Title: A Midsummer Night's Dream Come True
Author: requiem
Written: May 1996
Disclaimer: Dana Katherine Scully and Fox William Mulder do not belong to me. I have borrowed them, sans permission, from Chris Carter, Ten Thirteen Productions, and the fox broadcasting corporation, for entertainment purposes only. but, hey, I'm not making any money off of it, so it doesn't matter!
I have also employed some of the lyrics from Alanis Morissette's song "Head Over Feet," from her album "jagged little pill," without permission. again, it shouldn't matter.

Summary: Dana and Fox's high school graduation night, and events as such. requiem-style, to the Nth degree. (as if I really know what my style is, or even what the Nth degree is!) 8P

Greetings and salutations: Hey there, everyone! c'est moi, requiem, or dor. This is pure mind candy, of the non-nc17 variety-- i'm only fourteen, guys! =]

Note: This piece takes place in another world-- not the soap opera, thank you--, where Dana and Fox have been best friends since forever, and are presently seniors in high school-- grade twelve, 'cause they're not stuck here, in Ontario. but I'm not bitter. >=P

City High School, graduation night

Dana Katherine Scully and Fox William Mulder walked towards their school, hand-in-hand. Fox sported a leather jacket, and Dana had on a black jacket. Her hair was in and up-do, with a few curled tendrils loose, around her face.

It was a perfectly clear night, and the surroundings were bathed in soft moonlight. Other people entered the school, also, and music could be heard, coming from the building.

Just the night before, Dana and Fox had been hanging around Dana's house, when they had decided to attend the function as more than just best friends.

Dana's house, previous night

They retreated to Dana's room, once again, closing the door. Fox lay down on the bed, stretched out. As Dana sprawled down on the floor, she asked, "So what are you wearing to the grad dance, tomorrow night?"

From his place on the bed, he answered, "I dunno, I don't really feel like going."

Dana got up, and kneeled at the side of the bed, with her arms crossed on the bed, and her chin resting on them.

"What do you mean? It's the last time our class is gonna be together!" she asked.

Fox sat up. "Yeah, but look at our class, Dane, there's the jocks, the brainers, the bes, and then, us? Is it really worth it?"

Dana climbed up, onto the bed. She thought for a moment, and then came up with an idea. "_I'm_ not going with anyone, Fox, why don't you come with me?" she suggested."


"Please, Fox?" she pleaded.

"Ooh, I love it when a girl begs," said Fox, smiling slyly.

Grinning, she punched him in the shoulder.

Then, Dana got serious again. "Please, Fox? What do ya say? Everyone already thinks we're madly in love, we'll give them something to talk about!"

Fox thought for a minute, and then shrugged. "Okay, sure!"

"Groovy!" exclaimed Dana, jumping with excitement.

"Dane?" asked Fox, using the name that only he was permitted to use, "_Are_ we madly in love?" he asked, having suddenly turned serious.

Dana looked at him, puzzled. "How do you mean?" she asked, slowly.

"Dane, we're best friends, right?"

"Of course! And we always will be, too!" she answered, smiling.

Fox smiled, and then continued. "But do you ever think of me as _more_ than just being your best _friend_?"

Dana thought for a moment, then answered, softly, "Well... Yes, actually... I do... Do you?"

Fox nodded. "A lot."

"You do?"

Again, he nodded. Swallowing, he asked, "Dane, I've been thinking."

Under other circumstances, Dana would have made a joke, but she didn't. "About what, Fox?" she dared to ask, her heartbeat going a mile a minute.

"Us. Our relationship," he answered, staring her straight in the eye, his heart having begun beating at three times its normal rate.

She nodded for him to go on.

"Dane, we've known each other since we were, what, three, four years old? I figure we've basically gotten to know each other... So what would you say to taking our relationship to the next level?"

"Fox Mulder, are you asking me out?" asked Dana, arching an eyebrow.

Fox didn't' know what to make of her expression, and his heart started beating even faster. "Well, in a sense, yes..."

She didn't say anything, or do anything, for a moment. She just sat there, on the bed, staring at him. And then, she broke into a smile. The most beautiful smile she had ever smiled.

