking me up and lying me on the center of the bed. I knew no matter how hard we try it wasn't going to happen and I accepted it, but Fox tried to give me hope, and that's why I love him so much.

Two weeks later

That conversation we had in the bedroom two weeks ago has changed nothing, but our sex lives.

I kinda figured Dana was having baby lust and honestly, I was too. It crossed my mind more than once since I've been watching her with Lily. She'd be such a great Mom. She was so good with children. Since we became Lily's foster parents, five weeks ago, she's never left the little girl's side. Which frightened me, if I was right, this girl was dangerous and Dana was putting herself in the line of fire. I knew I was the only one that sense it, but this little girl wasn't all sugar plums and lollipops. Her eyes were cold void of love, even when she laughed it sounded unnatural. Evil even.

Try telling that to Dana Scully. It would be as if you we're talking to a steel metal plate. She thinks I'm paranoid. And that maybe true, but I'm definitely not paranoid about this. That kid hated me. She hated Dana. She hated when we showed affection to each other in front of her. And behind those soulful eyes and pretty little ringlets, she was contemplating just how to "off" us.

Well, damn it, I was tired of it. It was time for me to take things into my own hands. Dana is too busy in Martha Stewart heaven. Her biological clock must sound like a time bomb exploding in her head. Besides, I didn't want another call from Skinner telling us to hurry up and solve this damn case. I've had enough with playing house with this bad seed.

I waited until Dana went shopping. She usually took Lily, but I wormed her out of it. I told her we needed some father\daughter time. Which made Dana give me that smile. You know, the one that makes my knees weak and stomach flutter. I really did hate deceiving her, especially since she made me promise not to interrogate the little monster. So fine, I won't interrogate her.

Lily sat in the middle of the living room floor playing with her dolls. I sat besides her and she glared at me.

"Is this seat taken?" I joked and she rolled her eyes.

"Now it is," she mumbled under her breath.

"I just wanted to talk to you. We haven't talk to each other much since you came here," I said, she hunched her shoulders like she was saying 'so.'

"I know you've been through a very rough time. I mean when the social worker told me about all the death and tragedies, that have surrounded you, I was shocked. I mean, your birth parents and then almost all of your foster parents. It was just by a miracle that your last foster Mom survived that terrible accident." I wrapped my arms around her shoulders and she struggled in my grip. "Just know this, Lilly. Kate and I, well, we are very, *very* careful. Nothing like what happened to your former families will ever happen to us." I gave her that warning.

"I hope not," she whispered, unconvincingly.

"Hey do you like sports?" I said completely off topic.

"If you wanted me to like sports you should've got a boy, instead of me," she said collecting her dolls and walking upstairs to her room.

"Not even the Knicks?" I called after her.

"Knicks suck!" she yelled down from upstairs then slammed her bed room door shut. Oh yes, she was definitely evil.

An hour passed I was watching a boring game of baseball, when Dana came home. She had over thirty bags stacked in the back of our rental car.

"Is this all for dinner?" I asked helping bring all the groceries inside.

"No, it's for the week so I won't have to go shopping," she said reaching in a brown bag and throwing me some sunflowers seeds. I smiled.

"What?" I said reaching in one of the bags idly," You think I can't handle being alone with the Omen, up there?" She laughed and slapped my butt.

"Behave, she hasn't demonstrated any paranormal or psychic abilities." She scolded. I pulled a box out of the bag a glanced at it before tossing it on the kitchen table.

Whoa, wait a minute. Is this...

"What's this?"

"What's this?" Fox said holding up the EPT test I got. Now, I was always Ms. Regular when it comes to Mr. Monthly. Every twenty-eight days like clockwork, but this month it didn't come. It was due three days after Fox and I had our discussion and nothing. And I didn't want to give my hopes up, so I waited these last two weeks and still...nothing. Not that I was hoping for it to come. I wanted this ever since that "talk", ever since I found out that Fox wanted the same thing I wanted. I've been praying to God for this to happen

"It's a pregnancy test, David," I said taking it out of his hand.

"That was really stupid of you, Dana. You knew what was in that bag you should have never let him rummage through it." That damn voice in my head sighed in frustration. "Now, you're gonna get his hopes all high just for them to be shot down."

"I know it is. I am very proficient at reading. How long have you been late, Dana?" He smiled. Oh God there's that look of childlike wonder and happiness. He placed his hand on my abdomen and I slapped it away.

"Don't," I whispered.

"Why not?" he said, a little annoyed.

"Because it might just be a fluke. I didn't want you to find out until I was sure but you're so nosy--"

"That's what makes me a good FBI agent," he joked.

"I don't want your hopes all high. It's going to hurt enough when I'm disappointed. I don't need you to be disappointed as well." He kissed me and touched my hair.

"Okay, I never saw it," he whispered on my lips.

"Thank you."

"Anytime, love. Deny everything, remember?" he joked and helped me put all the groceries up.

"Speaking of deny everything did you talk to Lily?" I asked. I was glad when I came home and didn't find her crying her eyes out in a corner somewhere.

"Somewhat." He shrugged. " She really wasn't interested with what I had to say. Maybe you should talk to her."

I nodded. Maybe I should.


In lied in bed alone. Dana was in Lily's room reading her a story. I listened to Lily's giggle and for the first time I related it to a child's voice and imagined what my own child's voice would sound like.

Jesus, Dana was late and as her partner for seven years and boyfriend for the last three months, I knew that when it came to her "friend" she was very timely. It came to the point where I knew exactly when she was "PMS"ing, not that I couldn't notice. It still was shocking though. She thought she was pregnant. She actually thought she was pregnant. That means I'm going to be a...father. Wow.

I know I told her that I'd forget about it until she knew for sure. But something like that you just can't put out of your mind. A baby, a little baby. My little baby. I was scared shitless. Me a father? It was unbelievable and mind-blowing. I mean how could I be a father. Look at my father...ugh! What kind of example have I had? All my father ever did all my life was find ways to screw me over.

Well, tomorrow she would take the test first thing and according to the results she's going to the OBGYN and then we'd know for sure. Then when we get home I'd ask her to marry me. And not just because she's preggers. That was on my to do list since we got back together. The plan was, when we got back to Virginia, I was going to the jewelers and picking up a nice size diamond engagement ring for her. Maybe that's why I've been so eager to conclude this case.

I turned on our bedroom television set and sighed. I might be a father. Dana and Lily giggled again and I grinned.

I sat on Lily's bed reading her and children's book starring Pooh and CO. Her head rested on my lap and she was starting to drift off to sleep.

"I know who you are," she mumbled tiredly. At first, I wasn't sure I heard her right then she said it again. "I know who you are."

"W-what are you talking about Lily?" I stuttered getting up from the bed and fixing her sheets, tucking her snugly in.
"I know your names aren't Kate and David Carter," she said. It became cold in the room and I shuddered and checked the windows.

"Who told you something like that?" I said. I was very unnerved by this feeling I was having the same feeling I had when I was trying to save the little angel sisters, the ones with the six fingers.

"He tells me," she said.

"Who?" I asked.


"I think you need to sleep, Lily." I turned off her light and a night light lit up the room.

"He speaks to me and tells me things. Things about you and Fox and the little one your carrying, Dana. You have to protect her. Or he'll take her, like he did me," she whispered so childlike, so sad. A sudden pain gripped me all through my abdomen and back. I ran as fast as I could out of the room.

I ran into our bedroom and slammed the door. I must have been so scared I didn't realize I was crying. Fox grabbed me and I screamed.

"What the hell happened?" he asked, jumping out of the bed and running to me.

"She isn't telekinetic, Fox, She's evil. She's possessed," I cried.


"She told me that 'He' tells her stuff. She knew our real names. She knew about the baby, she warned me to protect the baby from 'Him.'" I was hysterical.

"If she's possessed, Dana, then she can be exorcised right?" he said holding me tight. I nodded into his shirt.

"We need a priest, we need a priest whose done this before," he said.

"I know who to call," I said.

My hand won't hold you down no more,
The path is clear to follow through
I stood too long in the way of the door
And now I'm giving up on you

The Next Morning

Scully called her priest and he referred her to another priest named Father Dimitruis. He was part of the Roman Catholic Church and he had performed many exorcisms before. Lily was locked away in her room. She didn't mind. She was very quiet, actually.

I went and checked on her. She sat on the floor in her room playing with her dolls, like always. She looked like her normal self.

"What did expect Spooky? Her head to do a 360?" my inner voice said.

Dana was really shaken up by her last night. When she ran into the room last night she was pale as a sheet and she was crying. She cried herself asleep in my arms.

"So you're some big evil," I said, standing in front of her.

"I suggest you leave before you get hurt." She warned, but I'm hard headed.
"I suggest you're presence leaves this girl or you'll get hurt," I said through gritted teeth.

Suddenly, she shook violently and then looked up at me with red demonic eyes. The door that was open before, slammed shut. With her telekinesis she lifted me up to the ceiling. All I could think was "Oh shit."

"You dare threaten me? Do you know who I am?" She yelled have child voice, half something else.

"No why don't you enlighten me?" I said, being a smart ass. Hey it's my nature.

"Why don't you have a look?" she said dropping me to the floor. I landed completely wrong on my shoulder I heard it and felt it dislocate.

While I was lying prone on the floor, she took the advantage over me and made me look into her demon eyes. I saw pain visualized in torment and horror and death, I felt lost and cold and alone. It was dark where she was. I went back to the dream. The dream of me becoming that *thing*, that alien, and I killed Dana and our unborn child brutally. This time, though, there was no going back to being human. There was no waking up because it was real.

I screamed and Dana unwittingly came to my rescue.

"Lily do you want some breakfast. I have blueberry pancakes," she said in the sweetest voice you could imagine.

The little kid in Lily came back, she let me go and I lied back on the floor in pain and in fear. Lily ran passed Dana, downstairs to the kitchen.

"Are you okay?" Dana said placing her hand on my chest.

"Well, ... she is possessed. She showed me hell. My hell at least." I breathed out. "She also dislocated my shoulder," I said.

"Father Dimitruis will be here by tonight," she said touching my shoulder, then placing her hand around my wrist. She popped my shoulder in the socket without missing a beat. I whimpered and she gave me an apologetic look. "I took the pregnancy test," she paused, "it was positive."

