Title: From Anaheim to Milan to Home
Author: Eyegypt
Date: May 1998
Keywords: MSR, PreX

Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don't own the X-files or their characters Sorry to 20th Century Fox and Ten Thirteen Productions - no harm is intended and no profit is to be made by using them.


Summary: Scully bumps into Mulder in the '70s and '80s.

X-Files Office
Present Day

"Hey Scully, come take a look at this."

She took off her reading glasses and walked over to Mulder's desk. She followed his finger, which was pointing at a picture in an old photo album. It was an old photo of Mulder and Samantha standing in front of The Magic Kingdom. He was probably 12.

"It's you at Disneyland."

"Yes, but take a closer look," he said with a goofy grin on his face.

Scully bent over to take a closer look and that's when she saw it. "Oh my God."

"Pretty creepy, huh?"

Off in the upper left hand side of the picture was her holding a Mickey Mouse shaped balloon and her sister. She took it out of the album to inspect it further. Turning over the picture she saw the date was written: June 1972.

"I remember my mom took us there one weekend when we were stationed in San Diego."

"Yeah. Well, Sam begged my parents forever to go until they finally caved. I wonder if I even saw you?"

"Probably not. I'm sure you probably noticed Melissa, though. Everyone noticed her."

He could hear a hint of jealousy in her voice. She continued, "I guess you could say she developed at an early age. Unlike me; I knew guys in college who had bigger breasts."

Mulder chuckled. "Well if they could see you now..."

"Oh yeah, a cold, workaholic who's been kidnapped by the government, given cancer and can't have children. They're lining up at the door."

Mulder didn't know what to say to that, so he just stared.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that. You paid me a compliment and I made you feel like shit," she soon apologized. She started to walk back to her desk.

"I don't think you're cold."

"Then what would you call it, Mulder?"


She nodded and went back to her keyboard.

"You could have been friends with my sister," he stated, trying to change the topic.

"If I knew her."

"I'm sure you would've gotten along. She's nothing like me," he said with a grin.

Scully smiled back, trying not to laugh.

June 1972 Disneyland, Anaheim, CA

"Fox, stand still so I can take the picture," his mother warned.

"Yeah, Fox," his sister added in her annoying little sister voice.

He pulled on one of her braids.


"Fox William Mulder, you behave or I'll take you back to the hotel."

Once they had taken the picture, Sam and him ran to get in line at the Peter Pan ride. Their mother sat on a bench near the exit of the ride to wait for them. The line was long and Fox was getting bored, fast; so, he wet his finger and stuck it in his sister's ear.

"Fox! Gross!" She violently wiped her ear. "I'm going to tell mom."

"Go ahead butt munch."

"You're so mean Fox." With that, she turned back to face the front of the line.

That's when he felt it: someone slammed into the back of him. He spun around to see who it was, but all he saw was the back of a little girl with red hair and her hands on her hips.

"Billy, don't push me." She yelled at an older boy in front of her. She turned around and looked shyly at Fox. "Sorry, my brother pushed me."

She looked about Sam's age. "No problem." He looked at the kids in line with her. There was the older boy, Billy, who looked a couple years older than he was and another girl who was pretty attractive. She looked about his age. He found himself staring at her, which she soon noticed. She blushed and smiled at him. He was so embarrassed that he quickly turned back around.

"Hey Melissa, do you think we can go on the Small World ride after this?" the younger girl asked.

"Oh, Dana, that ride's no fun."

"Please. We went on the tea cups already."

"Yeah and Charlie go so sick." Billy added.

"Billy, do you want to go on that stupid Small World ride?" Melissa asked.

"Oh, why not."

Dana smiled evilly back at her sister.

Fox, of course, was listening to their whole conversation from over his shoulder. He knew which ride he was going on next. He turned so that he could lean his back against the railing; the older girl was standing the same way, but across from him. She smiled at him again. He smiled back.


"What is it Dana?"

"How much longer do you think the wait is going to be?"

"I don't know, Dana."

"Do you think this ride will be scary?" She asked.

"You sure do ask a lot of questions," Fox told her.

Melissa smiled and snickered. "I know; she's so annoying."