Fox's heart stopped, while he waited for her verbal response.

"Okay," she whispered.

He barely stopped himself from gasping. "Really?" he asked.

She nodded, smiling lovingly at him. Her lips quivered, and she fought hard to keep tears of joy from escaping.

Fox rose on his knees, and moved closer to Dana. She met him halfway, also on her knees. For an instant, they just stayed there, looking at each other, smiles spread across their faces. Then, they pulled each other into a loving embrace. Dana wrapped her arms around Fox's neck, and ran her hands through his short, dark-brown hair. Fox ran his hands up and down her back, and into the tangle of her shoulder-length auburn hair.

Fox pulled out of the embrace, and, holding Dana's hands, he said, "You're beautiful, Dane."

She smiled, and leaned forward, kissing his nose.

"It's almost 9, handsome. You'd better get home," she whispered.

He smiled, and nodded. The two of them got off of the bed, and went downstairs.

"Bye, Fox," said Dana, as he headed out the door.

"See ya tomorrow, Dane," whispered Fox, kissing her forehead. Turning to go down the path, he waved and smiled.

City High School graduation night

"It's nice out, don't ya think, Fox?" asked Dana, smiling.

"Definitely," he answered. He stopped, and turned to face her completely. "You know what?" he asked, looking thoughtful.

"What?" she asked, softly, her head tilted to the right.

"I am _really_ glad I decided to come with you," he said, smiling, and taking her other hand.

Dana laughed a deep, sultry laugh. "So am I." She smiled lovingly at him.

Fox looked adoringly at his friend, for a moment, and then let go of one hand, guiding her to the school building.

As they went into the building, they were greeted by a smiling teacher, who, too, was dressed semi-formally.

Dana smiled, and her eyes rolled away from the teacher, as she said, "Hi, Mr. Paddock."

He returned a hello, and nodded to Fox, who smiled.

"You can stick your coats in the room just around the corner, he said, pointing in the direction of the corner.

"Thank you, Sir," said Fox.

He placed a hand at the small of Dana's back, as the two of them headed to the coat room. Inside, there were hangers, and a million jackets on racks.

Fox took his jacket off, to reveal a pair of well-fitting black jeans, and a black turtle-neck shirt. He hung it up, and then he proceeded to turn Dana around, and help to slide her jacket off. She shivered, as he brushed her bare shoulders, along the way.

In taking her coat off, he revealed her outfit. She wore a backless, dark green, spaghetti-strap dress. It hugged her figure, at the top, and then flared at her hips, ending just above her knees.

Fox nearly gasped, as he saw her Dana's back. Her skin was smooth, and creamy, and looked oh, so soft, and inviting. He swallowed, and then hung her jacket up, on the same hanger as his was on.

She turned around to face him, smiling affectionately at the one in front of her. "Come on, Fox, let's go," she said, taking his hand. She led him to the gymnasium, where the dance was.

As Dana and Fox entered the room, people they knew looked at them, smiled, and waved. Fox and Dana simply smiled back at the others, and headed for the dance floor, which happened to cover 80 percent of the gym.

A slow song had just started, and couples moved onto the dance floor, joining Dana and Fox. He smiled at her, and she smiled back. They moved closer to each other, meeting half way. Dana wrapped her arms around Fox's neck, as he rested his hands against her hips, and wrapped them around to her back.

The soft music played loudly, over the speakers.

"... You treat me like I'm a princess
I'm not used to Liking that
You ask how my day was
"You've already won me over In spite of me

And don't be surprised if I fall Head over feet
And don't be alarmed if I love you
For all that you are
I couldn't help it, it's all your fault

"Your love is thick, and it swallowed me whole
You're so much braver
Than I give you credit for
That's not lip service..."

Fox and Dana swayed gently, from side to side, in time with the music. Dana moved closer to Fox, closing up the few inches of space that there was between them. She lay her head against him, just under his chin, and closed her eyes. Fox rested his head atop hers, as the song continued.

"...You are the bearer
Of unconditional things

You held your breath
And the door for me
Thanks for your patience..."

There was a harmonica, guitar and drum interlude. Fox inhaled the distinctly Dana scent that he adored, as he listened to the next part of the song.

