Title: Emily
Author: Paige T.
Written: May 1996
Disclaimer: Fox Mulder, Dana, and Margaret Scully are being borrowed without permission from the Fox Network, 1013 Productions, and Chris Carter. No infringement intended.

Summary: Mulder, Scully and a one-year-old.

*Thanks to Paula Graves and Karen Rasch, whose beautiful stories inspired me to write one of my own. (Now here it is!)

*I'm new to this kind of thing, so bear with me!!"* I've always been amazed by the amount of talent in this newsgroup, and I hope what I've done will measure up...I'm only posting a small part of a story I'm working on - I thought I'd wait for your reactions before I take up any more time and space. This is a "work in progress," and I'm still not definite about where I'm going with it, so comments/ suggestions are *very* welcome! Please address them to Joan512@aol.com.

Note: M and S are just very close friends in this story, and although I don't think there will be anything more, I'd still recommend that you *not* continue if the idea of one doesn't suit you.

Disclaimer: Fox Mulder and Dana Scully are the property of the Fox Network, 1013 Productions, and Chris Carter - I'm just borrowing them, no infringement intended.


Dana Scully's Apartment
Friday, 9:03 PM

Dana Scully lazily got up from her place on the couch, placing the big bowl of popcorn she was holding on the coffee table and pausing the movie playing on the VCR.

"Coming!" she called, walking to the door as someone knocked a second time. She opened it with the chain still on and glanced at the person outside.

Fox Mulder stood there, a sheepish grin on his face.

"Hi, Scully," he said.

The young child he was carrying fixed her big blue eyes on Scully's astonished ones, and reached out a tiny hand. "Mama," she said.

"Sorry for just popping up like this," Mulder said as Scully let him in, "but I didn't know what else to do."

Scully stared at her partner, speechless with awe at the sight of him carrying a small child by his side, a big pastel pink diaper bag hanging from his shoulder. The child was still staring at Scully, her small baby teeth peeking through a smile. "Mama!" she said again.

"This is Emily, Samantha's daughter. She and her husband decided to celebrate their wedding anniversary out of town, and Mom's in Florida visiting relatives, so she left Emily with me for the weekend. She says I have 'great daddy potential'." Mulder shrugged, still smiling sheepishly. "I picked her up from Sam's tonight, and had no idea what to do."

"Hello, Emily," Scully said to the little girl. She had dark hair like Mulder's, and the curls were tied back from her chubby face with a slender pink ribbon.

"Mama!" Emily said again, reaching her arms out to Scully.

"She calls almost every woman she knows 'Mama'," Mulder explained, as Scully reached for the baby and supported her weight with her right arm, holding Emily's hand with her left.

Mulder looked at his partner carrying his niece, realizing how well children seemed to get along with her. "Emily, this is..."

Scully? He thought. Auntie Dana? "...Dana." he finished, his eyes transfixed on the two females looking at each other, smiling.

"Ana!" Emily imitated, waving her hand.

Scully smiled even more - one of her rare, full-fledged smiles.

"How old are you, Emily?" she asked the child.

"Un!" Emily cried happily, holding up one of her fingers.

"She'll be two in May," Mulder added, setting the diaper bag down on the couch and grabbing a handful of popcorn.

Scully forgot all about watching her movie, her attention captivated by the beautiful little girl in her arms.

"So, what were you thinking of doing?" Scully asked, tearing her gaze away from Emily long enough to glance at him. She started moving around the apartment, still carrying Emily. She stopped the VCR and turned it off, then stopped beside the couch.

"Feel like having something to drink?" she asked when he continued to chew on popcorn, then turned to Emily again. "I'm going to put you down for a while, OK, honey? Dana's going to the kitchen to get something to drink," she told the little girl, putting her on her feet.

"So what were you thinking of doing?" Scully repeated as she moved around the kitchen. Mulder got up from the couch, following her.

"Dada!" Emily called, running after Mulder. She tripped and came falling to the carpet, hitting her chin. Her face crumpled, blue eyes filling with tears.

"Oh, Emily," Mulder said, picking his niece up off the floor.

He went to the couch and held her in his lap, hugging and soothing her until her tears faded into small hiccups.

Scully stared at her partner, her jaw almost dropping. 'Great daddy potential,' she thought, watching as Mulder held his niece in his arms.

"She calls you 'Dada'?" Scully said, smiling slightly as she went toward the couch to check Emily's chin.

Mulder shrugged, grinning. "Yeah, well, we figured 'Uncle Fox' would be too much of a mouthful for a one-year-old." He shifted slightly, making room for Scully to sit beside him.

"Did you hurt yourself, Emmie? Let Dana see so we can make it all better," Scully said to Emily softly, gently tilting the child's chin to take a better look.

"O-gone!" Emily said, throwing up her hands and smiling.

"All gone?" Scully smiled, brushing dark, curly hair from the little angelic face. "Doesn't hurt anymore, huh? You're one tough lady, aren't you, Emily? And you know what Dana thinks would help make you feel better? Ice cream!"

"I-team! Toklit!" Emily cried happily, giggling.

"Chocolate, huh? Good thing I have some...wanna go to the kitchen, Emmie?" Scully said, holding out her hand.

"I'm going to sleep, Mulder. Get off the couch!" Scully told her partner, hitting him lightly with a pillow. It was well past ten o'clock, and Emily had fallen asleep on Scully's bed, so they'd surrounded her with pillows so she wouldn't roll off. "Emily's asleep so you might as well stay...no use waking her up. I'll stay on the couch. You," she went on, handing Mulder a pillow, " - get the sleeping bag from the hall closet."