"I would smile, love, but I hurt," I said sitting up wincing. I kissed her briefly. "That's great news, Dana."

"I'm not so sure," Dana said, quietly. "Whatever it is that has possessed Lily, already told me it wants this child."

"Well, we won't let that happen. Technically this case is closed Dana. She did it. She killed her parents and foster families while possessed with an evil spirit. We can go home, now. Write the report and forget about this place," I said.

"No Fox, it isn't that easy. We just can't leave her here, we'd be endangering her life."

"Staying here, Dana, would be endangering the life you have inside you." I knew I spoke the truth.

"We'll leave after the priests finish with the exorcism, besides they might need help during it." She argued.

"Then I'll help them. You go back to DC," I said getting up.

"You're in no condition to--"

"Neither are you Dana, go back. I'll be fine. Please, if not for your sake, then do it for the baby's." She looked down at the floor, she touched her abdomen and then looked up at me.

"Okay. I don't like this, but I'll go. For the baby's sake." She kissed me and then walked out of the room.

Thank God. She's finally listening to me. She and our baby will be out of danger if she leaves. She knows it's too dangerous to be here. Yet I'm still here. Tonight's going to be very interesting.

I was so relieve when he told me to go. After last night, I was trying to contemplate ways to tell him that I didn't want to stay. A part of me did. The part that was Scully and Scully only. The part that was his steadfast partner. But the part that's carrying this brand new life was already out the door and half way home by now.

I really didn't need to do the test this morning. After that thing told me that I was, I knew for sure. Yet that little doubtful voice inside my head told me to take the test anyway. So I did. And faster than I could say G-man, it was positive. It was a miracle and I wasn't about to let some evil force take it away.

I sat in our bedroom and I began to pack. I didn't even bother to fold, I just was throwing my stuff inside the suitcase. Then I felt him watching me. I turned to him. He didn't look happy.

"So you're just going to leave? Just like that?" Fox said angrily. Something was wrong with him. The door slammed on its own behind him.

"You told me I could--" I began, but he grabbed my arm, painfully. I cried out.

"Seven years, Scully, and you'd just leave me alone. To face this thing by myself. What kind of person are you?" he yelled. He grabbed my face in his hands hard. "You're just a worthless whore."

"You're hurting me," I cried out and he pushed me on the bed. He back slapped me so hard my teeth rattled. He began to unbuckle my jeans and take them off. He ripped my shirt open. He was going to rape me, I realized. I fought him. I kneed him in the groin and bite his hand but nothing happened. Nothing stopped him. I screamed.

"Fox! Fox, NO!" He ripped my panties off. I began pushing at his shoulders and chest, as he bore down on top of me. He pushed himself between my legs and forcefully entered me.


I was just to the door when it forcefully slammed again.

I was locked in Lily's room. That's when I heard Dana scream. I tried breaking down the door but with this shoulder that was useless. I banged on the door, screaming her name as she screamed mine. God, what the fuck was happening? I have to get to her. I looked around for something to break the door down with, but there was nothing. I closed my eyes for a second and when I opened them I was 12, back in my old room and Sam was there. Then I was paralyzed by that damned light.

I cried and begged him to stop, but he just kept on. He was thrusting in me hard and fast. His eyes were cold and evil. He was hurting me not just physically, but emotionally. That's when I heard him from outside the room. He was crying for Sam.

"Sam! Sam! Come back!" he cried over and over again. I looked up at my assaulter, angrily.

"You're not real. And this isn't going to work!" Suddenly the Fake Fox disappeared from off of me and my bedroom door opened again. I limped outside towards Lily's room where I heard Fox screaming.

"Leave her alone, Take me!"

I banged on the door and screamed, praying that he'll here me. "Fox! It isn't real! It's Lily she's doing this. The evil is doing this!" I banged on the door.

I lost my sister again. It was a nightmare. I'm a failure, I thought. I lost Sam, then Dana, then myself. How am I supposed to help people when colonization begins? I can't even help myself. I couldn't even find my sister. I cried.

I was lying in a hapless ball, feeling sorry for myself. Feeling lonely. Then Dana was there, in the room with me. Standing above me.

"You think I wanted you as the father of my child? You're so wrong. I mean, look at you. You are the biggest loser I've ever seen. You're worthless. You should just take this gun and blow your fucking brains out." She handed me my gun.

"I love you." I sobbed. "I love you, Dana."

"I love you." I heard him cry pitifully on the other side of the door, "I love you, Dana."

"I love you too, Fox," I said. 'Whatever you're seeing in there, it's fake! Don't believe it!" I screamed. And continued to pound on the door.

"You love me?" Dana said with a laugh. "Poor Baby. I never could love you. You're pathetic and you ruined my life."

"I'm sorry," I cried.

"Sorry doesn't cut it!" she said placing the gun on my head. "Only way I'll ever be happy if you were out of my life, Fox. Pull the trigger or are you too much of a loser to do that? Too much of a failure maybe?"

"No," I cried tears blinded me.

"Pull the fucking trigger! NOW!" I felt my finger on the trigger. I was pulling it. I was pulling it for Dana. For our baby. Then her I heard her voice on the other side of the door.

"Dana?" I whispered, hoarsely.

"Fox! It's not real. It's fake. They're trying to tear us apart." She was screaming and crying. "Please! Listen to me."

I was on my knees in the hallways banging on the door, screaming, like a mad woman. A gun shot came from the other side of the door and I froze.

I was in shock. Please Fox, walk out of that door. Please, for the sake of our baby. Walk out that door.

He stumbled out of the room into my arms. We cried in the hallway for a long, long time.

No, not "baby" anymore- if I need you
I'll just use your simple name
Only kisses on the cheek for now on
And in a little while, we'll only have to wave

The situation didn't get any better after the incidents in the rooms. We locked Lily back into her room and kept ourselves downstairs. The evil presence was all around us now. The nice little oil paintings were flipped over or up side down. In the kitchen the utensils and pots were levitating. The refrigerator door wouldn't close. We couldn't get the front door open. I didn't want Dana here. Especially, after she told me what happened to her. How that damn demon, raped her using my image.

It was terrible. Dana huddled herself in a corner and rocked back and forth. I think this was just a little too much for her delicate sensibilities. Me, well, I got one of those snap shot cameras I purchased from the airport and I'm taking pictures.

"H-how can you take pictures at a time like this?" she asked.

"Point and click, Dana." I took a picture of her.

"Oh great. T-there's evil everywhere. We can't get out. And you're playing photographer," she said.

"Well, it's better than sitting in a corner being scared to death," I said clicking another picture of her. I never saw her look this vulnerable before.

"Are you getting off on me being scared? Is this fun for you?" she said. We were going to have an argument, in these circumstances it was inevitable.

"No, Dana. This isn't fun for me and what the hell kind of question is that anyway?"

"It's a valid question. For the first time in the seven years we've been together, you are seeing me fold," she mumbled.

"Look, just because you feel bad for folding don't put that on me," I said, defensively.

"See, you're enjoying seeing me cower in the corner while big, bad Fox goes and chases the demons away." She pouted. Dana was pouting. This was wrong.

"Dana....we've been through some heavy shit and I really don't think biting each other's head off is the best way to handle this situation. " I wiped my hands over my eyes. I looked at the mirror and Dana had no reflection. I turned back to her and she was there. Well, unless she's secretly a vampire this is just another mind trick.

"You don't love me." She whined. I continued to take pictures trying to remember how we originally got separated. I went to the bedroom and got the camera. When I came downstairs....wait I... maybe I never left the bedroom.


Fox went upstairs to get his cameras. I didn't want him to go, but we did need proof. But it's been an hour since he left me sitting on this couch. A part of me wanted to believe he was just upstairs taking pictures, another more stronger part knew he was in danger.

Be strong Dana. Go find your man. He's probably in trouble. It's Fox, he's more than likely in trouble.

I got up from the couch and slowly walked up the stairs.

"Fox?" I yelled.

"Yeah, I'm in the bedroom, which looks like the living room. And strangely, you're here sitting on the couch," he said and I smiled. Even in the weirdest of circumstances he still found his humor.

"I'm going to try to get you out," I said, pulling on the door knob.

"That's not going to work. I tried it already" he sighed, hopelessly.

Suddenly, Lily's bedroom door opened. I looked down the hall and there Lily stood holding an ax. Her eyes were glowing. Fox started banging on the door.

"Uh, Dana, I have to get out of here...now!" he yelled in fear. I heard him scream. What's happening in there.

"I'm really not in a good situation on this side either," I said as Lily came at me with the ax

This nasty disguising slimy thing, emerged out of fake Dana. It had it's claws around my neck and was squeezing. Breathing was becoming a chore.

I heard Dana scream and then saw and ax come through the door. Shit, I had to help her. I kicked the demon, in it's stomach and ran shoulder first into the door. It split in two. Just as went to stand up the ax blade was above me.

"Fox, look out!" I rolled to the side as it came crashing down.

"Run, Run." I called out getting to my feet and running down the hall, grabbing Dana's hand. We ran down the stairs and ended up right back where we started.

"What the hell is going on?" Dana said looking around for the ax wielding second grader. Then it suddenly all fit. We were still in the hall way huddled together. This was all in our minds.

"Wait Dana... Do you remember leaving the hallway?" I asked.

"Leaving the hallway? When?"

"After you helped stop me from eating my gun. Do you remember going downstairs?" I said. I knew I didn't remember actually walking downstairs. She looked at me wide eyed.

"We're still sitting in the hallway. This is all in our heads," she said.

All of the sudden we we're sitting on the floor, in each other's arms. Like before.

Dana broke away from me. "Is this real?" she asked.

"Yeah, I think," I said looking at my watch. It was going on 6:13 in the evening. "We've lost ten hours."

"Ten hours?" I said, shocked. When I had came upstairs to tell Lily breakfast was ready it was just turning 8:13 in the morning. Now it was six in the evening. How could she have had us running around in our own minds for so long.

I was exhausted. Mentally drained. Like when you go to sleep and have a nightmare, when you wake up your exhausted. Well, that's how we both felt. He stood up and helped me up.

"Lily is still downstairs," I whispered.

"Yeah that's why we need to go to her," he said.

