Title: Doggett's Report
Author: Nadia S.
Rated: Adult, for suggestive conversation
Spoilers: S8
Keywords: Doggett/Scully Relationship

Summary: Doggett writes his report

"You really ought to come to the cocktail party, Agent Doggett," Dana Scully said persuasively as she stroked his arm and stared intently at him. "I'd love for everyone to officially meet my new partner"...

He was so tempted, but John Doggett had endured quite enough of her sexual come-ons.

"Listen lady...I've put up with just about enough from you. I've gone out of my way to treat you with respect as a woman and as a fellow agent, and all I am to you is a piece of ass!" he groused as he grabbed her roughly by the wrist.

Scully flushed from head to toe. "Why...Agent Doggett...John.." she said quietly. Once again, he had manhandled her and once again, she had loved it.

"You wanna get laid?" he demanded as he went over to the phone. He proceeded to call the Watergate Hotel and booked the honeymoon suite for a weekend in July - approximately 2 months after Scully's baby was due. He made the reservation in the name of "Mr. and Mrs. John Doggett."

After hanging up the phone, he gave her a killer look and warned: "You'll get laid."

Dana Scully tried to supress the unexpected blush of excitement coursing through her entire body. Damn hormones, she thought "Why, you seem so anxious", she said, trying to bait him. "Why wait until July?"

"It'll give you a chance to get rid of some of that excess weight you've been carrying," he answered rudely...

That does it, he thought. He would complete his report on Mulder's disappearance and get transferred away from this red-headed seductress. This was a tough decision for him, but he didn't believe agents should become romantically involved.

Later, in Walter Skinner's office, he made his case:

"I appreciate this report," Agent Doggett, Walter Skinner said as he returned the file to Doggett. "But I think we'd better continue the search for Mulder."

"But Sir," Doggett said incredulously. "I think I've come to a reasonable conclusion." He then explained himself. "Haven't you noticed that Agent Scully behaves like...like a tramp....? I know she's hit on you the same as me. I'll bet she scared the crap outta Mulder and he just ran off..."

Skinner blushed slightly. "I'll admit that Agent Scully seems a bit more demonstrative than usual, Doggett," was all he said. "But that could be her condition."

Later...Doggett fumed in his office. Scully had gone home at 4:00 so he was sitting at Mulder's desk. "@!#%!" he swore. Now he would have to continue this ridiculous search for Fox Mulder.

Dana Scully was sex-crazy, he concluded. Skinner knew it too. Any fool could see that Mulder had been seduced by her. I can't blame the guy. Doggett thought. She's a good looking woman and a hellcat who is almost impossible to resist. The only thing that was keeping Doggett under control was the sight of her belly. He was an old-fashioned guy and he couldn't feel comfortable with her until she unloaded that thing, whatever it was.

If he, an ex-marine or a guy like Skinner who had taken on the Viet Cong couldn't resist her, then what chance did a Oxford educated sissy like Mulder have against her?

Fox Mulder was a wimp, he decided. Scully's files detailed that he had sustained numerous beatings from a one-armed man. Sheesh! thought Doggett. Any guy who can't hold his own in a fight doesn't belong in the Bureau. Mulder's weakness for women was also well-documented in Scully's files. But he seemed to be afraid of the real thing because his desk drawer was full of porn, Doggett thought with disgust. There was nothing wrong with looking at a naked woman, but filth was an entirely different matter. Obviously, Dana Scully had finally lured him into the sack. Had he run off because she was pregnant or because he wasn't man enough for her?

Doggett, unfortunately, could not avoid the inevitable cocktail party - Skinner had ordered him to attend before dismissing him from his office. He also had to think about the very real possibility of the July weekend at the Watergate with Dana Scully. He would have to pick up some men's magazines, or maybe borrow Scully's Cosmo to find out just what women want. One thing was for sure, he intended to show Dana Scully that he was more of a man than Fox Mulder...

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