Title: Three Men
Author: Nadia S
Written: May 2001
Keywords: Scully/Skinner/Doggett/Krycek
Rating: Adult for sex-talk and foul language
Spoilers: S8

Summary: Dana Scully struggles to control her men...

Notes: In this universe, Mulder has not yet been found and Krycek is the father of Scully's baby.

FBI, 2:00 p.m.

Walter Skinner summoned Agent Dana Scully to his office to get to question her about her overtly sexual behavior.

"Agent Doggett has come to me with some rather disturbing information..." he said to the red-headed agent. "He tells me that Alex Krycek is your lover.....and the father of your baby..." he said, sickened by his own words.

Dana Scully rolled her eyes in frustration.

"It's not the fact that you've taken Alex Krycek as your lover that bothers me," Skinner lied, barely concealing his jealousy. "It's the way you've been conducting yourself. Doggett says you disregarded the FBI dress code this morning."

"I didn't hear any complaints!" she retorted. "Judging by the way he was staring at me, he enjoyed it!"

"That's enough!" Skinner ordered. "I want to know why you're involved with Krycek - did he force you..?"

"N-not exactly......I guess I was lonely....." the redhead replied as she gazed seductively at her boss.

"There are plenty of good men available, Agent Scully." Walter Skinner blustered in frustration. "Here at the Bureau for example - men with good careers and incomes..." he said, referring directly to himself. "Alex Krycek is a murderous thug..."

"But I want a man who brings out the bad girl in me...!" Scully explained in a deep, sensuous voice. "Krycek made me the woman I am today....I could show you, Walter.." she said as she caressed his rough hand with her soft fingers.

Walter Skinner began to sweat with desire. He was crazy about Dana Scully. She had made numerous, sexual advances toward him since Mulder disappeared. And lately, his imagination had been overwhelmed by sex fantasies involving this luscious redhead.

"Agent Scully..." Skinner began carefully, drawing upon all his powers of resistance. He couldn't help but believe that his office was being bugged, otherwise....

"For your own good, we need to keep you out of trouble. From now on, you will keep strict office hours. I'll personally drive you in to work at 8:00 a.m. and back to your home at 4:00 p.m. Is that understood?"

"Yes sir..." she sighed, wondering about the difficulties of getting Krycek out of her apartment before 8:00 a.m.

"And I think it's time you went shopping." he advised sternly. "You need a proper maternity wardrobe in accordance with FBI dress code. On the way home this evening, , I'll drive you to a maternity shop. You don't want to distract Agent Doggett, do you? "

Dana Scully rolled her eyes once more. "Oh, that John Doggett!" she sighed. "Always moralizing and lecturing me, and trying to spoil my fun!"

"Well.... there's nothing wrong with a little fun, is there Agent Scully?" Skinner suggested.

"No...not at all, Sir!" she pouted as she pulled his tie. "You and I could have so much fun, Walter..."

Walter Skinner reluctantly dismissed the desireable Dana Scully, and circled a date in his calendar. It was the day he would sleep with her...


Dana Scully stumbled through the door of her apartment, weighed down by grocery and shopping bags. Krycek was there as usual, waiting for her. She found him in the kitchen rummaging through the refridgerator.

"Why didn't you leave those bags downstairs?" he demanded. "I could have carried them up for you!"

"Because Skinner drove me home...." she began....

"That son-of-a-bitch" Krycek interrupted. " You're carrying MY son...and he endangers you by letting you carry heavy packages up the stairs!?" It was yet another reason to kill Walter Skinner, he reminded himself angrily.

"Y-you don't have to yell at me!" she complained as she became teary-eyed. It had been a miserable day.

Damn mood swings. Krycek thought guiltily. "I'm just worried about you and the baby, Dana darling...." he said by way of apology.

"I carried these myself because I didn't want Skinner to find you here!" she sniffed. "He took me shopping for a maternity wardrobe!" She dropped her packages to reveal a conservative maternity business ensemble.

Krycek stared at her. He didn't want his woman wearing maternity clothes. "Take them off.." he ordered expressionlessly. "You know what I like you to wear!"

Normally, Krycek's demand would have had her tingling, but she was in no mood for his neanderthal behaviour. And she was angry because her tears had failed to get his sympathy.

"I'm sick of being ordered around! Get out, Krycek!" she demanded angrily.

"Now you're mad at me.." Krycek observed amusedly. "What did I do?" he asked innocently.

"You got me in trouble!" Scully accused. "And now I've been grounded. From now on, Skinner's driving me to and from work. And it's all because Doggett knows what you and I did in the cab the other day".

