Title: Our Miracle Boy is Ten
Author: Pattie
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Summary: I figure he was born March 15, 2001. Everyone has their opinion about that. Mr. Carter should have told us something but tried to pretend it didn't happen, I suppose. Or maybe he was teasing the MSR fandom.

MARCH 10, 2011 8:15 p.m.

Fox Mulder and Dana Scully Mulder had arrived from the office after what had seemed the longest day as far as paperwork was concerned.

Samantha Ann and Meg were already in bed, and Will was in his room re-reading another *screwed up* math assignment. Usually he had been doing quite well for someone on the verge of turning ten, and already in eigth grade.

"Usually he's no slouch," Scully mused over her chamomile tea."

Mulder agreed. "Do you know how many times I've had to change passwords and encrypt my files? I had no anticipation of THAT!"

"What!?" The poor woman nearly spewed tea.

"Believe it or not, I have told him time and time again NOT to mess with my work."

"You could always leave it at work," Scully advised him.

"No, we still need our homework and you know it. Remember Kersh reaming us out yesterday."

I remember. Calm down." Maybe changing the topic would help. "I can't believe we've had him nine years."

"Yes, but we did it. His grades have been slipping a bit."


"What, Mulder?"

"He could have his own computer with supervision."

Scully rolled her eyes. "Have you see the video games, not to mention the trojans, worms and over two hundred viruses created every day?"

"Yes, I have experience the displeasure of doing a lot of cleaning up, having to replace a lot of files, installing newer and better firewalls, not to mention changing passwords. I am trying to do my damndest to encrypt as much as can. Gotta hand it to you, you and I have created a whiz kid."

"Hang on. He's given out hints since New Year's. He wants an aquarium like dear old Dad. He wants a lot of things. I've found hints all over the place including inside the teapot, and Mandy and Alison found them in their make up kits!"

"Hopefully he isn't trying it on," hubby snickered."

"Mulder... "

"Okay, you know I was only joking. I'll check out a couple of computer stores tomorrow if we're not going out of town."

"On another 'sighting' or tip.'" Yes, Scully had acquired the fine art of sarcasm, partially due to growing up with two brothers who could be holy terrors, and, or course, Mulder. Even if he did it with a poker face, she knew her husband.

"Smart ass."

"You called Mom a 'smart ass'? Hopefully Will had not heard anything else.

Mulder shot the kid a mock frown. "Only joking. Need help with something?"

"Yeah. Can you check this over for me?"

"Sure." Mulder read over three sheets of equations. "Looks good to me. Keep doing as well as this and Miss Avery might give you an A, and it's time you straightened up and flew right."

"I'm trying, Dad. Mom, may I have some tea and a sandwich before I go to bed?"

"Sure. Remember to fold your laundry and empty the trash bin before bed."

"Uhh, okay. I'm really tired."

Since Mulder's mother had always been strict, so was he. "Just do it. By the way, you are too old for the puppy face."

"You do it."

"No I do not."

"Okay kids, give it a rest." Scully handed him the tea and sandwich.

"Mom, can I have a few of my friends over for my birthday?"

"Sure. I can even make your favorite cake. Any idea what you want for your birthday?"

Will indeed had some ideas. "An aquarium, maybe new jeans."

Mulder had a good idea. "Maybe your own computer?"

"That would be great, if it came with a printer, CD Rom, video."

"That would be great for me, too," his Dad told him. He didn't tell his son about his apprehension about the modern videos around.

The boy knew why, but couldn't fathom how he had found out he had be going into the computer, and how so many things were unavailable now.

"Any videos you download or buy will be monitored," his mother added. "There are some things around we do not want you or your sisters to see yet."

"Even Mandy and Alison?"

"Yes," Mulder explained. " Your mother wiped a lot of garbage music from their ipods. A lot has changed since we grew up."

Will told them he didn't know what they saw in Eric Carmen or Raspberries music.

"Now, those were the days," his mother smiled. "Great music, and really good music is important for healthy brain function. That was real music;real genius."

"Yuk," was William's opinion.

"Well, seeing as it's ten, nearly your bedtime."

"But Dad... "

"You need the sleep. Fine, you did well with your assignment, but you need the sleep. Mid- terms in two weeks."

"Don't remind me. By the way, if I get that computer, it would help."

