Title: Daddy Made Me Do It, Mommy
Author: Josie M.
Rating: R -child abuse shown

Summary: Fox is at the hands of his abusive father again


March 23rd 1970

The child ran, he ducked behind the garden shed, pulling his knees up to his chest and making himself as small as he could.

"He won't find me....he won't" he thought to himself. Suddenly the tall figure loomed over him, a rank smell of alcohol reached his nose. "What in the hell are you doing out here, get back into that house now!" he shouted. "Fox,

I won't tell you again, now get up!" he yelled. The child made no effort to move, he was welded to the spot by fear, he was shaking where he crouched. "Oh dear" the man said, "you are doing it again Fox, making Daddy have to punish you, you know I don't like to do this" he bent down and lifted Fox up by the collar of his shirt. "You are a little shit, you know that don't you?" he dragged him into the house and pushed him onto the floor. "Now, you know why I have to do this don't you?"

"Yes" Fox nodded.

"Yes what?" Bill Mulder boomed at the child.

"Y-es Sir" Fox felt sick, he could feel the bile rising in his throat as he lay there.

"Now then, can you tell me what I asked you to do?"

"Put my....toy..car..away" he was whimpering now. "Daddy...I'm sorry, I'll do it now" he said quietly "I went to the..ba..bathroom that's all...I was going to d..do it after" the child was getting nervous now, he curled up into a ball with his hands over his head.

"Excuses Fox, always with you there's some kind of excuse, what the hell do you take me for? you weren't going to do it, because you're lazy, that's what you are Fox, LAZY! What are you?"

"La-zy S-S-ir," he stammered.

"Get up, stand up straight" Bill demanded, he went over to the drinks cabinet and poured himself another whiskey, then he looked at Fox, his nine-year-old son. Tears streaming down his cheeks, his whole body shaking with sobs. He shook his head at him "What a fucking weakling." He reached out and pulled Fox by the hair over to the liquor cabinet. "I'm going to make you a man Fox William." He poured a glass of whiskey and handed it to Fox, "You drink that down," he ordered.

"Daddy....I'm not supposed to." He looked up at his Father. "It's for grown ups." He held the glass in his shaking hands. Bill's eyes looked furious. Fox nervously put the glass to his lips, his glass was a lot fuller than his Daddy's. He sipped the liquid, it burned the inside of his mouth and his throat. Fox exploded into a coughing fit.

"Oh for Christ's sake Fox, what are you a wimp? gulp it down, be a man." Bill poured himself another and knocked it back. Fox stared at him, he always saw his Father drinking the stuff, and he figured if that made him happy then he should try it. He held the glass in both hands, squeezed his eyes shut and tipped the contents down his throat, he shuddered as he felt it slide down his throat. "There we go." Bill smiled, he patted Fox's back hard. "That's good huh?"

"Uh.....yeah." Fox's eyes were watering with the strength. He watched in horror as Bill poured him another glass, he handed it to him. In each glass there was approximately four measures. That was a lot of liquor for anyone to take but for a little boy, it could have been lethal.

An Hour Later

Elizabeth Mulder returned home from shopping, she came into the kitchen and placed the grocery bags down. She started to unpack the shopping, five-year-old Samantha was buzzing around her feet. Suddenly she looked at the doorway as Fox stumbled in He stood in the doorway, leaning against the frame, his hair was sticking up all over the place and his t shirt was soaking wet with something. He sucked on his fingers with a stupid smirk on his face.

"Mommy, Fox looks funny," she said to her.

"Sorry honey?...Fox?" she looked up at her son.

"M..ommy" he slurred, he staggered towards her. "Mom-my ...name's.....Sox." his words came out heavy and thick.

"My God, honey what's wrong are you sick?" she bent down as he fell into her arms.

"Choo Choo...Momma..goes the...train...choo..choo." He giggled and fell onto the floor, rolling onto his back. Saliva dribbled down his chin. "Momma...why the room...shpinn?" he sniggered.

"Fox?" she knelt by his side and felt his head, convinced he must have a fever. Samantha giggled at the sight of her brother. "Sammi, go upstairs and play please" Elizabeth said. "Fox sweetheart, can you hear me?" she put her hand on his cheek. "Talk to me honey."

"I....feel.....silly." he reached his hand up almost succeeding in poking his Mother in the eye, he slapped his little hand on her cheek. "Dad..a...tol.d..me to be a, be an man." He tried to get up and went crashing into the kitchen cupboard. "Oopsh" he slid down to the floor again. "Can't shtand....up...can't..do it." He grabbed onto the kitchen side and pulled himself to his feet. The room seemed to shift as he did so and his stomach rolled.

"Bill!" Elizabeth called. "Bill, I think you'd better come here." She put her hands on Fox's shoulders to steady him. "If you have done what I think you have young man, you are in big trouble." She bent down to him and the strong smell of whiskey hit her nose. "My God"

"What is it Elizabeth?" Bill came up the stairs from the basement.

"Did you lock the drinks cabinet?"

"Yes, I always do, Fox what the hell have you been doing?" he looked at his son.

"I'd say helping himself to your whiskey Bill." Elizabeth sighed. "You should know better Fox, that's not for you to touch and you know it!" Elizabeth scolded. "I'm very upset with you."

Fox looked up at his Mother, well all three of her. He hiccuped loudly. "Ouch," he sniffled, that one hurt. "Momma.....I feel....shick." He turned and wrapped his arms around her legs, burying his head in her tummy. "Da..da..said....drink," he muttered.

"He's talking rubbish, the boy is smashed out of his skull." Bill grabbed Fox and lifted him over his shoulder. "I'll put him to bed, get him out of your way," he sighed.

He carried Fox up the stairs, the jerking motion did nothing to help the childs nausea and Bill got him to the bathroom just in time as he vomited. Fox cried in pain, his head was beginning to throb, instead of rubbing his back and soothing him as Mommy did when he was sick, Bill Mulder patted Fox's back hard, giving him a slap on the back of the head each time he retched. "You are a naughty, naughty boy!" he shouted.

"But you made me....Dada." Fox rested his head on the toilet seat, more nausea took over him.

"No Fox, no I didn't, you did it, understand. You made me make you. I wouldn't have had to if you hadn't been a bad boy. So I didn't make you do it, you did. Got it?" he flicked Fox's ear, the child yelped in pain.

"I'm sorry....Dada...I'm sorry I made you do it." He slid down into his Father's arms. "Look...after..me," he slurred. His eyes flickered shut and he passed out.

Bill dragged him to his bedroom and lifted him onto his bed, he roughly put his pyjamas on him and yanked the covers over him.

"One day I'll prove that you're not my child," Bill muttered. He walked out of the door and went down the stairs to Elizabeth.

"Is he all right Bill?"

"He'll just have a headache in the morning. I've tucked him into bed now with his teddy," he smiled. Elizabeth sighed,

"It's so unlike him Bill," she said and rubbed her tired eyes.

"He's a child, he's curious, no harm done. I'll make sure he never gets hurt." He pulled his wife into a hug. "No son of mine will ever be hurt."

He smiled to himself and had his one afterthought. *but that little wimp ain't no son of mine*


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