Title: Mess I: Remember Mulder
Author: Shang
Written: November 2002
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Pairing: Sk/M/K Slash
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Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Walter Skinner, Fox Mulder, Alex Krycek and all the other X-Files characters belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and FOX Broadcasting. The others belong to me except Ward Elcock the Director of the CSIS, hope you wouldn't mind I write you in my story for good.
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Summary: Mulder turned to see Alex, he was sure that the confident, arrogant bastard, his brave fallen angel Alex was back. He reached out his hand to cup Alex's cheek, "Welcome back."

Author's note: This story is a sequel to my first story 'Name Your Price'.

Special thanks to my beta Bertina. If you still find there has a wrong spelling or bad grammar, that was not her fault. It's because I have an odd sense to use it.

Part One: Remember Mulder

October, 2002

Their first year together was not easy.

At first, Walter had trouble living with Alex and Mulder. Alex would become unreasonable at times, especially when things concerned Mulder. They all knew Alex was jealous and could overreact.

The first time Alex witnessed Mulder pulling Walter to him for a kiss in the living room, he rushed over and pushed Mulder away from Walter and shouted his anger toward them. Walter spent that morning trying to soothe Alex.

"Lexei, you loved him, you'll remember. So stop acting like he is your enemy. I...I'm tired of you two arguing or fighting with each other."

Walter didn't stop patting and rubbing Alex's back who burrowed himself in Walter's arms.

"I'm sorry, Walter. I know you love him, but I just can't stand seeing you with another man. I want you to be mine and only mine. Knowing you went to his room at midnight, and hearing your lovemaking, it broke my heart."

"Lexei!" Walter kissed Alex's hair.

"Still, I love you, Walter. You do whatever you want, but don't do it when I'm around, please."

"No. I won't do it if it makes you sad, Lexei. I love you, too." Walter stopped patting him and cupped Alex's face in his hands, "But, I hope you accept Mulder as a friend for a start."

"A start?"

"Yes. Maybe, just maybe, you will become lovers..."

"NO! All I want is you, Walter..."

"Listen to me, Alex. I want you to live as long as I do. I want us to be together a long time, forever. Do you? Would you want to?" He shook Alex a little.

"I don't want to fuck him, I can't."

"I'm not asking you to do it now. You will love him, and you will be willing to make love with him."

Walter was confident, and he saw Alex blush.

"How can you be so sure?"

Walter chuckled lightly, "Back in the FBI, when you two were partners, I could see the sparks between you in the meetings. You know, they all laughed at you two as love birds..."

"I can't argue this with you 'cause I don't remember."

"In spite of that, your bar was only a block away from Mulder's apartment. I won't be surprised if you remember stalking Mulder. And Lisa is Fox, am I right? "

"Yeah, but that name just popped in my mind when Papa asked me to pick a name on my ID. It didn't mean anything."

"It did. You called the name in your dream when you still lived in my condo...Alex, give him a chance."

Alex sighed, he stood up and left Walter's side, "It's my turn to make lunch."

He spent the rest of that day in their bedroom and didn't come out for dinner. Walter seemed unhappy.

"He is not a kid and you are not his father. So stop treating him that way." Mulder sipped his wine, he was unhappy, too.

"So, what should I do? You are the psychologist, you tell me."

"Walter..." Mulder exhaled slowly, he was frustrated. "I am a psychologist doesn't mean I can provide therapy for him. I couldn't even let go of my guilt of loosing Samantha...And hey, you were the one who got him to wear pants, at least, not me. He doesn't give a shit what I say."

Walter sighed loudly. They didn't say a word for a while. Each lost in their own thoughts.

"It's not the end of the world, not yet."

"Lexei!" Walter grinned like an idiot, and walked forward to hug Alex.

Mulder snorted.

"I'm sorry, Walter."

"What for?" He kissed Alex's cheek, very fondly, then steered him to the dining area, "Come here, are you hungry?"

Mulder snorted again.

But this time Alex said to Mulder, "And I'm sorry...Mulder."

Mulder didn't look at him for a while. His forefinger kept knocking on the dining table. And Alex stood beside him, expecting nothing more than Mulder's neglect. Mulder glanced at Alex's hand, he reached out to hold it which made Alex to flinch for a second, and he could feel Alex's tenseness when his other hand hugged Alex's waist from behind.

This was the first time that Mulder touched him in an intimate way, and Alex swore that Mulder definitely could hear his heart beating. Because Mulder pulled Alex to him, and leaned his head on Alex's stomach.

Walter was surprised and amused at Alex's flushed face.

"What do you say we head to Montreal for fun tomorrow? I'm bored here." Mulder looked up to ask Walter.

December, 2002

Their little cabin had visitors three times. The first visitor was a baby bear. The next morning after they came home from dancing, it broke into their kitchen and startled Alex when he drank his morning coffee. And the sound of the crash startled the other men sitting in the living room.

When Walter first rushed into the kitchen and saw Alex who held the baby bear and was feeding it a pancake, he called Mulder to come see their lovely visitor.

After that, they decided to use the sensor. This area was not as safe as they thought.

The baby bear incident occured at the end of October. By November, they already built a fence around their cabin. So when the warning light of the sensor shone, they all drew their guns and hid. Animals couldn't open the gate it had to be human.

To their surprise, a ranger of the area came to visit them. He was the first person they greeted here since they settled in the isolated cabin. The ranger was named Richy White who checked their IDs and asked them some questions, then offered the phone number of his office to them for security purposes. What he didn't know was that this cabin didn't have any telecommunication system, not even a cb radio.

They didn't want any contact with the outside world. When they were bored, they went to Montreal or Quebec City. They would stayed in the city for a week, shopping, dancing, drinking, and then they would go back to their cabin, satisfied.

Alex was happy.

Walter kept his promise, he didn't have sex with Mulder, didn't flirt with Mulder in front of Alex. He waited, seeing Alex and Mulder get along with each other better and better, he knew that the day when Alex would be ready for them to be together.

And Mulder thought there was no point for Alex to recover his memories. He liked Alex with no history between them. This Alex was naive, who blushed when he was shy, shouted when he got mad, and he laughed heartily when he was really happy. Besides, he didn't laugh at Alex's stupid-haircut anymore, he liked it now. Walter tended to comb Alex's hair any time if he got a chance, otherwise, he would brush it with his hand. Mulder once quipped that it was Walter's best work-to take care of Alex's 'weed' after his 'retirement'. He wondered, though, how it would feel like to touch Alex's long silky hair.

Around Christmas, it seemed that the time was right for them.

The little cabin was snowed in. They were a little stir crazy and sensitive around each other's. They had no TV to watch, no CD player or something like that or games for their entertainment, because they didn't think that they would stay at the cabin for much longer. So they only kept small things which could be abandoned any time they might need to leave in a hurry. So, only magazines and books were their entertainment. But they ended up reading them several times because they had purchased the items nearly two weeks before the weather still allowed them to drive down the mountain. Alex was the first one to burn part of the books which belonged to him to release his frustration.

Now, having only frozen foods to eat for the past five days, no one had a desire to talk in order to avoid a fight which they were sure one of them would start at anytime.

Mulder rose from his seat and walked to where Walter sat, then he took Walter's hand, and led him to the fireplace. Alex stayed where he was, but his eyes moved with them. He didn't react, he waited to see what Mulder was up to.

On this cloudy day, the living room was bright around the fireplace. There wwere no cracking noises to be heard, but it was just a little smoky which was caused by the burned books that Alex had thrown into the fireplace thirty minutes ago.

Using his fingers to skid along Walter's face, Mulder was intoxicated with the built body of Walter's when his hands slipped into the opened shirt. He missed it so much since the last time Walter refused to have sex with him. Today, he had a plan in his mind.

Walter could guess the motive behind Mulder's behavior, he knew that the wise man wouldn't choose a bad time to provoke Alex, to destroy their trust they had built lately.

They didn't kiss, though Mulder took Walter's hands to caress over the erogenous spots of his body. Then he let go of Walter's hands and began to bite and nip all over those muscles of Walter's sexy body. His saliva mixed with Walter's sweat; moistened his ripe lips. Mulder glanced at Alex, and wasatisfied to see that their erotic performance worked. Alex was aroused the naked sensual desire in his eyes was delicious. When they finished removing all of their clothing, Alex was already flushed to his chest. His heart beat painfully with excitement, his beautiful eyes were watering with his bare desire.

In front of the fireplace, Walter knelt on the wool blanket that Mulder had spread on the wood floor, he slowly stretched out his muscular arm toward Alex, sensually.


Walter didn't say it.

The blaze behind both men framed their body hair that shined golden. The flat palm of Walter's stretched arm was magical to Alex, it invited him in silence.

So he went.

The closer he moved toward them the more fascinated he bacame. For a second, Alex doubted it if they had put some aphrodisiac in his coffee that Walter offered him an hour ago. He could have sworn that he nearly smelt a faint scent floating in the air which triggered his animal nature.

Alex had no time to think clearly.

Walter inhaled the beauty of Alex's hypnotizing face and noticed how the blaze's reflection danced on the tiny jade. He pulled Alex to kneel in front of Mulder. He guided Alex's hand to stroke every inch of Mulder's skin, then let go of the slightly trembling hand to let Alex play with Mulder, he took his time to peel off Alex's clothing.

Mulder was horny, his precome formed on the tip shining like a dewdrop at sunrise.

Struggling with his last sensibility, Alex slowed his motions to look at Walter. But Walter quietly reached out to grap the nape of Alex's neck, his thumb stroked the skin for a moment, then he half forced and half guided Alex's head down to Mulder's groin.

At that moment, Alex was totally lost in Mulder's scent. His talented mouth was rewarded a few minutes later. Alex drank the sweet hot spring that continued streaming from Mulder- from beginning to the end, he didn't lose a drop.

Walter caught Alex in his arms who didn't get a chance to see the smile on his lovers' faces. Walter nodded his thanks toward Mulder and scooped up Alex lovingly, he then carried him into their bedroom to put him on their bed.

Mulder followed them into the bedroom. His eyes stayed on his lovers for a while, then he entered the bathroom and began to fill the bathtub. While Walter went to Mulder's room and brought the bedding to the master bedroom's king sized bed. Then he added more logs into the fireplace of the master room.


Mulder's voice came from the steaming bathroom. Walter carried Alex in his arms and kicked open the ajar bathroom door. Mulder was already sitting in the bathtub, he helped Walter put Alex into his embrace.

"He's beautiful," Mulder soaked Alex's hair with a sponge. The long silky hair floated in the water, and part of them lingered on Mulder's chest.

"Yeah," Walter washed Alex's body."Did I fall asleep as soon as I sucked you, like Alex did?"

Mulder chuckled, "Oh, you don't remember! You brought me to a second orgasm, and you called me Fox before you passed out."

Walter stopped washing Alex, he looked at Mulder's suddenly flushed face.

"Would you call me Fox instead of Mulder?" he asked softly with his tone full of emotions.

Walter leaned toward him and gave him a loud kiss, "Sure, Fox."

They finished washing Alex, dried him, and put him in the center of the bed. Walter and Fox each gave Alex a kiss on his cheeks and they embraced him from either side of him. They sighed contentedly and closed their eyes.

"What's for dinner?" Walter asked sleepily.

"Oh, shit! It's my turn to cook?"

"Skip Alex? Yeah."

"I want to pass out, too."

Christmas, 2002

"Why has he slept so long, Fox? It's been two weeks. I thought you said it would be five days or only a week." Walter was pacing in 'their' bedroom. Fox moved into the master bedroom since that afternoon.

"I don't know. Because he's a bastard, he has a lot to be 'fixed'?" Fox joked.

As Walter began to chastise Fox, the warning light of the cabin's sensor blinked. Before they could get to the living room, they jumped from a loud blast. The front door was destroyed by a powerful machine gun.

"Here, Fox." Walter drew a rifle from under their bed and tossed it to Mulder. He then covered Alex from head to toe with a blanket, and made sure the gun under his pillow was still there.

"Looks like we have our third visitors," Mulder whispered.

Quietly, Walter moved to the side of their bed, which was near the bedroom door. He would be the last-ditch for Alex's safety if their enemies' target was Alex. Mulder leaned against the wall near the bedroom door, gun in hand, and prepared himself mentally.

They listened cautiously.

After a short period of silence, the gunshots began and continued for a long time. Their enemies seemed crazy shooting everything in the cabin.

Then the noises stopped abruptly.

Walter and Mulder could that several people waited outside the bedroom. Though they moved as quietly as they could, their heavy boots still scratched the wood floor.

"How many people, can you tell?" Walter whispered to Mulder.

"Five or more? Don't know." Mulder shrugged.

Walter began to sweat. He'd never been this nervous when he attended any mission, the FBI's or the CIA'S, even he and his colleagues were surrounded by criminals sometimes. But now, the men with him were his lovers and he had no backup.

"Fox, I want you to know that I love you as much as I love Alex..."

"Shit, Walter, don't you say a word..." Mulder hissed.

"Listen to me, Fox. I want you to protect Alex no matter what happens to me."

Mulder could see the determination in Walter's eyes.

"It's too early to make out your will," Mulder turned his head, not wanting to face his lover.

As Walter began to argue, the powerful machine gun fired. Their bedroom door was destroyed in seconds.

"No!" Mulder shouted.

He rushed to Walter who was injured badly. Walter jumped over the sleeping Alex when the gun fired.

Mulder pulled Walter into his arms; they sat on the edge of the bed. Walter's blood dampened their bed, Mulder's clothes and the wood floor.

"Hey, looks...looks like I'll really be fifty...forever, Fox...I'm so cold, tired." The gun in his hand dropped on Mulder's lap.

Mulder's face was so pale and expressionless. He grabbed the gun on his lap and shot the first man who broke into their bedroom. He looked down at the man struggling in pain on the floor, then he shot him in the head in cold blood.

But then one of the men shot Mulder's hand. His gun dropped to the floor. And three men rushed into the small bedroom, they aimed their weapons at Mulder and Walter.

"Well, well, well. Merry Christmas, gentlemen." Slowly, the leader of the enemy team entered the bedroom. His face was a little startled when he saw Walter at first, but soon his expression was cruel as usual.

"You're still alive, Walter Skinner. Just like your Agent Reyes."

Yes, he was the CIA man. Nearly three months searching for Alex Krycek, he finally got an idea that Krycek would hide in Spender's nest. According to the old records that Krycek reported to him, he attacked several places, the old cabin was the last one. But he didn't think he would be lucky enough to find all three men together.

"What did you do to Agent Reyes?" Walter's voice was shallow, his eyes could barely focused.

"Hmm...a good 'drink' could make people talk honestly, don't you agree?" He walked around the bed to the other side to stand beside Alex, then pulled the blanket off Alex's face and checked his pulse. "Dead but warm. He'll be...forty-forever, if I'm not mistaken." Then he ordered his men, "Take him."

"You son of a bitch, Hank," Walter struggled, trying to stop them, but Mulder held him firmly.

"Wait, did Reyes tell you everything?" Mulder asked, his face very pale.

"Of course." The CIA man, Hank, snorted.

"Then you'd better take me, not Alex. Don't you agree, Mr. Hank?" Mulder hissed his offer.

Hank laughed loudly. "I have no interest in sucking a dick."

"Then why do you want to take Alex?"

"Rat would know more than you, Mr. Mulder." Hank then turned to Walter. "Since you're going to die, I'll be kind and tell you that you won't be lonely six feet under."

Walter starred at him, then heaved. He had lost too much blood to move.

"Your family! I gave them all peace." Hank yanked the corner of his thin lips, sneered, "You should thank me."

Hearing that, Walter's eyes became wide with hatred. His body trembled badly because of his rage and the amount of blood loss. Then he lost consciousness.

"No! Walter! Walter!" Mulder burst into tears.

With how badly it seemed, no one would think Walter S. Skinner would survive, as did Mulder. He dropped Walter's body on the bed and quickly picked up his gun, which was still within his reach.

Mulder killed the second man who was going to shoot him. The third man shot his right arm.

When he fell down to the floor, in the pool of Walter's blood, he thought the others would give him a last lethal shot-he knew he would come back alive, but then he'd already lost Walter forever. He waited for his 'death' in despair, but nothing happened. That was when he realized that someone came to their rescue.

"Drop your weapons, and raise up your hands." A man shouted, half hiding behind the bedroom door.

The man behind the door was Chief Ranger Richy White.

Hope lit to Mulder, he struggled to sit up and saw that the third man was dead, too. He looked at Richy.

"He shot you." Richy shrugged and walked into the room. Another ranger, his colleague, followed behind him.

Mulder turned back to find that Hank's shoulder was injured. So far, three of Hanks 'dogs' were dead. The last one was easily dropping up his gun and folding his hands on his head.

Chief Richy and his colleague, Paul, handcuffed Hank and the other man. He then went to check on Alex.

"He's still warm. Did he die before these men attacked you?"

Hank snorted at Richy's words.

"No...Um...He isn't dead...can I explain this to you later? I need to save Walter first, please." Mulder was holding Walter in his arms, they both looked terrified with big splotches of blood stained all over their bodies.

"Yes, of course." Richy took his ham radio to contact the Ranger Station. He told the other ranger to call the RCMP, and reported that they had five criminals and three victims on the mountain, three of them were dead and three injured.

"Walter, hold on, don't die on me," he whispered to Walter and rocked him in his arms.

Paul pulled the thugs out of the cabin. And Richy went to check on Mulder and Skinner. "Help's on the way."

"Why did you come here?"

"Today's Christmas, God. We just decided to invite you guys to come over and have some coffee-we were having a little celebration. But Paul and I found two strange vans hidden in the woods on our way here, about half a mile from your cabin and then we heard gunfire."

Mulder hesitated a moment, "Chief...would you please stay here with Alex? He's not dead, he'll wake up soon. I don't want him to worry about Walter and I when he wakes up and find that he's alone." He pled, his eyes begging.

Richy nodded his head, "Come on, can you stand by yourself? We should find something to keep him warm...By the way, hope you'll also explain why they're Walter and Alex, not Mitch and Lisa, and who you really are?"

About twenty minutes later, one helicopter landed which belonged to the Ranger Station. They checked the situation then decided to take Mulder and Skinner to the hospital first, the young ranger Paul went with them. When their chopper took off, another one which belonged to the RCMP landed. Four members of the ERT jumped out of the chopper, they moved the three bodies into it and guarded the other two handcuffed men they had sat into it .

