Title: Last and Final Chance
Author: Starbuckmsr
Written: April 2002
Rating: PG-13
Keywords: Characters death, M/S/R
Disclaimer: Mulder, Scully, William, Skinner, Doggett, Reyes, Lone Gunmen, and all the rest of the Scully family belong to CC, 1013 and Fox

Summary: Scully is at the mall shopping with her mother and sisters-in-laws when she gets a bloody nose, then again at home and at work. Someone gets an e-mail.

Author's note at the end.

Friday April 6, 2009

It was like every other day I got up, made breakfast for William and I, we got dress and I dropped him off at school and I went to work. It was a Friday so it was busy, people wanted to get to work so the day would go faster, so the weekend would begin sooner. I went into work and did what I did everyday. I went and got my self, Doggett and Reyes coffee and then went back to the office. We just go back from a case so we did mostly paper work all day.

I got a call around 2, it was my mother, my brothers and their families were coming down for Spring Break and wanted to know if the girls went shopping tomorrow and the boys went to a baseball game if William and I would join then. I said yes and that I would tell William about your new plans tomorrow and make sure he wanted to go, through I already knew his answer 'Cool what game mom?'

For the rest of the day all I could think about is William and how excited he was going to be when he heard about the plans for tomorrow, through I knew he wish that his father was here to go with him.

I picked William up from school, I asked him on our way home if he had any homework he said no. I decide to wait and tell him after supper about tomorrow.

We got home I started supper and Will went in the front room to play on his computer.

It was around 5 when it was done I told William to stop whatever he was doing and come sit down.

"So Will how was school? You learn anything knew?"

"It was ok, no I didn't learn anything I know to much already, I should be in grade 3 not 2."

"I tried to talk to you principal about you going into 3rd grade because 2nd grade was a waste of your time and that you're the smartest kid in your class, really I think you should be in 3rd grade but hey I'm only FBI, I can't really say what the school does and doesn't do."

"Your right I guess."

"I have some good news you might like."


"Your Uncle Bill's and Uncle Charlie's families are down and the girls are going shopping tomorrow and the guys are going to a baseball game and grandma asked if we would like to join then. What you think ?"

"Cool, so Mat's going to be there right?"

"Yup and so is Drew and Josh. Kayla, Alyssa and Katie are coming with, your Aunt Tara, Aunt Mary, grandma and me. The time the baseball game is done we should be all done shopping and already back at the house cooking supper for our big hungry men. Try and not eat a lot of junk food that way you won't have a stomach ache and can eat real food."

"I'll probably only eat some pop corn and have a can of pop for the whole thing. Can I buy a baseball hat and a finger?"

"Sure. If you're done eating bring out your plate and stuff and you can go back doing whatever you were doing on the computer."

"Okay I'll take your stuff too, your probably have a lot of work to do."

"Yes I do but I think I'm going to lay down for a while I have a little headache, if I fall a sleep can you wake me when it says 8? Thanks."

I walked back to my bedroom and closed the door, I got under the covers and I felt cool like someone put a great big ice cube on me. I fell asleep around 6:30, I dreamt that I was in this black room it had a door and one window but the window was white but you wouldn't see out of it, I yelled for someone hoping they could hear me but there was no one. I yelled again and again and again.


All of a sudden the room became white, then purple like someone was drawing something and they messed up and was drawing what ever that person was drawing again only in a different color.

I could hear something ringing but I didn't see anything, then I hear a voice it was a young girls voice, I couldn't make out what she was saying, it sounded like she was talking to a male, saying something like ' no I haven't brought her to the hospital' or something like that. It was like I was in someone house and I could hear then but I couldn't see them, maybe they could see me so I started yelling again.

Right after I stopped yelling I could see someone lifting the top of whatever I was in, it was the girl and she was grabbing for me, I ran trying not to get caught but it didn't work, I started to scream and kick like. The girl dropped me then I felt a small hand on my stomach.

"Mom, mom are you okay? Mom can you hear me?"

"What? What is it? Are you okay?"

"Yes I'm okay but are you? I could hear someone yelling but I just thought it was from out side so I didn't do anything, then I hear you kicking and that's when I came in."

"The dream it was horrible, it was like someone was trying to draw something around me, I could hear a young girls voice."

"Mom are you sure you want to go shopping tomorrow I mean we can chancel if you want to I won't be mad."

"No I'll be okay I just need some tea that's, I'll be okay. Why don't you get into your pajamas and I'll meet you in the living room with your show on okay?"


Will left and I went into the kitchen to get my self-some tea. I don't think the dream meant anything probably just a nightmare.

I went into the living room waiting for Will to come back to sit with me to watch T.V, we do that every night we talk about how your day or week went and if we have any problems that we need help with. He would usually fall asleep in my arms and I would carry him to his room and watch him sleep. When Mulder was here I would watch him sleep, I could do it for hours, the way his mouth moved, the way his eye lids flickered, the way he would moon when he was having a night mare. I remember when we first slept together I watched him lay there sleeping with his arms wrapped around me like I was going to leave right when I saw the sun coming up, I would never do that to him, he was my life my touchstone, my soul, without him I was nothing. All then years when I was alone and wanted someone to cuddle up with me at night I wished it was him.

Know he's gone but I have his son to look at when he sleeps, I see Mulder all over him, his personality, he nose, his eyes, his hair, his lips, thought he has my height, everything else is his fathers side of the family.

Will walks into the room with his alien his dad gave him when he was just a baby, I turn on his show and I watch it. We fall asleep on the couch William fell asleep in my arms with the pillow on my leg for his head to rest on and a pillow on the arm of the couch for me. I woke up around 1:20am, and I decide to put Will in his own bed and I in my own bed.

Will woke up first and came in to wake me up.

"Mom, mom are you awake?"

"I am now what time is it?"


"7:30, Will we don't have to be at you grandma's till 11 why don't you lay down beside me and try and get a couple more hours of sleep. Please because I know if you get up know you wont make it all throw the ball game."

"Okay I'll try."

"Good because I'm still sleepy."

I fall asleep about 2 minutes later though I'm not in a deep sleep I can fell Will moving around trying to get comfortable. Finally after 10 minutes of fidget Will stopped and found a spot. I think we slept for about 2 more hours. Will again was the first one to wake, though he didn't wake me right away, I could hear him moving around the kitchen trying to find something, what exactly I don't know. I waited till he came back into my room that I knew what it was. He made me tea.

