Title: Krycek Bites the Bullet
Author: Nadia S.
Rated: Adult, for suggestive conversation
Spoilers: S8
Keywords: Krycek/Scully Relationship
Warning: This story takes the POV that Krycek is the in vitro father of Scully's baby.

Summary: Scully tests Krycek's manhood...Dana Scully showered and changed into her new men's pajamas, a more comfortable choice than the 'Victoria's Secret' lingerie she had been wearing for the benefit of Alex Krycek.

John Doggett's warnings about Krycek were still fresh in her mind. The hard-assed agent claimed that Krycek was still sleeping with Marita. Given Krycek's behaviour the previous evening - he left early pleading a headache - Scully could only suspect that Doggett's theory was true.

She was sullenly flipping through the pages of "Brides" magazine when her suite door suddenly flew open and Alex Krycek appeared holding a small electronic device which had disabled her new security system.

"What the hell are YOU doing here!" she demanded resentfully. She wasn't at all glad to see him...

"I would have been here earlier, but I needed one of these to break into your new security system." he smirked as he showed her the device that had granted such easy access to her apartment.

"It looks like you've recovered from your headache!" she snapped as she continued to peruse her magazine. "If you're hungry, you can just get Marita to cook for you! Get out! I don't ever want to see you again!"

"Dana..." he started to explain patiently, "I told you - Marita and I are over - and I really did have a headache. I just didn't want to act like a sissy in front of you...."

"Whatever!" she said rolling her eyes in disbelief. "I'm still not cooking for you..."

"I don't necessarily need to eat, Dana..." he said smoothly. Even though he wanted his dinner, he was feeling confident tonight, and once he had bedded her, he knew he could get her to cook for him.

Scully had the satisfaction of knowing that if Krycek was hungry, then there was no other woman looking after him... Still, she would make him beg for her attentions.

"I know the drill!" she said boredly. "I feed you and then you remember you've got something more important to do and run off!"

Krycek sighed. She was a hard-ass. But it was one of the things that made him crazy for her. It was time to take charge...

"Put on something sexy!" he ordered. "You know I like you in lingerie." He was disappointed by her appearance - her pregnant belly, the one he had given her, wasn't as obvious in her unflattering pajamas - and she wore no make-up.

"I'm not even going to bother with lingerie anymore! My breasts are so swollen they don't feel comfortable in those constructed bustiers. And anyway, it gets me nowhere with you - at least not as far as my bedroom! she retaliated bitterly.

Krycek felt himself growing hot and stimulated by thoughts of her breasts. "Too bad..." he said quietly. "I've always admired your breasts - every since Cancer Man ordered me to undress you...."(see Dana's Desires: Krycek - editor)

Scully gasped with surprise and pleasure. "So you DID undress me....!" she breathed, trying not to sound too aroused. "What else did you do to me, you bastard?" She was sprouting goosebumps from head to toe. "Did you force yourself on me, Krycek?" she demanded hopefully.

"I told you" he reminded her. "You underwent an invitro procedure. Afterwards, Cancer Man gave me the opportunity of having my way with you while you were still unconscious, but I refused. I want you to be awake when I bed you, Dana." the cunning Krycek said. He congratulated himself on his corny, romance novel delivery.

Scully's hormones were racing but she continued to taunt him. "What you really mean is that you didn't have the guts!" she said, barely concealing her disappointment. "And you've had of plenty of opportunities to 'bed' me since then, but I'm having my doubts it'll ever happen! Mulder always THOUGHT you were gay!" she finished bitterly. She hoped her harsh words would have the desired effect.

Krycek started towards her angrily. "Why that smug, superior son of a bitch!" he spat angrily. "Just because I don't have a drawer full of dirty pictures...."

"And John Doggett thinks you won't stick around to raise our baby." she added self-righteously.

"He's full of shit!" Krycek said defensively. His color was high and he was offended that some asshole he didn't even know was analyzing his relationship with Dana Scully. He would kill this Doggett, soon....

"Doggett says you'll never marry me because you're still in love with Marita," Scully continued.

"Your asshole partner has been filling your head with doubts, Dana darling..." Krycek said cautiously, trying to calm her. "That's because he wants you for himself!" he guessed. "Well he can't have you because you're mine."

"Yes, he wants me!" she boasted. "And at this rate John Doggett will get me into bed before YOU ever get around to it!" she taunted. "You find every excuse to duck out when things get too hot between us! You've never even touched me!" she complained, her blue eyes blazing.

Krycek's eyes rolled. The moment of truth had arrived. He was still scared shitless about bedding her, but a real man faced his fears and emerged triumphant. He would prove his manhood to Dana Scully, and then kill Doggett. He only wished that Mulder would return to discover that the pregnant Dana Scully was HIS woman.....

"Okay, Dana!" he said, biting the bullet. "You want to do it? Then get into that bedroom and make yourself beautiful!" he ordered chauvinistically....

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