Title: Deliverance
Author: VivianD
Written: May 2001
Rating: PG
Archive: Anywhere, I'd be flattered, but let me know:)
Spoilers: 'Existence'...so pretty much all of S8
Category: Missing Scene(s), S,A,
Keywords: Mulder/Scully, UST(?), S, A
Disclaimer: These characters don't belong to me (duh), they belong to Chris Carter, 1013 & Fox Network. No infringement intended.

Summary: Missing scene(s) from 'Existence'

Author's Note: This is the first fic I've written. When I didn't find a story that played this scene out they way I'd imagined it, I decided to give it a shot. You can let me know if I hit any targets or missed the broad side of the barn...


There was a roaring in Mulder's ears that had nothing to do with the cars that were rapidly pulling away.


"TELL ME WHERE SHE IS!" he demanded of anyone he could get close to. Nobody was listening. They seemed to be as intent on their agenda as he was on his.

Time seemed to be standing still. Again.

The entire trip to this little ghost-town had a nightmarish quality that Mulder knew would not go away until he laid eyes on Scully. The flight to the south had taken years. He had been running since leaving DC, and it was all he could do to sit still on the plane. He could barely remember the hoops he'd had to jump through, the promises he'd had to make to get a helicopter to fly him out to the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night. But he was here now. It would have been all that mattered if the object of this particular rescue mission had been present.

Where was she?

Suddenly he heard his name being called. It wasn't *her* voice, but it was enough to make him turn. Agent Reyes stood framed in a lit doorway. So great was his desire to be there immediately that Mulder felt as if he were fighting a gravity ten times its natural force as he ran towards the building.

"How is she?" he shouted as he ran, both desperately needing and dreading the answer. When he reached the steps he looked anxiously at Reyes. Her face gave away nothing but her own exhaustion.

"She's inside," Reyes told him, "she needs to get to a hospital." Neither statement was the answer he sought, and Mulder searched her eyes for meaning before he turned into the room. If she said anything else he didn't hear it; it was drowned out by the thrumming of his rapidly escalating heartbeat.

On legs that suddenly felt barely capable of holding him up, let alone walking, Mulder made his way across the room.

Scully, ensconced in a bed in the middle of the room, appeared before his eyes. He could breathe properly again. He drank in the sight of her, and as he crossed the room he gathered as much information as he could in the mere seconds it took to reach her.

She was alive.

She was conscious.

She was looking at him.

She was saying his name in a voice thick with emotion.

She was holding a wriggling bundle in her arms.

She looked happy.

She looked exhausted.

She looked beautiful.

He reached the bed, and without conscious forethought, dropped to his knees beside it. His hand, on its own volition, reached out to stroke her hair and cup her cheek as his eyes searched hers. "Scully.....Scully...." he whispered over and over. Her eyes were brimming with a thousand emotions, and his own eyes filled with tears in response.

She shifted her gaze to the bundle she held in her arms. Reluctantly Mulder tore his gaze from Scully's face to look down. What he saw took his breath away again.

A baby.

A perfect little person blinking dazedly up at him.

"We have a son, Mulder," whispered Scully, flicking her gaze back to his face.

Mulder didn't look up, but tears rolled down his cheeks as he continued to stare at the infant. He was hearing confirmation for the very first time, but in some way he'd always known. He had been afraid, very afraid, when he'd returned from his ordeal to find his partner and best friend large with child. After his initial confusion had faded he'd wanted to talk to her about it, but found it impossible. Though he felt in his soul that the child was his, he had no idea how it had come to be, and this was enough to keep him silent.

What if he was wrong? What if the child was someone else's? Or worse, some*thing* else's? Though the chances were small, they were terrifying enough to render the subject taboo. He'd teased, he'd hinted, but whenever Scully seemed on the verge of broaching the subject in response, he'd quickly change the topic. Scully, sensing his fear, had not offered anything. They said everything, and they said nothing, without a word. It was so them.

And now, here he was, staring at this baby. He didn't know How. He didn't know Why. He didn't care. His baby......*our* baby, he thought, with a surge of love that almost knocked him over.

He felt Scully's hand stroking his hair. He looked up to tell her what he was feeling, but the words died on his lips. An unwelcome fear began creeping into his consciousness as he gazed at her. His mind again began accumulating facts.

