Title: Kurt Meets His Grandma
Author: malexandria
Category: MythArc, Alternate Universe
Archive: Gossamer Yes, Any others are fine, just let me know first
Written: 2004

Summary: Maggie Scully gets the shock of her life

Author's Notes: This story has been in my head for a month now, so I figured I'd take stab at it. This is my very first XF Fanfiction so be kind. If the writing of it goes well, then there will be a mini-novel length follow-up to this piece. I did no research or pre-planning to write this, it's being written as a stream of consciousness exercise. I'm hoping that by writing this it will open me up for my original stories that I'm currently working on. In my story Mrs. Mulder is still alive, although I'm not sure if she'll be making an appearance or not. Be warned dialog has never been my strong suit.

Washington, DC
Present Day - Early November

It had been a very long week at the office and our two X-Files agents where busy working on a report for Skinner. Their last case had really taken its toll on the duo they were tired from being up for four days straight. And as usual both agents had a totally different take on what actually happened.

"Mulder, are you alright? You've only been out of the hospital for a few hours. You should be home resting, not finishing up this report." Scully thought Mulder looked terrible the creature they encountered had sprayed some sort of toxic venom in his face. He had some scaring and burns on the left side of his face. The doctors said that it will take a few weeks to heal completely, and that there would be no permanent damage. But his tongue was swollen as well, which affected his speech patterns. He had to concentrate to speak coherently.

"I'm..fine..Sc.ully. It.looks..worse.than.it.is.," he said with a grin.

Scully smiled back at him. "Well I'm done with my report. Let's go home I'll give you an ointment to help with your tongue."

He looked at her with a leer "I..just..bet.you.will."

"Only if you are a good boy and stay in bed for the rest of the weekend." She retorted.

That shut him up, he quickly finished his report after printing it out he handed it to Scully. She went over and grabbed an inter-office envelop and dropped the reports in the out box. Skinner had already left for the day, so really she had no idea why they were busting their butt to get the reports finished. But she liked to have stuff done on Fridays, so that it wouldn't be hanging over her head all weekend, and then she could start her Monday's off with a clean slate.

They both powered down their laptops, and headed out of the building. For a change they were actually leaving at a decent hour and were a rare occasion for the duo. Most of the time they simply couldn't get out of the office in time, but secretly it was because they simply wanted to avoid seeing their fellow agents in the parking garage. Case in point, she looked up and much to her annoyance her car was parked near Tom Colton's.

He was heading towards them, "Well, well, well, if it isn't Mr. and Mrs. Spooky. Seen any green aliens, lately?"

"Lay off Colton. We've had a long, hard week and are not in the mood to deal with an incompetent arrogant ass like you," she said. Mulder looked at her and thought, "That's my girl. Don't take crap from anyone." Instead to Colton he mumbled and stuttered, "have..any..liver.and..onions.lately?"

Colton was getting ready to retort and blanched when he noticed the other side of Mulder's face. It was terrible he looked like two-face from the Batman movies, maybe not as bad, but enough to repulse him. "What..what the hell happened to you? I see you've finally got what you deserved. No longer a pretty boy, what did you do? Spout your shit about Grey Reticulans to the wrong person? Maybe, now, Scully will get her head out from between your legs and get back into the bureau mainstream."

Scully closed her eyes as her face grew beat red with anger, she had balled up her fist and was ready to punch Colton in the mouth, when she noticed he was already sprawled on the ground. She looked at Mulder and gave him a big toothy smile. He looked back at her and shrugged his shoulders. It didn't surprise her that he beat her to the punch. After seven years she was used to his protective nature, and then there was the fact that he simply loathed Colton. She checked over Colton to make sure that he was ok, "He'll live, but he'll have a hell of a black eye when he wakes up." She looked up at him and saw several other agents milling about. She was sure that on Monday, they'd be getting a call from Skinner and the OPR board. Luckily Skinner was their friend and would most likely divert any investigation.

She grabbed Mulder's arm and whispered, "Let's get out of here." He nodded his head, and got into Scully's new car. He'd gotten her a brand new convertible for Christmas. It was a totally impractical vehicle to have in a city that's too cold to put the top down 9 months out of the year. But he really wanted to get her something special last year, and since he had more money then he knew what to do with, he wanted to splurge for a change.

