Title: Open Fields
Author: Kailee W.
Written: February 2000
Keywords statement: Oh come on! Of course you can have it... just let me know where.... I like to know these things.
Disclaimer: Right, in my dreams! They all belong to the master.. CC, 1013 productions....21st Century Fox.. you know the drill. I'm just playin with them.
Spoilers: SUZ/Closure, Definite Emily spoilers....
Rating: PG
Classification: MSR, Angst

Summary: Picks up where Closure left off: Mulder shows Scully where he saw Samantha.

Author's notes: At the end

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As Scully walked the short distance from the elevator to her apartment door, the thoughts of soaking in a steaming bath with vanilla bubbles as high as her nose overcame the physical tiredness that had set in.

The Amber Lynn LaPierre case had been draining, physically and emotionally. But what was draining for her could only be the beginning of what Mulder was feeling. The days had been long, and melancholy. She knew that Mulder's ceaseless quest to discover the truth about his sister's disappearance was the most important thing to him. So it was important to her. Years of not knowing, not being able to put an end to his nightmares, and not understanding the injustice of his childhood had come to an end; an end that Mulder could live with. But could she?

Seven Hours Earlier
Outside of Arbuttis Ray's home

Harold ran off into the wilderness, refusing to acknowledge what Mulder was saying.

"Harold, come back!" Mulder yelled after him.

"Should we go after him Mulder?" Scully asked. He shook his head. She was about to ask why, but Mulder, preemptive as usual, held up the car keys. Scully let a small smirk grace her face. With that, Mulder grabbed her hand and led her in an opposite direction.

"Mulder, where are you taking me?" Mulder had her by the hand and was leading her deep into the forest.

"You need to see, Scully. You need to see her." He was insistent, almost demanding. The forest was dense, branches crackled under their feet as they swiftly headed deeper and deeper into the darkness. Scully used her free hand to steer away all the oncoming branches, And just as she was about to protest, suggest that they go get some rest and talk in the morning, the jungle of the trees parted, and they stepped into a clearing.

She knew what he wanted, who he wanted her to see. Samantha. His sister.

"Mulder, what happened? Where did you go when I was questioning Arbuttis Ray with Harold?" He stopped walking, turned, and took her other hand within his and pulled her closer.

"Scully, when you left to talk with Arbuttis, I felt something. It was like a chill, a breeze blowing through the trees, but within me. I could feel him. He wasn't there a few moments after you left me, but there he was, standing right next to me, looking up at me."

"Harold's son," Scully said. Mulder nodded. She knew who he meant. Mulder had tried to convince Harold that he had seen his son, with no avail.

"He took me here. He led me right here, right where we are standing. He held my hand, Scully. I could feel his little hand in mine, and I looked around and saw children, everywhere. God, Scully, they were playing happily. I saw Amber Lynn LaPierre, right there, over by that bush." Scully looked over to where Mulder was pointing.

"She smiled right at me, Scully. God, I wish you could have seen it. They were everywhere. Running, laughing, playing all around me. And then, I saw her. She was running to me, her brown hair flowing behind her. She ran to me with open arms and grabbed me with such strength, such longing, it startled me. Samantha was right here, Scully. I felt her, I stroked her hair as she hugged me. She smiled at me, she looked into me and I could feel her nearly touch my soul. I could tell she saw what I did"

"Oh, Mulder." She had so much to say. Did she really believe he saw his sister? Everything she had been taught as a child, about death, heaven, God, the Church, it all contradicted what Mulder was saying. But everything they had seen over the past seven years contradicted what she had learned as a girl. "Do you really believe it was her, Mulder? That it was Samantha?" He looked right into her, so deeply it scared her.

"I know it was her, Scully. I can't explain it to you, but I know it was her. She was right here, in my arms." He pulled her into an embrace to emphasize what he said. "I don't know how to say it to you, Scully, to make you understand. To make you believe me."

"I believe you, Mulder. I believe *in* you. If you think, if you say you saw your sister, then I know you did."

Tears began to well up in Scully's eyes as he spoke softly. She smiled at him, looking into his eyes. There she saw so much emotion; love, longing, peace, happiness, sorrow, faith.

Mulder smiled, her words sinking in. She believed in him. He let go of her hands, and looked up at the sky. The stars were so bright that night. Each one of them different, though from this far away they looked about the same. They twinkled against the pitch black sky, an orchestration of their luminescence shining upon them. Scully looked at him, as he gazed upon the starry night. The stars lit up his face, highlighting his forehead, his nose, cheekbones, his eyes. Those eyes. Tears filled his eyes as they shifted from the night sky to her. He crumbled into a sobbing fit upon her shoulders as his arms wrapped themselves tightly around her waist. She had to lower herself to the ground so she wouldn't fall over. She held him close, with one hand on the small of his back, and the other upon his head, caressing him as he let himself go, the weight of his knowledge finally being let free. She cried for him, with him.

After a few moments, he sat up, his arms still surrounding her waist. Scully let her hands roam his face, wiping his tears with the pads of her thumbs. She smiled at him, his hands now mimicking her movements, gently stroking her face with his fingers.