"...You're the best listener
That I've ever met
You're my best friend
Best friend with benefits
What took me so long?
"I am aware now..."

As she heard those words, Dana' eyelids fluttered open, slowly. She felt Fox's head move away from hers, and she looked up at him. He smiled down at her, his eyes full of love. He had heard the words, too. Dana returned his smile, lovingly, and then went back to leaning against him, her eyes closed. Fox lay his head down on hers, again, and he, too, closed his eyes.

For the rest of the song, they drifted off into their own little worlds, each letting themselves be guided in dance, by the other.

As the song came to its final strains, the two of them returned to reality, and moved away from each other-- somewhat. They remained fairly close to each other, gazing into each other's eyes.

Just then, the next song started. Fox and Dana listened, for a second, figuring out what song it was. When they realized that it was a tango, they laughed, and pulled apart.

Fox smiled at Dana, who was still standing in front of him. He held out a hand, and, grinning, asked, "May I have this dance, Dane?"

Dana laughed, and grinned at him. She nodded, and said, "Yes, yes you may."

She stepped into his arms, and, began the traditional dance. Surprising each other and themselves, they both knew how to tango.

The two of them moved together gracefully, and completely in sync', as if they were one. A crowd had gathered around them, watching in amusement.

Fox, tall and dark, was like a towering Greek god, dancing with amazing skill. Dana, the red-haired goddess, twirled around him, like a bright, burning flame. They never took their eyes off of each other, grinning with amusement.

The song ended with a bang, and so did their dance; Fox took her in his strong arms, and dipped her, Dana's arm wrapped securely around his neck.

The people around them cheered and whistled, laughing and smiling.

Fox brought Dana back up, and, sheepishly, they grinned at everyone, and bowed, holding hands. They stood close to each other, so that their bodies were pressed against each other.

As people returned back to their own affairs, Dana turned to face Fox. All that dancing had made him thirsty. He leaned down, and, whispering into her forehead, he suggested, "Let's go get some punch."

She nodded, smiling, and they went to the refreshment table. He took two plastic cups, and filled the, with the blood-red punch. She nodded to a corner, and he led her there. Dana gulped down the last of her punch, and, wiping her mouth, she laughed. Fox started laughing, too, and wiped his mouth with his hand.

"Man, that was a blast!" exclaimed Dana.

"Yeah! Wasn't it, though?" he said, grinning. He took her cup for her, and went to put them in the trash can, by the wall. A few seconds later, he came back.

"Fox, I'm hot," she stated, running a hand down the side of her face.

"I noticed, Dane," he said, in a deep voice, twitching an eyebrow and smiling slyly.

Feeling a blush creep up on her cheeks, Dana laughed, and suggested that they go outside for a little bit. Fox agreed, and they went out the doors, and into the cool, summer night.

Once Dana got outside, her face lit up with sheer excitement. She grabbed Fox's hand, and lead him, running, to where the grass ended, and the pavement of the sidewalk began. It was about twenty meters from the school's building.

"What is it, Dane?" asked Fox, slightly out of breath.

Dana let go of his hand, and catching her breath, she answered him, "Look at the moon, Fox!" Fox looked up, and saw that the moon was a pale shade of blue. Grinning, she extended her arms, and spun around. She laughed, as she stopped, her back facing Fox.

Smiling and excited, she went on to explain. "The moon's blue tonight!" She laughed, and continued, "When I was little, my dad used to tell me that when the moon was blue like that, that you could make a wish, and it'd come true, like that!" She snapped her fingers.

Fox smiled, and walked up to Dana, sliding his arms around her waist, and resting his chin on her head. Dana put her arms over top of his, stroking them lightly.

"So," said Fox, in a deep voice, "What do you wish for tonight?"

Dana thought for a minute, pausing from stroking his arms. Then, she turned around, still in his arms, and whispered confidently, "I wish that this," referring to their relationship, and everything around them, "Would last forever."

Fox smiled, and brought one hand up to stroke her hair, lovingly.

"So do I, Dane, so do I," he whispered. Dana gazed at him, affectionately. Subconsciously, their bodies moved closer and closer and closer together. Fox's hand moved from stroking her hair, down to her back, where he ran it up and down her spine. In doing this, he sent a tingling sensation through both of their bodies.