Scully fell asleep the moment her head touched the couch. Mulder spread out the sleeping bag on the floor near the coffee table and lay down, his head leaning against his folded arms. He stayed that way for most of the night (as he often did), staring up at the shadowed ceiling - thankful that Scully was so good with kids.

Mulder fought his way back to consciousness and opened one eye, peeking through the fog in his head at whatever was leaning heavily against his chest.

"Dada!" Emily said triumphantly, her smile wide.

"Good Morning, Emily," Mulder said, hugging the little girl who, he noticed, had already been given a change of clothes. "Where's Dana?"

he asked his niece.

"Better get up now, Mulder," Scully said, appearing from the kitchen, as if on cue. "It's almost eleven o'clock!" She had already showered and changed, too, Mulder noticed. His partner had on black leggings that ensconced her slender legs, white sneakers and a plain white shirt, and her hair was tied up, making her look almost like a teenager.

"I was supposed to go to Mom's this afternoon," Scully said further as she went to the kitchen, "So I called and told her you guys are here. She told me to come over anyway and bring you both along," Scully stuck her head out from behind the wall hiding her from view and added, " - if you want to, that is. Mom said she'd love to meet Emily."

"That sounds great," Mulder answered, getting up and putting away the sleeping bag. "I'll have to go to my place first so that I can change...oh, and what do you say to having a picnic with me and Emily? I was planning to take her to the park anyway, so we could just eat lunch there or something."

"Sounds good," Scully said, echoing Mulder's earlier reply.

"Maybe I'll just go with you guys now so you won't have to come back here...so, what would you like for lunch, Emily?" she asked, crouching down and touching her forhead against the little girl's.

Emily smiled and touched Scully's face with two little hands. "I-team!" she answered.

Scully laughed, taking Emily into her arms and carrying her.

"Sam's gonna kill you," Mulder warned, smiling as well.

Scully grabbed an old sweater from her mother's hall closet and put it on, heading out through the back door.

They had just had an early dinner, and Scully's mom - who had fallen completely in love the moment she'd seen Emily - was inside the house with the little girl. Her partner - Scully smiled to herself, sitting down on the back porch - had fallen fast asleep on the living room couch, probably tired from all his running around after Emily when they'd had their picnic at the park. Scully shook her head slightly - he was so protective of his niece.

She shifted, hugging her folded legs and resting her chin on her knees. Twilight had almost fallen, and the air was cool; she looked up at the sky, where a full moon shone brightly, despite the fact that the sun seemed reluctant to share the wide, deep blue space, and was taking its time setting.

Scully's eyes settled on an old basketball hoop standing at a cemented portion in the backyard - one her father had put up when they were just kids. She and Melissa had often teamed up against their brothers then - and they had put up a considerable fight, though they rarely won.

Scully got up and walked to the garage, digging up an old basketball and dribbling it toward the hoop. She aimed and threw, hearing a satisfying "swoosh" as the ball went straight through the net. Her mind began replaying everything they'd done the whole day, and heat crept into her cheeks as she remembered their trip to a supermarket.

She'd gone in with Mulder and Emily to get some more ice cream, and her partner had indulgently taken a grocery cart (despite her persistent objections that they didn't need it, since they were only there to buy one quart of ice cream), "...because Emily would enjoy riding in it."

So he'd let his niece ride the cart and had held the cheerful little girl securely while he pushed it along the aisles. They had gotten what they'd come for and were on their way to the checkout counters when they passed an elderly lady in an aisle.

Scully's cheeks reddened more as she remembered the lady's remark (which she *hoped* had not reached her partner's ears), "What a lovely family."

She threw the ball toward the hoop again, unintentionally adding too much force. The ball hit hard against the ring and bounced off.

"Tsk, tsk, Scully," Mulder commented, catching the ball and dribbling it. "Don't quit your day job," He took a shot, and the ball went in.

"So, what do we do tomorrow?" Mulder asked as they started to play one-on-one.

"'We'?" Scully repeated, teasing her partner. "Are you trying to get out of babysitting Emily by yourself, Mulder? Hmm... I *have* noticed that I'm always the one who changes Emily's diapers..." She grinned, showing off a three-point shot.

"Hey, are you suggesting that I don't know how to change my own niece's diapers, Agent Scully?" Mulder replied.

"I don't care about *that*, Agent Mulder," Scully said.

"But if I win this game, *you're* going to change her every time for the rest of tonight and tomorrow, *and* you're going to buy me lunch for a week."

"Deal," Mulder answered as he snatched the ball from her and sunk it through the basket.

"Fox," Margaret Scully called from the porch, "Your cell phone is ringing."

The two partners stopped in the middle of their game and Mulder reached for the slender black phone Scully's mom was holding out.

"Yeah, Mulder." He answered while Scully practiced with the basketball.

"Well, there goes your lunch," Mulder grinned at her after finishing his conversation. "That was Sam. They got home earlier than expected, and she's asking me to bring Emily there tonight."

Dana Scully threw the old basketball toward the hoop, loving the sound it made as it went through the net.

Mulder and Emily had left some minutes before, and Margaret had decided to turn in ahead of Scully, who was sleeping over for the night.

She caught the ball and started for the garage to put it away, finding that she already missed little Emily.

She shook her head slightly, smiling a little. She'd have loved to see Mulder change his niece's diapers.

The End

Hope you liked it.

Tell me what you think!

:) Paige

Thanks to FoxyDana, Starfox, and Nic, who also took the time to tell me what they think of this story.

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