Title: My Dear William
Author: Miranda
Written: June 2002
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Characters are Chris Carter's.

Summary: Scully's letter to her son

My Dear William,

If you are reading this, and my instructions have been followed, you are eighteen today. It is on this day of the beginning of your adulthood that I want to introduce myself to you, and reveal the great mystery of where you have come from. I don't know what, if anything, your parents have told you. But today I tell you everything.

As I write this, I desire for you to know the circumstances.

You are here with me. You are not yet a year old, sitting in my lap playing with my hair as I tap these words to you on the keyboard. I am your mother. My name is Dana Scully. And you must know above all things you will learn today that I have loved you exceedingly from the moment of your conception.

It's hard to know where to start; what truth to reveal first.

I suppose my greatest concern for you is that you will think you were given up because I did not love you or want you. My dearest child, that is the furthest thing from the truth. You were wanted so much that I went to great lengths to see you born - though all my attempts were futile. Things have happened to me, terrible things as a result of the work your father and I have tried to do to make this world a better place for you. I was not able to have children. That privilege was taken away from me by experiments done by evil men. Which leads me to tell you this: You are a miracle. I cannot explain how you came into being. You are the product of a barren womb.

Please know also that you were conceived in love. Your father and I have been on a journey together - our worlds colliding into one eight years before your birth. We started out as partners in the FBI. Our partnership led to the closest of friendships, and our friendship inevitably turned to love. Love that has overcome incredible odds. You were the culmination of our extraordinary affection for one another. You were created as a result of your father's faith in what should not have been able to happen. You were his beautiful and unimaginable gift to me.

I want you also to know your father. His name is Fox William Mulder. He is a passionate, amazing man that has loved me far more than I ever thought it possible to be loved. He has given me life I could never have dreamed of. He has completed me - becoming the other side of my reason and logic and fear, to be my courage, my faith, my dreams. Know that he held you in his arms when you were only a few days old. He has loved you and prayed for you and thought of you every day since that moment. He believes in you, as I do, that God created you for a special purpose. He is going to use you to do great things. You must follow the path He will reveal to you. I trust that He has brought you to that point in the place you have been raised, the people who have taught you your values and principles that will carry you to that place that has always been your destiny.

We want to know you. We also want you to be comfortable, and we understand if this is all too much for you right now. But there is a way for you to come to us, if you wish to. I have left in this envelope a key. The key belongs to a safebox at the Craddock Marine Bank, just a few doors down from the FBI building in Washington. I will make sure that our information is there, waiting for you, on this day, your birthday, assuming that we are still alive and well. We hope to see you soon after that, if it is your wish. Happy birthday, William. We love you so much.

Your parents,
Fox Mulder and Dana Scully

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