"Hey, Chief. You coming with us?" One of the ERT officers asked.

"No, you go. I'll call you, Joe."

The mountain was quiet after the chopper took off. Richy breathed deeply, then he returned to the cabin. The front door was no longer existed, everything in the cabin was destroyed too.

Though the Chief was in his late forties, he had never seen such terrible scene in his ranger career. Richy had already suspected them from the beginning, considered that the three of them were strong men and they were healthy, why did they hide in this isolated place?

Richy closed the broken bedroom door and moved the wood closet against it to stop the cold wind blowing into the bedroom. He added more logs into the fireplace, then walked back to Alex.

"Not dead?" He pulled the blanket off Alex's upper body and was surprised that Alex asn't wearing anything.

Slowly, Richy put his palm on Alex's chest. His hand shook a little, he usually was afraid of touching dead people no matter how many bodies he had delt with in his career. The skin was warm and soft under his palm-he remembered this man's age since he checked his ID recently, how could a man at forty have such smooth skin? Richy exhaled cautiously and slipped his hand to Alex's right arm, he used his fingers to pinch the muscle.

"Oh, my God!" Richy jumped.

Alex frowned a little, then struggled to open his eyes, "Mulder..."

Nobody answered him, and Alex could smell the blood. He sat up suddenly. His blanket was damp with a lot of blood, the floor too. The wall and furniture was broken by gunfire. The scene shocked him. He presumed that his lovers were dead. He wasn't aware of Richy's presence.

"No! Please...don't..." Alex cried out in pain, tears flowed out uncontrollably, his voice was hoarse, "Walter...Fox...No, don't do this to me..."

Richy reached out his hands to grasp Alex's shoulders; he sat on the bed to face Alex.

"Hey! Hey, calm down. Alex, right? They are not dead; they are in the hospital now. Safe. You hear me?" Richy shook him.

"Who are you?" Alex narrowed his eyes, confused.

"Richy, Chief Richy. Remember?" He pulled the blanket up to wrap Alex's nude body in.

"What happened?"

Alex dropped the blanket and left the bed, gingerly. His body was still a little stiff from his two week's 'sleep'.

"Where are you going?" Richy was on the heels of Alex.

"To get dressed." He opened the closet,"Take me to my lovers."

"What?" Richy blushed when he heard that.

"Walter and Mulder," Alex turned and starred at Richy, "They are my lovers, and I want you to tell me what happened to them."

Seeing the murderous look on Alex's beautiful face, Richy couldn't help as a chill climbed up his back. He knew immediately that these men and the whole situation were not that simple, and this case wasn't what he could handle.

But he still was in trouble, he couldn't tear his eyes from Alex's nude body.

"Never seen an amputee before?" Alex put on his artificial limb, then put on his briefs, shirts, pants, sweater and boots, but he couldn't wear the skidoo suit by himself, "Would you give me a hand, Chief?"

Richy coughed, "Sure."

He put the suit on Alex and buttoned it for him, then he began to pull Alex's long silky hair out of the collar but was stopped.

"Only my lovers can do that, but thanks." His voice was low and sexy.

"Well, no offense...I don't 'touch' men." Richy held up his hands.

Alex gave him a thorough look. The Chief was taller than Alex and well built, not handsome but still good looking. His eye color made Alex think of John Doggett.

Richy moved the closet away from the bedroom door.

"But, you're very charming," Richy chuckled, "Okay, I think you should pack something. I'll wait outside."

Richy explained what happened this morning to Alex on their way to the hospital.

The Montreal General Hospital
Dec.24, 2002l

Chief Richy White contacted his friend Joe who was a member of the ERT from the RCMP. Richy's colleague, Paul, gave him the number of the surgery room in the Montreal General Hospital, so he called Joe to meet them there. When they arrived, Richy pulled Joe aside to exchange information about this case with him, letting Alex have some privacy with his lover.

Mulder sat outside of the surgery room in the hallway, his right arm and the back of his right hand was bandaged.

"Mulder!" Alex rushed to him.

They stood face to face, neither of them moved. Alex saw the dried blood stains all over Mulder's clothes, then his eyes locked with Mulder's. Their hearts were beating fast; for an instant, they embraced each other firmly with their one arm.

"Mm, Mulder." Alex murmured in Mulder's ear and kissed his neck.

This was meant so much to Alex. It was the first time, since the beginning he met Fox Mulder in the FBI till now, that he could really hold Mulder in true love. He squeezed Mulder hard, firmly against his chest. All his worry, fear stampeded at the same time. He trembled in Mulder's arms.

"Alex? Hey, baby." Mulder caressed Alex's back, to comfort him. He had sensed a little difference in Alex just when he saw him in the hallway. Then when he gazed into those green eyes, he saw the old Alex that he was so familiar with.

When the trembling stopped, with reluctance, Alex let go of Mulder. He looked at him sheepishly.

"How was Walter?"

"Bad but he won't die," Mulder smiled tiredly, then he slouched into the sofa again.

Alex sat next to him, he cleared his throat, "Well...Mul...umm...should I call you Fox?"

Mulder turned to see Alex, he was sure that the confident, arrogant bastard, his brave fallen angel Alex was back. He reached out his hand to cup Alex's cheek, "Welcome back."

Alex cupped Mulder's hand with his own, he closed his eyes for a moment to enjoy the peace between the two of them.

"Um...well, guys." Richy and Joe stood in front of them.

Alex kissed the palm of Mulder's hand before he opened his eyes, then looked up to them. He still held Mulder's hand.

"I'm sorry to disturb you guys, but I need you to come with us." Joe was going to take them to the headquarters of the RCMP for further investigation.

"We will, when Walter wakes up. And I hope your superiors won't have a problem with what we tell them." Mulder smiled mysteriously.

"Fox..." Alex tugged at his hand and stared at him warningly.

March, 2003

"Thanks, Richy." Alex jumped out of a truck and pulled his last package out of the back.

When Hank and his men attacked the cabin, they had destroyed Walter's SUV and Alex's jeep. So Richy drove Alex to the cabin several times during the last week that Walter stayed in the hospital.

Walter had being injured very badly. The bullets shot his left upper arm, shoulder, hip and leg, and one bullet hit his stomach. He stayed in the hospital for almost two months, having to rely on an IV. Mulder had insisted on sleeping there-on the couch. He didn't trust the officers of the ERT guarding outside the room too much. He had heard from Joe that the RCMP had delivered Hank and the other man to the US government. He believed that the CIA could easily get them if they tried again.

During the two months Walter stayed in the hospital, Ward Elcock, the Director of the CSIS, had come to visit them several times.

The RCMP learned that their real identities were specifically linked to the FBI, especially that Walter S. Skinner had been the Deputy Director of the FBI and was classified as dead officially. The other men were dead, too-Fox Mulder died in a bomb explosion, Alex Krycek died by a gunshot. For further investigating, the RCMP transfered the case to the CSIS.

The Director of the CSIS didn't arrange for any officer to investigate the case, he made the RCMP hold them on charges that each of them overstayed a visitor's visa. He also told the ERT, guarding outside Skinner's room, to keep the news a secret, not allowing any reporter to come near them. Then he went to visit the DD of the FBI. They had met each other a few times at some international conferences when Skinner was still an AD. He had just learned of Walter Skinner's death recently, not officially-the FBI hadn't published the DD's death.

He sat in front of the three men and heard their statements patiently, his expression was unreadable.

Walter laughed dryly. "Come on, say something, Director. You must think we're nuts, right?"

"Mr. Skinner, I'll keep your statement off the record."

That was all the Director said. And he left. But he continued visiting them personally during the next two months. Everytime, he went to the hospital at midnight, then inquired and listened to them.

When Walter began to have solid food, the Director checked with the FBI and arranged their return.

They would be repatriated tomorrow. Alex had packed their belongings and burned the cabin. Before that, he had asked Richy to keep the weapons for him personally. Richy White was a believer, so when he heard what Alex said about the aliens he didn't laugh. Alex looked at him questioningly, Richy just laughed, "Hey, I'm not old, but I spend most of my life on the mountain. Do you think I never saw something?" His eyes was shining in vivacity, and that was why Alex became to trust him.

"Hey, Walter, Fox." Alex entered the room and gave them each a kiss.

"Where's Richy? I want to thank him." Walter got off his bed slowly. He was still weak.

"He will attend the repatriating personally tomorrow morning."

"We'll miss him, he's a good man." Mulder pulled down Alex to sit and began to massage his shoulder. "What are you thinking?"

"Do you think the Director believe us?"

"Well, I think the Canadians were more open-minded than the FBI," Mulder looked at Walter.

"At least they didn't call you spooky." Walter laughed.

The next morning, the ERT officer Joe with his team members and Richy took them to the RCMP's headquarters. Walter thanked Richy for saving his life and all three of them said goodbye to Richy. The ERT officers led them to a helicopter and all of them took off together.

"I'll welcome you guys the next time you come to Canada; but don't use fake ID, Okay?" Joe shook hands with each of them, then led his team back to their chopper then took off after he delivered them to the FBI agents at the US border station at Beecher Falls, Vermont.

A government van was there waiting for them.

The End

Title: Mess II: Baby Clones
Author: Shang
Written: February 2003
Size: 32k
Rating: NC-17
Category: Adventure, Romance
Keywords: Slash, Alternate universe
Pairings: Skinner/Mulder/Krycek romance
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Summary: Kersh showed up to help them, he took them to a safe house. They were surprised to see Jeffery Spender's clone and met Agent Reyes who was pregnant.

Author's note: Special thanks to my beta Bertina for several details in this story-MESS series part 2.

Part Two: Baby Clones

It was quiet, the weather was fine and the border station seemed peaceful. They didn't see any reporters around there, only the SWAT of the FBI.

Alex sneered at those agents-they were nervous apparently.

"Nice to see you still alive, sir," an agent said in awe, he gently gestured them toward the van.

At first, two agents entered the van and the other four guarded outside. The van had darkened anti-bullet windows, they couldn't tell who else in the van from outside.

"Sir, please." An agent led them to get into the van. The other three agents followed behind with caution and then closed the van's door.

They let the three men sit apart from each other with two agents guarding each of them, and still remained their handcuffs on except Alex, they didn't think it was necessary to cuff an one armed man.

Just when the van started in gear, a man sitting beside the driver turned, "Long time no see."

"Kersh!" Mulder and Skinner gasped their surprise at the same time. Only Alex kept silent.

"Yeah. It's me." Kersh left his seat, and moved to the back to sit in front of Skinner. He could see that Mulder glared at him carefully, but ignored Krycek just like Krycek ignored him. He didn't think any one of them could do any damage under this situation.

But as soon as Kersh sat, Krycek hit the agent sitting beside him and grabbed the weapon from him in a second, then he turned to stick the gun in the back of Kersh's neck. The situation changed, every agent stood up on alert waiting for Kersh's order. The van stopped, too.

"Alex!" Skinner had no idea what Alex in mind, they couldn't hide any longer if they kidnaped Kersh.

"Be careful!" Mulder knew exactly what Alex intended to do.

And Kersh knew it, too.

"Calm down, Krycek. Now, I'm going to take my knife from my pocket of my suit..." Kersh began to move.

"No!" Krycek struck him firmly to stop him and he shouted to the driver and signaled him to come, "Hey, you!"

Krycek took the driver's sunglasses from his chest pocket and smashed it to pieces, then he kicked one piece to Kersh. Mulder pulled Skinner as far as they could away from Kersh.

Kersh sighed and picked it up. He cut himself on the back of his left hand.

"Red." Mulder smiled at Alex who still held the weapon on Kersh.

"Would you give the gun back to my agent? I'll undo your cuffs and explain everything to you guys."

"Cuffs, first." Krycek pushed him with the gun.

Kersh shook his head and tossed the keys to Skinner. Skinner and Mulder took turns and removed each other's cuff. Then Skinner maneuvered past Kersh to pull Alex into a kiss.

"Good job, Lexei." Walter kissed Alex on his jade affectionately.

The expression on Alex's face softened, he returned the gun to the embarrassed agent. Kersh told the driver to start the van, they all went back to their seats. But this time the three men sat together, and Kersh was sitting in his original seat beside the driver. All six agents sat around the van, their guns were pointed towards the windows as if they would be attacked.

They were driven to an military base, and from there they got on a Marine helicopter HMX-1. They wondered where they would go since they were transported by this special helicopter which was usually directed by the White House Military Office or the Commandant of the Marine Corps.

Walter sat in front of Kersh, and Mulder sat beside him. Alex took his seat beside Kersh and that made Kersh a little nervous.

After a long flight, Alex lost his patience, he said aloud in his usual arrogance to Kersh, "Talk."

"Not until you are safe," Kersh muttered.

"Safe?" Mulder laughed bitterly, "Where can we be safe in the States? Where will you hold us?"

"I think I know," Walter murmured, he turned to grab Mulder's hand and gave him a assuring grin.

They all looked down from the window. The chopper circled a building and began to choose a spot on the ground to land.

"The White House?" Alex snorted with disbelief.

The chopper landed on the back of the East Wing briefly, and took off right away after Kersh and the three men jumped out of it.

Two Uniformed Division officers came to them, "'Morning, sir!"

"'Morning! Is the room prepared?"

"Yes." The two officers took their packages away. "Security check."

To their surprise, the two Uniformed Division officers led them to the Executive Mansion, where the First Family resided. Kersh smiled, followed behind them.

Strangely, it was very quiet at this time, 10:45 am, and no one came out to greet them. The two officers didn't enter the house, they went back to their duties.

Kersh saw the three men's questioning expressions, "I told them to clear this area, I don't want anyone to see you here."

"Who's THEM?" Mulder looked around the empty hallway.

Kersh gave him a friendly smile, "That's not important. Relax, guys."

He led them into a room, and locked the door.

They noticed there was no window, only central air conditioning. So no one would see who was in this room even they heard something. It was a large suite including a small living room and dining area, a bathroom and a bedroom which had a big king sized bed.

"Well, all of you will stay in this room, and only this room, for the next few days. Your meals will be sent here everyday and you can find a change of clothes in the closet. Please remember this is the last place I can guarantee your safety. Don't leave this room, I'll lock it from the outside." Kersh gave them a tour of the room.

Only Mulder and Alex followed him. Skinner had begun to feel tired by then, so he slouched into a comfortable armchair watching them. He was still weak, he had just returned to eating solid food three days ago and he couldn't hold too much in his stomach.

"Do you think we'll be locked here if we really want to leave? I think at least you should show your true colors if you expect us to cooperate." Skinner eyed Kersh challengingly.

Kersh stopped at the front door and turned to smile at him, "Wash up, I'll be back with your lunch in thirty minutes." And before he locked the door from the outside, he joked, "I'm not GRAY."

Mulder went to crouch in front of Walter, and tenderly caressed his thigh, concerned, "Tired?"

Walter nodded then leaned forward to kiss Mulder's cheek. Mulder stood to sit on the armrest and he pulled Walter against his chest. They both watched Alex checking the room.

"What?" Alex turned to star his lovers.

"Why don't you check the bathroom first, I'd like to take a shower." Walter smiled at him meaningfully.

"Hey, the bathroom is big enough..." Mulder's soft tone was almost hard to hear.

Alex held up his hand to stop Mulder speaking, "Give me five minutes." He rushed to check the bathroom and the bedroom which joined next door.

Only three minutes later.

"Clear!" Alex leaned on the white frame of the bedroom door and unbuttoned his shirt seductively, "No camera...no little cuties..."

It was the second time they were naked together. They didn't have any chance to be together like this when they were in the hospital under surveillance by the ERT for a month.

Alex had already filled the whirlpool bath and put some scented bath oils when he had checked it earlier. Entering the steaming bathroom, they went straight to the shower and then all crowded into the bathtub.

With Walter in the center, Mulder spooned him from behind, Alex settled himself into Walter's embrace.

"We still have fifteen minutes before Kersh comes back." Walter sighed contently, relaxed against Mulder, eyes closed.

"I thought you were tired." Mulder was hard against Walter's back.

Listening, Alex whirled to straddle Walter, and said sweetly, "Fox, we won't waste his energy...too much."

Suddenly, Walter opened his eyes wildly, and gasped. Alex sank himself onto Walter's cock and pulled him into a hot kiss. Fox took the opportunity and shoved into Walter when Alex pulled Walter up. Walter was in ecstasy when his lovers did all the work. The scented water splashed out of the bathtub with their rhythm and the soothing scent floated in the steaming bathroom.

Their coupling only took five minutes and they all were satisfied.

"Well?" Alex played with his long hair which was lingering on Walter's shoulders who now rested his head on Alex's chest.

Walter thought about the past few months they spent in the little cabin, he smiled, "You know, sex with Fox was always kinky, he wanted to be equal or even in charge." Then chuckled, and opened his eyes when Mulder slapped his hip. "Hey, it's a good exercise for both of us when you FIGHT me in bed."

Then he pulled away from Mulder's lap and sat up. Walter brushed Alex's hair, starred into those green eyes sincerely, "Sex with you was a whole different thing. You're always my sweet angel, submissive, tender, touching, Lexei...if we have time, I would use all the words in the dictionary to describe you..."

"Not fair, Walter. Is it so easy for you to talk to Alex like that?" Mulder looked hurt.

"Like what?" Walter's big hand reached out to cup Mulder's cheek soothing him.

"Love words!" Pouting, Mulder stood abruptly and got out of the bathtub, then puddled to the bedroom.

Walter followed Mulder, he tossed a towel to Alex on his way out the bathroom. Alex dried himself quickly and used the towel to clean the water stains which tracked to the bedroom. He saw that Walter had already made up to Mulder.

It was a beautiful sight to see their wet bodies pressed against each other.

Alex released his worry. He put on his clothes and went to take new towels from the bathroom. He stood beside the love birds now, and smirked, "I don't want to intrude, but we don't have time."

Mulder let go of Walter reluctantly to face Alex, panting, "Don't be jealous."

Snorting, Alex pulled Mulder into a hard kiss, "I'm not."

"Hey, where did you get those clothes?" Walter stood in front of the closet, confused.

The other two went to him.

"The first one wins!" Alex raised his eyebrow, smirked. He had taken the only set that was exactly his size. The others were too large or small for all of them.

