Title: Edana-Blake
Author: Eileen Whipple
Written; October 1998
Classification: SA
Rating: PG for mature subject matter
Spoilers: "One Breath" (a bit)
Disclaimer: The characters in this story belong to Chris Carter and 10-13 Productions. They own them, not me (although that would be cool...).

Summary: a little "what if?" from after "One Breath".

Notes: I wrote this in January 1997 and it's been in revision since so here's the final revised copy. Also, the name Edana is pronounced "E-danna," not "E-dayna".

"Dana, let me help you." Dana Scully's sister Melissa slipped her arm around Dana's waist.

"Thanks, Missy but I think I can manage." Dana turned her head and saw her mother talking to her doctor.

Margaret Scully noticed her daughter glancing in her direction so she smiled.

Dana was just leaving Northeast Georgetown Medical Center after her stay. She'd been mysteriously returned there after being missing for nearly four months.

She didn't remember anything about her absence. She was glad she didn't; she didn't want to know what horrible things her abductor had done to her.

After she'd been awake-out of her coma-for several days, Dana had asked her doctor, Dr. Daly, for her charts and the reports of her condition.

Being a doctor, she knew she'd be able to understand what was wrong with her, but she saw the charts and was unable to connect any of the pieces of information to a particular illness. Dana was overjoyed that there had been no indications of sexual trauma on her charts; she felt she'd been violated enough.

Margaret Scully walked to meet her daughters. "Dana, as soon as we leave the hospital, you're coming home with me. You're going to have a good meal and then, you're going to bed."

"But Mom, I've had enough sleep, but I'm not complaining about the dinner. I'm starving and hospital food is deadly."

Melissa commented, "It's great to see you have your sense of humour back, as if you ever had one."

Dana did something extremely childish. She stuck her tongue out at her older sister and then, started laughing. The laughs turned to coughs. Margaret patted her youngest daughter's back and about fifteen seconds later, Dana stopped coughing.

"Let's go home," Margaret said.

Once the three Scullys had arrived at Margaret's house in Baltimore, Maryland, Dana said, "Mom, I'm going to call Mulder."

Her FBI partner, Fox Mulder, had visited her many times while she had been in the hospital, most times while she was comatose. He cared about her and her well-being.

"Would you like me to make extra dinner? Perhaps you'd like to invite Fox over," Margaret said.

"Mulder, Mom. Not Fox."

"Sorry, Dana. I meant to say Mulder."

Dana went to her mother's phone, picked up the receiver and dialed Mulder's number.

He answered, panting. "Hello?"

"What were you doing? I hope I didn't interrupt."

"Scully! How are you?"

"I'm okay. Just a bit drowsy and nauseated but other than that, I'm fine."

Mulder laughed. "That's a little more information than I needed to know."

"Well, you wanted to know how I was, so I told you," Scully retorted.

Mulder asked, "So when are you getting out of the hospital?"

"I'm at my mother's house. She insisted that I stay with her for a while to get some rest, not that I haven't had enough. What I called for is to see if you'd want to stop by for a visit. That's the only way I can get out of sleeping."

"You don't like getting waited on hand and foot?"

Scully sighed. "I swear, my mom's treating me like I'm eight years old and home sick from school. She's making me stay in bed and she'll bring me dinner but I won't have to go to bed if you stop by."

Give me an hour to shower-I was out jogging-and I'll be over as soon as I can."

"Maybe we can watch that Superbowl tape you gave me," Scully suggested.

Mulder said, "Whatever. You're the invalid. See you in an hour. 'Bye." He hung up.

Scully hung up the phone and went to change into her pajamas.

"That was great, Mrs. Scully," Mulder said, leaning back in his chair.

"Yeah, Mom. It was fabulous." Scully put her plate on the coffee table.

"I know you love spaghetti, Dana." Margaret gathered the plates and took them to the kitchen.

Scully pulled her blanket over her legs. "Any new cases, Mulder? Any new, unsolved cases?"

Mulder glanced at Melissa, who was sitting on a loveseat. Scully's disappearance was a recent unsolved case.

He shook his head. "No. There's no new cases." Mulder stood up. "Excuse me for one moment. Nature calls."

Melissa followed him out of the room and once they were out of earshot, Melissa asked, "Are you going to tell her that she's an X-file?"

"I'm not sure I should. She may be emotionally incapable of handling it."

Melissa hissed, "Fox, she deserves to know. She trusts you won't lie to her."

Mulder and Melissa weren't quite fond of each other but didn't show it in front of Scully.

Melissa turned on her heel and returned to the living room.

Mulder walked into the bathroom, turned on the light and locked the door. He turned on the tap and splashed water on his face.

He was puzzled by Scully's mysterious disappearance and her even more mysterious return.

Once he was done in the bathroom, Mulder went back to the living room. Melissa was in the kitchen and his partner had fallen asleep.

