Title: We Believe
Authors: Anonymous and Lizzi
Written: July 2001
Rating: NC-17 for sexual content (yeah baby!)

Summary: Continuation of If You Believe, Scully's pregnant and Mulder's the father.

"Is it true? Really true?" he asked, needing to know before he could truly believe.

"Yes," she said as the smile across her face grew even wider. "We're having a baby, G-man."

"But, how can this be?"

"I don't know. All I know is that it's true. Absolutely true. I went to the doctors last week to find out what was wrong, and he did a pregnancy test at the same time. I went to get the results this morning. I gave the poor doctor one hell of a hard time. But I've seen the results with my own eyes Mulder. I'm pregnant. The only thing I can say is that I guess doctors can be wrong sometimes too." The smile still remaining on her face.

Suddenly, the events of the last few months dawned on Mulder. The morning vomiting sessions that she tried to keep secret but couldn't. The glowing complexion her skin had inherited, the small but subtle thickening of her waist. It was all adding up. She really was pregnant, with his child. A woman who was once told that she could never bear children, stood before him harboring a new life inside her. This day was the happiest of his life, only to be better by the arrival of this miracle.

He took her in his arms once again, pulling her close. He buried his face her in hair inhaling the strawberry and cream scent that was Scully, and only Scully. Questions were swirling around in his head. Questions he needed answers to, but had none. Then without even realizing, one slipped from his mouth. "Why didn't you tell me before?"

"I only found out this morning."

"No, I mean about going to doctors. About him doing the test."

"Because.I don't know." She took a deep breath. "I guess, I guess it was because I knew how much you blamed yourself for everything that's happened to me, Missy, the cancer, me not having children. I didn't want to get your hopes up for no reason."

They stood in silence for a while. There was no need for words at that time. They remained in an embrace as they let the news sink in. They were going to be parents to a child they never thought was going to be. There did however, remain a tinge of doubt at the backs of both their minds that this child could be another Emily. And if he or she was, they didn't care. They both knew that this child would be loved without a shadow of doubt.

"Well we're going to have to find a bigger place now, neither my apartment or your apartment is going to be big enough for the three of us." He let her go and quickly scrammed for the newspaper. "We have people to call too, the boys will be thrilled, Skinner, we may want to let him know, you family" he grimaced slightly. "Although you can call Bill, I don't think he's still too thrilled with me. Last time he called and I answered the phone he basically told me to go crawl in a sewer. I think he's still upset over Aspen."

She walked over and placed her hand on top of his head, fluffing his hair. "Mulder, he's still upset at ME for Aspen too, but he'll get over it. He has no choice, I'm not leaving you cause he wants me too."

"I wasn't suggesting that Scully, I'd hunt you down anyway. Now that I've had a taste of you, I'm not ever letting you go." His eyes widened mischievously as he looked at the paper. "Hey Scully, here's one I think you'll like." He pointed to a small ad on the page. "Real cheap, DC motorcourt on the outskirts of town. You too can own your own trailer and live wilderness style in the city. Comes with basic cable and guaranteed no septic tank smells."

She slapped him playfully. "I refuse to live in a trailer Mulder. You can live there if you like, but if you do, I'm staying right here."

He feigned shock. "You wound me, you're saying that this isn't your dream home?"

"Not even close." She scanned down the list of houses and apartments. "Which do you prefer Mulder, house or three bedroom apartment?"

"A house, I want my son or daughter to have a backyard to play in, a swingset and a sandbox. I think we should also look in the Georgetown area, Arlington isn't exactly a safe area to grow up in."

"You're right. There's a few places here that look decent."

"How about we both call in sick tomorrow and look?"

"Relax Mulder. The baby isn't due for another six months, we have six months to plan and move. We're in no hurry."

"I know that Scully, but I feel like my life is just beginning." He pulled her onto his lap and kissed the crown of her head. "Thank you." He placed a hand on her abdomen. "Almost all of my dreams have come true now."

"Which one hasn't?" She was curious. She had made it her job in over the past three months to make him happy, she enjoyed seeing him happy and carefree.

"Wouldn't you like to know. I'll tell you another day, right now I just want to sit here and look at the paper. Everything is going to be perfect."

"Well 'sweetheart', you sit there and find us a house. I'm going to call my mom. I did kinda leave her hanging earlier."


Scully left the living room and Mulder reading the newspaper. Taking the phone from its cradle, Scully headed for the kitchen. She sat down at the kitchen table and dialed her mother's number. After half an hour of the typical mother-daughter chat, with the additional subject of the baby, the ultimate question arose from her mother.

"So, are there going to be wedding bells anytime soon?"

"We haven't discussed it yet, but probably not. It's never been something we wanted. I mean, we're certainly not the 'traditional couple', now are we? Sorry to disappoint you mom. "

"I see. Well, as long as you're both happy that's all that matters"

"I'm glad you understand mom. Thank you."

"Sweetheart, it doesn't matter what you do, I will always be proud of you. You're my little girl. Is Fox there?"

"Of course he is. Why?"

"I just want to pass on my congratulations to the father to be..."

"Okay, hang on a moment while I get him." Scully turned away from the phone, and covered the mouthpiece with her hand. "Mulder! Get in here! My mom wants a word!

Mulder came bounding from the living room, and snaked his arms around Scully's waist. He planted a brief kiss on her cheek before taking the phone from her outstretched arm.


"Hey Fox! Congratulations!" Mrs Scully screamed down the phone.

"Thanks Mrs Scully."

"It's mom now."


Scully still stood wrapped in Mulder's arms. She could hear the love and compassion he felt towards her mother. It was nothing like when he mentioned his mother. There was always bitterness and regret in his voice. But not now. But then, her mother and Mulder had always had a close relationship, ever since her abduction.

"Well Fox, how would you and Dana like to go out for a meal tonight? My treat, a kind of celebratory dinner."

"Sure, that would be great Mrs. ..mom."

"Alright then. I'll pick you both up at 7 tonight."

"Okay. Do you want me to pass you back to Sc...Dana now?"


Mulder returned the phone to Scully. He stayed there with her, holding protectively on to her. Mulder buried his head in the hollow of her shoulder savoring her scent. Scully found it harder and harder to concentrate on the conversation with her mother, but she had already hung up on her once already and didn't think it fair to do it again.

So, she lightly hit Mulder of the arm to try and stop him from his actions. When that didn't work, she began to wiggle around, eventually breaking free of his grasp. He gave her his best puppy dogs eyes, but she wasn't falling for it and turned her back on him. Mulder returned to the living room, leaving Scully alone to finish properly her conversation with her mother.

Mulder peeped into the living room to see Scully still on the phone with her mother. He was so overjoyed he wanted to share his news with the rest of the world, and who better than to start with his best friends other than Scully. He threw on his leather jacket and sneaked into the living room for a goodbye kiss from Scully.

"Where are you going?" she mouthed to him silently.

"Gunmen." He leaned over and placed a small peck on her cheek and ran out the door before she could say another word to him.

He stopped at the local convienence store on the way and the next thing he knew, he was banging on their large metal door.

"Password please." Frohike's voice could be heard over the intercom. Mulder didn't understand why they persistently asked for his password when they knew it was him. They could see him as clear as day through the camera they keep above their door.

"Open up Frohike, I've got three fat cubans here and a bottle of scotch with your guys names on it."

"Scotch? You've said the magic word. Come on it Mulder." He could hear the multiple locks being clicked and unlocking, and finally the large door swung open with a grinning Frohike standing behind it. He noticed the bag in Mulder's hand and immediately grabbed, not bothering to look at the brand before opening it and taking a large swig.

"What's the occasion Mulder?" Byers approached him. "You never show up anymore except for a case, and never with cigars and scotch."

"It's a celebration boys." He pulled the three cigars out of his pocket and stuffed each one into each of the gunmen's mouths, then took a seat on a large chair, propping his feet up on a table. "Scully's pregnant" his face was plastered with a huge grin.

It didn't take long for Frohike to register the words 'Scully's pregnant' and he spat out the scotch he had in his mouth all over some of the equipment. "She's what?" he barked. "I'll kill the bastard, he won't know what happened. Who knocked her up Mulder, just say the name and you'll never see him in the picture again."

Frohike obviously wasn't listening to the other two while Byers congratulated Mulder and Langly telling the two of them to pay up. At Mulder's questioning glance he explained. "Three way bet. The narc here thought that you guys would get together one day, but not yet, not until the X-Files are solved. Hickey thought there was no chance you two would ever get together and I said that you guys were probably already in the sack and doing the wild thing for a couple of years now. So I get s50."

"You!" It finally clued into Frohike why Mulder was grinning the entire time. "You knocked Scully up."

Mulder frowned at the comment. "Well I like to think of it as creating a new life, making a miracle instead of knocking her up."

"Either way. She's too good for you. She deserves somebody better, like me."

"I've told her that too, while minus mentioning you, but she insists she wants me, who am I to argue with Scully, she always wins no matter what."

"So when's junior due, Mulder?" Langly decided to interrupt and ease the tension between Frohike and Mulder.

"If it's a he, he will not be a Junior, I guarantee that much. I remember all the names from school because my parents called me Fox. My child will not go through the same thing. He or she will be born sometime near the end of November, or beginning of December if it decides to be late."

"So we have to have a celebration tonight. Cheese steaks on us, then an evening of Mortal Kombat, we just got a four way system hooked up and wanna try it out."

Mulder grimaced at the thought of spending an entire evening of cheese steaks, video games and conspiracy theories with boys and thought that the evening with Scully and her mother sounded much better. "As much as I hate to turn down a night full of fun with you guys, Scully and I have a date with her mother that I really can't miss out."

"Just great. First you break my fragile heart," Frohike muttered and downed another swig from his now half empty bottle of scotch, "then you don't even want to celebrate with your pals. You really know how to crush our spirits don't you?"

"Hey, cheer up Hickey, things can only get better. I'll be cleaning out my apartment soon and I'll tell you what, you can have first dibs on my video and magazine collection. I know you've been eying a few of them." This seemed to lighten Frohike's spirits somewhat. "Gotta go boys, the little woman awaits."

"You know she'll kick your butt if she ever heard you call her a little woman." Langly saw him to the door.

"Yes, and that's why none of you are going to mention it. See you around for the next conspiracy you uncover." He felt like he was walking on air as he left the room.

Mulder was on his way home to Scully's apartment, when out of nowhere, the entire car population of Georgetown drove onto the same street he was on. Everything came to a grinding halt. With nothing to look at, Mulder's eyes scanned the rows of shops that lined the street. One store in particular caught his attention. A large white sign was in the window. In big red letters "Toy Sale Now On - All Toy Half Price Or Less" was scribbled on it. A grin fell upon Mulder's face as he pulled the car over to the side of the road.

He marched into the store, not knowing exactly what he was looking for, only that he'd know it when he saw it. He wondered up and down the rows of cuddly toys, occasionally glancing at his watch. He was about to buy the large teddy bear he had seen on his way in, but something else caught his eye, some thing much more him, some thing much more 'abnormal'. There, on the end stand of a shelf, stood a baby sized stuffed, cuddly.alien. It was green when it should have been gray, but it would do.

"Good afternoon sir. How may I help you?" Mulder handed her the stuffed alien. "Is this a present for someone?"

"You could say that," he replied, a huge goofy grin planted firmly on his face. "I'm gonna be a dad!"

The shop assistant smiled at him, gave him her congratulations, along with the stuffed alien neatly packed into a gift bag. Mulder tucked the bag tightly under his arm, wished the shop assistant good day and headed to his car. Then make a fast getaway back to Scully's, knowing that if he was much longer, he'd have a hormone enraged Scully to deal with.

When he got home, he had the gift to Scully, and headed to the bedroom to change, thankful he had most of his clothes hanging in her wardrobe. He'd barely gone home to his apartment. For all intense and purpose, her He explained about the traffic, toy sale, the stuffed toy, as he took a shower, had a shave and changed into something more suitable.

When he had chance to stop and take a breath, he finally noticed the wonder that stood in the apartment. Dark red fabric flowed over it, highlighting certain bits while hiding others. That wonder was Scully. Her casual but smart dress accented both her fiery hair and her baby blue eyes.

"Wow! You look..."

"Fat. I look like a whale. A fat whale."

"Oh no," he replied as he went to her side and pulled her into his arms. "You're not fat. You're just pregnant. Besides, you haven't seen fat yet. Give it another few months, then you can call yourself fat!"

"Shut up Mulder!" she smiled as she punched him lightly on the arm.

Mrs. Scully honked the horn of her car at precisely 7pm, it was uncanny Scully's resemblance to her, both of them punctual in everything. He grabbed his leather jacket off the coat rack he held the door open for Scully and closed it behind him.

Scully was just as marveled at the way he dressed just like he was with her. He had adorned a pair of casual black slacks, a white button down shirt, and a goofy tie with smiley faces all over it. He didn't know where it came from, but was amused when he found it in the tie drawer and thought it suited the evening perfectly, afterall, nobody could possibly be in a better mood than him, except for maybe Scully.

They arrived at a small italian restaurant, it wasn't an all out five star restaurant, but it definitely was no East Side Mario's either, no screaming children, and not one person in the restaurant was wearing a pair of jeans. "Wow mom, this is really all out, you shouldn't have." Scully stared at the maitre'd, wearing a suit borderline tuxedo.

"Can I help you?" he gazed grudgingly at Mulder's tie.

"Yes, reservation for three under Scully" Mrs. Scully spoke up and led the way behind the maitre'd to their table.

The menu was as expected for a restaurant of this caliber, fancy names and expensive as anything, but Mrs. Scully insisted on them ordering anything they wanted from it. "House wine?" their waiter appeared holding a bottle of red wine. Mrs. Scully accepted while Mulder and Scully declined, Scully on the basis that she was pregnant, and Mulder on the basis that Scully wasn't drinking wine. "Can I take your orders?"

"I'll have the Shrimp Fettucine Alfredo" Scully ordered, while Mrs. Scully asked for the ravioli in a mushroom cream sauce and Mulder the traditional spaghetti and meatballs. Dinner was spent in relative quiet with Mrs. Scully asking the routine questions regarding their future with the child, like whether or not they'll be moving in together, if they'd be moving someplace bigger, and round about questions hinting at a marriage, but not explicitly stating so. Scully expected all of the questions and more, therefore answered for both her and Mulder.

A small band started back up again and the waiter came by the table, asking if they had any requests for songs. Mrs. Scully stood up and spoke to the waiter in silence, then sat down with both Mulder and Scully's eyes set curiously on her.

Mulder continued to slurp his spaghetti without interruption until all of a sudden he heard the lead singers voice over the microphone. "Ladies and gentlemen, I've just received word that there's a young couple in here who's just found out they're having a baby. Let's give Fox Mulder and Dana Scully a round of applause." Mulder spit out his spaghetti at the sound of his name, dribbling a bunch down his shirt leaving a large red stain on the front. "Come on you two lovebirds, lets get you up here."

Mulder grabbed his napkin and quickly tried to wipe the sauce off of him as best as he could, but he only made it worse, and it didn't help that when he refused the waiters gathered around and pulled him up. Scully's face went red the minute she saw the condition of his shirt, and wouldn't even stand near him on the stage in embarrassment. "Well look at you pal, it looks like your girlfriend is going to have to buy twice the amount of bibs with the way you eat, one for you, and one for the kid!" A round of laughter and further applause was granted by the audience and they were soon sent back to their seats to finish their dinner.

"You've got a noodle stuck on your tie Fox." Mrs. Scully pointed to one happy face in particular with a small noodle sticking to it.

Scully opened her mouth, but Mulder spoke before she could say anything. "Don't even think it Scully. I know what you're going to say and I don't want to hear it."

"I can't take you anywhere with me can I?" the corner of her lips rose when the red blush started creeping down his face and he started grumbling.

Thankfully, the rest of the meal was uneventful. Mrs Scully, Mulder and Scully finished up their deserts and headed home. Scully offered her mother a cup of coffee on arrival, but she refused explaining she still had the long journey home to make.

So, Mulder and Scully entered the apartment on their own, kicking off their shoes at the door. As soon as the door was shut, Mulder pulled off his noodle decorated tie and sauce stained shirt, taking them to the laundry bin.

Mulder then proceeded to the kitchen to make them both a cup of coffee, while Scully went to get ready for bed. A short while later, she came out into the living room dressed in her purple silk pajamas with a blanket draped across her shoulders. She took up residence on the couch, tucking her feet under herself.

She had a distant look in her eyes when Mulder returned with the drinks, like she was deep in concentrated thought. And she was. She remained that way, with her hand unconsciously lying on her abdomen, gently caressing it. Mulder interrupted her thoughts when he asked, "penny for 'em?"

"Huh? Sorry, I was miles away."

"I could tell. What's up?"


"Don't give me that crap Scully. Come on, talk to me. Don't shut me out, not now."

"I...I was just thinking about our jobs, and telling Skinner. I'm worried about it."


