Title: Dear Samantha
Author: Erin M. Blair
Written: December 1999
E-Mail: eblair@sonic.net
Category: VA--Vignette, Angst.
Disclaimer: They aren't mine. &Rating: PG.

Summary: Young Mulder reflects on losing Samantha. Pre-XF.

Dear Samantha,

It's been three weeks since you went away, Samantha. There's been no word since you departed. I have been having these nightmares...terrible ones...of you being experiment upon by God knows what.


Why are they in my mind? I don't really remember even seeing them, Sam, on the horrible day you were taken from me.

Is it because I don't *really* want to remember?

Or maybe I'm too scared to find out the truth?

I miss you, Sam. I hope you're safe wherever you are.

Nothing seems right to me anymore because you're not here. I watch all the shows we had watched together and I can't laugh at the jokes.

I can't laugh because I'm crying.

Everyone's crying over your disappearance.

Mom's crying.

She's angry at Dad for some reason. I don't know why.

Dad's upset. I think he regrets something of which I know nothing about.

I'll know the truth someday, Samantha, of why you were taken from us. I'll keep on looking for you. Forever.

As always, I want to believe.


The End

Author's Notes: It's disjointed due to Mulder's pain about losing Samantha as it takes place a couple of days after what happened. At this point of his life, he's confused over the events which led to his sister's abduction. He *saw* something that night, but he can't express it very well. Thus the "disjointedness" of this vignette.

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