"I am not!" Dana proclaimed.

"Put a sock in it half-pint," Billy added.

Dana felt like she was going to cry. Not only were her brother and sister picking on her, but some weird stranger as well. She just bowed her head and tried hard not to get upset.

When they got to the front of the line, Fox, Melissa and Billy were chatting away like old pals. Dana and Sam just stared at each other. In fact, they all sat together on the ride leaving Dana and Sam on the row in front of them. "I hate my brother." Sam told Dana.

"Yeah? Well, I don't like my brother or sister either. They're mean to me."

"Not as mean as my brother."

"I think your brother likes my sister."

Then Sam started singing just loud enough for the other kids to hear, "Fox and Melissa sitting in a tree..." Dana instantly joined in.

Fox kicked the back of Sam's chair. "Clam it, Cretan or I'll give you a knuckle sandwich."

"Dana can be so immature." Melissa added.

Dana wanted to go home and be with her dad. He'd save her from her evil sister. "Drop dead, Melissa!"

They spend to whole time throwing insults back and forth at each other that Dana missed the whole ride. When they exited, Mrs. Mulder came up to claim her kids.

"Come on, its time to go home."

"Mom! Do we have to?" Sam whined.

"Yes. It's getting late and your father is expecting us."

Fox turned to Melissa and Billy. "It was nice to met you."

"Yeah, you too," Billy said and started to head to his mom.

"Bye Fox." Melissa drawled out and quickly leaned over and kissed him on the cheek.

Dana just huffed at Melissa's flirtations. "Bye Sam."

"Bye Dana."

And with that, the Mulders and the Scullys went their separate ways.

Present Day
Dana Scully's Apartment

Seeing that old picture of herself caused her to drag out all her old photo albums. She was up to her freshman year in college when she took I trip to Italy with Berkley on a summer program. She saved up all year and her father promised to match whatever she made penny for penny. Milan, Italy July 1983

"Whoa! Dana, check out that couple over there."

She looked to where her friend Laura was pointing. Over against the side of an old building, two people were going at it like it was their last night on earth.

"Jesus. Get a room," Dana mumbled.

"No kidding."

The couple soon broke apart. He was a tall boy with brown hair and dark skin. The girl had jet-black hair and pale skin; she was also tall. They held hands as the walked by Dana and Laura.

"Can't we just back to our room?" the tall one asked in a British accent as they passed.

"We need to meet..." The boy's voice faded as they got further away.

"Somebody's getting laid tonight," Laura stated.

"Yeah and it's not me. Let's go."

The program had classes in Rome Monday through Thursday then the students were free to travel or do whatever from Friday to Sunday. Her friend Laura and her decided to take the train up to Milan. It was their first night there. They had made their way to the youth hostile. After checking in, they went exploring and that's where they witnessed the public display of affection. Finally, they found a small restaurant to eat dinner.

"Must be fate." Her friend said.


"Look who's here."

Dana looked over and saw the couple who was making out earlier eating dinner a few tables over with another couple. Dana only nodded.

"He's cute. She's not all that. He could do much better."

Dana laughed; only Laura could analyze someone's relationship without even knowing him or her. "I guess he is kind of cute, in a goofy sort of way."

"Honey, there's nothing goofy about that body."

"His nose is a little too big," Dana defended herself.

"So what? You know what they say about big noses."

"Uh... big toes," she joked

"Right Dana." Laura rolled her eyes and continued eating.

Before they knew it the 'make-out' couple at the table started arguing.

"Damn it, Fox!! I told you I didn't want to go there!"

"Don't call me that."

"What? Fox? That's your ridiculous name. Isn't it?"

"Phoebe," he warned "I'm leaving. Come with me if you want? But I can't be responsible for what will happen if you don't," she threatened. With that, she grabbed her backpack and stormed off.

Fox started to get up, but the other guy at the table stopped him. "Mulder, forget about her. You shouldn't let her jerk you around like that." He had a British accent like the girl.

Fox... Mulder, whatever the hell his name was, sat back down. "I know. I know." The three went back to talking quietly.

