Title: Defenders
Author: barnes
Written: 1996
Disclaimer: I don't own Mulder, Scully, Skinner, Krycek, Cancerman, Inspector Green, or Agent Colton. Chris Carter does. I also don't own Jackie St. George, Sheryl Martin does. Thanks, Sheryl! 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame' belongs to the creative people at Disney. If you sue me for anybody (except for my own characters because it would be silly to sue me for something I own!), I'll run away to Canada with my Mac and my cats and hide there until you go away. Kirsty McCandless and Rissa Berdine belong to me, as do anyone else that may decide to show up. You may borrow them _only_ if you ask nicely. If you don't, you'd better stock up on flame-resistant underwear because I _will_ find you and flame you for all you're worth. This comes right after "Introductions", so you may want to read it if you want to have any idea about what's going on. Song credits are at the end.

Summary: Scully stared at her incredulously. "Someone's planning on kidnapping you and you're calm?"


Mulder gasped. {So that's what Skinner meant.} "Scully, I have something to tell you. You too, St. George." The women both turned and faced him. Mulder took a deep breath. "Skinner called me just a little while ago telling me that Cancerman and Krycek were here and Kirsty was in trouble. I think they're going to kidnap her."

Scully frowned. "Are you sure about this, Mulder?" she asked.

"Positive," he said, not noticing Kirsty sneaking up on him.

"About what?" she asked and Mulder jumped three feet in the air. Kirsty grinned. "Gee, did I scare you, Da?"

Mulder glared at her. "Kirsty, this is serious."

She frowned and her forehead wrinkled. "I know, Da. But I've got the situation completely under control."

He smiled. "That's a relief."

"Aye, I'd be pretty pissed too if the waitress was late bringing my drinks," Kirsty said and put their drinks on the table.

"What?" Mulder stared at her, openmouthed.

"Kidding. So, someone plans to kidnap me, huh? Cool. Too bad they won't be able to." Kirsty grinned at St. George and gave her a hug. "Hey there, Aunt Jackie. Well, the food's cooking and your drinks are ready, and oh, by the way, someone is planning on kidnapping me. Makes you feel loved, huh?"

Mulder's head snapped up. "What?" he asked, feeling a flash of anger mixed with fear rise up in his stomach.

"I said, someone is planning on kidnapping me," Kirsty repeated calmly and sat down in a chair.

Scully stared at her incredulously. "Someone's planning on kidnapping you and you're calm?"

Kirsty grinned and shrugged. "Trust me, I'm not as calm as I look. On the inside, I'm panicking and wondering if I'll be able to hear him coming after me and be able to stop him. Da, he's the ratty-looking man sitting with your boss and the guy who's smoking. Cancerman, Skinner, and Krycek. He's got a syringe full of muscle relaxant which me plans on injecting into me. Evidently, I am a very wanted woman. Good thing I'm also Talented and know what the hell is going on, huh? I've got to go clean up some tables, see you guys later!" Kirsty ran off.

Scully spoke up quietly. "I think we should do something, Mulder."

He nodded. "But we can't let them know we're here."

St. George agreed. "If they know we're here, they could stop us easily with a bullet to the head. Then they could take Kirsty, and there'd be no one to stop them."

Mulder scowled and said in a low voice, "They aren't going to have her."

Scully laughed nervously. "I haven't seen you this protective in a long time, Mulder. All this for a friend?"

"Kirsty's more than just a friend, Scully, just like you and Jackie. You know that. She calls me her dad, which makes me almost family. You do what you can for family," Mulder snapped.

Scully held her hands up. "Okay, okay. You don't have to bite my head off. Like you said, we're almost family too. Jackie and I both feel the same way you do. But we aren't going to help Kirsty by sitting here and talking. We've got to do something."

Krycek swore under his breath when Kirsty sat down at Mulder's table. {This is going to be hard if they're with her.}

Cancerman sucked on another Morley. "You know, Alex my boy, this will make you a hero. You're going to get paid quite a bit for this little encounter."

Krycek glanced at his superior. "So I just hold a gun on her and inject the stuff?"

"Basically, yes."

Krycek smiled, which would've looked nice except for the fact that he hadn't brushed for weeks and his teeth looked a little yellow. "This is going to be easy."

Skinner glared at Cancerman. "Why do you have to take her? I know a lot of older ones that would do just nicely."

Cancerman sighed. "Walter, Walter. When are you ever going to learn? I need young ones because they have less resistance to the rigors of testing."

Skinner muttered something and slumped in his chair. {I should leave, if anything happens I don't want to be connected in any way.} Skinner looked at his watch and smacked his forehead. "Oh, my God, I completely forgot I have other plans. I really have to go. Bye!" He flew out of his chair and out the door.

Kirsty stopped as he ran by her and said, "Bye sir, have a nice day!" She walked up to Cancerman's table and said, "Here's your drinks, sirs. Your meals will be coming in a minute."

Krycek grabbed her left arm before she could get away. "Are you Talented?" he asked in a low, dangerous voice.

Kirsty looked from her arm to his face. "Sir, please let go of my arm."

"Are you Talented?" Krycek repeated, pulling her arm toward him and forcing her to lean her face forward.

{Can't let him know, gotta play dumb.... Can't let him know....} Krycek twisted the skin on her arm, causing Kirsty to cry out. "Sir, I don't know what you're talking about, I don't even know what being Talented is. Let me go!"

Suddenly Rissa appeared from nowhere. "Sir," she said in a quiet voice, "Let go of my employee before I have you thrown out of this building."

Krycek looked at Cancerman, who nodded. "Aw shit," Krycek swore and threw Kirsty's arm down.

Rissa glared at Krycek angrily before saying, "Anything else like that and you'll be thrown out this restaurant before you can blink. Understand?"

He nodded and Rissa walked Kirsty up to the upper level. Mulder looked up, startled, when Kirsty and Rissa appeared. He noticed Kirsty favoring her left arm and asked, "What happened?"

Kirsty smiled reassuringly and lied, "I tripped and landed on it, that's all. I'm fine, just let Rissa look at it."

Rissa did so, and smiled when she was done. "Kirsty, I'll just fix it quickly and you can get right back to work." Holding Kirsty's arm, Rissa numbed the pain and repaired her skin, which had bled a little.

Scully came over and sat next to Kirsty. "It was Krycek, wasn't it?" Kirsty stared at her. Scully said, "I saw the whole thing from up here. I wish you'd decked him, Kirsty. It would have showed him who's boss."

Kirsty grinned and flexed her arm. "Nah, I'll leave that to Da."

Mulder made sure his gun was loaded. "I'm going to kill him," he said, standing up.

Kirsty stood up and blocked him. "Da, no. Please. He'll get what's coming to him soon enough. Please, Da, don't add anything further to your conscience."

He tried to shove her aside, but his body was frozen in place. "Kirsty, let go of me."

