Title: Delivery at the Corner of Dupont and Connecticut
Author: Rachel Wilder
Written: February 2001

Summary: Scully's life has turned into a soap opera and it's not getting better now that the baby is on the way.

Author's Notes: This was inspired by the baby angst challenge on I Want To Believe. The angst is in there...under the sarcasm. Many thanks to Gerry who pumps me up and corrects my grammar. Additional beta by Marti.

I've heard it said that no one on TV has a single birth in the hospital without complications. Twins...yes. Cord around the neck...yes. Taxi cab birth...double yes. Well, I'm not a character on television, but I might as well be. My life has turned into a total soap opera.

When I was growing up in Annapolis, I always thought I would get married the June after I graduated from college. In most of those fantasies it was in the chapel at the Academy. I had seen the beautiful girls in their white gowns and the groom in his dress whites. I knew that my wedding would be just like that.

When we moved to San Diego, I had to adjust that vision slightly. Now it was a more hippie-type ceremony. We were on the beach, barefoot, an intense sunset behind us as we recited our vows. My groom was a blonde fighter pilot. I had seen Top Gun about ten times. He was going to "take me to bed or lose me forever."

The shocking reality of hitting thirty with no Maverick in sight was off-set by my new career in the FBI. Thirty-five...well, that was the wake-up call. Here I was, trapped in a loveless relationship and barren. No sex. No snuggling. No baby. No Maverick.

It started to change when he kissed me. It was so...well...platonic. Fortunately when we got in the car something came over me and I kissed him back. I really kissed him back. That seemed to start things moving down the track. I don't think I had a sense of the dramatic potential at the moment, but after my dream lover was abducted by aliens and I found myself pregnant with the child I was never supposed to bear...well, I started to watch Days of Our Lives for pointers.

Maybe Days of Our Lives wasn't the right comparison, although the hormones were making me appreciate that demon possession storyline. The recent events of my life were actually more like that new one, Passions, with the little doll that talked, or maybe General Hospital...they had had an alien, after all.

He's back, kind of. The Gunmen found Mulder last week, in Oregon. Of course I can't get out to him -- not permitted to fly -- and he can't come here yet, but they assure me, with a secure download to my RealPlayer, that he's coming along just fine. Hmm...looks like a catatonic state to me, but I really won't be able to judge until I see him myself.

I thought it would kill me to have him there and me here, but now I think this pregnancy is what's killing me. I begged the OB to induce me when I saw her last week. She just smiled and told me to be patient. I am not a very patient person.

The contractions started during a meeting in Skinner's office. It somehow seemed fitting. Doggett staring at me, wondering if he should carry me to his car or faint. I had felt something that morning, but it was my back and that had been hurting for months. How was I to know? Of course I did an OB rotation, but they don't really tell you what it feels like.

As Skinner was helping me to his car, I couldn't help thinking that this was the ultimate ditch. I could not believe that after the miracle of this conception that Mulder was not going to be there to watch his son or daughter enter the world. Bastard. Then I realized that he's probably feeling as bad as I do...if he's aware of it.

I had a sense as we pulled out from the garage that we probably should have called the ambulance. The sense...well, it was the sense of a large object rapidly appearing between my legs.

"Pull over!" I called between pants.

"Agent Scully, we're in the middle of Dupont Circle," Skinner responded, briefly taking his eyes off the road to look at me.

"I think she's serious, sir," Doggett responded.

Skinner reluctantly pulled to the side in front of Starbucks store #347, reaching for his cell phone to call for an ambulance. Great timing, Walt. I thought the Marines were always prepared, or maybe that was the Boy Scouts. I couldn't think, the pain was intense. At least they never left anyone behind. If this baby killed me there would be some kind of mortuary pick-up.

"They'll be here in fifteen minutes," Skinner reported.

"He's coming now!" I screamed.

Doggett and Skinner looked dumb-founded. Traffic was piling up and more than one person had graced us with a long honk and a good view of their middle digit.

"This is not happening!" I called. "I want my mother. I want Mulder. I want some fucking drugs!"

I had not planned for any of this. I had a suitcase packed and ready at home, dammit. My mom was coming to pick me up in two weeks. My OB thought they would have to induce. I was not having this baby in the backseat of a Crown Victoria. Why was I so cursed?!?!?

