Title: Lyrical Illusions
Author: RPcrazy
Written: September 2002
Category: DSR romance/casefile
Rating: NC-17 (language, smut)
Disclaimer: Characters are not mine wish they were then I could make some money out of all this!

Summary: Scully and Doggett become instant family as they follow a case inside the music industry.

Notes: I wasn't going to write another Doggett/Scully story until I promised RPJDISHOT on the OS that if at least three people wanted to read it I'd write it. So here it is.

Chapter One

Scully's Apartment

She looked across to him as he held her baby and smiled. The way William seemed at home in his arms, the way he looked down and spoke gently to him with that distinctive voice of his, filled her with a warm comfort she hadn't felt in a long time. She missed being with her partner since going on maternity leave not long before her delivery.

The excitement and unpredictability of the X-Files cases had been traded for the quiet life looking after her first born. Sleepless nights and days on stakeouts had been replaced with fitful sleeps responding to William's needs at all hours. The speckling of lectures at Quantico relieved some of the monotony but she still craved more adult talk and touch.

What a wonderful Dad he must have been to his son. Her heart sank a little imagining how he could have felt losing his flesh and blood.

Fleetingly, yet guiltily, she saw him as the surrogate Dad to this babe in arms and the three of them as a family. It seemed so natural yet so implausible. With even more censurable thoughts she visualized herself approaching and wrapping herself around this package of male-male bonding. No she would need to put this out of her mind for now. She had a lecture to deliver within the hour.

"You're sure it's okay John?" Scully rested a hand on his forearm in replacement for the smothering she really wanted. "I'm so sorry for the short notification. Mom didn't know an old friend would suddenly drop by and invite her out for the evening."

"Yes Dana, go. We'll still be here when you get back." She gave his arm a squeeze then kissed William on the cheek and said her good-byes.

Doggett continued talking to the baby as she left her apartment for her Tuesday evening Forensics Pathology lecture.

Scully hadn't been gone five minutes when there was a ring of Doggett's cell phone. Holding William with one arm he went to retrieve the phone from his jacket pocket resting over a nearby chair..

"John Doggett." He rocked William as he spoke.

"John, it's Monica. Something's come up. Can you meet me?" He looked down at the cooing baby in his arms.

"That's a bit difficult at the moment." He smiled back and mouthed a few silent words.

"John, it's urgent that I talk to you in person."

"It's just that I'm baby-sitting." There was momentary silence on the other end. "Monica?"

"Yes, John I'm still here. So you're at Dana's?"

"Can you come over here?" Another pause, probably looking at her watch he thought.

" I can be there in fifteen minutes."

Twenty minutes later Doggett was greeted by a more serious than usual Reyes.

"What wrong? You look worried." She rushed past him and went to sit on the sofa. She patted the seat beside her in a gesture for him to sit too.

Her face softened for a moment as she realized who he was holding.

"He's grown. Won't be long and he'll be a teenager." Doggett smiled and nodded agreement.

"These little tackers sure grow before your very eyes."

"So Monica, talk to me."

"There's a case John. Skinner called me, something about a number of comatose patients in North Carolina."

"Okay," he said slowly. "Can you give me any more?"

"Only that they didn't become like that over night it happened over several weeks."

"Why is this an X-File, why us?"

"Because none of the these patients knew each other, they didn't seem to be related in any way and yet they're presenting with the exact same unusual symptoms as each other."

He did one of his eyebrow raises.

"When do we go?" He looked back down to a now sleeping William.

"We're not going this time John." He looked puzzled. "You do."

"Me? What about you Monica?"

"I've been agonizing over this but I have asked for some leave." This time Doggett was even more mystified."

"I have a very sick friend. She's been keeping her condition from me for so long but now that she knows it's terminal she feels obliged to tell her friends."


"Yes John, it may only be a matter of days now. I want to be with her during this time."

"I understand. Take the time you need. I'm sorry Monica."

"I know, it came as a bit of a shock but she'll be at peace soon."

When Monica had left he placed William gently in his crib and lay down on the couch thinking before ringing AD Skinner about travel arrangements to North Carolina. Remembering back to a few dangerous cases he decided that He did not want to go alone. He knew the obvious choice of partner. Someone experienced with the X-Files and a doctor.

Chapter Two

"John, I'll have to talk to Mom first about looking after William and I'll have to arrange someone to cover for me in Quantico."

"You'll do it?"

"Comatose patients you say? Not related in any way?" Her voice could not hide her eagerness.

"Not that we know of yet." Scully was torn between the guilt of not seeing and tending to her baby for a few days and the excitement of being back on an X-file case. The fact that she would once again be working with this man before her swayed her judgment .

"I'll do it." She smiled at him. "That's of course if Mom can look after William."

"I'll pick you up tomorrow morning at eight." Doggett was relieved too but endeavored to keep his emotions in check.

The next morning

"I'm running a little late this morning. " Scully's packed suitcase was on the floor near the door. Her baby's bag was open on the tabletop still being filled. "Would you do me a favor John and get William for me? He's in the bedroom."

"Sure, can I do anything else for you? Does he need feeding? Changing?" Scully smiled at this.

"When was the last time you changed a diaper John?"

"Oh, a long time but it's something that sticks with you."

"No, he's fine but I hope you'll take a raincheck on those offers."

She laughed quietly as she imagined his solid, manly fingers fiddling with the safety pins.

Doggett entered the bedroom and heard William gurgling in his crib. He surveyed the room. It was sparsely furnished but it was tastefully decorated. The baby change table stood over to one side of the room.

His thoughts went back to Luke when he was this age. It was hard enough two parents looking after a baby let alone a single mom. He wondered how Scully coped at all. William seemed almost happy to see him. Doggett positioned him over one shoulder, an arm under his cushiony bottom and went to leave the room. Something on the change table caught his eye.

On closer inspection it was an opened letter with the envelope close by.

Mulder's handwriting he thought. Doggett was overwhelmed with curiosity. He was very tempted to pick it up and read but his training had taught him to be respectful of other's privacy. If Scully had something to tell him then he'd wait.

He had come to admire Scully since their first fiery meeting after Mulder's disappearance. That admiration had grown through their various cases together. He remembered back to when he'd first found out about her pregnancy. Why hadn't she trusted him enough to tell him? He would have been there for her. Even when he'd looked down into those wide pools of blue looking up at him there on the hospital bed, even though he'd said that it was all to find Mulder, that's all it ever was, it hadn't been entirely true.

He had felt more affection for her then than he wanted to let on. He was determined to find Mulder but an unusually selfish part of him hoped William's father would never come back. Well he was gone now but not out of Scully's life completely. There was always the chance that this whole conspiracy crap could be cleared up and then Mulder would be back in Scully's life.

He stood at the door of William's room clutching the baby and just gazing at her determined face as she finished packing his bag. Her petite frame and angelic features belied the fire that was within her.

She was a beautiful, intelligent, independent person, everything he admired in a woman. Looking at her tranquil expression and then down to her inviting lips his thoughts were verging on carnal. The feel of those lips on his was beginning to kindle a flame within him. He was rudely awakened by the squirming William on his chest and Scully's questioning voice.

"John," she said not lifting her eyes from what she was doing. "You've been standing there looking at me like a lost sheep, what is it?"

"Just wondering how you can cope with all this." He quickly replied knowing she had misread his facial expression. "Motherhood and a job?

Necessity John. I'm just glad that Mom is happy to have him sometimes."

She smiled and reached for her son. Doggett handed him over and felt some wetness on his arm.

"Hey Dana, I think he does need changing." He lifted his bent arm in the air.

"Go put the bags in the car, we'll be right there." Scully smiled knowing she would love to see him change her baby's diaper but not now. They had to leave. They had a flight to catch.

Chapter Three

Winston-Salem, NC
Police Headquarters

"So tell me more about this case." Scully mentioned as they were about to pull up in their rental car outside Winston-Salem Police headquarters.

"Skinner said there were six comatose patients so far and another three presenting with symptoms."


"This is it, we're here." Doggett found a place to park near the front entrance.

"I don't know any more than that Dana. Skinner said Senior Detective Mallory would answer all our questions."

Doggett pulled the heavy front door open and Scully went through first. Mallory was there to meet them.

"You must be Agents Scully and Doggett right?" A large older man in a gray suit shook both their hands.

"And you must be Senior Detective Mallory." Scully winced a little at his strong handshake. His enthusiasm on her squashed fingers had gone unnoticed.

"Yes, just call me Mallory. Come this way." He was being a little jolly for law enforcement. Scully thought he must be someone who actually enjoyed what he did for a living.

They were led past his secretary's outer area into a comfortable looking well appointed office and ushered to two low chairs in front of his large desk. Mallory chose not to sit behind the desk but on another chair nearby. Doggett was impressed by this and knew that this man could approach people from a more personal rather than officious level. He could see that they could warm up to him. So many people they had met in the past had seemed skeptical about what they did.

"I've heard you two have had an excellent success rate with your cases since you've been FBI partners." Mallory leaned forward a little waiting for a response. Both Scully and Doggett looked at each other with raised eyebrows.

"You've been checking up on us Mallory?" Doggett mentioned first.

"Only the best is good enough for me Agent Doggett." Both Agents faces showed a mixture of surprise and pride.

That's something Deputy Director Kersh had said to him when it was obvious he hadn't wanted Mulder back on the X-Files. Doggett thought.

He really didn't see it like that. If he was presented with a case he'd do his damnedest to solve it and that's what he'd done, nothing less was good enough.

"Well Mallory we're flattered. Now that's putting a burden on us with this case but I promise you we'll leave no stone unturned." Doggett was serious.

"I was hoping you'd say that because this one is going to be a toughy."

"A toughy?" Scully questioned.

"Yes, it's a real mystery. Why these people are in comas is anyone's guess." He turned to Scully. "That's where I hope your expertise as a medical doctor comes in Agent Scully."

Scully looked wide-eyed waiting to hear more.

"None of the doctors at Winston-Salem General Hospital has any clue.

Maybe you can find something they've missed. After we've finished here I'll take you over there."

"I'll certainly do my best. What about the others?"

"The others? Oh yes, the ones who are presenting with symptoms but not in comas. Let me just talk to my secretary."

He stood up and pushed the button on his desk.

"Julia, bring me the list of those coma patients and the others will you? Thanks love." A moment later Julia was handing the list to Mallory. He glanced down then handed it to whichever agent took it.

Scully let Doggett take the piece of paper.

"You'll see names, addresses, phone numbers. They're expecting to be contacted by you. That is the ones who can still talk are waiting for your call." He began to giggle but when the agents didn't join in he stopped ending with a slight cough.

"Have these people said anything at all that will shed light on this, that we should know first?"

He slowly shook his head while he thought.

"No, not really. There is one thing I haven't told you and that is demographically speaking they're all in a similar age-group."

And what's that Mallory?" asked Doggett.

"Mid teens to early twenties."

Both agents committed that to memory and stood following Mallory's lead.

"I think it's time to take you to the hospital. You first." He ushered them to the door.

Chapter Four

Winston-Salem General Hospital

"Doctor Shearer, and you are?" Doggett and Scully had been waiting in reception for the doctor in charge of the six comatose patients.

"I'm Agent Doggett and this is Agent Scully. Senior Detective Mallory brought us here to see some patients of yours, they're in some sorta coma?"

At this stage Mallory approached them all a little breathless, he'd been running after parking the car.

"Oh I can see you've met the irrepressible Doctor Shearer."

Shearer looked a little uncomfortable. Maybe there was no love lost here between the two men. Doggett and Scully could see that a little too much joviality could be wearing after a while.

"Doc, this is Agent Scully I was talking to you about, you know the medical doctor."

"You reputation precedes you Agent Scully. I've heard all about some of the mysteries you've solved." Scully looked across to a Mallory who was smiling and rocking on his heels.

"I wonder where you could have heard all that," she said with a little amused sarcasm.

"Okay, let's do this. Follow me agents and I'll take you to our first patient."

Before they left Mallory leaned over and said, "I'll see you two a bit later. I have a few things to do, you can tell me your findings later maybe over lunch?"

They nodded then followed the doctor.

They entered room 302.

"This is Ian Guiness. He's 15 from Kernersville." As Scully went to the bedside Doggett looked around the room.

"What more can you tell us Doctor Shearer?"

"Well he's been like this for almost two weeks now. He was the first to arrive here. There are others."

"Is there anything at all you can tell us about the condition of these people that's different from other comatose patients?" Scully questioned.

"Well to put it in layman's terms for the benefit of Agent Doggett here they have had an unusually high level of brain activity, much more so than I've ever seen before in comatose patients."

"What do you suggest could be the reason for this?" It was Doggett's turn to question.

"Of that I'm not sure except that it could suggest they are playing through some sort of fantasy in their minds while lying here in a comatose state"

"You mean like dreaming?" Doggett spoke again.

"It's actually a higher level of activity even than dreaming and it's constant. With dreaming there are usually moments of quiet activity interspersed with rapid eye movements."

"So Doctor," Scully concluded. "It's almost like they are dreaming non-stop even without periods of sleep."

"That's correct. I've never come across anything like it in all my medical years."

"What do you think Agent Scully." Doggett fixed his gaze on her.

"What I think Agent Doggett is that we need to talk to some of the people on your list there. If they are presenting early symptoms maybe we can surmise what is happening here."

Doggett loved the way her mind worked. At first it took a lot of getting used to. Much of the time he'd thought she was just making stabs in the dark with many of her seemingly absurd theories but he'd now come to realize many of them had been based in truth. He looked across to her calm exterior and knew that if it weren't for her heart belonging to Mulder he would go for her in a big way.

"Yes I agree," mentioned Mallory. "You may be able to piece together what is happening here by questioning these people. Want to see the other patients?"

"Not at this stage. We may come back though if that's okay Doctor?"

Scully looked across to Doggett who nodded silent acknowledgment of what they'd be doing next.

The two agents walked down the hall towards reception. Leaving the doctor to check on his patient.

"So Agent Scully, what do you think is happening here?" They both stopped when they reached the front desk and Scully looked up to talk.

"I really don't know yet. I agree with the doctor that high levels of brain activity like this is very unusual. I also believe that there is a connection here."

"What kinda connection?"

"That I don't know yet Agent Doggett but I do know there is something here that connects all these young people together. We just have to find it."

Just then they saw Senior Detective Mallory taking on his cell phone.

As he turned and saw them he quickly ended his call almost looking a little embarrassed.

Both agents looked at each other wide-eyed. They had both noticed this unexpected reaction to their presence.

Chapter Five

24 Mayberry Avenue
Kernersville, NC

They waited in the car outside the treelined street in Kernersville.

The name Stephen Morris had been crossed off their list but he was not home as yet. They'd made a time of 3 pm to meet him yet there was no one in the house. He was a 21-year-old college student who lived with his parents. Apart from that tidbit of information they really didn't know much more about him. From the phone call they gathered he'd be still be making his way home from college.

This was a chance for some small talk. There hadn't been much time lately to just sit and chat.

"I saw you ring home earlier so how's William?" Doggett looked across to a serene Scully. He gathered she didn't often have time just to sit like this. Life as a single mom would be kind of hectic.

"He's fine John. Mom keeps asking when we'll be home but you never know with cases like these. Could be tomorrow for all we know. Let's hope we get a breakthrough when Stephen gets home."

Doggett looked across to the house and spoke, "I don't know about you but I have a feeling Detective Mallory is keeping something from us, something important."

"You too?"

"There's something about this case that we're missing. Let's hope we stumble across it inside this house."

A few minutes went by without talk. The image of Mulder's letter resting on the baby change table in Scully's apartment came to mind and Doggett inadvertently looked over to his partner.

"What?" Scully noticed his pensive look. Should he or shouldn't he bring up the topic of this discovery. He decided to come at it a different way.

"You must miss him."

Scully nodded and continued looking out her window away from Doggett.

"Dana?" He heard a sniffle. "Dana, are you okay?" He touched her shoulder with his fingers and she turned to him her eyes full of tears.

"It's just too hard." A single tear ran down her cheek and she looked back out the window.

"Talk to me Dana, what's too hard?" He felt like scooping her up in his arms at that point but knew it was too soon.

It took a while for her to respond.

"Looking after William by myself. I'm feeling guilty because I'm enjoying my time away from him."

"That's quite natural. You need time to be you Dana, to do what you want."

She looked across to him again and he knew there was more to this teary episode.

"He's not coming back John."

"Who? Mulder's not coming back?"

This time the tears came more fluidly and Doggett knew. He reached across to the glove compartment and retrieved a Kleenex and handed it to her. Not missing the opportunity Doggett shifted over and extended an arm around her shoulders.

"Come here Dana." She accepted his embrace and moved into his sturdy arms resting her head on his chest. The feel of her soft auburn hair on his face was exquisite and he drank in its fragrance.

"Wanna talk about it?" He felt her shake her head. There would be plenty of time to talk later. Comfortable in his arms Scully didn't want to move. She felt warm and safe for the first since she could remember.

When it came time to pull away she lifted her head and as she did Doggett looked down at her. Their faces were close, their lips almost touching. It was Scully who made the move. It just felt right to kiss him then. She'd wanted to for along time now but there were always those awkward moments before that first one. She thought about this perfect opportunity as she moved her lips on his.

Just then a car appeared in the Morris' driveway and someone got out.

They hadn't noticed its arrival from behind them. He looked across to the agents' car and began walking over.

Doggett couldn't believe what they were doing. A big part of him said that Scully had initiated this so it was okay. A smaller part niggled away at him. Was she at a vulnerable moment and regret this action later ? He wasn't going to stop this kiss now, he wanted it badly. Not once breaking the kiss Scully moved around a little into a better position and their embrace became more heated. It was good.

Just then they were startled by a knock on the car window.

Chapter Six

The Morris House
Kernersville, NC

"Hello, is that you agents Doggett and Scully?" They heard the muffled voice and were quickly brought back to reality. Scully pulled back with a gasp and wiped her lips as Doggett turned to the source of the voice.

Scully was surprised how Doggett calmly wound down the window and responded.

"Stephen Morris?"

"Yes, that's me." He certainly had seen them kissing and it mustn't have looked very FBIish.

Without alluding to what they'd just been doing Doggett opened the door and stepped out of the car.

Both men shook hands as Scully got out of the car and brushed herself down before joining them.

"Sorry I'm late, traffic, but I see you two didn't seem to mind. You two married or something?"

Scully averted her eyes to the ground as Doggett changed the subject fast.

"So are we invited in Stephen?"

He looked from one agent to the other then smiled showing understanding of the situation.

"Yes of course, come in."

Stephen unlocked the front door and ushered them inside. Doggett's first reaction was to look around, this was second nature to him now.

"Would you two like something to drink?"

"No thanks. Mind if I look around?" Doggett was heading towards the living room.

"Looks like you already are." Without turning he kept walking.

"Agent Scully tea, coffee?"

"No thank you Stephen, we just want to get to the facts here. Mind if I ask you a few questions about your symptoms?"

"Not at all, fire away." Scully followed Stephen to the kitchen where he opened the fridge to retrieve some orange juice. He filled a tall glass.

"Your parents aren't home?"

"No, they're in Piedmont for the weekend visiting my grandmother.

They'll be back Sunday evening." He took a few sips of the orange liquid and sat at the breakfast bar leaning an elbow on the tall bench. Scully remained standing.

"Tell me exactly how you've been feeling Stephen."

He thought for a moment then responded.

"I've been having these dreams, except they're too real to be just dreams."

"Tell me more about these."

"They began about three weeks ago and only during the night. I'd have moments of complete clarity during my sleep. In the morning I would remember these dreams in every detail. That's never happened before in my life. I may have remembered a dream in the morning but not all of them."

"Can you tell me about the subjects of these dreams?"

"They're all set in a fictitious town. I'm me but living a completely different life to this one. I have no immediate family and I'm a member of a rock band playing lead guitar. That's so strange because I've never played a musical instrument but I play this guitar like a pro. It's all so weird."

"So what made you end up going to the hospital?"

"The dreams are becoming more frequent and are sometimes happening through the day. It could be in an hour long lecture and suddenly it's over once I snap out of my virtual reality dream."

Just then there was a burst of loud music coming from up the stairs.

Just as quickly the sound was turned down.

"What's that?" Scully was startled by the sudden noise.

"That's U4mism."


"Spelt U 4 mism. They're only the hottest band around at the moment."

He got up and Scully followed him up the stairs to the source of the sound. As they entered the bedroom they saw Doggett looking at the vast array of rock band posters adorning the walls.

"So Stephen you seem to like this band?"

"Like them, I love them! During college break I followed them around on their tour of the country."

"You seem to have a bit of a crush on the lead singer." Doggett moved from one poster to another scrutinizing each one.

"Shirley-Ann? She's just the love of my life. I live for her. That's another thing about these dreams, she's part of them."

"What about the other band members?" Scully asked.

"Brian's on drums, Doug's on lead guitar, Steve plays guitar and a bit of keyboard."

"No, I meant are the other band members in your dreams too?"

"Just Shirley-Ann."

"Well Stephen," Doggett was obviously finished with his look around for now. "I hope we can contact you again."

"Yes, sure. I'll be here all weekend."

The agents said their good-byes and headed downstairs.

Once outside Scully spoke.

"So what do you think John?"

"Something makes me think we're going to finds some similarities between these people. C'mon let's go"

Chapter Seven

Bill's Diner
12.30 pm

"Where's Agent Scully? She was here a moment ago." Mallory looked around with puzzlement.

"She's just making a phone call." Doggett was perusing the lunch menu.

"Checking up on the husband I suppose." He was fishing here and Doggett knew it.

"No she's not married. Her mother's looking after her baby boy."

"Oooh," Mallory was putting two and two together. There was an expression on the detective's face that Doggett couldn't quite make out. If Scully was here she may have been able to figure it out. This was something he would need to talk about to her later. There was something that Mallory was not saying, Doggett was sure of it now.