"No." Kirsty stared into Mulder's eyes, which were level with hers and tried to speak in a level voice despite the emotions being flung at her. "Da, I'm not going to let you kill him. You'll get into too much trouble for it, and it'll be my fault. Please, Da, if not for yourself then for me. Or Mum. How are you ever going to get your apartment clean if you're in jail? Huh? Think about it."

Mulder sighed. "All right. I promise I won't kill him."

Kirsty smiled and lowered the shield surrounding him. "Thanks, Da. If you ever think about doing that again, though, I'll know about it before you do and I will do anything and everything to stop you."

Mulder nodded. "I promise."

Kirsty glared at him. "Next time, don't cross your fricking fingers, okay?"

St. George laughed and Mulder glared at her.

Cancerman stood up and said, "Alex, I'm going to the containment facility to wait for the girl. I have a lot of faith in you, Alex. Don't let me down this time." Krycek nodded and Cancerman left.

Skinner sighed when he got into his apartment. {I hope that kid's going to be okay. She might make a good agent if she gets out of this alive.} He took his coat and shoes off, then plopped down onto his couch and fell asleep.

Kirsty walked over to an empty table and began clearing it. As Krycek got a firm grip on the syringe, Kirsty swung around and snarled, "What do you want now?"

He bowed. "I just wanted to say that I'm sorry for grabbing your arm." Krycek took her left hand in his and pulled it forward slightly as if to kiss it. While he was doing this, Kirsty 'ported the liquid inside the syringe so that instead of muscle relaxant it held saline solution, so that when Krycek injected her, it didn't effect her at all. Kirsty grabbed Krycek's gun and hit him in the head with it, knocking him out. Rissa grabbed Krycek's arm and dragged him out the door, leaving him on the sidewalk. {Let him get himself home.} She thought.

Mulder hugged Kirsty quickly, then released her. "Okay, Scully, Jackie, we've got to go to work tomorrow so we'd better get home. See you two later!" After hugging Kirsty, Scully and St. George left the bar.

Kirsty turned to Rissa and said, "I think I might go see them in a few days, what do you think?" Rissa nodded, then they both went back to work.

Thursday Morning

"I see right through you I know right through you I feel right through you I walk right through you

You took me for a joke You took me for a child You took a long hard look at my ass And then played golf for a while....."

Kirsty dried off her hair and 'pathed to Rissa at the same time. <Rissa, you said my SETI shirt was clean, right?>

*It depends. Which one, the green?*

<I don't care.>

*Well, the green one is clean-*

<Great!> "Shake is like a fish.... You pat me on the head.... Took me out to wine dine 69 me.... Damn word I said...."

Rissa walked up the stairs and paused by Kirsty's door that had been glued together after Rissa broke it down when Kirsty'd had the Sharing. Rissa could hear the music clearly through the door and smiled. {She's got it on way too loud again.} Rissa thought, then knocked on the door.

"Come in!" Kirsty called and stuck her head throught the neckhole of her shirt. Her face lit up when she saw her friend. "Hey, there Riss. Want to come with me on my tour of the J. Hoover building?" Kirsty pulled her arms through their holes and put her watch on.

Rissa shook her head and leaned against the door frame. "No, I've got to work at the the bar today. You can go by yourself, I trust you to 'port yourself there and back. Promise me you'll stay out of trouble, okay?"

Kirsty grinned. "Rissa, come on, what are you expecting me to do? Pick a fight with the Assistant Director? Give me a break." Kirsty turned and looked in the mirror. "Should I wear my hair up today?"

Rissa shrugged. "Hey, can I braid it?" Kirsty nodded and sat down on the edge of her bed. Rissa smiled and began quickly weaving her friend's hair. "Wish my hair was this long," she muttered.

Kirsty laughed. "Why?" she asked, handing her friend a ponytail holder.

"Because, yours is so pretty. It's jet black, Kirst, and it's down to your waist. Mine is plain old blonde and it's barely shoulder length." Rissa said wistfully.

Kirsty faced her friend. "Hey," she said. "You know why you don't want hair like mine?" Rissa shook her head. "Because," Kirsty said. "You ever notice how much trouble you get into? Huh? None. Not one single minute speck. And look at me!" Kirsty smiled. "You ever notice how trouble seems to follow me? I'm the one who got tackled in the park; I'm the one whose real mum died; I'm the one who Krycek tried to kidnap. With my luck, I'm going to have to be escorted home by the police today for something weird. Like defending myself if someone tries to mug me. It's my hair's fault."

Rissa laughed. "Well, when you put it that way... How are you going to get down to Mulder and Scully?"

"I'm going to sneak in with a tour group, then ditch them when it gets boring. That should be about five minutes after it starts. I'm going to go deliver the AD's sandwich- by the way, did you get it finished?"

Rissa nodded. "All done. Turkey club on rye. I put it in a white paper sack, it's lying next to the front door."

Kirsty grinned. "Thanks. Anyway, I'll do that and then go down and see Da and Mum. If I have time and if she's there, I'll go see Aunt Jackie."

Rissa looked at the clock. "You'd better go, Kirsty, your tour starts in about half an hour. See you later and please don't come home with the cops. It'd make the neighbors gossip about us."

Kirsty smirked. "Yeah, don't want them to do that! Bye!" Kirsty 'ported the sack to her room, then grabbed it and 'ported them both to the J. Edgar Hoover Building, home of the X-Files.

Late Thursday Morning-Afternoon

Kirsty adjusted the clip to her visitor's pass which was hanging on her favorite jade coloured SETI t-shirt and walked into the empty lift. She pushed the button for the sixth floor and waited as the doors closed and she began moving slowly upward. Suddenly, the lift stopped at the first floor and the door opened to reveal two male agents. Kirsty stood still and the agents ignored her, walking in and standing on the other side.

One of the two, Agent Lee, said, "Hey, James, did you hear the news? Spooky's got a kid."

"That so?" Agent James asked.

"Yep. Looks like there were one too many long stakeouts. Guess somebody finally melted the Ice Queen, huh?"

Both laughed until Kirsty asked, "Who's Spooky?"

Agent Lee asked, "Who're you?"

Kirsty smiled and said, "Kirsty McCandless. I'm graduating High School this year and I came to check this place out. See if I wanted to follow in Da's footsteps."

They nodded as if that would explain her ignorance of Bureau affairs. "Spooky," Agent James said, "Is Agent Mulder. The Ice Queen is his partner, Agent Scully. We heard the other day that Spooky had a kid, so we figured...."

Kirsty said, "So you just assume it's their kid?" Both men nodded. Kirsty frowned and took a step forward, surprising the two agents with her agressiveness. The men were a few inches taller than her but she didn't care because to her size didn't matter.