He was supposed to be here. Every time I thought about this, he was here. Sometimes he was fine, just like I last saw him in the hallway outside Skinner's office. Sometimes he was weak, leaning on me as he watched the baby emerge. Other times he was very weak, and we were in side-by-side beds. On time I dreamt that he was in a coma, but he was always there. He was never fully conscious in a hospital on the other side of the continent.

I could hear the siren screaming now. They were coming. They were going to save me from this most humiliating situation. I had never anticipated that Agent Doggett would become my permanent partner, but I sure as hell wasn't working with him now that he had peeked up my dress and assessed the thinning of my membranes.

"Is this the 38 weeks?" the paramedic asked.

Thirty-eight weeks? How did Skinner know that? Did he tell them? Would I never have any secrets again?

"Okay ma'am, you're going to just have to take a deep breath here. There's going to be some pressure."

SWEET JESUS...SOME PRESSURE!!!! They weren't kidding.

"We're crowning down here," the paramedic said. I was propped up enough to see Doggett lean in to get a closer look.

"Get away, agent!" I yelled. He shot me a sheepish look and disappeared from my field of vision.

"Take another breath and when I say, push," the paramedic coached.

I followed her instructions, pushing that watermelon out of my donut hole.


Well, she had definitely gotten her mother's spirit. Before I could ruminate much further the screaming ball was placed in my arms. I recognized the jacket as belonging to Skinner. He had put himself on the line many times for Mulder and I, but surrendering his new Hugo Boss grey flannel was really above and beyond.

I was more than content to stay in the backseat of the Crown Victoria, but it seemed that the paramedics had another idea. They wanted me at the hospital now.

I was slid out of the car in a fairly ungraceful fashion, the baby briefly handed over to the owner of the grey flannel and then tucked back in with me. Ten blocks later we were pulled out of the ambulance and whisked into the hospital I had carefully visited so I would know everything about the birthing rooms.

Why do I prepare anymore? I would have been much better off just not even finding an OB/GYN. I could have gone into the woods and squatted under a tree for as much good as it was going to do me.

I was spiraling pretty quickly into self-pity as they wheeled me into the maternity ward. The orderlies seemed to think that I wanted to know about their league basketball game as they talked over my head and someone had snatched my baby away. I sent Skinner to watch over her. I figure if nothing else he was motivated to get his suit coat back.

We headed to the last room on the hallway. As we got close I was sure I saw a head of long, stringy blonde hair pull back into the room. Great, now I had to share a room too. I had paid extra for a private but with my luck it was one of those mini baby booms that seem to come nine months after a big snow storm or a city-wide black-out.

I was just preparing my screed for the poor unsuspecting orderly when I saw him. He looked like hell, but he was here. Mulder, in all his glory, was propped up on the second bed in the room. Between his bed and mine was our tiny, yet unnamed, daughter.

"We didn't want to say anything until we knew we could get him here," Byers explained after they got me settled in my bed. I had wanted to go immediately to him, but the scream of my body after the drug-free birth convinced me that we would have years to touch each other.

I turned my head and just stared. I was in shock. How could he be here? Better yet...was my luck changing?

After explaining to me that Mulder was stable, but lapsing in and out of consciousness, the Gunmen excused themselves. I just kept watching him, his chest rising and lowering. Our daughter was following suit, asleep in her little bed. With all the excitement I still hadn't gotten a chance to check her much beyond making sure she had ten fingers and toes. They had wrapped her in a little pink blanket and put a cap on her head to keep her warm. She looked so precious.

Pain be damned, I crawled out of bed and shuffled over to the baby. I was trailing my finger down her soft cheek when I sensed his eyes on me.

"Hey," he choked out.

"Hey, yourself," I responded. We had never been all that good with words.

"What's her name?" he asked.

"I was waiting for you," I replied.


I turned back to our daughter. As I was watching her I heard the rustling of sheets. Before I could stop him, Mulder was beside me.

"Hey, you probably shouldn't be out of bed," I scolded.

"Neither should you," he responded. He reached down and picked the baby up. Without another word he moved us all to his bed. I climbed in first, he handed me the baby and then joined us.

"Sorry I wasn't there."

"It's okay," I replied, as I loosened my gown and led the baby to my breast. She eagerly began to nurse.

"No, it isn't, but there isn't much we can do about that. We'll just have to move on from here."

I leaned in to kiss him. I might not have gotten Tom Cruise or the Navy chapel, but at this point a man who loved me and a healthy daughter seemed to be all I needed. Now if I could just find the resort where Cruz and Eden had their wedding...



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