"Somebody's whipped." Laura stated when the show was obviously over.

Dana nodded in agreement. After dinner, they decided to go to this nightclub they had heard about. Of course there was a line outside. And, as fate would have it, Fox Mulder was in front of them with the other couple, his tall British girlfriend no where in site. As soon as Laura and Dana got in line a huge group of people got in line after them. They accidentally pushed too hard and Dana rammed into the back of Fox.

He turned around.

"Sorry," she apologized.

"No problem." He turned back around.

"Sexy voice," Laura whispered in her ear.

"Laura. Shh."

Laura rolled her eyes. Dana would never get a boyfriend if she weren't more assertive.

"Excuse me?" Laura asked.

Fox turned back around to face her.

"Are you from the states?"

"Yes. Massachusetts."

"I was just wondering with your lack of an accent and all," Laura stated.

Fox nodded back. "Where are you two from?"

You two? Whenever Laura tried to pick up someone and Dana was around, she was always looked over by the male target.

"We're both from California. I'm from Santa Monica and Dana's from San Diego."

He smiled and nodded in Dana's direction. She smiled shyly back. He was cute.

"My name's Mulder. What's yours?"

"Laura." She shook his extended hand. "And this is my friend Dana."

They shook hands. Mulder then introduced them to his two friends: Porshca and John. "Where do you two go to school?" John asked.

"Berkley," Laura answered. "Where do you guys go?"


Laura and Mulder continued making small talk. And why shouldn't they. Laura was 5-8, shoulder length brown hair, olive skin and eyes that were almost black. In Dana's opinion, Laura was a better catch than that Phoebe, but that still left her as the odd man out. She could tell that Laura was trying to keep her in the conversation, but it just really wasn't happening. Once they made it into the club, Dana went straight for the bar. She needed a drink. Eventually, Mulder was able to find them a table. After about three drinks, she watched Laura and Mulder get up to dance. That left her with mushy couple #2. A couple of cheesy guys tried to approach her, but she turned them down and continued to nurse her alcohol. She looked out at the dance floor and saw Mulder and Laura in a lip lock. Her jaw hit the table. She wished she could be as gutsy when it came to men. Time dragged on forever, but finally Mulder and Laura came back to the table. Dana could only stare.

"Dana, come with me to the bathroom. I don't want to wait in the line by myself."

"Sure," she mumbled.

In line Laura turned to her, "Dana, that guy has to be the best kisser in the world. You should kiss him."

Only Laura would suggest that Dana try to kiss a boy that she had just gotten with. Not that Laura was a slut. In fact, she had only slept with on person, her boyfriend from high school. She just liked to kiss - a lot. Laura reminded Dana of that song from the musical, Oklahoma. 'I'm just a girl who can't say no. Kissing's my favorite thing.'

"I'm not going to kiss him, Laura."

"Oh, why not? Come on Dana; you need to be more assertive. It really is kind of a turn on for guys."

"I'm sure it is, but it's just not me."

"Well, then, pretend you're someone else. Listen, I'll give you twenty dollars to do it."

Dana just stared.


"You'll give me fifty dollars to kiss him."

"I know you won't; so, I'm not really nervous about losing the cash."

She really hated being challenged. It started with her brothers and it still was happening. She could never turn down a challenge and she did need the money.

"Fine," she murmured.


"I said: Fine."

The shook hands, went to the bathroom and returned to the table. And it was just Dana's luck: the British girlfriend, Phoebe, was there. Laura didn't seem to be fazed one bit. "Well, looks like I can't win now." Dana whispered as they got closer.

"Nah, it just makes it more interesting."

Dana knew there would be no kiss.

Mulder introduced them to Phoebe. Dana wondered where she ran off to between now and dinner. Mulder didn't seem to be bothered by both Laura and Phoebe's presence. That was another thing Dana wished: that she could let crap like this roll off her back. She needed to loosen up. She watched as Laura subtly continued to flirt with Mulder. Phoebe was too busy playing with the hair on the back of Mulder's neck. Dana felt like this could easily turn into some cheesy three-some thing from a porno film. That thought and the four drinks she had made her laugh out loud.

