Title: One Day
Author: Myriss
Written: December 2001
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Classification: UST, implied MSR?, X-Files, Future AU
Keywords: 3POV, William Mulder/Other
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Summary: The Past. The Future. How are they connected?

The Disclaimer: Any character you recognized from the t.v. series belongs to 1013 and Fox, except for Mulder and Scully who belongs to each other. I am just borrowing them.

I was never really ambitious. All I ever wanted to do was to do my art and make enough to live by. Mom and Dad never put much stock in an art career. To appease their concern, I got my teaching certificate.

That eased their minds. To them, it was a safe job. A secured job. I may be twenty four, but to them, I was still their baby girl.

When I started to teach art at Cole High School, I meet the man of my dreams.

He was a biology teacher. He was tall, lanky, and dark-haired. And his name was William Mulder.

He was very guarded about his private life. I knew that before I actually meet him because William Mulder was one of the favorite topics in the teachers' break room.

"He's hot," Gloria Martinez had said. Gloria was a Spanish teacher.

"More than hot," Math Teacher Extraordinaire, Teri Jenkins, drooled over her coffee cup. "That man oozes sex."

"You shouldn't be looking, Teresa," Calli McKay said teasingly. "You're already taken."

Teri smirked. "I may be married but I'm not dead."

"Is he married?" I asked them.

It was then when Lisa Meyers walked in--five feet eight and model perfect. We watched her with envy as she gracefully sweep her blond hair over her shoulder and poured herself a cup of coffee before walking out.

"He's not married," Calli announced. "At least we know that but--" she wiggled her brows. "He may be gay."

Teri scowled. "We have no proof of that."

"Right. Any red-blooded male would be doing the wild thing if a woman like Lisa Meyers jumped all over him."

"Lucious Lisa Meyers," Gloria said cattily.

"Meow," Teri smirked at her. Gloria stuck at her tongue. Teri laughed.

"She made a pass at him?" I asked. I couldn't imagine any man turning Lisa Meyers down.

"Turned her down flat," Calli chortled cheerfully.

"Wow?" Maybe he was gay.

Teri said lazily, "Maybe Lisa Meyers wasn't his type."

"Yeah, right," Gloria snorted. "Tall, blond, busty, and gorgeous. What is his type then?"

I knew I wasn't his type. His type probably didn't extend to short, Asian-Americans who looked more like a sturdy Chinese peasant than a fragile China doll.

Nope, I never had any illusion of my looks. I was definitely not William Mulder's type. And from the sound of it, I didn't want to be. He probably had a Texas-sized ego with all these women fawning over him.

I was wrong. It was true William Mulder was very good-looking, although if one took took each of his features individually, each would seem to be too awkward. His nose was too big. His mouth too wide. His lower lip too full. His chin too small. But yet, they melded together into a startling attractive face.

My hands itched to capture his likeness on paper. On canvas. Anything.

He reached out a hand. "Hi, " he said, "I'm William Mulder." He had a soft voice with a touch of gravel. A distinctive voice. "I teach Biology."

"Mai. Mai Lee," I replied, shaking his hand. "I'm the new art teacher. I'm taking Mrs. Brown's place."


"Yeah, really."

We stood around, looking at each other--too tongue-tied to say much, but yet reluctant to move away. Then our eyes meet and he smiled.

I *knew* that smile. Somewhere. Some place. In another life. I *knew* that smile. I *knew* him.

He reached out and pushed back my hair. His voice was husky when he said, "Welcome to Cole High, Mai."

We never really dated. Isn't that a funny thing to say, but it's the truth. Our lives just slid into each other until we were seamlessly entwined and interlocked.

We finally made love three months after we meet. It was a beautiful, Not because either of us were particularly skilled. Neither of us had much experience in that department. No, it's true that much of the pleasure of making love does not necessary lie in the physical, but rather with who you were with and how you felt for him.

Six months later, he said casually, "You know my apartment lease is up next month--" He paused and looked at me expectantly.

I stammered. "D--do you want to move in with me?"

