Title: Sesame Street Days
Author: Vbjess
Written: July 2000
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Duane Barry, and pretty much all of Season 7
Keywords: MSR, vignette
Disclaimer: I do not own any and/or all of the characters, ideas, or settings created by or with the help of any and all of the writers, producers, characters, actors, or any other identities belonging to the cast/production team of THE X-FILES.

Summary: A true X-File, complete with hybrids, MSR, Morleys, and the LGM, including why M&S would "get together".

Author's Note: This was written after having heard a summary (via telephone) of the season finale of The X-Files, season 7. I could not watch myself, and so I was forced to hear and find only summaries. Forgive me if my background facts are a bit off in this little piece of fanfic, as I could not help it. This picks up where the finale left off. A possible scenario, but I don't believe in spoilers, so you'll only find past episodes here. My apologies to those who have not seen Season Seven yet. There is also a mention of Season Three. Sorry to those of you who are outside the States- Much of this may not make much sense! Also, forgive me for having to edit this in DOS- Windows has crashed again (Thank you very much Bill Gates!), and manually edit, spell-check, and take the word wrap to 70 characters per line. I'm trying to keep it below that, so if something looks weird or goes beyond the boundries of your screen, that would be why.

There was something holding me in. I could feel it - like a force field of some kind. I couldn't move, think or feel, yet the deep depths of my sub-conscious seemed to still be functioning. I sensed, rather than saw the dark, human-like shape moving towards me. A kind of primal fear swept over me. I wondered whether this is what Scully had felt during those three months...

I walked out of Skinner's office hardly able to comprehend what had just happened. I couldn't think or move, yet I found myself in Mulder's basement lair. I sat down at his desk and cried. I cried for the times I had taken for granted, for the child inside of me, and all that the past had brought. I cried especially for Mulder. For the pain he had suffered, the times when I could have done more, and all the times I had shot down his theories when in fact his were more substantial than my own. He had always known though. He had known that he would be about half-right, and I would be there to complete what he had started, and back him up all the way. We completed the other. It made us whole.

I cried until I felt there was no moisture left in me, and I sat on the floor of his office until the phone rang, rudely interrupting the silence I needed to compose myself. I got up slowly, and answered the phone just before it was getting ready to kick into voice mail. I answered half-knowing who it would be.

"Agent Scully, I'll be brief. You probably know where Agent Mulder is, and that he won't be coming back anytime soon. Just as you know your condition and how it came to be." He paused. I suddenly had an empty feeling inside me. My mind was racing. That weekend? I sat down, shaking. With one hand I held the phone to my ear, the other was resting on my stomach. "Agent Scully, you probably know that Mulder is not where he is supposed to be, but I assure you that he cannot be harmed. You must let things run their course. Do not interfere, or you will live to see the day you regret it."


"Don't say anything. Let things run their course and I promise Agent Mulder will return. Do what we say Agent Scully, and everything will work out."

The mysterious caller hung up, but I still had an idea of who it had been. My eyes were filled with tears. What was it all those months ago about that darned artifact? And what was its connection to Mulder? I forced the tears down, but I still couldn't think. All that was inside of me was the knowledge that I had lost him, even if he was coming back to me.

I rolled up his poster, took down a few pictures, and went home.

'Does she know?'

"About Mulder? She knows that he is missing, yes." The dark figure stepped even deeper into the shadows.

'Agent Scully has no knowledge of his.... status?'

"Not to our knowledge. She knows for sure only that she is carrying a child, presumably his child, and that he will not be returning for quite some time."

The other blew out a puff of smoke. 'How is Agent Mulder responding?'

"He is doing well. We've explained things to him, and he understands."

'I assume he comprehends his importance?'

"Very clearly. We could not have found a better subject."

'What does Mr. Mulder know of Ms. Scully's... condition?'

"He knows, although he does not know her identity."

'Are you keeping anything from me?'

"Unless I know something as of which you have no knowledge."

'Damn it, I don't need a smart-ass! Why, EXACTLY was Ms. Scully chosen?'

"Her.. compatibility with Agent Mulder was ideal." He paused. "She was taken again, several weeks ago to complete what we had begun."

'So the cancer will return.'

"No. Agent Scully's position is that of Agent Mulder's."

