Title: Everlasting Miracle
Author: DScully141
Written: January 2001
Rating:R for some language
Category: MSR, baby fic, end of the world
Disclaimer: All things X, belong to CC and 1013 productions.
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Summary: Mulder is found, and a little miracle is on its way.

Author's Notes: Wow, this is one of my best in a long time. I have been wanting to write a baby fic and a Mulder Scully in love fic that actually moves people for awhile. I have tried but all my other Baby fics end in tragedy of some kind. My challenge here was to write a moving, tragic, and heart-wrenching piece but to let it have some kind of redeeming value and beauty to it. Not a lot of stories end on a good note, and some that do? Are incredibly sappy. So I tried!!!

It had taken all of her strength not to fall apart. He was there, somewhere in that very building. Tears stung at her eyes and her vision became blurred.

"Mulder," she breathed.

John Doggett was beside her, holding her steady as they walked down that endless hallway towards her lover, the father of her unborn child. She could feel her heart race, her mind whirling. It had been nearly 6 months since he had disappeared. She had been forced to endure it, to go on in their work without him. Doggett wrapped an arm around her waist as they came to a stop outside of room 223.

"Scully, are you ready?" He was so very concerned for her. For those many months without Mulder, he had prided himself in taking care of her. When he discovered her pregnancy, he made a vow to himself. He would find this child's father, and he would protect its mother at all costs. In the beginning Doggett had not fully understood The X-Files to the grand scale that it was. Many things changed shortly after Mulder disappeared. And just 6 weeks ago, the first wave of epidemics began to spread across the Eastern Hemisphere. Dana Scully had been right. For the first time in history, humankind had come face to face with aliens. And they didn't exactly come bearing gifts. The only hope that was left for their race was thriving within Scully's womb. He rested his hand on her swollen belly and nuzzled the side of her forehead with his own.

"I'll be right here if you need me."

She nodded slowly and then turned to gaze up at him. Wetness rimmed her beautiful pale blue eyes and she smiled as a single tear streamed down her cheek. She opened her mouth to speak but could not find the words. Sensing her need, Doggett flashed her a brilliant smile. He needed her to know that she didn't have to say a thing, he understood. She took his hand in her own and squeezed gently. Doggett reached out and opened the door to the room, standing to the side to allow her entrance. After she stepped over the threshold, he leaned against the door frame, eager to watch the wonder that was about to take place.

She walked slowly to his bed, closing her eyes. She stopped as a hand grasped onto her arm. Electricity shot up through her being and her lower lip quivered. He reached out and took her other hand in his own, gently pulling her to the bed. She followed willingly, but refused to look at him....refused to open her eyes. She was afraid that if she did, her heart would break. He caressed her arms gently and then brought his hands to center on her belly. He ran his fingers along her abdomen and let out a breath. She was here with him. All those dark nights he dreamed of her presence. And here she was, and she was carrying his child. He laid his hands flat on her belly and marveled at how this miracle baby moved underneath his mother's skin. Mulder was in love. He looked up at the woman who was so much more than everything to him. His life's blood ran through her soul and he was lost in her warmth. He smiled and took her hand again.

"Open your eyes," he begged her softly.

She stood there frozen by his words. His warm voice that could melt away her sorrows, was thick with love. Her hands began to shake and she became terrified. She had often dreamed of this moment and he would say those very same words. But everytime she opened her eyes, gave in to her heart, he would vanish and she was left alone. He could sense the emotions flashing through her mind. He smiled to himself before speaking to her, on another level.

"*You have to trust me, I'm here Scully...I'm right here in front of you, holding you, loving you...just open your eyes and you'll see*"

She stumbled back at such an intrusion into her mind. Her head began to ache but he gently prodded again, and her brain soon became accustomed to the sound of his voice in her head.

"*That's it....let me in. I'm right here Scully, all you have to do is believe*" He waited but she shook her head, tears slipping from beneath her eye lashes. "*Scully, I had the strength of your beliefs*"

Her eyes flashed open and fell upon him. "Oh God..."

He pulled her onto the bed beside him and held her tight as she fell apart within his embrace. Her body convulsed as the tears poured out like rain. Her lip was trembling as he gently kissed her, wanting her to feel him. She breathed in the scent that that she had missed for so long and he wrapped his fingers around her hair.

"Oh God...Mulder...you said you'd be right back" She bit down on her lip and wiped at her eyes with the backs of her hands. "You said...Mulder...you said you'd be right back." Her heart broke into pieces as she cried into his shoulder.