It was such a big step. We haven't meet each other parents yet. His family lived in the east. My family lived down south in Texas. We had planned to visit Will's parents during the next school holiday.

He said carefully, "If you want me to--Unless...." he broke off. "Would your parents mind? You said they were kind of traditional--I don't want to get on the wrong side of them--"

"No--no, they might mind a little of first," I said, remembering the big stink that my mother had thrown when my older sister Kelly had moved in with Brian. She had gotten over it when they got married. "But if they thought it was a serious commitment..."

I didn't say the "M" word.

He came over and draped his arms around me, pressing his forehead against my own.

"It is serious," he said quietly into my ear. "At least for me."

Our lives were quiet. Some people would say that it was dull. But we were content. Neither of us were particularly adventuresome. We were both homebodies, happy to venture out to attend the occasional school game, art exhibit, or movie.

We were coming home from a track and field event. It was a lovely day. The sky was bright blue. The sun warm on our heads. We had been in high spirits because Cole High had done quite well in the events.

We had pulled into our parking spot and was getting out the car when two men detached themselves from the shadows.

"William Mulder?" one of them asked.

Will stared back at them, puzzled. "Yes?"

"You need to come with us."


"It would be in your best interest if you come with us," the man said coldly.

It was then that we noticed the guns they held in their hands.

"I'll come," Will said quickly. "Just leave her here. It's me that you want. I'll come--"

"Will--?" I was scared. I didn't know who these men were or why they wanted Will, but I wasn't going to abandoned Will. I *knew* if I did, I would never see him again.

I clung to his arm.

"Mai," Will whispered, his voice shaking in fierceness and fear. "You need to go. Go-- Go now!."

I shook my head.

"Please, Mai!" he pleaded.

I shook my head. "No..."


"She will come with us, Mr. Mulder."

"Please--" William pleaded. "Let her go... Whatever this is about, she's hasn't done anything..."

"Please come with us."

They each grabbed one of us and became to herd us into the alley where a big black car stood waiting.

"Inside," one of them directed us.

I can feel Will's agitation. His fear for me. His protectiveness. I knew he could feel mine. He was so good reading me sometimes that I would swear at times he could read my mind.

Cigarette smoke choked me and made tears sprang into my eyes. It took me a moment to see the old man sitting in the back seat. He was withered and gray, frail looking. He held a lite cigarette in one of his hands. He was the most evil man I ever meet.

He brought it to his lips and puffed it, then his lips gave a strange twist. I realized with a shudder that he was actually smiling.

"Well, well," he said congenially as if we were meeting each other a cup of tea, rather been forced into the car. "It has been such a long time, William."

Will said coldly. "I'm sorry. I don't have the pleasure of meeting you before."

The man laughed. "Oh, come on, Will. You know me. I am sure your parents have told you about me. You owe your very existence to me."

Will stiffened.

The man's smile widened. "Oh, you do remember me," he said.

"You're dead," Will said.

The man chortled. "I believe the reports of my death had been greatly exaggerated."

"My father said you fell down the stairs."

"Pushed, William. I was pushed," the old man said humorlessly. He took another puff. "But as you can see, I am very much alive." His lips curled. "We are hard breed to kill, you and I--"

I didn't understand what the man was trying to say, but Will did. He jerked back as if he had been hit.

The old man flicked cigarette ashes to the floor. "After all," he went on meaningfully. "You are your father's son, as well as my--"

"My grandfather was William Mulder." Will pointed out, his face set. "I was named after him."

"If you wish," the man said smoothly. Only a flicker in the eyes gave away that what Will had said bothered him. "You are your father's son--that is what matters." He inhaled his cigarette. "It's time to meet your destiny, Will Mulder. To assume your place in the scheme of things."

"I am happy as I am," Will said.

The old man snorted. "Happy? A high school biology teacher? Fox Mulder's son."

"I'm a very good Biology teacher."

The car was slowing down. I was suddenly very afraid. I looked over at Will. His face was carefully blank, but I *knew* him. I could *feel* him.

He believed as I did. If we did not get away, we would both vanished without a trace.

He reached over and clasped my cold hand in his. I looked down at our entwined hands, then up his face. His eyes spoke what his mouth did not. Then he squeezed my hand tightly.