"The meatloaf looks good." Mallory ordered and went to find a table.

Doggett ordered the chicken dish of the day and followed the detective.

"So Agent Doggett, I see you don't have a wedding ring either."

Doggett gave him one of his stares.

"What does that have to do with anything? Mallory spit it out, there's something you're not telling us here. What is it?" Just then he looked up as Scully approached the table and sat.

"William's fine. Mom wanted to know when we'll be back. Of course I had to guess and say a few days." Scully looked across to the two men.


"Mallory here has something he needs to share with us."

"Oh really?" Scully's gaze shot across to the large detective.

"Okay, okay I do have something I've been keeping from you, I just wanted to see if you came up with the same conclusion." Both agents' faces displayed irritated looks.

"You mean you kept something vital from us? Evidence that may have aided us in our investigations?" Doggett's voice was raspy with annoyance.

"No, I thought if you came up with this independently then it would confirm my theories rather than clouding your judgment s." He'd covered his tracks well here.

"Well what is it?" Scully questioned.

"I'd prefer you tell me first. I may have missed something. I'll add anything more if I have it I promise."

"Meatloaf?" The waiter's voice could be heard above them.

"That's mine." Mallory's anticipation of this ordinary looking dish out weighed the food's appearance in Doggett's eyes.

"Chicken? Shrimp Salad?"

In between mouthfuls Doggett and Scully spoke to Mallory about their findings after visiting the homes of the three teenagers who'd presented with early signs of this unknown condition.

"And it turns out that this rock band....." Doggett turned to Scully.

"What was it again?"


"Yes U4mism seems to be the connection between all these teenagers and young adults."

"I thought you'd say that." Mallory had a pleased expression.

"So that was what you were keeping from us? This has something to do with this band's music? What is it? Some sort of subliminal message shit going on here?" Doggett looked from Mallory to Scully.

"We don't know about any sort of subliminal message scenario that would fit with these extreme symptoms Agent Doggett," Scully lightly touched Doggett's hand. This hadn't gone unnoticed by the detective and he smiled. Scully realized her inappropriate behavior and quickly took her hand away flushing a little pink.

"So that's where your investigations must head Agents."

Scully was nodding.

"What would you suggest Mallory?" Doggett was interested to hear his response seeing he appeared to have all the answers anyway.

"I've been looking onto it and this rock band is in town as we speak."

The two agents looked startled at the news. "They have been on tour and are staying in the Ramada Hotel in downtown Winston-Salem." He hesitated before adding the remainder of his plans.

"Agents how experienced are you with undercover work?"

"Very," both Agents said together.

"Then I have a plan."

Chapter Eight

Bill's Diner

"A plan?" Scully repeated.

"Come on Mallory, spill it." Doggett was getting frustrated with all the secrecy.

"Well you must have surmised now that this rock band U4mism attracts the young ones and forgive me agents but you two don't seem to me like followers of a rock band of this nature." Their heads shook slightly.

"Go on."

"So I thought how would two FBI agents go undercover and get close to the rock band? By having a son or daughter who was a fan of the band of course," he answered rhetorically.

Doggett and Scully just stared at him waiting for the next part.

Mallory took the hint and continued.

"How do you feel about having an instant family?" Mallory beamed.

The agents looked very puzzled now.

"Instant family?" Doggett wanted more information than this.

"Ahem, I've booked you a two bedroom suite at the Ramada Inn where the band is staying for the next few days." The agents were now nodding silently saying and the rest. "The band has live concerts here in town tomorrow night and Saturday evening. Somehow you could get into their inner circle? I've talked to the hotel manager and he's going to do all he can to assist you."

"So we'd have to go uncover as a married couple you say?" Doggett's voice almost cracked and Scully flushed pink again. He had done a lot of undercover work in the past even to the extent of playing husband to a sham wife but this was different. This was Scully. He had no doubt he could pull this one off but where could all this possibly lead? He looked across to Scully and noticed her rather subdued reaction. What was she thinking?

Scully remembered back to the wonderful kiss in the car outside the Morris' house and wondered if there would ever be a repeat. She felt like touching her mouth where his lips had been but held her hand back. As husband and wife she could imagine them lightly kissing and maybe a cuddle in public but what about behind closed doors? Would they have to sleep in the same bed together? This was something she and Doggett would need to make clear beforehand.

"What's this about a son or daughter?" Doggett's voice broke the momentary silence.

"That's what I was just getting to."

"I just happen to have a budding actor as a sixteen-year-old son and you'd never guess his favorite band." Mallory said with an impish gleam. "He loves U4mism and is very excited at the chance to see them close up."

"You've already spoken to him?" This was almost a statement by Scully.

"Look agents, I know this may be potential danger for my son and he knows it too but I have every confidence you will find out what's happening here. You need him. He is your key to pulling off this little charade."

Scully and Doggett couldn't believe what they were about to do. They were going to have to act out being parents of a sixteen-year-old rock band crazy boy. This was certainly going to test their undercover skills.

"Okay, we'll do it." Scully spoke for both of them. "What's your son's name?"

"Thomas, we call him Tom and he's expecting us home any moment now."

(That's for you HB! J)

Chapter Nine

Outside Bill's Diner

After paying for their meals they headed towards their respective cars.

"You realize agents that going undercover means you'll have to be very convincing as a family. I hope you two are comfortable enough with each other to be husband, wife and parents to a sixteen-year-old boy."

Doggett tried very hard to remain calm. The prospect of having to be more than friendly with Scully made him inwardly very excited. The thought of what they'd have to do as spouses to make this arrangement convincing made him a little nervous. He just hoped he'd be able to get back to a normal working relationship after all this acting.

Acting he thought and smiled, this would come very easily to him. He wondered how Scully felt about this assignment.

The two agents were following Mallory's car back to his home in Greensboro.

"So what do you think Dana?"


"How far should we go with this?" Doggett glanced to his right trying to gauge Scully's expression. Often she would keep her thoughts to herself and it was hard to read her expression. This time however she was smiling.

"You heard the detective John, we must stay in character the whole time to be convincing."

"I hope you're comfortable with this Dana because if you're not we can come at it another way."

"John," Again she placed a hand on his arm. "This is a good plan. It shouldn't bring any suspicion on us as to why we are hanging around near the band. Our teenage boy loves them."

"Okay then," Doggett nodded and looked back to the road. "Do you realize we'll have to sleep in the same bed?"

Scully laughed. "It's been a while since I was in bed with a man but I think I can handle that."

Doggett knew he should broach the subject of the kiss. There may not be another opportunity when they were alone.

"I'm sorry what I did earlier. I shouldn't have done that, not when you were so upset." He remembered back to how she'd felt in his arms, vulnerable, warm and soft. Mulder's letter and her reaction to whatever news it held seemed to be the catalyst their relationship needed to move forward. The joining of their lips and her mouth opening up to his were almost symbolic of her opening up to him as a man rather than just a partner.

"John, it was wonderful. It was just what I needed. That kiss made me realize there is life after having a baby." She paused wondering whether to say what she was thinking. "..and John, I want more."

"Oh Dana, you don't know how long I've wanted to hear you say that."

He felt like stopping the car in the middle of the road and giving her more just like she wanted. This was going to have to wait. They had a case and they needed to keep an eye on where Mallory's car was taking them.

Mallory pulled into the driveway of his house and went towards the front door without looking behind him. He was obviously going to give his son Thomas some warning that they were all there.

Doggett stopped in the street outside the Mallory residence and looked across to Scully who seemed the most serene he had seen her in a while. At that moment all he wanted to do was kiss her again and he could tell she want to also. She moved across towards him, expectation all over her face.

Her hand went under his left arm and rested on his shoulder blade drawing him closer. He took her cue and wrapped his arms around her.

Once again their lips caressed. It was a soft, heartfelt kiss knowing they needed to extract all the feelings it held in the little time they had.

Doggett's cell phone rang.

"Damn." That was the second time they'd been interrupted. Scully just laughed and sat back in her seat.

"John Doggett." He gave Scully a whoever this is it had better be good look.

"Monica.... That's too bad.....I'm sorry to hear it......Yes, she's here with me now." Doggett raised his eyebrows towards Scully. "No Monica, you don't need to be here, Dana and myself have it all under control....

Okay then.... We'll see you later. You look after yourself....Bye." He hung up and Scully waited wondering what he was going to say about the call.

"Her friend died this morning."

"That's sad."

"Monica feels it was a blessing, she was in a lot of pain in the end.

Let's go in." They both exited the car and began walking to the house.

"It sounded like she wanted to be here with us." Scully was fishing.

"Yes, but it'd spoil our plans having an extra adult along. I'm still not convinced she's going to stay in Washington though.

"She could be Aunt Monica." Scully quipped. They both laughed as they approached the front door.

Chapter Ten

Mallory Residence
Greensboro, NC
2.30 pm

Thomas was almost as tall as Doggett with wavy dark blond hair and certainly didn't have the physique of his father. He was lithe and looked as though he may be a good sportsman. He must take after his mother Doggett thought.

"This is my son Thomas." Mallory beamed.

"Good to meet you Tom." Doggett shook Tom's hand. "I'm John and this is Dana."

"Hi, but I think I'll have to get used to calling you Mom and Dad if you don't mind," he said with his deepening voice. He looked from one to the other of the two agents. They all chuckled a little nervously.

"Well Agents I'll leave you for a moment to talk over the case with my son, I've got to make a few phone calls."

This was so strange. Here was the boy that they would be calling their son until the case was solved. Neither of them was experienced with parenting a boy of this age but at least they'd had some experience as parents to draw upon for this role-play.

"Please, take a seat Mom and Dad."

"So you like acting Tom?" Scully asked as she sat in the comfortable sofa.

"Yes, I've done a bit of acting at school. I was in our recent production of "Fiddler on the Roof". I suppose I just caught the bug.

I do like music more. Did Dad, ahem, I mean my other Dad tell you I'm in the school orchestra playing trombone?"

"No, he didn't, how long have you been learning?"

"Since I was in Year 6, I'm now in Year 11."

"So tell us more about your love of music and why this band?" Doggett asked as he leaned forward resting his forearms on his knees. He wanted to get to the point here.

"I've loved rock music since I was little and I've followed U4mism since they started. I just love the music they produce I suppose. I'm not into head-banging stuff all the time. Don't get me wrong I also like bands like Limp Biskit and Metallica but U4mism has different music and quite a variety of styles from ballad to almost heavy metal."

Doggett remembered back to the posters that lined Stephen's wall and mentioned, "... and the lead singer is pretty cute too." Scully slapped Doggett's arm.


"What's wrong with that? Just admiring an attractive lady," he said in a higher than usual voice. Not expecting an answer he turned back to Tom.

"What's her name again? Shirley...?"

"Shirley-Ann. Yes, I wouldn't mind getting close to her." The men exchanged knowing smiles and Scully just rolled her eyes and shook her head.

"Now you understand Tom that it may be dangerous what we're getting into here." Doggett sat up straighter and moved back in his seat indicating the change of mood. "You've heard about the coma patients?"

"Yes, Dad told me, I know the danger." This time Scully spoke.

"Tom, there's more to it that just that. These people were all presenting with symptoms before they became comatose. There are some out there that could lapse into comas if we don't find and stop what's happening here."

Doggett continued, "Apparently these people have been having very vivid, virtual reality type dreams that have been gradually affecting their everyday lives.

If you ever experience anything even vaguely like this you have to promise to tell us okay?"

"I promise, anyway, how do you know it's something to do with the band? Could it be something else?"

"No Tom," Doggett spoke softly and nodded. "We know there's something here. All nine teenagers and young adults are U4mism fans."

"In fact we found out that all nine had followed the band on their current tour of the states." Scully paused to let it really sink in.

"There's no doubt that the band and/or their music is causing this."

Doggett then finished her speech, "And our job is to get close to the band members to find out. That's where you come in my man."

He smiled because he knew this was the chance of a lifetime to see and talk to his favorite band and that he would have one hell of an adventure doing so. His face then changed to a wistful grin. It was his turn to lean forward striking the same pose as Doggett had just had.

"And tell me Mom and Dad," His face turned to mock seriousness. "Do you think you can handle being my parents. I mean for all you know I could be a rebel and stay out till all hours."

Doggett said also with mock seriousness, "Then young man we'll just have to take you right home with us and you'll be grounded for the next month."

They were all laughing as Mallory came back into the room.

"Okay, it's all set. You can settle in tonight at the Ramada then tomorrow will be your chance to snoop around. The Ramada manager has happened to get tickets for tomorrow and Saturday nights' concerts for all three of you. He's even managed to get some backstage passes. I hope you have earplugs agents, they play some pretty raucous stuff."

"Da-ad, it's not that bad. Even Mom likes them."

"Okay, it's all set then." Doggett looked at his watch then spoke to Tom. "How about we pick you up at six. That'll gives us time to unpack at the Ramada and have some dinner and perhaps catch a movie before all the hard work begins. What do you think Mom?" He looked towards Dana who pursed her lips slightly.

"That sounds perfect Dad. A night out with the family."

This was going to be of the most interesting cases they'd ever worked on.

Chapter Eleven

Ramada Hotel

The two-bedroom suite at the Ramada Hotel was larger than any they'd stayed in on their cases together. Scully imagined Mallory having pulled some strings to get this one. It would have cost a fortune.

Nothing was too good for Mallory's son. They dumped their bags on the floor and began looking around. Tom was off down the hall and into the bedrooms. His exclamations of delight could be heard sporadically as he glided from room to room.

Eventually when he came back to join them in the lounge area he was almost breathless.

"Hey Mom and Dad," the look on his face was puckish. "You've got a four-poster kingsize bed." The thought had crossed their minds that they'd have to sleep in the same bed but they hadn't had a chance to discuss this. To keep up appearances it would be a necessity however.

Scully realized the implications of this and blushed. Doggett was more worried about how he was going to control himself in bed next to the beautiful, sexy woman beside him. He would just have to try. After all if they did do anything more than sleep in that bed it could have negative implications for Tom. If he were to find out that his FBI pretend parents were having sex then that would just not be appropriate.

Doggett broke the awkward silence and picked up their bags.

"Okay Dana, Tom let's get settled in here then we can go downstairs for dinner." He headed for the main bedroom and placed the bags on a nearby chair.

"Dad, I'll just be in my room okay?"

"...and Tom, nice clothes for dinner okay?"

"Okay." He was obviously excited and Doggett smiled at the pleasant feelings he was having with an instant son.

He'd often wondered what it would have been like to see his son Luke grow up. His heart saddened thinking of the life he could have led if Luke was still alive. Maybe his family would still be intact, possibly he could have had more children by now, siblings for Luke. Thoughts went back to discussion with his ex-wife about having a girl too. They had tried to have more children but it hadn't eventuated.

"You're quiet." Scully appeared around the door.

"Just thinking."

"About?" He tilted his head and moved over towards the bed.

"I know I don't talk much about Luke but I miss him Dana."

"... and Tom brings back these feelings of lost opportunities."

Dana saw his worry lines and quietly shut the door. Moving up to him she wrapped her arms around his waist and rested her head on his chest.

"I know it's not the same but you're still young enough to have more children of your own." He placed tentative hands on her back.

"Dana, we shouldn't be doing this."

She lifted her head to look into his face.

"John, we're meant to be husband and wife, we're going to have to do this. We need to get into the role soon." She took him by the hand and led him to the bed. "Come on, I've never been on a king-size bed with a man before. Come and lie down beside me and we can talk. You must be as tired as I am after today." Doggett couldn't help but comply. The look on her face was angelic and enticing, he followed her like a man in a trance. Scully flipped off her shoes and climbed onto the bed and lay on the far pillow and patted the bed where she wanted him to lie.

He took off his shoes and rolled over next to her. Why was she doing this? Scully looked into his eyes and smiled. She moved in even closer so they were touching and gave him a light kiss on the lips.

"I want you John. I want you to make love to me."

"Dana, we can't." Doggett's worry lines returned and she moved up closer to plant small kisses over his forehead.

"Tom's in his room, there's at least an hour before we go for dinner, we have time." She tried to convince him by moving the kisses down over his cheek to his mouth. There she worked on his lips and lifted up his shirt running a hand over the warm bare skin underneath.

He groaned quietly as she opened her mouth and ran her tongue along the contours of his lips. His resolve weakened at this point, she could feel him physically give in to her. This kiss was even better than the two others they had shared that day. It set them on fire.

Scully broke the kiss as she undid Doggett's shirt buttons and urged him take it off. She took off her shirt and let it glide to the floor.

"Oh John, I want you so much." She went for his belt and couldn't help feel the welcome bulge in his pants. Her eyes widened and exploratory fingers moved over it through his pants. Doggett took a quick intake of breath and the bulge became even harder. Her whole hand traced over the alluring hardened mass and she felt the warm glow between her legs.

"Dana, we shouldn't be doing this, not here not now." He didn't seem to mind as she undid his belt and began slipping his pants over his hips. Once off she moved in closer grinding her crotch into him and linking a leg through his.

"This is so good John, I want you inside me." She kissed him again, a deep, passionate kiss.

Just then there was a knock at the bedroom door and a head poked inside.

"Dinner time yet? I'm starv....." Wide-eyed Tom saw what they were doing. "Ahem, okay I'll come back later." He just as quickly exited.

Scully just giggled but Doggett went a shade of red.

"Now I'll have to go talk with him. We can't have him telling his father about this."

"Calm down John, he probably thinks we were just acting."

"You're kidding right?" He got out of bed and pulled his pants back on and left the room to find Tom.

Scully knew there would be time for this to happen without interruptions, she would just have to be patient.

Chapter Twelve

Blue Bandana Bistro

Through the advertising material in their hotel suite they'd found an ideal place to eat. The Blue Bandana Bistro served a buffet 'all you can eat' on Thursday evenings, just perfect for a growing boy.

The place was buzzing when they arrived, so much so that they had to wait at the bar until the next table became free.

"What'll it be?" The bartender asked all three. Doggett looked at Scully first.

"Um, a Chardonnay would be nice." The bartender nodded then looked to Doggett.

"What would you like Tom?"

"I'll have a beer," Tom smirked. Doggett gave him a stern look and he quickly changed his order. "A Coke would be good." He laughed as both Scully and Doggett looked at him wondering what this boy was going to come up with next that would surprise them.

"I'll have the same as my wife here." With a nod of his head the bartender moved off to tend to the order.

Doggett leaned across to Tom speaking softly, "You scared us for a minute there."

"Lighten up you two, I'm sixteen remember. Us kids do stuff like that." He laughed again.

To save the situation they were approached by someone who looked as though they would show them their table.

"Table for three was it? Come this way please." There were more people on their feet than at tables it seemed. This was a different atmosphere than Scully and Doggett had been used to before but Tom looked as though he was quite at home. After dodging a few people with plates piled high they sat down and placed down their drinks they'd retrieved from the bar.

"Who wants to go first?" Tom was eager to eat.

"You go first Tom, then Dad and myself will go when you get back." He was up off in a flash.

Scully ran her hand down Doggett's arm and linked fingers with his. He knew this was part of acting out being husband and wife so responded by giving her a brief kiss on the lips.

"So John, what did you tell him after..." she looked around to see if anyone was listening then continued. " After he caught us." He looked a little uncomfortable before he spoke.

"Ah, I just said that we were talking about having to be more intimate as a married couple and it went a little too far."

"Do you think he believed that?"

"I think I was fairly convincing," he said nodding.

"Anything else?"

"I also told him to knock then wait for us to tell him to come in." He gave Scully's hand a little squeeze.

"Doesn't he know to do that already?" Scully glanced around again to see if anyone had heard her.

"Apparently not. I think we're teaching him something here."

Just then Tom came back and sat down quickly.

"Oh my god Tom," Scully's eyes widened. "Do you think you have enough on your plate there?"

"I'll eat all this and then I'm going back for more." Doggett just grinned remembering back to when he was around sixteen.

"Okay Dana? Let's go." He kept hold of Scully's hand and they walked over to one of the buffet tables.

Their plates had been taken away after first course and Doggett was over at the bar ordering more drinks for all of them.

"So Tom, enjoy your food?"

"Very nice, I think I'll wait a while before dessert though." He blew out his cheeks and placed his hands on his stomach. Scully wondered where all the food went.

"Hey, look over there!' Tom was pointing to a far table.

"What?" Scully tried to follow Tom's pointing finger but still couldn't see.

"It's the boys from the band."

"Where?" Over there beside the family with the four children." This time she did see.

"Oh, I see them."

"Tell me about them Tom." Still looking across clearly itching to go over there and talk to them he spoke, "Brian's the one on the right. He plays drums. Doug's plays lead guitar and he's the one in the middle. Steve plays guitar and a bit of keyboard."

"Isn't there a girl too?"

"Yes, that's Shirley-Ann. Dad and myself were talking about her earlier."

Just then Scully's eyes looked up to the bar and saw Doggett being a little too friendly with a very attractive woman dressed quite provocatively. She had on a short tan leather hip-hugging skirt and a matching halter-top that showed her bare back and midriff. Her hair was dark red. Obviously from a bottle thought Scully. She vaguely recognized her. Scully found herself feeling miffed about this interaction. They were laughing and smiling together in a light hearted banter.

Tom looked around to see where Scully's solemn eyes led and he gasped.

"That's her! That's Shirley-Ann! What's she doing talking to Dad?"

I'd like to ask the same question. Scully thought. She remembered back to Doggett's comment about the lead singer being cute and her heart missed a beat.

"Mom, I'm going to go over and talk to the guys, okay?" Scully was deep in thought. "Mom?"

"Oh, okay." Tom was gone when Doggett was saying his good-byes to Shirley-Ann. She was leaning a little too heavily into Doggett's personal space for her liking. He turned to come back and Scully could have sworn she touched him on his ass.

