Title: My Baby
Author: Carol Gritton
Disclaimer: Fox Mulder, Dana Scully etc. belong to Chris Carter, 1013 and Fox TV. They are used without permission and no copyright infringement is intended. I do this for the love of it!
Rating: G
Classification: V

Summary: Memories from a comatose Mrs. Mulder.

Note: I wrote this before seeing "Herrenvolk."


My baby is beautiful. He is lying in my arms, just minutes old. I feel battered, bruised, exhausted - my labor was long and painful but I would endure it over again for this rich reward. I have been given the most precious gift a woman can ever have.

My baby is a good weight at nine pounds two ounces and he has large hands with long, slim fingers. He has a thatch of dark, dark hair which crowns a solemn little face, but it is his eyes that draw me. They are so all seeing, all knowing.

He utters a cry and I put him to my breast where he suckles hungrily. I heard the nurse tell my husband that he has a fine, healthy son and now he has joined me to share in this special moment. The wonder on my husband's face is a sight to behold as he counts the ten tiny fingers and toes of this little miracle.

My baby never gave me a moment's trouble - he would lay in his crib and gaze up at me with those dark, dark eyes of his. The eyes that were mine, yet had lived a lifetime before he was even born. My husband doted on our son as much as I did - he called him his beautiful boy.

Those early years were magical, and can never be relived. The excitement the day my baby took his first step unaided, and said his first word was immeasurable. To see the wonder in his eyes the first time he saw a Christmas tree in all its decorated glory - these memories can never be recaptured.

My baby was an inquisitive little soul, and he grew into an inquisitive child. I couldn't keep up with his insatiable thirst for knowledge. We spent many happy hours roaming the woods together or combing the nearby beaches for sea shells. He would spend hours with his father, who would regale him with stories that had been handed down since time immemorial. My baby wanted to know the how, why, what, when and where of everything.

When my baby was four, he gained a sister. My children shared an unbreakable bond - oh, they fought like all other children but their loving bond withstood throughout the bad times. They were happy children and as he grew older my baby took it upon himself to become his sister's protector, unaware of the horror that was to be visited upon our family in years to come.

I will never know what really happened that night. We came home to find our daughter missing and my baby catatonic. It was a long time before he spoke, but none of what he told us was of any use. He was so traumatized by what had happened that he had blocked it out.

The End

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