"What's so funny?" Laura asked.

"Nothing. I just think the three of you need to get a room." Did she just say that out loud!!!

Laura didn't mind the comment. Did anything bother her? Phoebe on the other hand looked confused at first then was quick to catch on.

"What's that supposed to mean, you little bitch."

Anybody, who knew Dana, knew not to call her a bitch. Laura was ready for the show to unfold.

"That both of you seem to be enjoying Mulder's company so much that you should get a bedroom and get it on." God, she was on a roll.

Mulder gripped Phoebe by the shoulders to keep her from reacting. Dana just smiled sweetly at her. Phoebe turned to Laura, "Just because you're flirting with him, doesn't mean he'll show any interest in you."

Dana let out a little 'ha'. She was having too much fun now.

Phoebe turned to Mulder; "did you get with that little tramp?"

Mulder remained silent which was pretty much the answer Phoebe needed. She reared up and slapped him, hard. Now, Dana felt bad. Not much, but a little. Phoebe got up and left. Mulder just stared at Dana.

"I'm sorry."

He just continued to stare. Dana matched him, not flinching.

"Maybe, we should go now." Laura cut in.

Mulder only nodded, his eyes still evilly trained on Dana. Laura got up and pulled on Dana's arm. Dana gave Mulder the same sweet smile she'd given Phoebe then leaned across the seat and kissed him. Not anything passionate, just a full, smack on the lips.

He looked shocked and still a little pissed.

"That's for the good time." Dana got up quickly and left.

Once they were outside, Laura turned to Dana. "Jesus Christ! What got into you?" She was trying not to laugh.

"I don't know, but you owe me some money." She rubbed her fingers together.

"No fair! That was no kiss. I kiss my brother like that."

"You didn't specify the type of kiss."

"Shit Dana, I'll pay you when we get back to Rome."

Present Day
Dana Scully's apartment

She put her old photo albums in her box when she came across her old stethoscope. It was from her student training. She put it on and listened to her heartbeat.

Frank's Cafe
College Park, Maryland
October 1988

She had needed to get out of her room. It was 2:30 in the morning, the library was closed and this diner was usually empty this time of night, which is was. So, she was the only one there. She sat up at the counter reading a forensics textbook. The waitress warmed up her cup of coffee when the bell on the door ringed, signally that someone else had entered. Dana only glanced up briefly to see a tall man with brown hair take a seat a stool down from her. She was so engrossed in her reading that when she heard the man humming she had to concentrate on the music that was playing. It was some Elvis song. She found herself smiling when she noticed that he was still humming and tapping his foot.

"Sorry. Big Elvis fan," he explained stopping his foot.

"No problem." She went back to her reading.

"What are you reading?" She looked up to notice he had a twisted look on his face, most likely from the gruesome diagrams and pictures.

She giggled at his expression. "It's a forensic textbook."

"Ah. A medical student?"

"Yep." He looked old to be a student, but she asked anyway.

"No. I just graduated from Quantico, though. If that counts?"

"Really? FBI?" Interesting.

"Yes, I'm an official fibbie."

"Congratulations. What branch?"

"Violent Crimes."

"And these pictures disturbed you," she motioned to her book. "You're in big trouble then," she joked.

"I'll manage," he smiled at her

"I'm sure you will," she also smiled then went back to her book. He was cute, but who was she kidding, guys like that didn't go out with her. How could she be so intelligent, yet so insecure?

"When do you graduate?" he asked.

Well, Dana, he obviously wants to talk to you. "Not till 1990."

"Do you know what type of medicine you want to go into?" She could see that he wanted to scoot over one bench to sit nest to her. "I think forensics would be quite interesting."

"Dead people?"

"Yeah, the body holds many mysteries." Jeez, that came out like a come-on. Smart Dana.

He noticed because he smiled wickedly at her.

"That's not what I meant," she clarified.

He nodded. "The FBI could use forensic doctors."

"I don't think my parents would like that."

"It's your life."

She just shrugged her shoulders and then realized she didn't know his name. But something inside her didn't want to know; it made him more mysterious, dangerous and sexy. Please don't let him ask me my name, Dana thought.