No she thought. This is silly to feel this way. John's with me. As he came back to the table she decided to plead ignorance.

"Who was that you were just talking to?" Doggett still had the wide grin she'd seen while he was at the bar.

"That was U4mism's lead singer, remember her picture from all those posters we've seen today?" Scully was silent. "Isn't she just great. I can see why she's a heartthrob to all those fans, and that English accent. Don't you just love that English accent?"

"I don't know, I haven't heard it." Doggett just looked at her with a puzzled look then continued, "Anyway, I told her that my son is a big fan of hers and that we've traveled all the way from Washington DC to go to two of her concerts."

"Uh huh."

"She said she might be able to upgrade our tickets to front row seats."

"How thrilling." Doggett still hadn't caught on about Scully's mood.

"And Dana," he leaned in. "She says she thinks married men are sexy."


Scully was still in a brooding mood when Tom came back to the table his white shirt covered in writing.

"Mom, Dad, look what I've got." His shirt had three signatures, clearly being the autographs from the band. Without taking a breath he went on. "..and Dad you know who you were talking to over there before?"

"I sure do." The boys were as excited as each other and Scully was not amused.

The look on Tom's face when he found out about the front row seats was priceless.

"C'mon Mom and Dad, let's get back to the room. I want to sleep so that tomorrow comes faster."

"What, no dessert?" Scully questioned.

"I couldn't fit another thing in." He blew out his cheeks again.

All the way back to the hotel and their suite Doggett and Tom talked like a couple of schoolboys. Scully felt a little on the outer but was warming up to seeing Doggett so at home with his surrogate son.

Chapter Thirteen

Ramada Hotel

Tom was in his room now and they could hear the television going.

Scully and Doggett were getting ready for bed. Doggett had on just his boxers and she looked across at his bare back fondly as he cleaned his teeth looking into the bathroom mirror. "What are you staring at?" He showed his toothpaste smile in the mirror's reflection.

"Oh, at just about the most handsome man in the world right now?"

"Not the most?"

"Well, the most then." Dressed just in a short pale blue nightshirt with buttons opened to show a hint of cleavage Scully walked over to him and ran fingers over his shoulder blades and down his spine. His back arched and he whimpered. This encouraged her fingers to follow his ribs to the front. Exploratory hands felt over his chest then down to his abdomen and the hem of his boxers.

He quickly spat out the last of the toothpaste and rinsed his mouth before turning to see the stunning, sexy woman leaning into him.

"Dana, what are you doing?"

"What any wife would do who found their husband just as juicy as you."

"We're not really married Dana."

"Oh?" she pouted with mock disappointment. "We're not?" Her hands went to his boxers hem again and she began to run a finger just along the inside rim. He whimpered again and she knew this was turning him on.

"John, we need to make love. You know you want it just as much as I do." He hands went to the front of his boxers now and she felt the obvious signs of his excitement.

"We can't Dana, not with Tom awake in the next room." He then went to just beside her ear. She could feel his warm breath on her face. "I want this, I really do. You don't know how much I'm aching for you but we can't do this with him within earshot."

"We can be quiet."

"I don't think I could be quiet Dana."

"Oh? I like that. A noisy man during sex just turns me on further."

She was now rubbing him in long strokes from the base up through his boxers. His chest was heaving. He took stock before she went too far.

"Stop Dana!" When she didn't he went to pick her up and unintentionally lifted her nightshirt exposing bare skin underneath.

His arms now were on her naked ass. Without deterrence he lifted her up and in doing so she wrapped her legs around him.

"Oh John." She felt his hard-on lightly touching between her legs and was overcome with sexual energy. "I want you now, please."

He took her to the bed and laid her down then rolled over beside her.

He thought for a while before speaking.

"If you think you can be quiet then I'll give you the release you need. If I hear any sound at all I will stop. Okay?"

She wanted him inside her but clearly he was not going to do this now.

She wondered how he could have so much control when she just knew he wanted her badly.

He moved in to kiss her first then maneuvered his hand underneath her nightshirt and over her bare ass.

"Dana," he said breathlessly. "You are so sexy." He kept kissing as he lightly traced between her ass cheeks. His hand then followed the line of her leg down to her behind her knee and lifted it to rest on his hip. His fingers then traced her labia and she groaned in his mouth.

He stopped what he was doing.

"Dana, I said no noise! If you're going to be noisy I'll stop. Do you want this or not?"

"Oh John, I want it please," she pleaded. He once again began where he left off, kissing her sweetly on the lips and touching between her legs. When he thought she was suitably ready his fingers teased apart her labia and felt the hot, wetness inside. Scully was finding it extremely hard not to cry out but his kisses helped occupy her mouth.

Two fingers moved along her swollen clit and Doggett could feel her heightened breathing through her nose. He ran his tongue over her just as his fingers were rubbing her below. This was so erotic and she wondered where he learnt to do something this sexy. He rubbed his two fingers either side of her clit and she gave a small whimper.

Again he stopped.

"John, please. No more sounds, I promise." He seemed to believe her and continued. This time he used his thumb on her clit and lunged two fingers deep inside her vagina and began moving them slowly in and out.

"This is so good, more."


He added a third to this finger-fuck session and that's when she couldn't hold on any more. She exploded from within. Fireworks took over her body as she came with a gush almost forcing Doggett's fingers away.

"Now that's better, no noise." Scully hardly heard, she was in another world. No one had ever finger-fucked her quite the same way. If he did this so well what would a real fuck session be like with this man. She was going to find out no matter what, but for now the need for sleep overtook her body and she found herself in the moments between wake and sleep brought on by the most amazing orgasm in her life.

Chapter Fourteen

Ramada Hotel

Doggett woke in the small hours of the morning to a gentle arm draped across his chest and a warm body snuggling into him. He couldn't help but react to this in a physical way. He'd held back his sexual feelings as much as he could bear. The feel of her arm shifting on his bare chest and the contented gurgles coming from her throat were thrilling him beyond control. The hard-on he had now was painfully throbbing in his boxers. The elevated blood flow to all parts of his body expressed its calling in his pulsating neck. He thought his pulse was about to explode and spray all over the bed.

He was not used to this much need for control before. There were two reasons he should not act on this. The first was that their surrogate son was in the room next door and may hear through the paper-thin walls. The second was he still didn't know what was happening with Mulder. Scully had said that he was not coming back but he would need more information before treating this as a totally foregone conclusion.

He wanted to make love to her, no, he wanted to fuck her. There was plenty of time for lovemaking later. Thoughts of the feel of her soft naked skin next to his were too much to bear. All he wanted to do now was to roll on top of her, spread her legs wildly with his knees and plunge his turgid mast up her hot and steamy canal and pump away. He wanted her to shout out his name as she experienced lovemaking like she'd never felt before. His cock was almost jumping as his mind was awash with these devilish thoughts. No, he'd have to get out of bed.

Even though it was still dark this situation required a cold shower.

His mind play was not enough now to quell these overt sexual feelings.

Carefully he tried to pry her arm off his chest and roll out of bed without waking her. This reminded him of his pre-married days when after an unfortunate one night stand he'd tried to leave without being noticed. Now those were memories from the past! He tried not to be too amused by this or he'd be laughing and maybe wake her.

She made a low rumble in her throat and her arm moved slowly down his body. Doggett stayed stock still just hoping she would very soon stop her arm's progression down his sexually alive body. Was she dreaming of Mulder as she did this?

Her head moved around so that her nose nuzzled under his arm and her warm breath teased his erect nipple. He considered just getting out of bed quickly but he really didn't want to disturb her from her sleep and alert her to his now extremely urgent condition.

If only there was never a Mulder in her life, he would be on her and in her now. He would be giving this small body next to him the fuck of her life. As he tried to move further towards the edge of the bed he felt her arm traverse further down. Her hand struck his very erect penis and then he knew he couldn't continue to try to get out of bed.

His eyes crushed and his fists clenched hoping she would not wake and realize what her arm was resting against. To no avail he willed his stiff board of an erection to die down.

Scully moved on his hot body and made more whimpers.

"Oh!" Is all she said then she moved exploratory fingers over his now sweaty abdomen. She's dreaming he thought. Her tiny yet strong fingers wrapped around his tumescent cock underneath his boxers and began to massage. He was still not sure whether she was awake or not or even aware of what she was doing. Did she know what she was doing?

Did she know that she was sending him over the edge with every move of her hand? Did she know this wasn't Mulder beside her? Her fingers on his balls and her fisted fingers fucking his dick were about to make him eject his cum. This was too much, asleep or not, dreaming or not, composure now was too much to sustain.

"Dana, I'm soo sorry!" he whispered not wanting Tom to hear.

"Hmmmm." He could feel her smile on his hot skin then lick and suck his nipple. Her hand still worked on his cock as she brought up a knee to rest on his thigh. Then her toe latched onto the edge of his boxers and pulled then down over his hips and down his legs. He found himself helping her do this and once totally bare her toes met his in a kittenish dance. His heaving chest rose and fell with playful abandon.

This was torture.

"Dana, we can't do this, not now." By god he wanted to just fuck her silly. His mind was telling him to get out of the bed but his body would not comply. Scully's knee made its way over his hips and she lifted herself to lie on top. He then knew she was awake but was she aware enough to know it was him and not Mulder she was about to fuck?

She quickly took off her nightshirt so they were both totally naked.

Before he could say anything her mouth was on his and his rock hard cock teetered over her wet, dripping cunt. If he didn't find released soon it would be dangerous for his health. As they kissed hungrily Doggett found his dick slowly entering her. She was deliberately inching down on him. This was it, the point of no return. Even though she was well lubricated his size and state of sexual excitement made the journey long and deliberate and oh so sexy.

"Oooh, that's good," she growled. She moved so that his dick filled her totally. He couldn't describe what he felt then. Here he was in bed with someone he had loved for a long time and he was inside her for the first time. Her movements and sounds became more rapid. The state of her heated sexual excitement was notable but he was past all caring whether anyone heard. He was now going to make fucking sure that they both enjoyed this first physical union. His thrusts met hers now as they continued kissing breathlessly, hands wandered desperately over her soft back and delectable ass. Needing more action now he sat up with her so she was in his lap. The bedsprings were noisy but neither of them noticed as they kept up their vigorous bouncing.

"Hmmm, oooh," Doggett just knew Scully was about to come so rolled her over onto her back so he was on top. This gave him more leverage to give her one last pounding before she experienced her second heavenly orgasm with him.

"Oh Jo-ohn!" That did it. Feeling her throb uncontrollably on is dick and knowing that she indeed knew it was him finally made him lose all control. This was the most amazing orgasm he'd ever felt. It seemed to last for eternity, maybe time stood still, he didn't know His pulsing dick inside this woman was almost painful as he gushed his seed everywhere it would reach. He wanted to stay like this forever, inside her warm, inviting body feeling his body flushed with the afterglow of fucking great sex.

"Oh Dana," is all he could muster as he moved off and fell into a deep sleep beside her.

Chapter Fifteen

Ramada Hotel

"Hmmmmm." Scully edged closer to the still sleeping Doggett and snuggled against his warm skin. An arm snaked its way over his chest and her head nestled on his shoulder. In semi wake she remembered back to during the night and smiled contentedly. She just knew that lovemaking with this man would be divine and she was not disappointed.

She began to giggle making his chest vibrate when she thought of all the noise they'd made.

Oh well, Tom was sixteen and would probably know what they'd been doing if he'd heard. Doggett sighed and rolled over towards Scully and looked through sleepy eyes.

"Good morning." His gravelly voice was even more alluring this time of morning. "How are you feelin'?"

"Good, in fact better than good." Turning her head she began to give him small kisses over his shoulder working her way over his chest. Her feathery fingers moved down his side and over his hips.

"Hmmmm., and what makes you better than good?" he croaked luxuriating in the feeling of her lips and fingers on his bare skin.

"You John." Her kissing worked its way up his neck to his ear where she traced its contours with her tongue.


"Uh-huh," she continued making a line of kisses over his cheek feeling his morning stubble. This was so sexy, this man made her weak at the knees.

"What have I done to deserve your elevated feelings this morning."

Doggett turned his body more to meet hers and found her mouth with his. They shared their first morning kiss when there was a knock at their bedroom door.


Quickly the couple rolled onto their respective pillows and pulled the bedcovers up to their necks. Being parents could be a frustrating job sometimes. This time however the door remained closed.

"Come in Tom," Scully spoke.

The door opened tentatively and his head poked inside the room.

"Mom, Dad, I heard you two talking so I knew you were awake." Both of them wondered how much he'd heard but soon realized that was only their paranoia at work.

"Yes Tom, what do you want?" Doggett asked.

"I thought I'd give you some peace for a while and go take a look around the hotel."

"You're up early Tom, aren't teenagers meant to sleep 'til all hours in the mornings?"

He laughed and nodded, "Yes we do but I'm just having too much fun to sleep."

"All right, but be back in an hour and we'll go and have breakfast somewhere and talk about plans for today."

Doggett paused and looked him up and down. "What are you wearing?"

"Oh these, they're my low rider pants." Doggett raised an eyebrow and continued.

"Is it the trend too to show off your boxers underneath?" Tom just smiled and looked down on the floor at the foot of the bed.

"I see Dad, you have nice boxers too." He quickly shut the door before either of them could speak. As their eyes rolled they could hear him laughing all the way to the front door. It wasn't until they heard it close behind him that they could talk.

"Shit, I'd forgotten about that and he would have seen your clothes too Dana. Well that leaves nothing to the imagination." Scully could tell Doggett was slightly annoyed and tried to placate him.

"John, what we've been doing has been wonderful, better than I could ever have imagined." She rolled on her side and elevated herself to look into his eyes. A lone hand brushed across his chest. "We'll need to talk to him John. He must know that we're doing this not out of lust for each other but love."

"Love?" Doggett looked over her radiant face and knew she meant it.

"Yes John, I love you." In response to this he ran his fingers through her hair then pulled her in for a deep kiss.

When finally they broke to replenish their air supply Scully spoke, "We have an hour of freedom, what do you want to do Mr, No Noise man?"

"Oh," he thought for a moment and a jaunty grin occupied his face.

"I think I'll just get dressed, make myself a cup of tea and see what's on the television." A grin appeared across Scully's face and Doggett knew she was about to call his bluff. As she began to get out of bed she spoke, "All right then, I'll have a shower and meet you for that tea and TV."

With the most lithe and seductive body movements she could muster she moved out of the bed and began walking to the bathroom door her head looking back over her shoulder to see his reaction.

Mouth open Doggett looked over her sleek naked body bathed in the morning glow from the nearby window and just had to relent.

"Come back here Dana."

"Oh? Why? I've had enough sleep. I'm ready for the day."

"Dana, please," his voice pleaded. She went right into the bathroom and waited for a whole long minute still hearing and laughing at his pleas from the bedroom before she came back out.

"Okay, I'll get back in bed with you and give you the release you need if you promise to be as noisy as you indicated last night."

"Dana, I get the point. I am now suitably chastised, now get back here and make love to me." Scully adored this side of the man. This forceful part of him was so seductive.


"No?" Doggett knew this was a game.

" I don't want to make love." She began her way back to the bed displaying mixed signals between her words and actions. When she reached the edge she lifted the covers and slipped underneath. All this time Doggett didn't take his steely blue eyes off hers. This made her even hotter for him. Climbing on top she knew he was very ready for her. With his unshaven cheek on hers she whispered in his ear.

"I don't want you to make love to me I want you to fuck me John." With no further ado Doggett kissed her forcefully and she returned the gesture with equal energy. They let out all their emotions in this kiss. They surrendered to each other fully. Doggett rolled Scully over and gently lay on top still kissing hungrily.

"You want me to fuck you? Be prepared lady."

Finding her more than ready for him he locked her legs apart with his own then rammed himself inside her. She cried out in ecstasy, "Oh John, fuck!" He had her in a leg lock. His knees held her legs apart and his feet were around her ankles. He grabbed first one wrist and then the other and pinned them behind her head so she couldn't move. With each powerful push inside her he gritted his teeth and let out low grunts. The fact that she couldn't move, not even her hips, and that this man was truly fucking *her*, was so mind-blowing.

"Is this what you wanted?" he growled. "Is this what you had in mind?"

Scully felt the first wave of a mighty big orgasm coming along. She hadn't had rough sex for so long, and the fact that it was with this man was the stuff only from dreams.

"Answer me damn it! Is this the fuck you wanted?"

"Yes." Scully could only bleat the reply.

"I couldn't hear you."

"Yes John, YES!" All her energy reserves were diverted to that response.

Still pushing violently he moved down to her face and once again roughly kissed her open lips. Scully's blood pressure was rising rapidly now and Doggett felt her beginning to reach the pinnacle. His lips moved to beside her face and he whispered seductively, "Come for me Dana. I can feel deep inside you. Let go for me." His hot breath on her face and his libidinous words in her ear sent her soaring. Doggett felt the deep waves of her passion and her body tremble beneath him and knew that his lover was experiencing an orgasm even stronger than her two others the previous night and this morning.

The small earthquake he felt on his cock inside her made him involuntarily shoot out his more than ready seed.

"Oh Dana! You're so beautiful," he huffed as the last embers of their mutual orgasm sizzled. Their bodies still latched in blissful union, their eyes also locked and contented smiles appeared on both their faces.

"I wish we could stay like this all day." Scully spoke softly as Doggett began to release his restrictive hold on her legs and wrists.

"Well maybe we could if we're taken over by this mind control coma shit or whatever it is." Doggett chuckled.

"That's right, we're here to solve an X-file case. I almost forgot," she laughed.

"We are? I thought we were here to have a dirty weekend together."

"If we play our cards right we might be able to have both."

"Oh, I like that." He gave her one final light kiss on the lips. "Want the first shower shift?"

Chapter Sixteen

Ramada Hotel

"Hi Mom." Tom was certainly having some fun from this little family charade. Doggett was still showering as Scully made a cup of tea when Tom had come through the front door.

"Hello, what did you find?" He came over to the kitchenette and sat down on a chair.

"Oh, I saw the rooftop swimming pool. Do you think we'll have time for a swim later?"

"I certainly hope so. Want a tea?" She had two cups on the bench and went to get another.

"No thanks, I don't really like tea, I had a coffee in the cafeteria.

Dad gave me some money so you don't have to pay for me."

"Good." Scully smiled at him and then went thoughtful.

"Tom, we need to talk." She poured a cup for herself.

"About what you and Dad were doing in the middle of the night?" Scully almost overflowed the teacup and Tom noticed.

"Look, you don't have to hide it from me, I'm just puzzled, that's all."


"I thought you were meant to be partners. I was under the impression that ...." He lowered his voice for the next part. "...FBI partners were not usually lovers too." Scully was wondering just how much Tom had heard and flushed pink at the thought.

She took a sip of her tea thinking how she would word the explanation.

In a quiet voice she proceeded.

"Tom, we've both just recently found out we feel the same way about each other. I'm sorry you had to hear us last night."

"It's just funny, it reminded me of being in a movie. I didn't believe that there really could be squeaky bedsprings." Again Scully lowered her eyes and felt a warm flush over her face.

"You have a baby don't you?"

"Yes, William."

"Is he Agent Doggett's baby?" This was the first time Tom had been out of character since they'd arrived at the hotel and it surprised her.

"No." Scully found herself becoming teary at the thought of Mulder and where he was now. She didn't particularly want to explain that it was the baby of her previous partner. That would complicate this already delicate issue.

"Tom, I really don't want to talk about that right now, I hope you don't mind."

"Okay, where is William now?"

"He's with my mom."

"You must miss him. My mom stayed home to look after me while Dad went to work. So the baby's father, does he help out?"

Doggett came out dressed in jeans and a dark blue T-shirt and his wet hair was groomed back. They were a family on vacation so a suit would have been too formal.

"What's this about the baby's father? Oh hello Tom."

"Hi Dad," he sounded cheery.

"I just thought you may be the baby's father, that's all."

Doggett just laughed and went over and stood next to Scully and poured himself a cup of tea. Leaning down he whispered in her ear, "Did you tell him?"

"No," she replied quietly. Doggett was anxious to find out about the Mulder situation but knew Scully would apprise him when she was ready.

His thoughts went back to waking up with her that morning. He hoped that this was the first of many mornings like this. It still niggled at him about what would happen if Mulder came back and wanted Scully again. After all he was the baby's father. If Scully had to choose he knew who it would be.

Still looking pensive he went to sit next to Tom.

"Well family, we need to work out a plan of action for today."

Tom shuffled excitedly in his chair clearly eager for some activity.

"What do you want me to do?"

"Mom and myself," he raised his eyebrows in her direction. "We'll go see the hotel manager Mr. Roberts. You my man, can do some research for us."

"Research?" His eyes lit up.

"Maybe find out where the band has been on tour, a bit about their backgrounds. Anything that you think might shed light on this situation then report back to us." Doggett flashed his serious blue eyes in his direction.

"Sounds good to me. On my travels I saw that the hotel has an Internet room off the lobby. It's not cheap though, something like five dollars for the first fifteen minutes then fifty cents for every two minutes after that."

Scully smiled at his concern for finance.

"Tom, take all the time you need. It's FBI money. Lives are at risk here, we need your kind of expertise to help us solve this case."

Scully moved around to come closer to her surrogate son. She rested a hand on his shoulder. "We really appreciate your enthusiasm here."

Even while sitting Tom was almost as tall as Scully. As he stood up she followed his gaze upward.

This boy was only sixteen and yet he was so tall. Her mind for a moment looked to the future and what William would be like at this age. It was so impossible to predict how William would turn out, how tall he would be, what he'd be like. Her head shook it off. This boy in front of her was verging on precocious but he had an endearing quality to him. She thought about the first meeting with his father and how he'd been almost charismatic. She could see the potential in this boy. If he had the looks of his mom and the investigative qualities of his Dad this boy would go far.