Scully was sleeping soundly, her blanket twisted. Mulder smiled and smoothed the quilted blanket over Scully.

Mulder decided to leave. He stood and went to say goodbye to Margaret and Melissa.

Halfway to the kitchen, he heard soft moans coming from Scully.

"Ow! Stop!" She was writhing on the couch. "That hurts!" she wailed, clutching her abdomen.

Mulder thought she was just having a nightmare until her pajama lifted a bit and Mulder saw red marks surrounding her navel. They hadn't been there before.

Scully jumped up, her eyes wide with fear. She looked around, obviously disoriented. She put her hands on her stomach for what looked like protective measures.

"Scully, are you okay?"

"What? What do you want?" Scully asked.

"I just wanted to know if you're okay."

Scully nodded. "I'm fine." She kept her hands on her stomach.

"You have some marks on your stomach. I think you should get them checked out by a doctor."

Scully raised her hand. "I've seen enough doctors and I've had enough tests done. I don't want anymore."

Mulder said, "Okay. Well, I'll see you," he went to the kitchen entrance. "Thanks for dinner, Mrs. Scully, Melissa."

He waved to his partner and left. ****

Scully awoke early the next morning. She felt queasy. She quickly ran to the bathroom and vomited.

She cleaned herself up and splashed water on her face.

"Dana, honey, are you okay?" Margaret stood behind her daughter.

"I'm fine, Mom. 'Just a little sick to my stomach."

Margaret felt Scully's forehead. "You have a slight fever and you're quite pale."

"I feel fine, Mom. Honestly."

Margaret blurted out, "You should get a pregnancy test done."

"Mom, I'm not pregnant! My charts said there was no sign of sexual assault."

"They could've missed it. You're not exactly a virgin, so it might be harder to tell."

Scully said, frustrated, "Just leave it, Mom. I'm not pregnant." She pushed past her mother.

Melissa was already awake. She was eating grapefruit and reading the newspaper in the kitchen.

"Hey, Missy." Scully sighed, sitting beside her sister.

"Mom thinks you're pregnant? What do you think?" Melissa ate a spoonful of grapefruit, waiting for an answer.

Scully ran her hands through her hair. "I don't know. This whole thing is so confusing."

"You should try hypnosis," Melissa said matter-of-factly.

"I don't need this, Melissa."

As Scully stood up to leave the room, Melissa grabbed her by the hips and put a hand on her abdomen. "I feel energy coming from your womb."

Scully pulled away. "Oh, spare me, Melissa." She took off into the living room.

She sat and started thinking about hypnosis. Her personal views on the subject were skeptical and Mulder had tried many times to change her mind. He'd gone under hypnosis himself; his sister Samantha had been taken when he was twelve and he thought hypnotic regression therapy would help him remember what really happened.

Scully felt weird but she said, "I'm not pregnant. I can't be." She pulled her knees to her chin.

She was confused and started crying.

She didn't know what to do. ***

End of Part 1

Over the next few days, Scully woke up every morning and every morning, it was to throw up.

After, when she'd pass her mother in the hallway, she avoided Margaret's glance.

Scully couldn't believe she was pregnant.

Mulder heard a knock at his door. He wondered who it was. After all, it was nearly midnight.

"Who is it?" he called.

A voice hissed, "It's Melissa. I need to talk to you."

Mulder opened his apartment door. "What do you want, Melissa?"

"I need to talk to you about Dana."

He pulled her inside. "What is it?"

"Dana's pregnant, or at least my mom and I think that. She's been throwing up the past few mornings. I told her she should try hypnosis."

Mulder snorted. "Scully? Yeah, right."

"Fox, I'm serious. I want you to get Dana to meet with someone. She needs help emotionally."

Mulder said, "If she's willing, I can get her help."


Scully waited for her mother to leave the house the next day before creeping up to the bathroom.

While Margaret had been running errands the day before, Scully went to a drugstore and bought a...pregnancy test. She'd actually bought several to reduce the risk of error.

Scully found the paper bag on a bathroom shelf. She opened one test and read the instructions. She did as they said and began to wait for the specified half-hour.

She knew she was making a big deal out of nothing: she wasn't pregnant.

Scully thought about something her sister had told her earlier. Melissa had said she'd gone to visit someone about hypnosis. Scully was starting to think she should try it. She'd ask Mulder to get her an appointment with Dr. Heitz Werber, the man who'd put him under.

Scully checked her watch. The half-hour was almost up. She bit her lip anxiously and slowly made her way to the bathroom. She had a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach.

She took a few deep breaths, entered the bathroom and reached for the test. Scully looked up, praying she wasn't pregnant and then, held up the stick. It was...positive.

A cry escaped from Scully's throat. "No, it can't be."

She opened all her other tests and took them. After setting her watch, Scully went into the living room to wait.

Her hands were shaking. She felt hot tears welling up in her eyes.

"Dana, I'm home." Margaret was done her errands. "Dana, are you okay?"