"Because, when we do tell Skinner, we'll lose the X-Files for sure. I know Skinner would never try and take them away from us, but it's not Skinner I'm worried about. *They* are just looking for an excuse to close us down. I'm still surprised, even now, that they allowed us to continue working together now that we are together. But when we tell them our news..."

Mulder gave her no chance to finish her sentence, when he butted in with "who cares?"

"What?! How can you say that? This is your life's work we're talking about!"

"I know that. That's how everything started, yes. The X-Files were my life, and the search for the truth and Samantha were the only things that kept me going. But then something happened. Someone came into my life, and slowly, that someone became the only thing I lived for. My search was no longer as important to me as this someone. And now, that someone is two. Scully, you are my life, my truth, and so will our baby be when it arrives. So, as long as I have the two of you, I'll be happy, whether I'm chasing little gray men in flying saucers or performing background cheeks on someone or another in some posh office. As long as I have you and the baby to come home to at night, I don't care."

Tears pricked the backs of Scully's eyes. No one but Mulder and Scully could understand the magnitude and strength it had just taken for Mulder to declare he'd give up the X-Files if necessary. "You...you mean it?"

"Of course I do," he smiled. Holding out his arms, he announced, "Come here." And Scully did just that. Mulder pulled her into his lap and wrapped his arms tightly around her. They stayed like that for a while, until Scully fell fast asleep in his arms. He carried her back to bed, climbed in with her, and fell into a deep sleep himself.

Mulder and Scully woke up the next morning all nerves. Skinner was expecting them in the office at 8am sharp to discuss her pregnancy, well at least the announcement of it. He had taken their relationship in relative stride, allowing them to continue to work together as long as the personal didn't interfere with their working relationship, and it hasn't, but now it would be a different story. Skinner hadn't reported to the higher ups regarding their relationship, as far as anybody knew, Mulder and Scully were just partners working together, and the office pools kept going, but they all knew the pregnancy would start to show anytime now, and the office pools would expand to whether it be Mulder's child or not.

He stood in front of the mirror shaving, half dressed with his slacks on, but no shirt yet. Scully sat marveled at how domestic their situation had become. "If you don't hurry up we're going to be late Mulder."

"I'm always late for Skinner's meetings, he's not going to care or see it as anything out of the usual."

"Yes, but it's not like we're going to see him for our usual reasons either. He's going to find out about the pregnancy and we want to be on his good side. Being late isn't going to help us."

Mulder grabbed his shirt from off the back of a chair and a tie that Scully picked out for him and ran to the door buttoning the shirt up. "Nag nag nag Scully." He received a nice swat on the bottom for that one.

"Just for that, I'm driving."

J. Edgar Hoover Building
Skinner's Office 8am

Their already heightened nerves skyrocketed as Kim let them through the door that led to his office. "Agents, have a seat please" the large burly, bald man known as the Assistant Director gestured to their usual seats. "I understand you have something you need to discuss with me?"

"Yes sir, can we go off the record before we decide to go on the record with anything?" Scully asked. At his nod she continued. "I'm pregnant," she breathed out.

He glanced over at her, then back at Mulder who was still grinning like an idiot at those words, and back over to Scully. "Well there's nothing I can do except offer my congratulations to you two, you do know what this means don't you?"

"Possibility of reassignment due to the fact that it's going to get out that I'm the father?" Mulder answered. "I'm not going to deny anything."

"I might be able to avoid the reassignment until after Scully leaves on maternity. But when she does, you will be assigned a new partner Agent Mulder."

"I understand, I'm willing to have a new partner. While yes Scully is my life, it's not like I'm not going to see her everyday. She'll still be there when I get home everynight."

"I'm glad you're taking this in stride. When the time comes, I'll get back to you two regarding course of action, meanwhile once again, congratulations. There are no two agents who are better deserving of this than you two are."

The two of them rose from the seat and headed back out of the door, sighing in relief that he was as happy about it as they were.

Mulder and Scully sat silently in the waiting room of the hospital.

"Ms Scully," a nurse called out.

"That'll be us," Mulder whispered.

"I know," Scully replied, as she placed the magazine she had been mindlessly flicking through for the last half an hour on the little table. She rose and Mulder joined her. Together they followed the nurse down the corridor and towards an office with the words: Doctor Abigail Wilson, MD, engraved on a plaque. The nurse opened the door and Mulder and Scully stepped in.

"Hello there Dana!" the young doctor called out.

"Hi Abby. Mulder, this is Abby, Abby this is Mulder. Abby's an old friend of mine from Med School."

"Hi," she said. Mulder and Abby shook hands. "I take it from the goofy grin on his face, that he's the father-to-be."

"I certainly am!" he declared proudly.

"Shut up and sit down Mulder," Scully smiled.

Both Mulder and Scully sat down together, while Abby took a seat on the opposite side of the desk. After the initial paperwork, they moved on to the important stuff. "Right then Dana, if you'd like to step on the scales for me, we can take a look and see how your weight is doing." Scully slid off her shoes and stepped onto the scales. Doctor Wilson fiddled around with the weights and finally got a reading. "It seems you're putting on a little weight already, Dana."

"You don't have to tell me. I reckon I'm gonna look like a beached whale before I hit the second trimester!"

"There's nothing unhealthy about putting that kind of weight on though, nothing to worry about. Just make sure you take plenty of exercise. It will help with all the cramps and stuff. Right then, the moment of truth. Hop on the table and we can take a look at what's going on in there."

Abby took a tube of cool gel from a drawer and squeezed the substance over Scully's abdomen. She sucked in a deep breath at the coolness of the gel. Next Abby took the head of the ultrasound scan and pressed it hard against Scully's gel covered belly.

"Do you have to press so hard? My bladder's gonna explode."

"Sorry, but if you want a clear picture, then yes." Abby adjusted the device a little more, and an image appeared on her screen. She turned the screen around so that the proud parents-to-be could see. "There we go. Everything looks fine to me Dana. Would you like a print out?" With a nod of Dana's head, she printed out a copy. "Would you like to hear the heartbeat?"


Taking another strange object from her drawer, a fetal stethoscope, Abby placed it on Scully's belly too. Suddenly the room was filled with a strong and regular thumping sound. Thump, thump, thump. Mulder stood there, his goofy grin growing bigger on his face. Scully and Abby however, both held worried expressions.

"What is it?" Mulder asked, seeing that things were not as they should be.

"Listen!" Scully said, panic in her voice. "Can you hear that?"


Thump-ump, thump-ump, thump-ump.

"That! There's an echo to the heartbeat!" Scully turned to the doctor. "Abby? What is it? What's wrong? Please, tell me."

"Well, I'm not sure. It could be a problem with the machine it's been playing up all day. Let me just try something." Abby turned the screen back around, so only she could see the picture. She then moved both the ultrasound scanner and the fetal stethoscope to the left. The heartbeat continued to boom out, still with an echo. "Or there could be some other reason," she said, as a wide smile spread across her face.

"What Abby? What is it?"

"See for yourself."

Abby turned the screen back around so that both Scully and Mulder could see the picture. Scully took a deep intake of breath at seeing the image in front of her, and froze for a minute or two. Mulder, worried that there was something seriously wrong with the baby, he turned back to Abby.

"What's wrong?"

"Well," she said pointing to the screen. "This is your child's head, here," her fingers traced the outline. "And over here, in the background, you can see another head, here." Once again she traced the second head.

"My baby has two heads?" Mulder asked, confused by the black, white and gray blobs on the screen. Abby laughed. "No Mr Mulder, not at all."

"It's twins," Scully whispered, finishing the sentence.


"That's right. You're going to be the father of twins Mr Mulder!"

With that, the screen in front of him wobbled, distorted and turned to black. His whole world spun in a dizzying dance, and the last thing he remembered he was falling to the cold hard floor with a bump.

"I take it he wasn't expecting that."

"No, neither of us was. I don't know if we can handle twins."

"There's nothing to worry about Dana, honest. I have twins of my own, you that. And I managed to cope. You're just going to need a lot of support when they are born, I won't deny that. But I can tell, when he's not unconscious, that he'll make a wonderful father. I can tell he's gonna be there for you. With support like his, and your mother's, you'll do just fine."

Abby cleaned Scully's abdomen, then allowed her to get herself back together. During the time Mulder lay unconscious on the floor, Scully's bloods were taken, her blood pressure measured, and diet and exercise talked about in great detail. Shortly before they were due to leave, Mulder returned to the land of the living in time to be informed of the Antenatal clinics and birthing classes that would need to be attended in preparation for the birth.

Mulder and Scully exited the office, still in a daze from their news. Scully made a mental note to call both her mother and Skinner to inform them of the recent developments. But right now, she had to concentrate on letting the information sink in thoroughly. Mulder helped Scully into the car, there was no need, he just had this sudden urge to protect the two, sorry, three people he cared most about in his life. They drove home in silence still in a state of shock.

The car ride home from the hospital was spent in silence, not an uncomfortable one, but one that kept the moment alive by spending it in quiet wonder and awe. The nurses at the hospital had managed to revive Mulder only after a few minutes, and it didn't go unnoticed by Scully that they all seemed upset when they realized that they didn't need to attend to him anymore. He continued to drive down the road, looking straight ahead the entire drive, and for the first time ever, he seemed truly happy, no questions asked, no insecurities, nothing. If Scully had known that being pregnant with his twins would have placed him in such a state of serenity, she would have done it years ago.

She grabbed his jacket and hung it up alongside hers in the doorway, and kicked off her shoes grabbing a pair of slippers along the way. "I'm going to change out of my work clothes and into something more comfortable. You don't mind ordering in for dinner tonight do you? I really don't feel like cooking." She looked back at him when he didn't respond, just saw the dreamy look on his face. "Yoo-hoo, earth to Mulder, anybody home?" she turned and snapped her fingers in front of him.

He snapped out of his reverie and looked down at her. "Come here Scully" he spoke softly as he extended his hand toward her. She looked up at him and decided to play along, and grabbed his hand, allowing him to pull her close. "We're going to have twins Scully, two babies." His voice was full of awe and wonder as he slowly lowered his mouth to hers.

"Yes Mulder, two babies, not one baby with two heads" she teased once they broke apart, enjoying the moment. He continued to hold her, pulling her tighter to him, and she leaned her head on his solid chest, listening to his steady heartbeat through his shirt. She could stay like this forever and be content.

He didn't let her stay like for long however. His next move was unexpected though. Before she knew it, she was swinging in the air in his arms, squealing with glee as he scooped her up and carried her across the room. "Where are we going?"

"This is cause of a celebration. I can't think of a better way to celebrate. Can you?" He dumped her on their bed unceremoniously, then pounced like a tiger going after its prey.

She tried to resist the urge to giggle uncontrollably while he slowly slinked up her body removing bits and pieces of her clothes he went along. The slippers were first to go, thrown somewhere across the room, Scully didn't know where, and quite frankly she didn't care, she'd deal with it when the time came, right now her main concern was surviving the man on top of her, doing delicious and sinful things. His hands crawled up her thighs and underneath her skirt, brushing the sides of her legs and lightly playing against her innermost parts, before finding the tops of her stockings and slowly, dragging his fingers along her skin, he pulled them down, leaving a path of scorching hot skin behind. His hand reached her knee and he moved his hand to tickle behind it, knowing it was one of her ticklish spots.

"Mulder, stop it" she breathed out in giggles as she felt his fingers play behind her knee. She looked at him and saw the smile and the mischievous glint in his eye. She managed to move her hand from behind her and swatted him lightly on his ass.

"Oh you're in for it now G-woman" he slinked even further and up and pulled her skirt down off of her, then ripped her shirt off, placing his hands on her hips and tickling her on the sides of her waist.

She giggled like crazy, thrashing herself against him trying to avoid his devilish fingers and trying to tell him to stop. The giggles however quickly subsided as she felt his hand move back down and inside of her, playing around and moving, causing her to arch her body against him, mumbling incoherently.

"What were you going to say to me Scully?" His eyes were now heavy lidded and black with desire as he saw the effect he was having on her.

She kept her mouth shut and moved her hands up his body, removing his shirt and bring his mouth down to hers, chewing and nibbling his lower bottom lip before parting her mouth to let him in. She loved his kisses and got drunk on them every time. She would die a very happy woman with her lips locked onto his.

Her lips never parted with his as she reached down to his slacks, and undid the belt buckle, pulling down his slacks and boxers all in one shot, allowing his [edit] to spring free. "My my Mulder" Scully gazed at his [edit], "you're just a little too happy to see me aren't you?"

"Always Scully, and only happy to see you. You see what you do to me? One look and I'm there." He moved his [edit] close to her [edit] and started to tease her, enjoying every gasp and moan he received from her mouth. He leaned in hungrily again and kissed her, wanted to receive those moans into him, to become a part of him.

She couldn't take anymore of his teasing, and without breaking any contact with his mouth, she grabbed his [edit] and moved deep inside of her, basking in the fullness of him.

He broke apart from her. "No fair, now that's cheating" he pouted, his eyes however dancing.

"All's fair in love and war Mulder. Now start moving."

He saluted her "yes ma'am" and started a steady rhythm. He moved slowly at first, continuing to try and tease her, but she resist him, and met him thrust for thrust. It wasn't long before he picked up the pace, hands roaming all over her body, and her hands grabbed his ass to bring him deeper inside of her and it wasn't long before she could feel her impending "Mulderrr!!" she started to scream and thrash beneath him, taking him along for the ride crying her name as he felt his release.

He collapsed on top of her, pulling her closer to him on the bed, pulling the covers up to cover the two of them. "I think we should celebrate more often" Scully snuggled even closer, placing her head in the crook of his neck.

He placed a small kiss on top of her forehead and just held her. "Twins Scully, who'd have thought I'd be a father of twins."

He rolled over in a moment of glee, bringing Scully ontop of him, her body stretched over his. "You know what this means don't you?"

"We're going to have two kids instead of one?"

"You're not even supposed to be able to be pregnant, yet here you are carrying twins....my twins. It's a ready-made family, Scully. You, me, and two little boys."

"Girls, Mulder. My babies are going to be girls, I can feel it inside me already."

"Girls...boys, what's the difference, they're still ours, you and me, a miracle of our love."

"Now you're getting all philosophical on me, but yes" she sighed wistfully. "They are a miracle."

His face grew dreamy again. "I can have the son I always wanted, teach him to play basketball, swim..." his voice faded away at the thought.

"Baseball?" Scully teased, she couldn't resist.

He laughed at her comment. "Well I was thinking I could leave that up to you Miss. MVP, afterall you know how to play just fine."

"All right, as long as you promise me not to teach them how to ski."

It didn't take long for his fingers to grab her sides and start tickling her furiously. "What were you saying to me Scully?" he continued playfully.

"I was saying" she breathed between giggles, "that I will teach them baseball as long as you don't teach them how to ski."

"Are you mocking my skiing skills?" he feigned mock hurt had her nod and smile. "I'm hurt Agent Scully, I thought I did pretty well up there."

"You went on the moguls Mulder. I was very sure I'd have to perform first aid on you by the time you got to the bottom."

"You" he kissed her once, chastely, "can perform first aid on me anytime you want." He kissed her again, this time more thoroughly.

"Are you saying you need first aid?"

"Uh huh, I happen to be very sore Dr. Scully." His eyes were dancing again.

"Oh? And where do you happen to be sore?" Her eyes were twinkling too.

"I think you know where" he mumbled against her mouth, and leaned in for another kiss.

A month later, and Mulder and Scully returned home to the apartment after another day of paperwork. Although it was nice to spend the time sitting down in the basement, spending time together, Scully wanted to be in the field while she still had the chance. She already had to buy a whole new wardrobe, and it wouldn't be long before the simplest tasks became harder.

Scully headed into the kitchen and made herself another Peanut Butter and Cheese sandwich, <and I wonder why I'm piling on the pounds> she smiled to herself. <Ah, but you are eating for three now, it's allowed> And with that, she took a large bite out of the sandwich and continued into the living room, still eating her sandwich.

Mulder appeared from the bedroom, now clad in his jeans and gray tee shirt. He sat down on the couch next to Scully, took one look at her sandwich, screwed his face up and turned away. "Oh my God! How many of those revolting things have you got to eat before you're satisfied?" he asked, a mocking tone to his voice.

"Shut up!" she replied, picking up a cushion and tossed it in her direction. "Look, are you gonna grab something to eat now, or when we get back?"

"Where are we going?"

"Mulder!" She raised her trademark eyebrow at him. "Unless you don't want to be there when OUR children are born, I suggest YOU accompany US to the birthing classes. Got it mister?"

"Yes. I'll be there. When do we leave?"

"In about half an hour, so get a move on!"

Mulder planted a gentle kiss on Scully's cheek, whispered 'I love you' and ran into the kitchen for something to eat. Scully remained on the couch smiling smugly to herself.

