Title: Deduction Seduction
Author: Nadia S.
Rated: Adult, for suggestive conversation
Spoilers: S8, Medusa
Keywords: Doggett/Scully Relationship

Summary: Doggett reads Krycek's file...

"Geez, this Krycek is a real bad ass...." John Doggett observed aloud. He had spent the morning reading old x-files and finally spoke aloud.

"Shouldn't you be reading the case files at hand, Agent Doggett?" Dana Scully snapped irritably. Her in-box was overflowing with files since her last encounter with Skinner, who had wanted to keep her occupied and out of trouble.

Shit - she's in a bitch of a mood, Doggett thought wearily. His pregnant partner ran hot and cold with him. This morning, she was like ice.

"This IS an open file..." Doggett retorted. "Don't you want me to catch this guy...?" he asked incredulously.

"And I suppose you think you're the only man who can!" she said rudely. "You couldn't even find Mulder!"

Doggett glared dangerously at the fetching redhead. She looked beautiful today, he thought to himself. No matter how much she trouble she was, he wanted her...

"You don't know who you're dealing with! No one can catch him!" she added haughtily as she snatched the file away from him and put it back in the drawer. She fought back an aggitated flush and added, "Besides, without Agent Mulder, Krycek won't bother us any more."

Doggett did not fail to notice her sudden high colour and the way she protectively grabbed her expanding belly. He didn't care if she was having mood swings - he was sick of her dictating to him what cases he should be investigating. This was the second time she had physically removed a file from his hands.

The stubborn Doggett immediately opened the drawer and retrieved the file.

"He murdered your sister. Don't you think that's more important than the latest ghost sighting, Agent Scully?"...Doggett argued.

"Well, if you'd look through some of this current case load maybe you'd find something more to your liking and experience!" she said sarcastically as she stealthily removed the file from his hands again and replaced it with a bundle of recent files.

Doggett dropped the current files back onto Scully's desk and unsuccessfully attempted to grab the Krycek file away from her.

"Krycek is a kidnapper, murderer and terrorist," he argued. "And worst of all, he betrayed the Bureau!" the rigid agent continued. "Now your ex-partner didn't do a lot to bring him to justice! There should be a dragnet out for this guy! I'm gonna speak to the boss about it."

Damn! Scully thought irritably and she got up from her desk and approached Doggett, her lower lip quivering.

"John, you're going to bring up a lot of sad memories for me if you do this..." she said as her blue eyes filled.

Doggett sighed. He knew she was manipulating him with the tears, but she always got her way with them...

"What did I tell ya about cryin'?" he asked wearily. "You got nothin' to be sad about. You're gonna have a baby, an' I'm gonna bring your sister's killer to justice." he promised. "Hopefully he'll get life in solitary. Otherwise, a guy like that could get a whole cell-block on his side..." Doggett anticipated.

Scully was becoming more and more frustrated by Doggett's persistence. She sighed irritably.

"Krycek has always denied killing my sister, and if Mulder really wanted to catch him, he would have done so!" she argued determinedly. "You're wasting your time, Agent Doggett!" Her tears had suddenly dried.

Doggett stared, enraptured by his beguilingly pregnant partner. Her cheeks were aflame and her eyes glittering with excitement as she played with her ring finger.

She don't want me to find him.... Doggett observed to himself, an' she keeps rubbin' her stomach. And then it all became clear to the by-the-book agent. He congratulated himself on his deductive skills and tried to suppress a smile of triumph.

"He knocked you up! You an' Krycek are gettin' it on! Doggett announced, amused by his own conclusion. "Did Mulder know?"

Dana Scully was unprepared for Doggett's quick, almost-accurate theory. True, Krycek was indeed the father of her baby - but by invitro fertilization, and not because they were 'gettin' it on' as Doggett had suggested.

"Nice try, Agent Doggett!" Scully flung at him, blushing and then recovering quickly. "When are you going to make up your mind? First you thought I was sleeping with Mulder, then your theory was that Cancer Man raped me. And now you're suggesting that I actually slept with my sister's killer!"

"You are some piece of work, lady!" he gloated, ignoring her protests. "Not only did you f

k your sister's killer, but you made a baby with him. You're more perverse that I thought!" "Are ya in love with the guy, or are ya just teasin' him?" he demanded relentlessly.

"I'm not in love with anybody!" she denied, trying to keep her composure. "You're just jealous, because you want me!" "That's why you wouldn't let me check out your apartment the other night!" he reasoned, undaunted. His discovery made him even more crazy for her. "The guy's got one arm, but he must be talented in the bedroom to satisfy you! You didn't plan for this kid, did you? You two were just havin' unprotected sex!" Doggett accused, continuing to fire intimate assumptions at his irresistable partner.

"Keep your high school sex fantasies to yourself!" she hissed, even though she found his conjecture arousing. "You have no right to presume about my love life!" The tempting redhead had suddenly realized that there was an easy way out of this conflict -- she could protect Krycek and seduce Doggett at the same time...

"John..." Scully said quietly as she placed herself on his desk, crossed her legs and began to loosen his tie, "I think you've been a little obsessed with me lately, and I suppose I've encouraged it. I know we said we'd wait until after the baby comes, but let's go somewhere now...to a motel...." she urged. She congratulated herself on becoming such a powerful seductress. If only her other men knew what she did behind their backs...

Doggett was turned on beyond belief, but managed to summon all the military discipline he could muster. Even though he wanted her badly, he could not bring himself to sleep with a woman who was carrying another man's baby.

"I gotta see the boss..." he said distractedly, as his body tingled with desire..

"I AM the boss..." she whispered in his ear, and with this she knew that she had rendered him powerless for now.

Reluctantly, he pushed Dana Scully aside.

John Doggett left the basement office with his workout equipment. He'd think about nailing Krycek later, but now he needed the kind of release that a good workout and a cold shower provided. Once he had put the asshole behind bars for life, nothing would stand in the way of his winning Dana Scully. And when the time came for their July dalliance, he would prove himself a better man than her one-armed lover...

The End

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