Title: Delivering the News
Author: Becka F
Classification: V
Rating: G
Spoilers: Requiem Disclaimer: I don't own 'em, except for this Emily:)

Summary: Did you ever wonder about the nurse who told Scully she was pregnant?

It was my first day back on the job. I had spent a little over six weeks on maternity leave, and I was finally back. I couldn't have waited a day longer.

Everyone welcomed me with open arms - congratulating me on my new baby, my upcoming wedding anniversary, and how I couldn't stop 'glowing'. I happily soaked up all the attention.

Everything in my life was absolutely perfect. I had a beautiful, new healthy baby girl, an adoring husband, and a job I was completely devoted to.

It was the end of the day, and I was actually supposed to be going home. However, as usual, I decided I would stay an extra ten minutes to tell a patient that her feelings of nausea and dizziness were due to the fact that she was pregnant.

The favourite part of my job was telling patients good news. Surrounded by sickness and grief for most of the day, it was a refreshing escape. I loved sharing the joy of the complete stranger sitting across from me as I told them the good news they had been waiting for.

I was bursting with energy when I walked into the room of Dana Scully. I couldn't wait to share with her the absolute joy of having a child. Little did I know, I would not walk out of that room the same.

"Ms. Scully?" I queried softly, when I noticed she hadn't lifted her head to see who had entered her room.

She had been gazing somberly into space, and she jumped slightly at the sound of my voice. She looked as though she was in that place just before you wake up, where you're still dreaming, but you are slowly becoming aware of the reality that surrounds you. She smiled wearily at me, almost thankful that I had pulled her out of her reverie.

I returned her smile wholeheartedly as I approached her bed.

"Hi, I'm Emily," I said. "I've come to tell you about the tests that they took on you."

"Oh, hi," she replied softly, scanning my name tag. Her eyes immediately dropped to her lap, and I could see that she was trying extremely hard not to look uneasy.

I paused momentarily as Dana composed herself. I wondered why my name tag shocked her.

I wondered why she looked so incredibly sad.

It wasn't my place to ask, so I continued when she painfully glanced up at me again.

"We uh - so far, we can't find anything wrong even though we have a few more tests left to do," I told her cheerfully, scanning her records carefully. "However ... we did find something that may have been causing your feelings of nausea and dizziness," I added, a tiny smile playing on my lips.

"Oh really?" she asked, sounding interested. "What's that?"

"Dana, these tests show that there is nothing wrong with you at all. The only reason you have been feeling sick lately is because you ... are ... pregnant!"

Expecting a cheer of joy, a surprised gasp or even a faint smile, I was disappointed when all Dana did was close her eyes.

I thought to myself, feeling a little more than uncomfortable.

But when she opened them, tears of joy were streaming down her cheeks.

She looked up at me, her eyes sparkling and her expression suddenly the complete opposite of that seconds before. It was as though I had told her what she had always wanted to hear.

"Thank you Em -- " she began, but overwhelming emotion stopped her.

I felt my own eyes stinging with tears when it hit me that I didn't need to tell her the news. Did you ever get that overpowering feeling that you know exactly what someone is going to say even before they say it? Sometimes, you just

Dana just knew.

"Thank you " she added forcefully when she regained her ability to speak. Her voice was still thick with emotion.

I nodded, unable to speak myself.

But as quickly as she became joyous, she immediately dissolved back to the secluded abyss she was engulfed in minutes before. This time, tears of sadness filled her eyes. I knew absolutely nothing about this pretty young woman in front of me, yet I knew enough about her already that something so much more was happening to her.

She tried to smile again for me, she tried to be brave, but she just couldn't do it. It was as though she had become a veteran at that. I could see it in her eyes. But I could also see determination. I knew she was fighting something that I could ever understand.

I smiled once more reassuringly, and turned to leave. I felt awkward leaving so suddenly, but I had a feeling she wasn't really up for visitors. She didn't stop me.

On the outside I kept strong, but on the inside I felt as though I was falling apart. As I approached the door, I glanced at her reflection. She had returned to her void, her reality slowly drifting away.

"Congratulations," I whispered, not sure she could even hear me. But as I closed the door behind me, I could have sworn I heard her say "thank you".

That night when I got home, I found my husband curled up next to our baby daughter, nestled safely in our bed. Instantly, the tears came as I thought about Dana Scully. The fact was, I hadn't stopped thinking about her since I had left the hospital.

As I crawled into bed with the two people I loved more than anything in the world, I kissed my little girl softly on the head and held her close.

I fell asleep more thankful than I have ever been in my life for my beautiful family, and praying that one day Dana too, would have moments like these. Something told me that even though she wasn't picturing her future like the scene in front of me right now, she have that future one day. A future I was certain she deserved.

I was sure of it.

I think she was too.

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