"Bed," Scully sternly said, and off he went.

9:15 A.M.

The big day had arrived. Alison, Mandy were at work, as was Mulder. As much as William had begged and pleaded, his father had sternly told him it was not a holiday and school was more important.

The laundry was being done since Scully had some time off. She started mixing the cake when the phone rang. "Hello."

"It's Mrs. Young. Sorry about this, but we had to send several of the children in Meg's class home. Chicken pox."

"I understand. I'll be there to pick her up."

Hopefully, the cake would last until the girl was home. A sense of foreboding came over her. How could she tell Will there would be no way the party could happen, even if he and his friends had been vaccinated? She called Mulder quickly, then William's school. Will was given permission to remain in school.

As a precaution, Meg was gently confined to her room, playing happily without Samantha Ann and sibling rivalry. The girl would be bunking in with Alison and Mandy for a few days.

Mulder called at noon. "Everything okay?"

"Yes, the cake turned out well, decorations are up. How can we break the news to William? A one kid party?"

"He'll be fine, honey. You worry too much. Wait until he comes home. We'll make sure he's happy. He will understand. Besides, he has the family, and the new computer."

"I'm fine. Meg will have a piece of cake with supper in the older girls' room."

"Are you sure? They're late nighters."

"She's out for at least three days, Mulder."

Okay. Give my love to all. Meeting with Walter at one."

"Love you, too. Bye."

4:30 p.pm.

William arrived home with a big smile which quickly faded when he was told there would be no party. "What?"

"Meg's class has chicken pox. I'm sorry."

"Great." He dropped his books on the floor and stared at the ceiling."You did a great job with the decorations, Mom."

Scully gave her miracle boy a big hug. "At least your list of invitations was useful. Don't worry. Look at all the presents in the livingroom. Your friends' parents brought them. Make sure to thank them all."

"I will. How's Meg?"

"She's all right. You were all vaccinated. She's in with Mandy and Alison for a few days."

"Hah! I feel sorry for her." He had to smirk hearing that.

"Hey, behave yourself. You can open the presents after supper and then blow out your candles! This is a happy day for you, me and your Dad. You can pick up the books and do your homework. At least it didn't snow like last year."

"Lucky me. Fun birthday. Helping Dad shovel all that snow."

Laughing, she showed him the picture she had taken. "This is priceless!"

"We didn't think so, Mom. I promise to do my homework. By the way, that assignment got me an A."

"I'm glad. Just go do it. Supper's a bit late. Your Dad is having another longer day, longer than he thought."

Mandy and Alison ran over to their brother and hugged him. "What was THAT for?"

"We love you," Alison told him.

"Girls. Sheesh." He ran up to his room with his books.

6:07 p.m.

"Happy Birthday" was sung and Will made his wish as he blew out ten candles.

The ever curious yet sarcastic Mandy asked, "So, what did you wish for? A girlfriend?"

"No! And if I did say what I wished for, it wouldn't come true."

Paper flew at the speed of light.

Mulder played cameraman while Will his behind anything he could, but Scully was picking up as quickly as possible.

"Gotcha!" Mulder still had quick reflexes.

"Poster for latest X-men movie from Brian. Bow tie from Tom, class nerd. Lace heart from Melanie... "

The girls were laughing their you-know-whats off.

To continue, giving Scully's glare to them, "Real shamrock from Thomas, whoopie cushion from Shane, class clown... looks like I owe twelve thank you cards."

Mulder went to the basement.

"Where you going?"

"You'll see." A few minutes later, he returned with a box. "From me to you."

William opened up the box. "A laptop! Thanks, Dad. I can take it to school."

"And bring it back home with the cover. These things hate water."

"I know, Dad."

Mandy and Alison decided to make it one present.

"Awesome! A leather bound family album, pictures included. Thanks!" He went to hug them, but evasive measures were taken, yet caught on film by Dad.

Scully's gift was next. It was so precious to her that she had had it copied.

"A picture of you and me before you gave me up?"

"Yes, but remember this: You were so precious enough, we needed to protect you. Will, you are a gift, and we back." As she kissed him, she softly whispered, You're so special."

"Actually, I am lucky. Very lucky."


Author's Note:

Requirements for this Challenge:
- Story told mostly on the birthday.
- Includes words foreboding, change and important

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