"I would think that the FBI," she spat out, "Would know better than to believe a rumor. You don't know if it's true, and even if it is, you don't know if they adopted the kid or if it's their own flesh and blood. I might just change my mind about following Da's footsteps if this is the best the FBI has to offer." The lift stopped and Kirsty walked out after saying, "You'd better watch what you say about my Da and Mum from now on. Good day, gentleman."

Kirsty walked down the hall to Skinner's office, leaving two very embarrassed agents in the lift behind her. She stopped at Skinner's secretary's desk and asked, "Is the Assistant Director in?"

The secretary, Dawn, looked up and said, "Yes he is. Who may I say is here?"

Kirsty grinned impishly and said, "Tell him I'm selling Boy Scout cookies."

Dawn shrugged and said, "Wait one moment, please." She got up from her desk and walked to the door of Skinner's office.

"Mr. Skinner, a girl is here to see you. Says she's selling Boy Scout cookies."

Skinner frowned and looked down at the huge stack of papers on his desk. "Tell her I'm busy and I'll see her later."

Kirsty poked her head in the door. "Scuse me, sir? You didn't finish your sandwich from three nights ago, so I figured I should just bring you a new one." She brought a white paper bag out from behind her back and said, "Turkey club on rye, right? Sorry I didn't bring it yesterday or the day before, but we were really busy."

Skinner's jaw dropped and Dawn suppressed a laugh. {Only time I'm going to see Skinner lose his cool and I don't have my camera with me. Damn.} She thought, then said, "Uhm, I'll leave you two alone, okay?" Dawn ran from the room snickering and shut the door as Kirsty walked to a chair and sat down, setting the bag on Skinner's desk.

"Sir, is something wrong? You look like you've seen a ghost," Kirsty said and crossed her legs.

Skinner found his voice and returned his jaw to its normal position. "But- they- how are you here?"

Kirsty smiled. "If I told you, I'd have to kill you." She cocked her head on one side and sat there silently for a while, then smiled sweetly at the older man. "Does he always sit there in the other room and listen to your conversations, or am I getting the royal treatment?"

Skinner stopped reaching into the bag and stood up, grabbing the sack. He then grabbed Kirsty's arm and attempted to take her out the door with him. What happened next went to fast for Skinner to react. Kirsty punched him in the gut, winding him, then kicked his legs out from under him. {I wish this guy wasn't so hard to read sometimes.} Kirsty thought and said, "Mr. Skinner? How's the floor from your view?" Kirsty smirked and helped him up.

He looked at her evenly. "Are you sure you're just a teenager? You're pretty strong."

Kirsty smiled. "Thank you. I'm sure I'm a 'normal' teenager." Her voice grew sad when she said that and Skinner felt sorry for her.

Skinner said, "We've got to go. You don't want them knowing Krycek didn't pull it off, at least not yet." Kirsty and Skinner walked off and a man smoking a Morley came out of the room next door, staring at them.

They got down to the reflecting pool and sat down on a bench. Kirsty told Skinner what had happened after he'd left and Skinner listened silently while eating his sandwich. When Kirsty was done talking, she stared at the water for a while, thinking. {I know I can trust him to make the right decisions as best he can. He'd make a good ally. He's not so bad of a guy once you get past the tough-guy image. So he's the reason Mum and Da are still working in the X-Files. Nice guy.} Kirsty looked up sharply as a man walked past them. Kirsty sifted through Skinner's thoughts to find a name to go with the man's face. {Tom Colton. Great.}

Kirsty stood up and said, "Excuse me, sir, but I really have to go. I'm supposed to meet Da in his office. See you!" Kirsty checked to make sure no one but Skinner was around and 'ported herself to Mulder's office.

Skinner shook his head and walked back to his office.

Kirsty got to Mulder's office and smiled. As she had hoped, Mulder and Scully were at lunch with St. George and wouldn't be back for another ten minutes, which meant she would have a chance to meet Colton. Kirsty looked around the office for a bit, examining the fuzzy UFO pictures and stacks of files and papers. "Not bad," she said to herself, then heard Colton walking down the hall. Kirsty opened the door, allowing an annoyed look to cross her pretty face. "Aye?" she asked, sizing Colton up with her eyes. "Can I help you?"

Agent Colton pushed past Kirsty and walked into the office. Looking around and finding no trace of Scully, he asked, "Where is she and who are you?"

Kirsty glared at Colton. "Where is who and who do you think you are, barging into this office like it's yours?"

Colton glared back. "I'm Agent Tom Colton. I know Dana Scully personally and came down here to see her. Who are you?"

Kirsty smiled humorlessly. "I'm Kirsty McCandless-Mulder. It's a pleasure to meet you." {Oh, well, everyone thinks I'm his daughter, might as well humor them.}

Colton gaped at her. "You're- you're Mulder's wife?" His thoughts were easy for Kirsty to read. {She looks so young, she can't possibly be his wife. There was talk about Spooky having a kid...}

Kirsty laughed. "His wife? That's a good one! Uh, no, I'm not his wife. I'm leaving that up to Mum. I'm his daughter."

Colton snapped, "You can lie as much as you want, but I suggest you remove yourself from this room and go join whatever tour group you're playing hooky from because I have better things to do than waste my time talking to stupid little brats like you." He took Kirsty's arm roughly and pulled it, trying to make her come with him.

Kirsty shrugged. {Here we go again.} Taking a deep breath, she stepped in front of Colton as if she was going to walk down the hall, but then she turned around and hit him square in the jaw with her fist. Kirsty watched in satisfaction as he crumpled to the floor while Mulder and Scully rounded the corner. Kirsty smiled and rubbed her right fist, which started to hurt.

Scully gasped. "Kirsty! Tom!" She ran over to check his pulse. Seeing it was normal and he wasn't dead, she turned to Kirsty and said in a quiet voice, "What happened and why is Agent Colton out cold?" Scully gave Kirsty a Look and Kirsty grinned.

Before Kirsty had a chance to explain, Agent Tucker came running down the hall. When she saw Colton passed out on the floor and Scully standing over him, she gasped. When she saw Mulder and Kirsty, Tucker screamed. "What the hell happened here? That's it, Spooky. You're out of here. Hitting a fellow agent, you should be kicked out of the Bureau! Why, I have half a mind..."

Kirsty muttered quietly, "That's for damn sure!"

Mulder gave her a warning look and shook his head slightly. Then he said, "Agent Tucker, would you please call a doctor? Agent Colton seems to be having some trouble standing up."

Tucker yelled, "I'm going to see the AD about this!"

Kirsty spoke up. "Good, then we can have a chance to explain ourselves!"

Tucker glared at her. "Who are you? Are you supposed to be down here? What's going on?"

Scully snapped, "Tucker! Calm down and help me get him out of the way so I can shut my office door."

Tucker obeyed and helped Scully drag Colton out of the doorway, then ran off, muttering about the AD.

Kirsty grinned. "Well, I was about to tell you what was going on, but I might as well wait until we're in the AD's office. Then I only have to say it once."