"You didn't have to you know."

"Yeah I know just I felt really bad that I woke you up early on a Saturday, so I made you tea, one sugar, once milk."

"You got it. Did you get your self some breakfast let?"

"No but I am right after I get dress."

"Wouldn't it be better if you eat first then got dress that way if you spilt something down the front of you you don't have to change your clothes again?"

"You're right , I'll go get my breakfast then I'll get dress, I wonder if its going to be cold or hot today?"

"Why do you just go eat then we can worry about what you are wearing after."

"Okay, I'll see you in the kitchen."

I smiled, just smiled, I love him with all my heart and will always love him no matter what, even if he becomes a mass murder I'd love him even though I'm not happy with him taking away lives of people who should had lived.

I walk out to the kitchen were Will is eating and I get my self-a bowl of oatmeal. We eat in silent, after we were done we decide to go and get dressed, I helped Will pick out his clothes, and made sure they matched, then went into my room and got dress, it was around 10:30 when we got done eating and getting dressed. We got our hats and purse and left for my mom's house.

Maggie Scully Residence
April 7, 2009

I pulled up to my mom's and got out, through we weren't really on time, the game didn't started till 1 so we had enough time to get there really. Will ran up to the door even before I was out of the car, he had rung the doorbell and everything. I got out and walked up to the house, I didn't really want to see Bill through he was part of my family, after the last time I saw him, Will was a baby and he came down, that was before Mulder left, after that I had never even tried to contact him, that was 6 years ago. Yeah I did drop him off when he came down to visit my mom but I never stayed and never even went in, I would tell Will I would pick him up at whatever time and to say hi to his Aunt Tara for me never Bill.

I walked into the house and everyone was talking among them selves. Alyssa talking to Kayla about whoever knows probably boys noticed me, she ran over to me and gave me a hug, followed by Kayla, Matty, Tara, Mary, mom, Alyssa, Drew, Josh and Charlie. Bill just stood there, he looked at me like I was going to tell him something bad like Mulder was here or something, he always played the over portative brother that I needed when I was younger, but every year he became more portative, he was even more mad at me then my parents were when I quit medical school, it was like 'holy shit man your only my brother not my father and never will be' but I let it go and went on my life the way I wanted to.

I walked over and gave him a hug everyone looked us, Bill didn't even put one arm around me it was like he had no feels for anyone, I didn't say anything I just walked away and started talking to my sisters-in-laws about how was life, what was knew anything really, Will and Mat went right outside and started playing, they played well for cousins who had 7 years difference in there ages.

Mom, Tara, Mary and I all started to make lunch that way everyone was fed before they left.

Everything was ready and so I went out side to get everyone to come inside to eat. Charlie was outside watching the kids, I walked up beside him and gave him a hug even through we gave each other a hug already.

"So how's life, anything knew happening?"

"Nothing much, they're transferring me to another ship so we're moving again. What about you? Have you heard from Fox I mean Mulder lately?'

"No I haven't, the last time I talked to him or heard anything about him was when Will turned 5, that was 3 years ago. I miss him a lot."

"I know you do and I can't stand seeing you with out him by your side every step of the way. Will looks like him a lot only he has your height which isn't every much."


"Just kidding. But yeah you can see him through and through that boy."

"I want him back so bad. Will never talks about him ever, it's like he doesn't even remember him, the last time Will saw him was when he was 1, Mulder told me that he would come see me and Will for his first Christmas, he came, but only for 3 hours, I took so many pictures it wasn't funny. It hurt me even worse when he left the second time then it did the first time, it was like this time he took all of my soul. I cried my self to sleep for months wishing he was here with us."

"I wish I could do something to make him able to stay for more then 3 hours. But hey we better get then kids in there to eat or we're never going to get there."

"Right. Will, Drew, Matty, Josh, Kayla, Katie, Alyssa come in please your lunch is ready."

"Coming mom."
"Coming Aunt Day."
"Coming Aunt Dana."
"Coming Aunt Dana."
"Coming Aunt Dana."
"Coming Aunt Dana."
"Coming Aunt Dana."

Everyone came running in at the same time, we didn't have a seating plan like mom usually does it was to busy of a day to make one up so everyone just say where ever.

It was around 12:15 when we all got done, they guys all thanked us girls for lunch and left, for the game. It didn't matter when we left so Katie, Alyssa and Kayla went into the living room to talk among then self-well Tara, Mary, mom and I cleaned up.

We left around 1:30 and because we had seven people we used 2 cars, Tara's and mine. Mom, Mary and Katie went in Tara's and Alyssa and Kayla went in mine. It took is 1 hours to get there because of traffic, usually only 35 minutes.

Lakewood Mall
Washington D.C

After trying to get 2 parking spaces side by side for about 10 minutes we found one and then about 2 spaces down another so we took them. When we finally got into the mall, no one knew what store to go to first.

"Can you go to Le Chateau first, I saw some really nice jeans there in the mall back home, and I was waiting to see if this store had then cheaper."

"Sure how about it girls we have all day to go to whatever shop we want to."

We went there, Alyssa saw her pants and they were cheaper.

We went to several other stores before we decide to get something to drink. We found two tables and put then together.

"What do you all want to drink? Tara?"

"I will have can of Pepsi."



"Katie what would you like honey?"

"May I have a can of Root Beer please."

"Sure. Kayla what would you like?"



"I'll have a diet Coke grandma thank you."

"Dana what about you?"


"Oh, my God Dana you nose is bleeding."

"Can some one get me a napkin please."

"Here Aunt Dana. Are you okay?"

"I'll be fine thanks. I'll have a Ice Tea mom."

"Okay. Are you sure? Why don't you go to the washroom."

"I'm fine really."

"Okay, so that's: 2 Pepsi, a coke, root beer, a diet coke and an ice tea right."


Mom went and got the drinks and returned, by the time she got back my bloody nose had stop bleeding. We continued on shopping. When we were going into a new store and looked around, I bumped into another person.

"I'm sorry I didn't see you there, are you okay?"

"Oh yeah I'm sorry."