Krycek shrugged as he returned to the leftovers he had found on the top shelf of the refridgerator.

"It was your idea, Dana." he said unconcernedly. " He began to lay out leftover chicken, and all the items Dana Scully would need to make him a sandwich. "C'mon Red, I'm hungry.." he complained.

Scully ignored his demands to be fed. "You made a mess of me!" she charged. "My lipstick was smeared and all the buttons were wrong on my shirt. Doggett went straight to Skinner after that! Now I've got to wear....these!" she said with contempt as she threw her shopping bags at Krycek.

Alex Krycek knew exactly how to quell the desireable redhead's bad temper. It was the reason he had been waiting two hours for her and it was the reason he would have to wait a little while longer for his sandwich...

"Well, I'm not going to let Walter Skinner tell my future wife how to dress." he said skillfully. Once again, he congratulated himself. A line like that would get her into bed in no time....

FBI, 8:30 a.m.

"What are you doin' here so early, Agent Scully?" John Doggett asked suspiciously. He had come to enjoy the few hours he had to himself before she strolled in at 10:30 am. Now he felt his quiet space was being invaded...

He noticed her business suit - a two-piece maternity outfit and was bitterly disappointed by the sight of her. This is Skinner's doin', he thought. Those pregnancy clothes make her look like she's closed for business he thought cynically. An' that's exactly how Skinner wants her to look! The asshole...

Scully blushed hotly at his scrutiny, suddenly feeling self-conscious in her prim, maternity suit. "I hope you're satisfied!" she said resentfully.

"As I matter of fact, I ain't satisfied, Agent Scully." Doggett replied bluntly as he continued his ruthless inspection of her appearance. "I like you better in those men's shirts you were wearin'."

Scully's blue eyes filled with tears. Now there were two men who didn't like her new wardrobe...

"I...I'm sorry, John...I know you don't like me to cry on the job." she said apologetically as she dabbed her eyes. "But I'm having a mood swing.."

"Already forgotten, Agent Scully. " he sighed, changing the subject. "I understand. What ARE ya doing here so early? You got information on Mulder?"

"N-no...." she blinked guiltily She hadn't thought of Mulder for days. "I'm here early because I...I went to bed early....". As she spoke, a deep flush rose in her cheeks and her mind went elsewhere...

"Uh-huh...." Doggett responded trying to sound nonchalant. "With Krycek?" He was out of his mind with jealousy. He wanted to kill that guy with his bare hands... "An what's Mulder gonna say when he finds out?" he asked disapprovingly, He was all business now. "I did promise you I'd find him...an' I will. He don't like Alex Krycek".

"Mulder would want me to marry the father of my child!" she said righteously as she grasped the gold cross around her neck. She hadn't been to confession recently - and she had been a very bad girl...

"Krycek ain't gonna marry you!" Doggett smirked, returning to competitive male status. "He don't wan't his enemies to know he's got a weakness..."

"Fuck YOU, Doggett!" she swore impulsively.

John Doggett was taken aback by her unladylike language but at the same time was intensely aroused by her use of the "f" word...

"I'd like that, Agent Scully, but I got a meetin' with your replacement..." he said confidently as he put on his jacket and made to leave. Agent Monica Reyes might not be any less trouble than this tantalizing hell-cat, he thought. The perceptive brunette would no doubt sense his state of arousal and subject him to a barrage of probing questions. She'll probably think I just got laid, he thought guiltily.

Dana's Scully's nagging voice shook him out of his train of thought. "You mean the one who wants my job?" she demanded as she gave him one of her angry, betrayed stares. "Well, say hello to your smiley-faced friend for me!"

"At least she don't treat me like I'm her next lay!" Doggett replied as he tossed some files on Scully's desk. "Since you're in so early, you better get started on those. The boss wants a report by noon...."

As Doggett left the office, Dana Scully stomped her foot. "Son of a bitch!" she swore, once again uncharacteristically. What was happening, she wondered. In the last few days, she had begun to lose control over the men in her life. Walter Skinner now dictated her wardrobe and office hours. Alex Krycek, the father of her baby, continued to benefit from her favors, sexual and domestic, without committing to marriage. And John Doggett seemed eager to replace her on the X-Files with a brunette from his past.

Well, things were going to change, she determined as she retrieved the files and sat at her own desk. She pulled her makeup kit from her drawer and freshened her makeup. As she examined herself in her makeup mirror, she smiled as she began to consider the ways would regain control of her men.

She would begin with the easiest - Krycek. She wanted marriage and she would get what she wanted by telling him the sex of their baby....

The End


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