"I suggest we get started after breakfast." Doggett broke the spell.

Tom rubbed his hands together.

"I like this FBI work. I wouldn't mind being in the Bureau when I'm older."

Doggett smiled.

"And if you do a good job on this case Mom and myself here might even put in a recommendation for you."

His spirits lightened even more as he got up and headed for the door.

"Coming? I'm starved."

Chapter Seventeen

Ramada Hotel
Manager's office

"I'm Agent Doggett and this is Agent Scully."

"Glad to meet you two famous agents."


"Well that's what Mallory said." The hotel's manager laughed and the agents just looked at each other with half amused expressions.

"I'm Andrew Roberts the Ramada Hotel's manager." He held out a hand and shook each of theirs. "Please take a seat."

When they were comfortably seated he continued, "So you're undercover as a family to investigate the rock band staying here?"

"Yes, Mr. Roberts, and I'm sure you'll keep that under your hat."

Doggett leaned forward with a deadpan expression.

"Of course, between you and me I want this solved. I'm hoping word doesn't get out to the hotel's clientele. Personally I'd prefer they weren't staying here but kicking them out would bring unnecessary attention to my hotel."

"Mr. Roberts," Scully spoke this time. "We need to keep this whole thing low key. If we're going to find out what's going on here we don't need any suspicions." He nodded at both of them and leaned back in his chair.

"So how would you like me to help?"

Doggett looked across at Scully for silent approval to speak then looked back to Roberts.

"First of all we need your staff to be aware of the situation and to be very discrete about it."

"Done, and secondly?"

"We want them to be vigilant. Anything they see that might help with investigations we need to be contacted."

"Done also. I'll need your cell phone numbers if that's okay.

Reception can tell you which rooms they're in and we may be able to find where they hang out so your small family could pay a visit." He looked either side of the two agents. "So where is this son of yours?"

"Tom's doing some research for us. He's a good kid." Doggett smiled over to Scully.

"I wouldn't mind meeting this son of Mallory's. If he's anything like his father he'll make one hell of a detective."

Doggett nodded and got up indicating this meeting was over and that they were anxious to get going.

They all headed for the door.

"Okay agents, expect some calls from me today. I'm sure we'll be able to find out where they like to visit in the hotel."

By the time they had found out the band's room numbers and become familiar with the layout of the hotel it was almost time for lunch.

With about fifteen minutes to spare before they'd arranged to meet Tom they headed for the cafeteria. It would be nice to just sit and chat together playing husband and wife before their son arrived. Doggett's cell phone rang.

"That must be Roberts." Doggett answered the call.


"Hi John, it's me." He looked over to Scully who mouthed, "Who is it?" He responded to her question with the reply.

"Monica? What's up?"

Scully couldn't help but feel Reyes was a spanner in the works. She accepted Reyes as Doggett's partner but these calls she was making when she was meant to be on leave were telling her something. Did she have a fascination with her partner that went beyond professionalism?

There was that paranoia bug again. She put it out of her mind by imagining the wonderful sex they'd shared since arriving here. His prurient eyes looking over her naked body that morning and then his firm arms around her in bed were enough to push negative thoughts out of her mind. They were not the actions and words of a man in love with someone else. Scully was not silly though, what woman wouldn't want this strong, handsome, sexy man before her. She found herself smiling that she was the one who had all his emotional and physical attention.

"I've found out some information for you that might help in this case."

"Monica, you're meant to be on leave. Go and relax will you! Agent Scully and myself have this covered." Scully raised her eyebrows wondering what Reyes was saying.

"Okay, what is it then?"

"You know the coma patients, well I looked up in the FBI files and I found a similar case back in 1999." Doggett phrased his replies so Scully could understand the nature of the call.

"A similar case? Was it also to do with a rock band?"

"No John." He shook his head at Scully.

"It was at a university in South Carolina. The only reason I found the connection was that the coma patients all presented with the same symptoms as these new cases."

"Tell me more."

"Why don't I just fax the details over to you. Do you have a fax number there? Better still I'll bring them myself."

"No Monica! As I said, we have this covered, you just relax.........


"What is it?"

"She hung up. I told her not to come."

As they walked to the cafeteria Doggett was almost mumbling to himself.

"Damn stubborn woman she is!" Scully almost had to run to keep up with him.

"Tell me she's not coming here. She knows not interrupt a case, it's an FBI no-no."

"I only hope that she'll reconsider and just fax the damn information."

"How about I give her a call?"

"No Dana, I know Monica, she's not that impulsive. She'll see reason."

Scully knew that expression on Doggett's face and it wasn't one of complete confidence in the words he'd just spoken. She also wondered just how well Doggett knew his partner. He hadn't spoken much of his past association with Reyes except they'd worked on the case with his missing son. That was one conversation she was bristling to initiate, at the right time of course.

They reached the cafeteria doors and looked inside. There were a few tables still vacant but it seemed as the though the place was filling fast. Doggett turned to Scully.

"We'll have to be husband and wife in here. Too many people could be watching and listening." When he'd received facial acknowledgment he took her hand. His commanding fingers linked with hers felt wonderful as he directed her to a table for three.

As they sat down Scully noticed the music in the background and instantly adhered to the throbbing pulse and the lyrical quality of the vocals.

Don't cry these tears anymore, there's no way she can kiss you the way that I do, I heard that you miss me, Oh you should be careful of who you keep talking to.

"Who's that?" Scully asked as Doggett looked around him.

"No!" She playfully pushed his arm and grinned. "The music. Who's the band?" Her eyes looked up as though the music was in the air around them.

Doggett just looked at her with a fucked if I know expression.

"I like the music."

"I didn't think you were into music."

"Doesn't everyone like music? I suppose I'm just not up with the latest. That's where Tom comes in I suppose."

Doggett was also listening and nodding his head.

It was still about five minutes before Tom was due to meet them.

"I have to go to the bathroom. Will you miss me?" Scully stood up and kissed him lightly on the lips and gently touched his hand.

In a husky, sweet voice and with a contented smile he replied, "Don't be too long."

He followed her profile on the way to the restroom doors. The song was still playing

"Hello handsome." Doggett felt the hand on his shoulder prior to hearing the words. Even before he turned his head he knew who it was by her distinctive voice. "So you like the music do you?"

"Yes, I'm not quite used to a large range of today's music but I like this. You know the band?"

"Sure do. Mind if I sit?"

Deftly Doggett pulled out the chair for her and she sat. Resting her elbow on the table and her head on her palm she looked into his eyes.

"I love that accent of yours. Where are you from by the way?"

She sat straight in her chair.

"You're the one with the accent." She laughed. "I'm from Cambridge, England but I haven't been back in a while."

"Oh, why not?"

"Touring with the band for the last few months and before that recording our third album."

"Third album?"

"Yes it's called U4misms 'Lyrical Illusions'."

"I'm still just getting used to this scene. My son was very keen for us to bring him here to see your concerts."

The music played.

There's no way she can kiss you, The way that I do.

I heard that you miss me....

All this time Doggett was watching her mesmerized. She certainly had striking good looks, not in a pretty girl way, the way she wore her hair and her milky skin caught his eye.

Then the intriguing woman before him began singing softly with the song.

"Oh you should be careful of who you're talking to.

Long nights without you have taught me to be strong...."

The light dawned on Doggett's face.

"That's you? That's your band?" By this time there were a number of curious onlookers.

"Uh huh, and you'll hear that song and more at our concert tonight."

She took up the same position as when she'd first sat down, her head resting on her palm. "You know John, you're far too cute to be married. Run away with me." He just chuckled and smiled.

"Shirley-Ann?" Doggett and Shirley-Ann looked up to see an eager faced sixteen-year-old boy looking at them.

"So you are?"

"I'd like you to meet my son Tom. He's quite a fan of yours."

"Good to meet you Tom" She extended a hand for shaking. "As handsome as your father I can see."

Tom pulled the other chair and seated himself. He could hardly talk.

Here he was in the presence of his rock band heartthrob and she had been flirting with his surrogate father.

Scully had stopped still at the restroom door just watching the scene at her table. Was this woman following them or something? By the look on her face she had an obvious attraction to Doggett. Rather than consider feelings of resentfulness she thought about the positive side. Shirley-Ann's interest in Doggett was getting them closer to the band, just what they needed for this investigation.

Scully appeared beside them. Shirley-Ann stood to give her back her seat without acknowledging her presence. With her hand resting on Doggett's shoulder she spoke to him only.

"I'll get those front row tickets that I promised. How about I leave them at reception for you."

Three pairs of eyes followed her as she went back to her table and her company.

Chapter Eighteen

Ramada Hotel
Swimming Pool

"Thank you so much Dad. I've been looking forward to a swim."

"I thought a little recreation before the onslaught would be fun."

Doggett found three spare deck chairs and placed his towel on one.

"Where's Mom?" Tom looked back to the door they'd come through.

"She didn't pack a swim suit so she's out buying a new one. She'll be here soon. Come on let's do a few laps."

Both men undressed from their tracksuits.

There was a sprinkling of people about, some on deckchairs, others swimming. There was plenty of room in the pool for the father and son to each take a lane. Tom was in first and a third of the distance to the other end when Doggett dived in. They were both strong swimmers but Doggett had the edge on the teenager. After a few laps he had caught up. They reached the far end of the pool together and stopped for a rest.

"Good swimmer Tom."

"Thanks, I love swimming. I actually made the school squad this season. Freestyle's my strength, I also love diving. I came second in the latest inter-school swim meet."

"Impressive, a musician and a sportsman." The water splashing up against their heated bodies had a calming affect.

"So Tom, now would be a good time to talk about your findings. If anyone hears us they'll just think you're telling me about a rock group you like."

"Okay, I looked up where U4mism has toured lately. In January they were in Australia performing at the 'Big Day Out."

"Big Day Out?"

"It's a concert that happens in Australia each January. Mainly local bands play but there are usually some groups from other countries.

They went to the Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

Before that they were touring with U2."

"U2, love their music. Where else?"

"Since Australia they did three shows in Japan, one in Tokyo. Since returning to the States they've been from coast to coast."

"Well they have been very busy. Must get from you again the names of all the places they visited. I might ask Monica to do some research for me. She needs to be a little busy at the moment."

"Monica? You do get around Dad. How many women do you have?"

"It's not like that Tom. Monica's my partner. She's taking leave at the moment so that's why Dana's here."

"Oh, and if Monica was here instead as my mom what would you have done in bed last night?"

Doggett just gave him an icy glare but Tom was not phased.

"C'mon Dad I've seen how these women look at you. I just wish I had half the charisma." Before Doggett had time to respond Tom very cleverly acted.

" C'mon I'll race you."

They were both out of breath when they reached the end. Tom just had enough of a head start to reach the finish before Doggett. In a flash he was out of the pool and heading for the deckchair for some relaxation.

Scully had been admiring the pair from the entrance to the swimming pool room. Her heart felt warm as she imagined Doggett as the father to her baby boy. William needed a father now more than ever. Mulder was not coming back. That was final. Doggett was showing he could be a wonderful father. This was just the chance for her to observe.

Tom was walking to the deckchair when Scully was about to make her presence known. Something stopped her though. It was Doggett as he was getting out of the pool. Her heart skipped a beat as she witnessed this athletic body all wet, dripping and glistening from the filtered light through the windows. As he pushed himself up she saw all the muscle definition in his arms and legs. She knew he worked out to keep in shape but the details she would have to find out.

They were the arms that had held her close in bed the previous night.

Those were the legs that had linked with hers in the early morning in the best sex session she'd had in her life. She found herself flushing with sexual need. As he walked over to retrieve his towel the sight of his ass in the dark blue tight swim shorts made her weak-kneed. She was mesmerized as he toweled himself dry.

"Did you know Mom's been over by the door watching you?" Doggett first looked at Tom then over to the pool entrance. Scully knew she had been caught ogling and diverted her eyes to the ground momentarily. "You two so need to get a room right now. I don't think I could stand anymore of your gooey eyes fpr each other."

Scully shook herself out of her embarrassment. She had planned on making an entrance and she would go through with it confidently. Both males stared open mouthed at Scully as she paraded towards them. Her dark green towel was around her waist and tied on the side revealing a thigh all the way to her hip. The skimpy sea green strapless bikini top barely held her breasts in place. They bounced in mesmerizing rhythm as she approached the two fawning males. On nearing them she slowly untied her towel revealing high cut matching bikini bottoms. It was as if she'd never had a baby, she was trim and alluring.

Doggett still holding his towel had to move it strategically over a certain part of his anatomy hiding more than just the growing emotions he was having.

"I can tell you like my new swim suit." She did a three sixty degree turn and Doggett had to physically hold his breath as he was afraid of embarrassing himself by letting out the large gulp in his throat.

"Very nice Mom." Tom decided to break the spell. They didn't seem to hear him say that he was returning to the pool.

"So what do you think? Good choice?" He raised his eyebrows and looked down admiringly over her body.

"Are you trying to hospitalize me or something?"

Scully grinned and knew that her performance had been appreciated.

"Come on, let's go for a swim, this swim suit's meant to get wet you know."

"It is?" he asked in a higher than usual voice. She dropped her towel on the chair, took his hand and led him to the edge of the pool.

Doggett dived in first then beckoned Scully to join him. She was a little rusty on the diving so sat on the edge with her legs dangling in the water then slipped the rest of her body in. Doggett was there to catch her in his arms and they were left gazing into each other's eyes.

"You're so beautiful Dana." His face softened as he said this and her desire to kiss him was overwhelming.

She ran random fingers over his wet back then pulled him in closer so their lips barely touched. If anyone was watching this they didn't seem to care. Softly Scully brushed her lips over his, then she began to taste them with her tongue. Gliding over his top lip first then the bottom she felt his mouth open up but still let her lead.

She moved her head back to look at his expression and saw that his eyes were closed and his lips glistened from her attention.

"Dana," he weakly mouthed wanting her to continue. She moved back this time pressing her lips more solidly on his. This is when Doggett responded and kissed back moving his tongue around in her inviting mouth. The hands went down over her back to the rim of her bikini bottoms and fingers then whole hands went underneath resting gently on her bare cheeks. She was perfect he thought as he pulled her in closer for a deeper kiss.

Doggett's shorts were too tight and wet for her fingers to slide underneath so she settled on the outside.

If they hadn't heard what they thought was a voice beside them the lovers could have almost shed their clothes in the pool and had sex in front of all eight open-mouthed onlookers.

"Mom! Dad!" The sound was louder. "Do you have to do that here?" Tom then lowered the voice. "Go on back to the room, you obviously need to get this out of your systems. I promise I'll stay here for at least an hour before I come up. You two need some serious time together."

"Really?" Scully looked expectantly at Doggett's face. She needed to have sex with him, the feeling was almost primal. If she didn't do it soon she would explode.

"Let's go!" The urgency in his voice matched her own.

Knowing his aroused condition she got out of the pool first and retrieved both their towels and brought them poolside. With a little bit more difficulty than before he exited the water then wrapped the towel around his middle.

Scully took Doggett's hand but instead of leading him out the door and back up to their suite she took on another path to the pool change rooms.

"Dana, what are you doing?" She did a sweep of the room and on seeing no one dragged him in further. She kept a firm grip on his hand and dragged him into a changing room cubicle.

"John, if you make me wait until we get back to the bedroom I will scream. I need you now!"

She toyed at his shorts and he laughed at her anxious fumbling.

"Let me do that." He gently moved her fingers away and undid the stiff button. That wasn't all that was stiff in that region. As Scully peeled down Doggett's sodden shorts a very stiff erection popped out sending Scully into even more of a frenzy. She peeled them right down to his feet then let him flip them off with his toes.

She couldn't help but want to touch him. With one hand cupping his balls the other encircling the thick shaft she worked on him eliciting small groans as her hand moved up and down the engorged surface. A small part of his consciousness told him that his partner was still clothed. A hand went to the strapless top and undid the front clasp causing the flimsy material to drop to the ground. His hands made a line over her stomach to the rim of her bikini pants and hooking his thumbs in the narrow band he slid them over her soft, shapely hips.

She gasped as her panties pulled away from the slippery wetness which had massed between her legs. She wanted this man so badly. Her body shuddered with hyper-arousal as she imagined the thick erection in her hands deep inside her body.

There was a sitting shelf nearby. Doggett leaned against the wall and Scully straddled him with her feet planted on the seat. Her hands firmly held the overhead coat hooks. This was the perfect set-up for some hasty sex and swift it would have to be because she was on the brink of the precipice. Doggett held himself steady with one hand on the wall beside him and one under her butt. He moved his erection over her hot wet opening and as she moved down he moved up causing him to plunge deep inside her to the hilt.

Scully cried out in ecstasy. This is what she had imagined feeling as he entered her. She thought she would burst as he pushed into her.

Both of them thrusting added the detonation to their already chemically charged bodies. Dana could take it no longer. She was putty in his arms as once again she experienced celestial bliss with this man under her.

Doggett began moving down the wall, not being able to stand, and causing Scully's hands to let go of her anchors. As she did so he grabbed under her ass catching her, allowing her knees to have time to find their new home on the shelf where Doggett was now sitting. At the height of her orgasm she felt as though she was falling not realizing she was actually moving downwards. She just surrendered to him and where he wanted to go. Her embers were crackling as she felt the final fleet movements of his body and his rapid puffs of hot air in her hair. The fusion of pool water and sweat outside their bodies didn't compare to their sweet mixture of juices inside her. One last kiss was what they needed to get themselves back to reality again.

Scully impishly looked into Doggett's glazed eyes.

"Ever do it in a ladies' change room before?" They both then heard some whispers outside. Doggett put a gentle finger to Scully's lips and they waited until the sounds subsided.

"Well I think we've been suitably caught." Doggett's words were mixed with mock seriousness and humor.

"Now we just have to get out of here without anyone seeing us."

As they both dressed and retrieved their towels from the floor both of them gleaned guilty pleasure from knowing that all eight people at the swimming pool would know exactly what they had been doing and where.

Chapter Nineteen

Ramada Hotel
Two bedroom suite

"Damn!" He pulled the cell phone from his ear and with more than usual pressure dialed in another number. He waited for an answer for what seemed an eternity.

"Shit!" Then he punched in a third number and waited a similar amount of time.

"Fuck!" He threw the phone on the bed in disgust.

"John, language! Tom's in the other room." He looked at Scully as though she was from another planet then realized what he'd said.

"Oh sorry, forgot. I'm just so damn angry. If Monica's on her way here I'll be so annoyed."

"What makes you think she's coming here?" Scully was proverbially crossing her fingers this wouldn't be so. Shirley-Ann's attention was bad enough but another woman taking time away from her man and partner was not a welcome thought.

"I just rang the office, her home and then her cell phone - no answer.

Her cell was switched off."

"Maybe she's at a movie or a meeting and has it turned off?"

"No, I just have a feeling...." he trailed off.

"You have a feeling?" He laughed realizing the duplicity of his comment.

"Yes Dana, even John Doggett gets feelings some times." He then went more serious. "She's done this before. Dana, it's like a vulture to the prey for her when it comes to the unexplained. There's no reason in her mind to take the rest of her leave now. She'll be here.


Doggett did seem a little more agitated than usual with the thought of Monica in his presence, she sensed something more.

"What is it John?" She linked fingers with his and moved him over to sit on the couch. They sat side by side closely and Scully edged her shoulder into his arm urging him to talk.

"I wanted her to look into something for us. When you were in the shower after swimming and ...." His eyes softened as he remembered what they'd been doing. With a quieter voice he continued. "I got Tom to write out a list of the tour places the band has been since the start of the year. I wanted Monica to somehow find out if there was any connection."

"Maybe try again in thirty minutes?"

"Okay, but if there's no answer we're going to have to call on someone else."

"You mean the Lone Gunmen?"

"I was hoping it wouldn't come to that. Damn, I hope she doesn't come here and spoil our plans."

Scully knew that Monica was probably on her way it was only a matter of when she'd arrive.

Tom had extracted himself from the television long enough to come and help himself to a drink from the bar fridge.

His head was bobbing to the music playing in his mind and he hummed as he searched for what he wanted.

"Hi guys, what's up?" He'd seen them talking on the couch.

"What was that you were humming?" Scully asked.

"Oh, it's a song off 'Lyrical Illusions' called 'Cup of Coffee'. Why?"

"It's just that I thought I recognized it." Scully pondered.

"I think I know." Doggett mentioned and both Tom and Scully looked at him bewildered. "Okay, I'm no music buff but I think that was the song playing in the cafeteria." Doggett suddenly seemed to have a thought then got up and went over to Tom.

Scully couldn't hear what he was saying but saw him write something down on a piece of paper and open his wallet to give him some cash. He spoke further then came back over to the couch.

"What was that all about?"

"Come on Dana." He reached out for her hand and pulled her up. "I'll tell you on the way."

"The way where?"

"To the manager's office." He turned to Tom. "We'll meet back here in about an hour?"

"Okay Dad. See ya in sixty minutes guys."

Chapter Twenty

Ramada Hotel
Manager's Office

"What can I do for you agents?" Roberts went to sit at his desk and Doggett and Scully took their original seats.

"Some information has come to our attention that we need a certain expertise that we just don't have access to here."

"Hmmm, and what would that be?" The manager looked curious but Doggett wasn't about to give that much information away.

"Let's just say we need to contact someone. Does your hotel have video conferencing at all?" It was Scully's turn to speak.

He nodded from one agent to the other before replying.

"Yes, I have access on my system here." His head pointed toward the computer on his desk and he began to type in a command on the keyboard.

Neither agent wanted Roberts listening in on their private conversation but neither did they want to go somewhere else more public. This room was the perfect place for some privacy.

"There, it's all set up." He moved away and directed a hand to the monitor as a gesture for them to look. Both agents moved around to the front of the desk.