" Oh it's okay. So you shopping for someone special?"

"No not really my self."

"I think this one would really look pretty on you, but I'm only a stranger so I don't think you really care what I say."

"Um I guess, you really think it would look good on me?"

"Yeah I do, you already are a beautiful women this is only going to make you stand out more as a beautiful women."

"Thank you."

"Your welcome. My names Brad."

"Dana, nice to meet you Brad."

"You too. I don't see a ring I'm guessing you don't have a special man in your life?"

"No I don't, you don't have one either. You not married?"

"No I'm waiting for that special person I don't want to get married to the first women I meet and then that women turn out to be the wrong women for me."

"I see, so I'm guessing no kids?"

"Nope. How about your self you have any children?"

"Yes I do. A boy he's seven."

"That cool."

"Yes it is, he means everything to me. But I have to go know everyone's waiting for me. Nice talking to you Brad, and I hope you find that special someone someday."

"You too, nice talking to you Dana bye."

I walked over to the cashier to pay for me item.

"Dana what was that guys name he was really cute?"

"Oh, um Brad I think yeah it was Brad. You really think he was cute?"

"Heck yeah he was fine."

"I guess what I don't think Will would like him."

"Why not? He looks nice, looks like he has money."

"Just because he has money doesn't mean he's nice and besides I don't like the rich ones, they sometimes turn out be real jerks."

"If you say so."

I watched him leave, he was pretty nice looking, but my heart was still with Mulder and always will be.

We left the mall and headed back home so we could get supper started. When we got home everyone talking about what they all got, how much it was, how much they saved.

Alyssa got a pair of jeans, two pair of short, a skirt, three shirts and make-up. Katie got a pair of jeans, some earring's, two shirts, a Summer dress. Kayla got a pair of shorts, a shirt, and a new watch. Tara brought Mat a pair of jeans and three pairs of shirts. Mary brought Drew and Josh new jeans, shirts and two new computer games. I brought Will a shirt that had an alien on it, jeans, shorts, shirts and also a new computer game.

Potomac Cannons Stadium

"It's the 9th inning, the bases are loaded, it all comes down to this hit, they bring in John Gall, the score is tied Cannons 11 and Bats 11, if he hits this and can make one player come home the Cannons have won the game."

I watch the game with my two uncles and my three cousins, they are with their dads, and they seem happy, if my dad was here I know I would have a lot more fun then I am right know, its' not that I'm not having fun just I feel really odd because Mat, Josh and Drew have their dad's to teach then everything they need to know about baseball, yeah I know pretty much everything I knew to know about baseball from the net and friends, just I don't have a dad there to throw a ball round once in a while.

"Hey Will, are you having fun?"

"Yeah it's awesome Uncle Charlie, I can't believe the Cannons are tied. It's really cool."

"I'm glad you're having fun. Hey are you okay? I'm asking because one minute you would have the biggest smile on your face then you look over at Mat, Josh. Drew, me and Bill and its gone?"

"Yeah I'm okay, just that I feel odd around you all because Josh, Mat and Drew are your and Uncle Bill's kids and my dad isn't here with my. I miss him a lot Uncle Charlie."

"Yeah I know you did, and I know how you feel a little. My dad, your grandpa, he was in the Navy when I was younger and I was the baby of the family so I didn't really know him, but after I grow up a little and realized who he was I started to miss him a lot, not as much as your mom did I tell yeah but I missed him. I didn't have a strong bond together like your mom did, I was really a mommies boy when I was little, I was actually jealous of your mom because they we always together when he was home. She had a name for him Ahab and she was Starbuck, I just wish that I got to know my dad a little better not that I didn't know my dad yeah we did things together just the two of us but it was like he was just a guy that comes home sometimes and played with us kids and took us to movies."

"That's how I feel about my dad I mean I don't even remember what he looks like anymore the last time I saw him was when I was I think 1 or 2. I didn't even know what he was like. My mom said he was awesome, he was wonderful, he loved me so much that when he left he cried."

"I wish there was something I could do to bring back your dad Will but I can't. I'm sorry."

I started to cry a little until Uncle Charlie took me and gave me a huge. I stopped after about 2 minutes and watch the rest of the game.

The car ride back was silent, excepted Uncle Charlie and Uncle Bill, I could hear then talking about me, I knew they were taking about my dad, Uncle Bill was saying stuff like hoe lousy my dad was for not being there for me and mom but Uncle Charlie stuck up for us. I didn't care what my Uncle Bill said because I knew my dad loved me and mom and that he was trying to get home really fast.

We returned home around 5:30 mom, Aunt Tara, Aunt Mary and grandma had supper ready and on the table. I wasn't really hungry, but I took a little of everything.

"So boys how was your ball game?"

"It was cool grandma, the Cannons won 12 11."

"Wow. Did you like the game Will?"

"Yes it was really cool grandma."

"I'm glad you liked it."

"How was the shopping did you get us anything?"

"No Bill we didn't get anything for you but we did get stuff for the boys."

After supper everyone gathered in the living room, we were all going to play a game of shards. Mom sat on the love seat and I cuddled but beside her, she knew something was wrong but knew not to talk about here in front of the family. Alyssa was up first.

"A bridge."

"A cat."

"A dog."

"Any animal."

"Okay Alyssa honey we give up, what is it?"

"It's a horse."

Katie was up next, then it was Josh, Mat, Drew, Uncle Bill, Aunt Mary, Aunt Tara, grandma, Uncle Charlie, mom then me. We played 3 rounds, Katie won all of then.

"Well does any... Dana your nose is bleeding again."

"Oh, my sorry I'll be right back."

Scully walked out into the kitchen with Maggie right behind her. Scully knew she wasn't going to let her go with out an expatiation of why for the second time her nose has bleed.

"Dana honey are you okay?"

"Yes mom I'm fine, just allergy, I'll be fine really go back to the game."

"Okay I'll see you out there."

Scully stayed in the bathroom for at lease 5 minutes trying to get her nose to stop, she didn't know why it was bleeding.


She said it out loud, she was dame sure everyone had heard her and was running to see if she was okay. She heard a bang on the door it was Charlie he heard her for sure now.

"Hey day you okay?"

"Yeah I'm fine sorry I disturbed everyone I'll be out in a minute."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes Charlie I'm fine really go back to the game."