Scully took Kirsty's hand gently and looked at it. She sighed. "Well, it isn't broken. That's good. Except for the bruise, Colton's going to be fine once he wakes up. We might as well go up to Skinner's office now, he'll be screaming for us soon enough."

Kirsty nodded and took Mulder's arm. Leaning over, she whispered in his ear, "Did you hear me, Da?"

Mulder grinned. "Half a mind... That was pretty good! Scully, did you hear that?"

Scully looked behind her as she stepped into the lift. "No, did I miss something?"

Kirsty smirked. "When Agent Tucker said she had half a mind, I muttered that's for damn sure!"

Scully smiled tiredly and leaned against the wall of the lift. "How are we going to explain this to Skinner?"

Kirsty's face went grim. "Let me do the talking. It's my fault, and don't you even think about taking the blame, Da. I did it, and I should receive the punishment. What's he going to do, ground me? Suspend me from school? Yeah right." Kirsty smiled suddenly but her eyes were a little unfocused. "Expect Skinner at his worst, guys. Tucker told him Mum held Colton down while you punched him, Da, but she didn't tell him about me. She must have forgotten. _This_ should be good."

When they got off the lift, they noticed that the agents they met in the hallway shrank away from them. Kirsty walked proudly in front with a more controlled Mulder and Scully close behind. Tucker came out of Skinner's office and gave them a smirk, then went down the hall.

Dawn rose out of her seat and said, "I'm sorry, miss, but you can't go in there while AD Skinner is having a meeting." Dawn gave Mulder a look that could kill.

Kirsty glared back at Dawn and stepped in front of Scully, blocking Mulder with an arm. "If I don't go, they don't go," Kirsty said in a quiet voice. "Let me in with them or forget about the meeting totally. It's your choice."

Skinner's voice came from his office. "Dawn, what's taking so long? Let them in, for God's sake, don't sit there talking to them." Dawn disappeared into his office and Skinner was heard to bellow, "LET THEM IN, DAMNIT! I DON'T CARE IF THE POPE'S WITH THEM, JUST LET THEM IN!"

Dawn walked out and gave Kirsty a dirty look, saying. "Go ahead."

Kirsty smiled and took Mulder's arm. "C'mon, Da. You heard the man. Let's go."

Scully grinned and walked into Skinner's office, followed by Mulder and Kirsty. Skinner jumped out of his chair when he saw Kirsty. "You! What are you doing here? Mulder, I know she's attatched to you, but this is rediculous!"

Kirsty snapped angrily, "Excuse me, sir, but I have a right to speak. It's my fault Agent Colton was lying on the floor unconscious, and if you're going to blame Mum and Da for something they had no part in, then you're a bigger fool than I thought."

Skinner's lips pressed into a tight line. "All right, if you want to protect them because you're 'family', go ahead. Tucker says she saw Mulder punching Colton, and Scully was holding Colton down. They had no part in it? Surely you can think up something better than that as an excuse for them."

Kirsty's face turned bright red, as did Scully's and Mulder's. Kirsty had to hold them both back kinetically because they both were about to jump Skinner and beat him to a pulp for that remark. Kirsty had a hard enough time controlling herself. {I will not kill my 'rent's boss, I will not kill my 'rent's boss...} Kirsty sighed angrily and motioned for the two agents to have a seat but declined the invitation to sit and instead paced the floor, her mantra running through her head.

Kirsty suddenly stopped pacing and pointed at Skinner. "Who do you trust, these guys or somebody else?"

Skinner shrugged. "Depends on what is going on. I'd like to trust these two." He gestured toward Mulder and Scully.

"Trust no one." Mulder muttered, and the two women laughed.

Kirsty resumed her pacing. "Mr. Skinner, I went to the X-Files office because I wanted to see Da and Mum. I was waiting for them to come back from lunch with Agent St. George of the CSIS. You can even ask her to confirm this, I don't care. Agent Colton stopped by-" Kirsty rubbed her right fist agitatedly. "He stopped by and demanded to know where Agent Scully was and who I was. I introduced myself and he said that I needed to leave. He grabbed my arm-"

Skinner winced. "Not a smart thing to do," he interrupted and Mulder and Scully gave him an odd look. Skinner rubbed his sore stomach and pantomined falling down backwards.

Mulder grew prouder of Kirsty. {She isn't even afraid to hit the AD!} He thought incredulously.

Kirsty nodded. "Anyway, he grabbed my arm, which implied I had to defend myself. Da and Mum appeared just after I hit Colton and Mum checked him to make sure he was all right. Tucker arrived shortly after that and panicked when she saw Colton lying on the floor. She came up here and evidently told you a bunch of shite. That's all, sir. As you can see, these two had nothing to do with this." Kirsty stopped talking and started pacing again.

Skinner snapped, "Stop that, Kirsty, you're making me dizzy." Kirsty stopped and sat down in a chair. Skinner cleared his throat. "Well, Mulder, what do you have to say of all this?"

"Sir, it's the truth. Scully and I came back from lunch and saw Colton grab Kirsty. She defended herself as best as she could, and I'm just glad she didn't have a gun with her because she might have shot him." Mulder and Kirsty both grinned at the mental picture. "Anyway, we got there and Scully checked Colton, then Tucker showed up and began screaming bloody murder."

Skinner nodded, his face impassive. "Scully?"

Scully said, "Sir, we came back and saw Kirsty defend herself. Colton fell down and I went to go make sure he was okay. Then Tucker came down the hall and accused us of attacking Colton."

Skinner nodded again, his face still unreadable to Scully and Mulder. Kirsty however was having a field day with his thoughts. {I sure don't want to be any guy this kid meets in a dark alley. Think how dangerous she could be with a gun! Plus, her telepathy is an added bonus. No one could sneak up on her, no matter where she was or who they were unless she let them.... Why'd she let me and Colton grab her? Maybe to prove a point.... Which would be what? That she isn't helpless, or what?}

Skinner cleared his throat. Mulder pretended he'd just woken up and Kirsty giggled. Skinner glared at them both and said, "Well, I have to say I'm in favor of believing Kirsty over Tucker. However I'll have to check the security camera to be sure. If Mulder and Scully had nothing to do with it, then Kirsty, you have to come here every day, go down to the X-Files office, and clean the entire room as punishment for attacking an agent. Without getting paid. I'm sure it'll take you quite a while, which means you will have plenty of time to think about what you did. Self-defense or not."

Kirsty grinned slightly and Skinner continued. "If I find that what Tucker said is true, Mulder and Scully will be suspended for a week without pay. I will call the owner of a daycare center and see if they are needing any volunteers. Kirsty, I will then call your parents and tell them that after school, for at least three hours, you will be working as a volunteer, without pay. Is that clear?"

