Title: Do You Believe in Angels, Mom?
Author: Starbuck
Spoilers: Existence
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Summary: A young William poses a question to his mother.



"Do you believe in angels, Mom?"

My tiny William asked,

I smiled as he scampered up,

And cuddled in my lap.

I kissed his nose and then replied,

"I once did not believe,

Until an angel gave me you,

While unable to conceive.

That angel kept your father safe,

While you were inside me,

And brought him home to be with us,

Complete the family.

Above the town where you were born,

The angel lit a star,

To guide your father in the night,

To reach us from afar.

And still our angel watches us,

Your father, you, and I,

And, Will, I know he'll always be,

There along your side."

Will looked up and asked me then,

"So, Mommy, is he here?"

I nodded, said, "He's in this room,

You just can't see him, Dear."

"Then how do I know he's really there?"

My skeptic son replied,

Apparently, I gave him more,

Than just my skin and eyes.

"It may be hard, Will," I then said,

"But you must believe,

Without your faith, you come to doubt,

Things eyes cannot perceive."

William gazed into my eyes,

With hair ablaze and red,

And uttered four small words to me,

"I want to believe," he said.


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