"Dana don't push me away, if there's something wrong tell me maybe I can help you."

She opened the door Charlie was standing there looking at her in a weird way.

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing. I'm sorry."

"No Charlie tell me what did you mean by pushing you away? You talking about Mulder aren't you, you think I pushed him away that's why he left."

"No Dana I didn't mean it like that..."

"Don't, don't even start to feel sorry for me know, I'm fine and always will be I don't need you sorrow now and never did. I'm fine and am going back to the family."

She walked back into the living room everyone was looking at her, she hated when they did that.

"What? I'm fine really, whose up?"

"Okay yeah umm Tara your up."


She sat there for the rest of the night watching then play, Will had falling asleep sometime before she came back. She put a pillow under his head so her leg wouldn't feel uncomfortable for him.

It was around 11 when we finally got home, I laid William down in his bed and went into mine. I laid there thinking of what Charlie had said to me earlier that evening 'Dana don't push me away.' How could he say that, I wasn't pushing him away, I would never do that, I could never do that.

April 9, 2002

I woke up it was around 8:30, I could hear William in the kitchen probably trying to find something to eat or is putting away his dirty dishes. I got up and walked into the kitchen, to see if William needed help.

"Hey William do you... What are you doing?"


"Eating what?"

"Cookies. I didn't like the cereal we had and I found the cookies and so I started to eat then."

"Why didn't you come and wake me up I could have cooked you something, other then cookies. Give me the box, I'll make you some French toast or pancakes or something."

"Can we have chocolate pancakes?"

"We don't have any chocolate chips you ate then all. You can have banana pancakes?"

"Sure. Can I help you?"

"Sure why don't you get the banana's and I'll get the pancake mix."

"Mom is my dad ever going to come back?"

"I don't know, why you ask?"

"Because I miss him and I don't like it when I see all my friends with their dads going to baseball games, and football games and other father and son stuff."

"William I miss him too, when I was little I grow up on a Navy base pretty much all the children's dads were either out in sea or home for about 2 days then they would leave again. My father was a captain of his own ship so he was pretty much never home but when he was it was like wow you did come back."

"Did you miss him a lot?"

"Yes I did and I know he missed all of us kids too."

"I think he will come back but when he does he doesn't come back because he wants to but because something happen and he has to try and save then."

"Eat your breakfast and then get dress and you can go out and play with your friends."


For the rest of the day William played out side with his friends and I got all the housework done.


"William are you almost ready your movie is coming on hurry up."

"Coming mom. Hey mom... mom you nose is bleeding again."

"Oh thanks William, go sit down the popcorn is there and so is the pop, I'll be right back."

I walked into the bathroom this was like the 5th nosebleed in the past 2 days; thank God I made a doctors appointment for tomorrow. I walked back into the living room and William was laying out the length of the couch. I walked over and picked up his head.

We watched the move, William fell asleep around the middle of the move but I didn't feel like getting up just yet. After the move I shut off the TV and picked William up and put him in his bedroom, then went into my own.

I fell asleep about 10 minutes later, the same place was in my dream, the black room and the white window, this time there was someone in the room with me I couldn't see who it was but I had a good idea who it was. Mulder. I walked over to him, put my hand on hid shoulder and put my head on top of his.

"Scully, are you okay?"

"Mulder what are you talking about?"

"Scully you know what I'm talking about."

"No I'm not okay Mulder I think my cancer is coming back, I remember when I first got it I had nose bleeds all the time and I always told you to go away, I did that to Charlie."

"I'm coming back soon but when this dream ends you wont remember any of this, not until you dream again tomorrow night, I have to go."

"Mulder don't leave let please I love you."

He moved over to me and lean into me and I lean into him, our lips were together. I put my arms around his neck and his hands around my waist he pulled me in closer. I didn't want to leave this dream ever; we separated but only for a minute to catch out breath. We stayed like that for 10 more minutes, he pulled apart from me and left, I tried to run after him but I could move it was like something was holding me right where I was. I tried with all my strength to get to him this whatever it was wouldn't let me go I wanted to him I needed him. I still do and will always need him.

April 10, 2009

It was around 7 when I woke up it was cold and I knew William only had one blanket on his bed right know. I went to get up but I saw something moving under the covers; it was William he must had have a bad dream I laid back down beside him. God did he ever look like his father so much. I laid there watching him sleep, thinking of how I would watch Mulder sleep, I could watch him for hours. I laid back down and shut my eyes.


"William grandma is coming over to watch you a little while I have to go and do some business and I know you don't really want to come with me, and that way you can still play with Andrew and Dave and all the other guys you play with."

"Okay mom what ever you say."

"You didn't hear a word I just said did you?"

"Yeah I heard you, you said that grandma was coming over to watch me well you go do some running around and that way I can stay and play with Andrew and Dave."

"Okay. Grandma should be here any minute so be good and don't get into any trouble well I'm gone, well not a lot of trouble anyway."

I heard the knock at the door and knew that mom was here. I walked over and answered it so she could get in.

"Hi mom, thanks for watching William for me he shouldn't be much trouble he'll probably just go and play with his friends and the time I get back it should be supper. William your grandmother is here come say hi."

"Hi grandma, can we watch Pokeman and then X-Men?"

"Hi William and sure we can watch them. Bye Dana I'll see you later then."

"Bye mom."

"Bye hun love you."

"Yeah you too."

I closed the door to my apartment and walked to my car.

Dr. April Vaughan's Office
1267 Washington Rd.
Washington D.C

I walked into the Doctors office and saw only 2 other people. I take a seat and grab a magazine.

"Excuse me is there a Dana Scully here?"

"Yes I'm she."

"The doctor will see you know dear."

"Thank you."

The nurse was an older woman late 40's early 50's, I got up and walked to the back.

I had to wait about 10 minutes before the doctor came into the room.

"Hi Dana, I'll be with you in a minute."

"Okay thank you."

I waited for about 2 minutes when she got in the room.

"Okay hi I'm Doctor April Vaughan, and I see you're new here."

"Yes I am."

"Okay Dana what seams to be the problem?"

"Ummm, well I'm getting this nose bleeds all the time and I don't really know what causing them to start up."