Roberts stood behind them and showed no sign of moving away. All Doggett had to do was look at him with his steely composure and he got the idea.

"Okay I'll leave you too alone. It's my break time, I'll be back in about thirty minutes or so."

Doggett nodded to him and watched as he left the room and closed the door behind him.

"Dana, let's do this."

In no time they were talking to and could see two of the Lone Gunmen, Byers and Frohike.

"What can we do for you two this fine Friday afternoon?"

"You're in a good mood Byers?" Doggett looked at the screen with a deadpan expression. He was beginning to understand the worth of these guys but he still found their quirks a little odd and needed getting used to.

"Where's Langly? I thought you guys were inseparable?"

"Oh he's out getting a haircut," Frohike said matter of factly.

Doggett and Scully both showed similar expressions of incredulity.

"Haircut? Langly?"

"Ha ha ha, no just kidding. I don't know where he is, he just said he's going out. We don't keep tabs on each other all the time."

"Scully? What are you doing there with Doggett?" Byers asked in his soft, smooth voice.

"Yes, and why are you standing that close to him?" Scully couldn't tell if there was a hint of jealousy in that comment. She made an involuntary move away from him.

"I just thought you'd see us both better if we were close," she lied.

"Do you see Byers and myself rubbing shoulders together?"

"Now that would be a sight. Come on boys we need a favor." Doggett luckily changed the subject.

Poor Frohike. Scully knew he had an unrequited affection for her. Now that she was with Doggett it would stay that way.

"Well favors are our specialty, spill it." Frohike was back to his normal self and Scully had found her way back to rubbing shoulders with the man beside her.

"We have something we'd like you to look into. Have you heard of the bang U4mism?" Doggett asked.

"Yes," answered Byers quickly. "That's the band who has that cute English lead singer. Love their music. Haven't they recently been touring the States?"

"Yes they have and they're staying here at this hotel." Doggett went on to explain about the case of the comatose patients. "We have a list," heheld it up for them to see. "..of all the places they've toured this year and wondered whether you'd take a look and if you can come up with any connections." He gave the paper to Scully who then proceeded to use the fax machine on a far bench.

"Scully's just faxing the list to you now."

"Is that all?" asked Byers.

"There's one more thing. It looks as though this could be some sort of subliminal message thing perhaps through their music. We have a son....."

"A son?" Frohike choked out the words.

"Yes, we're a family staying here at the same hotel."

"You're married?" Byers had to speak for the flummoxed Frohike.

"Relax guys, it's all a sham. We've borrowed a sixteen-year-old son for this case and as we speak he is buying their latest album. He'll then send you a copy of 'Lyrical Illusions' to you Fed Ex. Guys we want you to analyze it for us. Do your hocus pocus or whatever you do to see if there is anything in the music that could be causing this."

Byers was looking somewhere off screen.

"Your fax is coming through now." He left the screen to retrieve it.

"All right Doggett, we'll look into this for you. How can we get in touch." Frohike watched Byers as he came back reading a piece of paper.

"You have my cell phone number. I'll have it on until the concert this evening."

"Concert? You're going to a concert?" Frohike laughed.

Doggett chose not to respond to that dig.

"We'll talk later guys." They switched off the conferencing facility.

"So Dana, we have a few hours to spare before the concert, what would you like to do?"

"Hmmm." She nestled up closer to him and wrapped her arms around his middle.

"Do you have to ask?"

Chapter Twenty-One

Ramada Hotel
Manager's Office

"Dana, you're going to wear me out." He leaned down to kiss her. Just then the door opened and in came Roberts back from his break.

"Ahem you two, let me give you a tip. Couples who've been married as long as you don't usually go around as lovey dovey as that. You don't want to bring unneeded attention to yourselves. I can tell you from experience."

The agents' embarrassed looks quickly changed realizing they hadn't actually been caught out.

"Well thank you Mr Roberts." Scully mentioned as she took Doggett's hand and exited the room. "Looking back she added, "Your help here has been appreciated."

"Any time."

"I suggest we go back to the room," Doggett nodded towards the elevators. "Tom should be back by now. We may need to talk."

"And I should really ring Mom. I feel as though I'm being a neglectful mother." Doggett placed an arm around Scully and led her to the elevator.

"Don't say that. You're a wonderful mom and I've seen you with Tom.

William is lucky to have you."

Scully looked up at him smugly.

"Why thank you John."

"What's this?" They'd reached their room and an envelope had been stuck to their door. Scully tore it off and handed it to Doggett.

"It's for you?" Scrawled on the front was John's name.

They both walked through the door before Doggett decided to open the note.

"Tom, are you there?" Scully called out to the seemingly empty suite.

"He must be here soon. So what does it say?"

The look on Doggett's face was one of concern. "It's from Shirley-Ann."

"And, what does she want?" Scully was really taking a disliking to this woman who seemed most interested in her man.

"She wants me to meet her. She's included her room key." He held up a white key card.

"You're not going to go are you?" Scully's half question, half statement was mixed with a sliver of jealousy.

Doggett looked thoughtful as he slowly paced the room.

"Dana, this may be an opportunity to find out more about what's going on here," he said in all innocence.

"John, she just wants to get into your pants, I know the type."

"What?" He was genuinely surprised by her comment. "No. She's probably got something she needs to say."

Scully shook her head. "When does she want to meet you?"


"Okay." Scully was uncomfortable about all this but she also knew Doggett was right and they didn't need any enemies here. "How about I come and rescue you in say thirty minutes."

"Rescue me? You sound as though I can't handle myself around her."

"Let's just say I've met her kind before. I'll wait here for Tom. You go."

"John, glad you could make it." There was that charming English accent again and this time she had her hair tied up off her face. This made her look younger and very attractive he thought. The way she wore her clothes too was so alluring. This time she had on a short finely knitted pale pink skirt and sleeveless matching top. She seemed to like clothes that showed off her midriff. Shirley-Ann caught him looking and smiled, lifting an eyebrow.

"I suppose you're wondering why I asked you here." She went over to the couch and sat patting the seat beside her. Doggett took the cue and followed her but instead of sitting next to her he chose a different seat.

"Why is it that all the damn sexy men are married?" She looked down at the ring on his finger. He followed her eyes and smiled remembering back to when Mallory had said to him not to lose it. Shirley-Ann had a gleam in her eye as she got up and moved over to sit on the arm of his seat. Doggett sat still as she lifted a hand and lightly traced the line of his jaw.

"So do you love her?"

"Who? Oh, yes I do love her?" Doggett tried not to gulp as her hand moved to his ear and lightly tugged on the lobe.

"How long have you been married, too long I hope." Shirley-Ann was keeping her voice low and sexy. It was evident that she was trying to come onto him especially as she moved her fingers to the back of his neck and felt under the neckband of his T-shirt. He hoped she hadn't noticed how warm his neck was becoming.

She leaned down close to his ear and almost whispered.

"I always get what I want you know."

"You..... do...?" Doggett stammered as her fingers moved down further under his T-shirt. At this time he found the energy to stand and move away from her.

"Shirley-Ann, I don't know what you're doing but I'm a married man, we can't do this."

"Do what John? What are we doing?"

"I don't know, you tell me." If it wasn't for his feelings for Scully and that they were undercover on this assignment he could actually go for her in a big way.

"I was just about to get you a drink." Standing, she brushed herself down seductively and walked towards the kitchenette. As she bypassed him she lightly breezed against his body.

Doggett found himself imagining what he'd have to do to stay in this woman's good books. He wouldn't be able to avert her every move.

"John, champagne?"

"Huh? Oh, yes." He watched as she unpopped the cork and filled two tall glasses.

"So what did you ask me here for?" He was a little tentative that the reply was going to be for sex.

"All in good time John, do you realize we can get six glasses out of this bottle." Doggett felt that lump in his throat again.

"Shouldn't you be rehearsing now, or setting up the stage now for your concert."

As she gave him his glass her free fingers traced his hand. They both took a few sips before she replied.

"That's why we have the technicians. We've done this show quite a number of times now. Myself and the boys usually get there about an hour before to warm up." Her glass was already empty and she was pouring her second then topped up Doggett's.

"You know what the best thing is before a concert?"

Uh oh Doggett thought as once again she stood in his personal space.

She held his hand and led him back to the couch.

"What?" He braced himself for the response. She leaned into him and purred, "Sex."

Doggett coughed nervously.

"Look Shirley-Ann, you're a beautiful sexy lady but I'm in love with someone else."

"Oh?" She didn't seem at all hurt. This was a lady who was used to getting what she wanted. "It was worth a try, you sexy hunk. I just hope your darling wife is giving you what you deserve."

He looked a little relieved but not out of the woods yet. He smiled knowing that indeed his *wife* was giving him everything he needed.

"So apart from sex why did you ask me here."

"Um," she became more thoughtful as she once again sat down. "I don't know who else to tell. I'm afraid."

"Afraid? Of what?"

"Look John there's something strange going on behind the scenes with the band." When he was sure her mood had changed and he was safe he sat beside her on the couch.

"Something strange? What is it and why tell me?"

"I'm telling you because you're going to the concert tonight and will be coming back stage. I'd like another pair of eyes and ears. There have been people going missing."


"Yes. Technicians, behind the scenes people, roadies. Since this tour started none of these people has stayed more than three weeks on the job. They just stop turning up. We've tried to contact them but get no replies."

"Why me? Why not go to the police?"

"I want to be sure there's something going on here. If it's all-innocent then it could reflect badly on the band. The last thing we want now is bad publicity."

"Why me?"

"You're on vacation, you seem an intelligent, strong man. I just thought maybe you would see something that I'm not." He was inwardly flattered by her comments.

"I'll see what I can do. Can you give me the names of these missing technicians? I have a few friends who might be able to help." Doggett noticed her apprehension. "No, they will be very discreet I promise you." She visibly relaxed.

"Yes, I'll ask my manager to send them to you."

"So that's why you've been coming onto me, so I will help you?"

Her face once again changed to a Cheshire grin.

"Uh uh!" She shook her head. She moved to his ear and whispered something that made his face light up. This was her opportunity. On the way back from his ear she caught his mouth with hers. Just as she was kissing him the door opened and there stood Scully, white key card in hand.

Doggett looked up just in time to see the pained look on Scully's face and her run off down the hallway.

Chapter Twenty-Two

Ramada Hotel

"Dana!" Doggett knocked on the locked bathroom door with desperation. "Open up, we need to talk!" He heard quiet sniffling from behind the door. "Dana." His voice was pleading as he kept knocking. "It's not what you think."

This was not working. He needed to explain to her that it was ShirleyAnn doing the kissing not him. This was not something he wanted to say through a closed door. What was he to do? In frustration he flopped down on the bed with his hands under his head staring up at the ceiling.

"Dad?" Tom's voice was questioning and tentative behind the half open door. "Can I come in?" When there was no reply he stuck his head around the corner to see what was happening. "Dad?" With still no reply he went to sit on the end of the bed. "I heard you and Mom.

Please tell me what's wrong."

Doggett had been only half aware that Tom was present until he felt the bed move.

"Tom, I hadn't realized you were here."

"Yes, I've been back for a while now. Mom said you were visiting with Shirley-Ann. Is that why she's upset?"

Doggett was in two minds whether to tell him anything. It was an adult thing. It was between Dana and him.

"Why would she be upset? I thought it'd be a good thing to be close to the band, for the case and all," he questioned in all innocence.

Doggett thought about being a real father and how he would respond to a question like that from his real son. He would be honest. All the details didn't need to be revealed but as a life lesson and to be open with him he decided to talk.

"Dana is upset because she caught Shirley-Ann kissing me."

"What?!" Tom got off the bed and ran fingers through his hair and paced the floor. "Oh my god Dad! You know what many males of this world would do if they'd been in the same position as you?"

Doggett was confused. Tom sat back down on the bed.

"And? Tell me what was it like. You could sell your story for big bucks, you know that?"

"To-om!" Doggett was initially baffled as to Tom's reaction but in a way the unexpected part of it helped him see the funny side too.

"So did you kiss her back? What was she wearing? How did she smell?"


"Okay Dad," he laughed. "I know, you're in love with Mom and it was all a mistake." This boy was certainly more aware of life than he gave sixteen-year-old boys credit for. He put it down to greater freedom of the media and television of today.

"So what did she want? Just you?" Doggett thought this was being a little too forward but he was coming to expect it from this boy. He remembered the list of the missing roadies that Shirley's manager would give to them.

"Apparently Shirley-Ann and the rest of the guys know something is going on here. There have been some technicians missing." Doggett explained everything to Tom who listened intently.

"Maybe I could follow this up while you guys make peace?" His face showed he was eager to help in both ways.

"Okay. Perhaps you could talk to Shirley-Ann about getting in contact with her manager." His eyes lit up with the prospect of this task.

Doggett rolled over to the bedside table and retrieved the pen and notepad there.

"Here's the phone number of some friends of ours. They already have the list of coma patients and they should have that CD I asked you to send."

"Oh them? So they'll look into this?"

"Yes." He finished off writing and handed over the paper. "I'm hoping for some information soon. Maybe they'll having something for us when you ring."

"All right Dad, I'll do this but first...."


He got off the bed and walked to the bathroom door and lightly knocked.

"Mom," he paused. "Dad says he wants to take you out for a nice dinner as an apology." Doggett frowned and mouthed a silent what?.

Tom just smiled. "He says he loves you and wants only you." Doggett couldn't believe that his surrogate son was saying this.

"I think that'll work." As he tip-toed to the door he added, "I do that to my mom and dad all the time."

Chapter Twenty-Three

Ramada Inn
Scully's and Doggett's Suite
6.30pm The bathroom door opened tentatively and Scully looked out. She saw her partner's puppy-dog expression as he lay on the bed and couldn't help but forgive him there and then. She'd seen this expression on him before and it just melted her heart. How could she possibly believe that the kiss would have happened on purpose. She was the one that had boasted that she'd seen Shirley-Ann's kind before. Why couldn't she have just trusted John?

Doggett held his arms out to her and like a magnet she was drawn to them.

"I'm so sorry John." Tears once again came to her red-rimmed eyes.

She fell into him and hugged him tightly resting her head on his chest. "I just didn't expect to see...."

"That's okay Dana. She's all you said she was but she did have some important information for us. Tom's working on it now."


"I'll tell you soon, just hold me for a moment." Scully felt warm and safe in his arms and soon found her fingers working their way over the hard muscles of his stomach through his T-shirt. His warm breath breezed through her hair and her head lifted with every rise of his chest. This was almost mesmeric. As she twirled absent fingertips around his navel she heard small growls from deep within him. This was turning him on. She decided to experiment further mapping out down his thigh, over his jeans, with the same fingers. After making a few circles around his kneecap exploratory fingers walked up his inner thigh falling just short of what was then growing in his pants.

Scully had all the power and felt good knowing she could make this man hot for her.

Playing further her hand went to the other leg and repeated the same slow actions down his thigh, around his kneecap and up his inner thigh. The rise and fall of his chest was more pronounced. Scully had the urge to see his facial expression but she didn't want to give away her intentions. Edging out his T-shirt from his jeans she slid eager fingers underneath to touch the heating skin. He expelled urgent air as she felt beneath the rim of his jeans.

"Oh Danathat'sgood." His words ran into each other. She found the button of his jeans and undid it and went for the zip. Being careful not to hurt him she unzipped over his then delectable, rock hard bulge. Once free of its constraints Scully massaged his balls with her fingers and rested her palm on his swelled cock.

As she fiddled with his balls she moved her head down from his chest and began to kiss the hot skin of his stomach, running her tongue over and around his navel. She was inwardly thrilled that she had so much control of his emotions at that point. His hand made random movements on her back as she moved her mouth further down until it was perched just above the pulsating head.

As her tongue teased the head he spoke with long drawn out words, "Da-na... yo-ou.......don't... ha-ave... to......" She just gave a few throaty chuckles and continued her oral application on the male appendage that had given her so much pleasure in the last couple of days. With her head resting on his abdomen she moved just a fraction closer to fit the head of his penis in her mouth. His hand was now feeling along her side from her shoulder down to her hip. Did he know what he was doing?

Her mouth moved further down and she wondered if he felt her smile as he shifted and groaned. It was time then to relocate her body to be able to take more control. She wanted to do this for her man almost as an apology for her recent helpless paranoia. With long, deliberate, wet movements she worked her way up and down his delectable shaft filling her mouth as much as she could.

"Ye-es." His hand moved to her hair and fingers twirled making twisted locks. The thought that she'd later have to take time to comb out the knots was overpowered by her need to please this man.

Thoughts that he then was on another planet urged her to quicken her tempo. It had the desired result. He moved his hips and made a growling sound that wasn't human. With fingers still massaging his scrotum she took a deep breath through her nose and made one concerted effort to complete this deeply intimate act. His hand fidgeted on the back of her head as his breathing became urgent.

Scully just knew he was about to come. She had never with any man proceeded past this point but her body wanted this. Her mind wanted this. She loved this man more than anything and would do this for him.

His cock vibrated in her mouth and suddenly she felt the first surge of cum hitting the back of her throat. Concentrating hard she swallowed as much as she could. His release was too forceful for her to take everything and some dribbled out between her lips and down over his hip. Her clump of her hair that he held felt almost painful but she dismissed this knowing that she was doing the ultimate sex act for her man. His abdomen heaved as he let out the last waves of passion. His body seemed to waver between reality and reverie. When his hand relaxed in her hair she knew that he had centered in reality.

His hand moved down her back feeling the ridges of her spine through her top and his contented sounds mixed perfectly with hers.

They pulled the covers over them and as they dozed there was the sound of their front door closing.

Chapter Twenty-Four

Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Coliseum
Winston-Salem, NC

The auditorium was abuzz with the excitement and anticipation of the upcoming U4mism concert. Doggett, Scully and their borrowed teenage son Tom looked across the growing, mingling crowd and couldn't help feel the lively vibes. The place was huge. There was a large floor section, then looking up two balconies extended from the edge of the stage all the way around to the other edge. The lighting was subdued, just enough for people to find their seats in the final ten minutes before the first song. Looking up minute lights gave the effect of a night sky and out in the open air.

Tom was opened mouthed. Had he been to a rock concert before? Doggett and Scully almost felt proud that they had been partly responsible for him being here witnessing his favorite band first hand. As the family of three made their way to the front row of the floor section Scully looked around her noticing the wide age range of the concert goers. There were children as young as six all the way to grandparents. She hadn't realized the overall appeal of this rock band. She wondered how those small children would cope with the sound. Rock concerts were renowned for their deafening volume.

Luckily she and Doggett had their earplugs in case of aural torture.

Tom had refused to wear them saying he wanted to hear all the music and thought they were dumb anyway.

Tom lead the way gazing eagerly over the crowd and stage as he went.

Apart from all the technical equipment and musical instruments the stage was set up almost like a theatre. Around the edge were all sorts of bars and ladders and lights. This was going to be one hell of a show. Scully wondered if Miss Shirley-Ann would be letting off some of her excess sexual energy by climbing these. She gave herself a mental slap on the hand for such mischievous thoughts.

Tranquil music played in the background as the crowd was becoming quieter.

"Mom? Dad? I'll warn you now I probably won't be sitting for long.

Usually when the band comes on stage a group will often go and stand at that barrier there." Doggett and Scully noticed the three security guards at the fenced off area immediately in front of the stage. They both couldn't imagine having to stand for a whole concert and Tom must have sensed this.

"Don't worry, you'll still be able to see Shirley-Ann Dad." Doggett just looked at Tom out of the corner of his eye. Scully thought And she'll be able to see you too. but decided to keep any feelings of jealousy to herself.

The lights in the auditorium and on stage lowered further and the crowd voices became quiet as the band members burst on the stage, all except Shirley-Ann. Doggett tried to remember who played what in the band, after all he had been told twice now. Brian was on drums at the back in the middle. Steve was on the left playing guitar. A keyboard was within easy reach. Doug held his guitar and was on the right opposite Steve. Who was the fifth member playing electric bass? He positioned himself close by to Doug. No one had told them this. He would have to ask Tom as soon as possible. As for now the crowd was screaming as Shirley-Ann bounced out on stage in her three-quarter skin-tight black pants with thick black belt and oversized silver buckle. She had on a pink, glittery halter-top. Her hair was not the only part of her that bounced out on stage, she was obviously braless. Scully squeezed Doggett's hand almost as a sign of possession.

The couple hardly heard the opening guitar of the first song 'Parade' as the crowd was hysterical for Shirley-Ann and her band. They did quieten down as soon as the lead singer began singing.

Oh let's bomb the factory
That makes all the wannabes
Let's burst all the bubbles
That brainwash the masses.

Believing in nothing
Makes life so boring
So let's pray for something
To feel good in the morning.
A good, lively song for an opening number. Doggett thought.

Tom had been right, a number of young people had pooled at the barrier and were bobbing along to the music. He had also been right that they could still see Shirley-Ann who was certainly a ball of energy as she traversed the whole stage during the song.

The next song was a medium tempo one called 'Cherry Lips'. This reminded Doggett of the sixties bubblegum music. The crowd all called out the go baby go lyrics each time they were sung.

The third in the line-up was slower and more subdued. Shirley-Ann's body physically relaxed for this one. They recognized this song as 'Cup of Coffee' the one they'd heard in the cafeteria. Scully found herself actually humming along. During the instrumental break Steve played unusual sounds on the keyboard, almost haunting strains.

The group in front of them swayed along with the lilting melody.

As the concert progressed the couple were actually enjoying the range of music they heard. This band had talent for song writing and delivery. No wonder there was wide appeal for this group, the range in styles could appeal to varying age-groups. However this didn't stop the need for the use of earplugs. At times the screams of the crowd mixed with the loud speakers close by could be deafening.

Scully was concerned for Tom. How would he feel after the concert with having his eardrums exposed to such a wall of sound?