"Why do we need to go to her?" I groaned as he pulled me down the stairs, I didn't want to be anywhere near her. I didn't want my baby anywhere near her.

"I don't think she's possessed," he said and I stopped in shock.

"After what we been through? All we have seen you don't think she's possessed?"

"No, and I know this is going to sound unbelievable, but I think she's dead. I think she's been dead for a long time. For some reason we're not seeing it, we can't. Just like the other parents. Just like the social workers."

"What draws you to this conclusion?" I said slipping easily into Scully mode like a pair of well worn shoes.

"Remember that Christmas I took you to that haunted house?" he said and I nodded. Of course I remembered, he shot me and I shot him back. How can I forget that? "The two ghost were trying to make us kill each other. This is similar."

"How? Lily has no wounds? The ghost we encountered had fatal wounds. Besides she told me "he" tells her things." Lily couldn't be dead.

"Wait, Follow me," he said, pulling me down the rest of the stairs. Lily was playing on the other side of the room with her dolls, as usual.

Fox went towards her. "Lily," he said and she looked up at him. "How did your real parents die?"

"Their car crashed," she said.

"Where were you?" he said and she hunched her shoulders.

"She was only three Fox, she doesn't remember," I said my heart was racing he kept walking towards her. "Fox stay back," I cried out.

"Shh, it's okay. She's not doing this. Her pain is. Just like you were when I was in her room and how I was when you were in ours. You see Dana, when I was reading the case file on the plane, I looked over a few things. Maybe, because we were having problems, but last night when you told me she was possessed and then what she said about our child."

"I went over the case file after you went to sleep. I read everything, the autopsy reports, the biological parents psychological evaluations, and even the biological parents past financial history. Her biological mother had just given birth only minutes before she was killed. Yet the baby was never found in the car or in the area. Area police believe that it was killed by wild animals or died from hypothermia. Which was a more favorable death than Lily's. Though Lily's death was never recorded, because the parents probably buried her somewhere on the highway. The same highway where they died," he said

"What? How did she die?" I looked at Lily and then walked over to his side

"God, Dana, you won't see how until you believe that she's dead..." He took a deep breath," Oh my God, Dana." His eyes went wide as saucers and then he turned away from me in horror.

"What?" I asked Fox and he shook his head he was pale as a sheet.

She's dead. I had to believe that she was dead. I took a deep breath and looked at her. Suddenly, the black curls of her hair melted away into ash, as did skin until her skeleton was partially revealed. Then things went black.

And I was brought back to that night five years ago...

"AHHHHHHHHHHH!" a black haired pregnant woman screamed in pain. She was having a baby, in her car, in the deserts outside of Vegas.

"Shut up! Damn woman you could wake the dead with al that hollerin.'" A tall slender man in his early thirties said. He had blond hair and green eyes. He was wearing a cowboy hat, a white T-shirt and a standard pair of blue boot cut Levi's.

"It's-it's time, Jerry!" she screamed.

"Damn it already?" he cursed for a while then he helped her deliver the baby.

"Well,..," she said after it was all over. "What is it?"

"It's a boy!" he said proudly.

"Jerry, don't get attached now. You-you know the plan now. We got to get rid of'em. You are in serious debt here," she said.

"But Lily, she should be enough right?" he said with genuine sadness in his voice.

"Only ten thousand," she said coldly.

"But they don't know about the boy, Mary."

"Nevermind that! It take money to raise a dang kid. You want him sucking up the two thousand dollars we can keep for ourselves."

"I still say it wasn't worth it. I mean....she was our daughter." He swallowed back tears.
"She was driving us crazy! Besides we don't need no damn kids. The only reason I did get pregnant was for this. To get your gambling drunken ass out of debt. Now go get 'er out of the trunk," she said, lighting a cigarette.

He placed the baby in her arms and she put it on the ground. Then he took Lily out of the trunk. She was bleeding from the head. He lied her on the ground.

"We'll we put the claim for the kidnap insurance. When the authorities don't find her in a month, or something like that, the money's ours. Now we gotta make sure nobody finds her. Reach in the trunk and give me that canister there." He passed her the canister and she opened it. "Kerosene. Here hold this," she said, giving him the cigarette and opening the kerosene. She poured it all over Lily's prone little body and then, with her cigarette she lit her on fire.

I closed my eyes trying to block out what I figured happened next, but it did no good. Lily woke. She began screaming in agony.

"My God, Mary! She's still alive!" Her father screamed.

"You said she was dead!" Finally after all that she did Mary was finally shaken, "Get in the car. Get in the car, Jerry!" she got in the driver's seat and they pulled away. The baby was left alone. Cold and hungry on the highway.

Everything came back to the present. I was in the living room of Kate and David Carter's house, with this dead deformed little girl playing not with a doll anymore, but with a dead baby. I backed away blinded with tears.

"How could this happen?" I cried. I knew how her death could happen. I've witness other atrocities in the last seven years that were just as bad. But how could she be in our living room. In the other foster parents living room. For the last five years.

Fox wrapped my arms around my shoulders and hugged me. "She and her brother can't find peace. Their deaths were too violent. Their souls are Poltergeists now. I bet they used the same tricks on their other fosters as they did with us. Trying to get us to hurt each other. Or trying to make us believe we're in a dire situation, when we're actually in each others arms in a hallway somewhere."

"Father Dimitrius, he'll be here soon. Maybe he can help. Maybe he can put their souls at ease."

"Let's hope so," Fox said, hugging me close.



I stood as far away from Lily as possible. Just looking at her was hard to do now. Now that all the deception was over. Now that we knew what she was. Dana paced the floor. She was a pathologist, but this was a little much. I was worried about her especially now that she was in her delicate condition.

"Sit down, Dana. He'll get here," I said softly. She sat down next to me.

"He should be here already!' she sighed, in frustration.

"He probably got a little turned around you know it's a very long winding road he has to take to get here." She slapped me. It hurt. I rubbed my cheek. "What the hell was that for?" I said, through gritted teeth, trying carefully not to raise my voice at her. Her hormones have been going whacko for the last two hours. So far we've been in exactly six fights. They all started out like this except, the last six times she didn't hit me.

"I was just making sure you were you and not another illusion." She kissed my cheek and then she scowled at me. "Why are you so calm?"

"Well, Dana, I'm a psychologist and I know the pointlessness in panicking, or pacing myself into the basement. It's not going to help us Dana. We just have to sit tight." She swung on me again and I caught her wrist. "And stop that would you? That hurts! I'm Fox William Mulder, your partner for seven years, your lover for nearly four months and the father of your unborn child ... not a damn illusion!" I accidentally yelled and then the water works started.

"I-I'm sorry it's just that *sniff* we've been through hell today! Literally!" she wept. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her temple.

"I'm sorry, Dana. I understand how this is really stressful for you. For the both of us," I whispered in her ear.

"For the three of us," she whispered and I touched her abdomen and smiled.

"For the three of us." I sighed.

The doorbell rang and faster the you could say "evil Be gone!" Lily vanished from the living room, and the front door opened on it's own.

Standing in the door frame was Father Dimitrius. He was wearing full exorcism robe and carrying a bible. He was accompanied by a small man with red hair he was carrying a black briefcase. Dana crawled quickly off of my lap, which she snuggled so nicely into before, and went over to the priest.

"Father Dimitrius, I'm Dana Scully," she said and he nodded.

"Father Laggan told me about you and your situation. He also told me that this isn't your child and that you and--I suppose--that man sitting there with his mouth agape are FBI Agents on a...murder case," he said.

I closed my mouth. I admit I was in awe of him. I was ready for him to start tossing holy water around and screaming, "The power of Christ compels you!"

I stood up and shook his hand. "My name is Fox Mulder. My partner, Scully and I, were investigating the mysterious murders surrounding this child. I had my suspicions that she was somehow committing these murders using paranormal methods. My suspicions were proven true when she tried these murderous tactics on us," I said in my best G-man voice

"That's when I called father Laggan," Dana said, "And he contacted you, but during the time that we were waiting for you to arrive we uncovered a truth about this little girl. We figured out that she wasn't possessed by the devil, Father. She's a very powerful poltergeist. She showed me her death. It-it was very disturbing." Dana looked at the ground I knew the things she must have seen in that vision must've been very distressing. I mean just looking at the corpse of the child playing with the corpse of her baby brother. Well, just that did me in.

"So you need me to put her soul at rest?" the priest said, touching his chin.

"Yes." Dana and I said consecutively.

"She was brutally taken off of this Earth she should be allowed to go to the next," Dana whispered touching her golden cross.

The priest nodded. Next thing I knew I was on my knees next to Dana and we were praying. I was praying wow! Now that's amazing.

I fondly watched Mulder pray for Lily and her nameless little brother. He was so sweet and cute kneeling there besides me with his eyes closed and his palms tightly together. I found this kinda of ironic. A self proclaimed atheist praying for the soul of a little girl.

Fox had a good heart. A heart I was proud to help pass on to a new life. I hadn't let the immensity of my pregnancy hit so thoroughly until I was there on my knees praying for Lily. I could almost feel the life inside of me. The pure soul that had yet to be born. The perfect combination of Fox and I nestled inside me. The father placed his hand on my head. I had known I was crying until I looked up at him and large bucket tears escaped my eyes.

It took an hour. A whole hour of prayer, for lily soul to be free. A light engulfed the room large and bright Fox smiled as we watched to blue light escape into the brightness and when the light was all gone, I could have sworn I heard a little voice say, "Thank You" in my ear. I cried and Fox held me.

I sighed in utter relief when I watched the lights disappear into the larger bright lights. They were free. They deserved it. They had died so horribly alone, so void of love, it was heartbreaking. Dana collapsed in tears and I held her, when her tears stopped she looked up at me with red eyes and flushed cheeks.

"It's over," she said, and I nodded.

I never in my life felt God so closely before. Maybe I should find some religion, I thought.


9:00AM, Monday
Back in DC

We had spent the rest of last week and weekend getting some well need R and R. Which in Fox's terms is staying in my apartment eating tons of junk food and watching bad "B" movies in the morning in to the early evening. And then spending, from the early evening in to the next morning making loving until the next day. Which I had no complaints.