It was a question. Should we try?

I squeezed back. Yes.

The car had stopped in front of a run down building--an old factory or warehouse. The windows were smashed. Some of them were boarded up. Paint was peeling. Bricks and mortar was chipped. We were in no man's land.

We got out of the car docile enough. The old man first. Then us. And the henchmen after us.

I was pretty sure they would not kill Will. He was important to the old man. I was pretty sure they would not hesitate to kill me, though. Will knew that.

He began to fall back until he was directly behind me, shielding me.

The old man suddenly stopped as his body was racked by cough. A tight squeeze of Will's hand. And we were off, running.

It happened so fast. A voice yelling, "Don't shot him!" The pounding of the feet. The blurring of motion as we whipped around the corner, down the street with the two men chasing after us.

...time seemed to hold still...

my heart seemed to pause...

everything seemed to whirl around us...

I heard a distinctive clicking sound...

and the world fell away....

Self awareness brought brutal awareness. I was freezing.

We glanced around, feeling dazed and confused. One moment we were being chased by two goons in black. The next moment we stood shivering under the pale blue light of a street lamp post.

How did we get here? I had no idea how we got there. Neither did Will. He looked at perplexed as I did. He saw me shivering and pulled me close. "Cold?" he asked and began to rub my back. I can feel the heat steaming from his hands.

"Where are we, Will?" I asked shakily. "How did we get here?"

He shook his head, a line creasing between his brows in puzzlement. "I--I'm not sure--"

He looked around us, his brows drawn together in puzzlement, before his mouth dropped open in amazement.

"I--I think---" He stared around, wide-eyed. Then he said slowly, "I think I know where we are."

"Where are we?"

"C'mon!" He grabbed my arm and we began to hurried down the street.

"Where are we going?" I asked him.

He looked at me. "To get some help."



I wasn't sure about banging on a complete stranger's door, but Will had been insistent.

The door opened up. My mouth dropped. It was Will's twin...or could be his twin. Same nose. Same eyes, except Will's eyes were blue and this man's eyes were hazel.

The man stared at Will. Will stared back, then said, his voice croaking a bit, "Fox Mulder?"

I started. Fox was Will's middle name. It was also the name of Will's father, who I never meet. The name was so unusual that I was astounded to find out there was another man named Fox Mulder.

"Yes--" the man said, moving

He was holding a gun in his hand. How many people answer the door with a gun in their hand? I was beginning to feel a bit hysterical.

"I--I need your help," Will said.

"Who are you?"

Will opened his mouth, then shut it. "I--I don't think I should say--" He stumbled to a stop. "W--we need your help. Please help us--"

Mr. Mulder must have read something in Will's face, because he let us into the apartment.

"I used to think you were a paranoid then," William muttered darkly under his breath. "I had no idea--"

Mulder (as Fox Mulder preferred to be called) turned to him. "What did you say?"

"Nothing--" Will replied quickly. "Nothing at all."

Mulder scowled. Then he picked up a cell phone and made a call. "It's me," he said without bothering to say hello. "I need you to come over...I know it's two o'clock in the morning...I'll explain when you get here...Okay." Then hung up without saying goodbye.

He said to us, "I called someone to come over."

"Oh, you mean Scully?" Will had spoken thoughtlessly.

Mulder turned and glared furiously. "What about Scully?" he barked. Then, " How do you know? Are you one of them? Are you?"

"No, no," Will raised his hands soothingly. "I'm not. Trust me."

For someone who was "so paranoid," Fox Mulder was very trusting. He may have answered his door with a gun in his hand, but he had been also quick to open up and let us in.

Maybe it was something about Will. I wasn't quite sure how Will knew Mulder or how they would connected but there was something there. I knew they were probably somehow related. Not only was Will's middle name was Fox, but Fox Mulder's middle as I later found out was "William." It was too much to be a coincidence.

I was sure Will knew what it was, but he was keeping it to himself.

We were sitting on Mulder's couch. Mulder had ordered us a pizza. Will was explaining what had happened. He deliberately left out of our last names as he explained. Mulder listened intently, nodding, and occasionally asking Will a question.