"I see you've had nosebleeds before, but that was quite a while back I believed then to be in 1995 or 1996."

"Yes that's when I was diagnose with cancer, but I haven't had any nosebleeds till know, and I believe that cancer is to be considered a possibility."

"Well I'll take some test to see if cancer it is, but right know I think we should just hope that cancer isn't what you think it could be. The test should take about 2 weeks so um right know just maybe mark how many nosebleeds you've had sense your visit. When did the nosebleeds start?"

"Um about 2 days ago and I've had about 5 so far."

"Okay um really I don't know what it could be right know. Where was the cancer locate?"

"My brain."

"Oh ok. Um well I think we can do some tests and then see what it is. They shouldn't take like I said no more then 2 weeks, so I'll get the nurse to take some blood and I'll send you to get a cat scan, I'll try and get you into get one tomorrow and my nurse will call you probably later today then I'll call you with the results."

"Thank you."

The doctor left the room and went on to another patient, about 5 minute later the nurse came in to take blood, they I have lost about a liter already from my nosebleeds.

It was around 4 when I got out, I still had to go to the market to get some food.

Scully's Residence

"Hello I'm home, is anyone here?"

"Hi Honey I'm in the living room."

"I'll be in there in a minute I'll start supper for us all."


I started to make dinner when I started to cry.

"Dana are you okay why are you crying? Is something wrong?"

"Um yes but no."

"What do you mean?"

"Um well I went to the doctors today to see why I'm having this bloody noses and well...um I don't really now how to say this but."

"Dana what's wrong are you okay?"

"They think it could be cancer."

"Oh my God Dana are they sure I mean..."

"They don't know if it's for certain or not but they're doing tests they're sending me for a cat scan tomorrow and I will get the results in about 2 weeks. I'm scared mom what if it comes back positive, how can you tell a child that his mother his going to die and he will never see her again. He's only 7 years old, first he doesn't have a father next he wont have a mother either, mom I can't do this."

"Honey don't talk like that you have a 50/50 chance of not getting cancer, we want the 50 that comes back negative."

"Mom I'm scared."

"It's okay honey because you have a family that will stick by you every step of the way and you have friends that will be there too."

"But one."

"What do you mean?"

"Mulder mom, I don't have my babies father or my lover with me."

"Dana I know if Fox could come back he would."

"I need him back."

"Hey mom you're home."

"Hey buddy how were you for grandma were you a good boy?"

"Yeah I was outside most of the time, did you know that Andrew went to Disney Land before not once but twice, that's cool. Can we go there tomorrow?"

"Um not tomorrow it takes a lot of planing to go on a trip. Why don't you get ready for supper wash you hands and face okay?"

"Okay mom. Mom?"


"Are you crying?"

"No I'm fine now go wash."

I watch William go into the bathroom to wash, I thought to my self 'This child is with out a father and will probably be with out a mother by his side.'

I went on the rest of the week like nothing happen but I know in about 1 week my whole life could change with one word cancer.


The next day I went to the hospital for a cat scan it didn't take no longer then 20 minutes William came with me I just told him I needed to pick up some stuff.

Two weeks later

April 24, 2009
Dr Vaughan's Office

I sat in the waiting room like everyone else was, I could imagine the words she could say to me 'I'm sorry but there's nothing we can do' or 'You'll see you son graduate, your sons wife, and your first grandchild or even the second or third'.

"Dana Scully?"

I stand up and follow the nurse into the room. I wait there thinking that in a matter of seconds my life could change that my son will have to say good-bye to his mother the last and final time.

"Dana, hi how are you?"

"Nervous, but that could be expected."

"Yes it would be."

"So what is it am I going to die before my son even hits high school?"

"You have approximately 2 or 3 months left, I'm sorry."

I cant believe it my life is done in 3 months June or July, my son will no longer have a mother left to comfort him when he's hurt and when someone is teasing him about something or when he his waiting for his first date to show up with her parents to meet me, they won't be able to meet to because I'll be 4 feet under the ground probably already ashes or something like that.

"What about surgery can they do that?"

"No I'm sorry."

I walk out of the doctor's office and head home. I can't cry I want to but I can't they just wont come to me for some reason.

Scully's residence
April 24, 2009

I walk into my house to find my mother sitting at the table I know for sure, that what I'm going to tell her isn't what she wants to hear. I sit next to her I can't see her face I want to tell her to her face that her baby girl will be die in less this 3 months.

"It can back negitive didn't it?"

"Yes. I have 2 or 3 months left."

"Oh, my, God Dana I'm so sorry I wish there was something I could do."

"Where's William?"

"He's out side playing with his friends I think Andrew and the other nice little boy."

"Dave. Mom can you go and ask William to come in please?"

"Sure honey."

She walks off to get my son, the son I'll only knew 7 years of his life, I don't want to do this but it's better that he news what's going to happen now rather then later. She's walks like she needs a cane; her back is hunched over, it looks like her just got done crying.

William walks into the kitchen he sees me at the table hunched over.

William's thoughts

I can see that something is wrong my mom is hunched over and my grandmother looks like she has been crying, then I hear it my mother's cries.

Did I do something so wrong that my mom and grandmother have to cry?

Did someone just die that I knew and they're just telling me now?"

I sit down at the table like my grandmother asked me too. I wait, and wait and wait.

I see him looking at me like he's in trouble or something but what he doesn't know is that it's not him but mother.

"William... um I have some bad news and some good news."

"Ok, is it something I did cause I didn't do anything wrong?"

"No you didn't do anything wrong baby it's not about you, well it had something to do with you but you didn't do anything wrong."

"Ok, what is it? Tell me the bad news first please."

"You remember all the nosebleeds I've been getting?"

"Yes you said that it was only allergies."

"I lied, they're not from allergies. William you have to listen to me carefully, I have... I have... I have cancer."

I stare at her like my life just ended my mother just told me that she has cancer I don't really know what it is but I do it's something bad. I run I don't know where but I just get up and run like I have never ran before. I don't know where I'm going but I'm going to go some where just not here.

"William please stop."

I don't listen I can't listen, it doesn't matter anymore she's going to gone in a couple of months maybe even days.

"Mom we have to go after him he can get hurt, or killed."

"Get your coat, I'll drive."