So Walter and Mulder only wore the robes.

When they opened the bedroom door, they found that Kersh was already set the table and sitting there. Their packages were put beside the front door.

The scent of the bath oil floated in the air. Kersh sniffed, "Forest, good choice."

"There was no other choice unless you want to sniff a man wearing a rose scent." Alex gave him a glare, then went to pick up their packages. He checked them and found their weapons were gone just as he thought.

They went to join Kersh on the table.

"Sorry, looks like my clothes are too big for you..." Kersh said, he didn't dare move his eyes away from Krycek. The man was unpredictable and too dangerous.

"Yours? You mean you live here?" Mulder's eyes lit up suspiciously.

"Not really, only when George asks me to come here."

"George? Our President?" Walter inquired.

"Yes. We're old friends...maybe this can answer your question about where my loyalties lie." Kersh looked at Walter.

"He gave you permission to hide us here?" Mulder looked at him doubtfully.

"Right, I was authorized to do that. And also since there would be no one in the FBI that knows anything about you guys being in Canada and your arrival today. I'm sure no one saw you, no one will hear about your arrival here. I've done a perfect job cleaning up the area from anyone who would be interested in you being here"

"What about those SWAT agents, they all saw us here. How can you be so sure they won't leak the news about us?" Mulder tried to find any rip in Kersh's 'lie'.

Slowly, Kersh shook his head, "Don't worry, they were disposed of."

"You killed them?" Walter snickered. "Bullshit! You can't just kill several FBI agents and still sit here even if you are the President's friend."

"No, I didn't kill them, only sent them back to their cylinders." Hearing this, Mulder immediately thought about what he'd seen years ago-- his sister's clones. He felt a chill climbed up his spine. "They are clones?!"

"Yes, along with the one in the van that you thought it was me this morning." Kersh finished his lunch, wiped his mouth, then slowly unwrapped the bandage on his left hand to prove his word. There was no injury. "As you see, my clone cut himself, I didn't." He was satisfied seeing the disbelieving expressions on the three men, but he knew they all believed him now.

"How many clones do you have?" Alex played with his case knife.

"Just one. He goes to work in the FBI everyday and comes back to report to me. Why?" Kersh glared at Alex, on the alert, but Alex was faster than him.

"Good!" Alex's expression changed, in a second, he moved to Kersh's side and sliced his left hand with the case knife.

He was knocked down on the floor, but successfully cut Kersh's hand.

"Damn! Just how many times you want to see ME bleed?" This time, Kersh really had to bandage his hand.

"As long as I'm going to believe you." Alex smirked.

"You can't tell a real man and a clone, they all bleed red." Kersh lost his temper, his voice raised. Mulder tossed a towel to him to wipe the blood.

"No, I can't. Just mark you, man." Alex smiled.

Walter laughed, he pulled Alex on to his feet. Then said to Kersh, "Don't bandage it, this way we won't mistaken you as some shape-shifting alien next time we see you. Now that we know about the two Kershes, the real and the clone, and you both have a cut on your left hand."

Alex went back to his seat, he took Mulder's case knife to finish his lunch.

"I don't get it. I thought human cloning was illegal." Mulder lost his appetite.

"Don't be so naive, Mulder," Kersh chuckled bitterly. "They were created from a secret research organization which we started supporting last year. We took the risk in breaking the law to unofficially support their research, so they can help us in creating clones for the use of defending the Consortium."

"You keep saying WE, who's we?"

"Some friends among the Congress and the army who have heard about the consortium and their experiments. They are believers- know about the final invasion."

"What about you? You didn't believe me at the very beginning."

"Yeah, I think I owe you an apology. I was a Secret Service officer, and once assigned to protect George when he was the Texas's governor. After that, I was assigned to the FBI, George and I often joked about you Spooky Mulder when you and Agent Scully were assigned to me in 1998. Then May 21, 2000, you disappeared in the forest. He was very concerned about that. He already had heard the rumors about the consortium and he read all of your reports...so, once George became the President, he thought we should make some movement. But how? We had no idea by then, we didn't even know the rumor was true or not, needless to say who and where the enemy was."

Kersh sipped his wine, then continued, "Not until after I helped you and Scully escape, I was almost killed by the consortium's supersoldier. That proved the rumor about the existence of the consortium, and led George and his friends to finally come to the decision to support the clone lab...This is just the beginning. We must find out the consortium's labs, to destroy them. Take down the consortium, resist the aliens."

"You think the consortium can be destroyed? Their members exist all over the world! You kill some, they grow more. And it's impossible to find or to resist the aliens." Mulder shuddered from the memory of his suffering in the alien ship.

"I thought you knew the consortium well enough." Kersh pointed to Alex.

"Lots of the important members I was familiar with died in that fire. I did know some labs in the States, Russia and Europe, but I can't promise they still remain where they were. I think they'll want to kill me once they find out I'm still alive, threatening to expose them. Maybe I should show up around those areas and they'll come to me."

"That's too dangerous," Walter said firmly to deny Alex's idea.

"This isn't the time to consider your personal feelings, Walter Skinner," Kersh snapped, but he could understood Skinner's concern about his lovers. So he softened his attitude, "Walter, if we want to win this holy war, we should work together. Right now, we have no plan to let people know any of you are still alive. That's why I keep the three of you here, a couple of days I'll arrange to take you to our lab, you'll be safe there. We need to discuss the details once you settle down."

Kersh began to collect the dishes, he took the case knife from Alex and put it with the others on a tray. "I hope you are not going to cut me again at dinner."

Walter stopped Kersh when he was going to leave. "What about the CIA's Roy Hank? He kidnapped Agent Reyes and killed my whole family..."

"He's already been sent to jail. He was charged with murder in the first degree without the possibility of parole; sentenced to death."

"Where's the gravesite? I want to see my family!"

"You will."

A Week Later

It was twenty after four o'clock in the morning. The three of them jumped out of bed and grabbed anything they could use as a weapon in hand immediately when they heard someone knock on their bedroom door.

"Pack your belongings, we are leaving now." Kersh, after entering their bedroom door, said briefly. He waited for them to pack.

After one week getting along with Kersh, they could tell this man was a clone. It still amazed them that a clone was just like a twin or triplet to his prototype. That they acted alike, talked alike. But they had come to known Kersh more than ever during this week. So it became easy to know the real one just like a mother would know her twin children.

They acted immediately.

All of them wanted to leave the room as soon as possible. Walter was in a bad mood the whole week, sad, actually. He kept hoping that Hank had been only lying to him and his family were still alive. Unfortunately, they were all dead. Hank killed them right after Walter's fake funeral, on their way home...car accidents. Guilt and hatred tightened in Walter's chest, affecting him strongly. And his lovers couldn't soothe him at all.

Kersh was the only one who might be able to solve the morose attitude of Walter by taking them to the gravesites.

"Okay, let's move."

It was dark outside once they left their room and they noticed their surroundings were unusually pitch dark. No security guards, no light. Kersh must have arranged this thought Walter, even the moon was hidden tonight, giving them a perfect opportunity to leave under cover.

They were led to a black SUV which had darkened windows.

Clone Kersh opened the back door for Alex whose hand was holding his package, he didn't want to chance that Alex might attack the driver for any crazy reason if he chose to sit on the passenger seat. He thought this one-armed man was a killing machine even with his bare hand.

Skinner took the front seat.

"Evening!" The real Kersh was on the driver's side.

"So, your BROTHER won't come with us." Mulder saw the clone departing before their car drove away from the east wing silently.

"He has things to take care of."

Clone Kersh led the other agents, of course they were all clones, to clear the road. They had to leave in a few minutes in case some one noticed that the lights remained out for too long unusually.

Without turning on the headlights, their car slid past the visitor's entrance quietly and changing lanes to 15th street, then sped up to leave.

Early in the morning, they arrived at Walter's fake grave. Beside it, now lined several new ones which contained his whole family.

Walter exhaled their names one by one when he walked by the graves. The sunrise profiled his sad features. He was crying, his eyes wide with anger, the tears flowed down his cheeks and were smeared over his one-night beard. He heaved, trying to calm himself.

"A death is not enough to pay for your sins, Hank," Walter murmured.

"Walt." Alex wiped off Walter's tears, and held him in a comforting embrace.

Mulder walked to them and laced his arms around both of their waists.

He sighed. There was nothing left to say. One way or the other, the human race on this planet would die sooner or later in this decade. Maybe Walter's family were lucky dying together.

"Hey, let's move. Kersh's waiting," he whispered.

Human Clone R&P Center Lab
9:30 AM

A large Victorian style house with beautifully cut bushes surrounding it, was standing at a quiet residential area near DC.

Kersh drove past the entrance gate. Several kinds of lovely dogs ran after the SUV, barking happily. Little children ages around three to five were playing on the front porch. A middle-aged woman sat on a chair, reading her book. Everything looked like nothing more than a normal happy family.

"Uncle Kersh!" A little boy rushed up to them.

"Hey, Jeffery." Kersh bent to scoop him up, and held the boy in one arm, "This is Uncle Walter, Uncle Fox and Uncle Alex."

"I think we met before, boy." Mulder reached out his hand to pat the boy's head. The boy's face seemed so familiar to him.

Kersh laughed, "Of course you met him before. Guys, this is Jeffery Spender."

"Spender? Agent Spender?" Walter stared at the boy.

The little Spender, scared, buried his face into Kersh's chest.

Kersh put him down, and kindly said, "Go, play with your friends."

They all followed Kersh into the house.

"Spender is here? I mean the real Jeffery." Mulder looked around the huge living room. "The time is not right, I thought you said that you started supporting the lab last year. But little Jeffery looked like three or four years old."

"No. Spender took the boy from one of his father's labs and brought him to me after he attended your hearing. He worried for his and this boy's safety. Strangely enough, he refused our protection, only left the boy to us." Kersh gestured them upstairs. "I'll show you to your rooms. After that, I'll give you a tour of the lab."

The second floor had a long hallway which separated the floor into two parts. Ten bedrooms with numbers on the doors were all at one side of the hallway, the other side had a small library, game room, study, and three bathrooms.

Apparently, this place was designed for children. the second floor looked like a kindergarden.

When they walked to the end of the hallway, a baby crying could be heard from the other end, room number 1. A nurse rushed from downstairs to that room. She took the baby downstairs.

"Sorry, you have to sleep in the children's rooms, number 8 to 10."

Alex chose number 9, he dropped his package on the small bed then went to Walter's room, number 10. Seconds later, Mulder stood at the doorway with Kersh. The bedroom was too small to let more than two adults crowd in.

Before they could leave there, all the children came to the second floor. The air suddenly was filled with perspiration from the fifteen children. And followed behind the children were three young women, a nurse and the middle-aged woman they had met on the front porch, she was a nurse too.

"Okay, everyone, go to the study and sit. We have new friends to meet." The middle-aged woman had them quiet at their seats, then she nodded to Kersh, "Sir."

Kersh introduced them to the children, their teachers and nurses. Those boys and girls were excited at seeing their new friends. They had only a few contacts with male adults when they were checked on once a month. Knowing the three men would live with them, playing with them, cheered them up. They all crowded in front of the adults.

The girls were interested in Alex's handsome face, the jade on his forehead and his long hair. They giggled when they touched Alex. The boys seemed to want to be held by a father figure, they tugged at Walter asking to be picked up. Mulder was left to the young ladies.

"Okay, everyone. Don't let us interrupt your class." Kersh clapped his hands to tell the children to go back to their seats. Then he gestured to the guys to leave.

Down the stairs was the huge living room, to its left was a dining room and to its right was a laundry room and a storage room.

Kersh pushed open the door of the storage room. It was very clear and neat though full of the waste of children toys. In a corner, they saw a steel door with a security camera up on the ceiling.

"Time to discuss your future."

The steel door slid open for them.

9 Months Later
Christmas Eve, 2003

Things were changed, their life had changed ever since they stepped inside the steel door. It was the entrance to the basement where the Human Clone R&P Center Lab Kersh mentioned to them was located.

To their surprise, Agent Reyes was there, in a small room. She was pregnant, and was willingly staying there. Before the FBI rescued her from Roy Hank's lab, she had became a subject to test their crazy experiment, she didn't know what was implanted into her womb. It might be a human cytula or an alien. But she was determined to burn the innocent baby.

Aside from the surprise seeing Agent Reyes was safe there, they were introduced to the scientists of the lab. One of the scientists showed them to the cylinders which had various stages of clones, they were ready to be born at any time.

According to the scientists, the children they saw upstairs, except little Jeffery Spender, were all cloned by themselves because there was still laws against human cloning so they couldn't officially obtain experimental objects. They used their own DNA to create clones and kept records of the clones progress. Someone reported their secret experiments, and their lab was shut down until they got the support-money, equipments, the house and lots of anonymous DNA from Kersh and his FRIENDS. In exchange for the help, they had to create and keep the cloned agents in the cylinders for secret missions.

At first, the scientists didn't know who their supporters were. After awhile, Kersh finally told them the whole truth, including the facts about the final invasion. They learned that females wouldn't survive unless they lost their reproductive ability. The scientists felt that the human race wouldn't have the next generation by any natural means, they changed their experimental purpose which was simply to clone a human. They engineered two or more male or female DNAs to create new life. Hoping through the DNA copy, the human race would be able to produce their offspring this way in the future.

Though this idea was very crazy at first to suit nowadays, the experiment was very successful on lab rats; problems started when the scientists couldn't bring themselves to break their moral standards to produce human clones in this way. They thought the purpose was to produce a baby for a family in the future, that meant they needed parents. If they were going to create an engineered DNA copied baby, the baby must be produced from two or more people who loved each other enough to form a family. The scientists wanted to achieve the project but none of them were lovers or family, so Kersh asked the tree of them to help. Kersh gave two reasons, one was for their safety, he wanted to clone the three of them for future use just like himself. Especially the Krycek clone would become more helpful with his ability to complete a mission. The other reason was that he was sure the three men were lovers, he only hoped that he wouldn't need to beg them to achieve the engineered DNA copy.

Mulder refused to clone himself. Since he was an immortal, he thought there was no need to clone a man that he would never die. Walter also thought a Mulder clone would mean too much trouble.

The final decision was to clone Walter and Alex.

And the scientists were all anxious to get the permission of using the men's DNA to produce a new life. There would be a greater difference with using human test subjects than experimental rats.

Without thinking, Alex said yes to Walter's proposal in front of all the people down in the basement.

"Yes, yes I would love to have OUR baby in any way." He brought Walter's fingers to touch the warm jade on his forehead, "I have your ring, remember?" He knew Walter too well--a very traditional man who would want a family with kids inheriting his family name and history. And he was very willing to satisfy his lover.

That was why today, about nine months later on Christmas Eve, Walter cried with happiness holding their baby in his arms. The only life that had his and his lover's fresh and blood on the planet after he lost his whole family. He didn't think the baby was a clone from him and Alex, there was love to complete the new life.

Looking back over the past year, all the happiness they shared, the hurt and dangers they suffered, and the unknown future they faced, Walter hoped the baby boy would be brave enough to live in the messed up world, and hopefully the human race wouldn't perish in the next generation when the final invasion began.

"Merry Christmas, son," Walter whispered to the baby whose little fingers held onto his father's thumb, eyes half closed.

Alex hugged Walter from behind to look at their baby, "Hey, you have my eyelashes, boy."

Mulder leaned on Walter's left side, he brush the fur-liked sable hair of the baby, "Didn't you already know, Alex?"

Agent Reyes took the baby from Walter, she cradled him affectionately, "Would you like him to be nursed by me?"

During the long nine months waiting for their baby to be born, Walter, Mulder and Alex came to the basement everyday when they had the time to watch the baby growing up in the cylinder. And they shared and learned how to take care of a baby by helping Agent Reyes to tend her baby who was born on August. She simply named the baby girl Double, because by DNA test, they found the baby was only a clone of Agent Reyes herself. The scientists assumed that Roy Hank's lab had either lacked of equipment to keep a clone or they considered the convenience of taking the two of them in case they were on the run.

"If you don't mind, I'd be honored," Walter flushed, seeing the opened collar of Agent Reyes's shirt who just finished breast-feeding Double.

She smiled peacefully, then took the baby back to her room, "Maybe you should decide a name while I nurse him."

"Oh, great." Mulder groaned. Walter and Alex had argued all the time about their son's name, and he was always the victim that neither one of them would have sex with the other including him when they were in a bad mood.

"I'll play with little Jeffery until you two come to an agreement."

Title: Mess III: Missions
Author: Shang
Written: March 2003
Author's Website: http://www.angelfire.com/stars4/slashingx/
Size: 36k
Category: Story, Romance, Adventure, Hurt/Comfort, AU (Alternate Universe)
Pairings: Mulder/Skinner/Krycek
Rating: NC-17 (This story contains m/m sex. You must be 18 years or older to read the story posted here.)
Category: Adventure ~ Romance ~ Slash, Alternate universe
Disclaimer: Walter Skinner, Fox Mulder, Alex Krycek and all the other X-Files characters belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and FOX Broadcasting. The others belong to me.Archive: 2003 Spooky Awards, Slashing Mulder, the Basement...
Category: AU, adventure, story, H/C, violence.

Summary: They were separated again. Alex left the states with his son and went to Richy in Canada.

Warning: I'm not an expert in biology, so those theories about the clones and their memories are my own, don't take it seriously.

Beta: Many thanks to my beta Bertina.

Part Three: Missions

Michigan A real estate
Dec.26, 2003

There was heavy snowfall in places. Tonight, the shore area along Lake Michigan was peacefully and dark. So was the estate which was old and huge standing alone away from all those recently built estates along the Lake.

Mulder and Walter were sitting in an SUV which was now parked in front of the old real estate. Though the patrol rarely came to this area during the hours since they arrived here tonight, they turned off the car anyway, not wanting to draw any attention from the patrol police. Snow gathered on the roof of the car, and covered the windshield.

"Come on, come on, I'm freezing, Alex," Mulder murmured in his driver's seat, rubbing his hands to keep warm. He darted his eyes longingly toward the estate.

"Shut up, Mulder." Walter remained in the back seat, holding a chocolate bar in his left hand and the gun in his right hand. He kept his gun hand squeezed under his left armpit to keep his fingers adroit.