I went to my Ob\Gyn and I was, in fact, pregnant. She was completely shocked and called it all an unbelievable turn of events. I got pictures to from the sonogram I made her perform. I knew there was a chances the baby was too small to be registered by the equipment, but I just had to see, had to make sure and not to my surprised there it was. I couldn't believe in just a few months we'd be able to tell if it was a boy or girl. This was so amazing. I was even having symptoms morning sickness, breast tenderness, and cravings for chocolate fudge covered cheesecake with canned tuna. Gross, yes I know, but hey I get away with it I'm pregnant. I can't believe I can say that now.

And guess what. ON my left ring finger is the most beautiful, gorgeous, 1 carat platinum and diamond ring. He was so cute when he proposed. It was after we watched "EDTV". He told me he was going out to get some more junk food. I knew something was up with him when he didn't take his wallet. When he came back he had a whole bunch of red and yellow tulips (one of my favorite flowers) and a ring box.

He slowly sank on one knee, "I'm old!" he joked, when my eyebrow went up.

"Dana Katherine Scully," he began, but I couldn't wait.

"Yes," I said.

"Well, okay, but I made it down here and I don't know when I'll be able to get up again so can you just listen to the speech I've prepared." He laughed and I nodded.

"Dana, we've been best friends for years. You've been there for me so many times I've lost count and these last four months have been the most happiest times of my life. I want more happy times, with you. I want to spend my every waking hour in your presence, because in my heart I know if I don't, I won't survive. I want you forever as my partner, in work and in my life." I was teary eyed and completely taken aback." He opened the box and I went completely doe eyed. "Forever Dana," he said and I fell into his arms kissing and hugging him to me. He took my left hand and slipped the ring on my finger, I wasn't surprised that it fit perfectly.

We fit perfectly.

"I gotta call, Mom!" I said and ran to the phone. Not before helping My "old" fiancee up from off his knee.

Skinner's office

This morning we returned to work and not only did we have to explain the huge expense report, but we had to tell Skinner the news. The news that could tear us apart professionally. My back was up. If I sat any straighter I that chair in his office I was surely going to break my spine. I was a nervous wreck. I had been on my third cup of coffee when we first got to work, now I was on my fifth.

We sat under Skinner scrutinizing glared for five whole long minutes. He said nothing. He just looked at Dana, then at me, then back at Dana. Then he sat back in his chair and smiled. It was frightening. Mr. Always-A-Hard-Ass was sitting in front of us with a grin as wide as the Cheshire Cat from "Alice in Wonderland".

"So," he began, "how long has this been going on?" he said gesturing to us.

"Um, for the last three months," Dana said.

"We're in love and we refuse to be separated. If we are, then we'll both quit," I said and I took her hand.

"Well, it looks like Director Cates lost all her money," he sighed dramatically. "There was a wagering on the board of directors on how long it'll take for you two, to finally crack. Cates was quite sure you'd both give up on each other and separate, but I know my pain-in-the-ass agents." He chuckled.

"Please stop that sir your upsetting, Mulder," Dana said and I nodded.

"Well, I have no attention of splitting you two up...for now," he added ominously, "but if your work slips because you two are too busy boinking each others brains out I'll have no choice, but to have your partnership reviewed by the board."he stated matter of factly.

"We shall keep the boinking to a minimum sir," I said.

"There's one other thing," Dana said. "I'm expecting a child sir," she said very lowly and Skinner smiled.

"Well, that's-that's wonderful. I thought you couldn't-" he stammered

"We did too sir," she said.

"Congratulations to you both," he said. Walking from behind his desk and shaking Fox's hand.

"And we're getting married," Dana said, holding out her ring. I nodded with pride. It was weird, like I needed Walter Skinner's approval.

"I'm I invited to the festivities," he said.

"As soon as we work everything out, sir, your invitation will be on your desk." I assured him. he smiled and then took along look at us like he was taking a mental picture then he walked back around his desk and sat down. He straightened his glasses and opened up our expense report.

"Now on to these ridiculous expenses!" he yelled and we both sank down into our seats.


Title: When the Pawn Series, part 6: Paper Bag
Author: Nialani
Written: December 1999
Feedback: Pretty please with a cherry on top? ( No, I ain't too proud to beg!)
Classification: MSR, Scully/Mulder Angst
Rating: Pg-13 now, NC-17, next chapter.
Spoilers: References to Sein Und Zeit (An episode that has yet to be aired)
Archive:Tell me where and keep my name on it, please.
Disclaimer: Chris they're yours, Don't sue! Lyrics by Fiona Apple "Paper Bag" On her New Album: "When The Pawn"

Summary: Uh this is a lighter happier part. This is my little X-mas story! Fox and Dana spend their Christmas vacation time at Maggie's with the rest of the Scully brood including, one irate older brother.


I was staring at the sky, just looking for a star
To pray on, or wish on, or something like that
I was having a sweet fix of a daydream of a boy
Whose reality I knew, was a hopeless to be had
But then the dove of hope began it's downward slope
And I believed for a moment that my chances
Were approaching to be grabbed
But as it came down near, so did a weary tear
-I thought it was a bird but it was just a paper bag

December 20
Margaret Scully's home

Well, when Dana turned to me in bed two nights ago and asked me if I wanted to spend Christmas with her at her mother's house I could've said one of two things. I really did have a choice. I'm mean here she was in my arms, in all her naked glory. Her little red head was lying on my chest, one of her tiny little hands was idly playing with my sparse chest hairs and she was looking up at me, innocently, with those big blue eyes. Big, blue, hopeful, loving eyes. Oh shit, who the hell am I kidding? I had no choice, but to say:

"Sure I would love to spend Christmas at your mother's house." With both your brothers, your sisters-in-law and your Mom who hasn't stopped bugging us about setting a wedding date. Which is my fault. Every time Dana broached the subject I'd find something else to do or talk about. Not that proposing to her was a mistake. I want to marry her. I just didn't know when.

So here we are. Staying here for the week, to my surprise, because Dana wanted to help her Mom with the decorating and cooking and such. I didn't mind. Nope not at all. Until I found out Fat boy had arrived the night before.

He was a pain in the ass when we first walked into the door. Obviously Maggie told him about our engagement and the baby probably trying to get him to deal before we got there, but to no avail. So here I was lugging four bags of clothes and presents in to the house. And before I cold drop the bag on the floor, the fighting begins between Dana and Billy Boy. Take a wild guess who started it.

"What the hell have you've done Dana?" he yelled at her as soon as she walked in the door. She hugged and kissed her mother, "Hello."

"I've taken control of my life and I'm having fun for the first time in years. That's what I've done," she said simply.

"You've ruined your life over him?" he said rudely pointing his finger in my face and I swear if I wasn't carrying all this luggage on my back like a packed mule, I would have probably took offense, but right then I couldn't breath and my back was killing me.

"I don't believe getting married and having a child is ruining my life. It's enhancing it, Bill." She countered. Maggie must've saw me turning blue. She took a duffel bag from around my neck and I thanked her.

"Bless you." I breathed out. Maggie smiled

"Hey, Big Sis!" A tall young dark haired man appeared out of the living room, I suppose that was her little brother, Charlie. Dana ran into his arms and hugged him.

"Hey you! How are you?" she asked. He kissed her cheek and helped me with the other bags.

"I'm fine," he said and I couldn't help, but laugh a little. Dana elbowed me. "How are you? He said, looking at her still flat tummy.

"Very, very hungry!" she said and he laughed.

"Well, I have some finger foods in the living room laid out for all of you." Maggie said. They all walked away into the living room. Leaving Bill and I alone in the front, together.

"I don't like you," he said.

No shit Sherlock, "Really? I'm crushed," I said walking away he stood in front of me blocking my way.

"You will be." He pushed me and I snapped. That was it. I wasn't taking his shit anymore. I gave him my best right hook and he went down. The whole entire family ran out of the living room when they heard the loud *thud* of Bill's body hitting the wood panel floor.

"He started it," I mumbled under my breath when they all stared disapprovingly at me, as I tried to shake away the burning, stinging pain in my hand.

Then I heard it. The sound that I'd give my life's blood to hear. Dana was laughing. Very, very loudly.

Okay, my fiancee just punched out my older brother. I'm not going to laugh. I'm not. Wait ... why are they suddenly looking at me? Oops.

"This isn't funny!" Tara said, she went to the floor and cradled her prone husband's head in her lap. Suddenly, Maggie started laughing. "Mom!" Tara cried.

"I'm sorry...he's just had that coming for so long..." Maggie snorted and then Charlie began to chuckle.

"Well, Tara, he is kind of a bully," Charlie said and then the room got quite and then we all began to laugh even louder than before.

Bill woke up to our laughing. He pushed away from his wife and stormed out of the room not before giving everyone a thorough glare. We all watched him leave.

"You shouldn't have hit him," Tara yelled at Fox.

"Back off Tara. Bill deserved what he got!" I said.

"Oh, your such a great sister!" She stomped out of the room and I rolled my eyes.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have hit him," Fox said, I took his hands and looked at his knuckles. The ones on his right hand were bruised and swollen.

"No, you shouldn't have, but I know it was provoked, so you're forgiven," I said, leading him down the hall to the kitchen. "We need to put ice on this." I told him. I made him sit down on a stool at the kitchen island. I got a bunch of ice and a bowl. I stuck his hand in it and placed the crushed ice on top.

"We need to talk," I said and he gave me his panic face. I really did need to learn how to start a serious conversation without using those words. "I want a *date*, Fox."

"Hey, well when you finish helping your, Mom, we can go out." He lamely joked.

"You know what I'm talking about, Fox!" I said, he was really starting to work my nerves, "Damn it Fox! I'm having a baby. I'm catholic and I want this baby brought into this world right. Preferably while I'm pregnant and not while I'm in labor."

"I-I..um..." he stuttered.

"What's wrong? Why are you procrastinating all of the sudden?" Maybe he didn't get want to get married. Maybe he didn't love me like he said. I suddenly felt a wave of tears coming. Damn these mood swings.
"It's not you. I just, I want to marry you. I just am nervous," he mumbled.

"Nervous about what?" I asked, he was confusing me like all men do.

"I don't know. Maybe, that you'll change your mind," he muttered so low that I could barely hear him.

My tears vanished, and were replaced just as quickly with anger and aggravation and sympathy, "I would never ever change my mind," I said running my hands through his scruffy hair. "Never ever."

