Title: Dana's Desires 2 - Doggett
Author: Nadia S
Rated: Adult, for suggestive conversation
Spoilers: S8 Keywords: Doggett/Scully Relationship

Summary: Doggett demands the truth....

Agent John Doggett grabbed Dana Scully roughly by the arm. "Look me in the eye and tell me you are NOT expectin' a baby!" He was at the end of his rope as far as Scully was concerned. He was sick of being treated like he didn't count. Hadn't he done enough to win her trust?

Dana Scully was shocked - although it was not the first time Doggett had rendered her speechless. "I am!" she admitted haughtily as she shook off his tight grip. Being manhandled by Doggett had sent an intoxicating jolt up her spine, and she couldn't quell the flush in her cheeks. Damn pregnancy hormones, she thought.

"How did you know?" she demanded resentfully.

"Deductive reasoning, Agent Scully. You make a lot of trips to the ladies' room, and sometimes you look a little green around the gills." Doggett observed.

"Congratulations, Agent Doggett," she replied sarcastically. "You know women well."

Doggett ignored her provocation. Everything he had heard and read about Agent Dana Scully had painted her as virtuous and incorruptible, a credit to the Bureau. And yet, the only Dana Scully he knew was a red-headed hell-cat. The more difficult she was, the more he wanted to work with her. As far as Doggett was concerned, her ex-partner was insane. What kind of a man would run off and leave a woman like her?

"I'll put the fact that you hid your pregnancy behind us. But from now on, I will determine the level of your involvement in our investigations," Doggett decided. "I'm putting myself in charge of your physical safety. You got a problem with that?"

Dana Scully's jaw dropped. His verbal man-handling and old-fashioned chivalry was equally thrilling. Pregnancy had made her expert in sexual politics. It gave her a tingle to watch him -- so morally upright and by-the-book-- struggling to suppress feelings for her. If he believed that women were from Venus, then she wouldn't disappoint him...

"No, Agent Doggett.....John..." she began quietly. "I can't tell you grateful I am that you're watching my back.." she wound her soft little fingers around his stiff ones. "Thank you...."

"You're....welcome..." he replied woodenly. As usual, he couldn't stop staring at her.

As Agent Dana Scully strolled out of their office, Agent John Doggett took a deep breath. He had heard all sorts of departmental gossip - how it had taken Fox Mulder 7 years to get her into the sack. Well as far as he was concerned, he would have to draw on his most rigorous Marine disciplinary training to resist her.

He grabbed his things and headed for the FBI showers...


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