"Hey, they'd gone twenty five minutes, what took them so long?" Mulder turned back to face Walter, worried. "Alex was too familiar with this house, he shouldn't lost his way to the basement lab."

"Yeah, ALEX was, not his clones. And Alex is not here, I remind you," Walter said a little impatiently.

"Walter," Mulder reached out to touch Walter's knee, "I know you're anxious to be back with Alex and your son. We will, but I'm here..." He stared at Walter tenderly.

"I'm sorry, Fox." Walter put down his chocolate bar beside his thigh on the seat then covered Mulder's hand on his knee with his own, his thumb circled the back of Mulder's hand lightly, "I didn't pay much attention to you these past few days, I know, really. I want to make it up to you after the New Year when we move ."

The three of them had asked Kersh to let them move out of the house with their son. They slept in three separate rooms for almost nine months since they arrived there, and Mulder was frustrated with having to keep quiet while he went to Walter's bed at night. And the fact that they could only have sex in the shower if they got a chance, after all, the kids in the house were sleeping. They could barely get together once a week. Now, their son was the biggest reason for them to live a normal life, at least as normal as they could manage. They desperately wanted to move out. Kersh had found an apartment nearby for them, this way they could keep in touch daily. They planned to move in after the New Year.

In March they arrived at the house. They had produced not only a son, but also employed two Alex clones. Alex always led his two clones on the missions to destroy the Consortium labs throughout the states. But Walter worried about the mission that was planned right after Christmas. He felt something would happen to Alex if he went on the mission, so he insisted Alex stay at home. Mulder laughed at Walter's paranoia.

Walter took Mulder with him on the mission with the two Alex clones. Alex had told them that this old estate stood in a popular area, there were several new estates on sale these years and the local patrol did a good job keeping their neighbors safe. They needed to clean up the lab completely and leave immediately before the patrols came. Mulder was in charge of driving, and Walter would back them up in case any situation happened.

The car began to vibrate; Mulder took it as a clue to start the engine. Seconds later, they heard the huge explosion and saw the blaze as it burned the old estate.

The now was shaken off the windows, reflecting the flame from the burning estate.

From the bright fire, they watched the Alex clones run toward them. They were gorgeous and proud. Even though they were clones, the Alex arrogance hung on the corner of their lips just the same!

"I think I'm falling in love with Alex, again." Mulder admired the clones' graceful motions.

"I whole heartedly agree." Walter smiled; he opened the back seat door for one of Alex clones who slipped in and was happy to find Walter's chocolate bar.

"Weren't you two suppose to set a fire?" Admiring was one thing, Mulder still complained. At the same time they all heard the patrol cars coming. "Let's get out of here first."

Once their car was on the freeway, one of the Alex clones who was sitting on the passenger side seat turned on the radio to a music channel. Then he took off his gloves and dumped them into the box carelessly, relaxing and singing with the singer.

Mulder glanced at him twice, but kept his attention on the road.

"What?" Alex clone asked nonchalantly.

"Would you explain why you bombed the estate instead of setting fire, was that why it took so long?"

"The basement was too huge," The clone cleared it's throat, and said in a low voice, "If we set a fire, the firemen would put it out before it burned up."

"Smart ass," Mulder muttered.

"Thank you." He smirked.

"You..." For a second, Mulder thought he was working with the old Alex before they became lovers, he took a deep breath to keep his temper.

Walter chuckled, "The good ol' times."

"What you mean, Walt?" The Alex clone, sitting beside Walter, asked sweetly with a mouthful of chocolate.

Walter laughed again and held the clone in his arms.

"Let go of me, old man." He pulled himself from Walter's embrace.

"He's too young for you." Mulder laughed at him, but Walter didn't mind at all.

The sweet Alex, the arrogant Alex, they were all part of Alex's personalities and they were both extremely attractive.

"Ten years ago, when Alex was assigned to Fox, they always spat at each other like love birds even though they weren't lovers back then. You two make me think it's natural that you and Fox can't stop fighting with each other."

Mulder snorted at Walter's comment.

The two Alex clones were too YOUNG to have the memories that started with Alex being assigned to the FBI by the CIA. They were different from the clone kids who left the cylinders when they were babies and grew up like normal humans, and owned their own memories; the lab's clone agents including the two Alex clones were quickly grown in their cylinders and only had learned copied memories. So their own memories were pieces gained from their time in the outside world.

When Kersh and the scientists asked Alex how old would he want the clones to be, Alex told them to stop their growth at the age of twenty eight. That was his golden age, four years before he was assigned to go undercover after graduating from the Academy. Back then, he was a young CIA officer, was proud and ambitious, he didn't know anything about the Consortium, needless to say the aliens. He just enjoyed his youth, his health, his career and was very much look forward to it.

That Alex was simple, clean, and innocent. He was also smart, strong and charming. As a CIA officer, he only had a couple of years out in the field, already showed his intelligence and out-standing ability, but not too many people knew him yet. Alex had always thought that was why they chose him to do the job-be a triple agent.

"Did you two know that Alex usually stands in front of your cylinders to ponder his past in the middle of the night?" Mulder asked bitterly.

"We knew," Both Alex clones answered softly, one of them continued, "And he cries, sometimes."

The radio seemed too loud at the time that they all stopped talking. The song floated in the frozen silence.

Human Clone R&P Center Lab New Year's Eve, 2004

After Christmas, the last scientists who stayed to take care of their first engineered DNA copied baby had left for their holiday this morning. So the basement was closed, the main power was shut down. The whole basement was dim with the only light coming from the cylinders which contained the cloned agents, including the Kersh clone and the two Alex clones. And all the teachers and nurses started their holiday a week ago, too. Except the middle-aged nurse Anne who had no family and lived here-in the corner of the storage room with a curtain hiding her bed and a little dresser. Even Kersh called after dinner to tell them that he wouldn't return for a couple of days, he also had to be with his family at the New Year holiday.

Without endless meetings to discuss the missions of against the Consortium and the aliens, and without the noises coming from the kids who had all sleep-tight by now, this house seemed peaceful on New Year's Eve.

Monica Reyes had moved to room number one with her cloned four month old baby girl Double.

"Hey, Alex. Take your son." Monica knocked softly on the opening door of Alex's room, she whispered, not wanting to wake the baby and the other children sleeping in other rooms. She just finished breast-feeding the baby and brought him to Alex.

Alex slouched on his bed, reading, trying to pass the time while Monica tended to his son. He smiled and rose from the bed to hold the baby. "Thanks. I'm going to take him to the dining room. Fox and Walt are drinking with Anne down there, would you come?"

"Yeah, but not for a drink, I'm still breast-feeding, remember? You go first, I'll give Double a bath before I put her to bed, then I'll join you guys." She turned to leave.

Alex went to the dining room, the baby slept peacefully in his right arm. He would never touch his son's lovely puffy face with his cold fake hand, he kissed softly on the baby's cheek instead. The dining room was warm and in the air floated the sweet scent of cake. Fox and Walter were drinking wine. Anne was already a little drunk, she was singing and Walter was humming with her.

"Where's Monica?" Mulder left his chair so Alex could sit between Walter and Mulder himself.

"Giving Double a bath, then she'll join us." Alex gave Mulder a kiss on his lips before he sat down, then he turned to Walter, "Would you hold you son, Daddy?"

"Of course, sure." Walter beamed. He took the baby in his arms, letting Alex hold to his drink. A faint sound of frantic dogs barking stopped their celebrating. They all startled at the same time, Anne also seemed sobered. Mulder rushed to the monitor, he was in time to see the invaders before they shot off the security monitor above the house's gate.

"Shit, it's Roy Hank. And at least three jeeps." Mulder shouted. Apparently the former CIA man had escaped from jail.

Then another frantic guns firing outside the house. The barking stopped. They heard the sound of several cars engines humming towards to the house.

All the children were running out of their room, screaming and crying. Monica rushed out of the bathroom to gather them to her side, Double was crying in her arms. She wore only a hurriedly put on robe and her hair was still wet. The main warmth coming from the fireplace in the living room was dimmed, so the temperature in the hallway upstairs was lower. They all shivered in the cold night air, fear in their eyes.

"Here!" Anne was taking guns from the upper cabinet above the sink, she tossed the guns to them.

"Run, Alex," Walter shouted, he swept off all the cakes, bottles and glasses on the table and pulled down the table cloth to wrap around his son. He handed the bundle to Alex and said firmly, "Run. Take care of our son Vic."

"No." Alex looked down at the baby then to Walter, "We can hide in the basement."

"No time! Not safe! Hank wanted you. Run! As far as you can." Walter grabbed Alex's arms and shouted, Vic cried out on his lungs.

Anne rushed to Alex's side; she took over the baby and held him with one arm, the other hand grasped Alex's elbow, "This way!"

Alex kissed Walter hard on the lips, "Don't die." Then he exchanged a reluctant look over at Mulder who now was several steps away from Alex. In an instant, tears flowed down his face. Anne pulled him toward the back door of the dining room.

"Upstairs, Fox."

They only had time to leave the dining room. Before they could pass the huge living room, Hank with his men blew away the front door with their machine guns.

"Well, well. Look whom we found. Are you people stuck together forever or what?" Hank walked into the living room triumphantly. He waved to his men to take their guns.

Skinner and Mulder didn't try to resist. Mulder counted, eight men in black tight jackets, and they all seemed to be well-trained soldiers. Resisting wouldn't do them any good.

"How did you find us?" Mulder noticed that Hank's hair now was short and silver white, probably from being in jail and didn't dye anymore.

"You? Noooo. Finding you guys here is a bonus." Hank laughed at Mulder, then he smirked at Skinner, "Sorry, I destroyed your door, again."

Skinner stood still, his eyes full of hatred. He wanted to kill Hank with his bare hands if he got the chance.

Hank looked down at a trace device in his palm, then ordered his men, "She's upstairs."

Three armed men went upstairs, scaring the children. The children creaming and crying went on and on. All the kids and Monica were being forced to the living room.

"Long time no see, Agent Reyes. Thought you could run away from me?" He waved the device, sneering.

"What did you do to me? Implanted me? Where? Where did you put the chip? Why did you do this to me?" Monica snarled, her body trembled violently from anger and chill. Droplets running from her short hair, soaked her robe.

"Take her and the baby."

Two men used their guns to push Monica. She glanced back at Skinner and Mulder. The kids began to cry again.

"Monica!" Skinner's voice was full of promise to her. He still felt his responsibility toward his former agent. Then he growled to Hank, "Why take her?"

Hank ignored him, he looked around the house, "Since you two love birds are here, where's Krycek?"

When Hank and his men fired and the kids kept screaming, nobody could hear Vic's crying in the garage through the back door of the dining room. Anne's car was there and she always forgot to lock it after coming home from shopping, the key was still in the ignition.

"Thank God!" She hurried to the passenger side, since it didn't have a child seat, Anne gathered all the cushions in the back seat to lay on the floor of the passenger side. She took off her wool shawl to use as a comforter in the center of the cushions.

Alex had gotten into the driver's seat, he handed Vic to Anne. She put the crying baby down on the soft shawl. "Shhh, be good for your daddy, Vic."

"Thank you, Anne." Alex started the engine.

Tires squeaked on the wet, slipping driveway. Gun firing, screaming and the crying heard minutes before stopped abruptly when they heard the car tires squeal while Alex leaving the garage. Anne hid into a dark corner, worried for?the kids, but also terrified.

Everyone in the living room heard the faint tire squealing from the back of the house.

Hank glanced at Skinner, Mulder and the kids, he didn't need them at all. "Fags." He spat in front of Skinner's feet.

"Let's go get the rat!" Hank hailed, his eyes shone excitedly. He motioned for his men to leave. Monica was pushed into one of their jeeps, her baby clone was held in one of the men's arms. The other men got in the other jeeps. Like a group of wolves, they all chased after Alex's car. Snow began to fall.

Jan.1, 2004

Alex finally ditched Hank and his men just after reaching DC area. After he exited from the city, only dropping by a gas station once to refuel half his tank, using money found in Anne's glove box. Then he was back on the road immediately. Vic cried himself to sleep, exhausted, so was Alex. Now he had no money, no milk, no diapers, the first place he could think of hide was at his old nest Survival.

When he drove there, the bar was closed for the holidays. But that was not a problem for him. Snow was falling heavily. Alex left Vic in the car, and left the heater going to keep his son warm. He found the bar's security lock had changed, it took him a little time to unlock it. Then he went to bring Vic in.

"Good boy, daddy is going to find something for you," Alex whispered, he went upstairs to his old room to put Vic on his bed which was a little dusty. "Sorry Monica can't feed you now, we have to do it ourselves."

Turning on the heater, he waited until the room became warm. Vic was sleeping, but would wake up any time soon, it was almost his feeding time.

Alex returned to the second floor, searched the bar, and unfortunately found nothing.

"Kitchen," Alex muttered, and went to the kitchen. He knew it was a bad idea, Papa hated cooking and the refrigerator probably only had pizza and his lotion in there.

As he fussed around, he didn't hear someone entering.


Alex startled and dropped the mug. The shout and the mug crashing made Vic start crying upstairs.

"Wh...what's going on? Alec?" Seeing that the man turning to face him was Alex, Papa lowered his gun. He gestured toward the sound coming from upstairs.

Alex exhaled, "My son."

"What?!" Papa giggled, "Don't tell me you bore him, where did you get him? Stealing?"

Alex sighed, "Food first, my son is hungry."

"Nooo. Is he really your son? Okay, where's the woman? Oh, no, I can't believe you with a woman," Papa panicked.

"Stop it! Papa. Food," Alex pled.

Papa stared at him a while, then squeaked, "How the hell would I know anything about baby food? Can he drink creamy powder? Flavor potion?"

"Damn." Alex slouched on the floor. Vic was crying out on his lungs upstairs.

"Okay, okay. Maybe he can try broth. I heard some people feed their baby with broth." Papa paced around the kitchen.

"Can you go buy some milk?" Alex hesitated, "I don't have money now..."

"Right away. But I'm not sure they'll have something for a baby. God, I never thought I'd ever need to deal with a baby!" Papa went to put on his coat.

Alex followed him to the door. He grabbed a pen on the bar, and wrote a number on Papa's palm, "Please call Walter. Tell him I'm safe, his son is safe, too. I'll call him as soon as possible."

"His son? I thought he's your son. You'd better explain it to me, later." Papa glared at him, then left.

Alex rushed upstairs to comfort Vic.

Human Clone R&P Center Lab
Jan.01, 2004

As soon as Hank and his men left, they called Kersh. While Kersh was on his way there, Anne soothed the kids and helped them back to their room. It was hard to make them fall asleep after they had such a terrible night. And the kids were too young to sleep alone without comfort to feel safe again. Anne couldn't get a break, she rushed between the kids' rooms whenever a kid began to cry for her.

Walter lost his calm since Hank and his men chased after Alex and his son, he continuously paced around in the large living room.

"Looks like we can't live in peace every year," Mulder muttered, he slouched on the battered sofa.

Walter glared at him, but said nothing. And began to pace, again.

"Would you sit down?" Mulder said tiredly.

"No, I can't," Walter hissed.

"He'll be fine." Mulder grabbed Walter's hand when he walked by. But Walter brushed him off.

"Fine." Saying softly, Mulder left and went to the basement lab.

Walter was left alone; he walked to crouch in front of the fireplace in the living room. The flame almost extinguished, he starred at it and chill climbed up his spine. "Lexei..."

Down in the basement, Mulder leaned against a wall to face the two cylinders where the Alex clones were. They stood naked and slept peacefully.

Tears flowed down his cheeks silently.

Faintly, he heard Walter was talking to someone on the phone. Then Walter walked down the hall of clones cylinders towards him. Apparently, the frown on Walter's face from the worrying about Alex and his son had been soothed by someone who had been on the other end of the phone. Mulder wiped his tears with his palms and straightened, not wanting Walter to know he'd been crying.

"Yeah, tell him I love him..." Walter was still on the phone when he held Mulder in his arms, "We love him. Thanks, Papa. Please take care of them...yeah, I know...I appreciate...okay." He put the phone aside on the nearby desk and hugged Mulder tightly, "Thank God...he's safe, they are safe."

Mulder nodded, his head was being held against Walter's shoulder by the older man's large hand, "Where's he, is Vic okay?"

"Yes, yes. For now. Papa'll take care of them," Walter said and began to kiss Mulder's hair, "I'm sorry I snapped at you, Fox. I just..."

"Shh...I know. Don't even doubt my love for any one of you and I know you love us equally, too." Mulder could feel Walter's tension ease a little, "You're so cold. Are you alright?"

"Need to sit down." Walter whispered, he was trembling a little.

Mulder pulled from Walter's embrace and pulled him into the room that Monica had used this summer, "Lie down, Walter. I think you have been too worried about Alex and your son, and your body has reacted to the relief of hearing them safe."

Walter lay on the bed, and muttered, "Embarrassing."

"Don't be." Mulder sat on the edge of the bed beside him, his hand tenderly caressed Walter's face with affection, his voice was soft.

Walter closed his eyes, "I never lost my calm, not even when I shot him and felt guilt. But tonight, when I thought he could be killed by those bastards, it hurt, my heart felt like being squeezed to death..."

"Love's hurts...really hurts, Walter," Mulder said softly, he lowered himself beside Walter on the small double bed. Lying on his side while his hand kept caressing Walter's body, he buried his face against Walter's neck.

Walter turned on his side, too. He turned Mulder's chin to face him, he could see the faint trace of tears on Mulder's cheeks being so close though the room was only lit by a dim light on the ceiling.

His thumb brushed off the trace, "You cried, Fox."

Mulder caught the thumb with his mouth when it moved down to his lips, he shivered and let go of it, "You are cold, this place is cold..."

"Yeah, you didn't switch on the heater when you went down to the lab." Walter pulled the blanket from the end of the bed to cover both of them.

Mulder chuckled.


"I can smell Monica-the scent of her perfume on the blanket." It was too late to stop himself from mentioning Monica, she had just been kidnapped. But Walter seemed calmer than earlier.

"We will find her." Walter saw the regret in Mulder's eyes, so he said firmly to end the topic.

They stared at each other under the blanket, the body heat warmed them up. Mulder still smiled at Walter, his caressing hand lowered further when he felt Walter's mood change. He always knew how to release the tension of his lovers, in this case, the now vulnerable big guy just needed his love, comfort and some hot action to wear him out, to relieve Walter's mind of worry for a couple of hours to get some rest.