Fox Mulder sat completely still. He felt the sword pierce his heart. He had brought her so much pain, and she had died for him all those months, she had died inside.

"I love you," he said simply.

"Mulder, I tried...I tried to find you..." she continued, shaking her head. She lifted her face to look at him.

"I love you," he said again.

"I stayed up all night, wishing for you to call... wanting for you to." Her heart rate sped up as she relived the painful memories.

"I love you."

"And...you...Mulder, I thought if I believed it hard enough that you would hear me...that you'd hear me and come back... I tried to believe, I tried to have faith to bring you back...but it wasn't enough...I just couldn't believe enough..."

"I love you, Scully please..." This got her attention and she stared into his eyes...his soul pouring from their very depths.

"I am so hopelessly in love with you...I always have been....And what got me through those terrible months, was you...hearing you inside of my head..." His voice cracked as the tears began to fall.

"I heard you Scully, I heard you talking to him... loving him...I heard you as you said names aloud to yourself, as you talked at the checkout counter while buying baby clothes. I heard you in my head and when you dreamed...oh I dreamed with you. I saw you hold him in your arms... this beautiful child..." He brought his hands again to her belly.

"And I wished...for just a moment that you could feel what I was feeling Scully, the awe and wonder and love of seeing this baby. I have seen him Scully, warm and wet and sucking his fingers deep inside of your womb." She stared at him, tears streaming down her face.

"He's so beautiful Scully, he is so very beautiful... and he knows you...the sound of your voice. He opens his eyes when he hears you speak and he drifts to sleep while your cooking dinner. He is so much a part of you and because of that...he was able to be a part of me. You did believe Scully, oh how you believed. Because while you were searching, believing you could reach me...I was reaching you."

John Doggett wiped at his eyes with the back of his hand as he stood in the doorway of the hospital room. His soul ached for them, for these two tragic lovers. They had endured so much and he prayed that their future together would be long and wonderful. There was work to be done.

The warm breeze settled upon the trees as they finally reached the camp. What a funny group were they, the father, smiling and making jokes to his trio of friends, the mother, heavy with the burden in which she bore, holding tightly to her lover, and the rest of them that were still alive, Skinner, Doggett and his son Luke, and the 20 or so others that had gathered at Betlam's compound. Mulder looked up to the sky and breathed in the warm air, smelling the fresh grass. He leaned in and kissed Scully on the cheek.

"It's beautiful up here."

She smiled back at him. "It's safe up here."

They both gazed out over the expanse of beautiful mountain and valley. It was the most picturesque thing she had ever seen. The way the setting sun bent to kiss the mountain tops. How the river flowed so serenely in the valley just beneath where they were camped. The sunset sent sparkling reds and oranges scattering across the darkening sky, the prismic light comforting them both. They both looked up to see Skinner and Doggett coming towards them.

"The epidemic has spread as far west as North Carolina now, and there are several reports in Virginia," Doggett spoke with low, hushed tones so as not to frighten anyone standing nearby.

Scully gazed up at the stars that were beginning to peak out from the purple sky. "But they haven't spread as far west as New Mexico." She smiled.

Both men felt the grins spreading on their own faces. Scully was playing her part well. To be the mother of humankind, she was taking her job in stride. While others were scared and left alone as much of their family had been killed in the first wave of the black sickness, she had stood as a pillar for them all. That there was still hope...that she would bring hope to them. Skinner gazed out over the beautiful Indian countryside and wondered when the last time was he had been in the southwest.

"Frohike, can't you get a satellite feed from up here?" Byers whined. Langly jumped into the hut, dancing about wildly. Frohike looked up from his laptop and grimaced.

"What the hell are you doing Langly?"

"It's an Indian luck dance...see?" He danced about the hut and Byers grabbed his arm to keep him from falling over Frohike.

"Hey, so what if I fall on the little man!" Langly laughed as he mock, lunged for Frohike.

"That's it you punkass...bring it on." Frohike stood in the tiny hut and glared up at Langly.

Langly shook his head and sighed. "It's just...it's not worth it."

Byers rolled his eyes and stepped out of the little hut, heading towards the main building. Just as he reached the door a blonde headed little boy of about 9 bolted out of it. John Doggett came out after him.

