Title: Now Playing
Author: Myriss
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Written: March 2003
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RatingS WARNING: PG-13
Classification: PWP (A plot? What's that?)
Keywords: M/S Married, WillFic, Fluff, Mushy-Mush, out of character
Spoilers: Nothing really.
THE Disclaimer: Any character you recognized from the TV. series belongs to 1013 and Fox. I am just borrowing them.

Summary: One night at the movies...

Author NOTES* - WARNING: This is pure fluff! Mulder and Scully may be somewhat out of character.

Also, this is not beta-ed. Sorry about that.

"Mmmmmm--" the woman moaned.

"Ohhhhhh--" the man groaned.

Up until then, Will Mulder had not noticed them. He was too busy deciding whether or not he should try to put his arm around his date. Just when he had worked up the courage, his best friend Kevin had leaned across the seat of his date and whispered loudly, "Hey, Mulder! Aren't those your parents?"

Will's arm had froze in mid-slide

"Ohhhh," the woman moaned again.

"Yes," the man hissed.

Both, unfortunately, sounded disturbingly familiar. Like an onlooker entranced at the sight of car wreck, Will peeked cautiously over his shoulder at the wayward couple that was busy making noisy love in a dark corner of the movie theater. Will could see very little in the crowded darkness, but what he saw was enough.

Will sank back into his seat, the inside of his stomach dropping like a heavy stone.

He covered his mouth and moaned in silent despair.

*Please, please, please* he begged desperately. *Please, God, kill me now!*

"Is that them?" Kevin asked cheerfully.

Will gritted his teeth. "No," he bit out between his teeth. "It's not them."

Part of him wanted the floor to open beneath him and swallow him whole. The other part of him wanted to run over to his parents and demand to know what in the world they were doing, making out like a couple of horny teenagers in a movie theater...

....His parents? Making out?...


Will's eyes widened at the horrific thought.


Will suddenly felt very ill...

...They couldn't be. Weren't they..like too old or something?

To answer his question, the sounds of their moans and groans became louder...

Will sank more deeper in his chair, staring at the movie screen blindly.

His life was ruined, he thought in despair...Please, please, please shot me now!

"Will?" A hand reached out to touched his hand gently. Will jerked his eyes to look at his date.

Jayne looked back at him, her face soft with concern.

"You okay?" she asked.

Will felt his heart sank even deeper.

He really, really like Jayne. Her family had just moved into town that summer. She wasn't pretty in the way that Kevin's girlfriend Rhonda was, and she was just a bit shy, but Will had liked her from the very start. Once past her shyness, she was funny, witty, and very smart...

It had taken Will months to worked his courage to ask her out...

Only to have this to happen!

"Are you okay, Will?" Jayne asked him quietly.

His smile was tight and his voice was gruff. "I'm fine," he muttered.

There was a sudden stir. Heads turned to watch a movie usher make his way to Will's oblivious parents. Will could only catch bits and pieces of what he said to them.

"...disturbing the others..."


"...you are being asked to leave..."

"...call the cops..."

Will watched as his parents got up from their seats and followed the usher out of the theater. There were a stunned silence as the crowd absorbed what just happened, then a burst of murmurs and snickers.

Will tried to hide his red face behind his hands.

Kevin leaned forward and smirked at Will.

"Are you sure, dude?"

Will pretended not to hear.

"Was that your parents, Will?" Jayne asked him after he had walked her home from the movies.

Will opened his mouth to deny it but he couldn't. He couldn't lie to her when she was looking at him that way.

He closed his mouth and sighed, turning bright red. "Yeah, it was them."

He shook his head and kicked at a tiny pebble at his feet.

"I think it was kind of neat," she said.

"Neat?" He gaped at her, surprised.

She nodded. "Yeah, sure. Romantic in a way."

Will raised his brows. "Romantic? It was pretty embarrassing to me!"

"But just think about it, Will," she said, smiling up at him. "Isn't it nice knowing that your parents still loved each other enough that they would still want to make out?"

"But in a movie theater? And not so loud!" he protested.

"But look at this way, Will--at least, it's with each other, instead of someone else."

Will looked horrified. "My parents? With someone else?"

She patted his hand comfortingly. "I don't imagine they would be with anyone else," she soothed. "They love each other. You could tell."

"Well--" Will shifted and looked down at his feet. "I--I just want you to know...that they....well, I didn't want you to get the wrong impression of them." He bit his lower lip. "They're not always like that, Jayne. They're usually pretty serious. My Mom's a doctor. My Dad's teaches psychology, you know. They were FBI agents when they met."

"FBI agents?"

"Partners, in fact." He grinned. "At least they weren't arrested or anything...I could imagine what Uncle Walt would say--"

"Uncle Walt?"

"Well, Uncle Walt isn't really my uncle...just a close friend of my parents. He's a director at the FBI." Will smirked. "I wished I could have seen his face, though..." His voice trailed off into silence as their eyes met.

Will cleared his throat. "I--I hope it was okay for you. Despite, you know what happened--"

She smiled shyly up at him. "It was fun, Will. And like I said, it was kind of nice, seeing how much your parents loved each other and all. I kind of hope--" she broke off, glancing away and turning pink. "I kind of hope...that... if I were in their shoes, that me and my husband would still want to make out like that..."

"Really?" he breathed.

"Yeah--" she breathed.

Awkwardly, they hung there for a split second, unsure what to do; then Will bent down and Jayne tiptoed up. Their lips touched...at first fleetingly...then again with more confidence. Jayne's hands curled over Will's shoulder. His hands clasped over her waist.

She pulled back and Will stared back at her dreamily.

"That was sure nice," he said.

She smiled up at him, her eyes velvety soft.

"It was," she said.

She tiptoed again and kissed him on the lips.

"It's getting late. I better go in," she whispered, her hand reaching behind her and fumbling for the front door knob.

He could only nod dazedly.

"I had a great time, Will," she said.

He found his voice. "Yeah. Me, too."

"See ya.."

"Yeah, see ya..."

She turned to go inside. He turned to leave, but before he could take a step, she called out to him, "Will--"

He turned eagerly to her. "Yeah?"

"I bet you wouldn't trade your parents for the world," she said, grinning.

He grinned back. "Yeah, you're right," he admitted.

"Good-night, Will."

"Good night, Jayne."

With a wave, she went inside. And Will floated all the way home.

They were in the living room when he walked him. His mother was sitting curled up to one side, her glasses perched on her nose as she read from the latest medical journal. His father was lying on the couch, flipping idly through the cable channels, with his stocking feet tucked into his wife's lap.

They looked rather innocent, Will thought. As if they had stayed home all night instead of getting kicked out of a movie theater for lewd behavior...

Will shook his head, in exasperated affection.

Jayne was right.

He wouldn't trade them for anything.

His mother looked up from her reading and smiled. "Will," she said. "You're home." And his father sat up and grinned at him. "How was the big date with Jayne?"

Will grinned. "It was great." He bent down and kissed them both on the cheek.

They seemed surprised, but rather pleased.

"Good-night, y'all," Will said. "See ya tomorrow." Then whistling, he climbed the stairs to his room.

His mother turned to his father.

"Well," she said, rather bemused. "His evening seemed to have gone rather well, Mulder. Better than ours did anyway."

"Hey now, Scully!" he protested. "I didn't hear you complaining earlier..."

Scully feigned shock. "Really, Mulder--!"

He grabbed his wife and pulled her close.

"Next time," he growled. "I get to choose! We'll go parking!" Then he leaned over and kissed her good.


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