Eventually, Fox's hand moved to the back of Dana's neck. Slowly, he brought her closer to him, until they could feel each other's breath. This time, it was Fox who closed the gap between them. Slowly, he brought his mouth down on top of Dana's.

They kissed each other innocently, curiously, and for the first time. They learned each other's touch, and enjoyed it, sinking deeper and deeper into each other's souls. After a minute, Dana pulled away from Fox, but definitely not far.

Smiling seductively, and driving him crazy in doing so, she whispered, "Let's go inside."

He nodded, and let her guide him back to the school, across the healthy, green grass.

They went back to the dance, and, for the rest of the night, they had the best time they had ever, and perhaps the best time that they _would_ ever have, together.

Two weeks later, Fox got his university applications in the mail. He tore open one envelope, addressed from Oxford University, London, England. Anxiously, he read the letter inside.

'Dear Mr. Mulder, thank you for applying, blah, blah, blah... your application had been accepted. Congratulations!'

Fox's face lit up instantly, and, without bothering to open the other applications, he ran downstairs, to the foyer of his house. As he was about to step into his shoes, to go to Dana's house and tell her, the doorbell rang. He went to the door, and pulled it open.

There, before him, stood Dana, grinning excitedly.

"Wow, speedy service!" she exclaimed, as she ran past him, into his house. In her hand, there were a few envelopes.

"You too, Dane?!" asked Fox, grinning. He held up the envelope that was stamped 'Oxford University.'

She saw the stamp, and nodded. She was biting her lip, to stop herself from screaming with excitement. Basically bouncing, she took a letter out of one of the envelopes in her hand. The letterhead read: 'University of California, Berkeley Medical School.'

"I got in, Fox, I got in! Berkeley!" she practically yelled-- now, she _was_ bouncing!

Grinning, Fox announced, "Groovy! Good job, Dane!" he congratulated her, genuinely excited. "But guess what?!"

"What?!" she asked, eagerly.

"I got in to Oxford! I got it, Dane!"

"Oh, wow! That's amazing, Fox!" she exclaimed, jumping with enthusiasm.

"This is so cool!" said Fox. Spontaneously, he dropped the envelopes, and engulfed Dana in a bear-hug, lifting her up, off the ground. Ecstatic, she threw the envelopes that she held, up in the air, and wrapped her arms around Fox's neck.

They laughed and hugged and kissed and hugged, and then Fox suggested that they go and celebrate. The two of them decided on a quaint little Italian restaurant, his treat, just a few blocks from their neighborhood.

Dana went home, first, to change, though. Fox changed, too, at his place.

Two hours later, they met at the corner of their two streets. Both were still bursting with happiness, and smiling insanely.

On the walk to the restaurant, they held hands, and talked about telling their families their good news-- they had both told each other first, after all--, and various other things, such as duct tape, freezies, and chocolate pudding.

On the outside of the building, a light-up sign read: Marciano's Fine Italian Eatery. Inside, the restaurant was lit dimly, but not too dimly, mostly for atmosphere. Tables were here and there, and booths were along the walls.

Fox and Dana got a booth, near one corner of the room.

"Nice place," commented Dana, taking her jacket off, and hanging it on a small coat rack that extended from the side of their booth.

"Mm-hm," agreed Fox, smiling and nodding, as he, himself, hung up his coat.

Dinner progressed smoothly. Fox ordered a plate of Fettucine Alfredo, and Dana ordered an Italian salad, both of which they ended up sharing.

After leaving the restaurant, as well, as a generous tip, the couple decided to go for a walk.

They wound up at the beach, which was quite a ways from the restaurant, but didn't seem like a long walk because of the company they were in.

Fox and Dana sat next to each other, on the sand. A soft breeze cooled the sand, and the waters. Closing her eyes, Dana took a deep breath, breathing the fresh air in. She smiled to herself, as she recalled a memory.

"Hey, Fox," she said, as she stood up, her eyes focused on the water.

"Yeah, Dane?" he asked, looking up at her.

