Title: Frisson
Author: Kemystre
Rating: PG Classification: Return-fic, MSR
Disclaimer: They aren't mine. No infringement intended
Archive: Keep the Faith, yes. All others please ask

Summary: Frisson -- (noun) -- a brief moment of excitement: shudder, thrill -- Merriam Webster Dictionary

He stepped away from the plane and his knees were shaking.

Closing his eyes, he pulled in a sharp breath. The cold February air burned within his lungs and he almost smiled.

Fox Mulder was home. Finally, at last, he was home.

His journey had been long. His time away -- a brutal nightmare that seemed to be without an end. The ache of missing Scully had almost been more than he could bear.

He opened his eyes and let the foul memories slip away. There was no need for them now. He was home.

He lifted his meager bag and took a step toward the small terminal. Scully was there, inside, waiting for him.

The sun shone brightly, reflecting off the pure white snow, and he shielded his eyes with his hand. His fingers were trembling.

He was home. Scully was waiting.

He took a step, and then another -- quickly now. What he had longed for, ached for, pleaded for, was less than a hundred feet in front of him.

He was anxious, scared, and desperately needing to hold Scully in his arms.

He started to jog, ignoring his screaming muscles, paying no heed to the racing of his heart.

He was almost there; she was waiting.

Mulder stopped in front of the door, pausing, reflecting, savoring the moment that was soon to come. He could almost hear her voice, almost feel the warmth of her skin.

His heart quivered and he reached out, pulling open the door and stepping inside. He swallowed, hard, and then he saw her, standing across the room, Skinner at her side.

Her eyes were large and filled with tears. Her hair shone brightly even in the dull overhead lighting. The smile on her lips was the most genuine he had ever seen.

It was a moment he would never forget. One of those perfectly serendipitous times in his life that he would always carry in his heart.

He smiled, too. He felt his eyes fill with tears of love, of joy, of an ache so long unfulfilled.

His bag dropped to the floor and he didn't care. He took a step and drank in the sight of her. His world narrowed, shrinking to encompass only her.

She reached up, touching Skinner's arm before stepping away, a single tear streaking down her cheek.

Mulder ran.

A sob broke past his lips when he stopped in front of her.

Scully whispered his name and he reached out, taking her face between his hands, cherishing the warmth of her skin, the love in her eyes. The emptiness he had felt for so long faded away, replaced with her light, her love.

"You're home," Scully whispered.

"I'm home."

His eyes never left Scully's but his hand moved away from her face, trailing down her check, her neck, her side, finally coming to rest on her abdomen -- on their baby.

He smiled again, tears spilling past his lashes, "I'm home," he whispered.


Notes: This scene was in response to a challenge on the I Want to Believe list. Thanks go out to beduini for posting the challenge and to all of the other authors who responded. I enjoyed reading all of them! Thanks also go out to my wonderful friend and beta Sybil. Sorry for the lack of smut sweetie, but I hope it amused you anyway.

Dedication: To Jewel for her strength and wonderful kiwi <g>.

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