F.B.I Headquarters
A.D Skinner's Office

Skinner trying to focus on the paper work in front of him, but is disturbed my a sound of crying out in his secretary office, he gets up and walks over to his door.

"Please Kim I'm trying to do... Will what are you doing here?"

"Cancer. She had cancer."

"Who William, who has cancer?"

"Mom she has cancer, she told me today."

"Does she know you're here?"

"No I ran I got scared and I ran Uncle Walter, I was scared my mom is going to die."

"William it was smart of you to come to a place you know but it wasn't smart of you to run here in the first place."

"You don't understand I'm losing my mother, my mom always said you always understood her and my dad but you don't under me, you never really did understand then did you?'

William ran out of Skinner's office, he grabbed the next elevator and headed down to the X Files office.

Will ran out of the elevator to the office of his Uncle John and Aunt Monica.

Special Agent John Doggett and Special Agent Monica Reyes were discussing a case when they head a noise, they grabbed their guns and walked to their door, opening they it and found William hitting the wall.

"William what are you doing here? Where's your mom?"


"What are you talking about cancer"

"Mom... cancer... has."

"She doesn't know you're here does she?"

"Aunt Monica I'm losing my mom."

Bring William into there office Monica held Will in her arms well he cried with guilt, thinking that he had cause his mom to get cancer.

"Uncle John I gave it to her, I wasn't the son she wanted so God gave her the cancer."

"William, your mom loves you with all her heart and you didn't give her the cancer anyone can get it, you didn't cause it."

"I'm scared."

"Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Will it's ok , you're going to be ok."

"I'll call Scully on her cell."

Nodding her head in agreement, Doggett walked into another agent's office to call so Will wouldn't hear him talking to Scully.

Looking everywhere she could think of, Scully was getting scared that some thinking had happen to Will and that something had happen to him when her cell phone rang.


"Scully it's Doggett, we have Will here, Monica's with him. How are away are you?"

"I'll be there in 15 minutes."


"Agent Doggett?"


"Thank you."


Scully hung up the phone before any thing else could be said.

"He's at the Headquarters."

Walking back into the room Agent Doggett just shock his head yes and walked to sit beside then.

"He fell asleep. Did you get a hold of Dana?"

"Yes she's coming, she'll be here in 15 minutes. She said thanks."

"I can't believe it you know, I mean one minute she's fine the next she has cancer it doesn't make sense. It's probably really hard on both of then right know."

"It is, I went through the same thing when my dad died, he had cancer and through I was a lot older then 7 I was 16, I know what he's going through it's like, no you can't leave me I need you, then they're gone."

"When I found out that I was adopted, I didn't know if I wanted to find out who my real parents were or just pretend that I was a real Reyes. I talked to my adopted parent's about finding my real ones they said sure but they had no clue who they were, they didn't get anything from then, they didn't even meet then."

It went silent, no one talked they just sat there waiting for Agent Scully to come. Monica still holding William had tears coming down her checks, Doggett just looked at her he didn't know what to say, this child she was holding about to lose the only parent he has, through Mulder was he's father and Doggett knew that Mulder would do anything to get back to him but it was probably impossible for him to stay with out getting killed by people.

She stood there looking at then, Monica holding William, she didn't really know what to say. She walked into the room, Reyes and Doggett looked up at her.

"He fell asleep about 20 minutes ago. He told us. I'm sorry Dana, I wish there was something I could do."

"You already did something for me Monica, you looked after William for me when he ran."

"Agent Scully if there's anything we can do for you call us you know our home and cell number, just 7 numbers away."

"Thank you."


"Yes William it's mom."

"I'm sorry I ran."

"It's okay baby, just please don't do it again please."

"I promise, can we go home please."

"Sure baby."

"Thank you Uncle John and Aunt Monica, for being there for me until my mom got here."

"Your welcome William."

They walked out of the office and headed home. Scully wanted to call some people to tell someone something and to spend as must time as she can with William.

Scully's Residence

I stand there watching my daughter and her son on the couch sitting together. When we got home Dana went to her bedroom to make a call to some people, she didn't say who to me or William.


"Byers it's me Scully."

"Hello Scully, how are you?"

"No well. I need a favor from you guys."

"Sure anything."

"I need you guys to get a hold of someone for me."




"I need you to tell him that he has to come home know, that I don't have a lot of time left to live and I need to see him before I die."

"Are you okay Scully?"

"I have cancer and I only have 2 or 3 months left and I want Mulder home that way he can take care of William when I'm gone."

"Oh my God Scully I'm so sorry is there anything we can do?"

"Just get a hold of Mulder for me please."

"We can do that. You want us to tell him to e-mail you and to tell you when he's coming down?"

"No just tell him to come home please and quick."


"Thank you Byers this means a lot to me."

"Hey anything for an old friend."

Scully hung up the phone and walked back into the living room where William and Maggie were sitting.

"Is everything okay honey?"

"Everything fine mom."

"I think I better get going it's getting late and I know you want to spend time with William on your own so I'll talk to you tomorrow. Dana?"

"Yes mom."

"I love you honey and I'm always there for you when ever you need me to be."

"I know thank you."

Maggie gathered her things and left leaving Scully and William alone.

"I love you William and will always. I want you to know that when I'm gone that I will always be looking out for you."

"Mom can we don't talk about this right know please?"


They sat there watching TV together.

Three weeks later
May 15th , 2009
Scully's Residence

She listens to him talking to William about all kinds of stuff while she's in her bed ding, it's doesn't bother her that much that her son and his father are boding before she passes.

He came about 2 weeks ago.

One week ago

May 8th , 2009

She waited for him at the train station with William on her right and her mother on her left. They had been waiting for him to arrive for a week now.

He stepped off the train and saw her standing there, with their son and her mother. He walked up to her, she was facing the other way so he could scare her a little.


"Oh my God Mulder."

Embracing each other close neither one wanted to let go, it had been 6 year or more since either one had seen each other. He let go of her go only to look her in her sparkling blue eyes she always had.

"I've missed you so much."

"Me too. They guys e-mail me to told me that it came back but they didn't say what just that I had to come home right away, then I clued in it was cancer. How long have you had it?"

"2 weeks. I didn't want then to tell you because I knew that you would figure it out soon enough."