"I hope not cause I'd be lost without you," he said and I smiled.

"I love you," I whispered

"February 3rd?" he whispered pulling me int his lap with his free hand.

"Why not the 14th?"

"Too cliche," he groaned and I laughed.

Finally we have a date. Now I just have to together a wedding in a two months. I hope I'm not really huge by then. I thought as he massaged my abdomen. I kissed his forehead. Yeah February 14, would have been ... much.

Well, the rest of the day wasn't that bad. Fat boy was still missing, so I got to do the stuff he couldn't since he was off sulking somewhere. I helped Charlie bring the Christmas tree in and set it up in it's stand. I brought the decorations up from the basement and the ladies started decorating the inside of the house. Charlie and I checked the outdoor lights and then we began to decorate the outside of the house.

"Mom always waits until the last minute, to put up her Christmas decorations," he informed me while we decorated the front of the house with white and blue lights. "Dad liked to put up the lights," he said fondly." Sometimes he didn't get home until three days before Christmas and she wouldn't bring a single decoration in the house until he was there." He smiled, "I'm rambling." He laughed.

"No, it's good memories, I like to hear about your family. Dana has told me a lot," I said. I didn't have such wonderful memories about my own family, so it was nice to hear Dana, or even, Charlie talk fondly about their family.

"What about yours?" he asked me the million dollar question. Then I suddenly remembered, Mom. When I was young she'd make little cookies, and while they were cooling in the kitchen, Samantha and I stole them at every chance. I told that to Charlie and he smiled. That was my one and only good holiday memory of my family. One of the few good memories of Mom, I realized sadly.

We got all the Christmas lights up and Charlie informed me that when it got dark we'd all go outside and have the lighting of the house ceremony, but first they had to find Bill. I was glad Charlie was nothing like Bill. At least, I have one brother as an ally and he was a Knicks fan.

We went into the house and Maggie had some hot cocoa waiting for us. I looked around the house, it looked like it was straight out of a hallmark card. I went into the living room and Dana was sleeping on the couch. Being pregnant, though she'd lie and tell you she was fine, was trying on her. I put my cocoa down on the table and kissed her forehead.

"Put the lights up?" she asked, sleepily, not even bothering to open her eyes. "Come here." She yawned making room on the couch for me. "I'm cold," she said.

"You want me to turn up the heat?" I asked and she shook her head no.

"Mom's having hot flashes," she mumbled. I slunk down besides her and wrapped my arms around her waist. She enlaced her fingers in mine and placed our hands on her stomach. And before I could tell her what a good time I had with her brother she was asleep, again. I kissed her neck. I yawned. It had been a long morning. I pulled her closer, closed my eyes, and fell asleep.

Hunger Hurts and I want to eat so bad, oh it kills
Cuz I know I'm a mess he don't wanna clean up
I got to fold cuz these hands are too shaky to hold
Hunger hurts, but starving works,
When it cost too much love
And I went crazy again today,
Looking for a strand to climb
Looking for a little hope

Maggie Scully's Living Room

I woke in a cocoon of warmth. I felt Mulder's warm rhythmic breaths on the back of my neck, indicating that he was fast asleep. Our hands were still entwined. I smiled too myself. I was unbelievably content. I had my Fox and a baby growing inside me. I was going to have a wonderful wedding and a family I never thought I'd ever have. I was so blessed, and I knew Fox felt the same way. Just having these moments together like this, like now, washed away all the former heartache we've endured these last seven years.

I turned around to face him. He was so beautiful. I ran my fingers through his hair and down his cheek. My thumb rubbed his bottom lip and I kissed him softly. His eyes crept opened and his hand touched my cheek softly.

"What was that for?" he mumbled, sleepily, with a smile on his face.

"I just realized how happy I am," I said, honestly.

He smiled and kissed me passionately. "You're just now realizing this? I've been ecstatic since we first made love" he chuckled.

"Yeah, but I just realized how complete you and the baby made me feel." I sighed with a smile.

"I've always said you complete me. It's glad to know I complete you too. I love you. I never get tired of saying that," he said rubbing my lower back with his fingers.

"Making up for lost time," I groaned his massages were the best. "I love you too."

"Ahem." Bill stood in front of the couch. I didn't know how long he had been there, but he didn't look happy. Actually, he looked as if he had been drinking and he had a nice sized bruise on his face.

"Mom wants you in the kitchen, Dana, alone," he said.

I stretched in Fox's arms careful not the accidentally bop him in the head with my elbows. I kissed him briefly, "I'll be back," I promised.

Then I stood up giving Bill a warning look, I left the room.

I wonder what Mom wanted?

Bill sat down on the easy chair across the room and he flipped on the TV. I felt bad for hitting him even though he was a pain-in-the-ass. Some deep sadistic part of my psyche really wanted to be friends with this guy. Yup definitely sadistic. Well, he was going to be my brother-in-law whether he liked it or not. I guess I could extend the hand of friendship.

I sat upright on the couch and ran my fingers through my hair."Uh, Bill, I'm sorry for earlier," I said.

"Forget about it..," he said.

"I really want us to call it truce okay," I said.

"Look Mulder, I heard that whole sappy exchange between you and my sister. So, you make her happy. You're not getting any awards from me and since I can't talk any sense into Dana's thick skull then I guess I have to deal with you." He finished and I nodded in comprehension. Dana has a thick skull? She's not the only one.

"Well, I just want to be civil with you, Bill. I'm not marrying you, I'm marrying Dana. And I think that it's time for us to stop bickering and fighting. It's not healthy for Dana and it won't be healthy for our child." I took a deep breath, "Look, I didn't grow up with a whole lot of extended family and I don't want that for my children. I want them to know their cousins, aunts, and uncles, but I can't have that if you and I are at each other throats. I won't let my kid be witness to a repeat of what happened this morning. So, tell me now if you and I can't be decent to each other," I said very diplomatically.

"Sure, but don't think we're going to be best buds," he grumbled, flipping through the TV channels.

I smiled, "That hasn't even crossed my mind."

He found a Broncos game and we sat back and watched them play.

I was on cloud nine. I suppose it's the hormones, but I feel like I'm floating. If Tara, or Maria would have said I was glowing, I'd believe them.

"You called for me, Mom?" I said, walking into the kitchen with a huge smile on my face. Maria and Tara smiled back at me and they quietly exited the room.

"Yes, Dana," Mom said in this imperial tone, "have a seat." I sat at the kitchen island where she was frosting cupcakes. I felt like I did when I was thirteen years old and she found out that I had snuck out with Melissa to the drive in so I could make out with my crush.

"What did I do?" I whined girlishly.

"You're pregnant and unmarried. It's what you didn't do," she said. I was expecting this conversation a couple of weeks ago when I first told her I was pregnant. Mom was a devout Catholic, and I was her only daughter now. And I was having a somewhat shotgun wedding, but I'm thirty-seven years old. I do believe this is my life, here, not hers. Wait. Don't get defensive, Dana, control them hormones.

I took a deep breath, "Mom," I said reaching for a finished cupcakes, but she slapped my hands. "I'm a grown woman. Fox and I love each other and we decided to express that love before marriage. And besides Fox and I have been together for seven long frustrating years. Our souls are already married and that's what should count."

"Yes, but Dana--" she stammered and I continued.

"I know this is not what you've expected of me. But I have to make my own life choices. You don't need to worry about your grandchild being born out of wedlock. I've talked to Fox and we both don't want that for our child."

"Dana--" I placed my hands over hers and she quieted again.

"I'm the happiest I've ever been in my whole life, Mom, and--"

"Dana!" she grabbed me and hugged me. She kissed my head and laughed, "I don't know how I must have sounded to you when you first came in here, but I'm not the least upset that you're pregnant or that you're just now getting married to Fox. You're all grown up now, and I know I've raised you right. I also know you wouldn't be in this situation if you really and truly didn't love him. A lot of dark things have happened to you and I'm glad that now a little light has finally shone in, because it has been long overdue... for the both of you."

I was close to tears, "Then-then why?--"

"I was eavesdropping on you and Fox earlier and well...February 3rd?" she said with a smile.

"Yes," I said, it had been all long time since I've seen, Mom, that happy.

"What kind of colors where you thinking of for the wedding party?" she asked handing me a cupcake, which sparked along long conversation about the wedding.


It was six o'clock and I needed my Dana fix. I guessed she was still in the kitchen. I came into the kitchen and she sat across from her mother cutting out cookies, laughing about something. It was so great to see her laugh. I stood by the door frame and just watched for a moment until her mother winked at me. I blushed and Dana turned around.

"C'mere, help us cut out some cookies," Dana said, eating some cookie dough right out of the package.

"Sure," I said pulling up a chair.

"Well, if you two have that."Maggie said wiping her hand on a towel. "I'm going into the dining room to set the table. Dinner should be ready soon." Grabbing the utensils and plates she left us alone.

Dana handed me a snowman shaped cookie cutter and showed me how to use it.

"First," she said placing her hand on mine," you place the cookie cutter on the dough like this." She smiled, "then you push it in ... like this. Then you give it a little wiggle."

"Oh Dana," I moaned, jokingly, and she laughed.

"And then, you lift it up and it should be in the cookie cutter," she said lifting it up, turning it to me so I could see. "Then you take the cookie cutter and gently tap it on the baking sheet. It should come out." And not to my surprise it did. "Now you do one."

"I thought I just did," I said giving her my best puppy dog look.

"Nope, do one alone," she said rubbing my hand. It didn't hurt, but I still had the bruises on it. "We're in separate rooms you know." She sighed. I could here the wanting in her voice.

"Yeah, well, I kinda figured that," I said, as I started cookie cutting. She smiled as she watched me complete my task.

"You're going to be in Charlie's old room. I'm going to be in my old room. Maria and Charlie are going to be in Bill's old room and Bill and Tara are going to be in guest room with the baby downstairs," she said.

"Okay so how far am I from," I cleared my throat, "said destination."

"Oh, about twenty-six feet," she whispered in my ear.

"Well, how about at say midnight we--" Suddenly, Bill walked in and I, quickly, shut up. He grabbed a beer from the fridge and left.

"Midnight?" Dana said.

"Midnight," I promised and she kissed me.


Six minutes too midnight and my body was throbbing with anticipation.