"Scully, close your eyes." His voice broke the silence of the night. She cocked her head to the side, questioning his request.

"Just do it, Scully, please? Just hold my hands, close your eyes, and relax." And as he held her hands, the image of Harold, Mulder and herself doing the very same thing at April Air Force Base forced its way to the front of her mind.

"Mulder," she protested.

"Scully, please? I want you to see them. I know that you believe me, but I know you don't believe in them, in the walk-ins. I need you to see her." Scully nodded, fully knowing that this was a battle that she couldn't win. She wasn't about to get into a debate on the logistics of death and the soul with Mulder, not now, not when he was so emotional. So she closed her eyes, stood up off the ground, squeezing his hands with hers.

The air was cold, stinging her skin as it pushed upon her. She listened to the sounds of the night, the cricket's chirping, the owl's hooting in the distance. She knew Mulder wanted her to see them, to see the walk-ins. To see Samantha. The wind suddenly picked up, getting stronger, and she shivered as it bit at her skin. Suddenly, as the coldness of the wind seemed to get even stronger, she noticed that there was no trees rustling in the wind, no leaves being blown away by the sheer force of the air's speed. She opened her eyes, and looked around her. She adjusted her eyes to the darkness of her surroundings. And then, she saw her. Emily.

She gasped at the sight, the little girl shining with a blue glow. Emily smiled at her, and placed one of her hands upon Scully's. Her tears began to fall as she looked at this little girl, her little girl. She glanced at Mulder, who's eyes were still shut. Emily took Scully's hand, and led her further into the clearing. Scully looked around her and took notice of all the children running around her. Little boys and girls, sitting on the ground, dashing, chasing each other, smiling. She couldn't believe what she was seeing, what she was being shown. All these children, everywhere. They were everywhere. Over by the bush, the bush Mulder pointed out, was Amber Lynn LaPierre. Her tears fell faster, with more emotion.

Scully smiled, and looked down to where Emily held her hand. Emily looked up at her, grinning from ear to ear. But, to Scully's disappointment, Emily let go of her hand. Scully held her arm out after her, longing for her daughter to be back in her arms, to hold her. Emily backed away from her, still smiling. Scully walked toward her, but the faster she walked, the farther away Emily became. Scully stopped moving, for she knew she couldn't catch Emily. Emily laughed, and began to mouth something to Scully. She couldn't hear her speak, so Scully strained to decipher what she was saying.

"Bye Mommy." Emily was saying "Bye Mommy." She was saying it over and over and over. She waved playfully at Scully and then, as quickly as she had shown up at Scully's side, disappeared into the trees. Scully cried after her, "Emily, Emily, come back! Don't leave me again!" She fell to the ground, her head in her hands, sobbing relentlessly. She felt a hand upon her shoulder, and jumped up.


"Scully, it's me. Mulder. I'm here." Scully fell to her knees again, weeping for her daughter. Mulder sat down beside her and pulled Scully into his embrace. He comforted her as she had supported him just moments ago.

When her whimpers had subsided, she pulled herself up and wiped her face free of the tears that remained. She tried to regain some sense of composure. But Mulder reached for her hands, and held them within his own.

"Scully, what did you see?"

"I saw her. I know you wanted me to see your sister, to see Samantha, but I saw Emily. My daughter. She held my hand and led me further into the meadow. She showed me all the children, how happy they were. They were happy! I can't believe it Mulder, I can't! Everything I learned as a child, everything I was taught, I just can't!"

"Scully, you have to. You saw what I saw. You saw your daughter. You lost her once, don't force her away now." Scully stared off into the wilderness, taking in what Mulder was saying.

"She was trying to tell you something. Otherwise she wouldn't have come to you, remember? Harold said that if they needed to tell us something, they would come. Well Emily came."

"She showed me all the children, Mulder. She held my hand. It was like she was really there! Like she wasn't....she wasn't....dead." She almost couldn't say it. "But then, she let go. She left me, Mulder, and I wanted her back. I wanted to hold her and to never let her go. But when I tried to run after her, she seemed to go farther and farther away. She waved goodbye to me. And then, she seemed to say something, although I couldn't hear it." Scully began to shake with sadness, and Mulder wrapped himself even tighter around her.

"What did she say, Scully?"

"She said ... she said ... 'Bye Mommy,' Mulder, she called me Mommy."

"Scully, even in death, she knew who you were. You were her mother, even if it wasn't for long." Scully nodded. She looked up at Mulder. She placed her arms around him. She knew what he felt, and felt what he knew. Samantha was out there, for him. And Emily was out there, for her.

"Mulder, can we go home now?" He laughed, considering the long ride ahead of them. He helped her up, and they walked, hand in hand, to their car.

Dana Scully's Apartment

The bubbles felt heavenly as they surrounded her body completely. The candles lit the bathroom, creating rippling shadows upon the walls. She let the scalding water cascade over her body, cleansing her from head to toe. She sunk back, leaning her head upon the porcelain bathtub. Closing her eyes, she remembered Emily, the children, and her little wave as she said goodbye. Goodbye. Scully's tears overcame her once again as she let go of all she knew.

"Goodbye, Emily. Goodbye, sweetheart."

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