Kirsty nodded quietly. Mulder noticed she seemed more subdued than when she had just come in after Skinner mentioned her parents, then told Skinner, "But sir, _I'm_ her father. And Scully's her mother."

Skinner glared at Mulder. "You are neither her biological father nor her adopted father."

Kirsty and Scully exchanged glances, then Kirsty gave Skinner a funny little smile. "But they are my adopted parents, sir."

"Legally?" Skinner barked.

Kirsty looked a little shocked. "Well, no. Rissa Berdine is my only legal guardian. Mulder's like a father, so I call him Da."

Skinner said in a semi-normal tone of voice, "Who's Agent St. George, then?"

Kirsty grinned. "She's just Jackie, a friend of the family."

Skinner did something none of them expected him to do. He grinned. "Well, you're in good hands. All of you get out of here now. You two go down to your office and Kirsty, you need to get to school."

Kirsty winked at Scully. "Aye, sir, I'll do that."

Mulder and Scully stood up. "Is that all, sir?" Scully asked.

"One more thing. Agent Mulder?" Skinner said.

Mulder turned and refrained from going out the door. "Yes, sir?"

"Don't spread it all over the Bureau that Colton got knocked out by a girl, much less a teenager. He might not appreciate it."

Kirsty frowned and answered for Mulder. "Sir, I'm going to tell people the truth, because these two don't need any more trouble as it is. Sorry."

They left the room and Skinner chuckled. "Yes sir, she's going to be a very good agent one of these days."

Kirsty grinned as they stepped into the lift. Scully sighed and leaned against the wall. "Well, I was expecting something a lot worse. A lot worse. I'm glad you held me back, Kirsty. Thank you."

Kirsty grinned as the lift doors opened and another agent walked in. "You should've seen his face when I hit him, Mum. He looked so surprised-"

The other passenger interrupted, "Hit who?"

Mulder stepped in front of Kirsty. "Why do you care, Johnson?"

Agent Johnson shrugged. "I heard Colton got punched out in your office, Mulder. What'd he do, ask Scully for a date and she got a little mad?" He laughed and Mulder and Scully looked very uncomfortable. Kirsty squeezed Mulder's arm and Johnson noticed her. "Hey, you're that kid that chewed Lee and James out because they were talking about Mulder's kid, aren't you?"

Mulder and Scully stared at Kirsty and she blushed. "Aye, I am. I don't appreciate rumors being said about my family, especially if they include these two." Kirsty jerked her thumb towards the agents beside her and stepped forward. "And aye, Colton got punched out in their office. By me. Why?"

Johnson shook his head. "I just wanted to congratulate you. Somebody finally has the guts to punch Colton, and they just happen to be a kid young enough to be my kid. Wow. Hey, Mulder, how come you didn't bring your daughter here sooner?"

Mulder grinned as the doors opened. "She wasn't old enough or strong enough to punch out Colton, that's why." Scully shot him a look and walked quickly out of the lift, Kirsty and Mulder on her heels.

When they got to the office, Scully slammed the door behind them and glared at Mulder. "Don't. You. Ever. Do. That. Again," she said slowly and quietly as she advanced on Mulder. Kirsty sat on Scully's desk and watched, smirking. {Boy, when Mum gets mad, she gets mad!}

Mulder backed up until he hit the wall. "What, Scully? Do what again?" He asked, noting the smirk on Kirsty's face.

"Make a fool out of me like that," Scully retorted.

Mulder looked at her quizzically. "What are you talking about?" He asked, confused.

"Letting Johnson think Kirsty is your -our- child! What were you thinking? Now Johnson is going to spread it all over the Bureau that we have a child! We'll be split up, the X-Files shut down, and I'll never see you again!" Tears gathered in Scully's eyes and she brushed them away angrily.

Mulder held his hands up in surrender. "Hey, excuse me. I'm sorry for saying anything. If it makes you feel any better, the entire Bureau already thinks we're sleeping together. Except at 17 Kirsty looks too old to be our kid. You know why? Because we've only been partnered for five years and neither of us are wearing rings. How could we be married to each other?" He tenderly brushed Scully's cheek with his thumb and smiled. "Don't cry, Scully."

Kirsty cleared her throat and both agents looked at her. "Uhm, guys, I hate to tell you this, but Colton is coming down here. To see you, Mum. So if I were you, I'd get out of each other's arms and leave this to me. Again."

Mulder smiled and put his arms around Scully. "Okay, but I have to do this first." He turned Scully around and tilted her head up with a finger. Mulder leaned his head down and was about to kiss his partner when Colton pounded on the door.

Kirsty slowly got off the desk and yelled, "I'm warning you, I have a Glock, so if you're selling Precious Moments figurines, you'd better start running now!" Kirsty turned around before opening the door and hissed, "Sit down!" Mulder and Scully nodded and ran to their respective desks, turning on computers and pulling out files.

Mulder put his feet up on his desk and whispered, "Go ahead, Kirsty."

Kirsty opened the door to reveal Colton standing in front of her. He had a big black-and-blue bruise about the size of Kirsty's fist on his left cheek. "Why, hello!" Kirsty said. "Aren't you that Colton fellow I met earlier today? My, what a nasty bruise. How _ever_ did that happen?"

Colton pushed past her again, not seeing who she was, and stepped into the office. Kirsty flipped Colton the bird as Mulder stood and said sarcastically, "Agent Colton, so nice to see you."

Scully gave him a warning look and said, "Hello, Tom, how are you?"

Colton leered at her. "Hello there, Dana. You're looking lovely today."

Scully tried her hardest not to blush. "Thank you, Tom."

Kirsty walked to Scully's side. "How can we help you, sir? As you can see, we're _very_ busy and need to get back to work soon."

Colton noticed her. "Oh, it's you again. I thought I told you to scram! Don't worry, Dana, I'll get rid of this brat for you." Colton roughly grabbed Kirsty's arm again and she gave him an evil look while trying to jerk it away.

Kirsty was about to hit Colton again when Mulder said, "Colton, let go of my daughter before she gives you a matching bruise on your other cheek."

Colton dropped Kirsty's arm like it was a snake. "Your daughter?" He asked and Mulder nodded. Colton glared at Scully. "And all this time I thought we had something special. It's over Dana, you can be sure of that!" Colton stalked out of the room and slammed the door, leaving Kirsty to dissolve into giggles.

"It's over, Dana. You can be sure of that!" Kirsty imitated Colton excellently, laughing and resting herself against the wall.

Scully pretended to pout. "You guys! I think he meant it!"

Mulder smirked. "Gee, Scully, does that mean you'll be free Friday nights?"

Scully shook her head. "Oh, no. I'm going to my mom's tomorrow for dinner. Sorry."

Kirsty smiled. "It's okay, Da, you can come over to my place for dinner. Rissa will be home because we're never open on Fridays and she usually cooks some really great stuff for dinner. Usually."