He was a trust fund baby, but never cared and spent a dime of it. He grew up not having to worry about money, but after discovering exactly where his father's money came from, he grew even less disenchanted with it and was in the process of trying to figure out what to do with it all - I mean he had more than a billion thanks in large part to his father's stake in companies like Rouch, Strughold Mining, and other Consortium front groups. He wanted to give it all away to charity, Mufon, NICAP and related groups, but the Gunmen and Scully convinced him that he now had the kind of money and resources where they could actually use it to help stop the upcoming colonization of the planet. Or at the very least fight it, once it starts.

The fact that Scully now believed in aliens as well put a huge smile on his face.

He gave partial control of the estate over to the Gunmen and Scully. He rationalized that as long as he didn't have complete access to it, or touch it, he could still sleep at nights. And he trusted Scully and the Gunmen to help him put the money to good use. One of the first things they did with it was to start building large underground high tech facilities and laboratories in as many states as possible. They wanted to have bases of operations where they could all go to fight and survive. The Gunmen were out of town a lot these days, helping set up the communications networks.

With the help of the alien resistance, and former abductees, they had formed their own anti-consortium and secret movement. After making some kind of piece with Ratboy, they were even able to keep a step ahead of the consortium and colonizers. With the help of Skinner, they were able to find and convince others in the 3 Letter Agencies to join their movement. They even managed to oust the Consortium controlled President and replace him with someone they could trust to support them. The Consortium thought they could steal the election by forcing states to use Electronic Voting machines that they controlled. Luckily they found out the plan and were able to secretly hack into the system and remove the pre-planned numbers and force the machines to use real numbers. Timing of the operation was critical, but it worked, and they were able to actually get an honest result. Langly was ecstatic to be involved with, as he dubbed "The Hack of the Century."

As they pulled up to Scully's new apartment in Arlington, he smiled. Her new building was nothing like her old one. This one had an upscale elegance about it, when he walked through the lobby he grabbed himself a cup of tea and a donut. Mulder was surprised when Scully decided to move here, I mean it was crawling with other 3 Letter Agents and Pentagon Officials. The government had a special contract with the landlord, so they could get a good rate for out of town agents. Luckily for them, no one in the DC Office lived there.

The concierge smiled at him and then frowned with concern "Mr. Mulder are you alright? What happened to your face."

"We had a tough week at work Jean. But Mulder will be alright in a few weeks."

Jean looked at the couple and frowned they both looked pretty haggard. Over the last two years she has come to like these two, and Mulder had charmed her within the first few days of when Dana moved into the complex. "Well, that's good to hear, and I hope the other guy looks worse."

As they headed around the long corridor to the elevators, Scully checked her mail and frowned at all the bills, when they got to her door, she went on alert immediately, she noticed her door was slightly ajar, she looked at Mulder and they both simultaneously pulled out their guns. Mulder slowly opened the door further and heard someone rummaging around in the guest room, both he and Scully burst into the room with their guns drawn.

Scully yelled, "Freeze!!! Put your hands up."

When Scully noticed the read hair of the stranger, she immediately relaxed and smiled.

"Mom! Dad! You two can give a guy gray hairs!!"

"Son, what are you doing here? I thought you were in San Diego, helping the Gunmen set up a facility there? You know how important it is for me to have a safe place for Bill and his family and friends to go."

"I don't know why you are trying to help the selfish S.O.B. He would never believe in alien colonization even if we told him, and it bit him in the ass." Said their Son. Even though he has never met the man personally, he had a strong dislike of him. He's seen the surveillance tapes and has heard how he talks to his wife about his mother and father. It made his green blood boil every time he thought about it. He had always hoped to one day meet the rest of his family but knew it was impossible, but he didn't feel a terrible loss at not meeting Bill Scully, Jr. The term asshole was meant for him, not only did he spend an inordinate amount of time trashing his mom and dad, but he also didn't have too many nice things to say about his brother Charlie either. Based on what he knew of Charlie he would be someone he would sincerely like to meet someday. His mom didn't know that the resistance and the Gunmen set 24/7 surveillance on her entire family went so far as to implant tracking devices into their bodies. It was a dirty job, but it was the only way to ensure their protection. He didn't think that would go over too well with his mom and dad.