"Luke...I'm gonna kick your but son get back here!" he hollered after his boy. Doggett shook his head and looked at Byers. "Damn kid was spying on the girls in the changing room again. LUKE!!!"

Byers laughed as he watched John take off after his son. Mere moments later he bumped into Scully, literally.

"John, I'm sorry!" She laughed. She was so giddy these days, and every time she giggled...her belly would bounce around like in those Christmas movies he saw as a child. He smiled in spite of himself.

She stared at him for a moment and then giggled again. He had been so wonderful to her in all the time that she had known the Lone Gunmen. She suddenly felt so very lucky for all that she had in life. Her Mulder, her baby, wonderful friends. Even amid such chaos as the end of the world, they seemed untouchable in that tiny little camp on the edge of an old Indian reservation. She felt a pang in her heart as she remembered an old friend. Albert Hostein had been a strong and spiritual man. She looked up to the stars and imagined feeling his presence upon her. She was here, in his old stomping grounds and she could swear that she felt his spirit. Mulder soon came along side her and wrapped his arms around her ever expanding waist.

"Hello lover," he whispered, seductively into her ear.

She grinned. "Why hello there. Thought you were getting food?"

Fox Mulder held onto his love tightly. He ran his hands up along her sides until they met with her thickening breasts. "Who said I didn't get food?"

Scully swatted his hands away and pinched him. "Be nice, naughty Fox."

John Doggett awoke to the sound of humming. He rolled over and sat up, rubbing sleep from his eyes. Once he could focus, he looked down next to him and his heart melted. Luke was humming in his sleep, it was the lullaby his mother would sing to him as a toddler. Doggett sighed and ran his hand along his son's cheek. He looked so much like his mother, that it pained him to see. His beautiful boy, was alive and well. Doggett thought about that for a moment. So many others in the world were suffering. How then had he become so lucky as to be spared? Anxiously awaiting the birth of their savior? His revere was broken by the sound of footfall outside of his hut. He nearly jumped when Skinner poked his head through the flap at the door.

"It's time."

Skinner and Doggett could hear her moans before they made it to the hut that was a good 60 feet from their own. There were already people gathered around the hut, some of them were sleeping on blankets outside, others were sitting around a fire talking. And still others were praying, or meditating. All of them were anxiously awaiting the birth of their new generation, listening to the panting of his laboring mother.

She took in slow, even breaths and concentrated on the man standing in front of her. The pain was growing worse. She had been laboring since early that evening and it had already been 7 hours. As the waves came closer together, she knew that it would only be a few more hours. Mulder paced back and forth and seemed relieved when Skinner entered.

"She says she is 8 centimeters dilated so it won't be long now. Can you get ahold of the guys?" Mulder patted Skinner on the shoulder. The older man nodded his head and winked at Scully before leaving again. She watched him go and then looked to Doggett who was also standing in the doorway.

"Agent Doggett, can you....uhhhh...can you find Lela?" She clenched her fists as the wave overtook her, a tear sliding down her cheek as she tore at the covers beneath her. That one was particularly strong. It's alright, she told herself. Lela would soon be here and she would bring the elders. Doggett gave Mulder a half smile before leaving to find help.

Mulder gazed up at the luminous stars. They were beautifully bright this night of all nights, especially the north star which shone that much more brightly. It had been well over an hour since Lela and the tribal elders had come. They had helped keep Scully hydrated with herbal tea, and had eased her muscle cramps with massage. Lela had checked her cervex again and smiled, telling her that it was almost time. Some of the elders had come outside of the hut and sat around the fire, telling old Indian tales to the young children who were camped outside with their parents. Everyone was full of life, of hope. Mulder stretched and then turned to walk back towards the hut. He was surprised to nearly trip over a tiny girl of about 4.

"Are you gonna be my daddy now? They say that you are going to be his daddy...will you be mine too?" She stared up at him innocently.

He was completely taken aback and bent to pick her up. She nuzzled into his shoulder and he rocked her gently. Tears stung at his eyes as he realized that she must have lost her father to the waves of epidemics. There were many orphaned children in the camp. Other families and some of the Indians, gladly took these wee ones in. The innocence of this precious child left him nearly speechless. His heart broke for her as he was reminded of his sister. How could he not take such a child in? Such an innocent, and loving child? He patted her back as she began to cry. He smoothed down her soft blonde hair as he rocked her back and forth. Easing her tears with the movement, he began to sing to her.