Mulder stalled. "I don't know...."

Kirsty grinned and punched Mulder's arm softly. "C'mon, Da. What're you going to do instead, watch your pornos and eat cold pizza?" She wrinkled her nose. "Why do you watch those, anyway? They can't be that good."

Scully laughed. "She's got a point, Mulder. You should go over there, it'd do you some good to get to know your daughter."

Mulder whined, "But she's your daughter, too...."

Kirsty sighed, exasperated. "Please, Da?" Kirsty gave him a little girl look that she must have modified from his little boy look.

Mulder sighed. "Oh, all right."

Kirsty cheered. "Great, I finally got you out of your apartment! But you know this means you have to come home with me tomorrow."

Scully said, "Why don't you pick her up when you go to work, and then she can drive you both to her apartment. You know she has to be here anyway to clean this place up. Then after dinner you can drive yourself home, Mulder."

Kirsty looked at Mulder. "What time should I be ready, 7:30?"

He grinned. "Sure, that sounds okay."

Kirsty grinned back. "Great, see you then!" Suddenly her eyes unfocused, a sign she was merging with someone's mind. "Who's Phoebe Green?" She almost whispered.

Mulder looked at her, alarmed. "Phoebe is a.... friend of mine. From England."

Kirsty glanced in his general direction, her complexion pale. "How good of a friend?"

"Well.... I..." Mulder said.

"He slept with her in college. She broke his heart in two." Scully finished for him. Mulder looked at her gratefully. "Why?" Scully asked, curious.

Kirsty tried to grin but failed. "She's here. In DC. She's going to come after you tomorrow, Da. Right now, she's at _my_ bar." Kirsty's face went from white to red in a matter of seconds. "She's chewing Rissa out for something really dumb.... One of the toilet seats in the women's bathroom was up and she sat in it!" Kirsty and Scully giggled. Kirsty smiled to no one in particular. "She stormed out... She's going to her hotel. She's coming down here tomorrow, Da. She wants to talk to you. She's either pissed off or...." Kirsty grimaced but continued.

"She has the worst memories of you, Da, you know that? No child should see _that_ much of their Da. God, she's gross. I'm getting out of there." Kirsty smiled at Mulder and her green-blue-grey eyes focused slowly. "Broke your heart in two, eh Da? Good thing I'll be here to take care of her and make sure you stay faithful to Mum. I've got to go home and work on some homework, see you guys tomorrow!" Kirsty 'ported herself home and began planning her course of attack against Phoebe.

Thursday Evening

When Rissa came home five hours later, she found Kirsty asleep on the couch with a thick textbook lying open on her chest while the radio softly played the last strains of 'Colours of the Wind'. Smiling gently, Rissa walked over and took the book off Kirsty, setting it down on the coffee table and walking over to the stereo. She was about to turn it off when another song came on. Rissa turned the volume up loud enough so that she could hear it in the next room and walked into the kitchen, singing along softly to 'Memory'. Rissa, still singing, grabbed a big pot and filled it with water then set it on the stove and turned the switch for the burner on HIGH.

Rissa grabbed a package of dry spaghetti and a jar of tomato sauce. Setting them on top of the stove, she took a smaller pot and filled it with the sauce, then set it on a burner also and turned it to LOW. Seeing that the water in the pot was boiling, Rissa poured the spaghetti strands into it and put a lid on it. She poked her head around the corner and saw that Kirsty was sleeping, so she decided to leave her friend alone.

Two hours, Rissa had eaten and cleaned up after herself. Kirsty was still sleeping, and Rissa was thinking about waking her up when she heard a noise from the living room. Rissa went into the living room to investigate. Seeing Kirsty was dreaming, Rissa relaxed until she saw sweat dripping off her. Rissa decided to see what was going on. *Kirsty* She tried experimentally. There was no spoken answer, but Rissa at once could see that Kirsty was sending a dream to someone. And it didn't look very friendly.

Phoebe tossed and turned in her bed, moaning softly. In her dream she could see partial faces and forms swirling in dark mist, but nothing definite. Suddenly, Mulder's form appeared in crystal clarity. Phoebe gasped. Scully appeared also and put her arm around him. Mulder leaned down and kissed Scully. Phoebe gasped again. Another person arrived, walking up to Mulder and Scully. Phoebe noted that this new arrival was as tall as Mulder and seemed to be very familiar with the agents, because they at once embraced it. The person (Phoebe realized it was female) looked straight at Phoebe and her eyes seemed to bore right into her soul. Phoebe knew she'd never forget that face. And then suddenly she saw huge tongues of flame coming toward her and burning her, licking across her face and charring the skin beyond recognition. She didn't know how she knew, she just did. The sensation of pain was so realistic-

Phoebe sat straight up in bed, breathing hard and trembling. She looked around as if to reassure herself that she was okay and still in one piece. Still shaken, Phoebe got up out of bed and walked to the bathroom in her hotel room. She turned on the light and looked at herself in the mirror. {I'm okay... I'm okay... I didn't get burned up... I'm all right...} She took a few deep breaths and felt herself calming down. Phoebe snuck a look at the clock and saw it was only 11:21 p.m. {What am I going to do? I don't dare go back to sleep, but I can't stay up all night....}

She decided to watch some telly and went back to the bedroom. Turning on the telly, she found that the only channels that worked worth a damn were the sci-fi channel and the local news. She left it at the sci-fi channel and watched as Godzilla battled King Kong. Laughing quietly at the dubbed voices and stupid plastic models, she carefully allowed her thoughts to drift back to the dream. The way that Mulder and Scully behaved toward the girl suggested they were her parents. She didn't remember all of the men she had slept with, but she did know none of them had had kids. She was sure of it. She remembered Fox quite well, he had been such an innocent little child.

"Fox was so young when he came to Oxford. The girl looked to be about 15. Maybe after he graduated he got married. No, he would've had to get married right away.... Wouldn't he have?" Phoebe frowned and drifted off to sleep. This time her dreams were left alone.

Kirsty woke up to the fading smell of spaghetti sauce and garlic bread. She stretched her limbs as gracefully as a cat and stood up. "Rissa?" She called. "You home?"

"No, Kirsty." Rissa called from the kitchen. "I'm not. I'm an Italian terrorist that's making you pasta in the hopes that you'll fall asleep after eating and then I can kidnap you and ask a penny for ransom."

Kirsty grinned and walked into the kitchen. "Wow," she said and looked around. "That sure looks good. What time is it? I remember falling asleep at about oh.... Seven or so."

Rissa pointed to the clock with one hand, the other wrapped around a coffee mug. "It's 11:30. You've been asleep for a long time."

Kirsty's eyes grew big when her friend mentioned what time it was, but she shrugged and walked over to the stove. "Mmmmm. Spaghetti. I love this stuff." She piled her plate high with food, sat down at the table across from Rissa, and began eating. "Want some?" she asked before shoving a forkful into her mouth and chewing happily.