"Kurt, I know he's an ass but he is my brother, and while we don't have the best of relationships, I still love him. And Tara and Matt shouldn't have to suffer because of his ignorance. One day in the next 5 years it's going to happen, and I want them protected at all cost."

"Ok mom! We've had this conversation numerous times before. We will do whatever we can to protect Uncle Bill and his family, and Uncle Charlie's as well. So how are you and dad?" He looked over at Mulder and winced at the sight of his father's face.

"Oh my god, what happened to you?"

"Nothing...just...got.in.to a fight with a..genetic mu.tant, you should see what he looks like after your mot..her got done with him." He smiled.

Kurt looked at his dead, and simply nodded. He walked over to his father, and put his hand over his face and concentrated for a few minutes. His palm started to glow, and he smiled at his dad. "There, you are as good as new!"

All three of them turned around when they heard a loud gasp and a thud on the floor.

"Mom!!!" Scully yelled in shocked surprise.

"Kurt go and get me a glass of water," she said as she and Mulder rushed to Mrs. Scully's side.

When Mrs. Scully opened her eyes, she was a little confused but then it all came flooding back to her. She was in town seeing Walter, who she has been secretly seeing for a few years now without her daughter and son-in law's knowledge. She figured that since those two had forced her to keep their marriage a secret for three years now, they couldn't have anything to say if she chose to keep her and Walter's relationship from them. Over the years she and Walter had talked frequently about Dana and Fox, he told her things that the two refused to tell her.

After Dana and Fox secretly got married, after her daughter won her fight with cancer, she and Walter went out to discuss the burden of the secrecy that they shared, and found that they had a lot in common, and that she actually enjoyed his company. As secretive as they are, she was just glad that they thought enough about her to invite her to the wedding. It was a lovely ceremony, held in a small secluded church on Martha's Vineyard. Their vows put tears in her eyes. She actually video taped the ceremony in the hopes that some day she could at least show it to Bill and Charlie.

Every time Bill called and gave her an earful about his opinion of Fox and of Dana's job, she had to bite her tongue until it bleed to keep from shouting at him and rubbing his nose in the fact that her daughter was married and extremely happy. Instead she had to sit there and take the verbal barrage from her over bearing son. Based on what little she knew, she understood their need to keep their marriage a secret. If the wrong people found out, they would be split up at work and she understood and believed that what they were doing was vitally important. Even if she didn't know exactly what it was or who they were up again. It was just a feeling that she had. All the strange things that have happened to those two were a testament to the fact that they had extremely powerful enemies that would stop at nothing to stop them.

"Mom, are you ok?" She heard Fox's voice call her.

She looked up at him and smiled, then frowned "Yes, I believe I am. But I think the two of you, no the three of you have some explaining to do. Who is that man, and why does he look almost exactly like Charlie did at that age?"

"Mom, what are you doing here?" Scully asked.

"I had a meeting with a friend, and thought I'd surprise you. The door was open, and I came in. What I heard, and saw shocked me. I saw his hands glow and heel Fox's face.Now don't change the subject, who is that man? He called you Mom and Fox Dad. I can see a resemblance between you two, he looks like Charlie did at that age and he has Fox's nose and eyes. But he can't be your son he looks like he's 24 or 25!"

Kurt looked uncomfortable as he handed Maggie a glass of water. He gave his mom and dad a look.

"Mom, it's a really long story. But I'd like you to meet our son, Kurt William Scully-Mulder."

Mrs. Scully was shell-shocked, but after a few minutes smiled, nothing her daughter and son-in-law did these days surprised her anymore. She held out her arms to Kurt and said "Welcome to the family." Kurt had tears in his eyes when he hugged her, he felt an immediate connection to this woman.

He took Maggie's hand and helped up off the floor, "Mom, dad let's talk about this with her over dinner?" They all walked into the dinning room, Scully and Mulder looked at Maggie unsure of what to say and leave out. Meanwhile Kurt was in the kitchen heating up the take out that he'd brought with him. After a few moments of silence at the dinner table, Maggie sighed in frustration and asked, "Is he like that girl from a few years ago? Emily?"

"Yes mom he is. He was another part of the cloning project. When the men who took me several years ago took my ova, and used it to conduct cloning experiments with it. Kurt is the result of those experiments." Said Scully.