His eyes sparkled with lust and he knew Walter could sense it.

Walter knew what he needed, he took the hint.

"Did you lock the door?" Walter took off his glasses and put them on the nightstand.

"No. Did you lock the entrance of the lab?" Mulder stared at Walter expectantly.

"No. The gate clicked and locked automatically from inside, you forgot?"

"No. Just making sure you remember it, so you can concentrate on me..." Sitting up to pull off his sweater, Mulder let Walter do the rest for him till he snuggled under the blanket to watch as his lover quickly removed his own clothing.

'Do me, Walter.' He read the words in those seductive eyes of Mulder's looking up at him. He grabbed a handful of hair, then kissed him none too gently as his strong body pinned Fox under him. They both struggled to get rid of the blanket that was crumpled between their demanding bodies, but their lips never stopped craving to each other's warmth.

The room was definitely warming up.

Fox's scent and moans made Walter roughen his bites and sucks on the younger man's skin. He loved the pink coloring of his lover's chest and groin when he was excited, that made Walter even more turn on.

"Lube?" Walter panted.

Fox reached out his trembling hand to the headboard to get Monica's baby lotion that she forgot to bring with her when she and her cloned baby moved upstairs.

"Ready?" Walter poured generous on his palm and stroked the lotion warm on his hands. Then spread it over Fox's anus, he repeated the motion impatiently.

"Do it hard, Walter." Offering himself, Fox was on all fours.

A fierce thrusting, both men screamed. Fox was almost burst into tears at the burning sensation, he bit his lip and the next second he threw back his head in pleasure at Walter's animal fucking.

Walter was soon over the edge, sweat ran along his spine. He pulled out of Fox, panting, faintly seeing his own semen leaking from Fox and down his thigh in the dim light room. "God, I love you, Fox," Walter turned Fox on his back to suck him greedily with the same fierceness of his thrusts just a moment ago.

"Walt," Fox screamed, and came and couldn't stop his trembling of ecstasy.

They kissed again, their legs entwined and wrestled. Sweat mixed with Walter's semen smeared on their thighs making Fox moan in the sensation of the warm slick.

"You almost make me hard again, but we should get some rest before Kersh arrives." Walter whispered breathlessly.

His lover smiled in his arms and seemed sleepy. So he retrieved the blanket from the floor to wrap them both.

Upstairs, the living room was freezing, the flame finally died in the fireplace. It was before dawn that the kids finally fell asleep. Anne went back to her small corner in the storage room, she saw the lab entrance's light was on, and wanted to check the guys but thought better of it. So she went to sleep, too.

Jan.1, 2004

The crying seemed like an eternity, Alex cradled Vic in his arm and rocked him back and forth to comfort his starving son. The warm water that he mixed with sugar to feed Vic was apparently not to his liking. And his son pissed on himself made things worse, they both were stinking though Alex already changed a new towel to wrap him.

Finally, Papa returned with a can of milk powder, a bag of baby clothes and lot of diapers.

"What took you so long? You've been gone almost an hour!" Alex put Vic on his bed and began to run through the supplies. "Hey, where's the bottle?"

Papa fished it from a pocket of his jacket, "Here."

"Be right back." He took the bottle and baby milk downstairs.

Papa was awkward with the crying baby- he wasn't certain if he should comfort or ignore it? He cradled Vic anyway and to his surprise Vic stopped crying to look at him.

"Hey, you do know the situation, don't you?" Papa cooed, becoming fond of the baby immediately.

"He's my son after all." Alex returned with a bottle of warm milk. "Here, let me feed him."

"No, give it to me; I'll do it for you. Go, take a shower, you both are smelly."

"Thanks." Alex passed the bottle to Papa, then he began to undress. "So, where've you been?"

"My sister's," Papa muttered.

"Sister's? I thought your family hated you..."

"Yeah, they still hate me being gay. I grabbed these from my sister, that's why I was a little late. She is a single mother and doesn't live with my parents and brothers. So I had to drive to the other side of town to get your son's supplies. Don't worry, she's the only one still talking to me in my family, and she is happy to help another single MOTHER."

"What?" Alex wanted to argue but didn't have the energy, "Fine, whatever." He went to the bathroom.

He almost fell asleep in the bathtub when Papa brought Vic to the steaming bathroom.

"Your son needs a bath, too. Let me give you a hand."

Papa seemed happy to take care of the baby, and Vic slept through the bathing and being dressed.

After drying himself, Alex hauled out a silver colored box from his closet. It was locked. And Papa recognized it as Alex's combat box.

"What are you doing? Where are you going? Hey, I'm not gonna babysit your son..."

"Don't worry, I won't leave without him."

Alex unlocked the big box. His parka set and other combat tools were lying in it. He picked the parka set, then packed them with his son's stuff. Next he chose a 5.7 Tactical, loaded its SS 190 bullets. Gave it a simple check, he shoved the gun in the belt in the small of his back. Last, Alex put on his winter mountain boots and hid his favorite knife in the right foot. When he finished, Alex steered Papa to sit down on his bed. He told Papa the whole truth-simple, brief but very clear-which was extremely unbelievable to the big guy who certainly would have to spend a good time to think of it.

"What you gonna do?" Papa paled. He knew Alex wouldn't lie to him or had lost his mind to spin such an insane sci-fi story to tease him. But what Alex had just told him was so difficult for him to believe.

"Keep running and hide...with my son."

Right now, Alex needed to leave the states, to be far away from Hank. That nutso wouldn't stop looking for him, and soon the Consortium would get wind and find his whereabouts before the stupid Hank would. Because by now, they should have realized it was Alex leading the missions to destroy their labs these days. He could imagine how he would be tortured if he fell in their hands.


"Canada." The only person he could think of being reliable now was the Chief Richy White in Canada. After all, Canada was not too far away from Walter and Fox, and the Chief might still take care of his illegal guns for him. "I'll drive to the border. Would you come with me, then drive my car back to Walter?"

Papa hesitated, finally he said, "No. The border is too risky, and I don't have time to make a new ID for you. There's a better way, not to the border though."

He picked up his phone and dialed, "Yo, it's me...I know it's late. Yah, now...move your ass away from that bitch. I know, I know we broke up, okay? Listen, I need a favor...you owe me one! Yah, nine in the morning."

"Boyfriend?" Alex asked him.

"EX! Ex-boyfriend." Papa zipped his coat and then grabbed Alex's bag, babbling, "That bastard wouldn't fight his family for me, he dumped me to marry a woman. Shit, and they have two lovely kids now. My God, even you have a kid. Why do you men always want a kid?"

Alex followed Papa downstairs; Vic was sleeping sweetly in his arm.

Buffalo 01.02, 2004
9:00 AM

They were afraid that Hank was still hanging around the DC area, so Papa drove them toward West Virginia, then over to Buffalo. Six hours and forty minutes later, they were in a aircraft facility. A little early before nine in the morning.

Vic was awoke by the sound of a helicopter taking off nearby, so Alex used the last warm water in his pot to make milk and fed his son. Papa volunteered to help the baby burp and change the diaper. Somehow, Papa realized he was enjoying babysitting, he never had a chance to do this to his nephews and nieces.

Alex began to put on his parka.

Papa's ex-boyfriend Luny showed up right on nine o'clock. He was a little surprised to see Papa with another man, very beautiful and attractive younger man, and of course a baby. Immediately, he knew what kind of favor Papa needed. Luny rented office space out of the commercial aircraft facility. He and his wife both had licenses to fly a helicopter and an aircraft. Their business comprised of a cross-country flying tour, transporting, cargo hauling and heliskiing. He was the best choice to do the 'transporting' service, legally.

"No! I have kids to feed, if I do this for you and I get caught, I lose everything."

"Fuck, who lost everything? Who came out and got kicked out by his family just because he loved a coward? And the coward dumped him to marry a woman!" Papa spat at his ex-boyfriend, crying. "Don't talk about losing everything, you don't have the right."

Vic was startled awake again, and began to cry. Alex cradled him to the other end of the facility.

"Okay..." Sighing, the big, tall, bearded Luny walked to Papa and hugged the shivering man, "Ok. I'll do this for you, I'm sorry, honey."

Lunt had to call ahead and let air traffic control know to expect him. They spent a short time to discuss the weather and the line to Montreal, then Luny began to prepare their flight. The temperature was about -10C, so he had to warm up the helicopter. About fifteen minutes later, when the helicopter was warmed up, he moved the helicopter out of the hanger. Luny was already properly dressed for a winter flight: a heavy coat with a high collar to keep out the wind, and heavy gloves.

"You're not dressed for the flight. Here, take the blanket." Luny tossed a wool blanket to Alex. "You ready to go?"

"Thanks for everything, Papa." Alex hugged him, and whispered, "Tell Walter and Fox we'll be fine. And tell him to send someone to pick up the car."

The whole wait was about thirty minutes in which Papa helped Alex wrap Vic under Alex's parka. And prepared another bottle of hot milk which was put into Alex's pocket to keep it warm. The one week old baby Vic would wake in an hour for his milk and would need to be changed afterwards.

"You take care of my lady, Luny." Papa slapped Alex's hip affectionately.

"Yap." Luny glared at him.

They took off.

Vic cried all the way to Toronto where Luny refilled the fuel tank and bought them takeout.

"You should keep him sucking the bottle. That'll help his altitude sickness." Luny had noticed that Alex had a problem with his arm, "Need some help? I'm good at looking after a baby."

So he changed the diaper, and wrapped the baby to Alex again. They made sure that Vic had enough space under Alex's parka to drink the bottle of milk. Then they took off.

On the way to Montreal, the snow was falling. Alex had to keep his collar opened to feed Vic, he shivered in the freezing air too long and began to feel lightheaded.

"Are you alright? We have five minutes before we land." Luny glanced at Alex.

But when the helicopter hovered over the ranger station, they could see the school winter camping were gathering there, Alex changed his mind. "Head to the cliff over there, can you see the log?"

That was the Chief Richy White's house.

"Yeah. Heading 179, slightly right, 1 mile from touch down. Get ready, you alright?"

The wind was getting strong when they approached the cliff, and the falling snow covered the sight.

"The level is no good, can't land here." Luny sweated.

"I'll jump." Alex zipped his parka, make sure Vic was secure enough against him. "Drop me here. I can make it to the log; it's only a stone's throw away."

"What? Are you crazy? You don't know what's under the snow, you may hit your head or break a leg or kill your baby, I'm not going to help you commit suicide! We should be back to the ranger station." The helicopter was unstable to keep too close to the ground. Luny became nervous.

"Too late." Alex opened the door and dropped his bag first, "Thanks for the lift and your blanket."

He jumped anyway. Alex hit the ground with his back, he grunted at the moment when he felt he broke his rib. Luny hovered over him twice, still trying to land.

"We'll be fine, son..." Alex waved Luny to leave before he passed out in the falling snow.

The End

Title: Mess IV: The Invasion
Author: Shang
Author's Website: http://www.angelfire.com/stars4/slashingx/
Written: May 2003
Size: 36k
Category: Story, Romance, Relationship, Adventure, Hurt/Comfort, AU (Alternate Universe)
Pairings: Mulder/Skinner , K/O, Sc/D
Rating: R for violence
Category: Adventure ~ Romance ~ Slash, Alternate universe
Disclaimer: Walter Skinner, Fox Mulder, Alex Krycek and all the other X-Files characters belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and FOX Broadcasting. The others belong to me.Archive: 2003 Spooky Awards, Slashing Mulder, the Basement...

Summary: The invasion has began. The first wave of the alien virus has been released. Jeffery Spender has returned to the lab; Richy will take care of Alex and Vic. And Scully finally found a father for her son.

Beta: This story has been delayed so long but finally it's near the end. I'll try to end it at part 5 or 6. Thanks a lot to Bertina who has great patience to beta my bad writing. And she said that it's not bad writing it's courageous writing for being in a second language not native to me. That really means something to me, thank you.

Part Four: The Invasion

Laurentian Mountains, Canada
Chief Richy White's log
January 02.2004, daylight

The New Year's holiday was one of the busiest open seasons every year on the mountain. There were lot of school camps, foreign tour groups, sport groups around this area.

Chief Richy White was off his shift duty by the afternoon. He hung out with the camp students after lunch since no one waited for him at home. Then the weather report showed the snow would get heavy this afternoon, so he said goodbye to those students and left. He was already on his way home when he saw the helicopter flying towards his lodge. The wind was picking up and the falling snow became heavier after he left the ranger station minutes ago.

Richy could hear the very faint sound of the propellers coming from the chopper. It was hovering over his lodge. Something was not right, he ran quickly.

About ten minutes later, he heard a baby crying and could see someone was lying on the ground near his lodge. He rushed over to the sound.

"You alright, lady-?"

Judging from the crying baby wrapped under the black parka and the long silky hair covering the face, Richy thought it was a woman lying there. He knelt beside the body and reached out to brush the hair aside from the pale face.

"Oh...God!" he murmured. He could hear his own pulse speeding up the minute he saw the jade on the forehead of Alex Krycek. "Hold on, can you hear me-?"

No reaction. Richy checked his pulse, a little fast but steady, he unzipped Alex's parka and used his own knife to cut the bundle in order to release the baby. The empty milk bottle rolled out of it and onto the snow. He quickly picked it up and took it with the baby into his cabin. Turning on the heater to warm his bedroom where he put the baby, he then went back to Alex.

"Alex-?" Still no reaction. Richy began to check his limbs, "No broken bones..."

Carefully, he lifted Alex's head and touched the back, murmuring, "Didn't hit your head..."

He decided to carry Alex back to his place. But Alex grunted painfully in his unconsciousness when Richy scooped him up a little. The gun slipped from under the belt of Alex's lower back and dropped to the snow.

It was how Alex had hurt his ribs. The moment Alex decided to jump out of the chopper; he could only choose to land on his back. Unfortunately, the spot he fell onto was the rocky driveway of the log cabin. Though the snow had already gathered thickly, it was not thick enough to decrease the impact of the fall. The gun Alex hid in his lower back hit his ribs when he hit the rocks.

Richy guessed it right.

He lowered Alex again and returned to his cabin to get his surf board to use as a stretcher. Then he hauled the man back inside.

Vic already cried to sleep. Richy made sure the baby was fine, no fever and the diaper was dry. So he concentrated on attending Alex.

He put Alex on his bed next to Vic, murmuring softly, "Excuse me...here we go..." he peeled off Alex's wet clothes. Covering him with a blanket, Richy went to get his first aid kit. He checked the bruise where Alex fell then bandaged it. Fortunately, the ribs showed no fractures, he wasn't certain if they had been cracked but they weren't broken.

The baby began to cry again, "Damn." Richy took the bottle to his kitchen, then took the milk from his refrigerator, heated it and poured it into the bottle.

"Alright, alright...drink it." Richy cradled the baby and fed him.

Vic sucked the bottle hungrily and soon finished it. Seconds later, he wet his diaper. Richy found one of his old shirts and tore it into pieces to wrap the baby's butt. Vic seemed to be content, he was fast asleep. He put Vic onto a wing chair and hauled it next to the bed, this way the baby wouldn't wet his bed by accident.

He went to the fireplace in his bedroom and lit the fire. The room was very warm now, so he could switch off the heater. The windows were shaking noisily by the wind. Snow was falling heavily, it was dark outside though it was only three in the afternoon.

Just when Richy didn't know what to do next, Alex groaned in pain. He went to take a glass of water and a painkiller for the bruises. Richy tried to wake him up, but failed and found Alex was running a fever now.

"Walter..." Alex turned his face into Richy's checking hand, searching for comfort.

But Richy mistook it as 'water'. He dipped a cotton ball into a cup of warm water, then used it to wet Alex's lips. Soon he changed his mind; he thumbed Alex's mouth open. Popping in the painkiller, Richy drunk a mouthful water and sealed his lips with Alex's. The feeling of whisker scratching surprised him; it wasn't unpleasant in fact it was lovely.

Choking a little, Alex swallowed it then said 'cold' in his delirium. His face turned blindly, looking for comfort from his absent lover. Richy, hand shaking slightly, lifted the blanket and stared at the nude on his bed. Hesitating for a few seconds, he took off his clothing then slid under the blanket to carefully wrap his arms around Alex.

"Walter," Alex sighed.

Now Richy understood that Alex was calling for his lover not asking for water a moment ago. He felt his cheeks heat and his heart thumped as he recalled mouth feeding Alex. Not that he hadn't performed mouth-to-mouth on a male, he performed CPR on many people in his career. But none of them had anything to do with the desire he felt, a desire he never thought he would feel for a man.

But this was Alex Krycek, the man showed up in his dreams constantly. It had been confusing at first, when the dreams caused him to have a hard on recently. Richy now was holding him in his arms. Naked.

He exhaled cautiously, and closed his eyes.

Usually, he wouldn't fast asleep in the daylight. But it had been a long time since he slept with someone in the same bed, and it really felt good. Alex's scent filled his nostrils and it was very pleasurable. With the solid fresh and blood in his arms, Richy nearly had a wet dream about Alex.

Vic began crying for milk and diaper change. Richy stirred from his nap, he reluctantly opened his eyes.

Alex's body was still burning. Richy checked his wrist watch, then moved out of the bed, "Almost three hours."

He fed Vic again and cleaned him up.

"Well, we must find something for your little butt." Richy cradled Vic in the crook of one arm while his other hand went through the closet hurriedly. He smiled when found a worn out T-shirt. Richy used it as Vic's diaper.

"You eat, you shit, you sleep. Good boy, aren't you?" Richy whispered softly to Vic. He put him back on the sofa then went to cook dinner for himself.

Alex slept through the night.

Human Clone R&P Center Lab
January 02, 2004

After the terrible night, Kersh arrived before dawn. He frowned at the damages, the security camera in the gate was destroyed, all the dogs were dead, the garden was also a mess and the front door of the house was broken into pieces.

"Uncle Kersh!" The little Jeffery clone rushed down from upstairs, and went to hug one of Kersh's strong legs.

"Jeff, why aren't you sleeping-?" Kersh lifted him up, holdin him securely. "You must be scared."

"They took Monica and her baby." Jeffery began to sob.