With clear and undeniable sadness in her voice, she said, "Do you realize that, two months from now, we're gonna be living in totally different places? You, in England, and me, in California?"

Fox rose to his feet, and stood beside her. Even as he looked at her profile, he could see that her eyes held a certain sorrow.

"Yeah, I know," he answered, softly.

For a minute, neither one of them spoke, still letting the thought sink in. Each gazed out at the quiet waters that sparkled in the soft moonlight.

"Dane?" said Fox, staring out at the calm oceanic waters.

"Hm?" asked Dana, watching the water lap the shores of the sandy beach.

"What are we gonna do... About us, I mean?" he turned to Dana, a worried expression on his face.

Dana stopped for a moment, still looking out at the ocean. Then, she turned around to face a worried Fox.

"Well," she started, finally, as tears formed in her eyes, "I... I don't know, Fox," her lips quivered slightly, and the tears started coming. Dana was crying in that heart-achingly beautiful feminine way, where the tears ran, but not a sound was heard.

"Oh, Dane," said Fox, wrapping Dana in an embrace. He whispered into her hair, "I don't want to lose you..."

"Fox..." Dana let the tears come freely, as they did, and hugged Fox tightly. She cried softly, but was crying nonetheless.

Tears had began flowing running down Fox's cheeks, as he held Dana tighter. Slowly, he sank to his knees, burying his face in Dana's abdomen, and his arms wrapped around her waist. Dana ran her hands through his soft hair, and felt, more than listened, to him cry. She closed her eyes, and took deep breaths, while the tears came down her face. Her lips trembled, but she made no noise.

Then, she slid down to her knees, so she could face Fox. His crying had slowed, and his eyes were slightly pink. Sniffing, he swallowed, as Dana's eyes met his. They stared at each other for what seemed like forever.

Gently, their lips met once again. Their lips parted, each sending the other a silent invitation, which was accepted. They savored the moment, as their tongues intertwined, exploratively.

The two of them rose to their feet, slowly, and together, as if they were one. Dana's hands ran through Fox's hair, arms around his neck, sending shivers coursing through him. Fox ran his hands up and down Dana's back, spreading warmth throughout her body.

Fox pulled back slightly. As he spoke, Dana could feel his lips moving. "I'll always love you, Dana," he whispered, confidently. His voice was a little deeper than usual, making Dana smile. Fox felt her smile, and was glad. He moved back a little more, so as he could see her, and went on to whisper, "No matter where we are, or how far apart we may be, physically,--"

Dana finished his sentence, smiling softly, "We'll always be close, in heart and in mind... I know, Fox, I know," she said. "And I will always, always love you, no matter what." With her thumbs, she gently wiped the tears from Fox's face.

Fox smiled back, and wiped the tears off of Dana's face. "What do you say we go home, and get some sleep?" he suggested, "We've got a lot of stuff to do, in the next few weeks."

"Mm-hm," she agreed, softly, taking his hand in hers.

Together, they walked away from the beach, away from the place where they had made what would prove to be the most important promise they had ever made. And Dana and Fox would hold that promise closer to their hearts than any other they would ever make, to anyone.

It was rather late, when, at last, Dana and Fox reached her house. Fox walked with her up to the front stoop, holding her hand. He leaned down, and kissed her gently, lovingly. He gave her hand soft squeeze, and smiled.

"Goodnight, Fox," she said, smiling almost shyly.

"'Night, Dane," he returned.

As she closed the door, she called out to him, "Love you," and she got the feeling that everything was going to be okay.

Walking down the driveway, and heading home, something told Fox that everything would be alright.

In the next month-and-a-half, Dana and Fox packed their things, with help from each other and their families. The two of them spent most of their time with each other, going to the beach, to the movies, to restaurants, and just plain spending time with each other.

When the fall came around, and leaves started falling, and the weather got cooler, Fox and Dana knew that they would only have a few days more to spend with each other. School would start soon, which meant that they'd be moving to their respective schooling areas.

It was the last day of the third week of August. Universities would start up again, in just eleven days.

That night, Dana sat on the front stoop of her house, thinking. Thinking about the events of the last two months... Thinking about how happy she was, and how her life had changed since she and Fox had become a couple... Staring blankly at her shoes, she sighed, as she remembered that tomorrow would be their last day together...