Dinner came and went quickly. We all had a good conversation about old times. Fox even added a few stories of his own. After dinner we all sat in the living room and continued talking. It was wonderful. Bill even began warming up to Fox, much to my surprise.

But now, now it was our time. I was a little upset when Mom told me the sleeping arrangements, Fox and I were getting married, I was pregnant with this man's child I should be able to sleep with him, but it's her house. I wasn't going to argue.

"Mmm Charlie." I heard Maria moan through the thin walls. I have to remember that when we make love tonight. We can't be as vocal as we usually are, but it'll be good nevertheless. I heard a manly groan on the other size of the walls and then, I heard a female voice say "Shh" and then laugh. I laughed. I don't feel as guilty now since Fox and I aren't the only ones.

The clock stroked midnight. The lights were off. I was lying on my bed, naked as a jaybird. The door of my room was unlocked and Fox's tall figure stalked into my room and gently close the door. I heard him gasp slightly at the sight of my nude body and I saw his hardness begin to tent his drawstring pajama pants.

He came towards me and began stripping. He took off his shirt. I got off of the bed and I slid down his pants leaving him naked before me. Only sound in the room was that of our heavy breathing. I kissed his exposed chest and licked his nipples. He choked back a groan trying to keep quite. He grabbed my breast and squeezed them pinching my nipples I gasped and smiled kneeling down in front of him.

"Dana," he whispered a plea to stop. He grabbed my shoulders trying to pull me up.

"Shh," I said and he whimpered. I licked the head of his cock and he shuddered, biting his bottom lip. I licked him from base to tip until he was sweating. I took him in my mouth and sucked. I always knew when he had, had enough. He'd get this wild look in his eyes, it wasn't quite there yet, I mused. I took my hand and stroked him as I sucked him. He began to make these low noises in the back of his throat. He suddenly grabbed my head and reared back from me. I looked into his eyes and there it was. That look. The look that made me drip.

He pulled me up from the floor and laid me on the bed. He kissed me hard on the mouth and then traveled lower down my neck to my breast, where he suckled. I choked back my own groan and arched into him. One of his thighs was right between my legs I began rubbing myself on him, leaving a trail of wetness on his thigh, he smiled.

"Can't wait can you?" he whispered in my ear. He kissed his way down my torso stopping to place a gentle kiss on my abdomen where the baby was. That had been his ritual ever since he found out I was pregnant. He nipped the top of my cunt and I almost cried out loudly. I ran my fingers through his hair as he thrusted one long finger inside me. He pulled me to the edge of the bed and placed my feet on his shoulders. He pulled the finger he had inside me out and placed it on my lips.

"Suck," he whispered. I didn't think I could be more aroused than that moment. I sucked his finger, sucking my juices off as he parted my lips and began to suck on my clit. Now I knew why he wanted me to suck his finger it was to keep me from screaming my head off in ecstasy. It didn't take long for me to come. He nibbled and licked and sucked and that was it. I was flying and see stars and my hips were shaking.

He didn't wait for me to come back down from my last orgasmic rush before he lifted us both up to the center of the bed and entered me. His tongue replaced his finger as he began to thrust hard with in me, making me gasp and whimper underneath him.

Jesus, this feeling was so, so good.

I felt the pleasure quake again. I placed my hands on his chest as it snapped and exploded. I groaned into his mouth when I came again. He kissed my neck and cheek and then my mouth, but he still wasn't done.

I lied back and watched him. He looked into my eyes, his forehead dropped to mine and I knew he was close. He slowed his thrust a bit. He wanted to make this last. He was going so slow and hard I bit my lip from moaning his name. Then I was overwhelmed by it all, feelings came and hit me even stronger than before. I felt myself beginning to orgasm again and I got scared. This felt different, too different, too good, too intense. I grabbed his neck.

"Fox," I whimpered. He heard the fear in my voice and kissed me.

"Let it happen," he whispered.

"I-I can't!" I said trying to fight this place he was taking me with every thrust of his hips. Then it happened. It spread out from the center of my being to top of my head, down to the tips of my toes. Every nerve ending was alive, it brought tear of joy and satisfaction to my eyes. I through my head back and he kissed me swallowing my loud cry.

I barely registered that he had came and he was lying, spent, on top of me. Kissing me gently, holding me close.

"You're crying," he said, in a quiet whisper, wiping my tears.

"That was...indescribable," I whispered as he moved off of me. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed my shoulder and neck.

"Yes, it was." He smiled.

"I love you," I said, sleepily.

"I love you too. Always." He yawned.


Later on, before dawn. I opened my eyes and he kissed me and touched my stomach.

"Shh, Go back to sleep," he whispered. And I nodded.

The last thing I saw before I went to sleep was his smiling face. I had good dreams.

Baby said he couldn't stay, wouldn't put his lips to mine,
And a fail to kiss is a fail to cope

Maggie Scully's house
December 21

I woke up in my own bed dressed in only my drawstring pants. I hope I didn't leave my shirt in her room. With the way Maggie cleans she was bound to find it if I did. I slowly got out of bed and stretched. I went to the bathroom and took a shower. I checked the clock...9:30. There was a fifty percent chance that my little red headed angel was still asleep. I threw on a pair of jeans and a clean white T-shirt and went to check up on my Dana. I opened her bedroom door and all I found was a spotless room and an empty bed. I sighed. Oh well, I'll try downstairs.

I went downstairs and the smell of blueberries assaulted my senses. I went in the kitchen and Maggie was cooking blueberry pancakes. She turned to me and handed me a plate of pancakes.

"If you're looking for Dana, she's at the mall with Maria and Tara," she said, then she smiled. "Oh and your shirt is in the wash." My eyes went wide and I blushed.

"I'm sorry we--um, we-" I stuttered trying to find an excuse. She smirked at me and gave me the infamous Scully eyebrow.

"You don't have to explain. I'll just act like it never happened, as usual, you two aren't the only engaged couple that snuck around in the night, you know. At least, you didn't forget your underwear or to pick up the condom wrapper, the list goes on..." She handed me the syrup. I sat down at the kitchen island and began eating the delicious pancakes. "Orange juice?"
"Please?" I said, with my mouth full. I love my Mom, but she could never make food this tasty.

"So..." she began, "What did you get Dana for Christmas?" she said and I smiled. So, this is Dana's plan. She was trying to get me to tell what her present was since before we came here, but I wasn't going to tell her yet. I wanted it to be a complete surprise. And boy was she going to be shocked. Now, all I had to do is shake of my future mother-in-law.

"Oh just a little this, a little that," I said. She nodded.

"A little what?" she asked.

"A little something," I said, I could see her frustration with me.

"A little something of what?"

"Look, Maggie...Mom, I want it to be a surprise. So tell your lovely daughter to quit trying to squeeze me for info." I finished my pancakes, downed my orange juice and stood up. I kissed Maggie on the cheek. "That goes for you too."

She laughed," Sometimes, I forget your a Federal Agent," she said hugging me.

Bill walked in...then he walked out.

"He still doesn't like me."

"He doesn't like anyone around us women." Maggie sighed, "Charlie's in the back he was looking for you earlier."

"Earlier? What time do you all get up?" I asked.

"Well, the girl were up at six and they left at seven. That's when the malls open up. Charlie and I woke up around 8:00. Bill just got up."

"Well, at least I'm not the late one," I said, she laughed. "I'm going to see what Charlie's up to. Talk to you later, Mom," I said leaving the kitchen.

"Okay sweetie."

The Mall

"I'm not going to get that fat am I?" I said looking in the window of a maternity store. There was a big purple tent like dress and I wasn't looking forward to being that big.

"Dana, during this pregnancy your ass will spread to cosmic proportions." Tara said pushing Matthew who sat happily in his stroller playing with a little teddy bear.

"Charlie and I decided to wait, but things don't always go as planned." Maria exclaimed, I looked her up and down. God, I remember when my breast where that perky and my ass was that tight. When guys referred to it as 'Grade 'A'. Not that it's all gone to hell now, but my body now is a far cry from when I was twenty.

"Are you pregnant, Maria?" Tara asked and my eyes grew wide. I stared at Charlie's wife with a huge smile.

"Yeah," she said, smiling.

"How long?"

"Does Charlie know?" Tara and I asked at the same time.

"Not yet. I thought that it would make a neat Christmas present. I'm only about four weeks," she said and we hugged her.

"This is great," I said.

"Yeah and here I thought Matty was going to be an only cousin on this side of the family for a while."

I looked back at the huge purple dress again, "Am I fat?" I asked and Tara laughed.

"Oy!" she said, hugging me," 'Horrormones'" she said, turning to Maria."They are going to drive you to murder over the next few months. And no, love, you're not fat, your pregnant."

I hope she was right cause at that moment I felt as if I could fit into that big ass dress and then some. God, I was visualizing myself in that thing holding two of Fox's kids and very pregnant with a third. I didn't mind, but it was a scary thought. Especially, since for the last couple of years I've been enjoying single life. Let me correct that. My single professional life. I had no single life before Fox.

"So ... do you know what he's getting you?' Maria asked as we walked the mall.

"Not really. He's been very secretive lately," I said. I've been trying like crazy to get him to talk, but nooo he was being stubborn saying:

"It's a surprise Dana, that means you find out about it Christmas. No sooner, no later."

So I've been patient. I've been trying to get Walter to scream and bagger it out of him, but that never worked. This morning, I asked Mom. I hope she had better luck. No man can resist her cooking and her sweet charm.

"It's something big." Maria said, "Charlie was secretive right before he asked me to marry him. I mean for weeks before he asked me. I thought he was cheating on me."

"Well, he's already asked me to marry him. So, that's not it. I wonder what it is, though. I mean if it was something really big I think he'd tell me," I said, we learned not to keep secrets from each other. It was a rule in our relationship. Not to keep big secrets.

"Not if he wants it to be a surprise." Tara said. "Want a pretzel?" she said stopping at an Aunt Anne's pretzel stand.

"Sure," I said.

I'll definitely find out what it is when we get home, even if I have to shoot him....again.

The Park

I was at the park down the street from Maggie's house. I was on the basketball court playing one-on-one with Charlie. Prove to him us old guys can still whoop the young bloods asses when necessary. I made the final shot "Game point," I said, "Take this as a learning experience."