"I know, uncle Walter told me. We'll find them, don't worry."

Anne came out of the storage room. She didn't say anything to Kersh, but relief could be seen in her eyes. Kersh handed Jeff over to her who carried him upstairs back to his room.

"They are down in the basement," Anne informed Kersh on the stairs.

Kersh found them in the small room of the basement, still sleeping. So he went to switch on the main power. Soon, the basement was warmed up. Skinner and Mulder woke from the sounds from Kersh, they dressed quickly and came out of the room.

"How long do you think we can repair this place-?" Mulder joked, "Or should we move-?" Swiftly, he glanced at his lover's AD face and he knew to keep his mouth closed.

Kersh briefed them. The three of them, after discussing the security problem, came up with a decision. They decided to use all the clone agents and the two Alex clones as a 24/7 security team.

The relized that no one had called the police when everything happened hours ago. No one heard them 'cause the nearest neighbors were at least one mile away from them. When they chose to live here in order to keep their secret lab and all their clones, they knew there would be a price to pay by defending themselves on their own. From now on, all the clones would take turns guarding their large estate.

Skinner would be the leader to the clone agents. That led to the decision to cancel the lovers' plan of moving out. Mulder was a little disappointed about not moving out, but he also worried about Alex and Vic. A personal need seemed unimportant to him at this moment. At least, remaining here they may learn any information about Alex first hand.

They spent the day cleaning the house. The kids seemed to forget the previous night's terror; they were having fun bouncing around the mess in the house. Little Jeff and another boy helped to bury the dog corpses. After a simple dinner, Anne finally tugged them to bed at nine and she slept in the youngest boy's room. The five-month-old boy was running a fever and so were three other kids.

The guys were exhausted, too. They went to bed early and woke up around dawn to begin the rest of the day cleaning.

"Oh...oh, my God!"

They heard Anne's scream. The next moment Anne was running down the stairs, horror filled her wrinkled face. And then they all heard the kids' crying as horribly as the night before.

"Ca...call an ambulance, hurry," she grabbed Mulder's forearm and shook violently, some blood stained on her hands marked Mulder's clothes.

Kersh rushed up the stairs to check on the kids.

Skinner picked up the phone and remembered it was broken. He cursed Hank again. That psycho destroyed everything in the living room.

"I don't think the ambulance will arrive in time." Kersh looked down on them from upstairs, he held a three-year-old kid in his arms. "Skinner, give me a hand. We've got four kids that need to be in an ER." Then he glanced at the broken TV set and turned to Mulder, "Check the net, I think IT is coming."

Yes. The aliens' invasion had begun.

The first wave of alien virus was released stealthily, quietly by the aliens. But the humans bagan to cry for help loudly, desperately.

Kersh drove Skinner and three kids in the back seat; the one-year-old was belted on the passenger seat, already dead. Just like Kersh said, they wouldn't have gotten an ambulance in time although there were many of them along the road to DC. At this time, dawn in the city, it was already noisy with sirens ringing everywhere.

Mulder called Kersh from their lab, telling him what was on the online news. An unknown virus had been reported from several countries all over the world, it took the lives of the weak, the old and the new born. Until now, the victims all showed high fever, the mucous layer destroyed, and 100 percent mortality rate.

Clicking off his phone, Kersh glanced at the rearview mirror, informing Skinner of the news. " Vic..." Skinner immediately thought of his son. "I need to find him."

"What are you planning-?" Kersh was pulled up at the corner of a hospital. Soon the ER staff came to help them ease the kids on stretchers.

"I'll call you later." He then left Kersh alone at the ER entrance.

Alexandria, VA
January 03, 2004

"Open the damn door," Skinner muttered, buzzing the door bell.

"Not opening today," Papa answered on the other side of the door.

"It's me, Walter Skinner. Need to talk to you," Skinner said impatiently.

The security lock clicked open. Skinner rushed upstairs. Still sniffing from cry, Papa hugged Skinner the minute he saw the older man.

All Skinner could think about was Alex and Vic. He leveled Papa with a glare straight into those red eyes, hissing, "Are they alright-?"

"Yes...no, I...I mean I'm not sure anymore, did you see the news?"

"I heard it." Skinner loosed his grip on Papa's arms.

"So this is IT-?" Fear filled of his eyes.

"Alex told you?"

Papa nodded.

"Where is he now?"

"Laurentian Mountain."

"Richy White..." Skinner remembered the tall, well built Chief. "Did Alex say anything?"

"No... uh, the car keys. Here." Papa returned the key. And grabbed Skinner to stop him from leaving, his hand trembled slightly. "What should I do? We'll all die in the invasion..."

Skinner stared at Papa for a second, then just simply give him a soft blessing kiss on his forehead. He loosened Papa's grip on him.

He left.

Human Clone R&P Center Lab
January 03, 2004

Skinner drove Anne's car back to their house. He nodded to Anne who rested on the broken sofa; she was very tired and didn't have the energy to take care of the kids. He could hear them playing in the study upstairs.

Going down to the basement, he was startled seeing Mulder curled on the floor.

"What's wrong?" He pulled his lover into his arms, heart beating fast from worry.

"Not you..." Mulder grimaced in pain.

"What are you talking about?" He kissed his lover's temple and prayed soundlessly the instant he remembered the last time he's seen Mulder lying in a coma and had telepathy.

"I...I FEEL something. I thought I sensed you coming back, I was wrong. You are here, but I still feel something...someone is coming...to me, Walter."

"Come on. Lie down," Walter never felt so frightened that he might lose Mulder again. He helped his lover back to the bed where they made love yesterday morning. "You'll feel better if you lie down." He hoped so.

"I'm not...going anywhere without...you, Walter." Mulder hissed in pain.

"You read me?"

Mulder gave him a forced smile, "You think too loud."

Minutes later, Skinner could tell that Mulder's headache subsided. He was going to cover his lover with the blanket when he thought Mulder relaxed into sleep but Mulder exhaled.

"The link is broken," he sat up and massaged his temples. "So, you went to Papa."

Skinner laughed, "You saw that, superman?"

"Of course not, you're just easy to read."

"Well, I guess I don't have to talk to you anymore."

"No..." Mulder stood and pulled Walter to him. "I'll try not to read you or anybody unless it's necessary, it won't do me any good anyway-causes a terrible headache."

They left the basement lab. Walter volunteered to prepare the lunch to let Anne have some rest. Since living here, he rarely had the time to do a real meal like back when he and Alex lived together. Not that he would be good at doing all the food for eleven kids and three adults, but keeping busy would calm him down-stopping the impulse of going to Alex and his son. This place and people needed him and he thought he'd better keep Mulder in his eyesight. He was not going to lose him to the aliens again.

Mulder found an old wool blanket in the storage room. Not good at DIY, he used lots of tacks to pin it on the wrecked front door frame.

"Well...I did my best." He grinned to the kids surrounding him, laughing. "At least the wind won't blow into our house, right?"

Suddenly, they all heard a motorcycle approaching. Anne sat upright from the broken sofa, very jumpy.

"Go back to your rooms." She ordered those kids, and went with them.

Mulder went to the kitchen to warn Skinner. They both found guns and returned to the living room. Each leaned on either side of the walls beside the front door.

A soft footstep could be heard moving closer to the door. It paused. And they heard a gun clicked. Next, someone kicked the door open.

The edge of the door scratched and pulled the wool blanket off which Mulder just pinned on the door frame minutes ago, and the poor guy was trapped in it.

Mulder crouched beside the man and turned him over, "Jeffery?"

"Mulder?" He was as surprised as Mulder at seeing him here, then he saw Skinner, "...where's Agent Scully?"

"Not with us." Mulder helped Jeffery on his foot, "Uh, your face..."

Jeffery smiled bitterly, though his face was a lot better than the last time everybody saw him at Mulder's hearing.

"HE sent my body to the alien's lab, remember?" That meant he was also immunized from the alien virus and could self-heal.

"So you're an immortal like me, brother." Mulder was a little embarrassed to call him brother. They never had a time to worked out the complicated feelings about being half brothers. He observed Jeffery, the leather jacket and boots suited him more naturally than the federal suit, "You seem different, where've you been?"

"With the rebels...lots of them died in the virus this morning." Jeffery looked around the battled room then turned to Skinner, worriedly, "What happened? Where's Kersh? And my...my..."

Skinner nodded then looked up at the little Jeffery who was lying on his stomach with another kids on the floor upstairs looking down at the adults.

"Okay, Jeff, you can come down here. I want you to meet someone."

The name 'Jeff' Skinner used to call his clone gave Jeffery a warm feeling.

The kid rushed down the stairs and asked his uncle Walter to pick him up. Skinner did as he asked. Jeff stared at his 'prototype'; he looked very clever with those big eyes.

"Remember me?" Jeffery reached out, wanting to touch the kid. Little Jeff was only two years and six months old when Jeffery left him to Kersh.

Jeff flinched, shook his head.

"I'm...I'm..." Jeffery seemed awkward, "...do you want a...a father or a brother, Jeff?"

Jeff looked at his uncle Walter and held on to Skinner's neck, "Father. I want a father."

"Then I'm your father."

Laurentian Mountains, Canada
Chief Richy White's log
January 03.2004

At dawn, Richy was hand feeding Alex the painkiller again.

"Damn, my rib..." Alex woke up, chocking on the water, he winced at the pain and tried to get up.

"No, don't move." Gently, Richy pushed him back to lie down. "Your ribs are cracked."

For a few seconds, Alex didn't understand-where was he and what happened to him? Even turning his head to look around the room was painful, then he realized he was naked when Richy took a towel to dampen his body.

"And you had a fever." Richy stared at Alex, his hand stayed on Alex's body a little too long. He put the towel away, and kept their distance carefully.

"Happy New Year, Chief." Looking into the pair of ocean blue eyes, Alex finally relaxed knowing he and his son was safe now, "Where's my son?"

"YOUR son? I thought you were with...with..."

"Walter and Fox. Yes. I'll explain the miracle to you later, I want to hold my son, now."

Richy put another pillow under Alex's head, then he put Vic to Alex's side. The baby immediately woke up but didn't cry, he kicked.

Alex peeled off the bundle and saw the shirt wrapped on his son's butt. He lifted his eyebrows in surprise.

"What's this?"

"My shirt." Richy shrugged.

"How many shirts do you have?" He laughed. "You know, he'll pee and shit every two or three hours. Then you'll run out of all your clothes. Where's my bag? There're a pack of diapers and baby milk powder in it."

"Must be somewhere under the snow. I'll get it."

A moment later, Richy came back with the bag. He replaced the diaper and prepared the milk. During that time, Alex used the bathroom . He put his travel kit there, brushed his teeth, shaved and went back to bad. He soon drifted to sleep as the painkiller began to work.

When he woke up, it was already afternoon. Richy held Vic in his arms, sitting on the sofa at the end of the bed, they both were sleeping. So he got up quietly, closed the bedroom door behind him. Finding some sandwich Richy left on the kitchen counter, he reheated it along with a cup of milk in the microwave oven.

"You should wake me up, so I can do it for you." Richy showed up at the kitchen door frame. " I'm alright. Just craked some ribs. And I feel better now that the fever has gone."

Richy went to stand in front of Alex, and was going to check his fever by touching his forehead. He forgot Alex once told him that Mulder immunized him, that he wouldn't be sick anymore. So the fever wouldn't last too long in his self-healing system. Alex grabbed the hand when Richy touched the jade on his forehead.

"Would you do something for me?" His green eyes seemed to absorb Richy.

"Anything." That reply earned Richy another eyebrow arching from Alex.

"Cut it off." Alex released Richy's hand than grabbed a handful of his long hair.

"Why? It's...beautiful." He saw Alex smiling at his choice of the word.

"Chief, we'll probably stay here for a while. My hair will occupy too much time. I can't keep it if I have to take care of my son. And I can't take care of it myself." He lifted his left arm.

"I'll do it for you," he said it too soon without thinking.

Alex snorted. "You're kidding. Even Fox wanted to cut it from time to time. It's inconvenient. Only Walter was willing to spend plenty time to keep it clean and neat."

"Then I'm wi..." The beeping from his oven stopped him.

Alex ignored it, said determinedly, "Cut. it. off."

Richy exhaled in defeat, "All right. After you finish eating."

Faintly, they heard the sound of Richy's ham radio which was set in the living room. Richy went to turn it off.

His log cabin only had a bedroom and a full bathroom. The living room combined dining area and kitchen. But it had a small loft as a spare for visiting.

He stood at the living room arms crossing in front of his chest and looked up at his loft, considering whether to make a bed and sleep over there. There was no way he would sleep in the same bed with Alex again. Yesterday's afternoon, sleeping with Alex in his arms, was much better than any of his recent dreams. And he KISSED him, twice! He didn't dare take advantage of Alex while he was conscious, even though Richy was much taller and well built.

"Well..." Alex stepped beside Richy who jumped at his voice. "I hope you have spare bedding to let me sleep up there, Chief."

"No, I'll sleep there. You sleep in my bedroom with your son, what's his name?"

"Victor K. Skinner."

"If I don't have a spare, would you let me sleep with you?"

Richy said without looking at Alex who stood beside him, if he turned he could easily capture his lips-he knew that would be in his dreams.

"I thought you don't TOUCH men." Alex laughed, he walked away to sit on the sofa, not taking Richy's word seriously.

He grunted in pain when his back contacted the back set of the sofa. Immediately, Richy was in front of him. His left hand was behind the back of Alex's neck, pulling him slightly forward; the other hand secured a cushion behind Alex's back.

Then he let Alex lie backward on the cushion, but didn't let go of his neck. Richy knelt down so he could get closer to Alex, his right hand easily slipped under the big sweater he lent to Alex. His palm set on the bandage.

"I'll change the bandage; it's soaked with your sweat." He lied.

"Liar," Alex whispered. His eyes were deep and unfathomable.

They stared at each other for a moment. If not for Alex's cracked ribs, Richy might crush the beautiful man into his arms in an impulse.

"Any man would fall for you, straight or not." Unconsciously, his thumb rubbed the tender skin and soft fine hair of Alex's neck.

Alex giggled, "I'm flattered, Chief...but..."

"Richy. Call me Richy." Alex's giggling made him nervous and he couldn't stand it any more without really kissing the man. He leaned in to capture the sweet lips forcefully.

Richy finally separated reluctantly from Alex, panting, "I'm sorry."

"Well, it's not like you haven't kissed me," Alex muttered and turned his face away.

"You knew." Now that he couldn't hide his feeling for Alex, he pulled Alex into his arms gently and firmly. "Please, let me take care of you. You wouldn't come here without your lovers. Someone was chasing you, right?"

"Let go of me, Richy, or one of us will die," Alex said softly but certainly.

Richy did as he'd been told and smiled. "You're sexier when looking dangerous, but I'm not ready to die...guess I have to sleep on the loft, alone."

Someone banged on the front door, startling them.

"You haven't see me here, Richy." Alex let Richy shift him to lie down.

Richy pulled a blanket to cover Alex, then went to answer the door with his gun ready in hand. He opened the door knowing it was one of his subordinates.

"Why'd you turn off the radio, Chief? Damn, lots of people died this morning. We need you now."

"What happened?" Richy took his coat, but looking back, hesitated to leave Alex unprotected. From another angle outside the front door, his subordinate saw the long hair poking out of the blanket, "Sorry, I didn't mean to disturb you, Chief. Turn on the radio, you'll know the situation. And come to the station as soon as possible, please."

His subordinate left quickly. Richy turned on the radio; he and Alex were both shocked at the news.

"Too soon...IT's beginning." Alex murmured.

"You mean the invasion?" Richy paled.

"God," Alex clenched on the pain coming from his ribs, he rushed to the bedroom to make sure his son was alright. Richy was behind him closely. Vic slept well; his cheeks were a lovely pink not reddening from fever.

Theoretically, according to their lab scientists, Vic should be immunized 'cause his DNA was cloned from his fathers. But they hadn't had the time to run the test and prove it.

Now in fact, Vic was fine.

Richy embraced Alex from behind tenderly, whispering, "Your guns are sealed under the floor of the kitchen sink. I have to go now...forgive me, just let me do this once."

He kissed Alex's cheek. Then he was gone.

Washington DC
A hotel room
January 03, 2004 23:05

"He's sleeping," Scully whispered to Doggett who lied down on the other bed in the hotel room, "Finally."

Doggett had a fever this morning and now the temperature had gone up to one hundred and four degrees. Early this morning they arrived in DC, they saw all the ambulances and heard the news reports wherever they passed by the medias. People were shocked by the unknown virus, only they knew it was the alien virus and the invasion began. Scully assumed the worst that Doggett might be infected by it, too.

"I think we're very close to Mulder now," Doggett said tiredly, his eyes were closed.

They were aware of William's power of telepathy and assumed that he might be able to sense Mulder's whereabouts if they were in a certain range.

William was almost two years and eight months now. He didn't start speaking until two weeks ago. When he said the first word 'Daddy' to Doggett, Scully was embarrassed and awkward so she took her son from Doggett's lap. But William patted Doggett on the chest and said 'John' then pointed his little finger in the other way and said 'Daddys'.

It was the 'Daddys' that confused them.

Scully was afraid to admit that after all she was the alien's lab rat like all the other abductees... Sitting on the bed beside Doggett, Scully starred at him for a while and began to take off her clothes.

"What are you doing?" Doggett opened his eyes in shock at what Scully was doing and he lifted his hand to stop Scully from opening the last button of her shirt.

"This is the only way to save you, John."

"No. I just caught a cold, not what you think..." Doggett struggled to sit up, though his muscles were sore from the fever.

He stared into Scully's watering eyes, "I'm not going to die." And he wiped the tears that finally fell down Scully's face.

"We can't know it for sure. And I won't let you die on me." She shed the shirt. "You should know what to do..."

Doggett laughed bitterly. "You know, I would die happy if you were willing to make love with me in another situation..."


"I know. I know you still love Mulder. So I never push you, I'm willing to wait. You don't have to feel guilty about not returning my feelings for you. I'm happy just being with you and your son."

Scully brushed away her tears and said calmly, "Mulder and I had been through a lot all these years. We love each other, that's for sure, but nothing beyond a partnership or a family-type love, that's it."