'Can't Cry These Tears Anymore', 'silence is

Golden', 'Androgyny', 'shut Your Mouth', 'Untouchable' were all part of the repertoire. Even though the lead singer was occupied with her adoring audience Scully noticed her often looking down at her man and winking. Each time she did this Scully found herself squeezing Doggett's hand a little tighter. Had he noticed this?

The spectacular concert was coming to a close and the three of them felt a little sad that it was ending. There was the hope of the next evening however. They wondered if there would be a different line-up of songs.

"Wow! That was awesome!" Tom almost looked as though he was in love after the concert was truly over.

"Dad, see what I mean about Shirley-Ann? Isn't she just the hottest!"

Doggett smiled and nodded and Scully just looked across knowing she was going to have to watch his every movement when they were backstage soon.

"By the way Tom," Doggett questioned. "Who was that fifth band member? You told us nothing about him."

"Oh, that was Daniel on the bass. He just helps them out in live performances. He's not actually classed as one of the band. He adds a bit more depth and texture to the music when they play live."

A burly security guard was approaching them.

"You three ready to go back and meet the band?"

"You betcha," Tom was so excited.

All three stood and followed the guard through the door at the side of the stage.

Chapter Twenty-Five

Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Coliseum backstage
11 pm

They were ushered into a large dressing room. There was a wall of mirrors one end and a scattering of chairs across the floor. There was not much else except a few cupboards against one wall. The room was fairly stark. Scully wondered how Shirley-Ann could possibly be inspired by this room.

The band members all looked exhausted as they lolled in their chairs with beer cans in hand. Shirley-Ann was leaning against one of the cupboards drinking mineral water.

"Come in." The lead singer livened up when she saw who was coming through the door. She grabbed Doggett by the elbow and led him over to the others. "Hey guys, I'd like you to meet John." Turning to Doggett she winked again.

As she introduced each band member they stood and shook his hand.

Scully and Tom wondered whether they'd been seen at all so moved forward between Doggett and the band members.

"Oh and this is his son Tom." Scully was starting to bristle as once again she was being totally ignored by this woman. She was a famous rock star but even successful people could have a few manners she thought. Scully decided she'd better introduce herself because Shirley-Ann either didn't know her name or just preferred Doggett didn't have a wife, probably the latter, she thought.

"Hello, I'm Dana." She also held out her hand to everyone who acknowledged her presence with a handshake. "My son Tom here has been a fan of yours. How long has it been again Tom?"

For the first time since they met him he seemed a little awkward and understandably a little nervous. "Hi guys, I've been a fan ever since you got together. I have all three of your albums." He looked across to Shirley-Ann then who decided it was her turn to speak.

"A drink anyone? We only have beer of mineral water."

"I'll have a beer." Doggett decided then that it was time to sit in one of the unoccupied chairs. Before doing so he moved another one close to his and looked across to Scully. As she sat down she also indicated she'd have a beer.

"...and Tom?"

Looking expectantly over to his parents he responded, "I'll have a beer thanks."

"All right Tom, but just one." The look on Tom's face could have lit up a street lamp. Anyone would have thought he'd just won the lottery.

As they happily chatted about past gigs Shirley approached Doggett.

"Mind if I talk to you privately for a moment?"

Scully watched purposefully as she led her husband out another door. Her mind went back to the last time Shirley-Ann and Doggett were alone together. He had said he hadn't kissed her back but this woman was not to be trusted around her man. If she got up to check on them she may appear a fool so she stayed steadfast, a rigid statue in her seat. The others, deep in conversation, hadn't seemed to notice the two disappear behind the door.

"John, I just had to ask you if you've had any luck finding out information about those missing roadies?"

"Not as yet but I have someone working on it. I'll get in touch with you tomorrow no matter what." Doggett moved away from her as she was once again crowding his personal space. This woman was persistent but he didn't want to have any more concerns than the one they'd had that day. His thoughts returned to Dana and what they'd shared after the misunderstanding. How could his thoughts ever deviate from the love of his life?

"Shirley-Ann, I hope you don't mind but I've brought Dana and Tom into this too. They want to help."

"Okay," she nodded thoughtfully. "Well there's probably no more need for secrecy because the other guys have all the same concerns as I do. Let's go in and chat."

The two of them re-emerged from the other room, Shirley-Ann wearing a playful smirk on her face. "Sorry about stealing John boy away," she said in an insincere tone.

"B*tch," Scully whispered under her breath.

"I beg your pardon?"


Shirley-Ann boldly stared her rival down, hands on hips. "I'd advise you to watch what you say."

"Dana, Shirley-Ann." Doggett looked from one woman to the other. "Let's drop it, okay? No harm, no foul."

"No, John. I've had enough of this floozy and the way she thinks she can do whatever she wants with you."

"Who you calling a floozy, you two bit wh*re?" Shirley-Ann chimed in.

"Tom, you better come with me," Doggett said, ushering the boy out of the room. After placing him in the care of the security guards who stood outside the door, he went back into the room, where Scully and Shirley-Ann were now up in each other's faces.




The woman shoved one another as they tossed insults back and forth.

Scully took hold of Shirley-Ann's red tresses and spun her around, slamming her into the mirrored wall, leaving a slight crack at the point of impact. The band members had by now gotten out of their seats and were standing on the other side of the room, clearly enjoying the catfight between these two beautiful ladies. Even Doggett stood there with a proud grin on his face. He was ready to intervene if things got too messy, but for now he was just having a ball watching Scully do her thing. Plus, the fact that all this fighting was because of him was a real ego-booster, amplifying the attraction this spectacle held.

"Betcha 10 bucks my wife wins," Doggett proposed to one of the band members.

"What do you think I am, stupid? Your wife is clobbering ShirleyAnn," he replied, eliciting a knowing laugh from Doggett. The two men then resumed watching the fight.

"Get up!" Scully ordered, picking up Shirley-Ann from the floor where she'd fallen. Her halter-top came open due to Scully's rough handling and once again Shirley-Ann hit the ground, looking embarrassed and defeated as she modestly attempted to hide her exposed breasts.

Scully yanked her to her feet, this time by the hair.

"I'll kill you," Shirley-Ann growled, scratching at Scully's face with her sharp nails. The two of them clawed away at each other in an intricate dance that found them on the other side of the room. The audience then changed sides, enthralled by the almost palpable fury in the air.

Grabbing hold of one of Shirley-Ann's arms, Scully twisted it around. "Ow! Let go of my arm," she winced, on the verge of tears.

"Only if you promise to leave my husband alone."

"Yes! I swear I won't even talk to him if that's what you want. Just please let go!"

"Okay, but if I even catch you so much as looking at him the wrong way I won't hesitate to finish what I've started." Scully spat in Shirley-Ann's face then released her arm, watching in amusement as she ran to the other room and slammed the door behind her.

The guys gave Scully a standing ovation, paying tribute to her very un-ladylike physical prowess. Doggett swept her up in his arms and gave her a juicy kiss, which she returned with equal enthusiasm. "You missed your calling in life, Dana. You shoulda been a mud wrestler. I can just picture it now, you all greased up wearing a little string bikini, beating the pulp out of a hot chick," he teased, fixing her hair for her as he spoke.

"Shut up or you're next," Scully said, planting another kiss on his lips.

"Don't tempt me," he replied.

Surveying the scene, one of the band members said, "Ah, the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat. Speaking of which, I should go check on Shirley-Ann, make sure she's okay." He went to the door and knocked on it. "Hon, are you alright in there?"

"Tell her it's okay to come out," Scully whispered. "It's been fun, but me and the hubby are leaving." Taking hold of Doggett's hand, they went to get Tom and go back to the hotel to get some much-needed rest.

As soon as Scully's head had hit the pillow she had fallen asleep.

Doggett looked across at her from his side of the bed and smiled at her serene face. Even though he could go for Shirley-Ann in a big way this woman before him was his true love. After undressing and sliding under the bed covers he touched her cheek gently with the backs of his fingers and leaned in for a kiss.

"Good night Dana," he said quietly and lay back on his pillow looking up at the ceiling.

His mind was speeding. All the events of the past day were catching up with him. He just knew he would deliberately have to try to relax to get much sleep that night. What seemed like hours later sleep finally took hold.

Chapter Twenty-Six

Ramada Hotel
8 am

Doggett woke slowly, feeling the effects of the few hours he'd had in dreamland. He rolled over to put an arm around Scully but she wasn't there. Then his ears focused on the shower sounds from the bathroom.

He smiled as he stretched every part of his stiff body. Wondering how annoyed she still was, he got out of bed and padded to the bathroom, feeling a little chill on his bare body. If she was still bearing a grudge then he knew just what to do to wash her troubles away.

Standing outside the shower door he spoke, "Dana?"

"Go away!"

"Can I come in with you?" His question was met with silence. "Dana, please." Treating more silence as affirmation he cautiously opened the door to see her facing away from him. Her body glistened with the trickles of hot water down her back and over her delectable cheeks.

"Oooh, that's cold."

"Sorry." Doggett quickly stepped inside and closed the shower door.

He went to touch her but stopped short when she spoke, "What time did you get back last night?" Her tone seemed a smidgen accusatory.

"Not long after you actually. I left there almost immediately. I had to check that they weren't going to sue us for assault." Scully's body stiffened. "No Dana, I was just joking. They were all laughing when I left. They thought it was the best part of their evening.

Apparently that happens a lot with Shirley-Ann. She's always putting noses out of joint by coming onto married men. She says she loves the adrenaline rush it gives." Her shoulders visibly relaxed a little.

Lathering his hands Doggett thought this a good time to touch her and begin his journey to win back her trust and love. With hands resting on her shoulders he began to massage her tense muscles. She leaned into him savoring the feeling of his large, sturdy hands on her.

"That's so good," she purred. After considerable time he relathered and moved down her arms kneading each muscle on the way. When he reached her hands he linked fingers with hers and brought her hands up to hug her from behind.

Their hot skin touching sent needles of desire through both their bodies.

"Oh Dana, I do love you," he rumbled just next to her ear. Still linking his fingers through hers he ran both their hands over her breasts. She was feeling her own breasts but he was guiding her hands. This was so seductive. With his thumbs he guided hers over the rigid nipples and her breathing was becoming measured.

"Oh John, keep doing that." Doggett could feel her chest rise and fall as he squeezed her hands on her breasts. He moved her hands down over her stomach and both sets of fingers moved through her pubic hair. She gasped at the pure eroticism of this. He was the one guiding her fingers on her body. As if by magic she spread her legs to accommodate two sets of hands and fingers. With his index fingers he urged hers to seek inside feeling the heat and slippery wetness.

"Ooooh, ahhhhh," she made these sounds in her throat as he slid her fingers deliberately either side of her hard clitoris. Leaving one set of index fingers working where they had been he guided her other inside her. Feeling her finger with his inside her was enough for her to burst at the seams. With a few last heaves of the chest she came.

She was sure Doggett felt the surge of fluid and violent spasms as her body erupted.

"Oh Dana, you don't know how good that feels for me," he breathed next to her face. It took a while for Scully to find her feet and her voice again. Her body and breathing were both very wobbly.

"How?" She panted.


"How did you learn to turn me on like that?"

"Oh that's easy."

"It is?" She turned slightly towards him. That was the first time he'd actually seen her face that morning.

"It's you. I want you to be happy. I want to have this effect on you."

"Well John Doggett if you keep doing things just like that then you have me for life."

"Promise?" he smiled and she could feel it in her hair. She could also feel the state of his arousal on her back.

"It's your turn now," she whispered. "I want you deep inside me."

Meanwhile there was a knock on the front door, then another. When the knocking became persistent a yawning Tom got out of bed to answer it.

"Yes?" He squinted sleepily at the face at the door.

"You must be Tom. Can I see John and Dana?"

"What?" His face screwed up in non-recognition.

"You haven't been told about me, have you?"

"No, who are you?"

"I'm John's partner Monica Reyes."

"Oh." Tom actually felt like saying not another one. How many women did this man have? "Is he expecting you?"

"I think so." Reyes was looking expectantly past Tom and into the suite. "Can I come in?"

Tom moved aside to let her in then closed the door behind her.

Back in the shower Scully was bending over resting her forearms on the shower wall as Doggett guided himself inside her. His eyes closed and his face was awash with bliss as he probed in deeply.

"Oh that's good John, keep doing that."

"Ah, yes." He had his hands on the shower wall beside Scully to support him as he thrust with wanton strokes.

"Where are they?"

"I think they're still in bed. I'm not sure if they're awake. I usually hear them." Tom didn't notice Reyes' expression change to a shade of green.

"Look lady, you talk to them, I'm going back to bed." He slumped off towards his bedroom leaving Reyes looking over the room. She wasn't sure what to do. This wasn't normally too early for John. He was usually up with the birds. Instead of just waiting she decided to go see what was happening. If they were asleep she'd come back a little later.

She knocked on what must be their bedroom door. Hearing nothing she opened it slightly to see an empty, somewhat disheveled bed. What had they been doing in that bed? Surely this was just an assignment for them and they'd just been sleeping. Then she heard the sounds of the shower and walked over resting an ear against the door.

"John, are you in there?" Then she heard what sounded like sex coming from behind the door.

"John, go deeper. Yes, just like that, ahhhh."

"You feel so hot Dana."

Monica stood frozen to the floor. John and Dana were screwing in the shower. How could he do this? She knew he had feelings for Scully but how could he do this when Dana had Mulder? Had this happened before that she didn't know about? All her hope to eventually be with this man fell onto the carpet where she stood. She left it there and headed for the front door and the hell out of that suite.

"Oh, oh, oh John." Doggett could feel Scully coming all over again.

The pulses on his very ready cock were messages for him to let fly too. As he surged inside her he felt her legs slipping and caught her just as she was about to fall. Holding her waist he gave a few final thrusts then both of them stood motionless as the sparks slowly ebbed.

"I wish Shirley-Ann could see us now." Scully snarked as they came to their senses.

"You do?" Doggett hummed.

"Then she'd know you are mine and not hers."

"Don't worry Dana, you'll always have me no matter what." That was almost true. He still didn't know the circumstances with Mulder and would have to deal with that when and if it arose. He laughed thinking of what he'd do to keep Scully. Maybe a catfight?

Chapter Twenty- Seven

Hotel Suite
9 am

"Did she say where she was going?" Doggett looked concerned when Tom told him about Reyes' presence in their suite.

"No, I was back in bed. I just heard the front door slam. What made her leave in such a hurry anyway?"

"That's what I'd like to know too." He turned to Scully. "We're going to have to find her."

"You weren't doing the wild thing again? I get it, she caught you two at it. You're like rabbits," Tom sniggered.

Doggett's face changed to worry at the thought of what Reyes may have witnessed. Scully just smiled internally knowing Reyes had a thing for Doggett. Maybe now she would keep her mitts off him.

Wisely choosing to ignore the earlier comment about rabbits Doggett gave Tom directions for the day.

"I want you to check in with The Lone Gunmen. I especially want to ask about the music and what they've found. How about we meet back here at lunchtime and decide where we'll eat and talk about all this."

"Mom and myself will go and seek out Ms Reyes."

"Okay Dad, so you both think this is all to do with some sort of hidden messages in the music?"

"Could be subliminal but why aren't there more cases like this?

According to record sales if this case is anything to do with hidden messages there should be thousands more cases. I think it's a lot more complicated than that. I'm just hoping that The Lone Gunmen can help find the link here between the coma patients." Doggett went to pick up his jacket and headed for the door.

As Doggett spoke Scully was thinking of something else.

"Tom, how have you been feeling today?"

"Okay, why?"

"Me too and you John?"

"All right?"

"We were at the concert, we heard the music and yet we're okay."

"That's true." Doggett opened the front door and led the others outside and down the hall.

"You think the effects may build up over time?" Both Scully and Doggett looked across to Tom and looked impressed at his profound thinking.

"That could make sense." Scully mentioned nodding slowly, thinking as she did so. "Each exposure to the phenomenon could add a thin layer of dementia, slowly accumulating until some effects were experienced." Scully paused still thinking on her feet. "Remember Stephen Morris, John?"

"Yes, he was the one who was presenting with early symptoms."

"Wow!" Tom was animated. "There have been people showing signs that they've been affected by this? This is so rockin'!"

"Tom, we just have to be careful here. Having heard this music we may already be on the road to dementia too. We're also going to the concert tonight, that may add another sliver." Scully placed a calming hand on his arm.

They arrived outside the manager's office and waited.

"Here we are Tom. Mr. Roberts said he'd be happy for you to use his video conferencing facility." Doggett leaned in and in a softer voice said, "Make sure he's outta the room before you begin talking. I'd like to keep our findings under our hats at this stage."

"Okay Dad." Tom was quite proud to be able to help out. He was knocking Doggett and Scully headed to Reception. If Reyes was staying in this hotel then they were about to find out.

Chapter Twenty-Eight

Ramada Hotel
Room 421
9.30 am

"So she *is* here. What's so important that she has to give up leave to add her worth to this case?" Scully was miffed that Reyes felt she needed to intervene on a perfectly set up scenario. The only reason to explain this was that Reyes wanted to be near Doggett. Scully looked over to her lover and partner and realized he had no idea that Reyes had feelings for him.

Why had Reyes left their suite so hurriedly? She thought over the words that Tom had told them. He'd let her in then had gone back to bed. Scully put herself in Reyes' position to understand what may have occurred.

She'd been left hanging when Tom had gone back to bed.At that time the lounge room would have been silent. Knowing Reyes, she wouldn't have waited around not too long before finding out what was happening. Doggett was normally an early riser so she would have been confused that he wasn't around at this time. Scully thought back to what she and her lover had been doing when Reyes was present in their suite and just knew that she must have entered the bedroom and heard them making erotic love in the shower.

This image alone of what he'd done to her made her flush scarlet. She literally felt his hands still on her manipulating, caressing. How had he learnt to do that? In her mind she felt his fingers once again in her and her legs went to jelly.

"Dana? You okay?" Doggett looked back as they entered the elevator for the fourth floor, heading for Reyes' room.

"I think I must have tripped on something." Scully knew then that she wouldn't be able to perform her best on this case if she kept remembering the wonderful sex they'd shared.

They both perched outside room 421 but Doggett paused before knocking.

"Dana, I think it might be more appropriate that I talk with her alone first."


"We both know what she must have heard from our bedroom. If one of us talks to her first it may not be as awkward." Doggett made sense.

"I'll wait down the hall for ten minutes then I'm coming back."

Doggett nodded as Scully moved away.

"John, I didn't expect to see you at my door." Monica looked radiant, not like someone who'd been recently upset.

"Hello Monica, we need to talk." Without being invited in he brushed past Reyes into the room then turned to face her.

"Why are you here Monica, you know you could be putting our cover in jeopardy?"

"That thought occurred to me but you need me John."

"I do? I thought we had this case under wraps. You're meant to be on leave, that's why I asked Dana to be here with me."

"I don't think that's the only reason John." Reyes looked thoughtful. "You wanted to be close to her. I understand, she's a beautiful woman but she has Mulder. That's not your style to come between them."

"Well that's a long story, maybe later. Monica, I didn't come here to be with Dana, I came here to solve this case and she seemed like the perfect choice."

"So that was all make believe in the shower before? It was all a show for your cover? Two married people having sex in the shower?" The pitch of Reyes voice rose with each question. Doggett hung his head slightly. "So you were fucking in the shower! How long has this been going on? Why didn't you tell me John?"

"It's not like that, it just happened."

"So your dick just happened to find her weak spot? Oh my god John!"

Reyes ran fingers through her hair. "You're on a case and you're screwing her on the side." This reaction from his partner didn't seem right. She was usually supportive of him.

"Monica, I thought you may be happy for me, that I've found someone.

You're always the one telling me I need a woman." Reyes had wanted to tell him for a long time now that the woman he needed was she.

"Yes John, but not Dana." Doggett just looked bewildered.

Just then there was a knock on the slightly open door and Scully peered in.

"Am I disturbing something here?"

"No, come in Dana." This time Reyes closed the door completely. "We were just talking about the case and your undercover work." There was an awkward moment when they all thought of the double meaning of 'undercover' in this situation.

Reyes took a breath and decided to leave that topic until later. She also wanted to confront Scully on this. She was not so easily dissuaded from getting the man she wanted.

"So let's get some coffee and share information, I've found something that might shed a little more light on this case."

Chapter Twenty-Nine

Ramada Inn
Room 421, 10 am

"Okay, so far we have patients in hospital in a comatose state having lucid dreams." Reyes reiterated what the two agents had told them. "A few people are presenting with early signs and they've all said that they've been having moments when they believe they are in an alternate reality. They must be dreaming but it all seems too real."

"Yes, and we think it has something to do with this band U4mism and their music," Scully added.

"Hmm, certainly sounds like some sort of subliminal message scenario but what could be so powerful to shift them into an alternate life?

I've never heard anything like this before," Reyes mentioned taking another sip of the hot black brew.

"I've been on cases where, under suggestion, people have been urged to kill." Scully decided not to elaborate on the time she was hell bent on killing Mulder in exactly the same circumstances.

"So this is all quite possible. Well we just have to find out what's happening here for the sake of all those affected and those who may be influenced in the future." Reyes looked from Doggett to Scully. "I think we need to pay another visit to this Shirley-Ann. She sounds a feisty one."

All this time Doggett was just sitting back watching these two ladies exchanging information and ideas. There were certainly some beautiful, intelligent women in his life. He smiled remembering holding Scully in his arms, how warm she'd been next to him at night.

The sex they'd shared was remarkable.

He looked over to Monica and his heart melted. She'd looked like a lost sheep talking about the discovery of the relationship between he and Scully. Surely she couldn't be jealous. Reyes was just a good friend. She looked across to him and smiled. For the first time he noticed that her whole face lit up when she smiled, it was almost infectious.