"I found out about Kurt while I was looking for a cure for Scully's cancer. He is the one who helped me find the chip that saved her life."

"Yes, even though we were created in a lab, my brothers and I always felt a bond to our mothers. It was something that the men involved couldn't take away from us. They thought that they could create us, and then use us as slaves to the project. But we do everything in our power to stop them."

"But how did you get your healing powers? Wait a second, brothers? How many others of you are there?" Asked Maggie.

"Mom, there were about 100 clones of Kurt created from my and Mulder's genetic material. Last year, the men behind the project killed 80 of them. We gave the others new identities and helped them escape and hide. In all honesty, Kurt shouldn't even be here, he's putting his life in danger simply by being around us," Scully said, looking at her son.

"But, why?" Asked Maggie.

"We really can't give you the full details Mom. It would put your life in danger." Said Mulder. "But we are doing everything in our power to stop them, and end the project once and for all."

Maggie looked at their expressions and realized that she wasn't going to find out anything more from them. Even though her head was screaming with questions, "Was Kurt one of these Aliens that Fox talked about?" "Would she meet any more of these beings?" "How should she treat him?" She felt an instant bond with the young man, and was surprised by how easily she was able to accept him as her grandson. She looked at him, held his hand and said, "Well, it looks like I have a new grandson that I can get to know and spoil."

"Mrs. Scully, you don't have to feel obligated to me."

"Nonsense, you are family! You can call me Grandma Maggie or just Grandma if you like," she said with a few stray tears in her eyes.

"Mrs. Scully.." he stopped at the look in her eyes, "Grandma, thank you, I've wanted to meet you for a long time now," he said with a smile as he pulled her into a hug.

"Well it's been a long day, I'll head home now, but you have to come to the family Thanksgiving dinner in a few weeks."

"Mom, he can't come over. He can't be seen in public with any of us, his life is still in danger," Scully said.

"Honey, don't be ridiculous and paranoid. Of course Kurt is coming over for Thanksgiving dinner. He shouldn't be alone, and should meet the rest of the family."

Kurt looked over to his dad for support. Mulder put an arm on Kurt and looked him in the eyes, "Son, I know how much you and your grandmother want this, but what about the Bounty Hunter? He's still after you, and we don't want to lose anymore of you?"

He smiled, "Dad, that's why I came over here in the first place. To tell you that the Bounty Hunter has had a change of allegiance, they are now working with us."

Scully was shocked, "What???!!"

"Yes, Krychek contacted us last month. To let us know that he convinced them to join our side in the fight. With him onboard, there's a real chance that we may be able to prevent the Project from succeeding."

Maggie looked at them and had no clue what they were talking about. Could their earlier mention about an Alien Colonization be true? She was going to ask Walter about it later, he wouldn't lie to here if she framed her question correctly. She spoke up then. "Well then, it's all settled."

"But what about Bill? He's going to hit the roof and will be a major ass just by my being there, how do you think he'll react to Kurt?" Asked Mulder.

"Well we just won't tell them that he's your son then. We can say he's a friend," said Maggie.

"Oh, that'll go over well. And the fact that he looks like Charlie won't dawn on Bill at all," Scully said in disbelief.

"From what I've seen of Uncle Bill, it probably won't. He's not the sharpest knife in the sea. We'll work something out. Mom, Dad, can I please come?"

Maggie saw that Dana and Fox were having one of those annoying silent conversations between themselves. They both shrugged their shoulders and smiled. "Well then, now it's settled. I'll see the three of you on Thanksgiving. I'd like to meet your brothers at some other time."

Kurt looked at her and nodded. "We'll work something out Grandma."

Maggie decided to stay the night, so that she could get to know Kurt better. After talking and getting to know her new grandson, she marveled at how quickly life can change. She looked over and saw how Dana and Fox looked at Kurt with pride in their eyes. Even though they didn't have anything to do with how Kurt came into the world they had looked at him as though he truly was their son. And indeed they were his parents in almost every way that mattered. As his grandmother, she could do no less. She smiled to herself, Thanksgiving would certainly be interesting this year.

Author's Notes Pt. 2

And that's it for this story. It was actually easier than I thought it was, and it helped me with my other writer. I may have to do my sequel/follow-up to this. Which will be based on my own fanfiction challenge issued last week J

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