Rissa shook her head. "No, I already ate." She sipped some coffee and sat quietly for a minute, then asked out of the blue, "Kirsty, who were you sending that dream to?"

Kirsty sucked a strand of spaghetti into her mouth. "Why?" she asked around the food.

"Because I came in here when I heard you. You were sending a dream to someone, Kirsty, and it didn't look too pretty. Who the hell would need a dream like that? Were you trying to scare somebody?"

Kirsty shook her head, her food temporarily forgotten. "I wasn't trying to scare her, I was trying to warn her."

"Warn _who_ against _what_?" Rissa didn't mean to sound so harsh but it scared her when Kirsty did stuff like this without telling her. The last time Kirsty had done it, the receiver had almost gone insane. Kirsty had promised she woldn't do it again, but she evidently had forgotten her promise.

Kirsty looked at her lap, which suddenly had become interesting. "I was warning that Limey bitch to be careful," she muttered in Gaelic.

"What?" Rissa asked. "You know I don't speak Gaelic, Kirsty. I don't want to have to pry it out of your head, so tell me what you said. Or I could always let Mulder know what's going on."

Kirsty's head snapped up, a fearful look on her face. "Don't tell him." She pleaded. "Please don't tell him. You know he'd hate me 'til his dying day if he found out."

"Okay I won't, but only if you tell me what's going on." Rissa said and sipped her coffee.

"See, that Limey bitch, Phoebe Green -she's the one who came in and sat in the toilet- she's in town. As you may have guessed. A long time ago, when Da went to Oxford, she led him around on a string. He was pretty much her slave. He did anything for her. Anyway, she's going to talk to him tomorrow. I had to warn her about what she was up against." Kirsty shrugged and ate the last of her bread.

"Which is?" Rissa asked and got up to get Kirsty some more pasta.

"Thanks. Me, Riss! It's not fair not to know anything about your enemy. At least I think so. This is a fricking war. She's planning on breaking his heart into tiny little pieces once she talks to him and I won't stand for it." Kirsty slammed her fork onto the table. "He's Mum's, and that Limey bitch knows it. I could see it in her dream-eyes. But she can't handle that he won't always be there for her to trail along on a lead. Da was going to kiss Mum in the office today, do you know that? But Colton came barging in at the last minute and stopped them. His bruise didn't look that bad, you know. It could've been worse." Kirsty trailed off, mentally comparing Colton's bruise to some she'd gotten.

Rissa cleared her throat. "Kirsty, you can tell me about the bruise in a second. You were talking about Phoebe?" She prompted.

Kirsty smiled. "Sorry. Anyway, I'm going to confront her about everything. Breaking his heart in two, etc. I'm going to try to convince her that she can't be doing this to my da, not while Mum and I are around. You want to know about the bruise? Well...." Kirsty started laughing.

"What?" Rissa asked "What happened?" She took Kirsty's hand and looked at it. Rissa looked up at Kirsty and asked, "Who else did you hit?"

Kirsty grinned. "The AD."

Rissa almost dropped her mug onto the table. "The Assistant Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation?"

Kirsty grinned again. "The one and only."

Rissa sat down, her legs suddenly rubbery. "Why?" She croaked.

Kirsty's eyes grew dark. "He grabbed my arm and almost pulled it out of the socket. So I punched him in the stomach, kicked his legs out from under him, and knocked him onto the floor. I then told him that he'd better not mess with me because he knew what I was capable of." Actually, that was a little white lie, but Rissa was so shocked that Kirsty had actually hit the AD that she didn't notice.

"Okay, who's the other one?" Rissa said and poured herself some more coffee.

"Well, Agent Colton did the same thing, except he called me a brat. I hit him and knocked him out. Then we got called up to the AD's office-" Kirsty said and grinned.

"We? Who's we?" Rissa asked, feeling a little lightheaded from all this. Rissa looked at her coffee and decided it wasn't strong enough so she got up and got the full bottle of Scotch out. She drank some straight from the bottle and felt herself calming a little bit as it burned its way down her stomach.

Kirsty frowned at Rissa and continued. "Me, Da, and Mum. Agent Tucker saw Mum examining Colton to see if he was okay and she freaked. Then she ran up to the AD's office and told him Mum and Da attacked Colton. So we went up there and straightened it all out. As punishment for hitting the bastard, Da's going to pick me up on his way to work tomorrow and I have to clean the X-Files office. He's coming home with me also, and we're making him dinner. It'll be the first home-cooked meal he's had in a long time. I asked him over because I figured it's the best way to keep the Limey bitch away from him." Kirsty finished and pulled the almost- empty bottle away from Rissa. Corking it, she put it back in the cupboard and sat back down. "Okay, Riss?"

Rissa nodded drunkenly. Kirsty smiled and took Rissa's arm. "C'mon, Riss, let's get you to bed. I have to get up early tomorrow, so I won't be here when you wake up. There's a package of hangover pills in the bathroom, just so you know where they are. Night, Riss." Kirsty set her friend gently on her bed and retreated to the hallway. Kirsty smiled softly and found she had tears in her eyes. Wiping them away, Kirsty walked to her own bedroom, laid down on her bed, and fell asleep.

Late Friday Morning

Phoebe Green nervously walked down the basement halls to the X-Files office. As soon as she had woken up, memories of her dream had returned and she had been a nervous wreck ever since. Breathing deeply, Phoebe knocked on the door that said "Fox Mulder" on it. She smiled as the door opened but her stomach twisted into a knot when she saw who had opened the door.

Kirsty poked her head out into the hall and said, "Yes? Can I help you?"

Phoebe stared at Kirsty and stammered, "F-f-.." Phoebe took another deep breath and tried to calm down. "F-Fox Mulder?"

Kirsty frowned. "No, I'm his daughter, Kirsty. Who are you?"

Phoebe calmed a little bit but not too much. "Uh, I'm Phoebe Green. I know your father from Oxford. Is he in?"

Scully's voice reached her ears from the room. "Kirsty? Who is it?"

Kirsty's eyes darkened to almost black when Phoebe introduced herself. "You," she whispered poisnonously and Phoebe panicked again when she recognized the look in Kirsty's eyes as one of pure hatred.

"Kirsty?" Mulder asked and came up behind her, putting a hand on her shoulder. "Who is it?"

Kirsty turned and her eyes lightened a little, though they still burned. "It's your... friend, Phoebe," Kirsty said and angrily threw the door open, suprising all three adults. She stalked back to the filing cabinet and began tearing through the files inside it.

Scully half rose in her seat. "Why, Inspector Green. How nice of you to stop by. How are you?"

Kirsty made an unintelligible noise in her throat and Mulder glared at her. "Excuse me, ladies. Kirsty, can I see you for a minute?" Mulder reached for her arm but Kirtsy gave him a warning look and walked into the hall. Mulder shut the door behind them and hissed, "What are you doing?"

