Title: Dream Energy
Author: xfilesqueen
Written: July 2000
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Disclaimer: Ever heard the song "Cheap and Evil Girl"? Mmmhmm..thought so
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Requiem, Home
Category: MSR, Requiemfic

Summary: A father's discovery.

Author's Notes: With all the depressing (yet fabulously written) fics out there for Requiem, I decided to add some hope into what should be a joyous occasion..more notes at end.

It strikes him with the force of a shooting star. Something this simple should not come as a revelation, but for him it is the whispers of a miracle. A measure of greatness that strikes him with crystal clarity.

She dreams.

In her temporary home of liquid and mom, she dreams.

Three o'clock in the morning on a Tuesday morning is not normally such a time for discovery, but the newness of this situation leaves him awake from pure awe.

Returning from his journey, he had been delighted, and instantly guilty, to learn that Scully had gone through 8 months of pregnancy by herself. Now they had fallen into a decidedly domestic scene. Not married yet, the thought hadn't even been mentioned...out loud, at least.

Sure they love each other, and they had even created a precious life. A baby girl. The infamous uberscully that Mulder has often teased Scully about. Something only their dreams were made of...

But, now with his hand rubbing feather light over Scullys baby-swelled stomach, he realizes that dreams can come true.

And he wonders what she dreams of. She must dream, he logically concluded. What else would she do for 9 months besides suck her thumb, provide an unruly bout of vertigo for her mother, and develop the hiccups anytime a loud sound frightens her.

His thumb makes small circles on Scully's cotton covered abdomen, when he feels it.


Energy to live, energy to dream.

The hand that has been still slowly rises to Scully's face, in awe of her new glow.

He likes her this way. Radiant, happy, beautiful.

And for not the first time since he was returned, he feels guilty.

She has been dealing with the changes of her body by herself since he left. Sure, her mother was there, and the gunmen proved better friends than one would have thought possible. But no one, absolutely no one, can make her feel the way he can.

He caresses her face which is resting lightly on his shoulder, in her awkward position she must now sleep in. Who knew that this precious miracle would disturb sleeping patterns so massively. Between the multiple bathroom breaks, and the forced sleeping position, Scully was getting less sleep now than she was *before* the baby.

But, it is not like any of that was going to change once she was born. Sleepless nights were a regular phenomenon, he'd been reading, for new parents. By then they should be professionals at going with a minimum amount of sleep.

She slips from sleep after a particularly rousing kick from their unborn daughter.

"So help me God, if I knew I was having Mike Tyson's child...." she mumbles before he silences her good-natured griping with a light kiss to the lips.

After they part, and he resumes the rubbing of her belly, she looks at him quizzically.

"You've been thinking again, Mulder. Can't you turn it off at 3 in the morning?" She lightly chides him.

Ignoring her question, he lightly asks into the dark, sweet night, "Do you think she dreams, Scully?"

She pauses a moment, the time of morning clouding her sleep-addled mind.

"I don't really know." Comes the sleepy reply from the redhead in his arms.

"I'm almost sure of it, Scully." He says with conviction in his voice.

Intrigued now, Scully opens her heavy lids, and peers up at him through the darkness.

"Why?" she asks, now genuinely interested.

"Because..." he begins, "if all of our dreams can be summed up with her being, it only seems right that her being would dream."

And merely a dream they both thought it would ever be. To be on the verge of holding something they made *together* in their arms was seemingly a dream. Yet, Scully's round stomach seemed to proclaim more. In a month, they would be parents. Something neither of them had really expressed to the other, but a dream both of them held.

Scully had silently mourned her empty womb, as did Mulder. For, if Scully could not have children he would never be a father. He wouldn't want to be a father.

Never did he imagine himself watching messy birthing videos, or buying diapers, but here he was in the middle of it.

This little girl had offered them both a lifetime of clarity. Her existence only proved what he had always imagined: no matter how many times the FBI or the Smoking Man decided they should be parted, they never truly would be. They would be together for all times...forever.

"Mulder..."starts Scully's tentative reply, "she isn't a dream anymore. She's real."

"I realize that more with each passing day," he tells her. "I realize that one morning I'll wake up, and have the family I never thought I could have. I'll wake up, and there will be a small bundle in the other room relying on *me* for her well-being. I realize that..."

Interrupting him, Scully lightly snorts "It's a good thing she's not only relying on you."

"Well, thank you for the vote of confidence." He replies with mock hurt.

Scully yawns, and brings a hand down to join Mulder's which rests on her stomach, intertwining their fingers.

"You'll make a wonderful daddy, I'm sure of it." She whispers as she lightly kisses him, and begins to drift back into sleep.

And their little girl, seemingly in agreement, kicks below their clasped hands.

The End

Thanks for reading. Feedback is always appreciated, and loved: xfilesqueen@ibm.net

Author's Notes: I want to thank Alli, Red, and Ro who, at the time of this fic being posted had helped me through what I've now learned is a "crisis." Life can change when you're not looking, and you have to learn to slow down. Thanks for all your kind words, girls.

"I wish I could film my dreams-I think some would make very nice movies." ~Tissa (See, I warned you this quote might show up one day)

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