She was trembling.

She was ashen.

She was keeping her eyes open only with visible effort.

"Scully, are you all right?" he asked, saying an immediate internal prayer.

"I'm fine Mulder..... now that you're here. Now that you're both here," she said, glancing back down at the baby in her arms, a dreamy expression on her face.

Mulder was not reassured. He'd had years of experience deciphering Scully's "fines" and this one, though she believed it, was way off the mark. He noted the effort it cost her just to speak the words, and the weakness in her voice was alarming.

He looked around the room for Reyes, and for the first time noticed the evidence of the night's events. Pots of steaming water on the stove, Scully's discarded clothing in a pile on a bureau, soiled bedding and bloody towels piled in the corner.

Lots of bloody towels.

In fact he could smell the coppery odor of blood in the air. He looked back at Scully. Her eyes were slipping shut, though the baby was still clutched fiercely with one arm.

"Reyes!" he shouted. She came charging into the room in an instant.

"Dana," she called harshly, immediately summing up the situation, "you've got to say with us!"

Mulder looked at her questioningly. Monica acknowledged the look with a rapid explanation.

"It was a long hard labor Mulder. It was scary, and it's not over yet. Dana's been bleeding, and it hasn't stopped. We need to get her out of here. Now."

The bleeding may not have stopped, but Mulder's heart almost did at her words. He stared at Reyes, willing her to say something, anything, that would make this better.

"Hey, you don't need to talk about me like I'm not here," came Scully's thready voice. Mulder snapped his attention back to her. She didn't look good he determined, his heart pounding.

Reyes crossed to the bed and placed her hand on Scully's shoulder. "Dana," she said gently, "I've got to check this out. Give the baby to Mulder."

Scully nodded weakly in agreement, but found herself unable to lift the infant. Mulder quickly reached out to carefully take hold of him. One part of Mulder was awash in the awe and power of the moment he first held his son, but another part was focused on Reyes as she pulled up the blanket that covered Scully.

Reyes swore softly under her breath, and Mulder's heart clenched in fear.

He tried to push a question past his frozen lips, but before he could he heard Scully's soft whisper.

"Is it bad?"

Reyes looked her straight in the eye. "I'm not gonna lie. It's gotten worse Dana."

Scully swallowed and dipped her head in acknowledgment of the words.

Mulder stood rooted to the spot, holding the baby tightly, and chastising himself for being so completely inadequate.

Perhaps Monica sensed Mulder's need, as much as Scully's, when she forced a bright tone into her voice.

"Hey, how about a nice field trip to the hospital? Let's get a move on!"

The words snapped Mulder out his spell, and he knew that his partner needed him now as much as she ever had. He quickly handed the baby to Monica and knelt by Scully's side again. Though she was visibly weakening, he could see the fear in her eyes. He stroked one finger along her cheek and held her gaze.

"Scully, I'm getting you....*both* of you," he paused to grin, "out of here. Right now. And everything is going to be fine." He spoke gently, and with a firmness he didn't quite feel, but his words seemed to help. Scully gave him a look of such faith that it would have brought Mulder to his knees if he hadn't already been on them.

Quickly he bundled her in all the blankets on the bed then gently scooped her up in his arms. She moaned softly and he clutched her to him tightly and tried to will some of his own strength into her.

"Okay?" he whispered tenderly into her ear. Scully gave a small "hmmm" in response and he turned toward the door. Mulder caught Reyes' eye, glanced down at the tiny boy in her arms and jerked his head in the direction of the waiting chopper.

"Let's get the hell out of here," he said tightly. She nodded, and they quickly exited the building, each carrying a precious life.

When the reached the helicopter Mulder watched anxiously as Reyes carefully clambered aboard with her little burden. When she was safely in her seat, he managed to get aboard, with Scully in his arms. It seemed to require no effort, he thought with mild surprise, but perhaps that was because his only focus was the woman he held, and getting them all out of there.

He sat down and tightened his arms around his partner. As he adjusted her he suddenly felt a warm wetness against the hand that was under her legs. A jolt of panic raced up his spine and he quickly looked down at Scully's face.

Shit. She was unconscious.