"I did, are you feeling sick at all?"

"No. Lets not talk about it here please."

"Okay. Mrs. Scully how are you?"

"Fine Fox and how are you?"

"Oh fine."

"You're my dad?"


Running into Mulder's arms William was happy to finally see his father again after so many years of not seeing him.

"You're so big. How old are you?"

"I'm 7 turning 8 soon. Your not what I remember to look like."

"Well it's been 6, 7 years since I've seen you or you seen me, you were 1 it was Christmas your first, I didn't stay long I couldn't but when I saw your face when you saw me it felt more then 3 hours it felt like forever. I've missed you Will."

"I've missed you to dad."

Watching Mulder and William talking for the first time in a long time it brought back a happy face to her. She was smiling more since he got off the train then she did many years back.

Present time

May 15th

Everyone had come down to see Scully before she passed, they all stayed at Maggie's house excited Mat he stayed with William, so he would have someone to talk to at night and keep him company when his Mulder was with Scully.

"Dana you need anything?"

"No Mulder I'm fine."

Going over to lay beside her it brought back memories from when they would lay beside each other on his bed or hers.

They just looked at her each other no one knew what to say, they just looked into each others eyes and they knew what the other one was thinking they worked that way.

"How was keymo?"

"Like always that same old thing. Mulder I want to ask you something."

"Sure what is it?"

"Will you take care of William for me once I'm gone?"


Grabbing Mulder's hand a painful jolt went through Scully's body like someone was stabbing her in the back. She began to cry out in pain. Mulder didn't know what to do, he couldn't do anything but lay there and hold her hand.

"Oh my god Mulder, owwwwwwwwww, God it hurts Mulder please make it stop hurting."

"Shh Scully, I'm here but I cant make it stop I'm sorry."

The pain finally started to slow down a bit with ever second. After about 5 minutes the pain stopped. Scully still cried, with Mulder stroking her hair out of her face and holding her hand.

He could hear his mom in pain, he hated it that she was in pain and that he wasn't. I ran into his room away from his mother' pain. Mat saw Will run to his room he wanted to run after him but knew he had to let Will be on his lone some times.

"Mulder, I knew you don't want to hear this but I don't think I have a lot of times left."

"Shh Scully please don't say that please."

"Mulder I know you don't want me to leave you and William but I have to maybe not today or tomorrow or even the next week but I know it's soon, I don't have a saw of when God takes me and when he doesn't."

They went silent, They looked into each other's eyes again, until they fell asleep.

William's prayers

I know she going to leave me and dad one day but God please don't let it be soon I want my mom to see me turn 8 at lease, I need her, and so does my dad, be both do, I don't think I'll be able to live with out my mom beside me, I thought it was hard with out my dad, but it's going to be even harder with out my mom, my grandma says that my mom got sick because you told her that you needed her now and that my dad and I are going to need each other. I've always believed in you and will always but please God make my mom better, please I need her. Please don't take my mommy away from me.

Walking to William's door Mat can hear William talking to God asking him not to take his mother away from him. He waits until he's done to walk in.

"Will are you okay?"

"Mat I don't want her to go, I need her."

"I know you do but I can't do anything I'm only 14, if I could believe me I would do something. You wanna go say goodnight to your dad it's night for bed?"


Will walks across the hall from his room to his moms, he walks in and see that his mom and dad are sleeping, he goes up to his mom and kisses her on the cheek and then goes over to his dad and gives him a little hug, then walks back into his room.

He lays there thinking about what it's going to be like with out his mom around, will he still act the same?, will he get along with his dad okay?.

May 17th, 2009
William's Birthday

I sit there watch William open up his presents he got from his aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. He seems happy but I know he's not, because this will be the last birthday I spend with him, for the rest of his life, it hurts me to even think that in a couple of weeks or even days I could die in my sleep and no one even know about until they come and check on me in the morning. Mulder is sitting beside me like he has every day now for the past 3 weeks and 3 days.

"Mulder take me to the bath room please."


I'm so incompetent that I can't even push my self to the bathroom or even dress me self, it feels like all I do now is just stare at nothing all day long, into space. William will sometimes come up to me and give me a hug but it doesn't feel like all his other hugs he had given me before I got sick, they feel like it's just the wind wrapping its self around me. He's pulling him self away from me with every pasting moment. He doesn't talk much anymore either when some one talks to him he answers then with one word, fine, yes, no, maybe, okay, sure, and so on. He wont even talk to with a full sentience, he doesn't eat with anyone, he gets his supper and goes to his room.

Mulder pushes me back into the kitchen after I just vomit almost all of my organs in my body, I've lost about 30 pounds, I can't eat and if I do it's only a cracker here and there not a full meal.

After everyone leaves and goes home or to where ever they are, I try my best to push my self over to the couch to where William is sitting. I make it half way until he comes and pushes me the rest.

"Will talk to me please."


"Will don't please look at me. You think I want this? I don't and I know you don't either, but you have to talk to someone, even if it's Mat or Uncle Charlie or your dad just please talk to someone for me."

"Your right mom I don't want this, but I don't want to talk to anyone I'm fine. Can I watch my show now please?"

"Sure. Mulder come here please."


"Take me to my room I want to me alone."

"Are you okay Dana?"

"Fine just want to be alone for a little while."

"Okay, I'll check up on you in a little bit."

Mulder leaves and I take out some paper and a pen and turn on the radio.

Dear William,

From the moment I learned that I was having you I was over joyed with happiness, even through your father was missing I was happy to know you were coming into my life. For eight months your dad was missing, until finally Uncle Walter, Uncle John and Aunt Monica find him. I told him about you and he was ever so happy. Then things started to happen things that I didn't want to. When I was nine months pregnant with you, these people wanted to take you away from me and your dad, but your father, Uncle John, Aunt Monica and Uncle Walter wouldn't let then so I went into hiding with Monica, I was there for 2 days, that's when I went into labor, those people I told you about the people who wanted to take you they found out where I was and came, after you were born they realized that you were a normal baby and they left, that's when your father came. I took you home 2 days later out of the hospital, your father stayed with us until he had to leave. He held you and gave a so many kisses, he gave you that alien that you love so much. After that he came back once on your first Christmas, he could only stay for 3 hours until he had to leave, we tried so many times after that to get him back but it couldn't happen, after trying and trying we gave up. I raised you by my self but with help from your grandmother, other family members and Walter, John, Monica and even the Lone Gunmen , we went through hell to keep you safe and after 3 years you were safe no one bothered us again.