"I'm in the living room."

Margaret found her daughter in tears. "What's wrong, baby?"

Scully stood up and threw her arms around Margaret. "Oh, Mom. This is all a horrible mess."

"What?" She rubbed Scully's back.

"I'm pregnant but I don't know how it could've happened."

"Oh, baby. Are you sure?"

"I took a test. It was positive so I took more and I'm waiting for the results." She paused. "Where's Missy?"

"She went home. Why?"

"I want to talk to her. Can you call to tell her I'm on the way? I just want to check those other tests."

Margaret said, "Sure, Dana. Whatever you'd like."

Scully quickly dressed, went to the bathroom and before leaving, she told her mother, "They're all positive."

"Fox, it's Melissa."

"What is it? Is it Scully?" Mulder asked.

"Kind of. I'm not sure if I can convince her to use hypnosis. She has memories bottled up inside her and here's no way she can express them."

Mulder said, "I think there is."

"What do you mean?"

"When I was over, she was having a bad dream and she had scratches on her abdomen. They just appeared and she was moaning in pain, telling someone to stop doing something."

"So you think as the pregnancy progresses, everything will come out?" Melissa asked.

"Whoa! Pregnancy? What are you talking about?"

Melissa paused. "I told you I thought Dana was pregnant. Well, she is and she doesn't know how or why."

"Damn it!" was all Mulder said.

Melissa heard a knock at her door. "Fox, I have to go." She hung up.

"Missy, it's me." It was Scully.

Margaret had called her eldest daughter to tell her what had happened and that Scully was on her way over.

Melissa opened the door. "Dana, are you okay?" She hugged her sister tightly.

"I need answers, Missy. Like: why is this happening to me?"

"Have you decided how you are going to get the answers? Are you going to use hypnosis?"

"I don't want to. There has to be an alternative," Scully said.

Melissa suggested, "You should use your dreams."

Scully said nothing. She just left.

Outside, Scully began to cry.

The cold January wind whipped bitterly at her cheeks. She looked down. There was a new life inside her but she wanted to know how it got there.

Her baby would be due in September. It was unreal: she was going to be a mother.

She thought about what her sister had said about dreams.Could that work? thought Scully.

If it did, would she believe it?

"Would you like to hold the baby?" the Voice asked.

An unrecognisable shape handed Scully a beautiful baby girl. She had bright red hair, huge blue eyes and snow-white skin.

The baby gurgled and cooed, kicking her little feet. "She's so perfect, so sweet." Scully held the baby to her chest.

"The baby needs a name," the Voice said.

"Edana-Blake. My little Edana-Blake."

"Dana, have you looked for an obstetrician yet?" Margaret asked. "If not, I can help you find one."

"I'm not pregnant, Mom."

Margaret's eyes widened. "You miscarried? Oh, Dana. Do you want me to take you to the hospital? Don't worry about the mess."

"No, Mom. I'm just not pregnant. I'm not sure how but I'm not. It could've been a blighted ovum where my body thought it was pregnant and started producing placental tissue. That's what gave off the beta-hCG hormone that made the tests positive. Another possibility is pseudocyesis-a false pregnancy. The final possibility is the tests I took weren't correct."

"Dana, you even believed you were pregnant! How could you have been mistaken? I mean, it's your body. How could you have made such a mistake?"

Scully exclaimed, "I don't know, Mom! Besides, I got my period today." Then, she announced, "I think I can go home tonight. I'll be okay now."

"Fine." Margaret was just as frustrated as her daughter.

Scully went to pack and once she was ready, she said goodbye to her mother and left for home, hoping she'd have a good sleep that night.

"Why do you need Edana-Blake?" Scully asked holding the infant who was wrapped in a soft yellow blanket.

"She's going to help change the world, Dana."

"But will I ever see her again? She's my child and I want to be a part of her life."

The Voice said, "You will be a part of her, Dana. You gave birth to her. The child is your flesh and blood."

Scully hugged Edana-Blake. "Don't worry, my baby. Mommy will always be with you." She kissed Edana-Blake's soft cheek, breathing in the new-baby smell one last time.

"Edana-Blake will be part of a group of children born to change the world, Dana. She's carrying a torch you had started out with, except your flame is still burning. You will work in tandem."

Scully let the tears fall as Edana-Blake was taken from her.

"Ready for work?" Scully appeared in the doorway to Mulder's office.

"Dana, you didn't have to come into work so soon. You've been through so much."

Scully argued, "Mulder, I'm fine. I'm just tired of relaxing."

Mulder touched his partner's cheek. "You're sure you'll be okay?"

"Yes, Mulder. I feel great and well rested. I just feel like working."

Mulder shrugged. "If you're sure about it..."

"I'm absolutely sure," Scully said.

The truth was: she wasn't sure at all. She had no idea about the memories buried deep in her mind, the memories only her dreams could express. The dreams were about her beautiful Edana-Blake.


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