"That's bullshit. We've been looking for Mulder long enough. And you're longing to see him again, to go back to his side like you've always been. You love him so much, or you would accept me already." Doggett put the shirt back on her, "Dana, don't do things you'll regret."

"You aren't my mom to tell me what things I should or shouldn't do, Agent Doggett."

"Yeah, right." His hand left her skin immediately.

"I'm sorry. It's complicated...we...I spent so many years struggling with my feelings towards him. I couldn't believe it when he confessed that he fell in love with Skinner the moment he saw him in the cell. He...he kissed me right in front of Skinner; I thought we finally admitted our feelings for each other. And I keep hoping that he only lied to me so I'd let him go and the consortium wouldn't be on our tail..."

"He didn't lie, Dana. Before he left you, he told me something."

Scully looked at him questioningly.

"He once liked someone...but he didn't dare take the chance."

"Someone, who? He didn't have a personal life..."


"Oh..." She looked hurt. "That explains...a lot."

"He hated himself for Krycek's death. He said he lost so many people he loved; he's not going to lose the last one. So, when he was free outside the cell, on the run, and finally seeing you happy with William...he decided it was time to go." Mulder had left them the moment Scully ran towards the farm where the old couple lived with her son.

They both became silent. Scully leaned forward to turn off the lamp on the night-stand. Now the only light in the room was coming from the side of William's bed. She leaned up, not looking at Doggett, to shed her shirt again.


"I want to do this. I'm not a woman who can't feel your passion, John. What you did for us since we were on the run this past year ..."

"You don't need to pay me."

"No, you deserve this, and you need it now...you're dying. I won't let it happen." She took off her bra like she was on a mission, with no shame of exposing her body to Doggett. "And it's a perfect time for me to let it go. I want to give us a try; I want to have a real life, to touch a human being, to feel, to love..."

She was stopped by Doggett who hold her slightly trembling hands firmly in his warm, strong hands.

"I'm sorry it's a bad time, a bad situation for our first time." But he had definitely been waiting for this day to come along.

Scully smiled tightly. "The timing's just fine. I wouldn't know how important you are to me and I'm not going to lose you. Touch me, John. You know what to do." She flushed.

Every abductee's genes were mutated by the alien vaccine, and they became immune. The body could then produce a vaccine to immunize people.

They both knew one way was to swallow the 'essence'.

Doggett reddened beyond the fever taking over him; he felt his blood was boiling. "Forgive me if my actions aren't good." He took off his clothing gingerly, his sore muscles protested.

Scully burst into soft chuckles. "I believe you'll be good the next time."

Human Clone R&P Center Lab
January 04, 2004

Scully asked the hotel clerk to help her put Doggett into the back seat of her car. The man said he was sorry because he thought Scully just lost her husband since a lot of people died during the past few hours. So he didn't bother to call the police when Scully said she'd deal with it herself. He buckled William in the child's seat and patted his head, mercifully saying a blessing to Scully.

"Will, which way?" Her car had already left the DC area and she knew they were really close to Mulder 'cause William was having a headache like Mulder had before.

"Hurt, mummy," he screamed.

"You'll be fine, very soon, Will."

They were on the road almost two miles, except a few abandoned warehouses along the quiet road; Scully finally saw the only house located at the end of it.

She drove past the gate cautiously, since it had apparently been destroyed recently.

Someone rushed out of the large house.

"Mulder," she murmured and turned off the engine. "William, it's daddy."

And she was surprised the next second seeing Skinner on the heels right after Mulder, she straightened up on her seat.

Mulder came to gathered William into his arms, smiled at her. "So you finally found William."

"Sir." Scully ignored Mulder and nodded to Skinner, she wasn't sure about Mulder and him.

"You look good, Dana." He found Scully looking a little younger than he remembered. "Fox kept saying that someone's coming to him and his headache was killing him moments ago."

'Fox? So Mulder did convinced Skinner.' She nodded uneasily. "Could you help me move John to a more comfortable place, SIR?"

Mulder laughed at her, "What took you so long, Scully? Doggett is a good man and he loves you..."

Scully glared at him.

"Sorry." Mulder shut up and walked to Skinner's side.

"Daddy." William reached out his hands and began to grab Skinner.

"No, he's Uncle Walter, Son." Mulder kissed his lovely son on the head and suddenly almost dropped him when he took a closer look of William.

"What's wrong?" Skinner took over the boy.

"How old is he now, Scully?"

"Two years, seven months and two weeks."

"I only ever saw him when he was a baby..."

Skinner chuckled, "I even imagined he must have your nose and Dana's hair, but look at him, your sweetie looks like our Ale..."

Skinner froze at his own word.

"You see?" Mulder said softly.

"Daddy," William patted Skinner on the chest.

"He only got your lips, and Dana's cheekbones." Skinner said.

"His eyes are green and his nose just as cute as our..." Mulder glanced at Scully, he didn't dare to say Alex's name. "But why is he a blond?"

"My hair WAS blond." Skinner coughed.

Standing by them and hearing all the conversation, chills crept all over Scully's body.

"You think I gave birth to a gene cooked...cooked..." She didn't want to say a bad name about HER son.

"Hybrid," William read her.

They both glared at each other.

"I think we should run a test, all of us." William yawned and fell asleep in Skinner's arms, so Walter went back to their house to let Mulder have time with Scully.

Mulder backed Scully's car into the garage, then they eased Doggett out of the back seat. Skinner then came to help them.

Mulder grinned. "Where's William?"

"Vic's crib."

"Where should we put John?"

"Monica's room."

They talked to each other softly. Scully followed behind them, feeling completely out of it.

"Lunch is ready," Jeffery said to them when they passed the kitchen's back door which connected the garage. "You look good, Agent Scully."

Being startled from her thinking, Scully was surprised at seeing Jeffery and the little boy standing by him that looked like his clone. She nodded stupidly. "You look...better, too."

Then she went down to the basement lab with Mulder and Skinner, but gasped and stopped in the hallway. They left her there; put John in the small room that Monica once used. When they went back to Scully, standing by her, she seemed unaware of them.

"We'll explain it to you later," Mulder said softly.

"William does looks like him." She was staring at the two Alex clones, admitting the truth in defeat.

"Come on, lunch is getting cold." Skinner led them out of there.

Once again, Scully was surprised at what she saw in the kitchen.

"You look..." It was Kersh.

"Good, I know." It's the third time today that someone had said she looked good. "I don't have any wrinkles; I'm an immortal, alright? But please somebody tell me what this all about? FBI's new headquarters?"

The End

Title: Mess V: Earth's New Age
Author: Shang
Website: http://www.angelfire.com/stars4/slashingx/
Story link: http://slashingx.s22.xrea.com/fic/authors/mess/5.html
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Rape, Violence
Category: AU, Story, Hurt.
Disclaimer: Walter Skinner, Fox Mulder, Alex Krycek and all the other X-Files characters belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and FOX Broadcasting. The others belong to me.
Archive: 2003 Spooky Awards, Slashing Mulder, the Basement...

Summary: Unfortunately, Alex was captured by Hank; Skinner was only got his son back.

Beta: I rewrote this chapter several times, deleted about 10K nonsense to finish it. I think Bertina was really doing a hard job on beta-reading this chapter.

Note: You should have read Name Your Price and all the Mess stories before this one to understand the final chapter. The sequel Butterfly will come next, but not too soon since I'm working on another new series What If, so please be patient with me.

Feedback: I'm a Japan-Taiwanese, so you can write me in English, Chinese or Japanese.

Part Five: Earth's New Age

Laurentian Mountains, Canada
Chief Richy White's cabin

Alex cut his hair using the scissors he found behind the knife block in the kitchen. Seeing those hairs being washed away in the shower, he took a deep breath and closed his eyes to calm himself.

'You're Krycek again, stupid haircut.' Alex laughed at himself in the mirror. He had left a few bangs to cover his forehead, hiding the jade. Except for that, his hair was a mess but that left him looking wild.

Vic was awake, crying for his milk and the comfort of his daddy. Alex dried himself quickly, he didn't have time to grieve the loss of his long hair which he had grown for Walter.

The logs in the fireplace had burned out minutes ago. So Alex closed the bedroom door to keep in the warmth from the heater, he sat in the bed with his legs folded, feeding his son. Then he fell asleep in a sitting position. Vic was kicking and grabbing in his lap. Aside from his milk and diaper change, Vic was wide awake though remained quiet for a while.

Richy came back two days later. He was exhausted from lack of sleep. The officers in the ranger station and the rescue team spent two days helping all the dying people and the rest off the mountain. Before they all left, Richy taped the notice which came from the government announcing this area was closed until the government could guarantee it's safety.

Laurentian Mountain was not the only area in Canada that closed for public safety. In fact, most parts of the country had shut down certain areas including mass traffic systems. Except the occasional cars on the street, the whole country was very quiet.

"Alex..." Richy touched Alex on the cheek who startled fully awake.

Vic, slept in his crib on the wing chair, awoke by the voice and cooed a few seconds but soon fell asleep again.

"Shit, I didn't hear you entering..." Alex whispered, then he slid out of the bed gingerly. Even if his body self-healed faster than the normal human, he was still tired and didn't sleep well since his son was still on the two-hour feeding.

Richy grabbed him roughly and pulled him into a tight embrace. "Alex, Alex."

Alex felt the trembling coming from the bigger man, Alex could tell Richy was crying. Though he once considered leave here or killing him if Richy ever dared touch him again, Alex understood that Richy was in shock from witnessing the results of the slaughters causing by the alien virus. He hugged him back mercifully.

Later, Richy told him what happened the last two days. Alex told him he had heard of the situation from the radio. For a moment, Alex just was dying to contact his lovers. He even had planned returning to the U.S., to go back to them, regardless if Hank would find him or not. But the border was closed, too. There was no way he could sneak crossing it with a baby needing to be tended constantly.

Richy sensed his worry. But love was selfish; he didn't want to let Alex go. He struggled with his conscience, and said reluctantly, "Don't worry, tomorrow I'll go to the ranger station and contact DD Kersh. That man Hank, he's not as powerful as the Consortium, he won't be lucky to wiretap every phone call to the DD, right?"

As he knew Alex was a calm and reasonable person, Richy already guessed the answer.

"No. Don't do anything, I'll settle down here for a while. Can't risk the Consortium, too."

"You're welcome here for as long as you like, Alex. You can stay with me forever..."

"DON'T; don't even talk about it anymore," Alex backed up a little and stood very straight, he whispered harshly, "Don't make me do things we both would regret."

Human Clone R&P Center Lab
January 10, 2004

A week after the virus was released, John Doggett woke up. He smelled a fresh scent in the air, and soon his eyes opened wildly when he became aware of who was wiping him clean.

"Sir!" His eyes moved to where Skinner's hand stopped, he was as startled as Doggett. "I...I can do it myself now."

Skinner left the warm wet-cloth on Doggett's groin, "I wouldn't doubt it, John." He grinned at his ex-agent warmly, not embarrassed at all.

Doggett sat up, Simply wiped his chest and armpits then dumped the cloth into the basin Skinner had put on the night stand.

"Where's Dana?" He moved his limbs to ease his body's soreness, not caring about his nudity until both Mulder and Skinner surprised him.

"She's cleaning the apartment you'll move in to." Mulder entered the room and exchanged a kiss with Walter nonchalantly in front of Doggett, "How are you feeling?"

"Fine-" Doggett dragged the sheet to wrap his groin. Everything was coming back, he remembered Mulder's confession about Skinner then he was flushing red-necked when the thought Skinner just wiped him there jumped into his mind, "Uh...congratulations! I mean you two..."

"Thanks, John. But not only the two of us." Mulder smiled mysteriously.

Doggett put on the clothes Skinner handed to him, "Don't tell me that Dana...the three of you..," he said heart-brokenly.

Skinner chuckled, "Come on, we'll show you."

They led Doggett to the cylinder container.

"Krycek!" Doggett's eyes looked swiftly between them and the clones.

Mulder bumped Walter on the hip, "They were married, sort of, before I found Walter. And they now have a son Vic."

Doggett laughed, "Oh, man. You got me for a moment. Don't make fun of me. Married I can believe, but a son? Come on, I'm starving. Let's find something to eat."

Both of them smiled at Doggett's stubbornness - that's their John Doggett. They introduced John to the scientists working in the basement lab. Then went up to the kitchen where they greeted Anne . She said Scully had called and would join them for lunch soon.

"John!" William slid down his chair, threw himself into John's embrace happily. John kissed his blond hair dearly.

Walter coughed, "I'm not jealous, but Will, let John have something to eat first."

"Okay, Daddy," William answered loudly then climbed on to Walter like a baby monkey.

"'Daddy'? Did I hear something wrong?"

"No, you didn't." Mulder pulled John to sit by the table, "Let's have lunch first."

As they all sat down, several kids rushed into the kitchen following by another two young ladies who John learned were the children's teacher and their nurse. The kids sat around the dining table looking at Doggett curiously. Doggett immediately recognized those familiar faces he just saw down in the basement. He wondered what would be the next surprise.

Scully came back a few minutes later along with Jeffery Spender who helped her clean the apartment. Doggett arched his brows but said nothing. They nodded to each other. His eyes stayed on Scully who sat across from the table beside Mulder, they shared a look briefly.

All the people sitting here witnessed her slight flush, two of the kids giggled knowing she was shy.

"I'm glad Kersh kept that apartment you'd planned to move in to. It's in good condition and beautiful." She finally found words to hide her embarrassment. She stole a glance at John while talking to both men.

"Yeah, F- Mulder was very fond of it. We planned to start a family life there," Walter said his lover's name carefully; he had sensed Scully's discomfort the first day she arrived here. "Hope you don't mind, we still plan to move there once Alex returns with our son."

"No, not at all. Besides, there's plenty of rooms," Scully said awkwardly. In fact, Skinner was one of his son's father genetically. She wouldn't refuse him getting along with Will. On the other hand, she hadn't get over with the bitterness that her beloved Mulder was with her ex-boss. But at the same time, John Doggett was standing in a sweet corner in her heart.

One Month Later
Human Clone R&P Center Lab
February 10, 2004

It was a quiet midmorning and all the kids stayed upstairs with their teacher in the study. Anne was not ready to do the lunch yet. Mulder was sitting by the table in the kitchen and had been there for a couple of hours, tossing the shells of his sunflower seeds over his shoulder into the sink while staring at his laptop checking for the last time the essay he had written.

"Old habit die hard." Walter spoke behind Mulder. He had peered it on the laptop screen for a while.

Mulder jumped a little. "What?" He was too deep in his thoughts to be aware of his lover's presence.

Walter nodded at the screen, "Haven't read your reports in a long time, I guess I miss it. It's so much fun to read but also caused me headache." Now, he was sitting by Mulder, "Mind I read it?"

Mulder shook his head. They read it together.

In fact, the second wave of alien virus had released three days ago. Rumors about the end of the world scared people. The Consortium created a new religion named Earth's New Age and began to build their churches around the world. They were not a shadow government anymore.

In the meantime, people in the FBI and among the UFO members began to remember Fox Mulder. Several kind of medias invited him to write their columns and endless TV shows were waiting for him. But the whole situation was sadly different. Mulder was not the target that the Consortium had tried to destroy anymore. They regarded Fox Mulder as a little bug crying out weakly. No matter how his reports or shows were going to infect the audience couldn't change the fact that only the Earth's New Age could save their life.

"You kiss the enemy's foot by hating him, yet there is nothing you can do." Walter read the end of the essay Mulder wrote, he repeated the final with doubt, "Nothing you can do?"

Walter stood and kissed Mulder on his head, "Write something encouraging, my suggestion." Then he turn to leave. He had decided to seek for Alex and their son by himself.

"Can't you wait? I'll go with you after finishing the last two speeches in New York tomorrow." Fox was nearly begging his lover not to leave alone.

"Can't wait anymore. Besides, people need you here, Fox. Tell them the truth, that the Consortium, the God damned Earth's New Age is the original sin for this mess!"

"Don't you think it doesn't matter anymore? It's too late, we had all gone to hell like Alex said."

Walter sighed, "I'm leaving." He brushed off Fox.

"No way you can cross the border."

"I'll find a way. In fact, the central coastlines haven't been able to expand its radar coverage. I'll chance the vessel."

"Walter, we already knew where Alex must be. You don't have to worry, he's safe with the Chief."

"Really? Then why haven't we heard from him? Why didn't he call? It's been one month, Fox. The Chief lied to us, the hell he hasn't seen Alex." Walter grabbed his backpack and threw it into the back seat of his car, "I'll bring both my son and Alex back. Dead or alive."

He kissed Mulder again, then got in the car. One of the Alex clones, Juno who was named by Mulder, would drive him to the boarder. They took off.

"Don't get yourself shot," Mulder said worriedly, though he wasn't sure if Walter had heard him.

Quietly, Doggett walked to him, "He'll be fine. And...why don't we go back to the FBI, back to the X-Files? Kersh needs us, there're so many aductees retaken these days. Don't you want to find out where they disappeared to?"

Laurentian Mountains, Canada
Chief Richy White's cabin
February 13, 2004

"I've lost one-third of my officers in the second wave of the virus," Richy said tiredly, though the dinner was good but he had no appetite.

Alex was feeding Vic, he only gave Richy an glance guessing when the bigger man would break down.

"With more to range and the hours of every officer will spend in the field, my private time with you is shortened." He sighed.

'That somehow benefited me.' Alex thought, he gave Richy a smile.

Richy brushed the bangs on Alex's forehead, the small jade was glittering by the fire, he murmured, "You're a true beauty."

"Vic was able to sleep through at least four to five hours a day by now." Alex changed the subject, he didn't want to give Richy any chance to go further.

"Well, that means you also slept a few more hours per day than the last month. You look good now...no, you've always look good to me." Richy tried to make Alex happy, the beautiful man was seldom smiling to him.

"A few more hours is enough for me. I eat well and sleep well, and had more time to practice my muscles." Alex put down the milk bottle and Richy took Vic over to burp him for Alex.

"You looked healthy and full of energy." Richy admired Alex's body, a slash of lust in his eyes.

Alex frowned, immediately he left his seat to put away the milk bottle and the rest of their dishes.

"I've heard Mulder's speeches twice on the radio, judging from the situation that the Consortium haven't made any move to take him down, I think the Consortium...or should I say the Earth's New Age, wouldn't still be interested in me also."