At night when I would put you to bed I would watch you sleep and see your father in you, the way you slept, the way your mouth moved, the way you would turn on you side or back, it was just like your father.

You just turned eight. You feeling old let? It's a joke. I watched you at the table I knew you weren't happy but you weren't sad neither it was like you didn't know how to feel. I just wanted to get up and walk over to you and say that everything was going to be okay and that I was going to be okay but I couldn't because everything isn't okay.

I know and you know that I don't have much time left with you all, but I want you to know that I love you I've always have and always will, you're my baby boy. I'll miss you so much and I know you'll miss me. Your father will take good care of you, I know he will you mean everything to him, and to me too. I wrote this letter to you William Fox Mulder because I probably wont be able to before I die but when you do get this keep it close to your heart and never forget me.

Will all my love,
Your Mother

I took it and placed it by my lamp, I closed my eyes I fell asleep.

May 18th, 2009

"This is DJ Kay it's 8:28am, if your listening out there stay tune, for Sarah McLachlan's I Will Remember you, after that Gone by N'sYNC."

"I will remember you
Will you remember me
Don't let your life
pass you by
Weep not for the memories "

I lay there about to die, I can hear the music on the radio, and can see Mulder walking into the room, he comes over to my bed.

"I'm not going to make it through the day Mulder get William please."

"Scully you've got to hold on please don't leave now."

"I don't have a choice."

"Remember the good times
that we had
Don't let them slip away from us
When things go bad
How clearly I first saw you
Smiling in the sun
I want to feel your warmth upon me
I want to be the one"

Mulder runs into William's bedroom and asks him to come here.

"What is it?"

"It's your mom she wants to talk to you."

"I will remember you
Will you remember me
Don't let your life
Pass you by
Weep not for the memories

William walks into me room, he's crying he knows that I'm leaving soon.

"William I don't have very long, I need you to be strong for me okay, it's not to much to ask is it?"

"No. Mom please don't leave me, I'm sorry for all the things that I need wrong just please don't leave me."

"William if that was all it took for me to get better I would love it but I wont, nothing will help me know, I love you William."

I reach over to my table and grab the letter.

"This is for you I wrote it last night after I went to bed, don't read let wait a little while okay?"


I hug him for the last time and kiss him for the last time then he leaves. Mulder stays with me.

"I'm so tired, but I can't sleep
Standing on the edge of something
Much too deep
Funny how we feel so much
we cannot say a word
We're are screaming inside
but we can't be heard"

"I love you with all my heart, my soul, and my body. I've always loved you and always will, never forget me."

"Please Dana don't leave me please I need you, I love you , you're my soul, my heart. I love you forever and always."

Mulder kisses me and hugs me for the last time, he's crying on my chest, I can hear William crying at my door, I wish my mom and other family members where here so I could say good-bye but they not.

I will remember you
Will you remember me
Don't let your life
pass you by
Weep not for the memories

I'm so afraid to love you
I'm more afraid to lose
Clinging to a past
that doesn't let me choose
Once there was this darkness
and this deep and endless light
Gave me everything he had
Oh, he gave me life.

And I will remember you
Will you remember me
Don't let your life
pass you by
Weep not for the memories

Weep not for the memories

I close me eyes for the last and final time, I'm not going to wake up tomorrow and see my son or anyone else. No I'm going to wake up to God with me and my father and my sister holding me, telling me that they will be okay and that they will move on with out me but will never forget me.

I move to the door to where my son is sitting, he stands up and runs into me arms, I hold him there. I can see Mat standing there looking at us.

"Is she gone?"

"Yes Mat I'm sorry, but she's gone."

Mat runs into my arms after we hold each other as we cry. I hear a knock at the door, it's Maggie and the others, I tell the boys to go and sit down in the living, well I go answer the door.

I open it to let them in, Maggie looks at me once and knows that happen, I grab her as she falls. Mat runs into his mothers arms as everyone else hugs each other, I sit there on the floor with Maggie crying, there's really nothing else to do just cry.

"Can I see her?"

"She's in the bed room."

Maggie walks back there followed by, Bill, Tara, Katie, Mary, Charlie, Alyssa, Drew, Josh, Kayla then Mat, William and I stand back to let then have they chance to say good-bye, I go over to the phone to call for an ambulance to come to get Scully.

I hear over the radio in Scully's bedroom Gone by N'sYNC.

There's a thousand words that I could say
To make you come home (yeah)
Seems so long ago you walked away
And left me alone
And I remember what you said to me
You were acting so strange
And maybe I was too blind to see

That you needed a change
Was it something I said, to make you turn away
To make you walk out and leave me cold

(Ohh Ohh Ohh Ohh Ohh)

If I could just find a way
To make it so that you were right here
right now

I've been sittin here
Can't get you off mind I try my best to be a man and be strong
I drove myself insane
Wishing I could touch your face (touch your face)
But the truth remains you're gone

(you're) Gone
(baby you're) Gone
(girl you're gone. Baby girl you're)
Gone (you're) Gone

Now I don't wanna make excuses baby
Won't change the fact that your gone (no, no)
But if there's something that I could do
Won't you please let me know

The time is passing so slowly now
Guess, that's my life without you
(Guess, that's my life without you)
And maybe I could change my every day
But baby I don't want to

I'll just hang around and find some things to do
To take my mind off missing you (take my mind off missing you)
And I know in my heart you can't say that you don't love me too
Please say you do


I've been sittin here
Can't get you off mind I try my best to be a man and be strong
I drove myself insane
Wishing I could touch your face (touch your face)
But the truth remains you're gone

(truth remains you're)
(you're) Gone
(you're) Gone
(you're gone)
(you're) Gone
(you're) Gone

The End

Author's note: I hope you liked this it was difficult to write at some points mostly near the end where Scully's dies I did actually cry, if you like it please e-mail me and tell me what you think, if you don't like it e-mail me and tell me if you. I got the idea from listening to the songs I Will Remember You by Sarah McLachlan and Gone by N'sync. Thanks.

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