Title: Dinner With Doggett
Author: Nadia S.
Written: January 2001
Rated: Adult for suggestive conversation and the "F" word
Spoilers: S8, and also my other S/D stories, Dana's Desires 2-Doggett, Doggett's Report, The Cocktail Party

Summary: Doggett dines with Scully.

"Your dinner invitation came as a complete surprise, John". Dana Scully purred. She had purposely arrived late for her dinner with John Doggett at Gallileo, a five-star restaurant in Washington "I haven't been out on real date in years."

"You'll be goin' on leave soon, and I wanted to do somethin' nice for you." he explained. It startled him to hear that she considered their dinner a 'date', but he didn't object. Her lips were painted a deep, dark colour and she wore a flaming red dinner dress that clung to her enlarged breasts. Doggett felt himself tingling and knew it would be a long night of self-restraint.

Scully flagged down their server and ordered a glass of red wine. The alarmed waitress glanced concernedly at Doggett as if appealing for his intervention "But madam, wouldn't baby like a glass of milk instead?" she asked patronizingly.

"Fine!" Scully agreed. Bring me a glass of wine and a glass of milk."

Doggett was keeping watch. She was not going to drink that wine if he could help it. When it arrived, Scully immediately took a big gulp and released a sigh. "No more of that, Agent Scully"! Doggett said impatiently as he grabbed the wine from her and drank it down himself.

Doggett's manly gesture thrilled Scully. "When are you going to start calling me 'Dana'?" she asked seductively.

"We're partners, Agent Scully, not lovers," he replied judgementally.

Not yet...she mused to herself. "You know, I really don't deserve you for a partner..," she said manipulatively. "You've been so considerate to me, and I've done nothing but keep secrets from you...".

"I can't fault you for that, Agent," he said. "You were upset because your partner was missin', and you found out you were havin' a baby. It was a confusin' time for you." Damn, it was hard bein' civil with her, he thought. He had hoped his feelings for her would disappear as she got more pregnant, but his desire had only intensified! He was under considerable stress every day, trying to stay out of her alluring tractor beam.

Scully smiled possessively. "Why, John Doggett, you're in love with me!" she suggested playfully. "Isn't that against FBI rules?"

Doggett looked embarassed. She was right. But he had to keep control of the situation. "I'm only gonna say this once, Agent Scully. We got ground rules tonight. We're gonna have dinner, I'm gonna drive you home and that's it. No sex talk." he warned. "You got that?"

Scully's mouth was stuffed with the potato skins she had ordered as an appetizer. She swallowed hard and licked the sour cream from her red lips as she stared intently at Doggett. She knew him well enough to understand that his 'ground rules' were for HIS own good. "Of course, John.." she answered politely. "You know I appreciate everything you do for me. You musn't mind my teasing..."

She was a tease all right, Doggett thought to himself. No wonder Mulder went crazy. He hated Fox Mulder, and intended to kick the shit out of him once he found the asshole HE did this to her HE exposed her to those porno tapes and dirty magazines in the office... turned her into a red-headed seductress who manipulated the men around her. Yeah, even me, he thought resignedly But most of all, he envied Fox Mulder, because he had fucked this luscious temptress...got her pregnant.

The glass of wine was affecting him and he began to speak his mind: "It's just as well Muldah's missing. From what I've heard, he isn't fit to be a father..." he said, instantly regretting his words. Damn. After all the headway he had made with her, he didn't want to get on her bad side again. She rarely discussed her absent partner...

What followed was completely unexpected.

"So you and the boys have been talking, huh?" Scully asked good-naturedly "That's okay. Even my mom thinks it's Mulder's. Look, I wanted a baby and I had no husband, so I had...invitro...." she finally confessed. She decided not to tell him about Krycek. It would keep him obsessed with her, she rightly deduced. "But that's just between you and me, Doggett!" she warned playfully.

Shit! This desireable woman reduced to undergoing invitro? he thought to himself incredulously. How could someone like her go to a sperm bank when there had to be men around her who would have done the job for her.

"What's wrong with the old-fashioned way?" he argued bluntly. "Weren 't you sleepin' with Muldah? And there's a hundred other guys at the Bureau who'd lay down their lives for one night with you! But YOU know that, lady!" He was already breaking his own 'no sex talk' rule.

"Do those hundred guys include you?" she asked hopefully as she gazed at him and kicked off her shoe, running her toe up his stiff leg. "I haven't forgotten we have a date in July at the Watergate! That wasn't a joke, was it?"

"It ain't a joke." he promised as he stared intently at her red mouth. He wasn't hungry for dinner. He was angry and obsessed and desperate to kiss her. He ordered a beer from the passing waitress, hoping it would quell his urges. Truthfully, he was scared shitless about their upcoming weekend together. He had borrowed an "instructional" video from Mulder's collection in preparation.

"Next time you want a baby...you come to me!" he ordered angrily.

Dana Scully's blood burned for her no-nonsense parter. She would count the days until their dirty weekend in July.

As laid out in Doggett's 'ground rules', he pulled up to Scully's apartment building, dreading that she might try to seduce him again, as she had done repeatedly during their dinner together.

"Your lights are on..." the suddenly alert agent observed. "Did you leave 'em on?"

Damn! She thought. Krycek was there.

"Y-yes, Agent Doggett" she answered nervously. "I...don't want to trip in the dark".

"I think I'd better go up there"...he said suspiciously, ignoring her lame remark.

"Agent Doggett!" she insisted, recovering quickly. "I'm not a damsel in distress. I'm a federal agent!"

"Okay...but if you have any problems, you call me on the cell. Understand?" he offered gallantly.

"I appreciate your concern, John..." she said kindly as she rubbed his knee. "And one day I'm going to thank you properly...Goodnight."

"Shit..." Doggett exhaled aloud as he drove way. He wiped the beads of sweat from his brow. Although he still felt very uneasy about leaving her, he needed a cold shower...

Meanwhile, Dana Scully smiled contentedly as she unlocked her door. Another game was about to begin...




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