"Yeah, yeah." Charlie huffed as the ball went swish into the hoop.

"No more tough talk now huh? Yeah whose the old bastard now," I said putting him in a head lock. We wrestled for a while. He was the little brother I never had. And for some odd reason I felt that I was the older brother Charlie never had.

We sat on the ground and opened up our bottles of water we brought. I remember when I was twenty-six. Yup, young and cocky. Now, I'm old and cocky. Oh well.

"So you ready to be a father?" Charlie asked me, throwing me a towel.

"Honestly," I began, I wiped my face and laid the towel on my head, "Not in the least, but I tell you one thing, I wouldn't trade it in for anything else."

"Well, I'm going be a father and I just wanted to know if I was the only one that feels way over their head," he said and I turned to him.

"Are you serious?" I asked smiling.

"She hasn't told me yet, but well, you see her doctor called and unwittingly gave me the news," he said shyly smiling.

I shook his hand and hugged him, "Congrats."

"Thanks. It wasn't planned, but I wouldn't change it for the world either," he said.

"Well, we both are very lucky," I said and I knew for Dana and I it was a big understatement. My cell phone rang. I picked it up. I walked away from Charlie and answered it.

"Mulder. Yes. Yeah . It's ready. Yellow. Tell me it's yellow. *Sigh* Well is the rest is done? Good, Good. Um just send them to the Maryland address I gave you. No, not that one, the other one. You made a video tape. You guys are insane. Yeah, screw you too. Later." I smiled everything was almost done. Almost perfect.

She was going to love her surprise.

I said," Honey, I don't feel so good, don't feel justified.
Come on put a little love here in my void," -he said
"It's all in your head," and I said, "So's everything"
-But he didn't get it-I thought he was a man
But he was just a little boy

Maggie Scully's home

We arrived home a quarter to three and Fox was gone. He had gone for an hour, nobody knew where he ran off to, and he took the car. I was worried about him. The last time we came to Mom's house things turned out badly, which caused us to break up for a brief, but sad period of time.

I always hated when he ran off to God knows where alone. That was his misguided way of protecting me. I don't know why he'd run off now. There weren't any X-Files. Skinner knew not to call us here, while we were on vacation. So where the hell did he go? I thought and for the umpteenth time I looked out of the window.

"Maybe, he went to get a gift for you or Mom," Charlie said, behind me. "I'm sure he's fine."

I knew the truth though. Fox William Mulder wasn't fine. He hadn't been fine for a while. What was I thinking making him coming here with all these people? All my family? He was still mourning the loss of his mother. And here I am running to the mall at the crack of dawn, leaving him all alone with my Mom. Very sensitive, Dana.

Suddenly, I heard him come through the door. I ran to the door and threw myself into his arms.

"Were where you?" I yelled.

"You're upset. Are you upset?" he asked.

Sometimes this man irritated me to no end. "Yes, why did you run off?"

"I just had a few last minute errands that needed to be done and I stopped at a 7-11 and got you some Ben and Jerry...Chunky Monkey?" he said brandishing the bag. I kissed his cheek and then I snatched the bag.

"You could at least left a note." I walked into the kitchen, he followed behind me. Sensing an imminent talking to, he sat down on a kitchen stool and waited for me to begin. Well, I knew how to fix his ass.

"Well?" he said, letting his anticipation for the worst take over.

"Well what?" I said opening up my ice cream and getting a spoon.

"Aren't you going to yell? Give me a lecture?" he said. He truly was a glutton for punishment.

"Fox," I said sitting across from him, "you're nearly forty years old. I trust that you're not getting in any trouble, despite your past history, and I know you're not cheating on me. Yes, when you leave I get all crazy and I worry, even more so now while I'm pregnant, but your a grown man. I trust you. Just next time leave a note." I ate a spoonful of ice cream and moaned. God, I love Ben and Jerry.

Mulder sat on the other side of the kitchen table with his mouth hanging open. Then he smiled. "This is just a mood swing, I'm going to get it later, aren't I?" he said.

"Nope. Not a mood swing." I hummed.

"Wow." He rubbed the back of his neck absentmindedly.

"Just remember," I said menacingly, "next time, if there's no note, I will personally chew you out so bad I'll make Skinner look like an innocent little puppy." I warned and his smile vanished. He nodded and rose from his seat.

"I'll be back. I'm just going into the living room to talk to Charlie," he said warily.

"Proceed," I said and he kissed my cheek and left. I watched him leave. "Men are so easy," I whispered.

Later, I'll get him to talk about his Mom.


I thought she was going to kick my ass. When I left the house I got about three miles outside of town and I realized that I should've left a note. She probably was worried sick about me. She had been coddling me since my Mom died. I didn't need coddling. I needed a little space. Everyone deals with grief a different way. My way, was to ignore it. I was enjoying the time I had with her Mom anyway. It was way better than the times I had with my Mom.

Enough of thinking about her. Now, I had to think about Scully and our child. And the great surprise I had for her. To complete my little gift I need a coconspirator, though. Bill was out of the question, but I've found a little bro. in Charlie.

"Hey Charlie, can I talk to you ... alone?" I asked him and lead him out of the living room to the verandah outside.

"Sure, What's up?" he said sitting down on a chair.

"I need you to help me, but first you have to swear to me that you will not tell anyone about this conversation or anything that has to do with this conversation," I said, slipping into my G-man role.

"Sure," he said weakly. I sized him up for a good while.

"I need you to help me put together a crib," I said finally.

"You two don't even have a place to put a crib Fox, Why would you?" he asked and then stopped looking up at me from his seat. "I'm on a need to know basis, aren't I?" he said

"Yup," I said.

He smiled. "When and where?"

"Late tonight into tomorrow morning, in the garage. Can you manage that?" I asked. He smiled.

"Yes, sir." He saluted me and I smiled.

"Thanks Charlie. I owe you big time."

"Anytime, Bro," he said.

Hunger hurts and I wanna him so bad-oh it kills
Cuz I know I'm a mess he don't wanna clean up
I got to fold cause these hands are too shaky to hold

Christmas Eve

I lie alone in my room on my bed. My face was flushed from crying earlier. We're not talking and it's my fault. I don't know why it's so important for me to see him grieve for his mother. Maybe because I know it's been a real hard year for him ... for me, for us.

It all started last night, after we went to Father Laggan's Christmas Pageant at the church. I went to light memorial candles for Missy, Daddy and I lit a candle for Teena. Fox watched behind me. I knelt and made the sign of the cross.

"Protect those we've lost and those we've yet to gain," I said. I closed my eyes briefly and touched my stomach. I turned around to Fox, but he was gone. I quickly walked outside and he was waiting in the car.

"Why did you leave?" I asked concerned.

"I just didn't want you to asked me to say some kind of prayer." He admitted turning on the car.

"Oh, well, if I asked and you said 'no' I wouldn't be upset. " I lied. He gave me a disbelieving look and started driving. "I wouldn't" I mumbled and he smirked.

We drove along the road quietly. I turned towards him in my seat. His eyes were focus on the road and his hands gripped the steering wheel tightly. He was agitated.

"It's just that we haven't talked about your mom's death since the night I finished the autopsy," I said in a really small voice.

"Yes and that was all I had to say. Why do you have to drag this on and on, Dana? My Mom is dead. It was a tragedy," he said raising his voice.

"Don't yell at me please."

"I'm not--" he lowered his voice, "I'm not yelling. I'm just trying ti bet you to understand that I'm tired of you trying to get me to share my feelings especially since for seven years you were ... fine!" his words stung like a slap in the face.

"Well, I thought now that we were getting married, starting a family ... we could be more open with each other. I guess I was wrong." I turned back in my seat and pouted.

"Dana," he said in a warm gentle voice.

"No, I have nothing further to discuss with you," I said coldly.

"Well, Dana. " He began harshly, "To code your favorite phrase. Fine!"

"Fine!" and that was that.

Now it was Christmas Eve. I didn't see him this morning because he went somewhere with Charlie, nor did I see him this afternoon. I wanted to apologize, but he was nowhere to be found. Finally about an hour ago he showed up. He told me he wanted to talk tonight. I'm just hoping that it isn't "the talk." You know, the "maybe this isn't working out" speech.

At 10:15 I heard a knock on my bedroom door. I got up and wiped my face. I looked at myself in the mirror. I straightened up my hair and clothing, and answered the door.

"Hey," he said and smiled. He held up some mistletoe, "Forgive me?" he asked.

I smiled and grabbed his face in my hands and kissed him.

"I love you, Fox. I'm so sorry about last night."

"Shh. I'm sorry Dana. I said some really stupid things last night," he said and lead us to sit on the bed, "You're right about us needing to talk. But it hurts Dana. The whole deal with my Mom hurts. I don't even want to think or talk about it now, but when I do you'll be the first person I'll come to. You'll always be the first one I come to."

"I-I know," I said getting a little too emotional, "it's just that when my Dad died, you were there. And when Missy died, you were there. And then Emily. I just wanted to be there for you."

"You are there for me, Dana. Even when you don't know it." He kissed my forehead.

"Make love to me?' I asked in a tiny whisper.

"You never ever have to ask," he said slowly unbuttoning my shirt.

We fell asleep entangled in each other's arms and this time he didn't leave.

Christmas Morning

I woke up like a five-year-old, I sat up straight in the bed and shook Dana awake.

"Dana." She groaned and rolled away. "Dana it's Christmas, wake up."

She smiled with her eyes still closed, "I know, Fox, go back to sleep." She yawned.

I kissed her nose and forehead and chin and she groaned. "Wake up," I whispered after every kiss and she opened her eyes.

"Okay, okay. I'm awake," she said, stretching.

"Put your robe on," I said getting dressed quickly. I couldn't wait to give Dana her big present. Her really big present. I wouldn't be surprised if she passed out. I watched her slowly putting her clothes on and then her robe. She slipped on her fuzzy black slippers and plodded out of the room. I wrapped my hands on her waist and followed behind her.

She stopped in front of her mom's bedroom door. "Ma, it's Christmas," she said. I heard Maggie happily come out of her room, humming "Silver Bells" and knock on everyone else's door as we walked downstairs.

The tree was magnificent. Decorated in white lights. It looked even more beautiful now than it did when they first decorated. Boxes of neatly wrapped boxes surrounded the bottom of the tree. Dana instantly lighted up and smiled.