"Dane?" came a voice from in front of her.

She looked up. It was Fox. He smiled at her, his sharp features bathed in the pale moonlight.

Dana's face lit up at the sight of him, her soul mate, her best friend, her boyfriend... her Fox.

"Hey, you," she whispered, as he sat down beside her.

"Hi," he whispered back. He leaned in closer to her, and whispered in her ear, "Why are we whispering?" As his breath made contact with her ear, a warm, soothing, tingling sensation flowed through her body.

She grinned at him, and whispered into _his_ ear, "I'm practicing sounding like the wind. What do you think?" Fox felt a rush of warmth melt over him, as he felt her breath on his ear.

"I think I'd give it an eight," he whispered.

She chuckled, and asked him, "So what's a guy like you doing in a place like this?"

"Is that a pick up line, or are you just happy to see me?" he quipped, smiling slyly and arching an eyebrow.

"Well, Sherlock, that's for me to know, and you to find out," she purred into his ear. Fox shivered at her closeness and her voice. It sounded extremely sexy to him.

"And how do you suggest I go about finding it out?" he asked, his voice having lowered to a hoarse, sensual slur.

Dana noticed that, and thought it was rather erotic. Not noticing it, she ran her tongue over her top lip, slowly. Then, she moved from the stoop to sit in his lap, straddling his legs, and wrapping her arms around his neck. "Well," she said, in a deep, throaty voice, "You could start by doing this," she continued, as she moved to brush her soft lips over his jawline, and traced it with her tongue. "Or even this," she whispered, nibbling at his earlobe.

He swallowed. Dana pulled back, to face him once again. "What about this?" asked Fox, pulling her closer to him, letting her wrap her legs around his waist. He brought her soft hair around one side of her neck, and started kissing the creamy skin at the back of her neck. Dana closed her eyes, and, without knowing it, she tilted her head to the other side, allowing Fox to kiss the side of her neck.

He kissed a path back up to her lips, where his mouth descended upon her own. They shared and explored each other, tongue dueling tongue, breath mixing with breath.

Then, Dana drew back from Fox, smiling, and whispered, "Okay, you pass..."

He smiled back at her, this being before him, the one girl with whom he could talk, laugh, and share his soul, and yet was the one girl that could steal his heart.

Dana planted a loving kiss on his lips, then rose to her feet. He joined her, and took her hand in his.

"We'd better get to bed," she said, a hint of dismay in her voice.

"Is that an invitation?" he asked, grinning slyly, like a fox.

Grinning, she said, "Maybe someday, Fox... But we've got a busy day ahead of us..."

"Yeah..." he said, sadly. "You know what, Dane?"


"I'm gonna miss you..."

"Right back at you, Fox," she whispered, swallowing back tears.

Fox took a deep breath, exhaling loudly. "Well, goodnight, Dane," he whispered into her ear, following up with a tender kiss.

"Goodnight, Fox," she returned him, her voice just above a whisper.

And with that, he disappeared down her driveway, and into the dark of the night.

The next day, both Fox and Dana would be on airplanes, with their parents. They'd make the seemingly slow trip up to their schools, thinking of each other all the while.

Before they parted, they had promised to keep in touch with each other. And, for a while, they did. But, after a while, school started getting hectic, and schoolwork was coming in more and more frequently.

Soon, Dana and Fox hardly ever wrote to each other. After that, the once-weekly phone calls started becoming bi-weekly, then monthly, and bi-monthly. Eventually, without either one of them realizing it at first, Fox and Dana had lost all contact.

Though their lives had grown apart, and tossed them into the universe, they were always united in within their hearts and souls.

And, little did they know, in years to come, the mindless torpor called 'life' would fling them back together, and they would have the chance to work with each other, becoming partners.

Through it all, one thing would remain constant; their undying love for each other. It would bring them together, and tear them apart, emotionally, but it would always be there, holding them up. It would be this same love that gave them strength on the job, and the most important thing of all: faith. Faith in each other, and in themselves.

The End

Dana and Fox: Platonic love, but love nonetheless...

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