Title:Turning the Tables
Author: Nadia S.
Rated: Adult, for suggestive conversation
Spoilers: S8
Keywords: Doggett/Scully Relationship

Summary: Doggett threatens to bust Krycek

"I like my women tall and blonde, Agent Scully," John Doggett said as he stared down at the diminutive Dana Scully. It was early in the morning and Scully had once again begun to hit on him after arriving late. Time to fight back against the redhead's sexual advances, he thought as he held up a photo of Marita Covarubbias.

"I thought I'd seen her before, then I remembered findin' her picture in Mulder's porn drawer."

Dana Scully was appalled. "I'm not surprised you're attracted to her!" she snapped. "She's a tramp!"

"Well, Mulder didn't seem to think so!" Doggett argued. "Not only is she in his porn drawer, but he met with her secretly on a number of occasions, presumably to get information. Wonder what else was he gettin'?" Doggett speculated aloud, gazing at Marita's photo as if Scully were not even in the room.

"You've got a dirty mind!" Scully accused. "None of that is true!" she said with uncertainty.

Doggett ignored Scully's outburst. "Accordin' to this file that you keep takin' away from me, she's also Krycek's mistress!" he goaded. "Did you know about that, Agent Scully?"

"She isn't his mistress anymore!" she stated coldly. Scully feared there was some truth to Doggett's words but she tried to put those thoughts out of her head.

"He knocked you up, and he shoulda married you by now!" he said judgementally, "except he's havin' too much fun splittin' his time between two women. And you're both willin' to crawl into the sack with him. That's why guys like him figure they don't have to buy the cow if they can get the milk free".

"He's not getting anything free from me," Scully insisted petulantly. She was shocked, insulted, and worried by Doggett's words.

"Sure..sure, he bought all your baby things, but I doubt he's gonna stick around and help you raise your boy!" Doggett sneered.

"Well, I'll give him a good reason to stick around!" she boasted as she cast a suggestive gaze at Doggett. Again, her partner's words troubled her.

"You're pretty sure of yourself, aren't you, Agent Scully? I mean you're just as bad as he is," he lectured. "All you two seem to think about is sex. And since that's all your relationship with him is based on, he won't be stayin' around once your baby is born. Pretty soon you're gonna be too tired to handcuff Krycek to the bed and have your way with him... and when you deprive him of that, he'll go back to the blonde."

Scully gasped, half-outraged, half-aroused. "My! You have such wild fantasies about me, John!" she exclaimed, blushing. "I'm sure we can hire a nanny who'll look after the baby while I look after Krycek!"

"I'm not surprised by that comment, Agent Scully!" Doggett said disgustedly. "It's like I thought - neither of you are really prepared for this baby!"

"I'm very prepared for this baby!" Scully lied. "It's just that I'll be a better mom if I'm being fulfilled in the bedroom! I'll have a lot to give after the baby's asleep!" she bragged.

"I hope you're savin' some of it up for me..." Doggett unexpectedly reminded her. "We still got those reservations for July at the Watergate..."

Dana Scully almost wet herself she was so excited by his overture. A romantic proposition from John Doggett was a rare thing - to be taken seriously. But despite the fact that Krycek had bolted out of her apartment the night before, she felt certain that triumph was near...

"I...I might be married to Krycek by then...." she cautioned him quietly. She was tingling all over...

"We had a deal," the unconcerned Doggett replied as he gave her a hungry look. "Now, as far as your loverboy is concerned, I've bought him some extra time by not mentionin' him to the boss. So you two better have all the sex you can handle, because in a few days, I'm gonna bring a swat team into your place and drag him outta your bed, if necessary..."

Scully was thrilled. "If you show up in my bedroom, John Doggett, I'll make sure you don't leave!" she warned him wantonly.

The End

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