"Go to bed, the priests are dead, now no one can call you bad
Go to bed, dream instead and you will find him
Who could ever say you're not simply wonderful
Who could ever harm you, sleep now, you're my little girl."

He walked over to the fire where the elders were seated and laid the tiny child into the arms of an inviting Indian. The man smiled at Mulder and promised he would look after her for awhile. When he returned to the hut, Scully was in heavy labor and sweat was beading her brow. He came and sat next to her, rubbing her back in between contractions. Skinner had come to inform them that all 3 stooges were sitting around the fire talking with the elders about alien technology. Mulder laughed in spite of himself, and then turned his full attention to Scully.

She gazed up at him after the end of a very painful contraction. He was the most wonderful thing she had ever seen. How he loved her, how he believed in her. 8 years had brought them here. 8 years of love born out of a friendship that would last generations. How she loved him so. She grabbed tightly onto his hand as the next contraction peaked. It had only been 45 seconds since the last one. Lela spoke softly, in her beautifully accented voice.

"The baby is ready to be born Dana...if you are ready to push?" She lifted Scully's silken nightgown to expose her belly. After pressing her hands to the firm flesh she nodded, a smile gracing her desert worn face. "The baby is in good position, head down." She smiled reassuringly at Scully before ordering Mulder to retrieve clean blankets. He obliged and soon returned with several clean cotton blankets.

"Mulder...I need...ah...oh God....Mul...I need you to help me get my legs up...so that i can..." She ran out of breath as the next wave overtook her. The people outside of the hut were startled as a loud scream erupted from her tiny body. Mulder was instantly at her side. He helped her to sit up enough so that gravity could aid her in the delivery of their child. Lela took Mulder's hand and brought it to Scully's vaginal opening.

"There...can you feel it?" She released his hand and looked up at him.

Mulder gently slid his fingers into Scully and nearly gasped. he could feel what he thought was the babies head. As water splashed out and around his palm, he realized he was wrong. He ran his fingers along inside of her again as she moaned and panted through the next contraction. There, he had felt it. His baby's head descending through the birth canal. He grinned like a fool up at his laboring partner. "I felt him Scully, he's coming down...not much longer now."

She simply nodded, concentrating on her breathing. It was time to push, her body was signaling for her to bear down. Lela switched places with Mulder and came to sit near Scully's side.

"I'm gonna let daddy take over now. " She smiled as she caressed the young woman's forehead. This beautiful woman was about to become what she had so wished to be, a mother. Lela felt the presence of the spirits with them. It would surely be a holy night.

Mulder rubbed Scully's inner thigh and coached her on. "Five...six...seven....eight....nine...ten...good, good Scully...I've almost got him...hang in there."

Scully clenched her fists again and took in a deep breath. This was it...the moment they had all been waiting for. "Please...please can someone open...open the curtain...at...at the door...I want to see the stars...the stars..."

She trailed off as her breathing became more labored. Mulder nodded and Lela stood to open the flap at the door. She looked out at all the people who had gathered. Each one stood before the tiny hut in silent revere. Their miracle baby was coming. Lela smiled to them and assured them that the baby was coming...that it wouldn't be much longer.

Mulder closed his eyes in silent prayer. He could hear her in his mind, her breaths coming faster, more irregular. Her screams of pain were almost too much to bear. Here he was about to be the father, the deliverer of the new generation. The deliverer was right. He bent forward and gave Scully a sweet, loving kiss. In the middle of all the pain, her eyes locked with his and their secret language was understood. She trusted him, and he loved her. He smiled softly and mouthed the words. -I love you- She nodded, tears forming in her tired eyes.

He closed his eyes again, taking in a steady breath. When he opened them he heard the people outside, singing. He smiled up at Scully. "Do you here that Scully? They're singing silent night out there."

She giggled, a tear rolling down her cheek. "Yeah, except I'm not the virgin Mulder." The giggling subsided as another wave hit her.

"Here we go." Mulder slid his hand just barely inside of her and his breath caught in his chest as he felt the baby's head against his fingers. He gently looped them around the baby's neck and gently eased the head towards him. After several pushes, he added his other hand to help guide the shoulders down. And suddenly the head slid out. Scully screamed at the burning in her flesh. Mulder held the baby steady and reached for the aspirator.

"Alright Scully, don't push...just breath in and out...in and out." He worked quickly, clearing the baby's mouth and nose of fluid and mucous. He layed the aspirator down and struggled to get ahold of a blanket and the baby in the other hand. He looked up to Scully who was drifting in and out of sleep. She nodded slowly and pushed herself up, Lela grabbing one knee. Skinner poked his head in.