"Well count me out of that one." Scully began to prickle at the mere mention of Shirley-Ann's name.

"Looks like it's just you and me then John." Reyes looked a little too happy. "Dana, go and take a couple of hours off, I'll work with John on this one."

Scully actually liked the idea of doing something for herself for a change. Her baby was with her mom, Scully felt a free woman for a moment and enjoyed the sensation.

"Okay, I'll do it. How about I meet you two and Tom back at our room at noon?"


Scully gave Doggett a kiss on the cheek then exited leaving Doggett and Reyes to talk about the questioning of U4mism's lead singer.

"I thought she'd never leave." Reyes got up out of her seat and took the coffee cup to the bench. Doggett noticed her for the first time as an alluring woman as she made her way to the kitchenette. When she turned he noticed the glint in her eye and his heart sprang from his chest at the sight that was coming towards him in slow motion.

When she reached him she held out a beckoning hand and he took it and stood. Looking over her shoulder she led him to the bedroom. He couldn't resist what he thought was going to happen now. The part of his mind that was saying that this was wrong he just squashed.

"John, I know you want this too," she said in the most seductive voice he'd ever heard. She opened the bedroom door and then turned and lifted her top over her head exposing her black lacy bra. She then took his hand and led him to the bed and urged him to sit and watch the show. Doggett's eyes were transfixed as she slowly undid her pants then turned around and slid them over her ass. Bit by bit of her delectable buns were being exposed as she bent right over taking down her pants. Her skimpy panties matched the bra in texture.

She stood and turned back to see him open-mouthed and a definite bulge in his pants.

Moving up closer she took his hand and placed it between her legs. He could feel she was wet for him and she sighed as she moved his fingers on her.

"Monica, take them all off." He was tugging at her underwear. Linking her fingers in the thin straps she pulled her panties down revealing her dark curls. Once off she undid her bra and let it slip to the floor. Doggett couldn't believe the angel that was before him. She played with her breasts as she made her way closer to begin taking off his clothes. Doggett didn't think he'd make it before all his clothes were off so helped her. Soon they were totally bare together on the bed and madly kissing. Reyes was on top and rested her whole weight on him as she probed his mouth with her tongue.

His mind told him he shouldn't go any further than this but his body wasn't responding. He loved Scully didn't he? Why was he allowing Reyes to make love to him? As Reyes moved down on him from above he found himself responding to her every move with sexual passion. The way her hips ground into him and the way she kept kissing him made him come faster than he would have liked.

Suddenly Doggett was jerked to reality. He was in the exact same position he had been when they'd first talked. They were in the lounge area and Reyes was still talking to him over on her chair.

"...and then we could ask her about anything else that may have appeared suspicious. Maybe the other band memb.... John? Are you all right?" Reyes looked concerned.

Doggett coughed and blinked his eyes. What had just occurred?

"Jo-hn," she said looking down in his lap. He knew what Reyes had just witnessed.

Chapter Thirty

Reyes' Room

Doggett looked down to where Reyes was looking and was relieved he was only aroused and not what he'd feared.

"John, are you all right?" Monica sounded perplexed.

"I do-on't know, he stammered. "I swear I wasn't here a second ago."

"You've been here all along John." "What do you mean?"

Doggett shook his head and blinked. He could have sworn on a stack of bibles that he'd been on the bed with Agent Reyes not moments before.

"John, I'm worried about you. Talk to me."

"I swear to you, a moment ago I was in your bedroom. You sure I was here?"

"Yes John, I'm sure. You haven't left that chair since you sat in it." Reyes wore a serious look had the slight furrow in her brow that showed Doggett she was telling the truth. "What were you doing in my bedroom?"

"Um." He had to think quickly here. What Reyes had witnessed about his body language she was bound to put two and two together. He couldn't just say he was looking around.

"I could have sworn I was with Dana."

"Dana left. You saw here leave here."

Doggett's cell phone rang and he answered it tentatively, he was still confused.

"John Doggett."

"Agent Doggett, it's Andrew Roberts here. I'm glad I caught you."

"What's up Mr. Andrews?" He looks up to a curious Reyes.

"It's Tom."

"What about Tom?" Reyes was even more interested in this line of questioning.

"He'd been using my video conferencing and I came back from morning tea to find him sitting at the computer."


"I mean Agent Doggett, he was staring into space and I couldn't budge hem. It's like he's in a trance or something."

"Is here still like that?" At this question Reyes mouthed a what? to Doggett.

"We'll be right down." He hung up and went to retrieve his jacket.

"C'mon Monica, it's Tom. Something's wrong." Reyes fetched her jacket and they both breezed out of the room and down the hall.

Manager's Office

Ramada Hotel

"Tom!" Doggett rushed over to him as he sat rigid in the chair.

"John, I think we might have to get Dana. This doesn't look good."

Just then Tom stirred from his trance-like state with a few puffs of air.

Monica stood back as Doggett acted.

"Tom, are you all right? What happened? You scared us there for a moment buddy."

It took a few moments for Tom to come to his senses.

"I must have been dreaming but it seemed so real."

At this stage Reyes stepped forward to speak.

"Hello Tom, I'm Monica." He looked up initially clueless then mentioned, "Oh, you must be Agent Doggett's real partner."

"Yes, that's right. Could you tell us what happened Tom? Where were you in your dream?"

His eyes searched the room but were really searching his mind.

"Ah, I was in a music recording studio recording for a band. I was the bass player."

"Was there anyone else there? Were there others in your dream?"

"Yes, Shirley-Ann was there." It was Doggett's turn to question.

"Hey pal, who else was there? Were there other band members?"

"Yes, there were the usual U4mism band members."

"Well what was different about you dream? Was there anything out of the ordinary that you could shed light on to help us here?"

The only thing I could say is why me on the bass? I've never had aspiration to play this instrument. If I was to choose it'd be lead guitar."

"So you're sayin' maybe you don't have as much control over your dream as you would have thought?"

Doggett turned to Reyes.

"We need to talk," he added quietly just near her ear. "In private."

Chapter Thirty-One

Doggett's Suite

Doggett and Reyes safely delivered Tom to his room and told him to stay put for the moment. They would try to find Agent Scully to check him over.

"She'll have to check you over too John. Why didn't you tell him you have a similar experience?" They made their way to the loungeroom.

"I just didn't want to scare him. Let's find out more information first and then we can go in with more facts.

"John you wanted to talk to me in private?"

He took a while to find his composure. What he was going to tell her may have made her uncomfortable but in the light of Tom's experience she had to know.

"Sit down Monica." Reyes kept her curious gaze on Doggett as she slowly sat. Doggett remained standing thumb and forefinger clutching his lower lip.

"Monica, remember before when I told you I was in your bedroom."

"Yes, in your dream."

"Well I lied about being with Dana."

"Lied John, why?" This was not like the honest John she knew and loved. "Who was with you?"


"Me? Why was I there?" He gave one of his puppydog expressions and Reyes began to compute. "I gather I wasn't there showing you over the hotel room. What were we doing?" She wasn't going to word it, he could.

"We were on the bed." There was an audible gasp from Reyes and she went a shade of pink.

"How? Why?" Reyes was showing a little less composure than usual.

"How? Monica, I don't think I need to give you a birds and bees lecture." Doggett laughed a moment. "Why? I honestly don't know but when Tom said that he was in a position in his dream that he wouldn't normally have chosen...." Doggett saw the sunken look on Reyes' face and sat down beside her. In a soft voice he felt like comforting her. "Mon, I didn't mean it like that."

"I know John." She looked into his eyes longingly. Doggett had seen this expression all too often before. At first he couldn't interpret it but as time went on and as expressions were mingled with words he became to realize that Reyes was in love with him.

"I'm so sorry Monica, I don't want to hurt you. I am very fond of you but Dana needs me right now."

"Needs you? Why John? Since when did Dana need anyone except Mulder?"

"Mulder's gone."

"Gone? Gone where?"

"Well that I haven't figured out yet. I've been waiting for her to tell me."

"John, how do you know he's gone for sure? What if he comes back?

John, I think you're taking a huge risk of being hurt again." Doggett just hung his head a little, thinking.

"You don't think I have those fears too? In the back of my mind it's always there. Monica, if he does come back then I'm going to have to decide what to do. I am in love with her Mon. I don't know what I'd do if I lost her.

Monica placed a comforting arm around him. Even though she wanted him she knew she couldn't force him to love her. She decided there and than that's she'd be there for him no matter what.

Chapter Thirty-Two

Milo's Coffee Shop

Scully sat in the coffee shop nursing a hot coffee and reading the newspaper. She couldn't remember the last time she'd been afforded this simple luxury. She'd rung her mom earlier finding out that she was still happy to continue looking after him and that William was fine. Scully hadn't given away too much information about the case but expressed hopefulness that it could be wrapped up soon.

When Maggie had found out that Reyes was also there in North Carolina she'd urged her daughter to come home to her son and leave the case in her and Doggett's capable hands. Scully wondered whether her response had been as calm as she was trying to let on. For selfish reasons she wanted to be with Doggett but she did justify these thoughts in her mind. She'd been there from the start, seen things, heard things and she needed to lend her medical expertise to the case.

There was the concern of the comatose patients. She may be the only one able to find out the reasons for their condition and to be expert enough to find a remedy. She thought of Doggett and what had transpired over the last two days. He was a woman's dream. He had watched her back on so many occasions, he was reliable and loving and above all he would make a wonderful father to William in Mulder's absence.

She rested the newspaper on the table and fished in her pocket for Mulder's note

"Dear Dana, Again I must stress to you that I am truly sorry that I cannot be there with you and our son William. It is just too dangerous for me to show my face at this time. I would hope that at some time in the future I would be able to re-enter your life but I cannot see that happening in the near or even far future.

I know I said to you that I might only need to go away until a cure was found but please Scully don't wait for me.

I love you too much to let you put your life on hold...."

She was startled out of her reverie by the ring of her mobile phone.

The mulling over Mulder's letter would have to go on hold.


"Dana? This is Monica. I know you're probably enjoying your time off but we need you here."

"Okay, where are you?"

"We're in your suite. Both Tom and John have had some dreams."


"Yes, it looks as though they've been affected by the music of last night's concert." She paused. "Dana, how do you feel?"

"I'm okay." Her mind raced like a Grand Prix car. "I'm on my way."

All the way back to the hotel her mind was ever active. Why was it that Doggett and Tom were affected and not she? Was it a gender issue? No, there had been female coma patients too. Something stalked the back of her mind. What was she missing in this case? Her years of X-Files experience had taught her to consider every clue. Even the most obscure finding could be crucial to solving the case. Mulder would have solved this by now, she just knew it. He would come out of the blue with seemingly absurd explanations that would end up being feasible.

If she could only contact him and explain everything that had happened maybe he could help. They had agreed that it was not safe for her and their son if she knew where he was headed.

As she took the lift up to their floor her brain clicked.

Chapter Thirty-Three

Doggett and Scully's suite
11.00 am

Scully flooded into the room and felt the heavy atmosphere.

"John, are you all right?" She was immediately by his side. "Monica tells me you've had dreams?"

Reyes decided that maybe they needed some time alone.

"I'll be up in my room when you need me. Dana, I'm sure you must know now that we need to move quickly on this. If Tom and John are affected just by one concert imagine how many others may be."

"Yes, I know Monica, looks as thought the situation is getting worse now too."

"How about I ring around the hospitals and see what the damage is?"

"Good idea." Reyes left them.

"I'm okay Dana." She gave him a kiss on the lips.

"When I heard I was so worried. Tell me all about it."

"Let's just say that I had a vivid dream after you left and when we found that Tom had also had one we were concerned and thought we should contact you." Doggett certainly wasn't going to tell her that Reyes had been intimate with him in his dream. If he had any say in his choice of partner he would have chosen Scully first.

"So where's Tom now?" Scully looked towards the bedroom.

"Yes. He's resting in his room. It was a bit of a shock to the system. Dana, it wasn't just a dream. It was like I was really there.

I could pinch myself and still feel it."

"Do you need to rest a moment? You look pale." She rested a hand on his forehead and felt an uncustomary coolness. "Come on, let's lie on the bed for a moment and talk."

She held out her hand, which he took and led him to the bedroom. They snuggled close together almost missing the contact from that morning.

"John, I want to know all about your dream if I'm going to help you and Tom. I want to know every detail."

"Dana." His tone was pleading. She looked at him with bafflement.

"You can't tell me? Are you embarrassed to tell me, is that it?" She looked at his eyes closely trying to glean more silent information.

"Let's just say Dana, that I was doing something I would not choose to do in reality and that's confusing to me. I know that the usual dreams can be different too but this was something else." He paused as another thought came to mind. Scully saw this.

"Yes John?"

"There is one more aspect that I hadn't realized before. It was almost that there was another presence in the dream, as though someone was watching. I hadn't told Monica this as it only just dawned on me."

"That is curious. We must ask Tom if he felt the same way. We'll let him rest for now. So did Tom find out anything from the Frohike and Byers?"

"He didn't have a chance to tell us. I think I'll call them soon.

Maybe they witnessed Tom's state from their end?"

"I hadn't thought of that."

Once again Scully's cell phone rang. She looked across to Doggett as she answered, "Scully."

"Scully, it's your faithful friend Frohike here."

"We were about to call you guys. What do you have for us?"

"Byers and myself are on our way over there now."

"Here? You don't need to do that. We can cover it from this end, just let us know what you have."

"I'm afraid that you do need us your end. It's what we've found out."

"Found out?"

"We analyzed that music CD you sent to us and found nothing out of the ordinary but when Tom contacted us and saw what happened to him we knew that it was more that just the music."

"More than just the music?" She reiterated this for Doggett's benefit. He was waiting intently.

"Yes, we believe it has something to do with their live music."

"How do you know this?"

Byers now took over the explanation.

"Scully, when I followed up that list we were given, of the roadies that had worked with the band, they'd all been found in a comatose state and couldn't let the doctor's know where they'd been working.

They had all been exposed to the band's music first hand."

"Yes, and...?"

"...and the list of patients you had? They'd all followed the band around the country as groupies, also exposed to the live music."

"So what you're saying is that all these people have been affected by the live music rather than the pre-recorded stuff?"

"You hit the proverbial nail." Frohike took the phone back.

"So Dana, that's why we're on our way over there now. We're bringing the necessary equipment to test out the music. I believe we can find out what's going on at tonight's concert."

"Good work guys, we'll see you when you get here."

Chapter Thirty-Four

Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Coliseum
Winston-Salem, NC

Doggett and Scully had decided to let Tom continue his rest so left a note saying where they were going. Reyes was also with them at the concert arena to do some digging. Reception at the hotel had kindly told them that the band members were all at the venue doing a sound check for the evening's concert so they thought this was the perfect opportunity for some in depth questioning. Then was also the time to come clean about their true reasons for being there on Winston-Salem.

Scully still had her suspicions why she had not been affected by the music but she also wanted to find out why the band members also were not having these lucid illusions. They were continuously being exposed to the live strains.

She would keep her thoughts under wraps until she was sure.

"So the three little guys will be here." Reyes laughed.

"Don't know where Langly is. Just Frohike and Byers are on their way."

"Well I'll just have to kick Frohike's sorry ass if he tries feeling me up like he did last time?"

Scully just clicked her tongue and rolled her eyes. She knew exactly what he was like. Doggett smiled as they all made their way to the well-guarded front door of the complex.

Each displayed their FBI badges to the guards.

"FBI, I'm Agent Doggett and here are Agents Scully and Reyes. We've come to take a look around if that's all right," Doggett stated officiously not expecting no for an answer.

"What do you want?" said one guard in a gruff voice.

"Now that would be classified at this stage. Just let us in."

The guard opened the door and watched their path as they made their way towards the concert arena. All was quiet. They had expected to hear some whines of guitars and voices over the microphones. They must not have started their sound checks yet.

They entered the auditorium doors and at the far end was the vast stage.

"Who's that on the stage and what's he doin'?" Doggett mentioned to the two female agents.

"I don't know but he looks a little familiar." Scully squinted trying to see better.

"Who is he?" Monica questioned also looking.

"You there, hold up there!" Doggett called and began walking along the aisle towards the stage becoming quicker with each step.

"The person on the stage looked up from what he was doing and began to walk off the stage."

"Stop there! FBI!" Doggett began running but the man disappeared off stage and through a side door. Doggett ran to the door, opened it and looked from left to right but saw no one.

"Well hello handsome." Doggett looked around to see the cute face of Shirley-Ann. "I thought I heard that sexy voice of yours."

"Shirley-Ann, did you see a man just run through this door?"

"No, why? By the way, is that kick-ass wife of yours here with you?"

"What?" Doggett frowned. "She's not really my wife."

Shirley-Ann looked incredulous. "Er, John, what did you just say?"

"Dana's not my wife, we're both FBI agents, we're here undercover."

"FBI agents?" She coughed.

"We are here specifically to find out what's happening here. We thought if we masqueraded as a family we'd be able to get closer to you."

"I like that." She raised her eyebrows and purred. "That makes you even cuter. I always had a thing for men in law enforcement."

"I think you just have a thing for all men Shirley-Ann." Scully showed her face through the door and the female singer spun around.

"I'll have you know I'm happily married. I just enjoy looking. By the way I've been quoted as saying that the only man I haven't cheated on is my husband."

"You are married?" It was Scully's turn to be amazed.

"Now you two, no fighting." Monica came through the door when she thought it was safe. "Remember why we're here."

"And you are?" Shirley directed her question to the new face.

"I'm Monica Reyes, John's partner."

"Hmm, I knew it, a man as cute as you with all these women after you, too much competition for me." She smiled cheekily.

"Shirley-Ann, this man we saw was playing around with some equipment on stage. Would you take a look for us?" Doggett needed to clear the thickening air. He walked through the door towards the stage. The three ladies followed. He walked over to a large box shaped piece of equipment.

"What's this?"

"It's the amp for the bass."

"The electric bass is amplified through this? Why would someone who's not the bass player be using it?"

"I suppose one of the technicians would but he would have no reason to run when confronted with this. In fact the technicians aren't here yet, that's why we haven't begun our sound checks yet."

Doggett looked from Scully to Reyes.

"Something is wrong here." Both agents nodded agreement.

"So do you think that the runner might have something to do with this case of yours?" Shirley-Ann was curious. She wanted this solved too.

Unnecessary negative publicity was not what she needed now. "There's one thing I have to ask you lot."

"Yes?" Scully decided to reply.

"If our music is so scary and makes people hallucinate then why haven't myself, the rest of the band been affected?"

"That we don't know yet." Doggett spoke.

"That might not be the case John." Scully interjected. "I was the one who hasn't been affected by this either."

"You know something we don't Dana?" He looked across to her with an expectant face. Reyes was also curious.

"Yes Dana, I suppose that's a question we all hadn't got around to until now."

Scully turned to Shirley-Ann. Do you wear any aural devices as you're playing?"

"Aural devices?" Doggett smiled hearing her distinctive English accent.

"Yes, anything on your ear to block out the noise? You must have to put up with great volumes of sound in your work. Is there something you use to control that wall of sound?"

"Yes, of course. We all have feedback devices we wear on one ear. It controls the level of the music and sorts the tracks so we can hear ourselves above everyone else. We all wear one."

Scully's was in one of her productive thinking modes. Doggett knew from past experience that she was not often wrong on these matters.

"John, did you end up wearing those earplugs I bought for you?"

"No," he shifted a little self-consciously. "I wasn't too uncomfortable with the volume."

"And Tom refused to wear them but I did. That was the difference between the three of us and is probably the reason why I'm okay and you and Tom have had illusions."

"Illusions you say." Shirley-Ann chuckled.

"What's so funny?" Reyes asked her in her usual calm manner.

"Oh I'm just thinking of our latest album

, 'Lyrical Illusions'.

Is that a coincidence or what!"

There was a moment's significant silence as all three agents thought.

This time Reyes was the one to speak first.

"It does seem quite ironic doesn't it? How did you come up with that album


"Don't know, that question you'd have to ask our manager. I just do the singing. The publicity guys work out the rest."

"So where's your manager now?"

"He's probably back at the hotel making calls, checking that all will go smoothly for tonight."

Reyes spoke to the other agents.

"Dana, John, I just have this feeling that the album title 'Lyrical Illusions' is not just ironic but deliberate. I think we may have a very solid clue here." She turned back to the feisty red head. "Would you mind calling your manager saying I'm on my way over?" Turning back to the other agents, "I'll meet you two back at the hotel. I'll also wait for Byers and Frohike who should be arriving in the next hour or so and let them know our discoveries." She left them and made her way up the aisle to the door they'd originally entered.

"Byers and Frohike? More agents?" Shirley-Ann seemed to love this attention from the FBI. Doggett decided to answer her.

"Not FBI but they are our technical advisors. They're bringing some equipment here to test your music tonight. I hope you don't mind."

"Not at all. You'll just have to let my manager know. So what next?"

"We'd like to talk to your bass player. He's not usually a band member is he?"

"Okay, I think he's back stage." As they followed she explained that Daniel the bass player usually supplemented the band at live concerts.

Chapter Thirty-Five

Ramada Hotel
4 pm

"Tom's been in his room for a while. I hope he's okay."

"He'll be fine Dana, I think I can hear the television going in there anyway."

Doggett and Scully had decided to take an afternoon nap together.

They'd flipped off their shoes and jackets and lay on the bed close together.

Scully looked into Doggett's clear blue eyes and felt pure love sweep over her body. Here was this wonderful man lying next to her, the one who two days ago she thought was out of her reach. Little did he know that it was really Mulder who had brought them closer together.

"Dana," his voice rumbled near her cheek. "What did you think of Daniel the bass player? Do you think he was telling the truth when he said he knew nothing about the person tampering with his equipment?"

"After so many years of cases like this I can usually tell whether someone is telling the truth. He had no idea what we were talking about."