'Do either of them know?'

"Of course not. Agent Scully will be informed at a later date."

'As will Mr.Mulder?'

"To an extent. He will not know an identity. Only a position."

'They will find out on their own then, I assume?'

"Na Klar."

The other man nodded. 'One last thing.'

"Agent Scully will want a test... I know."

'So everything is taken care of?'

"Na klar- ich weiss alle, nie sind schade. Alle sind ausgezeichtnet."

'No mishaps then?'


'Wo learnt du deine Deutsch, Krycek?'

"I've been.... around."

I slowly climbed back into bed, curling up as small as possible. I groaned when I heard the phone ring.

"Hello?" I hoped I didn't sound as bad as I thought I did.

"Man, you sound like crap Scully." Leave it to the Gunmen to see right through my act. Them and Mulder anyway. Mulder! I had to block off mymind. The walls flew up.

"What's up Scully?" Frohike had something brewing, I could tell.

"Never mind guys. Why'd you call?"

I was surprised when they didn't push the issue.

"Do you have any idea where Agent Mulder might be?"

"He hasn't answered our calls- we think he's in some kind of trouble." Frohike always had to add his two-cents.

"Isn't he always? I'll meet you at his place in twenty minutes, and we can discuss it further then."

I could almost see them exchanging looks.

"All right." They hung up, and I stared at the floor for a few seconds after placing my own phone back on the cradle. I forced my eyes from the floor, and I jumped up to get dressed.

The entire was there I was on edge, not really knowing what to do or say. I didn't know what I'd do if I were followed, but I did have my gun. I pulled into the lot, and spied their van in a far corner, half in shadow. Byers jumped out and met me half-way to my car.

"Is there somewhere secure where we can talk?"

He thought for a moment, and nodded. I followed him to the van, and answered the questioning looks with silence. I shook my head, Byers looked at Frohike who nodded, and we were off. No one spoke until we reached College Park, Maryland when Frohike muttered something about gas and pollution. I didn't ask, but got curious when I heard Langley answer with something about a bookstore. Now that was unusual. I sighed, and simply trusted. Again, the van was parked in shadows, but this time in the Metro parking lot.

It wasn't until we were safely in the University of Maryland campus before I said anything.

"Before you guys say anything at all, I want to thank you for even trusting me enough to meet with me. I know how paranoid you are."

"Well," Frohike pulled his jacket back a bit, and I did the same, half-smiling. I signaled for us to continue walking, and I spoke low. "I suppose you've heard about our most recent case?"

"Oregon, alien cover-up; Mulder told us all about it. Quite interesting, really."

"That's what I thought. He didn't tell you he went back, did he?"

"We had assumed as much."

"Mulder... isn't coming back for a while. I was in his office yesterday when he called me."

"So you've spoken with him directly? What else did he tell you?"

"It... wasn't Mulder. I don't know who it was."

"Most like the bastards who-"

I interrupted. "I need to know if there's something you guys aren't telling me."

They looked at each other guiltily. Byers took a letter from his coat pocket. "Mulder told us to give this to you if anything happened."

I took it, and sat down on a bench.


'If you are reading this, then the guys have done what I had asked of them so long ago. Be sure to thank them for me.

'First I want to tell you that I love you. I love you for everything that you've done for me, and even if it seems that I haven't been grateful, there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of what you've made me realize about myself. Thank you Scully. Thank you for giving me someone to care about other than myself. Thank you also for saving my butt so many times.

'If you are reading this, then in all likelihood you will not be able to save me. In so many ways though, you already have.

'There is something you don't know about me. In fact, I didn't know until only months ago, and quite honestly, it scares me. I feel like Gonzo (remember Sesame Street on PBS?)- the only one of my kind.

'Scully, I am the first human-alien hybrid. They were successful. But you can't ever let them know that you know. You just can't let it happen. I don't even know if I should be telling you this, but you deserve to know.

'I can only hope to return to you soon Scully. But in the meantime, try not to worry about me- live your life. I hope you'll let me be a part of it again someday.


I looked up, teary-eyed. All three of them stared down at me expectantly.

"Did any of you read this?"

"Mulder promised us a fate worse than death if we did."

I smiled, in spite of myself.

The End


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