Mulder parked the car in the allocated lot, and with Scully at his side, walked into the building. They registered at reception and were shown to a room by an old lady. On entering, they were greeted by a young woman. There several other couples scattered about the small room talking amongst themselves.

"Hi there, my name's Helen Miller. You must be Dana and Fox. I've been expecting you."

"Yeah, sorry we're late," Scully smiled, "we had trouble with the traffic."

"No problem. If you'd like to come with me, I'll just take down some information, and then we can get started." Mulder and Scully followed the young woman over to a table in the corner and took a seat. "Okay, I know some of these questions can be a little personal, so feel free to pass on any you feel uncomfortable with. However, do I want to say, that the more we know, the more we can help you. Okay?" Mulder and Scully both nodded their heads. "Okay, let's start with the simple ones. Do either of you have any nicknames that you would prefer to be called?"

"Dana's fine with me, but I suggest you call him Mulder."

"Okay, is Mulder the baby's father?"


"Excuse me?"

"Babies, we're having twins," he explained.

"I'm sorry. Do you know what sex the babies are?"

"No, we wanted it to be a surprise."

"There's no problem with that. Is this your first time as parents?"

"Yeah, it was kinda unexpected."

"An unplanned pregnancy?"

"No, not exactly. A few years back I was told I wouldn't be able to have children, but miracles will never cease."

"Well, I'm glad for the both of you. Now, what about your jobs? Do you both work?" They nodded their heads in agreement. "Okay, is it an energetic job? Stressful? Irregular hours?"

"All of the above I'm afraid. Mulder and I are Special Agents with the FBI. I am also a doctor."

"I see. In that case, and especially as you are carrying twins, I would suggest you get yourself put on desk duty maybe a month before normal, maybe even two. We'll see how the weight gain, blood pressure and that kind of stuff go. Is there any questions or anything you need to tell me that I haven't already asked?" Once again, they nodded their heads. "In that case, let me introduce you to the group. I want you both to understand however, that within these four walls anything that is said stays here, and that no one judges each other. We are all here for the common need to look after both the body and the baby. Okay?"

"Sure," they chorused.

She introduced then to Todd and Jemma Spenser, builder and accountant, expecting their third child in September; Paul and Hattie Sherman, business manager and bank teller, expecting their first child in late October; Grace and her mother Tanya Jackson, high school student, expecting her first child around the same time as Scully.

After all the introductions were over, and everyone had gathered a mat, the lesson began. To begin with the birthing partners were asked to sit on the mat with their legs apart, feet planted firmly on the ground, and then their partners were asked to sit between their legs, resting their hands on their partners knees. Everyone was told to concentrate on their breathing, slowly steady breaths in and out, preparing them for labor.

"Partners, this is a good opportunity to find a way to help your partners relax. A massage in the right place never goes a miss. Trust me on that. Fifteen hours into labor, a massage is a good thing," Helen laughed.

"And I thought this stuff was supposed t be kept in the bedroom," Mulder whispered into Scully's ear.

"Such up Mulder, I'm trying to concentrate," she breathed as she continued you the slow, deep in and out pattern. Mulder followed the advice of Helen, and began to massage her shoulders gently.

Several more exercises and positions later, the floor exercises were finished with. Everyone replaced their mats, grabbed a chair, and sat in a semi-circle around the television and table at the far end of the room. There were several videos, statues and posters on the table. Helen picked up on of the models first the one of the cross section of the feminine lower body as well as a baby.

To start with, Helen gave a demonstration as to how exactly the baby would travel through the lower half of the body and out at the bottom. The men in the room were feeling at little sick at that time, while the women paid full attention to the instructions Helen was giving. Even Mulder, after seeing the things he had, was feeling a little green around the gills.

However, that was only a preview as to what was to come - the real live video footage of the demonstration she had just given. Helen placed the video in the machine, and a screaming woman appeared on the screen. Not quite the kind of screaming woman Mulder was used to, definitely not. On seeing a head, followed by shoulders and a body emerge from between the legs of the woman on the screen, Mulder felt his snack rising up his throat from his stomach. He stood up from his chair and headed to the doorway.

Helen, with a smile on her face, called out after him, "second door on the right!"

The classified section of the newspaper sat folded on the compartment in the car between them, three blocks circled in bright red marker. "You know, we could probably find better houses if we stuck with the no pets rule." Mulder stated while looking at the road behind him.

"I don't want the no pets rule. I want my children to have the option of growing up with a dog or a cat or whatever. Even if we don't get one, at least we won't be denied one."

"We can always get fish," he ventured.

"I've seen the way you take care of your fish. We had to get another batch when you moved into my place cause you stopped feeding them. Even now with the three new ones I have to take care of them."

"I'm shocked, I take care of Curly, Larry and Moe, I'm the one who cleaned out fheir tank this weekend."

"Only because I asked you too." She countered. "Make a left here" they turned into a relatively nice neighbourhood, most houses looking around in the price range.

"What's the number?"

Scully glanced back down at the paper. "1327, I think it's around the bend."

Sure enough, they pulled into the driveway of the largest house on the street. A large iron wrought fence surrounded a large front yard filled with green grass and trees, and the house was at least two stories if not more. "You sure this is the house Scully? It looks awfully big for this neighbourhood. I thought you said this is an affordable neighbourhood."

"It is, usually, well lets just take a look anyway. If we can't get the house, maybe we can get a few ideas for our new interior. If we're going to have children, I can't keep the white furniture, it'll get dirty."

They pulled into the driveway and was greeted by the real-estate agent, Deneka Michaud. You must be the Mulders" she greeted with her hand extendedl

"Actually he's Fox Mulder, I'm Dana Scully, still go by my maiden name" Scully corrected her.

"Great, why don't I take you around and see the place." She unlocked the front door and opened it, allowing Mulder and Scully a full view of the lobby. An oriental rug covered the ground and a large winding stair case covered in plush carpeting could be seen climbing up three levels and down one level, and a large crystaline chandelier hangng in the middle of it. "As you can see the house is four levels from the basement up, eight bedrooms, four each on the top two floors, the master being found on the second floor. She walked them up the stairs to the first of the two floors and into the master bedroom. "The master bedroom is large and spacious with a bay window to over look the view in your front yard and down the street." She gestured to two large doors in front of her. "This is the closet, a large walk-in with cedar shelves and an overhanging light. Fits about anything you want." She walked and opened another door in the room. "And this is the master bathroom."

Mulder and Scully stood looking in awe at the large spacious black and white bathroom in front of them. The floor was black and white marble with a large step before an in ground four person Jacuzzi tub, in the corner a two person glass shower, and a two toilets, a sit down one and a fancy urinal for men. On one side was a large vanity mirror with plenty of bright lights, and solid oak cupboards. "Scully" Mulder whispered. "Just imagine what we could do in that bathtub."

I really don't think we can afford this on our salaries." Scully replied blushing hoping that Deneka didn't overhear her. They followed her around the house in wonder at the beauty, and really regretted showing up, knowing that they couldn't afford it.

"So what do you two think?" Deneka looked at them in anticipation, no doubt imagining the commission she would receive on such a house.

"We have other house we plan on looking at too" Mulder explained. "Is there a business card we can have to let you know our decision?"

Deneka handed them a business card and thanked them for stopping by, walking them to their car and waving as they pulled out of the driveway.

"Get the thought out of your head Mulder" Scully's voice cut through before he could say a word. "You and I both know that there is no way we can afford that house, even if we weren't having children. We'd be broke for the rest of our lives trying to pay back the mortgage for that place, that's even if the loan for the place was even approved."

"You're right Scully, but the fun we could have had in there."

"Get your mind out of the gutter, we don't need an underground jacuzzi bathtub or a King size bed to have fun. What we have is good enough. Take a left here." She pointed to the next street and he drove another couple of blocks until they approached a one level bungalow over a large piece of land. "That's the second house."

"This one looks more like our price range." He parked in front of the drive way and was greated by the house owners. They were putting it for sale privately, with just the ads in the papers and the sign on their lawn."

"Fox Mulder," a large burly man greeted him with a smile, grabbing his hand with both his hands and shaking it hard. "I'm Sandford Bergan, my wife Beverly, but you can just call her Bev. Welcome!" he gestured to Scully, "this must be the little lady!"

She grimaced at the use of the term 'little lady' but tried to act polite anyway. "Very please to meet you Mr. and Mrs. Bergan, Dana Scully" she introduced herself.

"Please, just Sandford and Bev, we're very informal here Dana. Well shall we take a look around here then?" The two nodded and followed the large man around, taking in the rooms around them. The house was very nice, quaint, three bedroom, spacious living room, the kitchen was a little small, but most where, and two bathrooms, one on the main level with a shower, and one in the basement with no shower.

"This is a really nice house, Sandford." Mulder looked satisfied with the layout.

"Yeah, we like to call it home, but Bev here just got a better job offer in Philiadelphia, so it's time to move the old homestead. You wanna take a look around in the backyard?" He led them out to the back, "we've got everything you need, apples, peaches, pears and a cherry tree. Your own fruit stand in the Summer if you wanted." He looked rather proud at his work.

"Hey Sandman," a gruff man called from over the fence. "Those the newbies?" he pointed to Mulder and Scully.

"Possibly, Fox, Dana, my neighbour, George Brown." The man extended a dirty hand over the fence and heartily shook theirs, not noticing them wiping away the dirt.

"Fox? What kind of name is that, boy? Mother didn't like ya or something?" he laughed deeply.

Mulder looked ready to lunge at the man, but Scully intercepted. "Come on Mulder. Thank you, Mr. Bergan, we'll let you know by the end of the month." She dragged him to the car before he could do any damage.

"I can't believe this," he was cursing in the car. "'What kind of name is that, boy? Mother didn't like ya or something?'" he mimicked. "I'll give him names, I can give him plenty of names. Come on Scully, lets move in there tomorrow and scare him the hell away."

"Calm down Mulder, being mad isn't going to help, besides he's dirty and he creeped me out. I don't want him near our kids."

"One more house then we're back at square one. How come I get the feeling today is not going to be our lucky day?" he veered on the road.

"I told you, calm down, I don't want to get hurt in here or even worse killed. This next house is in a relatively new neighbourhood. Affordable yet exclusive, you won't get neighbours like him."

Scully was right when she mentioned that they would be going into a new neighbourhood, most of the houses were still being built. "We're do we park?" he asked as he drove down the freshly paved road.

"There's a trailer at the end of the road. We're supposed to speak to the manager inside so I guess we keep driving until we see him."

They found a small parking space next to a relatively large trailer posting the sign "welcome to Capital Park Housing."

"Good afternoon Miss Scully," the real-estate agent greeted her as she got out of the car. "Mr. Mulder," he greeted Mulder. "Welcome to Capital Park."

"I thought the houses we'd be looking at were completed" Mulder stated as he followed the agent inside the trailer.

"No no! We do have a standard model up for viewing, but what we normally do is customize the house to your needs. You purchase the land and decide how you want your house to be built. It's very simple actually." He led them to a seat by a large computer screen. "This is the housebuilder program. It allows us to design your house right in front of your eyes. Once created it gives us a price estimate based on the data imputed and we'll have your figure for you. It won't take long after we send the design to headquarters for them to create the blueprints and the house will be ready in five months."

Mulder did the calculations in his head...five months would bring him up to the nine month mark for Scully. The timing was perfect. "Well shall we start?" They gave the agent the details and set to work, finally coming upon a design they like and new they could afford. "Well what do you think Scully? Think it's our dream home?"

She smiled and nodded, glancing at the layout and the features. They had managed to put in everything they wanted, a decent sized backyard, a fire place, four bedrooms, three on the second story and a guest in the basement, as well as a two person jaquzzi tub in the master bedroom. It wasn't quite the first house they saw, but they fell in love with it the instant the design was finished.

They settled on a price and Mulder stayed behind finishing the deal with the agent and picking out a corner lot while Scully drove to the bank to finalize the loan.

MRS Scully's Residence
One Month Later

Mulder and Scully pulled up to Mrs Scully's house at 8 in the morning. Mulder helped Scully out of the car. Even the simplest of tasks were becoming difficult for her now. Five months down, another four to go, and already she looked ready drop. Mrs Scully greeted them both with hugs and kisses. They all made their way inside and awaiting the arrival of Charlie, Amanda, Edward and Howard.

With Charlie off to sea for three months, he was unwilling to leave his also pregnant wife Amanda at home alone with their twin boys. After all, coping with the twins on your own was a hard enough job, but being pregnant too was almost impossible. So he had arranged with his mother that Amanda, Edward and Howard would stay with her until after the birth and Charlie's return. Two hours later, a car pulled up on the driveway. Charlie and his family emerged from the car and headed to the house. The ding of the doorbell alerted the occupants to the arrival. Scully left the kitchen covered in baking flour and answered the door.

Edward and Howard smelt cookies in the air and ran straight for the kitchen, with a shouted 'hello aunt Dana' on their way. Smiling, Scully turned back to her brother and sister-in-law, and gave them each a kiss on the check. At this point Mulder had joined Scully. He shock hands with Charlie, and gave Amanda a quick peck on the cheek.

"Mulder, why don't you go and help Charlie with the bags, while I get Amanda settled."


Charlie and Mulder disappeared outside to the car, while Scully took Amanda through to the couch. Edward and Howard returned from the kitchen, disappointed to find the cookies still baking in the oven. They joined their mother and aunt on the couch.

"I thought I heard the door?" Mrs Scully queried as she came down the stairs.

"Grandma!" the twins chorused, and ran to her side.

"You did, mom. Charlie and Mulder are bringing in the bags, while Amanda and I catch up, and the twins are waiting for the cookies. I think they probably about ready to come out now."


"Men! They only ever think about there stomachs!"

Scully took the over gloves from her shoulder and tossed them in her mother's direction. Mrs Scully proceeded towards the kitchen with her two grandsons in tow. Scully and Amanda remained on the couch, their feet resting on the table.

"So, how are you coping? Bet that was a shock for you. It obviously was for Mulder, mom told me all about it."

"Yeah, you could say it was just the littlest kind of shock," Scully replied, her voice dripping with sarcasm. "But I'm getting used to the idea now. The only problem is the getting fat. I can't even get out of bed in the mornings..."

"And you still have four months to go!" Amanda laughed.

"I know! Everyone keeps reminding me."

"I don't know what you're worried about. I was bigger than you are now when I had the twins."

"Bigger? I didn't think it was humanly possible to get any fatter!"

"Yeah, but the fatter you get, the more I love you," Mulder smiled from behind the couch as he slid his arms around her shoulders. He planted a gentle kiss on her cheek. "By the way, you mom says cookies and milk in the kitchen for anyone who wants them."

"Not for me, thanks."

"Oh goodie. I haven't had some of mom's homemade cookies since I don't know when."

With that, Amanda hauled herself off the couch and headed towards the kitchen. Mulder took her place and scooted closer to Scully. Mulder's arm snaked behind Scully and came to rest lightly on her shoulder. Her head fell to the side and rested on his shoulder. She closed her eyes.

"Are you alright?" Mulder asked.

"Yeah, just tired. I didn't get much sleep last night. It's not easy when your stomach sticks out 10 feet in front of you."

"Then get some sleep now," he said as he guided her body down, so her head rested on his lap. He began to gently stroke her hair behind her ear. With heavy eyes, she let out a sigh and caved into the darkness that threatened her. The finally words she heard as she drifted off were, "I love you."

The day was bright and sunny and unusually above average for this time of year, and Mrs. Scully was going to make sure that it wasn't wasted away. She took a look over to Amanda and Charles huddled on the couch, their last few hours before Charlie had to leave to go back to sea and she decided they should be left alone. "Howard, Edward" she called out. "Come on you two, grab your jackets, we're heading for the park."

"But grandma, we want to stay here, what are we supposed to do at the park?" Edward started pouting at the thought.

"Don't give me that, you're ten years old, I'm sure you can find something to do, besides, Dana and Fox are tagging along, don't you want to spend your day with your aunt Dana?"

Mulder and Scully looked shocked at the suggestion, they certainly didn't plan on leaving the house just after arriving there, but once they got one look at Amanda and Charlie they knew why. "Of course we're coming, why waste a day like today, besides the park is filled with fun stuff."

"Yeah, like garter snakes to poke sticks at," Mulder chipped in.

The boys eyes went wide at the thought and quickly ran for the jackets, screaming the possibilities. "Hey, no snakes!" Scully yelled after them, then lightly swatted Mulder. "Thank you very much, I'm going to make you chase after them every time they find one, I'm not dealing with them."

"Come on Scully, I used to play with the snakes when I was their age, used to throw them at Samantha."

"You were a horrible older brother then!" She regretted it the minute the words came out of her mouth when she saw his hurt face. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that, I didn't mean it that way." She lifted her hand up to his cheek in apology.

He placed his hand over hers and held it there. "I know you didn't, but just thinking back to some of the things that I did, I really was a horrible older brother."