"MOVE IT!" he bellowed to the pilot. The chopper lifted off the ground, and soon Mulder was once again racing through the night.


Mulder stood at the entrance to the dimly lit room and leaned against the doorframe, just staring.

The past several hours had passed in a blur. It had seemed to take an eternity to reach the nearest hospital, and he found it hard to believe when the pilot assured him it was actually only twenty minutes. He'd radioed ahead, so a contingent of hospital personnel was waiting when they arrived. Scully was taken from Mulder's arms before he even stepped off the helicopter, and the baby was whisked away as well. Mulder fought to control his panic as he raced alongside the gurneys that were headed to the ER.

He had completely forgotten about Agent Reyes until she grabbed his arm. She told him to stay with mother and child, and she would handle the rest. Mulder could only nod. As if he would leave them now - the thought was ludicrous.

The doctors had thrown out rapid-fire questions, and Reyes had answered them all. One of the nurses had asked if Mulder was the husband. He had opened his mouth to respond, but had been cut off by Reyes' forceful "yes." He'd looked questioningly at her, and she had leaned into him whispering "So they'll let you stay...." He could only blink his gratitude at her, but she'd seemed to understand.

Now the frenzy was over. Scully, the doctors assured him, would be fine. Yes, she'd lost a lot of blood, but they'd managed to get the bleeding stopped, and now she was being transfused. She would be weak for a while, but she would recover completely. Another doctor informed him that, despite the primitive conditions surrounding the birth, his son was in very good health.

Even with all these assurances, though, Mulder had not been able to let go of the tension.

Until now.

Until he stood at this room and watched this sleeping baby and this sleeping mother. They were well. They were comfortable. They were safe. A warmth enveloped Mulder at the thought. He realized that he too, felt safe. Perhaps safer than he had ever felt in his life. Contentment flooded through him, and he marveled at the unfamiliar sensation.

Oh, there were conversations to be had, expectations to be shared, truths to be discovered - but they could wait for a bit. He didn't know what would come next, and how it would all fit together. What he did know was that however it worked itself out, it would all be in the proper manner, and it would all be good. He pushed aside all thoughts of the future and simply savored the moment.

Quietly he entered the room and walked over to the bed. Scully was lying peacefully on her side, and he stared at her for a moment before turning his attention to the clear bassinet beside the bed. The baby was making soft sucking noises in his sleep. Tears pricked Mulder's eyes as he bent towards the child. He softly kissed his brow, then turned towards Scully. Stooping, he placed a kiss on her forehead as well.

Her eyelids fluttered at the contact, and she slowly opened them and looked directly into Mulder's eyes.

"Hey, you..." he managed to get out softly, squeezing the words past the lump in his throat.

"Hey," she responded sleepily. A second later her eyes suddenly filled with panic and she started violently. Before she could even get the word "where" out of her mouth Mulder was squeezing her shoulder.

"He's right here Scully," indicating the bassinet with a wave of his hand. "And he's perfect."

Scully relaxed into the pillows with a small sigh. She reached a trembling hand toward the bassinet, and Mulder quickly pushed it nearer so that she could touch the baby. As she stroked his downy head she looked up at Mulder.

Mulder couldn't wipe the grin off his face. Scully's eyes softened at the sight. "Is everything okay Mulder?" she asked tremulously.

"Scully," he replied solemnly, "at this moment all is right with the world."

She smiled at that, and her eyelids dipped in a sleepy blink.

"You rest now, Scully. God knows you deserve it," he said softly, bending to kiss her cheek. He watched as her eyes drifted shut. He thought she was asleep until he heard her drowsy mumble.


He needed no further invitation. He quickly walked around to the other side of the bed and carefully climbed in beside her. With the utmost care he slid one arm under and the other over her so that he could gently clasp her. He heard her give a sigh of contentment before she relaxed into the slumber she so badly needed.

When he was sure that she was fast asleep, Mulder shifted his head on the pillow so that the baby was in his sight as well. He couldn't remember the last time he had slept, but he wasn't tired. He could stay like this for hours. He'd meant what he'd said to Scully.

At this moment all was right with the world.

And he savored the moment.


Author End Note: Okay, it's official. I'm a sap.

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