Title: Graveside
Author: Dryad
Rating: V, A, MSR
Spoilers: 'DeadAlive'
Archive: Yes please. A note where would be nice.
Disclaimer: Alas, alack, they are not mine. Yadda cubed.

Summary: Ever wonder why Scully relied on Skinner instead of her mother during Mulder's burial? I did too...

Note: I wrote this in 20 minutes. You have been warned.

He was dead and she was glad.

She watched them lower the casket into the ground, and she felt like rejoicing. Seven years of wondering when she would be doing this for her daughter, but no more. Dana could come home now and be a normal person. They would do things, like shopping at the mall, going to Mass at least once a week, baking and cooking and cleaning during the holidays, together, as mothers and daughters should, and she wouldn't ever have to see her child run after a man who wasn't worthy of her.

Dana would come back to her, she was sure of it. She would leave the FBI, become the doctor her father had always wanted her to be. She would find herself a good man, and they would get married and adopt lots of children. As for the one Dana was carrying now...well...only God knew if she would carry it to term.

She would love it as a grandmother should, even if it was his.

But she hoped it wasn't.

We are Americans. We don't walk around terrified. - Colin Powell, 09/12/01


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