"Oh you probably treated her no different than the way Bill treated me when I was younger."

"So now you're saying I'm just like Bill?" the sparkle was alight in his eyes again.

"Just like him" she leaned in closer, "maybe even worse, but I love ya anyway." She quickly put her lips to his, then pulled away, dragging him out the door behind her.

The park was filled with people enjoying the day, seniors sitting on the benches feeding the ducks, lovers sitting under the trees stealing moments, and parents on the edge of the playground watching their youngsters play. Mulder could easily see himself doing that in a couple of years, and growing old with Scully sitting on the benches feeding the ducks, watching their grandchildren play in the park. It was something he had never really given thought to, but liked the idea more and more with each passing moment.

He didn't have long to think about it though before Mulder was being pulled by the boys over to the large rocks on the edge of the park. "Come on Uncle Mulder, the rocks are perfect for finding snakes, come help us look."

Mulder looked back at Scully sheepishly, regretting even mentioning the idea of snakes. After their case a year ago, he really hated them. "Umm...how about we forget the snakes guys" he protested following them to the rocks.

"You're going to have quite a handful Dana dealing with twins, just look at them over there." Mrs. Scully settled on a bench next to Scully.

"Not to mention dealing with Mulder, he's like an overgrown boy sometimes too."

"He'll make a wonderful father you know."

"I know. Did I ever tell what he got for the baby?"

"No, you didn't."

"The day he found out he went out and bought an alien stuffed toy, first toy, and when he found out it was twins, we went out that night and bought a second just like it." She gazed off at the rocks and saw him stumble slightly as he tried to keep up with Edward and Howard. "He just better not pull the snake thing with my kids, else I'm searching for a new father."

"You two are happy aren't you?"

"Very, since Aspen it's like my life has completely changed. We've grown closer and I feel freer to speak about things to him I normally never would have."

"But that's what your supposed to do when you love somebody. Do you two have a wedding date set yet?"

"I don't' think there's going to be a wedding mom, I mean I want one, but I don't think Mulder is the type of guy to enjoy marriage. It involves a huge commitment and I don't want to push him, the subject hasn't even been brought up yet between us."

"How do you know he doesn't want one? Has he at least proposed to you?"

"No." She looked downcast. "I'm happy, I don't need to be married to him to be happy." She looked him dodging the boys as they started to show him a snake they found. "I do suggest however that we make a move to get over there and help him, he doesn't like snakes."

"BOYS!!!" Mrs. Scully was up in an instant.

After Scully had threatened the boys with an afternoon in handcuffs, they reluctantly took the snakes back to the rocks. They all indulged in an ice-cream before returning to the house to bid farewell to Charlie. On returning to the house, they found Amanda and Charlie on the doorstep.

"Sorry we took so long," Mrs Scully called out. "We all stopped for ice-cream."

"It's okay mom. I've got a few minutes to spare. Right then boys, you got a hug for you're old man?" Edward and Howard walked up to their father and stood before him, side by side. "Right then you two, we'll I'm gone, you two will be the men of the house, when Uncle Mulder isn't around, and I want you to take care of your mother and grandma, okay?"

"Yes sir," they chorused.

"Good, and please try and be on your best behavior. You are guests here, and both your mother and aunt Dana are pregnant. They don't want to be chasing you two around."

"Yes sir," they repeated.

"Right then, in that case, I'll be seeing you when I return from the high seas."

Mrs Scully, Mulder and Scully watched from a slight distance, trying to give the family a little quality time before Charlie left. Scully stood next to Mulder, and he could see her right hand playing with the cross around her neck. She only ever seemed to do that when she was worried or thinking about something close to her heart. Mulder leaned into her ear.

"What's up?" he whispered.

"He's just so like my dad." She paused then replied in barely a whisper, "I miss him."

Mulder silently nodded his head in support and then placed his arm around her, pulling her close. She rested her head on him. Taking a few deep breaths, she took under control the tears that she could feel building in her eyes. On opening her eyes, she found her brother heading down the path toward them.

Scully broke away from Mulder, and wrapped her arms around her brother. "You take care out there little bro."

"I always am."

Charlie and Scully exchanged a brief sibling hug. Charlie then turned to Mulder. They shook hands, and Charlie pulled him into a brotherly hug too. "Now you take care of the little ladies, or you'll have to deal with, or worse, Bill!"

"Have no fears, I will."

He pulled away from Mulder and then headed towards his mother. They shared a brief embrace and a motherly pet talk, before he broke the hug. His wife and children had now joined him by the car. They shared a family hug before Charlie got into the car.

Everyone waved as he pulled out of the driveway. Edward and Howard began running down the sidewalk trying to keep up with their father as long as possible, waving as hard as they could. But as the car sped up, they were left standing on the sidewalk.

"Come on you two," Mrs Scully called down the road, "let's go inside and get some thing to eat."

Edward and Howard strolled back up the road. They stood next to their grandma, Edward on the left and Howard on the right. Mrs Scully placed a hand on each of their shoulders and guided them back indoors. Mulder did the same, but had Scully on one side and Amanda on the other. They all stepped inside out of the hot sun.

The boys sat the table impatiently picking at their peas while Mrs. Scully was washing the dishes in the kitchen, and Scully was curled to Mulder's side on the couch. "But grandma," Howard started looking at his plate. "Uncle Mulder and Aunt Dana left the table, why can't we?"

"Because they ate their peas. Come on, you're not five years old anymore, you can put up with eating a few measly peas."

They sent a glance over to their mother who stood helping Mrs. Scully. "Forget it guys, listen to your grandma, you heard what your father said earlier, behave."

Mulder sent a grin over the boys way, which they returned by sticking their tongues out at him, and motioned for Scully to get off the couch and follow him. "Where we going Mulder?"

"The basement, it's nice and cozy."

"And if I fall on those stairs, they're slippery you know."

"I'll catch you, besides I'll be right in front of you so if you slip, I'll break your fall, and my back along with it, so don't' fall."

"I'm not that heavy Mulder."

"No, you're not, you're a lightweight for this stage in your pregnancy. I told you earlier, I want you fatter."

"Shut up."

He had started a fire before dinner and it was now in full swing as he pulled her close to him on the couch in front of it. "Enjoy your day? I know you love seeing your family."

She curled up right next to him, leaving no space between them and placed her head on his shoulder and nodded into it. "I have a question Mulder, where do you see us going with this relationship?"

He stiffened right up next to her, not fully comprehending the meaning behind the question. "Well you know the parents by the playground watching their children earlier today" she nodded against him, "I see us doing that in a few years, and in the future I see us sitting on the benches where the old fogies were sitting" he received a light swat for the name, but he continued on anyway, "and I see us holding hands for the rest of eternity, Mulder and Scully, forever partners." Never in his speech did he make mention of marriage though. "Why do you ask?"

"My mother brought up the idea of marriage in the park today."

"Do you want to get married Scully, cause it really doesn't matter to me. I don't need a piece of paper that says how much I love you, or you me, but if it's going to make you happy, I will."

Tears started to form in her eyes <it's the hormones> she kept reiterating to herself, but she couldn't convince herself of that. She knew it was the man. As aggravating as he was some days, he always knew how to say the right things to make her putty in his hands. She reached up and closed her mouth over his before separating and leaning back in his shoulder. "No, as long as I'm with you I'm happy, we don't need a piece of paper."

Two months down the line, and Scully was considerably larger. She had spent the last two months doing Mulder's paperwork along with any other boring work Skinner saw fit to give her. As much as she hated paperwork, she loved it when she wrote up Mulder's notes.

Scully now occupied a small office upstairs along with two others, Agent Rachel Atkins and Agent Sally Edwards. Because they were apart, Mulder would dictate his notes to a tape, and have it delivered to Scully's office. It wasn't the convention of a tape that thrilled Scully, but what was contained on the tape, the reasoning behind the tape machine and headphones.

His notes always started with a message to her and ended in a similar fashion. Then, every so often the note dictation would cease, and he would turn and say, "I love you Scully" or "I miss you already and it's only 10:30" and on one occasion, he even told her in detail what he wanted to do to her nude, enlarged body when he got her home that night.

But that was all to end pretty soon. Skinner had informed Mulder and Scully that as soon as she hit the seventh month of her pregnancy, she was to be placed on maternity leave. As much as she hated to go, she knew she had to. She allowed Mulder to help her pack up her things. They drove home in silence that night, not because they weren't talking, but because it just seemed right to remain quiet.

They arrived home that night to an apartment littered with half packed boxes and minimal furniture. Everything that was unnecessary had been put into storage until they moved into their new house.

With only two months left of her pregnancy, it was likely that Scully could go into labor at any time, so Mulder had arranged for him and Scully to stay with Mrs Scully. Scully didn't want to intrude on her mother because she already had Amanda, Edward and Howard staying with her, but Mulder didn't want her at home alone all day while he was at work.

So, he made the arrangements, and Mrs Scully was happy to comply. There would just have to be a re-juggle of sleeping arrangements. They were all set to move out of Scully's apartment at the end of the week. They really needed to finish packing, but they just needed time alone tonight.

Scully leaving work was only the beginning. There lives were changing in every possible sense. It was all happening quicker than they ever though possible, but all for the good. They had each other. They were setting up home together. They had a family on the way. They had finally found themselves - in each other.

"Hey Mulder, what do you want to do with all these magazines, you've got boxes full of them?" Scully held up a Playpen to emphasize her point while they were cleaning out his apartment.

"Hey, some of those are vintage collectors issues, we can't throw them out!"

"Well we're not keeping them that's for sure, I don't' want our children to snoop around and finally find their daddy's dirty magazines." She looked at one of the covers. "My god, how long do they date back?"

"Never you mind that Scully, at least I haven't bought any since Aspen, be thankful for that." He grabbed the magazine out of her hand and placed it back in the box, moving them to a corner of the room. "Frohike will enjoy these, and that way they're not gone to waste."

"And your video collection?"

"I've told you before they're not mine, the old lady next door gave them to me as a sympathy gift" he grinned sheepishly.

"Yeah and I'm the Queen of England" she retorted.

"Well I guess that would make me Prince Phillip, then, at your service majesty" he mocked bowed, "I'll do anything you desire" he raised his eyebrows suggestively at her.

"Come on Mulder, the moving van will be here shortly and we need to decide what were putting in storage, what we're going to throw away and what we're bringing with us to mom's."

"It's simple really, furniture we store, as well as my computer considering we have your mom's computer and your laptop, keepsakes we store, and everything else but clothes is trash."

By the time the moving van arrived, Scully had noticed that Mulder was right. He only had a few pieces of furniture that he wanted to keep, such as his couch, coffee table, desk and bed for the spare room. He had already sold his kitchen table to another resident in the building and the appliances came with the apartment. They both knew they wanted to buy new appliances anyway for the new house. The clothes and Mulder's Indian blanket had been packed in the car, and everything else shipped into the moving van, with the exception of the magazines and videos which were being shipped to Frohikes, except a few he had other plans for.

"Ready to go?" Mom's waiting for us.

"What about your apartment?"

"I grabbed all of my necessities yesterday while you were at work and the rest is in storage. There wasn't much I was throwing out."

"Well this is it then" he took one last look around his empty apartment. "Goodbye bachelor pad." He turned to Scully, "you know, I'm going to miss this place." He placed his hand on the small of her back and steered her out the doorway, helping her in the car, then drove to meet her mother in Annapolis.

The following week Mulder and Scully, along with a list of stuff to buy, went down to the local department store to pick up the baby things they would need. After rearranging Mrs Scully's house, they had managed to make available enough space for most of the baby stuff. They started with the essentials - the furniture.

By the end of their first hour shopping they had bought two pine cots, two Moses baskets, two highchairs, two car seats and a two-way baby monitor. All of which were to be delivered to Mrs Scully's house sometimes during the next week. They were going to leave the pram and pushchair buying until after the birth in fear of the old wife's tale that it was bad luck to do anything else. They didn't want to tempt fate, not with their little miracles.

Next, they made a pit stop to the linen department, to pick out the sheets and blankets. On seeing that her mother had told her to buy 10 sheets and 10 blankets for the cots and the same amount for the prams, she almost fainted. But trusting in her mother's judgment, and the fact that she had had four children, she went ahead and bought them, ranging in color from lilac to sunflower yellow.

The next item Mulder brought to her had her in stitches. He had managed to pick up the cot quilt that belonged to a collection. The pattern on the quilt was of little green men with one eye and UFOs. Scully was in hysterics. "Oh Mulder," she rasped, breathless from laughing some hard. "We can't get that! They'll have nightmares from the minute they can focus their eyes! You'll traumatize them for life."

Mulder's face fell at that moment. He was heart broken. On returning his gaze to Scully, he gave her his standard puppy dog eyes. Scully expelled a deep sigh. "Oh Mulder." She walked over to him, wrapped her arms around his neck. No mean feat, not at six months pregnant, with twins! She placed a gentle kiss on his lips. "Maybe when they're older? Okay?"

Mulder seemed to perk up at that suggestion, and ran off to replace the quilt cover he had picked up. They managed to find a design that they could both agree on, the Teddy Bear collection. They bought two matching sets of cot bumpers, quilts and mattresses. They even managed to find a pair of curtains that went with the collection too.

They moved deeper into the baby department. Their mission now to seek out enough clothes to keep two newborn babies. They started with the basics, several packs of three sleeping suits, baby rompers and top and pants sets, along with the mittens, hats and socks. Next came the hooded robes and baby towels. Then they moved into what seemed to be Mulder's favorite part of the store - the so-called proper clothes, dresses, pants and even baby tuxes.

"So, what do we buy for Scully?" Mulder asked gazing at the array of clothing in front of him. "Boys or girls?"

"I think the best idea would be to shop for both."

"Yeah, why didn't I think of that?" Mulder left Scully for dust as he headed deeper into the clothes, remembering the advice from Mrs Scully, <a baby can never have enough clothes>. The first thing to capture his eye was a fleece romper suit, fluffy to the touch, with a little hood, with ears attached. The pattern and the fabric were to mimic the motif of a dog that adorned the small pocket. He picked out four and headed back to Scully.

"Hey Scully, look at these! I mean, how cuter can you get?" Mulder ran off once again. He was like a child who had been let loose in a candy store. Scully had to laugh at the sight. She had never seen his this happy, well maybe once before, and one time to come, those being the news of her pregnancy and in the future the arrival of their miracles.

Mulder made several trips back and forth to Scully bring her pretty pink dresses, pants, denim jeans jackets, pullovers and he ever brought back a Knick's tee shirt, newborn size. Scully could resist that one and added it to their growing heap. Mulder kept bringing back garment after garment, and usually four of everything. Scully replaced the excess clothes on their respective rails, as she tried frantically to keep up with Mulder. Scully then lost sight of Mulder for several minutes. She was beginning to worry about him when he suddenly appeared from out of nowhere holding a bag. Scully eyes his bag suspiciously. "What have you been buying Mulder?"

"It's a surprise. You'll have to wait and see, but you'll like it. Unlike the bill we're about to run up," he smiled looking at the large amount of clothes Scully now hand rested on her enlarged stomach. "Come on. I promise to catch you when you faint!"

"Ha, ha! Besides, you're paying!"

Scully gave him a smug smile as she proceeded to the nearest cash register. She placed the clothes and accessories on the counter. The young lady began to ring everything up. As they had suspected, they ran up a very big bill indeed, but what is one to expect when twins are on the way. It looked like they both might have to take up second jobs to pay for it.

But money was the last thing on their minds at that moment in time. The only thing on their minds was the future and the hopeful prospects it now held. A new house being built, a family on the way, but most importantly, they were together. And they would always have each other, no matter what.

The department store had delivered the cribs as promised within the week, and come the weekend, Mulder was excited to put them together. It took him no time at all to change out of his suit and into a pair of jeans and t-shirt and gather the right tools before he set to work in the spare bedroom that he and Scully were staying in.

"You sure you're going to be okay Mulder? You're not very handy with this stuff, I still remember when you tried to fix that woman's pipe last year."

He chuckled at the memory too. "It's not my fault, her whole apartment was falling apart, if you haven't forgotten her floor needed some desperate repair too."

"Oh I hadn't forgotten, I was just saving that memory for when I could really use it." She turned around leaving Mulder to work with the cribs. He opened the first box and separated the many varieties of pieces then opened the instruction manual and set to work.

It looked simple enough.

He followed the instructions as carefully as he could, only slipping the book under the box whenever Scully or somebody else came up to see how he was doing. He didn't want embarrass his manhood by people seeing he had to actually follow an booklet. He knew it should be instinctive.

After a good hour and a half he had the frame work all completed on the first crib and called everybody up so they could slip the mattress in it.

"Impressive Mulder, I was wrong about the handy man bit." She smiled at the frame and looked on as Mrs. Scully and Mulder lowered the mattress, then they eyed his work.

