Title: Like Lightning
Author: Becka F.
Written: 2001
Classification: V
Rating: G
Spoilers: Existence
Disclaimer: They don't belong to me. However, they will be returned in relatively good condition. :)

Summary: It's just like lightning.

Before he learned how to speak, even before he understood the English language, I told him about his father.

I told him about his father for him as well as for me. So I could keep going. So I could keep going for him. It was my only outlet.

Every day he amazed me. Every day he reminded me of him in one way or another.

My heart broke, but I never stopped telling Mulder stories.

My Mulder stories.

One day, when he was about four, we sat up late watching the most amazing lightning storm. Naturally, William wasn't afraid of anything, and unlike other kids his age, storms fascinated him to no end.

He never once shielded his ears or covered his eyes.

He never once winced at the ground-shaking claps of thunder, sometimes so severe and so unbelievably violent that you could feel them moving deep inside of you.

William's eyes only widened with wonder.

All at once I wanted to scoop him up in my arms and offer him up to the world.

Look world! I wanted to yell. This boy is going to change everything. He's going to make this place you live better. My son is going to change the world!

All at once I came crashing back down to Earth. I always did, at the sound of his voice.

"Lightning comes from where, Mama?" he asked me, once things had settled down, and he felt he could talk again.

I brushed a piece of his golden hair out of his eyes.

"You wouldn't think so, but it comes up from the ground. It comes from deep inside the earth, and spreads out across the sky."

His mouth opened, but no sound came out.

He just waited.

And waited.

// CRASH //

As if on cue, a brilliant array of fork lightning danced across the sky, and almost immediately its thunder counterpart followed.

"I saw it!" he exclaimed, pressing his face up to the bay window in his room.

I wanted so desperately to frown at the tiny smudge mark he left, but found I possibly couldn't.

"Cool, huh?" I asked.

"Yeah," he replied absently, his brow wrinkled.

He was thinking about something.

Then he began to chew his bottom lip.

Yes, he was definitely thinking about something.

He didn't talk for a few minutes, and it wasn't until we were almost sure the storm was over when he turned to me.


"Yes, Will?"

"Daddy's love is just like lightning, isn't it?"

I met his question the only way I could - with silent awe.

"'Cause it's down there somewhere, an' sometimes all we have t' do is look up at the sky, an' we can see it."

// CRASH //

I jumped, but not entirely due to the ear-splitting protest coming from above.

The storm was far from over.

"Yes it is, baby," was all I could muster, as I followed my son's gaze back up into the ominous black sky.

Oh yes it is, William.

It's just like lightning.

The End


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