"Need some help?"

Mulder nodded gratefully and Lela instructed Skinner to hold Scully's other leg. As they both braced her legs, Scully griped her knees and bore down hard.

"Ahhhh...Oh God...oh God...Mulder!!!...owwwwwww!!!!" She closed her eyes as tears streamed from beneath her eyelashes.

Mulder slowly guided the baby out of its mother. And within moments his son was squalling in his arms. He laughed, tears of joy threatening to blur his vision. "It's...it's a boy!" He yelled out. Skinner bent and kissed Scully's forehead as Lela went to tell the others. Mulder bent to get a good look at his son. He was absolutely beautiful. He had a light dusting of blonde hair, and his mother's mouth and nose. Mulder studied the baby's hands and toes and then turned to Scully. He placed the baby on her chest, the cord still attached. Scully wrapped a blanket around her newborn son and spoke to him softly.

"Hi...hi there little love...It's mommy!" she cried, leaning to kiss his slick wet forehead. "It's mommy." She began to shiver as the tears came tumbling out of her. So long she had waited to be a mother. After years of believing it could never happen, here he was. Her 8 and a half pound miracle. The tiny baby slowly stretched and then opened his eyes. Scully marveled at their blue depths. Could he know? Could this baby possibly know how important he was...how special?

Mulder embraced Scully and his newborn child. Together, they could survive anything. He unfolded part of the newborn's blanket and took the pulsing cord between his fingers, the soft bluish link that had connected Scully to their baby. He carefully clamped and cut it, the final stage of bringing their baby into this world. He watched as Scully brought the baby to her breast. His son was more than ready to accept his mother's offer and latched on successfully. The tiny hut was soon filled with the sounds of sweet suckling.

Lela massaged Scully's abdomen as Mulder gently pulled on the umbilical cord that was still hanging from the uterus. Within several minutes they had delivered the afterbirth. Lela reached in to make sure that there were no placental parts left behind. Scully had fallen asleep and Mulder knelt by her. He slid a pinky finger into the edge of his son's mouth in an attempt to break the suction from Scully's breast. He gently lifted his tiny newborn from her arms and took a sponge, bathing him with warm water. After drying him, and rewrapping him in another blanket he left Lela and Skinner in the hut to finish getting Scully cleaned up. He stepped out of the hut and into the starlight.

People cried, and people cheered. Some of them danced...and still some of them sat...afraid to move lest it all disappear. Their miracle had arrived. The elders arose and began clapping and chanting. Several moments later they were all joining in on a beautiful rendition of "Happy Birthday."

Mulder grinned down at his little boy. "All of this...is for you, little one."

He released his precious child into the arms of one of the elders who held the baby high above his head and began chanting an old Indian prayer. The sunrise began to peak over the mountain tops, purples and reds spreading across the dawning sky. After half an hour of passing the baby around from elder to elder for a prayer, the child was given back to its father. The people retired to their huts to gather gifts for the new baby and Mulder snuggled up with his love and his son in their cozy little hut.

Doggett had come to see the child later that day, along with his son Luke. Mulder smiled and patted him on the shoulder when he entered.

"Looks like we did it Agent Doggett." Mulder motioned over to where the baby lay beside his mother. Langly held up a vial filled with a thick red liquid. Doggett nodded.

"We should hurry."

By that evening, the injections began. After the whole camp had been inoculated, they began to produce the synthesized vaccine. Langly had finally set up the satellite link and news traveled all over the world. The child had been born in an undisclosed location...but the vaccine was being shipped out all over the US and within the week would reach every continent. Their salvation had arrived.

They all gathered around the fire now that first night. The sun was setting and the stars were shining brightly. Mulder helped Scully to sit down next to Skinner. Their baby nestled close to her breast. The campfire crackled and sparks swirled about in the breeze. The sweet summer air filled them all with a sense of renewed hope and rebirth. A time when all things are green and new. Mulder wrapped an arm around Scully and she rested her head on his shoulder. One of the elders bent down to Scully and she smiled, reaching up to hand him her tiny son. The time had come to name the child. Mulder turned to his left and smiled at the little girl sitting next to him. She took his hand and grinned back. He blew a stray piece of blonde hair from in front of her eyes and then drew her into his lap. Scully smiled and took the little girl's hand.