The two of them turned around to leave Mulder to the second one when they were stopped by a creak, and just as they turned their heads, the entire crib fell to the ground. "Never mind Mulder, I take that back." Scully went to put a hand on his shoulder in support, trying to ease the stunned look on his face.

"Come on, why don't you shower and mom and I will put this together, I've done it many times for friends." Scully quickly pushed Mulder out of the room and started on the crib herself, erecting both of them withing two and a half hours perfectly.

Mulder had emerged from the shower, refreshed and revived. He was a little uneasy about facing Scully and her mother because he knew they were going to mercifully tease him about his DIY skills, or lack of as the case was. He changed into a pair of sweats and his usual tight gray tee shirt. He cleared up the bathroom, placing the towels in the laundry hamper and began to make his way downstairs.

En route to the kitchen, Mulder stopped by the spare room to peer in at the cribs. He was struck by the fact that in less than three months there would be two little lives occupying them, two little lives that would be depended on him and Scully, unable to protect themselves from any danger. That responsibility fell on him and Scully as parents. But he wouldn't give up his miracles for anything, not even the X-Files.

While in the sanctity of his own solitude, he decided now was the perfect time for his surprise. He went over to the corner of the room where he had placed the bag. Taking the object from the bag, he began to fix it to the ceiling, directly between the two cribs, that now lay side by side. He stood back to admire his work.

Unknown to him, Scully had entered the room, the only announcement of her presence, the fingers that entwined around his. "Oh Mulder!"

Mulder turned to face her, a wide smile across his face. "Well surprise! What do you think? I thought about what you said and tried to find one that wasn't too scary. Well?"

"Mulder it's adorable!" Mulder reached up and gently pushed the mobile. It began to spin slowly above them. The spacecrafts, planets and aliens orbited around the planet Earth that inhabited the center. "It's educational and cute at the same time. Thank you," she whispered as she went of tiptoes and placed a gentle kiss to his lips.

Mulder was just about to deepen this kiss, when Scully suddenly pulled away from him, gasping in pain. Panic swept over him. "What Scully? What is it? What's wrong?"

She backed away from him slowly, then composed herself as realization came over her.

"Come on Scully, tell me what's wrong, speak to me!" Mulder was at her side in a second offering support, and the panic continued to grow the longer she stayed silent. "Scully, I can't help if you don't tell me what's wrong."

He was about to call Mrs. Scully up to the room, until he noticed a small smile growing on her face. He was instantly curious as to why she would be smiling in such a situation. She looked up at him with a brilliant smile and immediately understood the question burning in his eyes. "One of the babies kicked."

It took a moment for the statement to register in his mind then he started to feel the sides of his mouth upturn into a smile equally as brilliant as her. "Really? Which one?"

"I don't know, which ever one that kicked, I can't see inside myself yet. You want to feel?"

He approached her slowly. "You sure?"

"Mulder, you're the father, of course you can. Here, put your hand on my stomach and hold it there. Something tells me he or she is not through yet." As if on cue, her face contorted in pain as she felt the baby kick again, this time beneath Mulder's hand.

He looked up at her full of glory. "I can't believe it. I could feel it."

"Is everything okay in here? We thought we heard Mulder panicking." Amanda waddled into the room with Edward and Howard in tow.

"Everything is fine. The baby just kicked that's all." Mulder was on his knees now with his head rested against her stomach, as everybody looked on.

Scully scrunched her face again with another kick, and Mulder feigned flying to the ground in front of the boys. "That was some kick, really knocked me out of it, I think we've got soccer players coming Scully" he grinned her favourite grin again, and his actions set the boys laughing in hysterics.

The boys looked over at Mulder lying on the floor and exchanged a knowing glance, then pounced on him, wrestling him two on one.

Amanda walked over to Scully and stood next to her watching the ongoings of her sons and Mulder. "You sure you want twins Dana?"

"Am I sure I want twins?" Scully asked, somewhat taken back. "Well, I don't have much of a choice in the matter." Scully gave Amanda a worried look. "Got any tips for your sister-in-law?"

Amanda guided Scully out of the spare room, leaving Edward, Howard and Mulder rolling on the floor. They both took a seat on the bed in Amanda's room. "Well, for a start, you have nothing to be worried about," she smiled. "It's the most wonderful experience in the world, if you're prepared for it. They come as a pair and tend to do things in pairs. If one wants to be fed, you can bet the other can too. That's a real b1tch when you're breastfeeding, but as soon as they go onto formula, then both you and Mulder can feed them, at the same time. As much as I wanted to breastfeed Edward and Howard, I was just to tired, and not to mention sore, to do it. So, Charlie and I put them on formula."

"Oh God what have I gotten myself in for?"

"The best feelings in the world," Amanda replied, grinning ear to ear. "I won't lie to you. It's going to be difficult at first. It is for any new mother, but it gets easier as time goes on and you get a routine. But the best advice I can give you is try and spend quality time with both of them, a little one on one goes a long way, and the number one rule of being a parent, treat them the same. Kids are very perceptive. But apart from that, this is going to the experience of a lifetime. And you'll be fine, both of you. You've got nothing to worry about. Besides, you're gonna be here with mom for a while, and she's amazing."

"Thank you. I just worry all the time. Ever since I was told I would never have children, I realized exactly how much I really did want them. And now that I do, I just worried. I don't want to let them down, or Mulder. You've seen how he is with the boys. I just don't want things to go wrong. I don't want to screw everything up."

"You won't," a voice called out. Scully looked up to see Mulder walking towards her, a twin dangling from each arm. "Ok boys, drop." On his command the twins let go and fell to the floor laughing. Mulder went over to Scully and reached out his hand. He pulled Scully to his feet. "You'll do fine. Honest." Mulder pulled her into a bear hug, while Amanda vacated the room with the twins, giving them some time alone.

Annapolis General Hospital 3rd Floor, Pediatrics

"Mulder, why do you always have to be the late one?" Scully and Amanda waddled ahead of Mulder down the hall to meet up with the group at the end, while he trailed behind with Mrs. Scully.

"I just don't see why we need a tour of the hospital. I mean between the two of us, how many times have we been in one? They're all the same despite different locations."

They caught up with the rest of the group, two other couples who were due around the same time as Scully and Amanda, and the nurse who was leading them on this tour.

"Scully family?" the nurse saw them approaching and looked back down on her clipboard.

Mulder nodded despite not being a Scully. He figured he was close enough anyway. He received the clipboard from her and signed in all of their names, making note of the other members of the group. He remembered both of them from their weekly Lamaze classes, Tanya Jackson, a young teen who's expecting, along with her mother Grace, and Kirsty and Lee Harper, a couple in their mid-twenties expecting. Mulder was suddenly feeling very old in the room.

"Good afternoon everybody, I'm your tour guide and head nurse here, Catherine Wilson. The tour is very simple today. We'll take you to the birth suite and go over all of the instruments used and the procedure, as well as the nursery and finally special care unit where we treat premature babies. Shall we get started?" She led the way down the hall to a corridor on the far side of the floor. "This is the birthing suite corrider where you ladies will be giving birth to your children." As if on cue, a woman shrieked from the other side of the hall, a loud long cry of utter pain, and Mulder began to feel light headed. "That is an example of a woman giving natural childbirth, which means she decided to turn down the epidural, a pain killer. It's a common sound in this hall." She led them into an open suite and gestured to the bed. "You'll notice the bed is wider than most and lined with plastic at the bottom. The plastic sheet is disposable and it's for any fluids that may come out of your body along with the child. The bed is wider to allow your legs to spread farther apart more comfortably, that way the child can ease itself out of you." She pulled up a tray of utensils and introduced each one individually, explaining their function. "Finally we have the bedpan. This is used to catch the placenta, otherwise known as the afterbirth after your child is born. As a mother though you are allowed to take a look at it if you wish." She placed the pan back on the tray as Mulder leaned into the wall as a wave of nausia came over him. There was no way he wanted to look at the placenta, even if given the option.

"Excuse me" he ran out of the room as he felt the final push of his stomach and into the nearest bathroom he could find before losing his lunch. He was beginning to feel like he was getting sick more often then Scully was, and she was the one who was pregnant. He managed to catch up to the tour group as they reached the nursery and flashed a weak smile at Scully.

He was beginning to wonder how he would last in the birthing suite as Scully's partner if he was already reacting the way he was.

Mulder was in the bathroom getting ready for bed when a sudden pounding begun at the door, followed by Scully's voice crying out, "come on Mulder! Hurry up! I need to pee!"

"Why didn't you go when you were in hear?" he asked as he dried himself off.

"I did!"

"Then why the hell do you need to go again? You just went!"

"Well, you try having two babies sat on your bladder, and see how long you last! Now get out of the bathroom before I pee on the floor!"

Mulder wrapped his towel around his waist and opened the door. Scully came rushing past him and headed for the toilet. He managed to steel a kiss in her haste. "I'll see you a minute." He returned to the bedroom, muttering to himself. He'd suffered through the morning sickness with no worries, he'd handled her feeling horny (oh yeah, he'd handled that well, very well!), the mood swings had even been bearable, but the peeing? The peeing was just so d**m annoying!

He climbed into bed after putting on a pair of boxers and waited for Scully to join him. Several minutes later, she came waddling through the door. "Okay now?" Mulder asked. "Did you get it all out of your system?"

Scully said nothing, but gave him a look that could kill. She went to the edge of the bed and lowered herself. She let out a deep breath at finally being of her feet. She swung her legs up onto the bed, and scurried up to the top next to Mulder. She took a pillow and placed it between her knees as she got herself comfortable. She used Mulder for a pillow, snuggling as close as she could.

"So, what do you reckon then? Had any time to think?"

"No. We should read some more." Mulder nodded in reply and put on his reading glasses. He picked up the Baby name and book and began reading through the names, while Scully continued to draw lazy circles in his chest hair, her eyes growing heavy just watching.

"Right then, where were we? Oh yeah. 'F's. Okay then. Faith?"

"I like that one, but keep reading."

"Fanny, definitely not. Faustine?"


"According to this book, Faustine means 'lucky, auspicious in Latin." Mulder caught the look on Scully's face. "Okay, we'll skip it. I haven't even heard of half these names. Next decent name is Fay, with or without the 'e'."


"Ok. Felicity then."

"Yeah. I like that. Felicity Mulder, it has a nice ring to it, don't you think?"

"It does. Are we going with middle names?"

"Hope," Scully smiled, and sighed. "Felicity Hope Mulder."

"Well, we're all set if we have one girl, but I know we're gonna have two boys. What do you say to that Scully?" On getting no reply, Mulder pulled his nose from the book and looked down at Scully to see her fast asleep on his chest. Carefully, he took off his glasses and placed them on the bedside table along with the book. Turning out thee light, he snuggled closer to Scully and joined her in the peaceful world of slumber.

The house was a mess. Plain and simple. Mrs. Scully was scrambling to clean up Edward and Howard's mess before Charlie was due to arrive, and they were not helping. "Boys, do you want me to tell the Captain of your behaviour while you've been here?" She started scolding their lack of interest in maintaining order in the house, and at the mention of Charlie, the two boys were up and at 'em instantly, picking up their toys and folding their laundry to make the place semi-decent. "This is why I stopped having children after Charlie" she muttered to herself.

The phone started to ring and Amanda made a mad dash toward it, grabbing the receiver before Mrs. Scully could answer, "Charlie?"

"Nope, sorry" Mulder's voice came through from the other end. "Scully there?"

"Yes, but she's in the washroom again" she could swear she heard him rolling his eyes on the other end. "You want me to tell her to call you back?"

"Just tell her I'll be back later then planned, traffic is really heavy here."

"Sure, no problem" she hung up the phone and returned to rearranging her bedroom, trying to pass the time before Charlie came home, and heard the doorbell ringing. "Charlie!" she started running down the hall then came to a dead stop as a sharp pain over took her.

"It's not Charlie, dear," Mrs. Scully called from the door, "just a couple of Girl Scouts selling their cookies." She walked by the bottom of the stairs to notice Amanda standing at the top holding her pregnant belly. "Amanda, what's wrong?" her voice was filled with alarm, and as if to answer her question, Amanda's water broke with another cry of pain.

"Dana!" Mrs. Scully called as she saw Scully running to a halt at the stairs. "Grab Amanda's overnight and carry it to the car please." She walked up the stairs to help Amanda down without hurting herself.

"The baby's coming" she started screaming. Edward and Howard were out of their room in a flash.

"No, you've still got time left, calm down and I'll take you to the hospital."

"But Charlie's not here."

"He'll be here shortly." She saw Scully carrying the duffel bag and stopped her. "As soon as we leave, call Charlie on his cell, the number's on the fridge, and tell him to meet us at the hospital. Stay here and watch the boys. We'll call when we know something." Scully gave her sister-in-law a squeeze of the hand in support than placed the bag in the car before waddling to the phone to call her brother.

Scully stopped at the phone, her swollen ankles not able to take her any further for the meanwhile. She called to Edward and asked him to fetch the number from the fridge instead. Edward did as he was asked, knowing that his Aunt Dana wouldn't tolerate any bad behavior on their part. He handed her the rumpled paper, and began dialing the number.

"Hey Charlie, it's me."

"Hi little sis. What's up? I'll be home soon. Couldn't it wait?"

"Nope, the baby's on its way. Mom's taken Amanda to the hospital. So I suggest you turn around and head in that direction."

"What about the twins?"

"I'm taking care of them, both lots. Besides, Mulder should be home soon. I'll be fine, just get a move on. Amanda needs you."

"Okay. Well, I guess I'll see you when I'm a father again!" She could hear his smile over the phone already. Charlie hung up before she had the chance to say goodbye. At any other time she would have been insulted, but right now he had more important things on his mind.

"Right then boys. You're mother's gone to the hospital with Grandma, and you're father is heading there too, which means you're going to have to wait a little longer to see your father I'm afraid. But, it means we can finish the job you grandma started, getting this place cleaned up. So, let's get to it!"

Scully waddled into the kitchen with Edward and Howard behind her. The twins picked up the cleaning basket from under the sink and placed it on the kitchen table at Scully's instructions. Scully then started dishing out orders along with the wood polish and a cloth to Edward and the Vacuum Cleaner to Howard. The twins made a start on the living room while Scully began to tidy the kitchen and start on the washing up.

Annapolis General Hospital 3rd Floor, Pediatrics

Amanda was wheeled down the corridor in a wheelchair, doubled over in pain. She held her mother-in-law's hand for support. Mrs Scully was trying to encourage her to breath, but it wasn't working. The pain was too much. So much for a natural birth! Amanda had already demanded an epidural and the anesthetist was on his way. Between the cries for drugs and the cries of pain, Amanda was calling out for Charlie. But he still hadn't made it, and she was close. She could feel it. She also had a bad feeling that maybe he wasn't going to make it at all. She doubled over once more as a strong contraction ripped through her abdomen.

The boys sat for several hours around the living room of the house after they had finished cleaning everything, and watched television. At this point in time they weren't able to focus on anything except for the coming of their new baby brother or sister. "Aunt Dana? How long does it take for the baby to come out of mom?" Edward was curious, and anxious at the same time.

"It depends. Sometimes it takes only a couple of hours, or sometimes it takes more then 10 or 15 hours. I know it took Charlie 23 to come out of your grandma."

"23 hours??? That's a whole day!" Howard was shocked.

"Yes, and you two combined it took 16, so who knows with this baby."

The three of them focused back on the television and finally the front door opened and the two boys ran to it to greet whoever was there. They returned downtrodden when they realized it was only Mulder.

"Hey, what's going on it here, it looks like it's a mortuary" he sniffed the air momentarily "although it smells clean." He leaned down and kissed Scully before allowing her to speak.

"Amanda's gone into labour. The boys I guess are just anxious to see the new baby."

"Is Charlie around yet?"

"I sent him straight to the hospital to catch up. We decided it best to leave the boys here considering they'll have nothing to do there and no telling how long it will be."

He walked back to the front and hung his coat up before sitting next to Scully on the couch. "How long ago was this?"

"Just after you called." She looked up at him. "And now that you're here to answer the phone if need be, I'm running up to the washroom." She rose from the couch and left the room, leaving Mulder alone with the two boys.

Knowing everyone would be too wired to sleep, Mulder suggested they have a slumber party in the living room. The boys were excited, and immediately ran back to their room. The boys took the duvet and pillows from the beds. While they were in their room they took the opportunity to change into their pajamas.

Mulder followed the boys upstairs. He too changed into a pair of jogging bottoms and a tee shirt. He grabbed a pair of maternal pajamas for Scully and the duvet, and headed back downstairs. The boys had beaten him down and were on the verge of starting a pillow fight, but their Aunt Dana was keeping them in order. Scully left the room, taking her pajamas and went to change in the downstairs washroom. Mulder pulled the cushions off the couch and pulled out the metalwork that was underneath. He began assembling it, and placed the duvet on top.

