Title: Dana's Desires 3 - Skinner
Author: Nadia S
Date Written: Dec 2000
Rating: Adult, for suggestive conversation
Spoilers: S8

Summary: Walter Skinner makes his move...

Warning: This story takes Walter Skinner's point of view/belief that Mulder is the father of Scully's baby.

"My secretary is moving to an office down the hall. For the next few months you'll have my outer office. Agent Doggett has expressed concern for your safety and I concur: No more field assignments, Agent Scully!" Walter Skinner ordered as gazed at her thickening waistline.

Perfect....he thought to himself. Keeping her confined to a desk outside his office would allow him to keep an eye on her. He planned to be there throughout her pregnancy: help her do her shopping or take her to the doctor, or drive her home when she didn't feel well. He would do whatever he could to make himself indispensable to her. With Mulder missing it was open season on Dana Scully and he was determined to win her affections.

Every time he looked at her belly, he thought about how much he hated Fox Mulder. The moron had got her pregnant and run off. Well if he ever returned, Skinner thought, he would personally work with Kersh to get Mulder bounced from the Bureau once and for all.

"But sir....I don't think that's the best use of my time....is it?" she began as she sat down on his desk and stared him down.

Walter Skinner knew he was being manipulated -- she had done it before when she had jumped him in the elevator that day, kissing him in order to get what she wanted. This time I'm going to get what I want, he thought to himself.

"You'll do background work for Agent Doggett's investigations. You'll be his contact here at the Bureau when he's out in the field and report to me". This would keep her separated from Agent Doggett. Skinner didn't care for the way Doggett looked at Scull y and it was time to put a stop to that.

"Let's not be too hasty, sir," she said as she pulled at his tie. "Perhaps we should discuss it over dinner...Walter," she suggested quietly as she continued to stare intently at him. She could scarcely believe she was hitting on her boss. This pregnancy had fueled her sense of sexual power over men. First the obedient Krycek, then the slavish Doggett, now the always lustful Skinner. They all want me...she thought with immense satisfaction. Mulder had never been this much fun.

"You ...you have your instructions, Agent Scully! Consider this a medical assignment..." Skinner stammered as his glasses began to steam up. "My secretary has made your office moving arrangements. Dismissed!"

Damned Doggett for his interference, she thought. He and Skinner had ganged up on her to keep her out of the field during her pregnancy. Well, she had work to do out there and she wasn't going to be mistaken for an FBI secretary!

I'll get my way...even if I have to seduce him! she vowed silently as she glared at Skinner's secretary and headed for the elevator. How easy it was for her to suddenly consider seducing Skinner. She blushed with pleasure at the prospect, and wondered where such notions had come from, and how far they would take her...

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