Kirsty glared back, totally unafraid of Mulder even though he was reputed to once have scared an ex-partner so badly the poor kid had pissed his pants. "What do you mean, what am I doing? What are _you_ doing? God, Da, do I need to get a bucket for you to drool into so I don't need to clean the fricking carpet as well? Look at yourself! I thought you loved Mum, but noooo. You're drooling over that Limey bitch like a puppy over a bone. And she knows it. Either you go in there and tell her it's over or I will. And I'm _not_ the most tactful person in the world." Kirsty finished and stalked back into his office, slamming the door behind her.

Mulder sighed and shook his head. {Wonder who she got her temper from, me or Scully.}

Scully and Phoebe looked up, startled. Scully looked from Kirsty to Phoebe, noticed the way they were looking at each other, and realized a pecking order of some kind was being established. "Um, Kirsty?" Scully asked and flinched when Kirsty turned her wrathful eyes to her.

"Aye, Mum?" Kirsty asked with forced politeness.

Phoebe gasped slightly and Scully smiled tightly. "Where's Mulder?" She asked and grimaced when Kirsty got a furious look on her face.

"That shitehead!" Kirsty fumed. "That... that.... Arrgh!" Kirsty stormed and grabbed her jacket. "I'm leaving for a while. I'll be back whenever I feel like it." Kirsty slammed the door shut and 'ported herself to her church.

Scully smiled apologetically to Phoebe, who was very confused about all this. Mulder stormed in two seconds later and looked around the room. "Where is she," he said in a quiet, barely controlled voice.

Phoebe smiled. "Why, Fox, we never had a chance to say hello."

Mulder looked at Scully, ignoring Phoebe for the moment. "Where'd Kirsty go?" he asked, his voice full of worry.

Scully sighed and grabbed her coat. "Mulder, she can take care of herself, she's a big girl. If she's gone anywhere she'll either be at the reflecting pool or with Jackie. I'm going to go check. If she isn't at either place, I'll call Rissa and ask her where Kirsty is. It was nice seeing you again, Phoebe," Scully said and walked out the door and down the halls, shaking her head.

Phoebe purred, "Hello, Fox."

"Hi, Phoebe. How are you?" Mulder asked and felt himself weakening when Kirsty's voice rung in his head, 'Either you tell her it's over or I will. And I'm _not_ the most tactful of people.'

Phoebe ran her hand through Mulder's hair. "You know, Fox, we never really had a chance to talk when I was here last. We never had a chance to do much of anything. What do you say we have dinner tonight?"

Mulder sighed. "Sorry, Phoebe, but I already have plans. Maybe some other time."

Phoebe frowned and tried to push herself nearer Mulder. "It's that Scully woman, isn't it?"

"No, it's not her. I'm having dinner with Kirsty and her guardian." Mulder said.

Phoebe got a funny look in her eye. "Guardian? As in, she doesn't live with you?"

Mulder nodded. "Yes, she doesn't live with me. But like I said, I'm having dinner with her. So I can't do anything with you tonight. Sorry."

Friday Afternoon

Kirsty sighed happily as she sat in one of the pews in the main sanctuary at Faith Chapel Foursquare Church. For the time being, she was the only one there besides the janitor and the pastor, who was in his office planning another sermon. Kirsty didn't agree with most of the Sunday School teachings or like his sermons much; they were always about how every one of them was going to hell if they didn't repent right that instant and beg God for forgivness of their sins. It was too depressing for Kirsty so she came after hours and had her own private sermons. Sometimes Rissa came with her, sometimes she didn't.

There was a corner of the main sanctuary no one but Kirsty used. It had a beautiful stained glass window with an image of the Christ Child and the Virgin Mary and also had a statue about Kirsty's height. It was a beautiful reproduction of the Madonna and its beauty and serenity sometimes brought tears to Kirsty's eyes. Kirsty folded her hands into her lap and looked at the staute, singing softly.

"I don't know if
You can hear me
Or if You're even there
I don't know if You will listen
To a humble prayer
They tell me I am just an outcast
I shouldn't speak to You
Still I see Your face and wonder
Were You once and outcast too?"

Kirsty didn't notice as Scully quietly slipped into the sanctuary and sat down in a pew, listening to Kirsty's clear tones that seemed to go right up to heaven itself.

"God help the outcasts, hungry from birth
Show them the mercy they don't find on earth
The lost and forgotten, they look to You still
God help the outcasts or nobody will....

"I ask for nothing,I can get by
But I know so many less lucky than I
God help the outcasts, the poor and downtrod
I thought we all were the children of God

"I don't know if there's a reason
Why some are blessed, some not
Why the few You seem to favor
They fear us, flee us, try not to see us
God help the outcasts, the tattered, the torn
Seeking an answer to why they were born
Winds of misfortune have blown them about
You made the outcasts- don't cast them out
The poor and unlucky, the weak and the odd
I thought we all were the children of God..."

As Kirsty finished the song, Scully slipped out of the sanctuary as quietly as she had come in. Kirsty sat down on a bench and buried her face in her hands, praying to God to take her Talent away so she could just lead a noraml life.

Scully sighed and pulled out her cell phone. Pushing one of the automatic dial buttons, she waited for it to ring.

"Mulder." His voice sounded very harrassed and Scully felt sorry for him.

"Mulder, it's me, Scully," Scully said and checked to make sure Kirsty hadn't noticed her. Thankfully, she hadn't.

"Did you find her?" Mulder's hope was audible in his voice.

Scully nodded, but realized he couldn't see her. "Yes, Mulder, I did. Mulder, I think you need to come down here."


"I'm at Faith Chapel Foursquare Church. You need to come see her, Mulder, but you can't bring Phoebe. It'll just make things worse," Scully said.

Mulder sighed. "She just ran to the bathroom. Think I could sneak off without her noticing?"

Scully said, "I don't know, Mulder. Maybe. Just get here, now. I don't care what you tell her, but you need to be here and Phoebe can't be with you."

"All right, I'm walking out of the office. She's coming over here. Stay on the line, okay?" Scully could hear Phoebe saying something to Mulder and he replied, "It's an emergency. I have to go to the hospital because Scully's mom had a stroke..... No, you can't come. Sorry Phoebe, but you aren't family and they're only letting in family.. Yeah, I know. I'll tell her, Phoebe." Scully could hear Phoebe saying something else and Mulder said, "Bye, Phoebe. Scully? I'm walking down the hall. I'll be there in a second. Bye." When Mulder hung up Scully sighed, walked down the hall to the door and sat outside on the steps to wait for Mulder to get there.


Song credits:

"Colors of the wind" belongs to Vanessa Williams

"Memory" belongs to Andrew Lloyd Weber

"God Help the Outcasts" belongs to the people at Disney and Bette Midler




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