Edward and Howard ceased the opportunity of not having Scully in the room, and began beating each other up with their pillows. Mulder could hear the pair of them as he continued making the bed. There was a sudden moment of silence, followed by a giggle in the boys' direction. Next thing Mulder knew he was socked over the head with a pillow and fell face first onto the bed.

Mulder lay still on the bed as they beat the pillow on his back, blow after blow. When Mulder didn't response, they grew bored and were about to walk from him, when he grabbed a pillow and swung it sideways. Both Edward and Howard fell on the duvet-covered floor in fits of laughter. Mulder took another pillow, so that he had one in each hand, and started attacking both the twins at once.

Scully chose that moment to enter the room. "Mulder!" she cried out, her tone of voice too like his own mother's when he was a child.

"What?" he asked. "They started it." Edward and Howard smiled sweetly.

"Somehow, I find that hard to believe." With that she strolled over to the pull out bed, and climbed under the covers. "So, what are we gonna watch?"

"Star Wars!" Edward shouted.

"No, Indiana Jones!"

"Star Wars!"

"Indiana Jones!"

"I think we've got our own war going on. How about we watch Homeward Bound?"

"No way! Chick flick!" Edward screamed. Scully shot Mulder a look. He only smiled in return. "I'd rather watch Indiana Jones."

"Then it's settled, we'll watch Indiana Jones, and then, if there's time, we can watch Star Wars afterwards."

"You two real should watch what you say around your Aunt Dana, she has a way of making you do things!" As soon as his comment came out, Mulder felt a pillow hit him in the back of the head. "See, now look what she's made me," he smiled, his eyes twinkling. Mulder leapt from the floor where he now sat. He ran over to the bed and leapt on it, the springs creaking as he landed. He crawled up the bed and started nuzzling her neck.

"Yuck!!!!!!!" the twins chorused, and started making retching noises. "Can we please just watch the movie? It's bad enough mom and dad do that, but you two as well? At least you could do it when the kids aren't in the room!"

"Okay, okay. I'll put the movie on." Mulder gave Scully a peck on the cheek and then headed towards the VCR. He took the Indiana Jones video from its case and placed it in the machine. Mulder hoped back on the bed with Scully, and the boys got comfy on the floor. The theme music played and everyone settled down to watch the movie.

Annapolis General Hospital
3rd floor pediatrics 4:08am

Mrs. Scully paced the waiting room just outside the birthing corridor. With Charlie's arrival several hours earlier, she had stepped aside as temporary birthing coach and allowed him to take over finishing the job.

That was six hours ago and she had still seen no sign of him or any of the doctors.

She had called Dana a couple of times to see how she was doing with the twins, and to her surprise they were all behaving, enjoying a slumber party in the living room watching Indiana Jones till all hours of the night.

From the waiting room she could hear the cries of the other expecting mothers from down the hall and for once was thankful she had reached menopause long ago. Menopause meant no more children and after enduring childbirth four times in a span of six years naturally, she didn't want to go through it again, and was not one bit envious of Amanda and Dana.

She paced across the room once again wondering what was taking so long with them. She knew she was being irrational. Childbirths was a long process, Bill was twenty-three hours, Melissa was twenty, Dana (always being the practical no nonsense child) held the record for eight while Charlie was for fifteen, so really, Amanda wasn't doing that badly, at about eight hours at the moment.

She pulled another quarter from her purse and picked up the payphone.

"Hello?" came the slightly female groggy voice on the other end.

"Dana? How's everything going?"

"Mom? How's Charlie and Amanda doing? Any word yet?"

"Not yet, but I have a feeling it will be soon."

She heard Scully chuckle on the other end. "Mom, don't worry about checking up on us, everything is fine here. Next time you call I expect to hear about the -"

She was cut off when she heard the double doors bang open through the receiver, and could hear Charlie mumbling in the background, then she heard a quick rustle of the phone. "Dana?"

"Charlie? What's the news?"

"Boy, 7pounds 11 ounces."

Mulder, Scully, Edward and Howard made their way down the hospital corridors, heading for the maternity ward. They had stopped at the shops on the way over and picked up some presents. Edward came carrying a huge old-fashioned teddy bear, while Howard held the baby warmer he had picked out from the shop. Mulder came bearing a huge bunch of flowers, and Scully, well she just carried her stomach in front of her.

They all met with Mrs Scully at the main desk of the maternity ward. The boys were full of smiles and excited, Mulder was just Mulder, and Scully was utterly exhausted from getting up every half an hour throughout the night to pee.

Mrs Scully ushered them down them all down the corridor to the small private room, Charlie, Amanda and their new baby were housed. They all entered together, Edward and Howard heading straight for the bassinet where their newborn baby brother lay snug in a rug. Mulder walked over to Charlie and they shared a handshake and a brotherly congratulations hug. Scully waddled to Amanda's side and they shared a somewhat awkward hug. Mrs Scully just watched on as her children, her children's partners and her grandchildren interact with each other.

"So, have you decided on any names yet?" Scully asked, getting all caught up in the moment, knowing that not before long she would be the one lying in a hospital bed with *two* bassinets next to her. "Well?"

"Actually, we have," Charlie smiled. He walked over the bassinet and picked up his newborn son. "Everyone, I'd like you to meet Jonathan George, the newest edition to the Scully family."

The family together sighed "aw", waking the poor little chap from his sleep. Jonathan was returned to his mother's arms. He instantly settled in the warm and loving arms he would come to know as his mother, protector and provider. Instinctively knowing that was the role she played, he began to cry out for food. Amanda, uninhibited by the many people in the room, began to nurse her child. Amanda and Charlie both had huge grins on their faces; the boys were disgusted; Mulder turned a little green around the gills; and both Scully and her mother laughed at the reaction of everybody else.

The family gathered around Amanda and Charlie, expressing their joys of happiness for the newest extension, Jonathan. Howard and Edward had managed to climb up to the foot of the bed and took turns holding their younger brother while Amanda and Charlie kept close watch over them making sure they were holding the head properly and making sure the baby was clutched tight in their arms and not about to fall.

"How long do you think before he could start playing Manhunt with us mom?" Howard looked eager for the answer. "A third member on the Scully team can certainly help even out the odds."

"He's still a baby, calm down. It'll be a few years yet. He won't be able to start talking for at least another eight months, walking for another 10 and I won't let him outside after dark till he's at least your age."

"But that's no fun, we'll be grown up then." Edward chimed in.

The two parents continued to argue with their boys about the situation and what they can and can't do with a baby while Mulder decided to step outside. Just watching the situation inside was becoming too much to handle, thinking that only in a few short weeks, he'll be inside doing the same thing as Charlie.

He collapsed backwards against the wall and sunk to the ground, just sitting before he saw Scully follow after a few minutes later.

She placed her hand on the top of his head and ruffled the hair. "Hey, you okay in there?"

"Just trying to take it all in that's all. I never thought that it would ever be my turn to be in Charlie's spot."

"Does it scare you?"

"Honestly, yes it does. Who's to say I will be a great father. Look at how I was raised. The fortunate thing about you Scullys are that you were raised in a loving family, so you know what one is like. My family fell apart after Samantha's abduction. What if some of my father's parenting skills rubbed off on me?"

"I don't think so Mulder. You're a much better man than your father. I've seen the way you work around children. I mean look at how you were with Emily. That was the first time I've ever seen you as a father figure. You made her giggle, something I wasn't able to do."

She carefully maneuvered herself against the wall and began to sink down next to Mulder, having him help her along the way. "Careful, don't want to hurt yourself."

She stretched her legs in front of her and curled up at his side, allowing him to put his arm around her shoulders pulling her closer. "I don't think I'm getting up again." They both started to chuckle. "You know, when I was in there, as happy as I was for Amanda and Charlie, all I could think about was it's soon going to be me in that bed, and as selfish as it is thinking about myself during their time, I couldn't stop."

"I don't blame you. I watched the whole family situation and tried to put myself in their place. It just didn't work."

"The good news is that our children will now have a cousin their age to play with when they get older." She scrunched her face for a moment. "That is if Charlie ever decides to pay us a visit with them."

"Why does he have to pay us a visit? We could always go out to his naval base and visit them. I'm sure he and Amanda won't mind us. As you heard inside, the twins could use another member for Manhunt!" He grinned ear to ear.

"So that's the only reason you want to visit my brother, to play Manhunt" she teased

"Is that so surprising?" he teased back.

"No, what is surprising is that you, Fox Mulder, king of workaholics in the FBI, plan on taking vacations. If I remember correctly you weren't too enthused to go on your forced vacation to Graceland."

"That's cause I had to go by myself. At least now I'll have some company. Seriously though. I have a family now, I want to take family vacations. I used to love them until my parents got divorced. We'd go everywhere we could."

He rose from the ground and extended his arms out to help Scully up without hurting her or his back. "I'm not going to be my father Scully. We're going to be happy."

She pulled herself up and placed a small kiss on his mouth in reassurance. "Of course we are. The Scully in me wouldn't have it any other way." She grabbed his hand and led him back inside before turning to her brother. "Hey Charlie, mind if I use the washroom in here quickly?"

Mulder and Scully entered the office of Abigail Wilson once again. Another appointment, another routine check-up, another chance to almost pee oneself.

"Good morning Dana, Mulder."

"Morning," they chorused.

Scully hopped onto the bed, and Mulder came to stand beside her. Abby placed the head of the scanner over Scully's gel-covered belly. Once again they got to see their two little miracles. Today, they were huddled together, forehead to forehead. They were lying perfectly still, thumbs in mouths and knees bent to their chests.

"Well, everything seems to be in order. However, if you don't go into labor by this time next week, we will have to induce."

"But that's Thanksgiving!" Scully blurted out in disbelief. "Surely you're not going to induce on Thanksgiving, are you?"

"Well, maybe not. It will be the day after, but that's only as a last resort. Preferably, we want you to go into natural labor, but sometimes that's not always possible. We'll just have to wait and see. But I do suggest you let Mulder take care of you for the next week. No more doing everything. You have to sit down and rest, and get as much sleep as you can. That goes for both of you. Very shortly, you're not going to know what sleep is. Okay?"

"Yes Abby. DOn't worry, I'll make sure she doesn't."

"Okay then, in that case, you're free to go. And I shall see the four of you soon," she smiled.

"Thanks Abby."

After Scully's belly had been cleaned, she pulled her top all the way, and then stuck her hand out to Mulder. Carefully, he pulled her to her feet, and together they said goodbye to Abby, and headed for the car.

The house was being torn apart left right and centre in preparation of the new arrival coming home today. While they had cleaned everything only days before, Mrs. Scully had realized in the hospital that they had forgotten to baby proof everything. With Charlie going back to sea again so shortly, she didn't want to leave Amanda by herself with a newborn and two troublesome boys. It was only reasonable that she stay for another couple of months before Charlie would be home for a while. The cords from the curtains were being pulled high and off the ground and all sharp objects either put away or covered with something. The corners on the coffee tables were being covered with a thick sponge and Mrs. Scully's old child gate was being put up over the stairs. Although she knew the child would be too young to move anywhere without being carried, she didn't want to take any chances, and if the youngster was anything like Charlie, he'll be pulling all of the stunts possible.

She thought back to when her husband was stationed at Norfolk, and Charlie just a year old developing his sea legs. Bill had just taken Bill Jr, Missy and Dana for a tour of his new ship he was Captaining leaving Charlie at home with her, and her neighbour. They had turned their back on him one minute and he was gone, and while she had started tearing apart the living room, Marissa (her neighbour) was fiddling around with the gate when he crawled back up the stairs and with a grin showed her how to open it. Since that day they had installed a door placing a padlock on it so he couldn't get down again.

Only two months later he became the escape artist again. Bill had just finished building a new fence in the backyard to keep the children in was off at the hardware store looking for some paint when Charlie went missing again. Marissa had found him in the front unearthing all of her flowers and brought him inside again. When asked how he got out, he simply led them to his father's tool box outside and pulled out a hammer. Then showed them how he loosened a couple of the boards on the fence to slip through them, putting them back in place so nobody would notice.

Needless to say she never let Bill do any housework again while Charlie was around watching.

She opened the door to see Amanda coming in carrying her bags and gifts, and Charlie not to far behind her with Jonathan. She wished them all the luck in the world with him.

Tempers were frayed and confrontations at there peak. Everyone was acting on only three hours sleep a night with the exception of Edward, Howard and Mulder. Mrs Scully, Amanda and Scully were suffering from 'mommy radar' overload, Charlie from 'daddy radar' overload, while Edward, Howard and Mulder slept straight through the night's interruptions from the wailing newborn. Scully made a mental note to fix the baby monitor right next to his ear in the vain hope that she wouldn't have to see to all the night duties involved in being a new parent.

Thanksgiving celebrations were to begin the day after tomorrow. Due to the new arrival and disrupted sleep, everyone had forgotten or ignored the fact, having more important things to worry about. So, at the last minute, Mrs Scully had gathered Edward, Howard, Scully and Mulder and headed down to the local store, leaving Charlie and Amanda at home to take care of Jonathan.

Mrs Scully thanked the Lord above that she had pre-ordered her turkey six months in advance. She put up with the comments from her daughter about being too prepared, but who was too prepared now? If she hadn't, then they would probably be eating pork or beef, and that definitely wouldn't go down to well.

On reaching the store, Mrs Scully sent Edward and Howard off to fetch this and that from her list. Scully, pushing the shopping cart, strolled slowly (couldn't do it any other way) down the aisles with Mulder at her side, while her mother and the boys tossed things in. In went the yams, the vegetables, the pumpkin pie, the squashes, bread, cranberry sauce, basically enough to feed an army and more.

They paid and left the store, carting several bags each, apart from Scully who carried only the car keys. Although, she could have quite easily perched several bags on her stomach, her mother refused to allow her to carry anything other than the keys. They got into the car, and Mulder, being the macho man, drove them home.

Scully was ordered to sit and rest for the most part of the day considering the babies were expected at any hour, so instead of straightening and organizing the house like she usually did before Thanksgiving, she had Mulder and the boys work on it, and sat around peeling apples in her chair in the kitchen. It wasn't the most thrilling of jobs, but she had to admit, it was much better than dusting the furniture and vacuuming the carpets. She didn't move from her seat at all during the afternoon, except to run off to the washroom once every half hour. If it didn't feel like she was carrying twins before, it certainly felt like it now with the way they were sitting on her bladder.

Mulder just sat there amused every time he heard the toilet flushing and saw her emerge.

"Hey, sexy mama to be, care to head to bed?" It was getting late and they all knew they had to be up early the next day to actually start cooking the food itself, not to mention that he and Charlie and the boys wanted to get their seats by the television early for the football games. First kickoff was at 1pm, Redskins vs. Ravens.

She leaned up against him as close as she could with her pregnant belly in her way and planted a kiss firmly on his lips. "Only if you help me up these stairs." She turned and walked to the first step, allowing Mulder to place his hands on her rear pushing her up while she held on for dear life onto the banister. Once up the stairs he guided her to their room and left for the bathroom himself to brush his teeth and get ready for bed.

He returned moments later, dressed only in his boxers, having thrown his jeans and t-shirt into the bathroom hamper, to find Scully standing in full naked glory by the floor length mirror staring at her profile. "What's wrong?" He came up from behind and wrapped his arms around the upper portion of her body.

"I look like a whale. I never thought I'd look this huge. And the sad thing is despite the fact that we're going to have two gorgeous babies, I'm going to miss this stomach."

"Well we'll have to remedy that situation won't we and just keep you barefoot and pregnant." That deserved a poke in the ribs. "Be thankful I didn't say in the kitchen."

She raised her hand ready to whack him hard again, but before she could bring it down upon him, he was nuzzling her neck, doing delicious things with his tongue against her skin. "Mmmm...Mulder" was the only thing she could get out of her mouth. She always loved it when he did that to her.

He continued to nuzzle and nip and suck while pulling her closer against him, one hand remaining on her chest, the other rubbing her engorged stomach. She was feeling like she was in pure bliss. "Muullder" she could hear her words starting to slur. "Bed. Now."

He smiled a thousand watt smile before speaking. "Hallelujah! Finally!" Those were the words he had wanted to hear for the last two months of her pregnancy, with her horny phase passed, she had seemed rather repulsed by the idea of sex for the last little bit.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means that I'm a man, and just because you didn't want sex, didn't mean that I didn't. Two months is a long time for a man who has to sleep next to the woman he loves every night. I was almost wishing at times that I had my videos here."

She leaned up close to him, well as close as she could get carrying twins in her. "Well wait no longer, you'll be glad you didn't have those videos here, trust me." She grabbed his hand and led him to bed. She stopped him at the foot of the bed and wrapped her arms around his neck, bring his face down to hers, and he met her half way. Both of their mouths opened at the contact and each hummed at the back of their throats.

His lips moved slow and languidly over hers, covering every inch of her mouth with perfection, occasionally pulling her lower lip into his mouth to nibble, and vice versa. She reached back and pulled his head closer, deepening the kiss, transcending it from exploratory to one of deep and increased passion until they both had to come up for air.