"Look Lily..." Scully began. "Your brother is gonna get his new name."

The little girl giggled and nuzzled in between the two of them. Lela winked at Scully from across the campfire and then, everyone's attention was drawn to one of the elders. He held the child close to his heart and began to chant in his native language. Scully closed her eyes. And Mulder squeezed her hand. Skinner found himself grinning like a fool and nearly choked when Doggett elbowed him.

"Now now Sir... firewater wasn't until AFTER the ceremony." Doggett grinned and pulled his son close to him.

Skinner smiled and shook his head. "The night is young Agent Doggett, the night is young."

"His name....as told to me by the great spirit, and those spirits of our ancestors...." The elder trailed off and then stared directly at Scully.

Scully felt her heart drop. Her mother. She felt the tears burn at her eyes and shook her head. Mulder held her close. Maggie had been lost to the plague soon after they had fled. Scully had wanted to go back, but there was no time. And when they did get back...it had been too late. Scully hadn't forgiven herself for that.

The old man continued. "Her spirit is with us....is with you..." He gestured to Scully. "She speaks to your heart Dana...and she speaks to him." He looked down at the tiny child resting comfortably in his arms. "It is the wish of the spirits that this child be named Dante, for his everlasting endurance, and Milagro, for his loving miracle. He will rule many nations, and he shall be the hope that will guide us and remind us that we were spared." He knelt before Scully and placed a kiss atop of the baby's forehead before leaving him with his mother. She smiled and took the older man's hand in her own. He nodded before standing and joining the rest of his tribe in song and dance.

Mulder wrapped an arm around his lover, and his new little girl and baby son. They were a family. He looked out over the campfire at all of the people singing and dancing. They were talking and playing games. Langly and Frohike were getting drunk with Skinner and Doggett. Byers was having an intimate conversation with one of the children. Lela was rocking 2 of her own babies. For the first time in his life, it all seemed to fall into place.

Scully gazed adoringly down at her little boy. He was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. All those months without Mulder, hoping with no hope for tomorrow. All those nights she dreamed of him, only to awake and find herself all alone once again. The many times she longed to tell John Doggett of her pregnancy, but couldn't bring herself to tell another soul without Mulder knowing first. And then, finding him alive and well. He was her constant, the only thing that she could ever truly believe in. She had the strength of his beliefs, and with him at her side, she had the faith to keep going. She nuzzled in close to him, falling fast asleep with her children at her side.

And there they were, on that fateful eve. A new life just beginning, and an old one coming to a close. In one summer evening the entire fate of the world had been changed by two people who had begun as partners in a basement office. And with the birth of a baby, mankind was spared. On surely one of the holiest of nights, another savior had come into the world...born of flesh and bone and the endless love of his parents. The nativity became complete as the 3 wise men, staggering to the campfire...sat along side the family and the elders, as they began passing around conspiracy stories.


"Lily slow down!!! LILLLYY!!!" Came the little boy's annoyed cries. His sister was still faster than he was. Especially if she knew their mother was making waffles for dinner. Lily had this uncanny love of waffles that he just couldn't understand.

She stopped, waiting for her little brother to catch up. "If you would just learn to run on those 2 legs that God gave you, Dante, you might be able to catch me!"

They both giggled as they raced up the hill towards their house. Scully stared out the kitchen window at her children and shook her head. "Those are YOUR children, Mulder."

Mulder looked up from the sink full of dishes. "My children? Hey you are the one that seduced ME remember?"

She giggled and slapped his arm. After pulling a quarter out of her pocket she looked at him. "Heads or tails?"

He thought for a moment. "Heads." He finally said, feeling lucky.

Scully flipped the coin, caught it and then turned it over on her wrist. The smile spread across her face. "It's tails."

He jumped from in front of the sink and grabbed her wrist as she burst into hysterics. "Damnit Scully! I swear to God you have that damn thing rigged!"

"Hey....just because you lost..."

He cut her off. "I have had to give them a bath 3 nights this week, I'm telling you...it's rigged."

She smiled and stood on her tip toes, locking his lips in a passionate kiss. "I'll make it up to you, I promise."

Just then, Lily and Dante raced into the house and up the stairs. Good, Mulder thought. They'll wreak havoc in their own rooms for awhile. He turned back around to his wife who had begun to walk up the stairs after the monsters.

"So uh...what do you mean by make it up to me?" He jumped up the stairs after her.

The End.

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