I was just sitting there, still feeling dazed after what had happened. Wondering why we hadn't just gone to police. It was while Will and Mulder was talking that I realized that for some reason they *didn't* trust the local authorities.

I began to feel bile rising in my throat. I bolted to the bathroom.

"Mai!" I could hear Will calling after me. I stumbled to a stop in front of the toilet and threw up all that I had just eaten.

Oh, god. I felt sick.

"Mai?" A tentative touch on the back of my neck.

I flushed the toilet and turned blindly to the sink where I rinsed out my mouth.

"Mai? Are you okay?" He was worried. I knew he was worried that the mysterious way that we got here had somehow affected me.

"It's okay, Will," I said, still feeling woozy. "I think it's something that I ate."

"Maybe you should lie down and rest," he said.

I was too weary to protest. Will led me down the hall.

Mulder was standing outside the hall. "Is she okay?" he asked, his voice filled with concern.

"Do you have somewhere she can rest?" Will asked.

"Yeah, sure." Mulder opened one door. It was a bedroom, although it was obvious he never slept in it. The bed was piled high with boxes Mulder quickly moved them, stacking them to one side. Then he quickly stripped and remade the bed. Then left the room, closing the door behind him.

All the energy seemed to drain out from me. I began to shake badly. My knees suddenly buckled. Will gripped me against me.

I sighed, pressing my face against his chest. I said wearily, "I stink, Will. I wish I can take a bath, but I'm so tired--"

"Later," Will said gently. "After you rest." He helped me into bed, then pulled the covers over me. The gentleness...the love in his gesture...made tears sprang into my eyes. How could I ever been so lucky as to find someone as beautiful and as wonderful as him.

"Love you, Will--" I managed to say.

"Love you, too, Mai." He kissed me gently. "Go to sleep. I will be here."

Dimly, I heard Mulder's voice say, "Scully will be here soon. She's a doctor. She can check her out for you if you want..."

I could hear Will thanking him. Then I heard no more as I slipped the deep warm darkness of sleep.

I woke up to find a small, petite red-headed woman standing by my bed. She smiled at me. This must be the mysterious Scully.

"I told Will I would check you out," she said to me.

"You don't have to," I said. "I'm feeling fine now." In fact, I felt great. Not a bit queasy.

Will came in from behind her.

"Humor me, Mai," he said. "Let her check you out." He spoke lightly but I could tell he was very still worried.

"Okay," I said. And let her examined me. She did it a brisk, professional manner.

"You seem fine," she said later on. "We probably need to run some tests to make sure--" She paused. "Mai, when was your last menstrual cycle?"

"My--my menstrual cycle--" I stammered.

She nodded.

My eyes widen. I couldn't remember. Ever since I have started, I always had been fairly irregular. I hadn't been worried about being late.

My hand went to my mouth and I bolted for the bathroom.

Her hands were cool and comforting as she held my hair from the back of my face. My stomach still heaved like crazy.

"You okay?" she asked.

I nodded. She handed me a plate with several crackers.

"Here," she said. "Eat them. They'll help settle your stomach."

"Thanks," I muttered, embarrassed.

She watched me eat one before she asked, "How far along are you?"

I hiccupped. "I don't know. A few weeks probably. I didn't think--I mean, my periods are usually kind of erratic so I didn't --didn't think anything of not having started--"

I felt miserable.

"We need to get a pregnancy test to be sure," she said.

I nodded.

Will had heard the commotion and had come running.

"It's okay, Will. It's okay," I tried to assure him only have to heave over the toilet again.

His stomach must be made of caste iron. Will didn't even blanched. You have to love a man who still thinks you're beautiful even when you are hovering over a toilet.

He helped me clean up.

"I thought you were feeling better," he said, drying my face with a towel.

"I was," I said.

"Throwing up all night." He fretted. "I don't understand why you're the only one suffering from the after effects. I don't feel sick at all. Mai, maybe we should get her to run some tests--"

"Will, Will," I caught his sleeve to get his attention. "There's nothing wrong."