He grabbed her hands gently in his and pulled her up into the bed along side of him, moving up to nibble and suck on the soft skin just behind her earlobe, knowing it was the one spot on her head that would drive her crazy. She whimpered at the contact and he continued his exploration of her body with his mouth, occasionally placing his finger in her mouth to suck on when he felt she was getting a bit loud. They had learned their lesson the last time they were performing the horizontal mambo in the same house as the rest of her family. It was an experience he quite didn't want to happen again.

He moved his mouth slowly over her collarbone, taking in and marvelling at the feel of her skin beneath him. Each time he made love to her he was awed at the softness and silkiness of it. It was like nothing he had ever seen before.

She lifted her hands and placed them on his bare chest, exploring just like he was with her, running her fingers through the soft little tufts of hair he had sprinkled along it, and running them over the broad expanse of his shoulders before moving down to his navel. She scratched him lightly just below the bellybutton and felt the shiver run through him at the contact, and smiled a self satisfied smile. She was often surprised at the power she had over this man when it came to making love. "Mulder?" She rolled over so she was sitting ontop of him instead of having him lying beside her. "I think you're a little overdressed here." She smiled as he arched his hips enough to allow her to remove the boxers and free his straining member.

She shifted back slightly so she straddled his thighs and just looked down at him at his peak.

"I wasn't finished with you yet," he whined playfully. "I still have a good portion of your upper body to discover" and he sat up and continued, placing one hand on her right breast and moving his mouth to the left, slowly sucking and nipping as she arched into him, enjoying the fullness of her due to her pregnancy. He never knew how much a pregnant woman could turn him on until he met Dana Scully, and even after being her lover for nine months, he was still learning new things about her in bed. He felt a little spurt enter his mouth, then a retching taste and realized it was breast milk. He grimaced slightly wondering how babies could enjoy it and left the breast alone, moving to the other focusing around the nipple, but not on the nipple itself.

Scully honestly didn't know what bliss was until she found him teasing her like that. She longed for release and was getting anxious about moving beyond foreplay. Of course Mulder didn't care, he was content right where he was. "Mulder, NOW!"

He saw the urgency in her eyes and bent down to her stomach, leaning in quietly to speak to the unborn babies. "Now you guys in there cover your ears. What mommy and daddy are doing is not for children." He was about ready to position himself when another sudden thought occurred to him, and he leaned low again. "Cover your eyes too, now that you're upside down in there you don't need to be seeing what's about to happen." He kissed her navel, and moved up to kiss her as she moved forward to sink low on him.

They both moaned at the contact and he grabbed her hips to hold her close to him as he sunk in and filled her. She placed her arms on his shoulders and he looked up to see her sapphire eyes cloud over in desire, her cheeks flushed and lips swollen from their kisses, and seeing her pregnant body on top of his was the biggest turn on he ever thought possible. "God you're beautiful, you know that?" he whispered.

"Move." She didn't need to ask him twice and he began a slow pace, teasing pulling almost all of the way out before moving back inside of her, careful not to do anything to harm her pregnancy.

She closed her eyes as the sensations flooded her system. Making love to Mulder each time was always like making love to him for the first time, each touch igniting a fire deep inside of her.

"Open your eyes, Scully." He loved to look at her fully aroused, it was the most exquisite sight. Her eyes dark, mouth partly open and increased breathing had made him wanton with desire, and he plunged into her deeper and deeper, watching her bite her lower lip with each movement, as if she was ready to scream out at any moment.

"God Scully, look at what you do to me like this."

His eyes were a deep black, face contorted in pleasure and hands gripped at her side as he continued to move, faster and faster picking up the pace. She matched him with each arch of his hips, maintaining pace with her and could feel her impending climax, and knew with the rotation of his hips and the increasing speed he was not far off.

She moaned loudly forgetting the rest of her family and knew within seconds she would be there until....


"Geez Scully," he panted," I think...that was...you're loudest...climax yet! Wake the family, why not?!" Scully remained froze on top of him, from what Mulder thought was her best ever orgasm. But then, he felt something watery trickling down his leg. "God Scully! I know they're sat on your bladder, but did you have to pee on me!" he cried out mockingly.

Scully eventually found her voice. "Mulder..."


"I didn't pee, and I didn't reach the top so to speak."

"But...then what the..."

Scully met his gaze. "Mulder, my water's just broke."


Scully rolled of onto her side, then of the bed and stands up. Mulder scrambles off the other side. They stand face to face with each other, the bed in between them. Mulder helped Scully into her clothes, one of his shirts and her pregnancy slacks. He then began frantically searching the room for his boxers. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.

"Dana honey, is everything okay?"

"No mom," she replied as she opened the bedroom door. "My water's just broke."

"I see." Mrs Scully entered the room, bypassing Mulder who had is foot stuck in his jeans from dressing too quickly, and reached for the maternity bag she had packed for Scully a few weeks ago. "Right, let's get you downstairs. Fox, come down as soon as you're ready. And stop rushing so much. There's plenty of time."

Mrs Scully escorted her daughter out of the bedroom and helped her to climb down the stairs. Once at the bottom, she helped Scully into her jacket and found the car keys for Mulder. She placed the bag on the floor while she went to the kitchen to pick up a box of goodies she had prepared the day before. She placed them inside the bag.

"Just a little something to keep the two of you going."

Mulder appeared at the top of the stairs, and took them two at a time on descent. Mulder headed for the rack by the door where he had originally hung his car keys. However, they weren't there. "Keys? Where are the keys?"

"Right here," Mrs Scully replied, handing the keys to Mulder.

"Right, okay. Did someone call the hospital yet?"

"I'll do it as soon as you leave."

Mulder grabbed his jacket from the rack and shoved his arms into it, and doing up to keep out the cool night air. He opened the front door, ran to the car and unlocked the door. Just as he was about to get in, Mrs Scully called out to him.

"Haven't you forgotten something?"

"Oh God! The bag!" Mulder raced back to the house and grabbed the bag that was sat on the floor at the bottom of the stairs. He headed back to the car, opened the trunk and tossed it in.

"Fox!" a shrill cry came out as Mulder opened the driver's door once more.


"You've still forgotten something."



"Jesus!" Mulder once again ran back to the house, this time stopping by Scully's side. "Sorry." He placed a hand around her waist and helped her to the car.

"Nice to know we mean that much to you, that you forget us!"

"I'm sorry, but I'm kinda out of my depth here. I've never done this before."

"And I have?"

"I'll catch you later at the hospital baby. Good luck," Mrs Scully called out.

"Thanks mom." Scully turned to look at Mulder, and muttered, "I'm gonna need it."

If there was a traffic law that hadn't been broken before, Mulder was breaking it now. As far as Scully was concerned, he was driving like the maniacs on the road that she usually tries to avoid. He was well above the speed limit, weaving in and out of cars without signaling, and occasionally driving through a red light, once at a busy intersection almost hitting another car.

That's when Scully stopped him.

"Listen Mulder, I don't know about you, but I'd like to make it to the hospital alive, I'd like the twins to make it to the hospital alive, but with you driving like this" she stopped momentarily to clench her teeth as she felt another contraction run through her body. She continued with the breathing like her lamas teacher had taught her and waved Mulder as he tried to pick up the speed again. "We have plenty of time to make it to the hospital Mulder." She finally managed to speak again. "This kind of thing takes hours to happen, not minutes, as it is they're going to make me wait for a few at the hospital before assigning me a suite, then leave me alone for a couple hours before the doctor even comes in. Take your time."

He looked at her and realized she wasn't going to relent with the driving the speed limit deal, and slowed back to 60 mph instead of his 90. "I'm sorry Scully, really, but I've never had to drive a pregnant woman to the hospital before. I just don't want to get there too late and disappoint you or anything."

"You mean you don't want to ruin the upholstery in here" she smiled, but her joke fell flat as she realized he was totally serious. "You can't disappoint me Mulder, not possible."

This time she couldn't help but let out a scream when she felt another contraction beginning, this one stronger than the first few. "Take your time Mulder, but get me to the damn hospital as quick as you can!"

On arrival at the hospital, a nurse greeted them with a wheelchair. Scully eased herself in and the nurse guided them down the hospital corridors leading to the delivery suite they would be using for the duration of the birthing process. Mulder was frantic with worry and doing nothing to help Scully through the few contractions she was suffering from. That job fell on the poor nurse, who quickly disappeared after the contraction had subsided.

Time went from passing by slowly, to passing by even slower. The seconds audibly ticked by from the clock on the wall. And once every 13 minutes just as the second hand reached the '10' mark, a contraction came. They came and they went, but still nothing was getting a move on, so to speak.

They had been at the hospital almost 3 hours by this point, and still had only been visited once by the doctor and twice by the nurse to do the usual health checks, as well as to see how dilated she was. When the doctor and nurse turned around and continued to tell her it would be a while, she almost screamed (the real screaming comes later!)

At the six-hour mark, the doctor came back into the room once again. "How are you doing, Ms Scully?"

"Just awful! When the hell is this all gonna start? I'm missing thanksgiving for this!"

"Well, how close together are the contractions now?"

"Every 3 minutes and 15 seconds," Mulder chimed in.

"Okay. Well, let's just take a look as see how things are progressing." The doctor positioned himself at the foot of the bed between Scully's legs and lifted her green hospital gown. He stared at her for a while. "Well, it looks like these guys are almost ready to make an appearance," he announced, a smile creeping onto his lips.

"About f**ing time!" Scully screamed in reply, as another contraction ripped through her body.

"That's 3 minutes apart now doc," Mulder grinned. Scully caught his smug expression, you know, the one every man gets when he realizes that his about to be a father, and that he isn't the one having to go through that excruciating pain that they call child birth. She picked up the closest thing to hand - the metal bedpan - and tossed it fiercely in Mulder's direction.

Mulder had made a quick assessment of Scully's current temper and managed to drop to the ground just in time to see the bedpan flying over his head. They didn't show this kind of stuff in the birthing classes, he didn't know how to deal with it.

Of course he had heard others speak to him about it at work, the few male friends he had left at the bureau had cornered him one day Warning him of the birthing suite horrors.

<She'll break your fingers Mulder, Trish broke three of mine>

<Don't expect to hear for three days, Sara screamed like a banshee and nearly busted my eardrums>

<Go find yourself a case and get out of town while you can, trust me, you don't want to be near Agent Scully while she's giving birth>

He had just brushed off their Warnings with the standard <I wanna be there for Scully when she's giving birth to my children. How many other times am I going to be able to do this>

"They certainly didn't mention bedpans" he glanced at the metal dish lying on the floor behind him.

"What was that?" Scully's tone was sharp as she spoke.

"I said they didn't mention flying bedpans" he said, referring to the videos not wanting to bring up the conversation he had with other agents in the bureau at the moment.

Her face softened at his slightly panicked glance toward her. "I'm sorry Mulder, I really didn't mean to throw the bedpan at you, it was just the closest thing near me to take out my frustrations." She reached out with her hand and held his for reassurance that she wasn't really angry at him.

"It's alright Scully, I can see that you're in a great deal amount of pain. Like you've said doctors make the worst patients."

She smiled lightly at him until another contraction came over her and she squeezed his hand tightly trying to ride out the waves. Her screams as well as Mulder's could be heard down the hall.

The pain subsided in his hand and he looked at the doctor "Two minutes 55 seconds now."

"Anyway I can get a goddamn epidural here? I am not going through with this naturally anymore, I'm going to rip in two if it gets any worse." She was clenching her teeth together from the aftereffects of the contraction, and Mrs. Scully was at her brow wiping her forehead with a damp cloth.

The doctor was about the leave the room to get the needle when the doors burst open and a booming voice echoed through the hall. "This your doing Mulder? What the he**did I tell you about causing my sister pain."

Mulder inwardly groaning, he did not need this right now.


"BILL?" Mrs Scully, Mulder and Scully chorused.

"This is all your fault Mr Mulder! My sister is in pain because you knocked her up!"

"For God's sake Bill!" Scully screamed, sticking up for Mulder once again. "We are having babies and pain comes as part of the package. You should know that. You 'knocked' Tara up as you so quaintly put it! Or did you forget?"

"That's different!"


Bill was silent.

Right at that moment, Scully wished that she had not thrown the bedpan at Mulder, so she had it to throw at her brother. If she aimed just right she could knock him out cold for the next few hours and get some peace. But oh no, she's jumped the gun on that one. Damn Mulder! Damn Bill! Damn the male population! They were only good for one thing anyways!

Scully turned back to her brother. "What the f**are you doing in here anyways? Get the hell out of my birthing suite you pervert!" Scully screamed as once again another painful contraction ripped through her stomach.

To relieve some of the pain in her stomach, she heaved herself back up the bed and brought her knees up. She grabbed hold of them and began panting just like she had been taught. Mulder and her mother continued to coo and encourage her. Unfortunately, Bill was standing in the wrong place at the wrong time, and got a view of his sister that no brother should ever see.

"Oh my..." but before he could finish his sentence, his world went fuzzy and black, and began to spin widely out of control. He hit the cold floor of the birthing suite with an audible 'thud'.

"Oh brother!" she exclaimed. "Why are all you men such b**dy wimps?" she asked, directing her question at Mulder. "Now I know why it's the women who have babies!"

"Dana, you've got to calm down, this aggression you're feeling is not good for the babies, and yourself. You've got to save that energy for when the pushing begins, don't waste it on other people." The doctor had remained calm during the entire scenario. "I suggest you move him out of the way Mr. Mulder and I'll see if I can find smelling salts somewhere to revive him. You don't want him waking up to what he had just seen and passed out from."

Mulder nodded and moved away from Scully looking at his red, swollen hand. "Any chance you can bring me an ice pack doc?"

"Of course Mr. Mulder. We always keep one handy around here for such an occasion." The doctor exited the room leaving Mulder to pull Bill away from his spot at the door and move him to the chair next to the wall, facing Scully, but not her nether regions.

"You are such a wimp Mulder, I didn't squeeze your hand that badly." She reached out to examine it, frowning as he pulled it back slightly. "Don't be such a baby, I won't hurt, I promise I'll let go if I feel a contraction coming."

First glance at his hand and it was her turn to frown. It was swollen, and red, bruises starting for form on the base of his hand and two of his fingers. "I'm sorry, sometimes I don't know my own strength." She brought it to her mouth and kissed it better, before letting it go instantly to ride out another contraction. "I don't think it'll be much longer."

"I don't blame you Scully, it's not your fault that woman physiology causes pain during childbirth, but you're right, sometimes you don't know your own strength, sometimes I don't' know your strength else I wouldn't have handed you my hand to begin with." He reached out for the cloth from Mrs. Scully and started wiping Scully's forehead for her. "I guess this is new to us both that neither of us knows what to expect other than what they tell us on the videos."

"Unfortunately the smelling salts are being used by another couple down the hall at the moment" the doctor walked in through the door, handing Mulder an ice pack. "How is she doing now?"

"About one and a half minutes doc."

"Good good, she should be ready for delivery in about ten to fifteen minutes." He pulled up a chair next to the bed and continued to monitor and look on. "In just a little while Dana, you'll be the proud new mother of twins." He watched as Mulder smiled reassuringly at Scully, looking at the various emotions running across her face at that thought.

Then it contorted in pain as a fast and furious contraction, worse than the others started.

Bill stood in the doorway as Mulder past him, and he gave him a smug smile. Scully caught it.

"I don't know what you're so smug about. Didn't you hear? Mulder has gone to find a priest, and not to bless the babies! We're getting married, right here, right now. Mulder's going to be you brother-in-law. Put that in your pipe and smoke it you asshole!"


"Please, mind you language you two."

Bill did not grace his mother with a reply, and instead turned on his heels and walked out the room heading for Mulder who was running down the corridor.

Having no idea where he was going, and to frantic to think straight, Mulder continued running down the corridors. At one time he landed flat on his ass. He had been racing down a corridor when he rounded the corner and little too fast, slid on the floor, and had to take invasive action to avoid some kid in a wheelchair. That invasive action - landing on his ass inches away from the wheelchair kid, who sat there and laughed at him.

Mulder didn't have time to pick himself up off the floor - Bill did that for him. Holding him by the scruff, Bill backed him into a wall, pinning him there. "There is no way on this earth that you are going to marry my sister. I will not have you as part of our family."

"I already am you idiot. Scully has half of me inside her! And at any time now, she is going to give birth to them. And unlike you, I want to be there when she does. And be married to her. Now get out of my so I can do what SHE asked me to do."

"No way. I'm gonna make her see what a total loser you are if it kills me."

"It might just do that!"

"What's that supposed to mean?" Mulder didn't answer. Instead a wide grin spread across his face. Then, without Warning he brought his knee up and connected with Bill's groin. Bill immediately released his grip in Mulder and clutched himself in agony.