"Me too. After years in law enforcement I can usually tell liars and cheats."

"What and who could be causing this?"

"I don't know Dana but I do know we are so close that it's almost rubbing its nose in our faces. Another thing, why isn't the bass player affected? He has his music fed directly into his ear piece, you'd think he'd show some signs."

"Maybe when we find out more about what's happening then we'll piece everything together. I'm confident we can work out a way to reverse all these effects."

"I certainly hope so Dana. I don't particularly want to have any more visions."

"By the way, how are you feeling? You're still not going to tell me what you experienced, are you?"

Doggett moved closer and kissed her soft, warm cheek. "I'd prefer to think about more pleasant things."

"Such as?" Scully was baiting him. He moved a hand down outlining the shape of her arm. The way his arm then moved down over her shoulder blades and settled on the small of her back sent sensual pulses through her. He gently pulled her in closer so that she could feel his warm, solid body against her. Their lips touched and brushed for minutes until they finally opened and kissed deeply. Scully's hand wandered over the muscles of his back and down until her thumb hooked into his belt, pulling him closer still. This feeling of oneness was wonderful. The events of the past few hours were only clouded memories as they revelled in their intimate proximity.

"Such as, what I'm going to do to you when we've solved this case Dana Scully."

"Oh Mr Doggett, is it something I should look forward to?" He kissed her ear sensuously as he replied.

"Only if you can stand endless hours of me finding every sensitive spot on your body and then making love to you all night long over and over until you beg me to stop."

"Hmmm." Scully found her breathing becoming more erratic at that point. Doggett noticed this and tortured her further. He ran light fingers on her inner thighs through the thin material of her pants as he spoke.

"I'm going to make love to you with my fingers first." Scully felt a gush between her legs as his fingers moved up then drew a line over her upper thighs deliberately just missing her writhing mound. She felt her face flush beetroot red as he continued up her body and traced circles around her nipples. Moving a little onto her back gave his greater access.

"Then what?"

"Then I'm going to lick and suck every part of you starting from your toes up. No part of you will be untouched by my tongue and lips Ms Scully."

By then she was speechless. There were only small whimpers finding their way out through paralyzed vocal chords. The mixture of his words, gritty voice, the feel of his fingers on her and images of what he would be doing to her later all bubbled together like a magical brew.

He leaned closer and whispered, all the while looking directly into her delirious eyes. "Then I'm going to plunge myself deep inside you as you squirm under me. I will pin your arms back and pound you endlessly. You will scream out my name as you come like you never have before in this lifetime."

Scully left all reality behind as the throbbing between her legs overpowered the pulsing in her veins. She experienced an orgasm so profound that she was sure it had lifted her off the bed. A little while later she realized that Doggett's lips were once again on hers and she responded this time with all the love she could muster in thanks for the wonderful feeling he'd granted her.

"That's never happened to me before." Scully's voice was still not back to normal. Doggett just laughed knowing exactly what she'd meant.

There was a knock at the bedroom door and a fresh face appeared. Tom saw them closer than close on the bed with eyes closed and their contented smiles.

"You two should get married you know." Doggett's eyes sprang open and he got up in half sitting position.

"Tom! How long have you been there?"

"Don't worry, I didn't see or hear anything if that's what you're worried about. You two are worse than a couple of sexually active teenagers."


"Only joking."

Scully stirred awake and saw Tom there through hazy eyes.


"Have you seen Monica yet Tom?"

"No Dad, should I have?"

"I just thought she was going to get back to us. That's strange. It's not like her not to call." Doggett rolled over to retrieve his jacket and got out his cell phone from a pocket. He punched in a few numbers. "No answer. Damn."

Scully also got up to a sitting position. "How are you feeling now Tom?"

"I'm fine now Mom. I just needed a few winks."

"By the way, you don't need to call us Mom and Dad any more. They know we're FBI agents."

"Oh?" He seemed a little disappointed. "Do I have to go back home yet? I was enjoying this case." He sounded whiney.

"Not yet Tom. We'd still like you to go to tonight's concert to keep an eye on things."

"The concert? I can really go again? But what about the dreams, won't that make them worse?"

"Well there is one condition."

"I knew it!"

"That you wear earplugs. Looks like those may be the key factor why Dana here hasn't been affected by the music."

"Oh okay. Found out anything more?"

"Only that the naming of the band's latest album may be no coincidence. Monica's been looking into that.'

"You mean 'Lyrical Illusions'? There was a competition."

Both Doggett and Scully were all ears with this latest statement of Tom's.

"A competition? For what?"

"To name the latest album. People were to submit their ideas for the title and as a prize the winner would be able to tour the country with the group."

"Shirley-Ann hadn't told us that bit of information." Scully spoke.

"Remember Dana, she said her manager and publicists handle that side of the marketing maybe she didn't know."

"Who won the competition?" To Doggett this looked like another piece to the ever-increasing jigsaw that was this case.

"Ah, can't remember his name, something like Peter Morris, no, the actual name escapes me. You think the winner of the competition might be involved?"

"Could be. C'mon Dana, let's get up. I think we need to be proactive here. We need to pay a visit to this manager and find out what's keeping Monica. I'm beginning to get worried for her Dana."

"Okay," Scully forced herself to get out of the bed. Her legs were still a little numb and stiff from the fabulous loving she'd just been given by her man. She felt like having a shower but that luxury would have to wait. "I'll just take a couple of minutes to freshen up." She made her way to the bathroom, stretching her arms up in the air to loosen her muscles. Doggett's eyes followed her every movement forgetting that his surrogate son was in the room.

"Oh come on! John! You want her bad." Doggett's immediate thought was to bite but this sixteen-year-old boy had a point. Doggett loved this woman and did want her bad. These thoughts would have to be put on hold for now. There was every possibility that this case would be blown open tonight and then there would be time for fun and games after that.

"Tom, will you be okay here without us?" Doggett was beginning to feel a fatherly affection for this boy. He was somewhat annoying with his incredulous timing and smart-ass comments but he certainly had endearing qualities. He was going to miss this boy when the case was over.

"Yes, sure."

"And Tom, if for some reason we're not back for the concert will you be able to make your way there?"

"Okay, you want me to direct Byers and Frohike?"

"Something tells, with all their testing, it will only just confirm what we'll find out tonight."

Chapter Thirty-Six

24 Mayberry Avenue
Kernersville, NC

"Do you think she might be in there?" Doggett spoke quietly to Scully as he peered through the car window.

"I have a strong feeling she's in there and in deep trouble. Why wouldn't she call?"

"I don't see a car anywhere."

"Maybe he took it, or parked it somewhere else." Scully spoke logically.

"Why didn't we see this coming? What did we miss?" Doggett mentally kicked himself for not seeing what was staring straight at him.

Doggett got out of the car first and Scully followed. Guns at the ready they made their way to the front door.

"FBI, open up!" Doggett banged on the door. When there was no answer Scully peered through a few nearby windows.

"Nothing. I'm going round the back." Gun drawn Scully made her way around the side of the house looking into a few windows as she went.

Doggett went around the other way. They met at the back door.

"Nothing." Scully was still vigilant.

"I say we go in," Doggett said in a gruff voice.

"But John we don't have a warrant."

"Dana, if she's in there she may be in serious trouble, we have to check."

Doggett got silent agreement from Scully and forced the back door with his foot. Holding guns in front of them they searched room after room then made their way upstairs.

"Look Dana." Scully followed Doggett's eyes to a room with a faint glow coming underneath the door. They moved up cautiously and Doggett reached out a hand and slowly turned the handle. Gun ready they walked inside.

"Monica!" Doggett moved quickly over to Reyes who hadn't acknowledged their presence. She was sitting in a chair facing a computer monitor.

The light cast eerie shadows on her transfixed face. "Monica! Dana, something's wrong."

Scully approached the stock still Reyes and looked into her face.

"Looks as though she's in a trance. I hope we're not too late John."

She produced her medical flashlight and shone it into each of her eyes in turn. "Ring 911 John, she's in a coma."

Doggett punched in the numbers on his cell phone.

"This is FBI Special Agent John Doggett, we have an agent down here.

We need you to come to 24 Mayberry Avenue, Kernersville. We have a coma patient here, please hurry." He hung up and turned to Scully. "They're on their way now." He leaned over Reyes and lifted her up so that she was in his arms. "Let's meet the ambulance downstairs. Open the doors for me will you Dana?"

The ambulance took no time to come. Reyes's head rested on Doggett's should and her legs dangled over his arm.

All over his face was worry for his partner. He placed her on the stretcher carefully placing her head on the pillow.

"Please Monica, be okay for me." He willed her to listen to him.

'What happened?" asked one of the paramedics.

"We don't know exactly but there are other patients just like this at the Winston-Salem General Hospital. We think it has something to do with music at a rock concert here in town." He turned to Scully.

"Dana, you go with Monica, I'm going to the concert. This guy is obsessed, he's bound to be there. I'm going to stop this sick fuck if it's the last thing I do."

Even before Scully had a chance to reply Doggett was headed towards the car. He was hell bent on nabbing this nut case.

Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Coliseum
Winston-Salem, NC

"We got here as fast as we could, traffic's hell out there." Frohike placed the equipment he was holding on the stage.

"What?" Doggett could hardly hear him over the sound of the band warming up even though he was wearing the very annoying earplugs that Scully had insisted he use. "Where's Bel Air?"

"Yes, I've never been there," Frohike said under his breath and rolled his eyes.

"I've got the rest, this should do it." Byers carried the last of the equipment to the stage. "So Doggett, you think this guy is responsible for all this mayhem?"

The icy stare Doggett gave Byers was confirmation that he was royally pissed.

"This fuck is somewhere here I know it and when I see him he'll have hell to pay." He gritted his teeth.

Doggett suddenly felt a hand at the back of his neck and then wetness on his mouth. It was all too fast. It was only when Byers said, Oh my! that he realized who was kissing him. He pulled back quickly to see the very sassy face of an animated Shirley-Ann.

"That was just too hard to resist sexy boy. I love a man with a dirty mouth." She just as quickly went back on stage all the while smiling and licking her lips.

"Ahem, the sexy lead singer of U4mism just kissed you!" Byers was incredulous. Doggett just shook his head and frowned. "What's been going on here? You need to tell us something Doggett?"

"Guys, just get this all hooked up okay?"

Byers and Frohike exchanged knowing yet perturbed glances.

"What is it with this guy?" Frohike leaned in near Byers. "He has all the girls swooning over him. If it was me I'd have her on the floor by now."

"If you had her on the floor she'd be looking around for the sniper."

"Funny, very funny."

"What the fuck!" Frohike and Byers were awakened out of their bantering to Doggett's exclamation. They followed the subject of his profanity to someone running up the aisle towards the back door.

Doggett ran after him gun ready. "Hold it there! FBI!" He lifted his gun ready to shoot but the subject kept running. "Hold it there! I'm prepared to use this!" The person kept running. Doggett shot and it got him in the upper thigh making him fall forward awkwardly. Even above the music the shot reverberated throughout the arena. Doggett ran up the thirty degrees incline with ease getting out his handcuffs as he ran. He got him on the floor.

"Stephen Morris, you son of a bitch. How do you do it? My partner is in hospital in a coma because of you." He cuffed the struggling youth and looked over his shoulder at the converging security guards. By this time the music had stopped and all that could be heard were the sounds of the shocked onlookers.

"Not talking now hey. Don't worry, you will when we get you down to the station you sick bastard.

Doggett stood up bringing the culprit with him.

"Dad! You got him?" Tom had heard all the commotion and came running from backstage.

"Call a Senior Detective Mallory and tell him I'll be down there as soon as possible." Doggett finished talking to one of the guards then turned to Tom.

"Yes we got him Tom."

"What did he say? Why all this?"

"He's not saying anything now but we'll get it out of him." Then he continued in a quieter voice. "You'll be able to see you real dad again. Wanna come down to the station with us?" Tom thought for the moment. That would mean he'd miss out on tonight's concert.

"Hell yes! I'll just get my jacket."

Chapter Thirty-Seven

Winston-Salem General Hospital

"Monica, you're all right." Doggett walked over to Reyes who was now sitting up in bed looking none the worse for wear. He took her hand. "I was worried about you."

"You know me John, can't keep me down for long."

Doggett looked across to a smug looking Scully.

"Talk to me Dana. What's up here?"

"Well when I was signing Monica in I just happened to glance over the list in front of me, which is just second nature to me a s a doctor, and I saw a familiar name." Scully went to sit on the bed.

"Familiar name?" Doggett looked from Scully to Reyes.

"Yes, Daniel Mitchell."


"John, he's U4mism's bass player." Monica replied. Doggett nodded then looked back to Scully.

"As a doctor I can find out things."

"And you found out what?"

"I found out that he suffers from a type of depression called dysthymia or dysthymic disorder. It's chronic bit not as severe as some forms of depression. It's estimated that 1.6 percent of American adults ages 18 to 54 have this type of ailment in a given year."

"How does this help the case?"

"Remember before I wondered how Daniel wasn't affected by the music even in the slightest and yet he has the music piped directly into his ear?"

"Yes, that was unusual."

"I thought maybe there was something about his body chemistry that blocked whatever is causing this. Introduced chemicals in the form of medication were the most likely."

Doggett loved Scully's logical mind but sometimes he wished she'd just get straight to the point.

"So what was it that worked on Monica here?"

"You mean what was it that worked on all the coma patients. They are now all back to the land of the living."

Doggett's face showed surprise. He hadn't even thought about all the others.

"That's great Dana. How?"

"You mean what, anti-depressant medication. Anti-depressant drugs are known to work on neurotransmitters in the brain."


"Yes, chemicals used by brain cells to communicate. One common one is serotonin. We used a small amount of a medication that is in a group of SSRIs or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. This seemed to do the trick."

"Ah, I see you're up to visitors Ms Reyes." Doctor Shearer breezed into the room. "Agent Doggett, good to meet you again." They shook hands. "So you have a clever partner here. It never occurred to me that something so simple could work."

Doggett looked across to Scully with a loving expression that didn't go unnoticed by Reyes. "Yes, she's pretty special."

"Look I didn't come in here to bother you, just to let you know that Mallory and his son are on their way up. See you later."

"Thanks doctor." Monica produced a small smile as he left the room as hurriedly as he'd entered.

"Did you tell them?" Senior Detective Mallory entered the room followed by his son Tom. Larger than life as ever thought Scully. She wondered how Tom had come to have the personality he did. Another child would just be hiding in his father's shadow. Must take after his mom. She smiled imagining how strong a woman Mallory's wife would need to be and was a little sad she hadn't got to meet her.

"Hello Mallory, Tom."

"Hi Dad, I mean Agent Doggett." Tom laughed at his fumble.

"You can call me John from now on. Agent Doggett seems a little formal in the situation we've been in."

"Sure John." He took up a position so that he could see everyone in the room. "And by the way, when are you two getting married?"

There were audible gasps from the room's occupants and both Doggett and Scully tried to hide their embarrassment.

"There's something you haven't told us?" Mallory was all ears. Monica was very silent on her hospital bed.

Scully looked to Doggett who didn't seem as though he was going to explain anything in the near future.

"We are just friends Tom. There's no mention of marriage here."

"From what I saw you're more than just friends. Come on you two admit it."

Doggett saw Mallory's puzzled expression and spoke, "Tom, I think we're just good actors."

"Yeah, right." He gave a small chuckle.

Doggett decided it was time to change the awkward subject.

"No Mallory, I haven't told them. You or me?"

"You start." He nodded towards the two women.

"Looks like this case is cracked wide open now. Stephen Morris is behind bars. He's not going to be able to harm anyone for a long time. I know I'm still getting my head around this one but he's what's called a mind walker. He uses very low frequencies to stun others into lucid comas. He then proceeds to be part of the dream.

Remember Monica I said to you that after my dream I thought someone may have been watching?"

So you told Monica your dream but you wouldn't tell me. Scully thought. She was going to find out no matter what. Her curiosity was sparked.

"Yes John, so this onlooker was Stephen Morris, the one who said he was experiencing these dreams too?"

"Yes, if he wasn't so dimwitted enough to admit that we may never have found him or solved this case. He could still be out there spreading his mayhem to others."

"So how does he do this John?" Monica asked.

"Don't ask me how he gets into their minds because that's beyond me but I do know how he causes the comatose states. He uses very lower frequencies somewhere between three and five hertz."

"How do you know all this John?"

"The Lone Gunmen took no time at all to come up with it. They tested the bass players equipment and found an unusual sound that cannot be heard with the human ear. In fact it's such a low frequency that it's possible to use it as a form of torture. Any more exposure to these waves of sound and it could actually shatter human bone."

"Eeek, I'm glad you two found me when you did." Reyes was relieved. "I thought it must have been something to do with the computer monitor. I didn't hear any sounds in the room. Now I know why.'

Mallory continued, "So this Harris guy won the album naming competition and whammo, a great avenue to feed his addiction."

"Well I'm glad we'll see the last of that man. By the way, we don't even know about his parents or even if he had any. We think he was living in the house alone." Mallory continued.

"Probably got rid of them the same way he did all the others."

Doggett was ever the matter of fact one.

"Yes, we're looking into that one Agent Doggett. He wasn't too forth coming about his family."

Mallory paused and took a breath, "Anyway guys once again the dynamic duo have solved an X-file. I am forever in your debt."

"Me too John and Dana." Tom was saying his goodbyes. He went up and gave them each a hug. "I really enjoyed working with you two and please if you ever need a son again I'm there for you."

Doggett and Scully both produced wide grins.

"I already have a son but if I ever need one who can talk then I'll call on you." Scully laughed at the small joke she made.

"Okay Tom, you've been a big help to us here. You really helped us solve this case. I hope Dad here can give you a pocket money raise for your efforts." It was Doggett's turn to look smug.

"Hmmm, yes Dad, it's been a while since I had a raise."

"C'mon Tom." Mallory gave a bid belly laugh as he pulled Tom by his jacket out the door.

As they left Tom couldn't help but add one more parting gesture. As his father dragged him out of the room and down the hallway they could hear him humming the tune to the 'Wedding March'.


Scully's Apartment
The next morning
7.30 am

"Mom was so glad to see us back wasn't she?"

"I think the little chap sleeping in the other room was even more happy to see his Mom."

"And the operative word there is sleeping, which means we have time."

"Time? Time for what?" Scully knew he knew exactly what she meant.

He'd had a child. He must have known how important it was to get all the loving in they could when the child was asleep. Scully rolled over in bed and placed her arm over his bare chest.

"That was the best night of sex I've ever had." She purred contentedly.

"I warned you what I was going to do to you when the case was over."

"And you're a man of your word, Agent Doggett." She gave him a few butterfly kisses on the chest and moved her hand down feeling his warm skin.

"So Brad's back in the picture with Monica? I think I've been away from the bureau too long."

"Just because he came to pick her up from the hospital doesn't mean he's back in favor." Doggett gave a small laugh as he said this.

"I could have sworn I saw love written all over that face of his."

"Well that may be so but I have the feeling Monica's got someone else. She's been fairly secretive lately and been keeping something to herself. I've just been waiting for her to talk about it."

"She might just be waiting for you to ask. Some women like to be asked first rather than just blurting it all out."

"You think so? Okay I'll do that."

"For all we know it might be you."


"You might be the man she wants. I wouldn't blame her."

"Well she's too late because I only want you." He leaned over and kissed her mouth.

"Talking about love, what was all that about back at the hotel? Why was Shirley-Ann all over you again when we were packing to come home?"

"Oh, she was just offering me a life of leisure, music, booze and her body if I came with her." Doggett was smiling broadly and she just had to kiss his cheek.

"I see you didn't take her up on the offer."

"What and give up a life of parenthood and changing diapers? Never!"

Scully propped herself on one elbow and looked at him squarely in the face.


He took a while before he responded, all the while looking into her eyes.

"Look Dana, I don't know if Mulder's coming back or not but I'm here now and I'm prepared to be your baby's father if you want me to be. I know how hard it is to bring up a child alone. Believe me."

"Really, you'd do that for William?"

"I'd do it for both of you. You're both part of my life now."

Scully's face lit up as she wrapped her arms around him and hugged tightly.

"Well Mulder's not coming back, he told me so."

"If he does Dana I'll put up a pretty big fight to keep you."

Scully reached over and delved into her jacket pocket producing a crumpled piece of paper. She handed it to Doggett.

"Here, read this."

Realizing what it was, he spoke, "Dana, you don't have to show me, it's personal."

"No John, I want you to see this. Just read it and you'll see why."

"Dear Scully, Again I must stress to you that I am truly sorry that I cannot be there with you and our son William. It is just too dangerous for me to show my face at this time. I would hope that at some time in the future I would be able to re-enter your life but I cannot see that happening in the near or even far future.

I know I said to you that I might only need to go away until a cure was found but please Scully don't wait for me.

I love you too much to let you put your life on hold.

I've seen the way John Doggett looks at you. He loves you Scully . If you don't want to go on alone and you feel the same way then you have my every blessing to seek a life with him. Do it for you, do it for William. If I ever do return I promise I will let you continue the life you have made for yourself.

I will always love you, Mulder."

"I can't believe this. He gives us his blessing?" Scully just nodded and grinned widely. He hadn't seen her do that for a long time and it made his heart melt.

"Dana, I want you so much it hurts."

"Well you have me John Doggett. Make love to me."

"With every bit of strength I can muster?" He whispered just next to her ear.

"You know John, that voice of yours, all you have to do is talk and I'll be in bed with you so fast."

"Let's hope I never suffer from pharyngitis." Scully chuckled at that comment.

"If you ever do then you can talk with your fingers and I'll respond just as well."

"Oh, like this?" He began his digital assault on her body until they were once again in close physical and loving union.

In the other room William had woken but was happily gurgling away staring at his overhead mobile.

The End

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