"Nothing--" he broke off.

"Nothing--or at least we're pretty sure it's nothing bad--at least....whether or not it's bad depends on you--"

"What do you mean depends one me?" he demanded. Then he stopped and stared at me wide-eyed.

He said slowly, "Do you mean what I think you mean?"

I gave him a little scared smile. Will and I had never talked about children..or at least not specifically. Oh we wanted children but we had assumed it would be somewhere down the line. Or at least after we were married.

"Oh, my god," he gasped. He put his hand to his face.

"Will?" I asked, panicked.

He looked like was going to pass out.


He blindly reached out and put the toilet lid before sitting down and pressing his legs between his legs.

"Scully--!" I began to yell.

Will grabbed my hand. "N--no, it's all right, Mai."

He looked up, a funny little grin on his face. "I was just assimilating the information--" His grin widened. "I can't believe it, though! A baby--!"

"I know we haven't talked about children yet, Will--" I began. Then broke off. "Is it okay, Will? The baby--"

He stared at me incredulously. "Of course it's okay, Mai!" He pulled me down onto his lap and pressed his lips against my hair. "I just can't believe it--That's all! Wow! A baby!"

"We're not sure yet--I still have to take a test, Will--"

He nodded. He carefully set me down as he got up to locked the door, then he came back and pulled off my shirt.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

He smiled. "It's time for us to take a bath."

Scully had gone out and brought back a pregnancy test to take. It had turned out positive. Will was ecstatic on the confirmation.

Later, he had curled up around me on the bed and put his ear to my tummy.

"You won't be able to hear anything," I said, laughing. "I think it's too soon!"

He looked up at me and grinned. "I hear something."

"Yeah," I said, laughing harder. "My stomach growling. I'm hungry."

We both laughed heartily, forgetting where we were and how we got there. I fell suddenly silent. My joy felt no bounds at Will's happiness about the baby, but it was tempered with the sadness in Scully's eyes when she offered her congratulations, saying, "A baby is a gift from God."

She smiled as she said this. She had been quite sincere but I couldn't helping thinking she looked sort of sad.

"What is it, Mai?" Will asked, picking up on my mood.

"Agent Scully--" I looked at him. "When we found about the baby--she looked kind of sad--"

He stared down at our entwined hands on the bed. Then he said softly, "She's unable to have kids. Or at least she thinks she can't have kids."

I stared at him. "How do you know that? Did she tell you that?"

He shook his head.

"Will--" I said pleadingly. "Tell me what's going on?"

Will--so honest and open--had repeated what he had told Mulder to Scully. Again, he had left out certain things. "You seem to know them but yet they don't seem to know you. And why won't you tell them who you are? Who we are?"

Will leaned forward and rubbed his face. "I'll tell you, Mai--but you can't tell them, Mai. Not a word." His voice was low and urgent.

I nodded.

He went on, "I--I don't know how much us just being here has affected th--things...." He sat back and sighed. Then said quietly, "I know them--yes. Very well. They're my parents."

"Y--your parents?" I stammered.

He nodded. "I know it sounds crazy. I don't know what happened. Or how it happened, but somehow--someway--we got sent back into the past--"

He shook his head helplessly. "My parents used to tell me stories when I was growing up. About government conspiracies, mutant fluke worms, alien abductions and invasions--Stuff like that. They used to be FBI agents, you know, but I took everything they said with the grain of salt. I figured--you know--they were spinning tales--like parents do--like walking twelve miles to school in waist high snow--stuff like that. I knew some of it was true but I couldn't believe that it was all true--" His voice trailed off.

"Oh, Mai, I am so sorry," he said sadly. "That you and the baby has gotten caught up in this--"

I pressed his hand to my lips, shook my head and said fiercely, "Don't think that way, Will! I wouldn't want to be anywhere else but with you."

"Oh, Mai!" he whispered. He pressed his cheek against my forehead. "I wish--I wish--I never thought--they *told* me--they *warned* me to be careful--but I never took them seriously. It seemed so out there--so removed--I mean, I'm just a high school biology teacher. No one special."