"No one will stop me for fulfilling Scully's wishes, now get out of my way." With that he walked away from Bill and headed down the corridor. Bill however, was going to do everything in his power to stop him. After regaining his composure he ran after Mulder as best he could. His run looked mighty funny to any onlooker. Legs bent at the knees in a bow shape, and waddling down the corridor. Quietly, he caught up with Mulder and placed a hand on his shoulder. "How many times Bill?" Mulder asked turning around and planted a right hook square on Bill's nose. Blood started trickling from the blow.

"You bastard! You broke my nose."

"Good, maybe that will teach you a lesson! Now let me get on with my duty as a husband and father-to-be. Scully needs ME." Once again, Mulder turned and fled away from Bill. As he turned the corridor, he saw that Bill was now being taken care of by some nurse, who had taken pity on him.

"Why must men be so stupid?" Scully's face was scrunched in pain as she was trying to delay the birth as long as possible, or until at least Mulder arrived with the priest in tow. "He should have known I wanted to be married before the twins are born."

"Calm down Dana, did you tell Fox you felt this way?" Her mother was continuing to wipe the sweat off her daughter's brow.

"No, I actually told him that it doesn't matter whether I'm married or not, but since when has he ever believed what I told him about my feelings...never!"

"Listen, over-anxiety while giving birth is not good. I was like you when giving birth to Bill, and while I love him to death, he's my son, look how he turned out."

Scully didn't get to say in word in edgewise before the doctor entered with a very large needle in hand. "Okay Dana, I'm sure as a doctor you know how the epidural works. I'm going to have you lean forward as far as you can and the needle will be placed in your lower back below your vertebrae. You'll feel a pinch for a second, then it should take effect sometime in the next few minutes."

The doctor was right, and with the combined pain of the labor and the pinch from the epidural, Scully felt ready to scream again.

"There we go, all done Dana. Let's just take a look at how far along we are now." He lifted her dressing gown and peaked in. "I think we're ready to start here, shall we?"

She bolted straight in bed and immediately tried to shut her legs. "No!" the doctor eyed her curiously, and she spoke again to explain the situation. "Mulder's not back yet. He's gone to go get the priest, and I'm not giving birth to until he's back here and we're married."

"As your doctor I must advise against the wait. I don't think you can wait that long."

"Bull, you're forgetting I'm a doctor too, and I would never do anything to hurt the babies, or myself, but I've waited my entire life for this moment, so I can wait a few minutes longer." She dared the doctor to challenge her, and he sat on the chair waiting for Mulder's return, while she stared at the door willing it to open, and quickly.

Finally, after what seemed like running around in four circles, Mulder found a sign that directed him towards the hospital chapel. He headed in the general direction and after nearly five minutes, he managed to find the room. He skidded to a halt; slide a few feet past the door, before doubling back a little and entering. It was not a graceful entrance but far. He barged in and found himself in the middle of a mass.

He didn't care.

"I need you now!" he hollered pointing the priest, who happened to be Father McCue. "My partner is in labor with twins and the crazy cow wants us married before they are born." The small congregation made a chorused gasp at his use of 'cow' in God's house. Mulder continued not unfazed after taking a quick glance at his watch. "Which is in about ten minutes. So I need you right now!"

"I'm in the middle of a mass young man."

"Scr...forget it," he said and walked to the altar. "I need you now." Mulder pulled Father McCue by the arm and towards the chapel exit. Before leaving, Mulder turned to the open-mouthed congregation and answered, "I'm sorry about this folks. I'll return him ASAP, but my partner and I need him right now. I hope you all understand." Mulder quickly exited with Father McCue before he could make an ever bigger ass out of himself. "I'm sorry Father McCue, but you how Sc...Dana is when she gets an idea in her head. She's so stubborn."

"She gets it from her mother," Father McCue smiled.

Father McCue and Mulder charged into the birthing suite together getting an unexpected eye full of Scully that no one except her doctor and maybe Mulder should ever see. Father McCue instantly turned a violent shade of red and prayed to both the heavens and God for forgiveness. He hastily moved towards the other end of the bed and greeted both Scully and her mother.

Scully turned to Mulder, surprised not to see Bill with them. "Where's Bill?" she asked. "Being seen to by the nurse. He had a run in with my fist," Mulder smiled. When he made eye contact with his soon to be mother-in-law, the smile faded and was replaced by a more somber look. "I'm so sorry Mrs Scully, but..."

"It's okay Fox," she smiled. "Someone needed to give it to him. It's just a shame it had to be you."

"Did you give him one from me?" Scully asked, excited lacing her voice.

Mulder smiled. "No, I thought you'd like the pleasure of doing that once we're finished here."

Scully faced contorted once again as her insides contracted around one baby, and the other in return kicked her hard against the kidney. "You little buggers!" she cried. "The damn babies are ganging up on me here, can we please get married now, so I can deliver the things. If we wait much longer, I'm gonna explode!"

"Okay, okay. Let's get this show on the road," Mulder announced.

Father McCue took the small bible from his jacket pocket, and held it close to his heart. He recited a short, very short, prayer. He began with the traditional 'we are gathered here today', but was soon interrupted by Scully screaming in agony and telling him to skip it, and get to the good stuff.

"Is there anyone who knows of any lawful impediment why these two cannot be join, speak now or forever hold your peace," he spurted out quickly. There was silence. "Good." Deciding he should get moving, he asked, "Rings please."

"Oh my God! The rings!" Scully cried. "We don't have any rings. Oh God! There is no way of God's green earth that I can hold on long enough for you to go to the jewelers and back. Arrrrrr!"

The doctor stepped forward, took the ring from his finger and handed it to Mulder. "Here, you can borrow mine, but on one condition," he looked towards Scully and pointed. "You keep pushing."

"Okay, okay, I get the message! Grrrrrrrrr!"

"Here you go Fox, you can have mine too." Mrs Scully said, taking her treasured ring from her finger.

"Thank you so much mom."

"Do you take this man, to have and to hold, for richer, for poorer..."

"Cut the crap, get to the important bit!"

"Do you take him as your husband?"

"I dooooooooooo! Arr, fuck! Christ almighty!" she screamed drowning out Father McCue who had to stop for a while.

When Scully finally collapsed on the bed, panting heavily and exhausted, Father McCue continued. "And do you take her as your wife?"

"Yes, yes! Scully would you let go off my hand! I can't feel my damn fingers!"

"Shut up! I don't see you trying to squeeze a melon through a hole the size of a quarter! You big baby! You're such a bl...arrrghghghghghghg fuck! Put the damn ring on my finger and help me deliver your bl**dy children!"

Mulder, no longer in a mood to argue with his hormonal wife, did as she asked and slipped her mother's ring over her sweaty finger. Scully let another contraction ride through her body before she attempted to slip the doctor's ring on Mulder's finger. "I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss your bride."

Mulder leaned in to do, as the priest had instructed him. However, Scully pulled back, and through gritted teeth replied, "save it for later mister!" That was followed by a blood curdling scream on Scully's behave. "Sh it! Get these little brats out of me! Arrrrrrrrrrrr!" And with that, the first of them was delivered into the arms of an awaiting doctor. The child was wrapped in a towel as Scully collapsed on the bed in exhaustion.

"Congratulations," the doctor announced. "You have a healthy baby girl. Would the proud father like to cut the cord?"

"Um...I guess."

A nurse came over carrying a pair of surgical scissors and an elastic band. She placed the band around the baby's umbilical cord. She then took the cord in her hands, leaving a small gap between her thumbs. The doctor instructed Mulder to cut between the nurse's thumb, and he did just that. The doctor handed the baby to the nurse as he turned back to Scully. The doctor grabbed a metal tray and placed it between her legs. Then, with one more push, Scully delivered the afterbirth.

Mulder took one look at the red mass in the tray and collapsed on the floor in a heap.

"Oh brother!" Scully sighed.

"Is that normal doctor?" Mrs. Scully quickly glanced at the red mass in the tray. "Isn't the placenta supposed to come out after both babies are born?" Scully started to look panicked at her mother's question.

"Not necessarily, it could mean that Miss Scully could be having fraternal twins, in which case they would each have their own placenta since they're not sharing the same amniotic sac. Did your OBGYN tell you which you were having?"

As a medical doctor, Scully suddenly felt stupid. "No, we forgot to ask, we were-" Another contraction cut her off and the doctor immediately resumed his position by her legs, calling in for a second nurse to help him out while the first attended to the first baby.

"I think we're ready for the second one. Next contraction Dana I want you to push again. I think this little guy is ready to make his appearance. He looked down at Mulder and quickly called for somebody to move him out of the way.

"With all of the autopsies he's witnessed, murder victims he's found, graves sites exhumed, he passes out at a little thing like a placenta...why did I marry such a wimp?" Scully was gritting her teeth hard as Father McCue pulled Mulder aside and started fanning him hoping that he would wake up soon.

"Keep it coming Dana, I can see the head, keep pushing just like you are and it should be done within a matter of minutes." The doctor resumed the role of birthing coach as Mulder was no longer awake to do so, and told her when to push and breathe and push again.

The doors pushed open again and the doctor breathed an exasperated sigh as he saw Bill Scully storm through again. Why couldn't he help a normal family give birth he thought.

"Where is the asshole who broke my f**nose?" he bellowed, noticing Mulder lying passed out on the floor by the priest. He smiled smugly as he realized Mulder wouldn't put up a fight as he kicked the s**out of him.

Scully screamed for dear life as she pushed, causing Bill to look her way just as the baby's head was starting to show through, and he was out cold on the ground, just like Mulder.

"Nurse!" The doctor called in order to have Bill removed from his spot by the foot of the bed and placed next to Mulder, who was still out cold despite the ear piercing screams his new wife was making.

The doctor was wondering why he hadn't taken this day off of all days, and leave this family...who all happened to be nuts, in the capable hands of another. They must have watched too much television growing up cause this one takes the cake. The whole wedding scene was something out of a movie, Lethal Weapon 4 he believed when Rene Russo refused to give birth to Mel Gibson's kid before they were married. What Dana didn't understand was that it was bad to hold off the birth longer than humanly possible.

The only thing that would make it worse was having Mulder standing behind him the entire time videotaping the entire birth, but looking at his current state on the floor, he knew he wouldn't have lasted long, and the camera probably would have been smashed to pieces on the floor once Mulder had fallen after seeing the placenta. The doctor didn't know what the big deal was, it was only a placenta, he sees them all the time, it was nothing to make people pass out about.

Now he could understand Bill Scully's situation. He had taken a peek at a spot on his sister that no brother should be allowed to see. He knew that despite the many births he had aided in, if he ever had to help his sister give birth, he'd pass out cold too, and he was a doctor for Christ sakes.

He could see little tufts of black hair pushing through and looked up at Dana on the bed, "it's the home stretch, push with everything you've got Dana, five more minutes and this should all be over for good."

"Mulder! YOU IDIOT, WAKE UP NOW BEFORE YOU MISS The BIRTH of YOUR SECOND CHILD" Scully screamed, and she screamed, and she screamed.

It seemed to do the trick though as Mulder slowly opened his eyes and lifted his hand to meet Scully's, witnessing the last part of the birth, seeing the doctor hold up his second child, wailing like a banshee.

"Congratulations you two, just as I expected, fraternal twins. A healthy baby boy." Mulder looked fondly on the baby, despite it's being covered in amniotic fluid and blood. A boy he thought, it even had his nose.

"Would you like to cut the cord again Mr. Mulder?" The nurse was prepping the cord as she spoke, and Mulder managed to find some strength in his legs to move and snip, just before he saw the second afterbirth fall into the tray and passed out.

The next hour was spent in relative quiet as Scully was transferred from the birthing suite to a private room, her newborn twins along with her, and her new husband and brother both still passed out, but having each been moved to a chair. She was surprised at Mulder, he had never stayed passed out this long. She had wanted the nurse to get the smelling salts for the two of them, but the doctor had advised her against it, saying the two of them needed to sleep off their excess energy.

Charlie, Amanda and the boys had arrived about half an hour before the first twin was born, and it didn't take long for Skinner and the Gunmen to arrive either, all awaiting the moment they could walk into the room and congratulate the newly weds and newborns. It was definitely a time of joy, and Skinner had made sure to bring cigars for everybody to celebrate, Mulder could pay him back later.

Mulder awoke shortly after Scully's transfer, and found her nursing their children upon entry, and smiled at the picture. Her face just glowed despite how tired she probably was. He admired her for her earlier work, there was no way he could have given birth to twins. Looking at his record, passing out twice and a narrow miss with a flying bedpan, he'd probably be dead before pushing one of those babies through. Scully gestured to the seat next to her with a swing of her head, and continued to look contentedly on the two little bundles attached to each breast. "How are you feeling?" He asked carefully, still not sure of her mood.

"Happy, I never thought I would be here Mulder, never in a million years after I found out about my being barren, with twins no less. Look what we've created, a little boy and girl."

"Have you decided on any names yet?"

"I have a few in mind, I wanted to get your opinion before filing the papers out." She gestured to the side table where the papers lie, and he lifted the pen, filling out his necessary information as father. They sat for a few minutes going over the various names Scully had in mind, finally deciding on two, not having a chance to write them down before her family entered.

Everybody was ecstatic, gathering around the twins, ooing and awing at them as they sat there suckling their milk. Even Bill had come to his senses and upon seeing them, walked straight up to Mulder, shaking his hand and pulling him into a bear hug. It looked as if for the moment, their differences were settled, and Scully hoped it would stay that way. "So what did you name my new little niece and nephew?"

Mulder looked down at the papers, and filled in the names before announcing them.

Felicity Hope Mulder.

Benjamin William Mulder.

Eightteen Months Later

On a warm May evening, Mulder sat on the swing bench out on the veranda of the house they designed so long ago. Felicity and Benjamin were crawling around the garden and ended p playing in the sandbox their grandmother had bought the.

Being the only grandchildren close to her, travel wise, they tended to be spoiled. The truth be tolf, Flic and Ben were her favorite grandchildren. After all, there were never meant to be. Any child that was the result of Mulder and Scully's love for each other was always going to be special.

After they married, Mulder changed. His interest for the paranormal decreased to a minimum, So sure that he had found her truth in his wife and children that he transferred from the X-Files back to the VC section, and was working a 9-5 shift. Scully remained at home to raise their children, with her mother popping in on a daily basis. They were on their way to becoming a normal family. And the most paranormal thing about it was that they suited the role of working man and housewife, but more importantly, mother and father.

Mulder had also insisted that Scully called him Fox, saying that Mulder and Mulder would be too confusing. It had been a shock initially when he first said that. There had only ever been one person that he allowed openly to call him Fox, and that was her mother. But now, as his wife, the mother of his children and the keeper of his heart, she was bestowed the privilege of calling him Fox. Secretly however, Mulder loved the way his name sounded on her lips. He always had, ever since she had called him Fox on the Tooms case. He had regretted telling her not to call him that ever since. But now, he would have a lifetime of being called Fox by the one person who truly loved.

Scully stood at the sink, washing up the remainder of the supper. From her viewpoint, she could see the children attempting unsuccessfully to build sand castles. Mulder sat on the swing bench reading his newspaper, and taking a periodical look at his children. She thought about how much she loved the alien chasing, rebel FBI agent that Mulder once was, and how she loved him more than ever now, and especially when he was being an old romantic.

Deciding that the dishes could wait, she picked up a towel, dried off her hands and headed to the back door. Scully went outside and sat down next to her husband. She drew up her legs onto the bench and rested her head on Mulder's lap. His arms went out and trailed a line down her arm, landing on her hands. She took his hand in his and placed it over her stomach.

"Are we happy?"

"What's brought this on?"

"Nothing, but are we?"

"Yeah. Why?"

"No reason."

Scully was quiet as she watched her children play in the fading Summer light. "Dana, something's bothering you, and I'd like you to tell me what."

"Nothing's wrong. Honest."

"This is me you're talking to, the bureau's top profiler. I know my wife, and I know something is troubling you. Please, tell me what it is," he pleaded.

Her heart bled for him. Even now, after 18 months of marriage, and two children later, he still harbored the thought that she would leave him. "Oh Fox you've got the wrong end of the stick. Everything's fine, I promise," she smiled. "You know I come from a good Catholic family right?"


"And I went to the doctor this morning."


She turned to look at him, and broad grin on her face stretching from ear to ear. "Well, put two and two together, and what do you come up with?"

"You mean..."

"Yup. Due a week or so before the twins' second birthday. Must be something about my birthday, hey!"she exclaimed.

"I never heard you complain about the way we celebrate."

"Oh I'm not complaining. Definitely not," she smiled as she planted a kiss on his lips. However, their kiss was interrupted when they heard two voices beside them.

"Mommy, daddy! Want hugs!" they chorused.

Mulder and Scully parted. Taking a twin each, they brought them to their lap, and as a family, they sat on the swing bench and watched the sun set behind the trees at the bottom corner of their backyard.

The End



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