"What about Hank?" Richy didn't tell Alex about Hank. The crazy man and his followers broke into the ranger station yesterday. They weren't successful in finding Alex's whereabouts--they were surrounded by more armed rangers, but Hank left a business card for him.

"That old nuts must be dead by now. At least I hope so." Alex thought the only problem was the Chief.

Richy was very greedy in their relationship, he wanted more than Alex's companionship, he desired his body and soul. He lied to the FBI's DD Kersh when asked if he'd seen Alex. For the past month, Richy hadn't made any phone call to try to contact Alex's lovers. He used the excuse that the Consortium was still out there to brush off Alex's inquiry.

"I'll turn in earlier tonight," Alex took Vic from Richy, "I'm tired, 'Night!" He planned to leave.

"Sleep tight," Richy grinned, and said after Alex closed the bedroom door, "...my love."

With nothing to do in the early evening, Richy took a black business card from his wallet, he turned it in his hand to see both sides, "What the fuck?"

It's the card that Hank gave him. Richy didn't think he would ever betray Alex, so he never gave it a look. But he didn't drop it also, instead automatically he hid it in his wallet - it was the only place Alex wouldn't search since he was doing all cleaning up.

Until now, he wanted to see what was on it but found there was only a cell phone number printed with golden ink on it.

'Walter Skinner is on his way to collect his PROPERTIES.' Hank's evilly chuckle sounded in his head, annoyingly. "No."

It was around dawn before Richy left for work.

"What are you doing?" Richy saw Alex polishing the rifle and one of his handy pistols at the living room table.

"Nothing. Just a habit." Alex shrugged.

"You are leaving. Right?" Richy left the front door ajar, returning to the living room.

"Shh...you'll wake Vic." Alex left his guns on the table and went to close the bedroom door. It was made of thick wood, very good in keeping out sounds.

"No, nonono...don't leave me, Alex." Richy began to pace, eyes watering. He had thought Walter Skinner must have to fight him to take Alex from him, he didn't predict Alex would leave here so soon. "Everything was going to end..." He sobbed.

"Listen to me, Richy..." Alex sighed, he patted Richy on the upper arm to comfort him.

"No!" Richy shouted frantically. He swept the guns away which slid under the heavy wooden bench by the window.

He grabbed Alex powerfully like an eagle catching its hunt, "Stay, stay, Alex." He shook the smaller man violently, "I love you...love you...don't you see?"

Then Richy began to kiss Alex everywhere madly, "Mine, you're mine...no one's going to take you from me."

Alex struggled in his arms, and managed to kick Richy's groin. It didn't work. The man was clearly mad, he only flinched a little at the pain.

Now Alex seriously considered killing Richy when it was necessary to defend himself. He hit Richy's ribs and heard a crack. Richy bent over with a grunt but soon he tackled Alex before he got the pistol from under the bench. He knocked Alex out.

Richy hauled him to the fireplace and layed him on the bear fur. He tore off Alex's clothes within seconds and turned him over.

"No!" Alex awoke and screamed from the pain as Richy raped him, "I'll kill you! I'll kill you, Richy White!"

"No, you won't. I'm loving you, Alex..." Heavy like a rock, Richy knelt on the back of Alex's thighs, crying when he thrust, "...feel it...feel it..."

Trapped on his belly with his arm bent behind his back, Alex was totally disarmed.

Richy released himself in the squirming man beneath him. Then he sat back and was stunned at seeing the blood and his own semen smeared on Alex's thighs and pooled on the fur.

Alex scrambled towards the bench the instance he got the chance that Richy left his body. He found the pistol and pointed it at Richy White.

"Go to hell, you bastard!" But his arm was too numb from being bent behind him. He trembled badly, and tried again to pull the trigger. His fingers just didn't listen.

"I'm sorry, Alex." Richy grimaced, crying, "I love you so much, I'm begging you, please stay..."

"Get out...get out!" Since he couldn't fire, Alex stabbed the pistol to his own temple.

"No! Don't hurt yourself. I'm leaving, okay?" Shakily, Richy left the cabin. He wasn't aware of Alex's blood soaking his uniform.

Walking on the frozen snow, Hank's words began to sink in.

'Walter Skinner...coming here...his properties.'

"No, Alex, if I can't have you then Walter Skinner certainly won't." He took out Hank's card and dialed the number.

Richy White, his greed and jealousy was going to invite his own death.

Hank and his men showed up in no time taking the chopper after Richy made his fatal phone call.

They broke into the cabin and easily caught Alex before he could get his son in the bedroom.

Richy paced on the drive way, " No!" He regretted immediately when he saw Alex tied up in the nude.

"Let him go!" he shouted and pulled out his gun.

Hank shot him twice, in his arm and his belly.

"I'm sorry, Alex." He climbed a few inches towards his only love then heaved his last breath, getting a last look at Alex.

In the meantime, the officers in the ranger station, including Walter Skinner who just arrived here a few minutes ago, all heard the gunshots.

"Lexei!" Skinner pulled out the hidden gun in his boots then rushed out of the ranger station.

"This way, Sir!" Some of the officers remembered Skinner was the ex-DD with the FBI, they trusted him enough to lead him to the Chief's cabin.

They found the Chief's body on the road not too far from the cabin. The snow was covered with his blood and lots of footprints spread all over the drive way.

"No!" Skinner hissed. He rushed into the cabin and saw the pieces of torn clothing in front of the fireplace. And he felt his heart squeezed painfully on seeing the almost dried blood and semen on the fur mat.

He knew his lover had been taken and was suffering now, not sure if their son Vic was also gone.

Skinner looked for the only room in the cabin. His pulse quickened on opening the bedroom door.

Vic was awake and cooing on the bed, his little hands were grabbing and feet were kicking in the air. Skinner walked to kneel by the bed. Vic fluttered his eyelashes looking at his dad with a pair of beautiful big eyes.

"My son. " Skinner sobbed, gathering Vic into his arms, murmuring, "My baby."

The officers were contacting the RCMP on the radio in the living room.

"Sir," One of the officers came to the bedroom, he knocked on the opened door softly, "You have to leave, we're going to evacuate this place."

Skinner composed himself, "Give me ten minutes."

The officer nodded and left them there quietly. Skinner began to gather things in the room that belonged to his baby and a few clothes which looked like Alex's. He found the bond on the night stand which was the one he tied on Alex's hair that day Hank attacked their house. His eyes were watering again, Skinner kissed it and put it on his wrist.

Glancing around the bedroom to make sure he didn't miss anything, Skinner took Vic and left.

Outside, the officers were dealing with the crime scene. One of the officers accompanied Skinner back to the ranger station. He arranged a jeep to take Skinner and his son to the airport. This was the second time Skinner was found sneaking in Canada, but lucky to him was that the RCMP contacted Kersh to let the DD took care of the rest.

Hank's Base
February 13,2004

Hank lost one of his men on the way flying back to his hideout. Alex kicked that thug off the chopper when he tried to molest him in the back seat. That stupid ass was not gay, Hank despised gay people, the jerk just wanted to bully their captive. But Hank hated the fact that even in his bad condition, Alex still was capable of taking down his people, and that meant he was the leader of a pack of wimps.

"Get him!"

Three men jumped to press Alex firmly on the freezing metal floor of the chopper.

"Damn you, little faggot!" Hank stroked the electric shock stick heavily and hatefully on the spine of Alex's nude torso.

After the chopper landed, Alex was dumped into a cell.

"Well, our collection is done for now." Hank kicked Alex with his boots who was still unconscious.

Since last year's FBI rescue of Monica Reyes from Hank's lab, he had moved his hideout. Now, Hank's base was located at an abandoned fast food chain factory. So they had plenty of rooms for a kitchen, lab, offices, cells and garages to hide their choppers and vehicles. Hank even had two tanks parked in the west wing's warehouse. It was not difficult to get the tanks, Hank had his own relationship with some military officials. Aside from the fact that the Consortium began to become a main power symbol around the world, he fantasized building up his own kingdom when the new age came.

Hank had kidnapped the female alien abductees for trade later on. He intended to lend them for breeding, whoring them out or selling them. And he used his money-making schemes to absorb his investors and manpower from the military and prisoners. He dreamed he would become one of the richest and most effective members, compared to the aliens and the Consortium heads, in the new age.

Those women were now held in the offices which being used as their cells. All the glass windows of the offices had being exchanged with metal rails. Each cell had a thin mattress and a light blanket. Except the freedom, they were well fed and taken care for the future use.

"Alex? Alex, wake up." A woman tossed a roll of tissue to Alex and it hit right on his bare hip.

Alex moaned, then jumped up quickly when the second roll hit him. He hissed at the pain in his anus which had been treated with medicine but still hurt. Then he panicked remembering what happened and worried for his son.

"Hank, you old asshole, let me out!" He screamed on his lungs.

"Alex, here!" The woman kept calling him and finally got his attention.

Alex turned to the right side of his cell and was stunned at who he saw.

"Kimberly?" He rushed towards her and shook the rail between them, "Fuck! You alright? Why did they take you?"

"I don't know." Kimberly frowned, "Agent Reyes was here, too. But they transferred her to the other cell again I guess."

"Again? What for?"

"Breeding," Her voice trembled, "They use us to breed and for many other purposes..." Kim trailed off and lost in her nightmares.

"Kim?" Alex reached out to pat her face, bringing her back to reality. He wiped off her tears with his thumb.

Kim continued, "They took my eggs...made me an immortal-"

"Immortal? That's impossible, only the aliens and the Consortium have the vaccine. Hank, that fool, can't get his hands on it." Alex knew that was why Hank took him, he had lost his left arm trying to get the vaccine. "They must have captured an immortal here, so the immortal would immunize you. Does anyone know if there is an alien abductee here?"

"Jenny is," Kim nodded to the opposite side of the cells.

Alex followed her eyes, he saw Jenny then looked around all the cells in this room. From his cell to the end of this room were five females, each in one cell. Then to the other end were three. The opposite side of the room were the same number of cells, but three of the nine rooms were empty. This room had at least fourteen females. And now they were all looking his way, it was the first time they had a male in their cell.

The woman, Jenny, looked him over from head to toe, her eyes lingered at Alex's groin, she purred, "Are you an immortal like me? I won't mind fucking you."

"Ignore her, she's a slut," Kim whispered.

"You had sex with her?" Alex asked.

Kim blushed in shame, "No, only with an Asian man, he's not here. They kept him in another place, more comfortable. He seemed to enjoy...fucking us."

"Hey, I can immunize you, handsome. Come, fuck me," Jenny said seductively.

"You should put something on, Alex," Kim whispered, blushing.

"Yeah, take mine." A black woman, Rosa, who's room was opposite to Alex's, tossed her T-shirt to him. She was big, almost as tall as Alex.

"If you don't mind, you can take mine, too." A seven-month pregnant woman Maggy gave another pair of oversized sweat pants to Alex.

"Lunch time!" said a man loudly outside the room, then two men brought them each plenty of food, including Alex's.

Alex dressed, then wolfed down his food. He hadn't had any since that morning and he had fought with all his energy against Richy White and Hank's men.

He had noticed there were two cameras on the ceiling in this room, escaping was out of consideration for now. He decided to take a nap first, he would need his strength to fight Hank. Alex soon drifted into a light sleep.

Kimberly paced in her cell, she knew Alex was a tough guy who would think of a way to help her escape. Even if he wouldn't succeed, her boss Walter Skinner would come to rescue them.

Kim had attended her boss's funeral, but she knew it was false right after Hank kidnapped her. When Kersh led the SWAT strike on Hank's lab and rescued Monica, Kim lost her chance to escape - Hank had taken her and some other women on the run.

Now, it was her second chance.

On instinct, from working for Skinner long enough, Kim had suspected her boss was taking care of Alex Krycek the last several months in the Bureau. It was probably why he seemed so different. One time she had accidently overheard her boss talking to a doctor about Alex, She couldn't be sure what kind of relationship they had, but one thing for sure was that Walter Skinner was a very responsible man who was also tough and reliable. He would find Alex sooner or later.

Human Clone R&P Center Lab
Feb.13, 2004

Skinner had left home three days ago, and he hadn't called back to check with Mulder. During his absence, Mulder had taken Doggett's suggestion and returned to the FBI. Kersh reopened the X-Files for him. And this time, Mulder was greeted with open arms from his colleagues. He was not Spooky anymore, people respected him and were ashamed of how they had laughed at their hero.

Skinner arrived home with his son that afternoon, both Mulder and Doggett were still working in the Bureau. Skinner felt a little relief, he hadn't decided whether to tell Mulder the rape Alex had endured as well as having been taken.

But Mulder was coming home earlier before the end of his working hour.

"Why didn't you call me, Walt?" He seemed angry and anxious at the same time. "Kersh told me Alex was kidnapped by Hank."

"Hank? How could he know? We didn't have a clue on the mountain when I left there."

"The RCMP informed the Bureau that they searched the Chief's body and found Hank's business card in his wallet."

"Business card? What business? "

"Don't know, but he got his cell phone number, we may find out his location soon." Slowly, Mulder walked to Walter and hugged his lover securely.

"He...he was raped," Walter's voice quivered, he finally said it. "Those bastards-"

"No, not them," Mulder reluctantly pulled apart from his lover, he said cautiously, "The semen belonged to Richy White-"

Walter was furious immediately, "I knew it! I knew it! I should've prevented it if I had gone there sooner...earlier...faster..."

"What's wrong?" Scully who had begun working in the lab asked behind them. She just finished her job down in the basement and wanted to go outside to have a break for coffee. Then she heard them, "I'm glad you're home, Sir. Where's Krycek?"

"Hank took him." Walter was too angry to say anything more, so Mulder answered her question.

"I'm sorry," Alex was also one of William's fathers genetically, Scully was truely worrying about him for the first time since she met Krycek from the very beginning.

She realized that the past involving her sister Mellisa's murder wasn't disturbing as much anymore.

"But we'll find him. I want to help, Sir. And we'll find Monica along with the others who were kidnapped by Hank," she said confidently.

"Walter, call me Walter, Dana. I'm no longer your supervisor."

"Well..." Dana hesitated, "Walter then...if you prefer." She was embarrassed remembering her past attitude.

"Fox," Walter pulled Mulder against him with one arm and opened his other arm for her.

Dana Scully, hugged them. She finally decided to let the past go.

Hank's base
Feb.13, 2004

The cell's dinner time was at nine o'clock and they would gather the women to the bathroom to take showers and use the toilet. The bedtime was at ten, and the lights would be turned off at the same time.

Alex didn't get a shower tonight, a man gave him a quick wipe while three others pinned him against the wall. Then that man tossed a tube of ointment to him and told him to pee in the trash can before they left. He laughed bitterly, throwing that tube away. He didn't need it. His little rest this afternoon gave his body enough time to self-heal there.

As an immune, though he couldn't immunize people, he still had the ability to self-heal and stop aging.

Twenty minutes later, the women had finished showering and were sent back to their cells.

"Bedtime! Lights out!" The room fell in darkness. Two red-light spots twinkled on the ceiling came from the cameras, they still functioned in the dark--escape seemed impossible.

Women began to chat with each other in whispers. Kim leaned on the rail to talk with Alex who sat on his mattress with his back leaning against the wall. This afternoon, they didn't have too much time to talk with each other, Alex was hurt, tired and needed his rest at that time. But right now it was only 10:00PM, none of them wanted to sleep.

"Why did they kidnap you, Kim?" Alex's eyes were closed.

"To teach me a lesson, for revenge or whatever. That old man came to Skinner's office frequently, and I knew Skinner hated him..."

"I got it, you weren't nice to that bastard. I'm sorry." Alex felt he was responsible for Kim's suffering somehow. He turned to look at her profile in the dark.

"What for?" Kim sighed sadly, "I heard the news, the world has changed, people are going crazy like Hank, you couldn't prevent them hurting you for nothing-"

"Not for nothing..."

All the women stopped what they were doing to listen.

"What do you mean?"

"You know the virus killed people except the alien abductees who had mutated to immortals by the alien vaccine. Immortals can self-heal, keep youthful and immunize people. But the women must be barren to hold the vaccine in their system. So...how many females would survive after the invasion ended? I guess these females will bring Hank lots of money in trading for smuggling and baby producing. You are aware of the fact that he already impregnated some of the women here, didn't he?"

"God..." Kim's voice, shuddered in horror.

"There's no God." A cold voice came from the dark. It was Jenny.

"Shut up, Jenny." The black woman Rosa spat at her. A few women started to whimper.

Alex sighed.

"Kim, you said they transferred Monica to the another place, when?"

"Two days ago. I heard those men say her cell was going to be available for another special guest. Now I know they meant you."

"How could they know where I was?" Alex muttered.

In fact, Hank had kept watching them after that New Year Eve's attack. So when Skinner left the house, they followed him to the border and saw him sneaking into Canada by car. Hank bet he was heading to that mountain. Skinner spent two days on the road. And Hank had already been there by the helicopter the first day.

"I don't know. How's Skinner?" Kim tried to broach the subject carefully. Skinner was her last hope for escape.

"He was fine before Hank attacked us, after that? I don't know. Walter asked me to run-"

"I hope he's not dead." If her boss died, she didn't think they had a chance to escape.

"He won't," Alex smiled, "He was immunized, me too."

"By whom?"

Alex hesitated to say the name, "Mulder." Thanks to the darkness that Kim couldn't see him blush.

"M-Mulder?...Oh." Kim blushed, too. She knew how women were immunized, she had been forced to do it. But how would three men get together? "But I thought Mulder was with Scully, and...and Skinner-"

"Married?" Alex snorted, laughing. "No. Mulder came to Skinner, but Walter and I had already been together."

"So...you're lovers? I knew it! Skinner seemed so happy, he always finished his job earlier to go home. And he was so anxious to get everything done."

Rosa whistled.

"Hey, why did they take you?" Jenny asked in cold voice unfriendly, "To get you pregnant, too?"

Some women giggled.

"I said shut up, Jenny." Rosa spat at her again, "What's your problem?"

Alex waited for them to quiet down.

"They want to get the vaccine or the spaceship."

The vaccine was the key to riches and power. Alex had played with the Consortium for so long, Hank thought he knew where the Consortium produced it. Even better, to get the secret disc of the vaccine's description.

"You know where it is?"

Alex didn't answer.

The End

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