I could feel him trembling. "Will we ever get back home?"

"I don't know," he said wearily. "I haven't figured out how we got here---Maybe some device that those men had...I don't know...this don't seem real...I feel like I'm dreaming....Only I know I'm not."

The way that Mulder and Scully interacted was fascinating to watch. Maybe it was because I saw so much of Will in the way they moved or how they turned a certain phrase.

Mulder would stand so close to Scully, often touching at the shoulder or the arm. His hand often lifting and touching her lower back. They spoke of an intimacy to a person viewing them from the outside, but yet the none of the touches could be construed as overtly sexual, but yet....

I leaned toward Will and nodded to them. "Are they?"

He grinned. "No--not yet."

I stared incredulously at his parents. You could cut the heat between them with a knife.

"How much longer?"

Will grinned "Soon."

"Very soon, I hope," I said wryly.

Will laughed. "My parents always said they had the longest courtship in history. Seven long years, my Dad said and nary a kiss."

"Seven years?" Seven years of boiling sexual tension. If they felt what I felt when I was Will, I couldn't imagine having to live that way. Seven long years.

Will disappeared with Mulder. They were going to visit three of Mulder's friends to do some research.

"It will be good to see them--to see Uncle Frohike when he still had some hair," Will had told me quietly, grinning. He reached down and kissed me. "Be back soon!"

As I watched him and the young man who would be his father go out of the door, I was amazed how alike they were. They shared the same face, the same height and build, and the same coloring. The only thing I can see from his mother was his blue eyes, although Will had told me that he used to have her red hair when he was little kid.

"My father was disappointed," he had said. "He's partial to redheads."

Looking at the Mulders men, I had to wonder what our baby would look like. I rested my hand on my stomach. I couldn't believe there was actually a baby in there.

Scully smiled at me. "Feeling better?"

I nodded. She looked rather wistful. I wanted so much to comfort her--to tell her about Will. About Grace, the second "miracle" that came two years after Will was born and after she and Mulder had been reunited after two long years of separation. About Joshua--who came as a complete surprise to his parents and siblings, and to a horrified nineteen year old Will who was embarrassed to realize that "his old parents were still having sex."

All of this I knew, but none of it I could tell. Will was firm about it.

We decided to return to the spot where Will and I and first appeared so Mulder could get "the feel" of it. I watched bemusedly as Mulder circled around the area. I didn't know what he was searching for but every once in a while, he would stop and bend down and focused on something with absorbed concentration.

Will hovered behind him. I could imagine a small Will eagerly following his adored father's footsteps.

They were talking quietly between the two of them. I couldn't hear what they were saying.

It was still very cold. I was wearing a coat borrowed from Will's mother and my hands were dug deep into the pockets. Scully walked over to them and said something. Mulder said something and I heard Will protested indignantly, "I am definitely not an alien hybrid clone!"

Curious, I began walking to them. Scully's voice drifted to me, "He bleed red and not toxic green." She glanced at me pointedly, "And he's definitely not sterile."

Will blushed.

Mulder said eagerly, "Maybe he's a newer version--"

"I am not a clone, "Will said firmly. "I was born the old fashioned way."

"But--" Mulder started.

And that's when the pandemonium started. Men dressed in black appeared at nowhere. Mulder yelled, "Run!"

We headed toward the car.

Mulder fell back as he turned to face the men. "Scully!" he yelled.

She nodded, grabbed my hand and pulled toward the car.

"Dad!" Will yelled, panicked.

"Go!" Mulder yelled back.

Somehow...some way... we managed to get away....We were safe...or at least for now. It was then Mulder turned to Will. "What did you call me?" he asked, his hazel eyes turning dark gold.

I can see Will mentally banging his head against the wall as he tried to back-pedalled, "Uh, I call you 'Mulder'--like I always do."

"No, no," Mulder said mildly. "I know what I heard. I have a photographic--"

I can see Will nodding along with the statement.

"--so I know what I heard," Mulder went on. "You called me 'Dad.' I just wanted to know why a man in his thirties would call another man in his thirties 'Dad.' Is there something you need to tell us?" He made a gesture toward Scully that was standing behind me.