"Wow," she said.

"Wow indeed," I agreed.

"I've missed this." She sighed, "Merry Christmas, Love." She kissed me and left me breathless.

"Merry Christmas to you too."

Charlie and Maria bounded down the stairs like hyper two year olds and attacked the presents under the tree as Bill grumbled his way down the stairs, Tara followed behind him holding a sleeping Matthew in one arm and a rubbing Bill's back with her hand. Maggie came downstairs and announced she was making coffee then she disappeared into the kitchen.

"So." Dana pointed towards the gifts and I picked up one reasonably sized gold wrapped box that said: "To Dana" on it. I handed it to her and she excitedly ripped the wrapping off and opened the box.

"Oh this is the sweater I wanted, I love your memory," she exclaimed, kissing my cheek. She quickly got up and handed me a box that I opened up in record time and revealed a nice shirt and tie.

It went on like that for a while we took turns opening gifts from each other and gifts from the family until all the gifts were opened and wrapping paper swamped the room. when everything was opened Maggie came back into the room with coffee and hot cocoa and sat down. She everyone grabbed a cup of what they wanted and watched her as she sat down and opened her presents.

"Oh thank you, Fox! How did you know I like Susan Grafton!" she said happily showed everyone the book I gave her. The hard copy book "O is for Outlaw".

"Dana told me you liked mysteries. So I used some of my G-man skills to kind of figure out," I boasted and Dana laughed.

"So you're basically saying you just looked on her bookshelf?" Dana asked.


Everyone laughed even Bill. I guess he was happy with the gift certificate to Radio Shack I got him.

Maria stood up and tapped her spoon against her cup and everyone grew silent.

"Uh, I-I have one more gift to give Charlie, "She said quietly and then handed him a small little box. He opened it and it was a picture frame. I laughed quietly inside cause I knew what it was. And I knew he knew what it was. But Maria didn't know he knew so Charlie had to play Mr. Surprised and Amazed.

"What is this?" he asked pulling out a small picture frame that said, with rainbow colored letters on the top, "Baby's First Picture".

"That's our child Charlie, I'm pregnant." He looked at her in feigned shock then picked her up and hugged her. He winked at me and I laughed. "Congratulations Charlie," I said before Bill could decipher the situation.

"I'm going to be a Father everyone," he said and Dana stood up and kissed him on the cheek. Maggie sat in the recliner in shock. Tara smiled and kissed Maria as Matthew stirred in her arms.

"All our kids are going to be playmates," she said hugging, him. Maggie stood up and hugged her baby boy.

"Oh, my baby is having a baby," she said teary eyed. I just sat back on the couch and watched. This was what a family should be. What I wish my family would've been.

When everyone settled down it was my turn to make an announcement. I stood up and tapped my cup.

"I have something to give Dana," I began.

"Are you pregnant?" Charlie asked and we all laughed.

"No X-Files..Please," I pleaded, "it's to big to give to her in now, but it's waiting for her in Virginia." I went into my coat and reached into of it's inside pocket. I pulled out a large manilla envelope with a small bow on it. "Here."

She opened the envelope quickly and pulled out a videotape and a few still pictures. Her eyes went wide and she looked up at me.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. A large Victorian house with what from the photos looked like it had several rooms and sunken living room with a fireplace. It was a fully furnished house, with a large kitchen and dining room. I flipped through the photos in awe.

"How did you? How could you?" I stuttered, "Mom look, it's a house!" she said showing her Mom the photos and everyone crowded around. Charlie smile at me.

"It's not completely livable, but it should be in two weeks. There was work needed on the roof and a new ceiling was needed. You wanna see the tape?" She smiled so wide at me, she beamed.

He took the tape and turned on the VCR. He put the tape in a pressed PLAY.

"Merry Christmas, Scully," the Lone Gunmen said together they showed her the baby's nursery complete with crib and other furniture.

"Mulder said he wanted yellow, but we thought mint green suited you guys. Oh and congratulations on your engagement and your pregnancy," Langly said.

"Yeah, Yeah," Frohike muttered in the background.

"I hope you like it. Congratulations again. See you around," Byers said and the tape went black.

"So," Fox said, a little apprehensively."Do you like it?"

I was crying. I couldn't believe he actually brought a house. He amazed me so much sometimes. " Oh Fox, I loved it and I can't wait to see it with my own eyes," I said wiping tears away from my eyes.

He hugged me and I kissed him with all the love I had for him.

"Enough with this mushy crap let's have some breakfast," Bill announced standing up and we all laughed. Everyone proceeded to the dining room and Mom announced that she was making her famous blueberry pancakes. While Fox and I stayed on the couch for a minute.

"Dana this has been the greatest Christmas I had in a while. Thank you for inviting me. It meant a lot," he said.

"I've never loved anyone as much as I love you right now, Fox."

"Ditto." He hugged me close.

"Merry Christmas, Fox," I whispered.

"Merry Christmas, Dana."


(Sorry this story is a little late!)


Title: When the Pawn Series, Interlude 1: How to Please
Author: Nialani
Written: February 2000
Feedback: As my God daughter, Rianne would say: Puh, Puh, Puh, lease! I'll be your friend!
Classification: MSR, Lurid fic
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: If you didn't see the season premiere or any of the episodes so far I have to say shame shame shame on you!
Archive: Anywhere just keep my name and tags on it
Disclaimer: Chris they're yours, Don't sue!

Note: This is an interlude AKA PWP to tide you guys over because the next part of Love Ridden probably won't come out until Tuesday :o) (she ducks as multiple things fly at her head!) it's the morning after, To Your Love.


Scully's apartment

She's sprawled half on me have off. Her head is resting on my chest. Her beautiful mouth is open, she's snoring softly, and she's drooling on my chest. You know, Phoebe used to do that and it was a big turn off. I used to place her head on the pillows after she had fallen asleep. But I can deal with Scully drool. Scully drool is cool. Boy am I completely whipped and that's only after one night. I laugh and she opens her eyes.

"Light sleeper," I mumbled and she smiled.

"Gotta be with you as a partner. What's so funny, Mulder?" she yawned.

"You're drooling on my chest and it's turning me on." I chuckled and she quickly bolted up and wiped her mouth. She turned completely red.

"Why didn't you wake me?" she said, using the sheet to wipe my chest. I grabbed her hand and kissed the back of it.

"I didn't mind. So stop blushing your starting to fade into your hair." I joked and she playfully hit me with a pillow. She got up in all her naked glory and mini me was right up there with her. She looked at my erection and laughed.

"What?" I said, like I didn't notice I was tenting her white bed sheet.

"You know what?" she said pointing.

"Why don't you come over here and take care of this?" I said waggling my eyebrows.

"I would..." she hesitated," but we're late for work."

"We'll call in sick." I whined, mini me was becoming painful.

"Nope, it'll be too suspicious," she said, folding her arms across her chest.

"Scullee!" I whined and gave her my best puppy dog look. "Puh-lease."

"Nope," she said prancing away still naked. I have to wonder if she's an exhibitionist. We'll find that out later. Now I was going to get what I want. I jumped up and grabbed herby the waist. I pinned her to the bed and she tried to fake a scowl, but she just half grinned. I began kissing that sensitive part right underneath her ear and she shivered.

"Now, if I jumped you in the office yesterday you would be upset!" She pouted.

"Actually I would have been grateful," I murmured against her skin.

"No, you wouldn't," she groaned. I licked my way down her neck to her breast. I licked and teased and sucked each one until she whimpered.

"I want you, Scully," I whispered against her lips before I kissed them. Nibbling her bottom lip.

"Dana. Call me Dana." She arched against me. I placed myself in between her legs and mini me felt just how hot we've made her.

"Only if you call me, Fox," I moaned as I glided into her and she looked at me shocked. Her eyes became teary and for a second I thought I hurt her. When I didn't move she moved for me. She lifted her hips slowly up so I was more half way out of her then brought them down hard. I groaned and buried my face in her neck. She ran her fingers through my hair and pulled at my head until I was looking into her eyes.

"Are you waiting for an invitation?" she said and then she gasped when I thrusted decidedly hard in her. "Harder, Fox," she groaned and whimpered. I thrusted harder inside her, she shuddered and her inner muscles clamped down hard on mini me making me groan with pleasure.

"Tell me how to please, Dana, I'm at your mercy here," I huffed out. Breathing was becoming decidedly harder as were other things.

She stroked my cheek and ran her hand through my sweaty hair. She ran her hands down my chest and played with my nipples, and then she pinched them. "I want you to fuck me fast and hard."

I smiled. Who woulda guessed Little Miss Catholic Girl, The Ice Queen would like it rough. God I'm a lucky man. When I felt her nail digging into my back I took that as a sign to fulfill her wish.

I thrusted in her hard and fast. Just like she asked. Mini me wanted release, but I was determined to give Dana the biggest and best orgasm she's ever had. I grabbed her need and brought them up to her chest. She whimpered. God I was so deep inside her. A little voice in my head told me that I was hurting her, so I gentled my thrust.

"Shit, Don't stop!" Dana cried out," Give it to me, Fox. Shit, it's so good," she crooned. Her nails ran whelps down the front of my chest. She started drawing blood and I had to stop her, so I pinned her hands over her head. Her fingers enlaced with mine. "I'm close," she whimpered closing her eyes tightly shut.

I could tell. I could feel it begin, the waves of her orgasms over my cock, her whole body was becoming taught. Her hands were squeezing my own so tightly I was loosing circulation. I smiled. I could tell that this was going to be a good one. Her mouth was slack and she was no longer moaning, she was grunting. Oh, then it happened. It was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. She threw her head back and let out this loud cried of pleasure. She arched against me over and over again. She clamped down her on my cock and then things got really hot and slick down there. I was lost. I cried out her name and thrusted in her one last time and then emptied myself inside her. I clasped, completely spent, on top of her.

After it was all over, she stretched a little underneath me and I rolled off of her. She yawned sleepily, and laid her head on my chest and leg over my own. I sighed.

"Later, it's my turn to please you," she mumbled.

"You call, Skinner," I yawned.

"Coward." She chuckled.

"Guilty as charged, love." I wrapped my arm around her and we fell into a deep sleep.

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