Title: Kathy
Author: Nichole D
Written: December 1998
Disclaimer- don't own em, never will. But, if you are really generous, Mr. Carter, you could consider them as a Christmas present...please?? I'll make a batch of fudgy ooey gooey brownies and some of my special Christmas cookies. Can you at least consider? Maybe I should ask Santa........ :o)

Summary: "Mulder, Scully, this is a little girl named Kathy. We found her at the crime scene of an apparent stabbing. I thought it would be best to put her in your care."

Author's Note: Here goes nothing, erica. This is really the beginning, erica. So sit back and relax as I present to you the longest fanfic I have ever written. This is for you, girl. You have been my inspiration to write,and you have waited so long for it to be written.

Dana Scully walked out of the elevator with her partner, Fox Mulder. They were ready to get their asses chewed out by their superior, Assistant Director Walter Skinner. Skinner hadn't really sounded angry on the phone, but with Skinnner, you never know.

Scully took the time to straighten her skirt and blouse before entering the lion's den, as her and Mulder called it. Skinner was a good guy, but you wouldn't want to get on his bad side.

"Mulder, do you have any idea what this is about?" inquired Scully as they waited outside the office.

"No clue, Scully. We actually haven't investigated anything for a while. It has all been the damned paper work. Wait. I have some down in my office." Mulder winced. "It's late."

"Oh, just great, Mulder. Perfect," muttered Scully sarcastically. "We're gonna get our asses chewed out for some paperwork YOU forgot to hand in?"

"Who knows?" Mulder shrugged

No sooner did Mulder say that, the secratary spoke. "The Assistant Director will see you now."

"Shit," said Mulder and Scully in unison as they walked through the door.

To their amazement, beyond the door stood Assistant Director Skinner along with Maggie, Scully's mom, and a little girl. Scully froze.

Mulder noticed the wierd expression on Scully's face. "What's wrong, Scully?" he whispered.

"That little girl. She looks like Emily," she whispered back, tears threatning her eyes. She quickly blinked them away.

Then she and Mulder looked up at Skinner. Skinner cleared his throat.

"Mulder, Scully, this is a little girl named Kathy. We found her at the crime scene of an apparent stabbing. I thought it would be best to put her in your care."

Scully walked toward the girl and took her hand. "Kathy, my name is Dana. This man's name is Mulder. We are going to be taking care of you." Scully hugged the girl tightly.

"Mulder? What kind of name is Mulder? That's a silly first name," said the girl with a trace of a smile on her face.

"Well, sweetie, his name is really Fox. But don't call him that!" said Scully with a laugh. Kathy giggled.

Skinner then said with a smile," Agents, you may take her now. Try not to get in too much trouble."

They got down to the office. Kathy tugged on Scully's sleeve. "Dana?"

"Yes, Kathy?"

Kathy looked at her feet. "Can I......"

"Can you what?"

Kathy looked straight into Scully's eyes. "Can I call you mommy?"

Scully looked down at Kathy in admiration with tears in her eyes and said,"Certainly."

Mulder looked around and smiled at Scully. Then Kathy walked over to him.

"Mulder, can I call you daddy?"

Mulder hesitated and looked at Scully. She gave a shrug and said,"Sure, sweetie. I'd love it if you did."

Kathy smiled. Then Scully said," Look, it's close to lunch time. Why don't we take a break, Kathy, and we can do some stuff together. We can go wherever you want."

"All right. Come on," said the 4-year-old with a grin. They headed out the door of the office to go out to lunch.

"First," said Kathy," I wanna go out to lunch at Burger King, please."

Mulder nodded.

"Okay," said Scully. "Do you want to do anything else, Kathy?"

"Yes. One more thing. I want to go to the park with you and daddy."

Scully smiled. She loved to have Mulder be called daddy. Only if she was the mommy.....

"Okay, honey. We can do that," said Mulder.

They went to Burger King. Unfortunately, Tom Colton was there on lunch break, too.

"Well, if it isn't Mr. and Mrs. Spooky. And who's this? Samantha Spooky?" said Tom with a snicker.

"Bite me, Colton. Go to hell," said Scully coldly.

"Whatever, Ice Queen." With that, Tom Colton walked away.

"Sorry about that, sweetie," said Mulder as he turned to Kathy. "Some people at our work aren't very nice to us."

"Why daddy? Why aren't they nice to you and mommy?"

"It's a long story, sweetie. I'll tell you when you get older, okay?"

"All right, daddy. Can we go to the park now?"

"Sure," said Mulder. He took the trash and threw it away, and the threesome were in the car again.

The End

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