"I just realized I don't know your name."

Damn! "No you don't," was all she said back. He smiled at her again. He wasn't dumb; he knew she wouldn't tell him and that she didn't want to know his. This strangely turned him on. He watched the waitress disappear into the kitchen. He scooted one stool over and propped his elbow up on the counter, "So, you won't tell me your name?"

"I don't think it's necessary for you to know." It was easy to flirt with him.

"Want to get a hotel room?" He was joking, but not really. Her little mind games just reminded of something from a movie about seduction and intrigue.

"What?!?!" Her eyes were huge as she stared back at him. She wasn't insulted, just shocked.

He just stared at her with an enigmatic look in his eyes. She could only look into them. She watched his body lean forward towards hers. Dana did nothing and before she knew it, his lips were on hers. Her lips opened on their own accord and a sigh escaped her throat as his tongue slid into her mouth. He had positioned his knees between her thighs and had his hands in her hair. Her hands where resting on his collarbone. Dana had never done anything like this in her life. Was she crazy? She didn't want him to stop. If he asked her to go to the hotel room again, she'd say yes in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, the kiss ended and the word "yes" slipped from Dana's mouth. He smiled, reached into his wallet and threw some money on the counter. Taking her hand, they crossed the street to a shady motel. Dana waited outside while he got a room. She had officially lost it. What would people think? But it was that feeling that made her want to do it.

He came back out and they silently walked to the room. Once they were inside, he took her backpack off her shoulders and laid it on the dresser. Then they kissed again with more passion than in the diner. She broke the kiss and started to unbutton his shirt. Her hands were shaking so bad that it made her laugh.

He placed his hands on top of hers, "You sure?"

She looked up at him. It was dark in the room, but the street light was coming in through the sheer curtain. Dana nodded, "I've just never done anything like this before."

"Well, that's good. I have protection."

She looked at him with a questioning glance.

"I've never done this nameless thing either, but a guy's always got to be prepared."

They both smiled and slowly began to remove each other's clothing. He laid her back on the bed when they were both completely nude. His mouth and hands explored every inch of her body. They did things to each other that only the most intimate of lovers did. Dana had never felt anything this incredible in her entire life. She had only been with 3 other guys: one in high school, and two in undergrad. Medical school had been a dry spell, until now. That's probably why this felt so good, that and the fact that this was dangerous. Dana told herself all this because she wanted to make the morning less painful. Finally, she slipped the condom on him and he pushed his way inside her. There lovemaking was slow and he wrapped his forearms under her shoulders placing his hands behind her head so he could watch her face. She arched her back up and reached her climax, Mulder soon followed.

Once he withdrew from her and rolled to his side, Dana spoke, "Unfortunately, that was the best sex I've ever had."

"Unfortunately," he repeated. The lay in silence while he played with the hair around her face. She could feel herself drifting off.

"Sure you don't want to tell me your name?" he asked.

She nodded her head, snuggled into his arms and the beat of his heart lulled her to sleep. When she woke, he was gone. She took a shower and got herself back together. Dana went to grab her backpack, but on top of it was a sealed hotel envelope. The writing on it read:

If you want to know my name and number, open this letter.

P.S. I didn't snoop to find yours.
- Brown

She smiled at the names he used and the fact he respected her privacy. She stared at the envelope, flipping in her hand. Dana walked outside with it, but then ripped it into several pieces before throwing it in the dumpster. Relationships that start out with sex never last, she told herself.

Present Day

Though both of them remembered only faint bits and pieces of their trip to Disneyland and Milan, neither remembered the specific details of who they encountered. Faces became blurry and names were quickly forgotten. All Scully remembered is that a friend once bet her fifty dollars to kiss a stranger with a bitch for a girlfriend. All Mulder really recalled was that Italy was not a fun trip for him and Phoebe. But they both remember that they had once slept with a complete, nameless, stranger and felt no guilt or regret about it.


Just felt like writing one of those Pre X-Files stories. Those are my favorite. So if anyone can recommend a good one... Let me know what you thought. And yes the last part of my story Fear is being proofed right now - so have patients my friends.

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