Will swallowed, looking very trapped and very much like like a mirror reflection of the man that stood before him.

"Well--" Will stuttered. He was incapable of outright lying to his parents. It must be how they raised him.

"Then who would his mother be? Diana Fowley then?" Scully's voice was distant, but I could hear the underlying pain it. She obviously had ruled herself out as Will's mother.

"My God, no!" Will burst out.

Scully may have ruled herself out as Will's mother, but Mulder hadn't.

"She must have blue eyes," he said pointedly before meeting Will's eyes, and then sliding carefully to Scully.

Will hmmed noncommittally but Mulder seemed content.

"Should I pass out cigars," he quipped happily.

"I shouldn't have told you," Will began. "I don't know how much we've changed since we've been here."

"What makes you think that you've changed anything? This may have happened but we just didn't tell you that it did," Mulder said.

That gave Will a pause.

Mulder grinned.

"You haven't changed much," Will grumbled.

Mulder just laughed.

We were still trying to figure out how we got here. Neither Will or I could recall the cigarette smoking old man or his henchmen having any sort of device and Will's memory was much like his father's.

"It couldn't be set down in one area," Will said. "Or others would have been sent back to."

"Maybe it was activate when you two walked past it?" Scully suggested.

"I don't know," Will said, shaking his head. "That doesn't feel right--Not at all." He started to pace back and forth while his parents watched him with both amusement and fascination. He looked so much like his father that it was uncanny.

Finally he stopped and looked down at me.

"What if we're wrong?" he asked slowly.

"Wrong about what?" I asked.

"Wrong about a device? What if there is no device? No third party?" he asked slowly.

"Then how else did we get here?" I asked.

He bit his lower lip. " What if it was me?"

Mulder and Scully stood up. "What?"

"I'm going to try something," he said. He spoke softly and quickly. "But I don't know if it will work--but just in case it does--" he threw his arms both of his parents, surprising them, and hugged them tightly.

He pulled back, the love for his parents open to see on his face.

"Just in case," he said again. Then he reached out and pulled me into his arms. He spoke quickly, softly. "I'm going to try something, Mai. I'm not sure if it will work...Hold on tight, Mai."

I held on fiercely. I wouldn't let go. I would never let go.

There was the same strange feeling of displacement, the curious whirl as the world fell away, and an audible click--

And we were standing in the middle of our living room.

It was not over. Who knows if it ever would be. We had to take life one day at a time and take what comes. We refused to lose our lives due to our fear.

But today--today, I was meeting Will's parents for the *first* time. He had said that they would seem to be different. 'Normal life' had mellowed them out through the years.

I was still unsure how they would react being visited by a woman who they had meet over thirty years ago. A woman who had been pregnant wih their son's baby. A woman who still was.

They were sitting on the porch waiting for us. As Will and I neared, they both stood up. Fox Mulder's hair was white as pure snow. He still had his son's irresistible smile.

And Dana Scully--her red hair was gray--but she still stood straight. She smiled when she saw me and said simply, "Mai."

It was then, I knew, they remembered. And they both had their arms tight around both me and Will.

Will's mother pressed her hand against my stomach and looked at me questioningly.

I nodded.

She smiled through her tears. "Our first grandbaby," she whispered to Mulder.

He leaned down and kissed her. "Yes," he said softly.

"A new hope."

"A new beginning."


Author's Notes: When I was a kid I discovered the magic of the children's science fiction books by Alexander Key. If you are unfamiliar with him, he wrote Escape to Witch Mountain which was made into a Walt Disney movie. His book The Incredible Tide was the basis for the Japanese anime tv series called Future Boy Conan. There may be some of you who remembered reading his book The Forgotten Door in school.

In one of his books--The Magic Meadow-- a young boy is able to teleport. To escape the ugliness where he and his friends lived, he takes them to a beautiful place that has a magic meadow. Later he finds out that he had traveled through time.

I thought to play with the idea of teleportation and time. And so I did. I hope you enjoyed it. I had fun writing it.

As always, constructive feedback is welcome.

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